TV: “It appears the worst case scenario has happened” at U.S. nuclear site — Most dangerous material on earth “out of control”? — A whopping 800,000 dpm measured outside tank (VIDEO) #Hanford

Published: June 22nd, 2013 at 9:18 am ET


Title: Worst Hanford tank may be leaking into soil
Source: KING 5 News
Date: June 21, 2013
h/t moxnews

[…] It appears the most dangerous material on earth is out of its tank and out of their control, and there’s no immediate plan on how to solve the problem. […]

Now it appears the worst case scenario has happened, the waste has eaten through the outer tank wall. […]

But no one expected this […]

A crew working on the leak detection pit pulled a piece of equipment from it and measured a whopping contamination reading — 800,000 dpm,or disintegrations per minute. […]

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Watch the broadcast here

Published: June 22nd, 2013 at 9:18 am ET


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76 comments to TV: “It appears the worst case scenario has happened” at U.S. nuclear site — Most dangerous material on earth “out of control”? — A whopping 800,000 dpm measured outside tank (VIDEO) #Hanford

  • Sickputer

    Six tank farm operators in 26 years and they all knew this day was coming. Nobody has a magic bullet for this mad dog out of control mess. Hats off in recognition to the bravery of the workers…and also to the death of this region. When the wind blows and water flows…future health diasters.

    The worst dead zone in America. How's that Nuclear Renaissance looking now? Still think we need those Big Gates Traveling Wave Reactors? Big nutcase with too much money…and his kids not too far from Hanford. King Midas Gates.

  • norbu norbu

    Sickputer, I with you 100%. Out of control nut case. This should be on the MSM. Are they waiting for people to start dropping like flies? A horror movie in the making.

  • norbu norbu

    Instead they put out articles like this.

    "U.S. engineers to inspect possible leak at Hanford nuclear site"
    Possible? What a joke.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Really? Possible? Come on they know it's in the ground amazing how they twist reality but this time I wish they were speaking the truth as this is very dire news and indicative of our own Fukushima.

    • many moons

      It's not twisting or joking it's a lie and I'm sure that they could be held accountable for such lies if we had a functioning judicial system in the US

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Hanford needs to be cleaned up entirely, for good.

  • ftlt

    Sadly, this has been going on since the of the nuclear production in the 1940s… Just how bad is it there and at other nuclear chicken coops where only the fox is let in

  • weeman

    What Happened to American ingenuity, has anybody tried to resolve this problem, it is not as if they did not know about it for years, get your priorities right and get off the drugs America it is no escape from reality and it is time to wake up and face the future head on.
    Mix to waste with cocaine you would not believe the effect, the ultimate designer drug.

  • 4GaugePA

    I have been searching the webs for a bit now and am having no luck…My hope is that one of you can help explain the (800,000 DPM)?? I am a laymen and I am trying to convert it into (RADS) as I have been able to find out that the 50% mortality rate in (RADS) is 300-350 and 50% will die within two months……what exactly does 800,000 equal? and does it mater what isotope they are measuring? it is all very confusing to me…someone please explain, I am as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar.


      it's a baseline measurement 4GaugePa, of "Disintegrations Per Minute" of nuclear waste byproducts. As they don't actually know what's contained within this toxic slurry, it's virtually impossible to accurately quantify the half-life of any individual isotopes. It's conceivable, you could 'meter' samples of this material with characterized radiation detectors and thereby assess what isotopes are decaying. But at this point, what's migrating from the individual tanks will vary, and as such, going with baseline readings is the practical option…

      • 4GaugePA

        Hmm so I am guessing we really have no idea how bad it is. I mean 800,000 sounds astronomical to a laymen, yet a possibility still exists that since the only thing we are measuring is the disintegration of (something) so there could be some media hype going on……..I AM NOT SAYING THAT HANFORD IS NOT A BAD THING WE ALL KNOW IT IS! I am just trying to figure out how bad of a thing it is-should I run for the hills as I live in or is the media dressing it up just a tad? catch my drift?


          actually 4GaugePA, it's not media hype. This is an admission on the part of the facility management, which also translates into an acknowledgement that they've lost complete control of the situation. Keep in mind, when your dealing with materials that have a half-life of hundreds-of-thousands of years, the technology required to maintain control of said materials may not exist within a given time frame. They're only now coming to understand this quandary…

      • 4GaugePA

        also I should mention that the 800,000 number was used back in November so it just kinda feels fishy- something is wrong I understand that for sure, yet I just can not make any sense of the magnitude of the problem…wish someone would come right out and truthfully say hey (it is this bad >–(-.-)–< run for your life!) or hey just relax and go on about your daily biz.

        • nedlifromvermont

          best thing you can do is stay tuned to enenews … and that goes for the whole lot of ya. I been wonderin' what my childhood friend on Bainbridge Island has to say, but as far as I know most west coasters are acutely unaware of Fukushima …

          as for how bad is this … well, it's headed for the Columbia River … so you might think twice about wind surfing at The Dalles. But is it a "shelter-in-place" moment? Probably not, unless you see the tank exploding on video. Do you need to "evacuate" right away? Your decision, probably don't have to, yet.

          But the real question is: what idiots sanctioned this nuclear enrichment crap in the first place?? It is so cold war, so Dr. Strangelove, so 1950's.

          Shut them all down.

          US nuclear policy to IRAN is like a child molester telling a homeless man to wipe the crumbs off his beard.

          IRAN may hold a key to this dilemma.

          New president is double PhD, Law, University of Glasgow, and fluent in Farsi, Arabic, Russian, German, French and English.

          Take that Obamamat.

          Obama to Rouhani: "Stop with the enrichment."

          Rouhani to Obama: "Let's shut them all down!"

          peace …

        • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

          4Guage PA, your imposed horror is very Frankinsteinian to me also – does the measuring instrument really experience this itself or does it only equate the equivalent of the piece,
          the entire piece or adjacent piece or space in the area of the piece or soup covering the piece for a standard reading per kilogram for the instrument, because volume and relational volume mass for density is certainly a quandary factor for counts’ sake. Something more Frankinsteinian is in the making. If that theory is correct, a test instrument will disintegrate to green soup within the next eight years if they leave it in the inner tank without the tank being eroded itself while the soup is inside. Does the instrument subtract its own erosion from what it is reading externally? Which reading for which mass for which volume is negligible?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      It is the worst radioactive devil's brew on Earth and is screaming hot at 800 thousand disintegrations per minute. They don't know precisely what is in the tank because they have been throwing all the nasties they have been brewing up for decades upon decades and hoping that it wouldn't leak. As always the DOE just passes the buck and gambles on the next generation resolving the problem by developing technology to address the issue, but time is not on their side and the demon genie has left the building. OUCH this is truly beyond words as they knew a year ago this tank was leaking sound familiar? TEPCO comes to mind.

      • They knew since 2002..

        Now it is all about looking good, and keeping things under wraps.

        Got to look good for the cameras, you know. THAT is most important.

        Sheeple might be scared if things do not look so good.

  • jec jec

    And this is the kind of stuff of nightmares, anyone checking local groundwater, Columbia River water? Silence is damning.

  • WorseThanChernobyl

    I live there, and they are at a risk of losing funding for their cleanup. There was a threat of 1000's of layoffs at Hanford recently, right before all this news of "new" leaks. I believe they are unleashing all these headlines now to keep from losing their funding to "clean up" the mess. The only issue is that the mess can never be cleaned up. They move it from one spot to another and consider it contained, but it cannot be cleaned up.

    • J.

      I read a very long essay somewhere a few years ago discussing the Chernobyl sarcophagus replacement. Implicit in the essay was the idea that some huge multinational companies are gaming the system to bilk as much as they can from the taxpayers of Europe. As I layman I find it impossible to make any judgment about that. It would not surprise me if the situation is as bad as claimed, AND there's a lot of corruption surrounding the cleanup costs.

      • As long as the nuke industry does not have to pay to clean up their own messes and taxpayers foot the bill, everything is A OK.

        No matter what, that is what they are resisting.

        Make YOU pay for their messes, and they make no bid contract profits no matter what happens, good or bad.

        Money raining down from Heaven, and from all directions..

  • nedlifromvermont

    need a new tank, much???

    lying nuclear scum …

  • Cisco Cisco

    The propaganda, the myth…that there will always be a technology or solution that can fix or solve the problem, works.
    This myth has been effectively promoted for so long, that the general public is lulled into complacency, in the belief, that this is true. Therefore, no matter how horrific the problem…not to worry, there is always a remedy.

    Hanford can’t be fixed. The vitrification plant now under construction is a ruse. It won’t work; it hasn't even been tested. Its theory and premise are flawed; but, it’s great lie that will give cover to the industry, the government and pols, their lobbyists and shills, and the MSM.

    Hey, go back to sleep…everything’s going to be alright. Just be sure to take a Geiger counter with you on your next fishing trip.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Hey, not to worry. We'll get back to you on that problem when the new vit plant comes on line in 2022. The stuff's been there for 40 years. What's another 9 more years?

      "The Energy Department is building a complex — at a cost of more than $13 billion — that eventually would turn the wastes into a more stable glass form in a process called vitrification.

      These logs would be placed into stainless-steel containers for long-term storage.

      Under a settlement plan with the state of Washington, the treatment plant is supposed to be in a startup test phase by 2019 and begin full-scale processing by 2022."

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      And throw the fish back in the river as it is not fit for consumption. Although we may as well get use to as avoidance of radioactive tainted food is becoming impossible. If you're concerned I think supplements are your best bet unless you grow your own food in a controlled environment if that is even possible. What a species.

    • J.

      One of the few things any politician could say that might make me think he/she is interested in the common good:

      "I call for an international commission promptly to establish a global equivalent of the Manhattan Project to develop new methods to neutralize or safely store nuclear waste, to be funded by the taxpayers of all countries operating nuclear plants, and supervised by an internationally approved team of experts."

      • m a x l i

        Should you really trust that politician? I'm missing the most important part in that speech. In this form and shape it would be a dream come true for all nucleocrats.

      • Why make taxpayers pay for the messes?

        Why not force the nuclear industry to PAY to find the answers, or shut down and quit poisoning everything?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          You are the (A) hope!

          Stay on/the course, since you have no idea how far ahead on the learning curve you really are!

          Thank You!

          Be the Teacher and spread this knowledge you possess far and wide!

          We are all running out of time!

          • According to two very high sources, the future is bright, but it is up to EACH ONE OF US to make it so..EVERYONE is critically important.

            Keep the faith, and spread the light as well as the knowledge, despite being ignored, despised, attacked, etc.

            The truth shall set you free.

            What else is worth living for?




            Political following

            Selling out infinite future generations of children

            To a soul, these worldly rewards mean nothing, actually less than nothing. Those who pursue these 'rewards' might be considered immature souls, not yet grown up.

            Pursuit of these means risking the loss of soul…

            Like the old time stories say;

            We can sell our souls to the Debbil… and he/she will buy them.

            What price is our soul worth?

            What do we have to sacrifice to sell our soul?







            Much MORE…. infinite possibilities and potential miracles beyond these

            Being connected to what REALLY matters

  • Jebus Jebus

    I live here in the NW too.
    The cleanup has been "funded" for decades.
    The "fun" is over for the industry.
    That just leaves the "ded" for decades.
    It is way past time to Stop Nuclear Power.
    The waste will not go away, ever.
    Fukushima will not go away, ever.
    Chernobyl will not go away, ever.
    Hanford will not go away, ever.
    The threat is immediate. The urgency is now.
    Add it all up. It's horrendous for life.

    As the waves crash against Fukushima's shores,
    and todays supermoon drags the tides around Earth,
    insuring that nature shares equally…

    • Superfund was initially paid for by companies, such as the ones who create the messes.

      Now it is almost completely paid for by taxpayers, and corporations pay very little if anything. Same thing goes for people who lost their retirement accounts, because corporations stole them.

      Corporations keep the profits, taxpayers get soaked for the money losing stuff, to the tune of TRILLIONS.

      Plus they get to pay no taxes, and collect corporate welfare on top of that..


      Corporations live forever… and they are now people… according to the Supreme Court.

      Does that mean we the people, can now stop paying taxes, collect welfare just for being here, and stop paying for the cleanup of messes that other people caused (corporations)?

  • speechless!
    this worth a repost i think 🙁

    Shocking new study shows damage from radiation more damaging than at first thought! – Prof.Chris Busby

    ….This density of events occurring at low doses suggests a mechanism to explain experimental results that show Tritium is a greater mutagenic hazard than ICRP would expect….

    Posted by

    20th June 2011

    H/t Richard Bramhall ( )

    A new review shows the conventional radiation risk model cannot be used to predict health effects of radioactivity inside the body.

    and busby is still fighting!!

    this is who he is fighting for..

    "…When these men took part, the science was largely unknown. Pre-test precautions were primitive and inadequate, and failed to fully protect individuals from the effects of heat, blast shock and ionizing radiation. Many veterans believe their health was adversely affected by these tests.”

  • Jebus Jebus

    They knew when the first single shell tanks leaked after less than 20 years.

    "Jun 29, 1987 – Because the 106-T leak was quite severe and remained undetected for an extended period of time"

    Here is your basic "Tank Farm Surveillance Operations Training Manual Production Operations" circa 1989…

    You can not take all these "revelations" individually, for man made radionuclides, that last for thousands of years in the environment, and are extremely toxic to life, at the very lowest levels.

    Add it up…

    • Cisco Cisco

      The End for this geography! Stay, suffer and die slowly, before your time…horiffic and sad.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Can one really add up all the nuclear leaks, accidents, and incidents?

    You can try, but don't forget this…

    And if you can stomach enough to read down past this…

    151. 1973, 20th April- HANFORD, WA., U.S.A. 100,000,000 gallons of atomic wastes stored in containers whose life is 30-40 years. A leak was discovered on 20th April, but wastes were still poured into the tanks, resulting in a leakage of 115,000 gallons before 8th June, when pouring stopped. Geologists point out that the area has been under water at least 4 times in the last 40,000 years, the last time being 14,000 years ago. (Work Circle Environ. Protection; Penelope Coleing)

    you soon realize the result…

  • Cisco Cisco

    FYI…maybe a Geiger counter rental business for 200 miles around Hanford?

    "" is available at GoDaddy.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Time for a "Miles Against Nuclear".

    I will walk barefoot from san onofre to hanford to spotlight this evil. Even add in prostrating the whole distance the way they do at Kailasanatha.

    Anyone care to join me?

    Can't think of anything else so why not.

  • irhologram

    Barefoot over the ground that grows produce we're afraid to eat? Barefoot over the grass the cows eat to produce radioactive milk? Barefoot after the rain? I actually have thought twice about going barefoot anymore…

  • Mack Mack

    Yes, they've known about Hanford's leaking for decades.

    Begin watching this video @10:35!

    A brief recap:

    (1) There are 170 gigantic concrete tanks (built in 1943) to hold radioactive waste. The tanks were supposed to be temporary.

    (2) 200 million litres of highly radioactive gunge remains there.

    (3) In the 1980's, they found 60 of the tanks were leaking contamination into the groundwater

    (4) A 2002 DOE report confirmed Strontium 90 in Columbia River fish – 13 out of 15 fish caught were contaminated

    (5) A Nuclear physicist studying Hanford found:

    (a) TRITIUM contamination of the Columbia River; from 2.5 to 13 Bq per litre
    (b) Four times more uranium than radium, which is abnormal ratio
    (c) Europium-152
    (d) the site continually leaks and drags radioactive elements into the waters that slowly migrate to the Columbia River

    (6) A nuclear engineer said the ground water near the Hanford site will remain toxic for hundreds of thousands of years – primarily with chromium – which SALMON are laying their eggs in.

    • We Not They Finally

      170 tanks built in 1943?? And probably designed to last just 20 years, not 70??

      Say, how did that plan to nuke the Russians work out? Looks like Americans got the brunt of it. It's so infuriating. And I'd say that Eisenhower wiped out his warning about the military-industrial complex real real good with his "Atoms for Peace" campaign. Someone recently posted an amazing quote from JFK about nuclear contamination of US AMERICANS by the Cold War machine. And he came right after Eisenhower? JFK was the only one to know, much less to speak out? How believable is that?

  • Sol Man

    When did hope become a four letter word?
    Let us hope that enemies (of humanity), full of self hate, do not target this place.
    We have very inconveniently been delivered to this exact place. There is a feeling that transcends words.

  • paschn

    When the man said the love of money is the root of all evil it became the byline of the Synagogue. If it helps the "bottomline" it's good to the death of all else in the way. Insane.

  • We Not They Finally

    Someone knowledgable about radiation damage (Leuren Moret or Michael Collins — it was someone who regularly CHECKS) said that what is normal background is SEVEN counts per minute. (DISINTEGRATIONS per minute is the same as COUNTS per minute??) This is over a hundred thousand times as much.

    How can something be cleaned up that no one can even get NEAR? But yes, they might well have known earlier, but faced with the choice of alarming people and losing their funding, thought it was more nuts to lose their funding to clean up something so alarming.

    One poster wrote in some time back that her whole family was from that area back to the 40's, that only 2 out of 6 children could produce children at all (the mother meanwhile died of a rare cancer), and half the children those two produced were either deformed or developmentally disabled. Real and tragic consequences and that was already DECADES ago. THE HEALTH STATS OF THAT AREA NEED TO BE RELEASED.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Those stats would be a secret …not allowed to be revealed.

  • Sol Man

    The crucial need that Hanford be cleaned up prior to this time, so far, has been unfulfilled. Are there some people naked-shorting the length of the human experience?

  • Mezzaic

    What we need is mass scale protests against nuclear power all over the world but especially at this time in the US.

    I am amazed at the scale of the protests in Brazil at the moment against the Government…do you think a protest on that scale in any country against nuclear power would work?

    It could even start off small with some members of this site spreading the truth and then gain more followers…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      mezzaic, what if pronukers in power cared less about protests than we would if pronukers were protesting that we need more reactors? Do sociopaths/ psychopaths/ megalomaniacs/ or just plain crooks EVER stop just because you ask them to?

      • Mezzaic

        Yes thats a good point, but it might wake up the mass population to what is actually going on, and then they would be on our side…as the saying goes…Rome wasn't built in a day…but progress is progress no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at first…

        • many moons

          I agree, we need to protest if nothing else to get information to the general public.

          In Brazil there are nation wide protest occurring that are making changes for the better. The media tries to report that there is civil unrest but that is not the case….there are some disturbances but for the most part the protest are well organized and are accomplishing small changes that are in fact an indication of much greater things.

          America needs to protest…boycott…it does still work!

  • ftlt

    And if it bad here, think of all the other nuclear powers waste facilities are just as bad and worse…

    For FFFFs sake, what were we thinking??? Yeah, I know – we weren't

  • Bad Rads

    Hanford is federally funded TWO BILLION dollars a year.

    • Sickputer

      The federal budget pinches the funds to Hanford Site (but no reductions for Bechtel's project).

      "The Department of Energy's Office of River Protection, which oversees tank cleanup and plant construction, said its budget had been cut by $92 million. That money will largely come from tank cleanup, because of the fixed budget for the plant."

      SP: Those trillions of dollars crapped away in the Middle East wars leaves Americans at home literally dying.
      Even more disturbing…moving hot plutonium waste from Washington state to New Mexico:

      "Federal officials have proposed a plan to ship waste from five of the six leaking tanks to New Mexico. However, that proposal will take at least two years as the federal government seeks necessary permits."

      SP: The feds didn't buy all that ammo to stop foreign terrorists. Some of those well-armed feds may be guarding those trains full of deadly cargo traveling through unhappy and unwilling states.

      • Plus the trillions that went to our favorite banksters..

        None left for worthwhile projects such as renewable energy, hydrogen future, cleaning up Superfund sites..

        Could that be on purpose?

        Noooooooo, they would not think that way or do things like that, would they?