TV: Is cracked dam a ticking time bomb? “Next 24-48 Hours Critical” — “Preparing for worst-case scenario” — No ‘immediate’ threat — Feds monitor structure, ‘sudden release’ possible — “Very few have faced this” — NPR: New photo shows ‘pronounced curve’ — Docks near Hanford nuke site closed (VIDEO & PHOTO)

Published: March 5th, 2014 at 12:24 am ET


KAPP-TV, Mar. 4, 2014 (emphasis added): It’s been almost a week since workers at the Wanapum Dam made a startling discovery. A 65 foot crack along one of the spillways underwater […] The utility district says the crack poses no immediate threat to people living downstream.

NPR, Mar. 4, 2014:  A photo posted by the utility [right] shows what the county employee saw last week: a pronounced curve in a conduit and part of the concrete, just below the guardrail

One News (Columbia Basin), Mar. 4, 2014: “It’s something that we’re taking very seriously,” [PUD spokesman Chuck Allen] said. […] [Dawn Woodward, PUD hydro director] told the commissioners it’s unknown what caused the crack and how deep it is. The lower water level ensures a sudden release of water from the dam will fit into the river’s existing channel, Allen said. The utility and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission continue to monitor the dam to see if anything else occurs with the structure. The utility has closed the boat launches and docks at Wanapum and Priest Rapids [“near the Hanford nuclear reservation“] dams for safety precautions and because of the drop in the water elevation. It remains unknown how the crack can be fixed. Allen said. […]

KHQ, Mar. 3, 2014: As dozens of engineers and technical experts continue to inspect a 65-foot crack found Thursday in one of the 12 spillways of the Wanapum Dam, inspectors believe the risk of public danger is low, but they are preparing for the worst-case scenario.

  • Stephanie Vigil, KHQ anchor: Is the Wanapum Dam a ticking time bomb? […] There was a hidden danger no one knew about until a few days ago.
  • Watch the KHQ broadcast here

KHQ, Mar. 3, 2014: ‘The Next 24-48 Hours Are Critical’

  • Kelsey Watts, KHQ reporter: Federal officials, dozens of engineers and technical staff are on the ground with the top priority of stabilizing that compromised section.
  • Thomas Stredwick, Grant County PUD spokesperson: “It’s something that we haven’t faced before – and there are very few hydroelectric plants that have faced this before.”
  • Watts: Despite this 65 foot crack being discovered — one of the largest engineers are aware of here at one of the dams they operate –They say the risk to the public tonight is still very low. However they are monitoring this very closely in the coming days and weeks to determine what danger may exist for the people in this area.
  • Watch the KHQ broadcast here
Published: March 5th, 2014 at 12:24 am ET


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165 comments to TV: Is cracked dam a ticking time bomb? “Next 24-48 Hours Critical” — “Preparing for worst-case scenario” — No ‘immediate’ threat — Feds monitor structure, ‘sudden release’ possible — “Very few have faced this” — NPR: New photo shows ‘pronounced curve’ — Docks near Hanford nuke site closed (VIDEO & PHOTO)

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    Ticking time bomb. No immediate threat.
    Only a threat when the bomb goes off.
    Even then not an immediate threat as there would be seconds to minutes before you died downstream.

    No immediate threat. Hahahahahaha!

    • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

      Technically true. Just ask legal. Or not.

      • Gasser Gasser

        This ole Dam once knew its fishing children

        This ole Dam made electricity for someones electric knife

        This ole Dam was for boaters and recreation

        Now they fear cracks will be floodin' down stream life.

This old Dam once rang with laughter

        This old Dam heard many fun shouts

        Now it trembles with the earthquakes 

        Makein' big cracks spread all about.

Ain't a-gonna see this Wanapum Dam no longer

        Ain't a-gonna see this spillway no more

        Ain't got time to shore up the bowing
        Ain't got time to mop the wet control room floor.

Ain't got no time to drill grout holes

        Nor to mend the bent guard rail

        Ain't a-gonna need this cracked Dam no longer

        It's a-gettin' ready to catastrophically fail.


        • Gasser Gasser

          All its turbines is a getin' worn out

          And it threatens life with fear an pain
'Cause it got the low bidders shoddy construction 

          'Causin big cracks to be leaking' like rain.

          This ole Dam has many break downs

          This ole Dam's weak as rotted barrel staves 

          This ole Dam just groans and trembles
          When the night wind flings its waves.

This ole Dam is getin' tired 

          This old Dam is a-peelin' paints
Just like us it's getting' older

          And it's a-getin' ready to meet the saints.

          Ain't a-gonna use this Dam no longer
          Ain't a-gonna be fishin' here no more
          Ain't got no more humans liven' around it
          Ain't got no water for animals by the score.

          Ain't got no speed boats to water ski
          Nor beer, bait and fishin' for you and me
          Ain't a-got this Hydro Dam no longer
          It’s a getin' ready to flood Hanford’s radioactivity into the sea.

          ~Gasser Classic~

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    The passengers and crew of the Hindenburg were in no immediate danger until it caught fire.

    • We Not They Finally

      The Titanic was also in absolutely no danger at all until it hit that darned iceberg.

      • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

        Absolutely! They should outlaw icebergs.

      • nedlifromvermont

        The White Star Line ship "California" sent a Morse Code message to Titanic, hours before she hit the ice berg, knowing the position and heading of their oncoming sister ship:

        "We are stopped. All engines off. Surrounded by ice."

        Titanic's reply: "Shut up. We're busy."

        The crew of the California then went to bed and, crucially, shut off their radio.

        The captain was made aware of distress flares sent up by Titanic.

        When asked at a Congressional inquiry, why he hadn't responded to this clear signal of distress, the captain explained, "We thought they were having a party."

        Clearly the skipper thought Titanic would float until morning; it was supposed to be "unsinkable".

        He clearly gambled that making the passengers and crew of the doomed liner "sweat, a little bit" would be a good lesson for these wealthy playboys.

        Titanic was "in immediate danger" the minute she left Portsmouth.

        Insufficient life boats. A crew that believed she was invincible. No binoculars in the crow's nest. Steel plating which had been ordered up less thick than the designer's specifications. The possibility for human error. No wave action on the bergs, on a moonless night. Hubris. Danger is anywhere you look for it. Always lurking.

        "No immediate danger" is simply another bald-faced lie from the pro-nuclear set. Reassuring, yet incorrect.

        "Safe nuclear power" is America's LIE.

        "Jews are evil" was Hitler's LIE.

        "Gays are bad" is…

        • nedlifromvermont

          Gays are bad is Putin's LIE.

          peace …

          • ftlt

            Ned: Putin's lies seem no worse than our own globalist puppets lies.

            The gay issue while an important issue, sadly has become like the women's rights issue.

            How you ask? Read Naomi Kline on the women's movement for proof of what I'm trying to say.

            It has been used to deflect attention away from greater social and global issues – war, poverty, the growth of repressive governance globally and runaway planetary abuse for quick profits for the few.

            CEOs like Meg Whitman or Women in congress are no victory for women.

            Look at the names on this list and their voting records


            Again, these success stories are not victories for the average woman. They are victory for upper class women – who make most peoples lives worse and are active in destroying the planet for profit. But, ask any of them and they will tout "women's rights" as they step on the necks of their lower caste sisters for a buck.

            The same will be true of the the Gay movement when it wins rights for the privileged class to assume their roles in power openly. They are already there.

            You are sadly spouting the propaganda. The Gay rights movement has become a tool of public manipulation.

            LGBT people deserve and need recognition and equal justice – no doubt.

            But don't let that cloud the reality of who they are. They are you and me – male and females rich and poor. They will be the next Putin given a chance. Just look at…

        • "Nuke is evil" is our… ooops ! there gotta be something wrong with logic today… 😉

        • bluetick

          many a fisherman has set course in the black of night only to be lost forever .. I was taught by a old captain who told me about the lady of the sea, who lost her child and is forever looking for souls to take… at night you drive slow and arrive safely…nothing like hitting a log at 30mph.

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          Actually Nedli, the skipper of the California had a valid point, when he said that he thought the Titanic was having a party, of course it didn't stop them from crucifying him.

          There where two colours of rocket/flare in use at sea at that time…

          White – Used for lighting and parties etc.
          Red – Used for emergencies.

          Guess which colour flare the crew of the Titanic forgot to take with them ?? The RED one. The Titanic only had the white flares on board, hence the conclusion of the Titanic having a party.

          And at the time there was no maritime law that stated that any sea going vessel had to have two radio operators on board. The California only had the one, and he'd already been on duty most of that day, so after the Titanic told him to "shut up" he went to bed.

          The skipper of the California did nothing wrong, but they wanted a scapegoat, and he was it.

          Practically every mistake that occurred, either leading up to or during the Titanic disaster was down to the White Star Line.


          The White Star Line is now owned by Cunard, owner/operator of the Costa Concordia…

          It would appear that the habit of F*****G up is very hard to break. And as always it's the 'little people' that have to 'drop their pants and bend-over' while the bosses just walk away as if nothing happened…

          NOTHING CHANGES does it!!!

          • davidh7426 davidh7426

            …The California WASN'T the Titanic's sister ship, she was a British steamship owned by the Leyland Line, part of J.P. Morgan's International Mercantile Marine Co.

            The sister-ship of the Titanic was the Britannic, which was lost during the First World War, while serving as a hospital ship.

            • That is true.
              There is an interesting story to this regarding allegations that the owners might have swapped them as part of a potential insurance fraud, but if I remember correctly these allegations were finally disproven some years ago.
              I'm sure Wikipedia has an article on this…

          • nedlifromvermont

            At the time of its launching, White Star Line was owned by International Shipping cartel formed by JP Morgan … whose bank has always been the largest shareholder of General Electric Company, maker/designer of the Fukushima Mark One line of death machines … hence a direct line of ownership from Titanic to Fukushima. 99 year bookends on man's hubris with steam power …

            agree with all your points.

            The California's skipper got off lightly. He served no time.

            Fault clearly rested with the Titanic's crew and Captain Smith.

            This was his second open ocean disaster within just two years …

            F**king up is not so very hard to do …

            Let's shutter the claptraps and rewrite history.

            • 4Yahshua

              3~6~5995 (out of 6000)
              in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

              I heard that JP Morgan designed and built The Titanic to SINK! This was so the wealthiest man in the world who opposed the US Income Tax would drown on it.

      • 4Yahshua

        3~6~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

        JP Morgan made sure that the Titanic was designed and built to SINK!
        The wealthiest man in the world was on it and he opposed the income tax. With him gone it became easy to enact it. Those perpetuating evil go on for generations.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          JPM could afford remote control icebergs, too. God Bless you. I only once ever defaced a public library book. I spit on a picture of JP Morgan. It was not premeditated. Something I read, I guess. Ah, well. Forgive us as we forgive those who piss us off. I'm going to hell, I was O.K. till I messed with the public library (j/K). I'm hoping there is a statute of limitations. It was more than ten years ago. I forgot and forgave, hope he does the same.

  • patb2009

    they can keep lowering the water level.

    it's all they can do.

  • Jebus Jebus

    In other news today, Dr. Yamashita said,

    "Water is good for you and it is obvious that people downstream, are not smiling and happy like those upstream from the dam."

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    "Drowning only problem if think negative!"

  • dosdos dosdos

    Any warp in a massive concrete structure, much less a dam, is cause for alarm.

    I have decoded the word "immediate". It means "within the next one hundredth of a second". By the time you say the word, it is already well past immediate.

  • bf9 bf9

    While there's no immediate threat, it's very important to know who broke the dam…

    I broke the dam.

  • rogerthat

    Raise a glass to Sister Dr Rosalie Bertell, author of No Immediate Danger? Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth:

    ''I want to talk about something called mild mutations which is a very subtle undermining of the genepool. It is not talked about, it is not measured, but it is occuring. What you do is to create a next generation that is physically less able to cope with hazardious material than their parents were. If you do two things at once: you mildly damage the next generation–genetic damage–and you increase the hazards in the environment, then you can do this for two or three generations and you are finished. People will be physically less able to cope, and they will have more to cope with.''
    Look it up and weep.

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    I live in Portland, just a few miles downstream. I just bought a place in the Grande Ronde Valley, still only 150 miles southeast of Hanford, but at least it's some distance. I'm moving there in April, but now I'm considering an earlier move (at great expense). In case of "an isolated release of water," I wouldn't be safe for long, but at least I'd have some distance from the radioactive river.

    Then again, I suppose the greater danger is a flood leading to explosion and atmospheric release. 150 miles won't matter much. Being on the other side of the world won't/doesn't matter much. I guess it's a matter of time. Who's got days, who's got months; who, if anyone, has years to live?

    • ocifferdave

      I'm closer. Look up Goldendale, WA.

      It's across from Biggs Junction, OR.

      I'll slow down the water release for you via my iPhone (it can do everything!) if/when the dam(s) blow.

      Gotta keep NID and my favorite fictional detective safe in Portland!

      • It is a well known fact that smart phones can stop tall tsunamis with a single beep, floods with a couple blinks of the built in magic flashlight, and radioactive releases with an instant message.

        Carrington Events only take a couple of people doing this together.

        Moral of this fairy tale: There are no problems without solutions.

  • We Not They Finally

    "Risk very low" but "emergency preparedness plan" for "worst case scenario"? When do these agencies ever do emergency ANYTHING if they really BELIEVE that "the risk is very low"? (Just asking…)

    • Bones Bones

      America CANNOT FAIL!!! It's like some want to ignore most of our important structures are at least half a century old often much older. A gigantic dam does not budge so visibly. Just think of the force involved to do such a thing. If I lived there, I would start arranging plans to leave once there is any further change. These things do not last forever. I haven't seen aliens from outer space building anything here on Earth…just humans. The pyramids used to look like a beautiful oasis shining in the sea of the desert instead of ruins. 🙂 Never have so many words meant so little in my life. Their response is so formulaic a child could figure the system out by now. You guys gave me a needed laugh up top. G'nite all.

      • It may be way too late to wait for 'further development'. A dam can go very quickly once it reaches the tipping point.

        Then the cascade effect takes over and the reality funnel takes over from there..

        Ever see one of those funnel things at the mall that you spin a penny into?

        It is easy to get the penny out of the funnel near the top, but no way is it coming back out once it spins down into it and speeding up.

        Momentum and force, much like Fuku once the water supply was lost.. just a matter of time.

        Momentum and force took over.

        WIPP may also go that route, because these scientists are way too sure of themselves..

        Much like 'The Titanic is unsinkable'

        Now we hear; 'WIPP is safe for 10,000 years and nothing will happen'

  • I bet the guy who first discovered and reported the anomaly in the structure has already been fired by now.
    The damage to the reputation of the dam operator and the authorities caused by his imprudent action can hardly ever be fixed entirely in the future. Not to speak of all the unplanned cost this affair is producing for them now that they cannot just let the catastrophe happen any more while pretending it was just a terrible accident which came to them at total surprise and with no warnings signs…


    First coverage of the secret elites' crisis summit 2014 in <censored>*

    – Truth keeps on leaking at enormous rates into the public
    – Large areas of the Brave New World have already been contaminated
    – Spontaneous outbreaks of the incurable and highly infectous ASS (Awakaning Sheeple Syndrome) are now occuring on a regular basis
    – A worrying number of significant unusual events of fallout from the blogosphere (containing most dangerous components such as truth, revelation and disclosure) have been registered lately
    – To the majority of scientific experts, this all comes as a total surprise; many state they feel simply dazed, baffled, befuddled, and/or confuzzled so far
    – However, some experts have openly expressed their fear that the monolithic media block might have broken unnoticed
    – Others theorize several severe cracks might exist at unknown locations in the obfuscation dam
    – Sabotage of the propaganda machinery is becoming a serious threat as well due to an increasing number of whistle-blowers
    – According to anonymous sources, a new record of 18.7 Inrpw** has been measured lately across several websites, the highest value since the Internet became available to the working class
    – Global elitists ordered the authorities to do extensive testing to find out why the message filter systems did not catch them all

    *at a secret and safe location in the southern hemisphere
    **1 Inrpw = 1 Independent news…</censored>

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Jessie at BP Earth does a good job reporting on a lot of things.

    Check this it out.:


  • bo bo

    For those of you just starting to learn about Hanford, this gives you a really good picture on the witch's brew contained in the tanks, and the condition of the tanks. 🙁

    This page kept disappearing and reappearing in the past, so read it now before they pull it again.

    (I realized the other day the author of this website is also on enenews, thanks Michael)

    • bo bo

      The author calculated – if you ponder the contents of these tanks smeared out over its surroundings at the contamination level of the Permanent Control Zone of  Chernobyl …. it could easily cover more than the combined area of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Hanford used to store nuke waste in 55 gallon drums.
      What could possibly go wrong??

      Decades later there was some reason to check how they were doing.

      Needless to say, the drums were empty.
      Nearly all of them.

      Turns out that no one thought to check and see how steel does
      under the influence of high levels of gamma radiation.
      As I recall, the tanks corroded out years later, not decades later.

      A guy who graduated college my year interviewed at Hanford.
      He said that while on his "tour" of the place he was walked past
      lots of chained off areas that had skull and bones signs hanging from them.

      He asked what the skull sings were all about.
      He was assured that it was "nothing to worry about…just don't
      cross over past the chain and you will be fine".

      He ended the interview process at that point and caught the next
      plane out of there that he could get on.

      For reference, (to the best of my memory) the Columbia River below Hanford was the most radioactive river in the world until Fuku happened.
      "Below" spans 100s of miles until it meets the Pacific.

      It has been known for 40+ years that Hanford was leaking nuclear crap in to the Columbia since it's contaminated soil has permeated the aquifer all of a few hundred feet from the waters edge.

      "Scientists lay eggs for politicians to hatch"
      R. Buckminster Fuller

      • bo bo

        fireguyjeff – If it only took a few years for the drum cans to corrode and leak… does that mean the drum cans at WIPP were already leaking / leaked, before roof collapse punctured them?

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Nice, isn't it.
        The 'stuff' goes back and forth across the country, ore, LEU, HEU, triggers, waste, whatever. It is almost like a plan to see how many miles, how much exposure can we possibly get out of it.

        Ends up in a pile somewhere like a 'red headed step child', without much care, out of sight, out of mind.

        And INL does its best to keep up with Hanford. Lunacy.

        Not real current, but a little history. We do not need, any more of this stuff.

  • tbg

    Also at the Hanford facility is Washingons only nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station. Its the Mark II version of the same reactor as at Fukushima with the filled spent fuel pool up in the air. They also have 27 air casks of spent fuel sitting out on a concrete slab, I wonder if 185 tons of concrete, steel and spent fuel assemblies floats? Good a time as any to remove the spent fuel I guess.

    Also it just occurred to me that tritium is flammable, I guess I just never really thought about it before, but of course radiohydrogen is flammable. Maybe when theyre talking about these flammable "hydrogen" releases they really mean "tritium" releases. Who could say they weren't?

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Every f**kin' NPP on the planet is a time bomb.
    Get ready for a blitz of BS as we approach the 3rd anniversary.
    The meltdowns began before the tsunami.
    Found pics of broken cooling pipes up in Niigata NPP after quake ten years ago.
    Because no tsunami they managed to control it. Just!
    Gotta dig for them but will post when find.

  • Sol Man

    There is evidence of the creeping insanity syndrome (cis) of the sold out people with many choices of putting the future into jeopardy. One can usually see this by noting the great sums of money that are paid to be assist with the programs.

  • jec jec

    Wording is ALL. ' risk to the public TONIGHT is still very low"

    • Now you got it.

      And you haven't even mentioned the timezone you refer to – clever ! I see you are a teachable student; I shall give you private lessons to grow your talent.


  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    If a deity or advanced alien species like keanu reeves in "the day the world stood still" would simple vaporise every psycho that dared to say "no immediate…" or "keep smiling…" or "noone ever died from this wonderfull technology.." or "its the greenest and the cleanest.." or "hysterical treehuggers spreading false fears.." or whatever crap to the public since tjernobil…or since the beginning the nuclear selfextinction drug industry gained control over humankind's destiny.. to rule it destroy its future possibilities like a good junkie does..
    It would be enough to lower our energy demands so much we could switch to renewables without a
    And ALL the smart voices in the s(m)ilenced mass could finally be consulted for their content..

  • or-well

    A hydro dam problem reported by one named "Vigil" & another named "Watts". Seems appropriate.

    • or-well

      And the KAPP-TV reporter – Eugene "Buenaventura" – "to tell someone's fortune" – or – "good luck"…

  • Nick

    "Say this section were to fail completely," spokesman Tom Stredwick said Monday. "The remainder of the spillway would remain intact and with the current amount of water in the river, the water through that section of the dam would still be normal for this time of year."

    "The problems may arise in managing the river flow and power production from the network of Columbia River dams."

    If the electrical generation is reduced, don't worry, the adjacent nukes will just power up to full throttle.

    See? Told ya we still need our nuclear death defying electrical plants!

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    Just look around you in any direction where government has acted and you will see: No thought whatever is given to future consequences of their actions. Dams, bridges, nuclear power plants continuing well beyond their potential life, fracking, removal of the railroads, the destruction of the environment is always permitted.

    Government’s present intention is to lie first and then think up some possible good that will result from its actions; and above all, never tell them the truth. What happens when the Hoover Dam bursts due to age? What happens when a nuclear power plant is constructed on an earthquake fault because they just didn’t think there would be one, when millions would be exterminated by a nuclear power plant’s meltdown and resettlement of that many people cannot be accomplished. And there is always no immediate danger. You have a whole hour to evacuate New York City.

    The only possible conclusion to me is that somebody makes a lot of money because of the way government acts. Somehow, they don’t include themselves in the consequences, but then, maybe they do not even live in this country as we do.

    Our infrastructure is far beyond its projected life. People own property and live downstream, have jobs and can’t just pick up and leave tomorrow. Now, they cannot even sell their property downstream of Hanford because nobody will buy it. Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” is well underway

    • or-well

      There's an elite that is transnational. They can live anywhere.
      Then there's those who think they can. They may be correct.
      Some of the most vile rulers have been given sanctuary outside their countries.
      But in a multi-country "event", or when >something< starts to cascade beyond coverup or control, the rules of that game will change.

      • In the end, they will be victims of their hubris themselves.
        Unfortunately, the fact that they think they might let it all happen without being affected (ie their very hubris) is a primary reason why noone tries to stop Fukushima. And that is a problem for everyone.
        It may give us a sense of justice to see them ultimately joining us in the grave, but it won't save our asses (and those of mother nature).

  • Angela_R

    There are some interesting references to the Dam, and to the transport of Nuclear Waste from the USS Ronald Reagan to the Hanford Site in Part 3 of a report written by Yoichi Shinatsu on 23/5/13. There are a number of photos in this report, under one is written
    "Wanapum Hydropower Dam, 30 miles upstream from Hanford, was mysteriously dusted with radioactive isotopes."

    Another caption states "a railway bridge crossing the Columbine River was traversed by the train that transported radioactive waste from the USS Ronald Reagan to the Hanford Site.
    The report also details the clean up of the USS Ronald Reagan.

    I understand the local senator's contact is via:

    • jec jec

      But the USS Ronald Reagan was not could not be because all the crew did not receive any radiation…(am I missing something here?). Mr Stuart Smith..go get them…

      Like 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" or "Russia Reset"…

  • Socrates

    Low risk is a misnomer. The other portion of the equation is missing. If the consequences of the risk are extremely high magnitude, then the situation is never acceptable.

    If we were to take a risk of one-in-a-thousand that a drunken general would launch WW III while he was in his cups, and knowing that he got shitfaced ever night, we would agree that we could never take such a large magnitude risk because the consequences would end all life as we know it.

    Nevertheless, we take equally large risks of ending the world every day with MAD and the peaceful atom. Such a drunken general was recently relieved of command. Here a dam may break and wash Hanford's mess down the Columbia River.

    Chernobyls and Fukushima events do not even give pro-nukes pause. I can remember when the Missouri River almost flooded out Ft. Calhoun NPP and SONGS could have melted down while Fukushima was melting down.

    These people are clinically insane. Wipps is another example.

    Humanity depends on a single mistake because the biggest threat is the nuclear stockpiles, and that includes waste. Yet, they keep building more with four plants on the Gulf Coast. They did such a good job with the BP spill that they want to endanger us further.

    If they faced full legal liability, they would NOT gamble with our future. When banks could take loans off their balance sheets, the financial crash ensued. Nuclear liability is the same. Never bet the farm.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      "the biggest threat is the nuclear stockpiles, and that includes waste"

      "These people are clinically insane"

      And that is the truth. It is the part of the discussion that always gets brushed off with, 'someday we will figure it out'.

      And a 500% increase in NPP in Asia/India is projected in 25 years?


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It is disturbing to hear them say that they should have found it before. It should have been. That's bad. If a nuclear plant wasn't downstream at Hanford, and all that nasty nuclear diarrhea stored there it would only be a local problem. A big local problem.

    But there is a NPP downstream, and there is nuclear diarrhea there. It is just another example of the government having it's priorities backwards.

    A nun can infiltrate a nuclear power plant. A dam can have lax inspections upstream. But they are searching our underwear at airports, and now bus stations, and "security" checkpoints. No nuclear diarrhea there. I guess if they spent their money on infrastructure, there wouldn't be any money for panty lines.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Almost forgot, the biggest security problem at nuclear power plants is the nuclear power plants.

  • Truth

    They just seem not to give a …. However, the water will be free for a while. Always look on the bright side, as long as you are alive that is. For the immediate future that is. Everyone thinks they live forever while hearing and experiencing otherwise. Denial is a part of life, why damn it?… Just cracking up.

  • Nick

    I still think this dam story isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

    Notice how folks will become FEARFUL of dams everywhere and flock back to good ol' safe nuclear generators.


    • Good point, yeah that hydro ALL BAD. The only safe baseload energy source is nuclear….I can see the spin coming.

      that said, we need MORE hydro, as much as we and get.

      And let me be the first to say FTF!

      Eff the frogs. Sorry, you small and otherwise unknown little critters….we need to get rid of nuke AND we need the baseload power, AND we cannot keep kill OURSELVES to lives, therefore some of you froggy types are going to take the hit. Yes it is necessary.

      I would rather give up my bleeding heart than to gain a cesium heart.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Morning Stock, yep, all out Public Relations campaign currently happening here in Eastern Washington… Nuke is only good clean cheap source of energy.. makes me want to puke!

        • Disgusting, they did that shite in Hawaii to kill the solar industry so they can build a $2B cable to connect a few island and therefore control electricity for generations to come.

          $2B would have put solar on EVERY house in the island chain. The Bastards That Be are hard to beat.

      • Angela_R

        Stock, you say "I can see the spin coming"
        perhaps you like me may consider that this caption indicates that a deliberate attempt has been made:
        "Wanapum Hydropower Dam,, 30 miles upstream from Hanford, was mysteriously dusted with radioactive isotopes" this is part of a report published in May, 2013

        for those within the area whose local senator is Ron Wyden, here are his contact details:

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Angela, our local Senator is Patty Murray, Ron is from Oregon, we are in Washington. You can contact Patty via

          Or, Maria Cantwell,

          or the worthless Cathy,

          Give it a try, they will respond, just takes a while and they are all still 100% pro nuke.

          • Angela_R

            Hi Cataclysmic, I am not American but have family there. By chance, my daughter did not take up her appointment in Washington State. It was during the period that she sought tenure in the area that I researched Hanford. A month later a generator caught fire around 100 miles from the area they had moved to.

            For a few years my 10 year old grandson had been suffering from a series of nose bleeds which my daughter dismissed, saying that there were others in the family who had them. Until a year ago, he only lived for six weeks per year in the US.

            The nose bleeds may be unconnected to radioactivity. It is also possible that they may actually have been caused from the area where they previously resided in Australia. I thought it strange that a friend of the family, a young man of nineteen, likewise complained of nose bleeds.

            Justly recently I read that radiation from Fukushima was beamed down on Australia by HARRP. They lived within the area mentioned in this report:

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Angela, so sorry for your families exposures…

              • Angela_R

                obewan, thing is I can't even mention it to my daughter, she gets angry if I say anything about nuclear.

                • name999 name999

                  Angela, this is very common now. It feels wrong to not discuss it and also wrong to press it…

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Denial is common within the young, since they are much smarter and wiser than we old folks… 🙂 Wink, Wink 🙂

            • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

              Hi Angela 🙂
              Well, we are all downwinders now. So sorry for the worry over your grandchild. I have heard numerous stories from folks in this state, many issues correlate with waves of radiation coming through.. bloody noses are common.. One lady in Redmond Washington, outside Seattle, was awoken one night to her carbon monoxide detector going off.. she went to check on her children to find them with nose bleeds.. the detector stop going off.. it correlated with a big wave of radiation coming through the area.. I too have had my carbon monoxide detector go off or chirp for a bit a few times, and yep, each time there has always has been increased radiation in the neighborhood. Not sure why the carbon detector goes off?? Also, air travel is huge exposure now.. so if he is traveling back and forth, then he is getting exposed most likely there too.. check these out

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    WTF!!! Obama to cut the Hanford clean up by $73.5 million??? This is absolute horse shit! Why? So we can go nuke another country? Give loans to build more nuke plants??? Save the world from Iran getting a nuke? Really? This is crap! Unbelievable!!!

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      The DOE Hanford Richland Operations Office would suffer the largest decrease of any DOE Office of Environmental Management cleanup program in the nation.

      Read more here:

    • name999 name999

      Cataclysmic, saying Obama (like this is all about Obama)is cutting this is pretty reductive…but for all the millions of dollars put into fixing the problems at Hanford and also at many other sites, it seems like good money after bad. The money goes back into the same pockets as those who have made the bad decisions in the first place.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Actually, I disagree, we must simplify this. I voted for this guy, so this is not ignorance rattling. He took his family to South America to avoid the largest cloud of xenon gas ever released that the rest of us have been exposed to. Do you think Congress voted to have labs stand down and to not tell the American Citizenry they were in danger? Or did that order come from the top? Our entire political system is beholden to the nuke cartel. So, for me, it is simple, until such time as this industry cleans up it's shit, I blame every single elected official, on both sides of the isle, and further, I demand that no more free tax dollars are given to this insidious beast! Obama hails from Chicago, a known bastion of Nuke pukes! Check out his donors. No, I do not have to complicate this. Simple is best, and for me, there is no overly simplified way to put it. NO MORE NUKES!! I will never vote democratic or republican again, both parties are a sham for the nuclear cartel. If you think otherwise, then you are still asleep, and it really is past time to wake up.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      But at least he wants his insurance pals to make money when Hanford makes people sic. What a civic minded guy.

    • jec jec

      Not to worry. When the Wanapam Dam fails and floods will be 'cleaned up.'(sarcasm).

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Hi Jec, I suspect the Dam failing is the new Hanford "clean up" plan 🙂 snark!

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I suspect so too..
          Cover the clean-up failure..the Corps of Engineers screwing around helping to systematically ..flood areas assist government control and take over..
          And this will also obscure the radiation from Fukushima… that is inevitable to that area.

        • Absolutely… who says "clean up" and "cover up" cannot be used in a literal sense 😉 ?

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Interesting find.. "The left bank at Chief Joseph Dam has a massive landslide that has been creeping since monitoring began over 40 years ago. Fourteen (14) inclinometers were installed between 1973 and 1983, and each one within the confines of the slide has shown movement. The highest rate of movement is concentrated toward the toe at the southern end of the mass, nearest the dam, and 2 critical instruments have moved so much as to disable their ability to be read. The possibility for catastrophic movement affecting dam safety is not known, and a comprehensive study is underway to determine if measures need to be taken to avoid disaster, or if the landslide is a non-critical issue. These 2 critical inclinometers need to be replaced for this effort."

          This Dam is 277 miles upstream from Wanapum. Gosh, can't help but consider the lack of public knowledge about this is sure interesting… then I wonder if that Dam fell, and water rushed down to Wanapum.. would it hold? hmmmm?

  • ftlt

    They are currently dropping the water levels behind the dam. The question is how fast can they do this and will Mother Earth give them the time to do it.

    There is a big problem with dams and nuclear sites – Remember, that the Fort Calhoun plant was threatened by an upstream earthen dam failure at the height of its crisis.

    There will someday be a dam failure that causes a nuclear catastrophe if we continue to employ them (both)… I don't think dams are going away. Nuclear power plants may and should go away.

  • Nick

    Why bother anymore with Hanford or WIPP? Fukushima has OVERLOADED the biosphere with plenty of decaying atoms.

    The DOE ain't dumb.

  • ftlt

    And Climate Change is not off topic when discussing nuclear issues.

      • ftlt

        HAARP may exist or not – I have no idea.

        The load on the climate by our industrial society unrestrained activity is enough to screw the pooch with or without HAARP.

        Just walking out your door and looking around you should be enough to tell you we are toasting the planet.

        • ftlt

          See enough oops

        • chevvvy chev

          It exists, and does what people say it does!

          • ftlt

            What??? HARRP???

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            Yes HAARP exists and does what Tesla said it would do but to what extent and it's true capabilities I don't know? If I did I'd either be dead or a highly paid "tool" within the "in the know" infrastructure(?) (Govt. toilets back up and floors need stripped & waxed,etc.too! lol) I know that back in the early 80's it was featured in a Ham radio magazine,either Popular Communications or QST,I believe? and the massive ELF antenna array was located in Michigan and was allegedly for ELF or Extra Low Frequency comms between the USN high command,NORAD,SAC,etc. & was supposed to have been developed for communicating between command & control & submerged ballistic missile submarines on patrol anywhere in the world with EAM's emergency action messages & alerts during the Cold War. The original Tesla experiment that terrified the other residents of the east coast apt. building he lived in or had his laboratory located in allegedly was condemned after being nearly destroyed when he used the device at the ELF frequency known to be the earth's resonant harmonic frequency during test sessions at power output levels much lower than the current generation output capabilities. The seaborne version allegedly is much more powerful than the land-based systems also allegedly being phased out presently.IMHO HAARP is another technology that we probably shouldn't fool around with & if in fact had anything to do with the 3/11 disaster is scary proof that supports my position against it?!!…

  • it was written "you shall know then by their fruits"

    banana's are so perfect a metaphor for the nuclear whores it seems.

    we need a national/global campaign "Obama, tear down this wall of lies!"

    the potus, has yet to follow up on his promise to keep us fully informed, I guess keeping your doctor wont seem so traumatic in the lead lined coffins……

    • Speaking of that darn Yellow Atomic Fruit ™ and the dodgy situation: I guess we'd all appreciate some help, don't we ?


    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I was going to suggest the nuke-pukes add "naked squats in the radioactive cucumber patch" to their A.M. exercise routine the next time they pull their banana out of their ass to answer concerned questions about internal exposure to their toxic consumer product line-up they've been so generously dispensing to all of their victims,many of whom will see the light-blue GE/Toshiba logo on Radiation Therapy & MRI/CATSCAN machines but they beat us to it via getting bent over on the recieving end by the "Banana Kings" already so all that might do is help the greedy bastards satisfy their bigger senses of proportion and I don't want to suggest to them anything they may actually consider a "favor"??!! (sorry for being a bit crude but the escalating bad news has me wound up and wanting to put some knots on nuclear nuckleheads today!! 😐 ) I gotta sign off & get hold of the dog-sitter & prepare for another long Friday at the wife's oncology center and hope the pharmacy didn't already run out of the chemo drug Letrozole again this month after suspiciously"telling" shortages of it for 5 months straight now(?) 🙁 And she has to take it every day til 3/1/2017??!!(wtf?!!P.S.,I often make goofy jokes when I really want to scream & cry & dying inside in case my witticisms offended anyone(?)!! 😐 Good Nite ALL!…..

  • jec jec

    NAH..they just dropped the water level 26 ft and took off the pressure. Its the entire section 12, crack all the way across. Now..not to rain on their parade..but this is going to be spring..and high water..the upstream dams are going to have to control the flow to Wanapum..and Wanapum can only run on 50% capability. All those fixes..this is one of many sections with the same potential design flaw…
    ( this does not show the extra concrete poured to support the weak area..but gives the best look at the error area).

    This is the current look..with lots of concrete poured to try and 'stabilize' the dam:
    This did not work…!!

    It cracked at where the top of the 'anchors' end..anchors which are suspected of corrosion failure. My anchor failed..or a couple..the concrete infill work..left one area of weakness..and section 12 is an example.

    So keeping the water level a short term did not has just not reached the 'tipping' point. Concrete is not

    • Concrete is very flexible.. it can absorb LOTS of radiation, wrap itself around corium, and handle lots of nuclear waste being packed behind it.


  • GQR2

    symptom noted of an insane culture.
    The damn repaired itself really?
    NBC actually has the i dont know what, to be that stupid and push out pure crap to the public.
    These news channels are hazardous to peoples health. There is no public interest slant not in any real sense.
    The laws passed to allow lying and advertising disguised as medical information,the sheer propaganda from "news" sources makes it possible for this kind of dangerous disinformation to be spewed daily. And it puts people's lives at risk. -destroy journalism,free speech,free thinking,creativity,value profits over brains and the culture is destroyed.

  • @ Fukugeddon
    March 6, 2014 at 10:49 am
    Await the next dam surge there, probably this month itself.
    And then Hanford may unbundle all the wastes.

    • Hmmm. Maybe Fox News could include a dam failure prediction in their evening broadcast ? Between weather forecast and stock exchange news, for example ?

  • @ Fukugeddon
    March 6, 2014 at 11:46 am
    And now the dam upstream of Hanford Reservation as well as a probable location for the damage.

  • Why Dams And Nuclear Power Plants Down River Are Not Sustainable – A Dam Removal Video; via @AGreenRoad

  • there is a precedence of damn failures in this world to self repair.. just look at politicians. the 9% approval rate of con-gress vs the near 90% re=election rate comes to mind.
    supposing there is not a direct link between the media and that collection of thieves and genocidal maniacs getting returned election after election is denial of the mind control mechanisms in place to manipulate the populations across all borders and oceans however radioactive they may be.