TV: New high-level radioactive leak will reach Columbia River, says scientists — Fourth largest river in U.S. (VIDEO)

Published: February 18th, 2013 at 1:35 pm ET


Title: Wyden heading to Hanford to get answers about radioactive leak
Source: KING 5
Date: February 17, 2013

Oregon’s Senator is planning a fact-finding trip just days after news that high-level waste is leaking from an underground storage tank.

At 2:15 in

Reporter: While the latest leak has not reached the groundwater or the river, scientists say it will, because other radioactive waste already has.

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Published: February 18th, 2013 at 1:35 pm ET


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31 comments to TV: New high-level radioactive leak will reach Columbia River, says scientists — Fourth largest river in U.S. (VIDEO)

  • Jay

    From space we look like a pig's sty , crapping all kinds of toxins in our own water , land , air and food : with such a Presentation Display/Card of imaturity our relation with Aliens can be of only two kinds : they will avoid us like the a dissease OR they will look at us a Spoiled food ( lucky ! ) …

    Great selection of 'leaders' we had …

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes its all so sad..What have we done to ouselves out of senseless greed and utter ignorance.Young children would be better people to run this world.They at least know how to play….

      We need to have bucket lists and get done at least some of the things we have wished for.We obviously have a plutonium time limit on the existence of all life on this planet..I believe that the human soul is immortal and if we cant continue on earth we will go on elsewhere.Lessons must be learned and those who created this horror will have to pay for what they have done.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Led us to a dead end. They see it as progressive.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        And they are correct. Traditionally we have tried to improve our quality of life and expand our understanding of the world around us. Sure there are exceptions to the general trend, but we made it this far. This new progressive direction seems to care only if we can do something, not giving two shits about the consequences down the road, only the immediate danger is relevant. That is a progressive way of thinking and decision making.

        • Yukio_Tanukio

          Allow me to take exception to the diction. "Progressive" is a term of political philosophy and political science that refers to the progress of social justice, self-determination, and democracy. It is akin to Liberalism, which is, among other things, the philosophical basis of our Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and our Constitution.

          In the early 1960s some radical (further left than liberal) people chastised the "liberals" for being uncommitted, phony, and so on – Usually we recognize this as a criticism of "White Liberals" or "Middle Class Liberals." They certainly had a point, but they misrepresented the meaning of "Liberalism" by using the behavior of self-described liberals to re-define the term. The right wing, conservatives seized on that weakness to further belittle Liberalism. Then, the ultra-right wing, such as Johnson, McNamera, et al were branded as "Neo Liberals," further distorting things. For the last 10 or 15 years certain subversive, anti-freedom groups have taken this to extremes and exploited the dumbed-down proles' confusion by relentlessly identifying Liberals and Liberalism with virtually anything that serves their purpose – Such as gun control, abortion, atheism, terrorism, etc. But, principles do not change; application of the principles does change, and the principle is freedom. That's where the word "Liberal" comes from.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      they'd pro0bly be afraid we'd eat them or even worse if a breeding pair managed to stowaway on a ship and escape into an otherwise pristine planet with resources allowing survival and spreading of our pestilent presence like Asian Longhorn Beetles munching their way out of the Chinese pallets and eating & breeding their way through the forests & trees into oblivion while feral,escaped or abandoned formerly pet Pythons & other constrictors released decades ago by intention or accidentally when Hurricanes Hugo or Andrew destroyed a reptile/serpent mega-facility and unknown,but large numbers of dangerous foreign,invasive species including a particularly nasty species of Black Cobra's even colonized and are occasionally found in the swampy,hot,humid and favorable conditions allow them to thrive and compete with their rival "alien-invaders" and endangered native reptile,etc. species for domestic food sources including pets,livestock and potentially small children!~I think we qualify as a threatening,toxic,invasive,parasitic species with harmful potential and foul to questionable at best intentions and CAN'T be allowed to "spread"!!(?)"Most" humans aren't able to be trusted as far as an E.T. alien could throw us,although there has to be "something BETTER" than man!!(?)~There is very likely to also be "WORSE" as well!!!(??)-That's hard to imagine though?!-in most cases nothing can fuck things up worse than the handful of douchbags we LET guide us into the…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd~ (non)-future!!(?) I'd bet there are beings with superior intelligence who KNOW how bad their home planet would end up if we managed to start breeding like rats and perfect space travel so I might not like it,but wouldn't blame a "smart" being for going to extremes to prevent that from happeneing??!!! lol, Beam me up Scotty,or beam me ANYWHERE "else" Scotty??!!1~PLEASE??!! 🙁 ~**

    • Gabe Gabe

      I fully agree with you. I also believe with every fiber of my being that NOW IS THE TIME TO ELIMINATE ALL POLITICIANS FROM THEIR CURRENT OFFICES. In the interests of humanity across the world we citizens of the US must make a commitment to elect ONLY YOUNG EOPLE from this day forward. We do not née attorneys. We do not need career politicians. We only need people with a pure heart who care for humanity.


      MAKE IT HAPPEN! Get involved in local grassroots politics like never before seen in this nation!

  • yogda yogda

    "While the latest leak has not reached the groundwater or the river, scientists say it will, because other radioactive waste already has".

    Most of those viewing this will walk away feeling okay that it hasn't reached the river yet. The masses are still ignorant to how these stories are downplayed.

    It's already TOO LATE for many… I personally have never met so many with cancers and other auto-immune diseases. I live along the Columbia.

    We all know what should be said.

    • Anthony Anthony

      It needs to be said.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes Hanford has been leaking and has contaminated the Columbia River since the Manhattan Project. It's one big mess and they use to let families swim in the River when they knew how contaminated it was back in the 50's. Unreal the lies, arrogance and greed.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I don't know about the present,but up until at least a decade or so years ago people I know used to catch HUGE catfish in a man-made lake my friends late-dad called "Christmas Tree lake"-the man-made body of water where the huge fish congregated closest to the warmed waters near the Braidwood,IL NPP discharge outlets!!(?) And YES, they ALWAYS ate their catch and distributed filets they couldn't fit into their packed deep freezer in the garage to family & neighbors who devoured the "tasty" battered & fried catches whether they knew the origins or reason for above average weights & length of their catches and thankfully I "declined" their kind(?!) offerings since I ALWAYS suspected the contents of nuke plants theoretically MUST'VE made it into the surrounding vicinity at some point during their long operational lives and my personal seafood preference favors non-scavenger species anyways so I'd politely decline(most of the time!{?})!! FULLY HALF of the family has DIED of cancer,leukemia,cardiac diseases which easily includes them in the list of families who wound up going from a large,active and virile family that I'd assumed would have streets named after them by now there were so many weddings & new babies occurring "back in the day"!(?)~Instead they're almost all DEAD or dying now!…down to 2 generations alive in my own family now too and nearly all of us are physically FUKuD in one way or more than another and my reaching 50 on 6/26/14 WON'T be happening…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I've also seen similar reports & analysis suggesting serious repercussions if/when similar leaks reach the Salmon River?! It's pretty sickening/sad that these improperly designed,sited and constructed NPP's & associated industries are ALL located and reliant on the important waterways & lakes that provide potable water,fishing & recreation as well as irrigate vast agricultural lands and that there even exists a standarde of status/measurement re;"cesium flow" in rivers and streams which "leaked" info suggests is already well above "previously-set" limits and levels of concern!!!(?) Using the world's oceans as a nuclear dumping ground is disgusting in its own right,but dumping immeasurably vast amounts of the WORST poisons known to man or "allowing" it to KNOWINGLY "leak" and/or be "flushed" into the sea is just beyond criminal!!~Those who jump at the chance to respond offensively to the mention of God or strong religious statements needn't target my closing comment since I don't intend to push anything on anyone else & have occasional doubts of my own-but I'll just mention that my own faith is partially fueled by the comforting thoughts regarding the possibility,even likelihood that the "elite" who "buy" their way out of being prosecuted & convicted for their heinous crimes will have to face justice on Judgement Day since they're "getting away with murder" now,and there just HAS to be "something" better than man out there!,There just HAS TO…

      • Gabe Gabe

        Thee is something better than man out there. And there is no death of the spirit and soul. I am a person one decade older than you. I used to be a Roman Catholic as a child, but left the criminal church once I reached adulthood, went to college, and learned about the sordid and criminal behavior of this so called church. My religious background applies to what I will say next. Although I got away from the church as fast as possible, and had major emotional upheavals with my father about this, I did not ever lose my faith In God.
        I say this b cease I literally saw things that can only be described as miraculous.
        At one point in my life, when I was 35 years old, I adopted a tiny Alaskan husky dog who had a horrific congenital heart problem. He was already 6 months old but only weighed 5 lbs.
        My vet, and the University Veterinary hospital recommended that he be euthanized. I declined this option, opting instead to take him home and love and cuddle him for whatever days he had left on this earth. He would become exhausted even walking across the kitchen floor, so he had a wonderful quilt bed to rest upon and I carried him wherever we needed to go. A night before going to bed, I would sit on the floor holding hike gently against my chest. I would pray with every fiber of my being that he be allowed to live.
        One morning I came downstairs and he ran across the kitchen and leapt into my arms. I took him t the vet that morning to have him examined because he…

        • Gabe Gabe

          Fully well.
          My vet literally dropped her stethoscope and her jaw dropped open, gaping in astonishment, after listening to his heart. THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF HEART DEFECT ANY LONGER. HE WAS HEALED SOMEHOW.
          This dog, my sunny boy, lived to be more than 16 years old. During his years with me we regularly went on 25 mile runs….I rode. Bike,he ran.

          This is just one example of what I have seen and lived with for evidence of a greater being that exists.

          We will NOT find anything good in our world today if it has any connection with corporate America…….I can guarantee you this. I do believe in evil, and corporate America is the epitome of EVIL. Our capitalism, while it may fuel growth, has literally DESTROYED THIS PLANET.
          Today I make it a point to buy as little as possible and when I do buy something I will ONLY BUY those things that I MUST have and I buy top quality items so that they will not need to be replaced for a VERY LONG TIME, if ever.
          If we ALL did that, and if we all commit to using the very least resources to stay alive, we can bankrupt corporate America and we can rebuild from scratch, with businesses that honor this earth and her people.

  • irhologram

    All I see here is nihilism. Why?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      There is no nihilism here:

      "Nihilism is a philosophical position which argues that the world, and especially human existence, is without objective meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value."

      Au contraire, irhologram. Most, if not all, of us here find the world we live in extremely meaningful, full of love and compassion. A select few have destroyed all that we hold precious. What gets expressed here is a great sadness, a communal sadness that is greater than any one of us. There is not only a collective unconscious, there is also a collective conscious, and we are expressing our grief at the loss of something so precious as life itself.

      It is the nihilists that have created our nuclear death, for their own personal enrichment, at any cost.

      We are all part of the Greater Holocaust.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Very well said.


        agreed Time Is Short…

      • Gabe Gabe

        We can all be part of the healing of our planet also. We simply MUST be willing to refuse to indulge ourselves by buying things that pollute our earth.
        I believe that there are many people, like myself, who want ONLY to use our money and energy for 100%responsible and non polluting things that we need, including energy.
        Nichola Tesla found a m ethos for obtaining free energy. We could live totally without petroleum and nuclear energy. WHAT PEOPLE MUST KNOW IS THAT TESLA's discovery has been hidden from humanity, BUT HAS BEEN HIJACKED AND EXPLOITED BY THOSE IN POWER.
        The concept of free energy is REAL and could immediately be employed to save this planet. This option has been available to us since the early half of the 1900's.
        The fact that so few people know about it is a testament to the power of the greedy corporate b@st@rds to capture every last dollar possible from their polluting options.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      UH, maybe because I don't see long term concerns of our society being addressed by TPTB. Instead they want to screw up healthcare, cause health problems from genetically altered food and radiation in our environment. To further insult me they then pretend they can do something to ensure my safety and the safety of the environment. Please show me where I am overlooking the good part of this?

    • sentinelle sentinelle


    • If nihilism means not caring – none of us are nihilists.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    One of my best friends now has lesions on her brain, and now another has developed Lupus, but are very healthy people who don't drink, smoke or use drugs. I have a new auto-immune skin disease, my body is attacking my own collegen, and now my mom seems to be developing the same thing. We are located across the U.S.

    I am broken hearted about the people who live near the Columbia River, the nuclear industry is destroying lives in so many ways beyond cancer and heart disease, including diabetes.


      sorry to hear you're not feeling well, NoNukes. I can only suggest that you get hold of a good water filter system. As the general public's being exposed to a host of bio-threats (from GMOs to RADs), I won't suggest that such an effort will succeed in protecting us from every danger. However, having long-term access to clean water will enable your body to put-up a better fight against these ongoing threats.

      I'm with you on feeling heart broken for those who will be exposed to the Hanford facility's effluents. Those of us who've been following this story, knew this day was coming. Hanford's nightmare's been carefully 'covered-up'. It's terrifying to think that millions are now at risk of direct exposure to water-borne nuc-toxins. Seems there's no end to the shortsightedness of those who toyed-around with technologies that produced threats that will be around for millions of years. Guess they figured, they'd be long gone before the bill came due. (…are they ever in for a surprise!)

      Just know that you (and others out here, who are also experiencing health issues) are valued…

    • Gabe Gabe

      There is a healer in Minnesota. He is renowned.
      He can be found by looking up Forest Qigong. His name is Master Lin.
      Please find him, call him, and ask if he believes he can help.
      The Mayo clinic and the University of MN send their "untreatable"patients to him due to his ability to heal what they cannot.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Are there any mass demonstrations taking place along the river? Are people investing some time and effort to protest? I couldn't find anything on the net.

  • amberlight amberlight

    The monsters poisoning this planet for power & profit make the Borg look benevolent!

    Years ago my brother-in-law's father was a fireman at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. (You know, the folks who managed to kill thousands of grazing sheep in one test gone awry in the 1960s.) Shortly after he retired he was diagnosed with cancer, which killed him not long after. He told his family that they often used the personnel as guinea pigs. My brother-in-law found out that EVERY SINGLE ONE of his father's co-workers died of cancer within a short span of time.

    The disregard for human life—ALL life—is stupefying…

    • Gabe Gabe

      This disregard for all life is EVIL.
      It is understandable if you understand evil. There was a book written by a psychiatrist named M. Scott Peck. He thoroughly addressed this phenomenon in the book "the Road Less Traveled." I first read this book in the 1980's. I read the book actually 4-5 times because with each read I understood at a much deeper level what the messages in the book are.
      I would strongly recommend this book, even today, and especially today. What we now accept as NORMAL BEHAVIOR in many societies is actually EVIL. What has happened is that little by little we have been desensitized to evil and have even adopted as normal the things that are evil.
      I do not say this from any sort of religious perspective.
      While we can all see the most glaring examples of evil on this planet we have lost the ability to understand how evil has been systematically introduced into, and reinforced within, our culture to the extent that evil is now the NORM for a huge percentage of people. It is now termed " just doing what you have to do to survive in this business culture" or simply entertainment, etc.
      I look with sadness and amazement at how this has been accomplished. It has been INTENTIONALLY fostered by those who process to be the leaders and movers and shakers of this world. It has even been part and parcel of the Vatican. If that doesn't stop you in your tracks……..nothing will. Over 1billion people have wholly endorsed the Vatican……..

  • Sol Man

    Some humans are predators on their own species for money. I can think of nothing else but hate and insanity as the cause of it all.
    Annihilation of others and self may be caused by a defective/mutated gene; otherwise, I can't explain or understand.


      it was hubris, Sol Man, that spurred them on. Had any of them known that their work would lead to the death of millions of their fellow citizens, I seriously doubt that any – but a handful – would've put their hands to this nightmare. Always remember, this was all a part of the war effort. They honestly thought they were doing what's right. It's easy for any of us to look back a half century and spot the obvious failures. It's obvious to us, today, to see the wholesale failure of the nuclear technologies industry…