TV: Highest ever radiation levels detected outside reactor buildings at Fukushima — People exposed to it would die in 20 minutes (VIDEO)

Published: December 7th, 2013 at 11:02 am ET


Asahi Shimbun, Dec. 7, 2013: Record outdoor radiation level detected at Fukushima plant — [Tepco] said Dec. 6 it detected the highest estimated radiation level for an outdoor location at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. The reading of 25 sieverts per hour was taken on steel piping near an exhaust stack for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors, TEPCO said. […] A TEPCO official said radioactive materials derived from melted fuel likely entered the piping during venting soon after the accident […]

NHK Transcript, Dec. 6, 2013: Engineers at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant  have hit another snag. They’ve discovered radiation outside a building on the Fukushima Daiichi site, and say it’s potentially lethal.

NHK WORLD, Dec. 6, 2013: Highest radiation levels measured outside reactor — Tokyo Electric Power Company says radiation levels are extremely high in an area near a ventilation pipe at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO found radiation of 25 sieverts an hour on a duct […] The estimated radiation level is the highest ever detected outside reactor buildings. People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes. […]

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: December 7th, 2013 at 11:02 am ET


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215 comments to TV: Highest ever radiation levels detected outside reactor buildings at Fukushima — People exposed to it would die in 20 minutes (VIDEO)

  • tsfw tsfw

    Thanks Chazaha – "if it were all to stop right now". This is what nobody I talk to about seems to acknowledge. ONGOING. They don't get it. Yesterday someone gave me some advice not to bother with people who refuse to hear it, and I think that's wise because–

    “Tell people an invisible man in the sky created all things, they believe you.
    Tell them what you've painted is wet, they have to touch it to believe.”

    ― George Carlin

    • Ongoing AND nonstop with no (real) plan or any sort of end in sight.

      That's the reality.

      Even greater unimaginable catastrophic failures loom daily.

      That's a reality too.

      Whether one wants to think about it, talk about it or do something about it is up to the individual.

      My hope is more people will stop a moment, think and realize that the life of our planet is at stake right now and it might be a good idea and a good time to STAND UP!

      Throughout history 'causes' come and go. Unfortunately, this one is here to stay.

      🙂 Stand Up!

      • flatsville

        Agreed. STAND UP!

        Start here

        or here

        as well as other orgs.

        Then go buy A LED replacement…American made if possible. Try CREE brand.

        • WWJD WWJD

          @flatsville – You have a GREAT idea! People against nuclear power and those of us that want to protest/hurt the nuclear industry should all buy LEDs for our house. I have already done this myself over a year ago. A co-worker of mine did it too and he swears that he is saving $30 a month in his electric bill because of it. This is the BEST way to directly fight the nuclear industry!

          • flatsville

            Agreed. So very easy.

            Starving the beast and then donating the savings to an anti-nuclear group gives your effort even more leverage.

            I wish I could follow through on the idea to protest/ picket at Japanese consulates on the 3rd anniversary of Fuku.

            I will likely be prepping…and do not live in a consulate city.

            Anyone who wants to run with that idea is more than welcome…a low cost, one day event that could be easily organized via social media.

            • flatsville

              All elderly relatives in this family are getting a stocking full of LEDs (with free installation) which gives them savings on a fixed income and reduces their risk of falls from repeatedly changing bulbs.

              Why anyone builds retirement communities with tall ceilings only insures seniors piss away money on heating dead space and increases the likelihood of broken hips.

              Must be a conspiracy…

      • SeanCeltiad

        That's about it ChasAha, Our Earth and all of Humanity is under a huge threat due to this latest FU. It is probably a stupid question at this point but-Why can't they drown this place with concrete like Chernobyl ? Can they do same to cut off more radiation being dumped into the Pacific Ocean ? Since there is no "cleaning this disaster up " it's with us to stay, like Chernobyl, I realize that my questions are probably lame to some of you out there, but they seem to be doing Nothing regarding this. I live in Northern California, but face it folks, if it's in the Ocean it will eventually be drawn up into the sky and come down with the rain, which means all of us, not just California, are up Radioactive Creek with no paddle, no boat, no clothes, just Radiation Poisoning which will be with all of us for generations to come, if they come at all ! And if you think of all the Reactors World wide and how little it would take to produce the same catastrophe, then we all need to do , stand up as one and protest this madness once and for all and CHANGE HOW WE LIVE NOW !

    • Maj.WilliamMartin

      When you daily hear of this or when Chernobyl happened and they forced the abortions of over 200,000 babies. That this "Problem" isn't going away.

      Yet, we have the Israeli who are plotting to bomb yet another Nuclear reactor forcing it too into Meltdown thus spreading more Radioactive Isotopes to be carried in the Wind & Water.

      You can see why in Genesis 6:5-6 that upon God looking at how evil mankind had become that he wished he'd never created them.

      The World's Government's don't care about this nor the tons of depleted uranium spread across the world. You can't make PROFIT off it, so leave it alone.

      This is like the Terrorism LIE/HOAX. US Doctors annually kill 225,000 American's, FDA Approved drugs kills 100,000+. GMO's and other Toxins in our foods compound issues. As long as they keep you SICK, More money for Corporations, Insurance, doctor's, Taxes and so on.

      Someday people might wake up. Unlike the 10,000,000+ who were killed since the Korea war by the US and its Proxy Dictators. But is a starving mother steals a sandwich.. OH MY! Banks loot Trillions, Pentagon looses Trillions. Can't anyone catch on?

      • Maj.WilliamMartin

        I might also add: Been watching Sci-Fi movies for decades.

        The Nemesis of Japan was Radiation who Godzilla fed on. Movie after movie of those in power who tried to CHEAT but Godzilla always knew.

        I have looked into the enemies eyes and I see ME!

    • SeanCeltiad

      Yes, no need to bother with the ones who don't want to listen to it. I tried to tell my own Sister, who eats sushi, that she might want to stop doing so due to the radiation, and she just threw it right back at me with an " I'm never going to stop eating sushi, I love sushi, besides what about all of the other pollution, chemicals, chem trails, tainted food etc etc etc" And that's where I gave up even trying to argue the point with her. For me it's as simple as, would you rather drink " Love Canal " water or choose something as close to pure as you can get. I'll take as close to pure as you can get.

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    Good Morning, I have had a rough couple of days… a wee bit of a personal melt down. Feel like I'm living "On the Beach'. Did not read all the latest entries because I needed to tell you all that I know and have a place to offer some refuge from this extinction event. At least a place where you can try to preserve a little of nature. Permaculture, organic, in high mountain jungle in Belize…. I have ten acres and my Japanese husband and I are working the land by hand… we have a 3000 year old Maya well on top of the property… I think its magic water. I got PTSD or so they say. Left Tokyo 2012. Feel like those characters in the movie "Close Encounters", I'm 60 years old feel I have been on this mission all my life. I would call this shift in the paradigm, the modern primitive. Check out Belize, let me know how safe it is from the fallout. I think Margaret Atwood had a pretty good description of the situation we face today. I can help you… There is a lot of space for many of you to live sustainable . Now I really feel like I am sticking my head out giving an open invitation….but that hasn't stop me before . Maybe someone can help me set this up better …. my web page is still coming . Up till now I have been living the life of the "Little Red Hen", could use some help. Chose Mr. Perkins our rooster as my avatar, he's a cocky bugger.

    • Socrates


      You will be very much safer in Belize. You are still slightly north of the equator but the people are friendly. You are isolated from the Pacific.

      • Tung Jen Tung Jen

        Thats what I figured.

        • Tung Jen Tung Jen

          Would like to see how this well checks out. The water seeps through hard packed white maul, no kidding it's on top of a hill.

          • Tung Jen Tung Jen

            In this old paradigm, Belize is considered to be a 3rd World Country, what say you when Belize has clean air, water and soil? "The first ones now will later be last, for the times they" have changed…

    • sunpower

      Namaste, Tung Jen. I've travelled in Belize in the seventies and been up in the Maya mountains. Those fresh water cisterns and wells are awesome resources. The water is very pure.
      Belize should be a relatively healthy haven from meltdowns in Japan, Europe, or the USA where most of the reactors are clustered. The economy is not relatively wealthy though European Mennonite farms show transplanted farm communities do work there. As for Fukushima fallout, you can confirm for yourself by doing your own testing what's up in your location. The prevailing winds at that latitude are from the northeast so there are tens of thousands of ocean miles full of negative ions to precipitate out hot particles from Japan. Yes there are traces of rad in the jetstreams all over the n. Hemisphere but we are not talking about the kind of dose rate you left in Japan, like a ten microsievert train ride to Narita-

      Good for you for not giving up. I am 65 and not giving up, do hard physical work on a dirtbag farm everyday for less than free, not a great 'career move' but it feels good. It is an acquired taste to do grub work so connection to the land is important to stay centered. Building community takes alot of patience and wisdom, but fresh skills can add value. Social chemistry is maybe your personal talent and I salute you. Best wishes.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "The reading of 25 sieverts per hour…. " I bet the device they took this reading with only goes UP TO 25 Sieverts. The thing probably maxed out so they said the reading was 25. Take a measurement with a device that goes up to 100 Sieverts and let me know what that device reads. I'll bet it reads 100, surprise, surprise, surprise…..

    • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

      Let's put it in perspective: 25 Sieverts per hour is equivalent to 2500 R/hr. US Civil Defense meters for use in nuclear war only go up to 500 R/hr. It takes special ultra high range meters designed for reactor use to even measure that high of activity! So yes, I would not be surprised if they didn't have an instrument capable of reading over 25 Sieverts.

  • ftlt

    Just noticed in the photo, they are getting to a point where the volunteer plants are getting really big… This is just another a small issue to be dealt with super toxic plant material..

  • This robot's electronics failed.

    But it did get some good photos before getting a high reading of 880 mSv.
    (see screen shot photo)

    Summer 2012 Reactor 2
    Robot 880 mSV

  • "People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes." – NHK World

    I wonder what it does to birds?

    I observed one fly and fall at the wall of the new Unit 4 building.
    (documented via the web cam forum)

    Screen shot:
    Crashing falling large bird.
    2013-11-19 jst


  • w29r7 w29r7

    Thanks for posting this, it starts right @ 4:00,
    the bird comes from the right, just drop down.
    It's hard to see what's really happened exactly.

    Is the zone really ttthat bad..??

    • Possibly.

      My first thought was is was toxic fumes or perhaps the fish it had eaten earlier.

      However, with the high readings around the towers 'maybe' it's possible that high rads knocked her out of the air.

      The birds have no masks and no protection! 🙁

      I have personally observed birds falling, like rocks, on 4 different occasions. Documented via the web cam forum.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Aircraft borne combined measurements of the Fukushima radionuclide Xe-133 and fossil fuel combustion generated pollutants in the TIL – Implications for Cyclone induced lift and TIL physical-chemical processes

    "The radionuclide Xe-133, released by the March 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima/Daiichi (hereafter FD), represents an ideal tracer for atmospheric transport. We report the, to our best knowledge, only aircraft borne measurements of FD Xe-133 in the Tropopause Inversion Layer (TIL), indicating rapid lift of Xe-133 rich planetary boundary layer air to the TIL. On the same research aircraft (FALCON), we have also conducted on-line measurements of fossil fuel combustion generated pollutant gases (SO2, NOx, HNO3,NOy), which were found to have increased concentrations in the TIL. In addition, we have conducted supporting model simulations of transport, chemical processes, and aerosol processes. Our investigations reveal a potentially important influence of East-Asian cyclone induced pollutants transport to the TIL, particularly influencing aerosol formation in the TIL. "

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    Turn the wrong valve and you're in the soup.

    I'm grimly cognizant of the fact that Radco is reporting the accidents, and I really do admire the technicians with the guts to go in and fight the dragon. Initial disaster aside, deplorable accidents like this would be lead copy in the U.S. imo. Any other takes on the apparent "glasnost?"

  • magikald magikald

    Does anyone have this video?? It looks like the NHK links have been taken down (gag law?)

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    TEPCO said core material must have entered during venting. Makes sense, that duct connects to exhaust stack as best I can tell. There is evidence that core material was vented through the stack. Plutonium was detected down wind in USA. See lower half of article at: