TV: “Like a horror show” at Los Angeles-area beach — Unusual number of marine animals suddenly getting sick and dying — “I wonder if something’s in the water” killing them — They “hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking” (VIDEO)

Published: May 24th, 2014 at 11:42 am ET


KTTV Los Angeles, May 22, 2014: Marina Del Rey’s Horror Show — “It’s like a horror show, really!” That’s what Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento said after watching a pelican die […] to Shay Yuval, the “horror show” is watching a number of pelicans and other critters die or show signs of serious sickness in the last couple of weeks in the rocks by Via Marina and Pacific. To the […] women what’s happening is very suspicious. […] Is there a connection between the anchovy-die-off and pelicans and other sealife suddenly getting sick?

  • KTTV: A lot of concern about the wildlife in Marina Del Rey tonight. Days after tons and tons of fish died there, other creatures are now dying too […] more on the mystery.
  • Hal Eisner, KTTV reporter: The big question is […] are these deaths connected or are they coincidental? If you ask the people who live around here, whatever it is they’re very suspicious. […] Neighbors say an unusual number of marine animals have started dying. This pelican took its last breath while we were standing here.
  • Yuval: You see them helpless and want to help. They’re fighting to walk and hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking.
  • Eisner: Heartbreaking to Shay Yuval, who lives right by the water, and Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento who does too. And both think the anchovy die off has something to do with these other animals dying.
  • Boyum-Sarmiento: I wonder if there’s something in the water killing these animals.
  • Eisner: We wondered too. […] Whatever is happening is unsettling.
  • Boyum-Sarmiento: It’s like a horror show, really.

Fox 13 LA, May 19, 2014: Carol Baker with LA County’s Department of Beaches and Harbors tells us that testing will have to be done on the fish to find out why they died. It could be an algae bloom or the lack of oxygen or something altogether different. Right now no one knows for sure, she says. “Whether it’s an environment anomaly or if this is something we created, I don’t know”, said Marnella Stout who lives in the area. “But I think we’re going to get a lot more of this.”

Watch the KTTV broadcast here

Published: May 24th, 2014 at 11:42 am ET


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394 comments to TV: “Like a horror show” at Los Angeles-area beach — Unusual number of marine animals suddenly getting sick and dying — “I wonder if something’s in the water” killing them — They “hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking” (VIDEO)

  • We Not They Finally

    Radiation is destroying all life on this once beautiful planet..There is no escape for those who have no love for humanity…

  • 52Rockwell

    The ol Jarhead was My Sergeant .

  • 52Rockwell

    Valhalla is the great hall of Odin, wherein he feasts with his chosen heroes, all those who have fallen bravely in battle, for all who die a peaceful death are excluded. The flesh of the boar Schrimnir is served up to them, and is abundant for all. For although this boar is cooked every morning, he becomes whole again every night. For drink the heroes are supplied abundantly with mead from the she-goat Heidrum. When the heroes are not feasting they amuse themselves with fighting. Every day they ride out into the court or field and fight until they cut each other in pieces. This is their pastime; but when meal time comes they recover from their wounds and return to feast in Valhalla.

  • 52Rockwell

    Ya Know , It is Memorial Day tomorrow, and Im thinking bout the Vets I have known.Uncle Forrest Fulcher. Beauleau wood(aka battle of the bulge)Uncle John (still at his duty station on the USS ARIZONA.)Stevie Naylor 19 years proud service to the USA Navy.
    Uncle Jack , PE HunTer Navy Man

  • 52Rockwell

    TiM Naylor USMC anti Terrorist fighter

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I don't know if this has appeared on ENENews before, if it has, my apologise for repeating it.

    "Seriously? Millions of gallons of nuclear waste to be stored next to the Great Lakes"

    "…Under a plan crafted by energy supplier Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the company would construct a "deep geologic repository" (DGR)…" This sounds awfully familiar. Here's hoping that there's a world shortage of Kitty Litter.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      "Science, hubris and Ontario’s planned Lake Huron nuclear waste dump: Walkom"

      They'll be storing the waste in an impermeable layer of limestone, capped by an impermeable layer of shale. The impermeable layer of limestone should be safe, unless it has cracks, cavities and caves ( limestone paving anybody ?? ), in which case it's very much permeable limestone, in which case they may as well just throw the waste into Lake Huron, which incidentally is also a major source of drinking water for the area, on both sides of the American / Canadian border.

      Did I mention that there are also fault lines in the area, recently active fault lines.

      The Americans are PISSED at the plan, not sure if it's because they believe it to be a bad idea, or because the Canadians beat them to it…

      So it's goodbye West coast, goodbye Texas & New Mexico, and now goodbye Great Lakes.

      • ruis ruis

        I'm sure if there's a shortage on kitty litter, they'll just use bananas or recycled iphone chargers, or some other inane crap.



          They gotta take care not to suck up the whole lake. That would generate a Tsusami which might break some of the ultra-safe 1st generation GE nukes along its coast.

          Does anybody know if they tried sanitary napkins as an alternative to the irresponsibly dangerous kitty litter ?

          *both literally and figuratively

      • michmom michmom

        Yes david, its been here before, but you and anyone else can help us stop it by reading and supporting the link further below. Unbelievable isn't it? Next to the great lakes,insane. here is the link,

    • ruis ruis

      Yes, it's been posted before, although, repeating it is a good idea. It's a good thing Americans are pissed about it; I'm not sure that Canadians are that much aware of, except for those in that area. People I've spoken to have no idea about it. My idea is that it must never happen.

      • Ontological Ontological

        We Americans arrogantly stick our waste crap wherever we choose, and have an issue where another country sticks theirs??

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          It's not just the Americans, it's our entire b****y race. We treat this planet like a toilet, and then complain because it's a mess.

          Someone really needs to FLUSH!!!

          • hbjon hbjon

            At least we don't have a typhoon throwing rotting animals through the air at 300 kph. Now that would be a horror show. Ooops, wait a minute. Ummmm….. Don't look now, but…

  • lickerface lickerface

    These media outlets get a hard-on playing stupid. DUhhh, I wonder why these pelicans and sea lions are sick, boss, duhh….

    Time to show the media players we aren't stupid.

  • It is a 'horror show' run by a bunch Nuclear nut-jobs.

    …and you thought sea food from the Atlantic ocean might be safe.

    Think again…
    Watch this.
    Nuclear Waste Disposal Documentary

    This documentary has never been shown in the UK.
    Wonder why?

    IMO – Japan and who knows who else are dumping as much radioactive contamination into the oceans as they can. I don't believe for a second that any Nuclear producing country in the world is following proper waste procedures. To 'think' they would do the right thing at a higher cost is to probably 'think' wrong.

    • tsfw tsfw

      I'm about 3/4 way through this video – fantastic ChasAha I'm sharing with everyone I know.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        I am too, though only on Twitter, but I've had no nibbles yet 🙁

        • tsfw tsfw

          No surprise there, nor do I ):

          • davidh7426 davidh7426

            Some people just can't be told, no matter how hard we try, and some people just don't want to be told, even though they know it's true.

            But what do you do, give up, or keep trying. Because there's a limit to how much stupidity that I for one am willing to put with from them.

            It's regrettable and distressing, but we're not going to save all of them, just a few, maybe. The rest are close to being beyond help.

            • Angela_R

              David there is a worldwide group of Concerned Scientists who state "The Union of Concerned Scientists work to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food; they have a membership of 200,000. I am unaware of their activities in the US, but the following is from the UK,

              There are also the Physicians for Social Responsibility who currently have two articles on their front page pertaining to nuclear concerns

                • Shaker1

                  Angela, that is a great site, Institute of Science in Society and I'm glad you posted it. I've been vistiting for years not only for its information, but for the feeling of comfort of scientists who understand their place in society. Somehow there's an attitude of uncritical disassociation and a hautiness that's allowed science today in its supposed 'objectivity' (I ask: can anyone truly be objective?), while i-sis is the celebration of humanity in science. David, and everyone here, should visit the site and browse their index, if for no other reason than to partake in the feeling of optimism that accompanies the information.

                  I also enjoy its acronym and the reference to Isis and, I might feel, her mysteries.

              • davidh7426 davidh7426

                Yes I know Angela, I get emails, petitions etc from the Union. Though I hadn't heard about the other group till now.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                These people are doing a horrible job! 🙁

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                I just read a new book written by them David. Loch alum, Edwin Lyman , Susan Q. strahnahan , and of corse the union of concerned scientists .
                Called Fukushima the story of a nuclear disaster signed no less from Harvard coop .

                I suggest this book to all that want to know the goings on of nuclear power plants and what happened in Fukushima .

                It does not do the gory but it's in lay mans terms …I can send it out for someone to pass around if I get a bubble wrap SASE …

                I am not sure we are talking the same book ..!,..???


        agreed, tsfw. It's a must see video. I'm actually stunned by the stupidity of these people. They're murdering their own children…

        Thanks ChasAha for putting this up…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Chas Aha, I never realized the "official" slogan of the nuclear industry in Europe was, "the solution to the pollution is dilution."

      I thought I came up with that one on my own.

      Oh, how I hate what this death machine industry has done. I loathe it with every fibre in my being.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Just like to play around with words and things that rhyme. One of the articles on Fukushima mentioned "dilution" of the poison in the Pacific.

        The solution to the pollution has never been dilution. Thanks for posting the link to the video.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          We need more Dr. David Boyer's and Christopher Busby's.

          Key point to take away from the video re: La Hague, "It is obvious why the citizens take their own measurements." Tritium levels, for example, being five times as high as what Areva, the waste plant operator, reported.

          How convenient. It looks bad for us to dump barrels into the sea, so we'll just build pipelines several kilometers long, and pump the stuff out into the sea.

          There were NO SIGNS OF LIFE around the outflow points where the pipelines exit into the sea. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Everything killed deader' than a hammer.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            "Like a horror show." Yes, all of it. Unbelievable. I can't believe my capacity to be astonished by this massive stupidity hasn't been exhausted yet.

            Madmen and madwomen. Yes, Chas Aha, you're so right. They are criminally insane.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Nuclear industry, ICRP chairman quote from a lecture on "utilitarian ethics." He said, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

          OK, Mr. Smartass, let's apply this utilitarian ethic to the nuclear industry. The needs of life on earth and all human beings are far more important than the profits reaped by this killer industry, and its employees.

          I feel sorry for the average wage worker in nuclear facilities. Treated like so many lab rats or cockroaches.

          The nuclear industry holds the human race and all life on earth in contempt.

          Nuclear is the industry from hell. The use of the atomic bomb on civilian populations was the most horrific act in history. It enabled governments and the military to classify human life, all life destroyed as mere "collateral damage."

          We're just numbers, statistics to these monsters.

          The ICRP and IAEA should be objects of scorn to every thinking person on earth.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            OK, there have been a lot of horrific acts in history. Nuclear is right up there with Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, Baby Doc Duvalier, Hitler, Stalin, and despotic governments and their agents everywhere.

            The level of lying and conspiracy, collusion to hide the evidence of harmful acts and wrongful deaths is mind boggling.

            Yeah, I'm going to start carrying my radiation detector into the store with me, with the beep sound turned ON.

            Whole Foods now has a water purification machine in Sacramento, California. Prominently displayed on the top left side of the machine is a bright yellow sign saying, "YES! Removes Radiologicals."

            Someone at Whole Foods there has figured it out. It looked like a hand-lettered sign. An "awake" person apparently put up the sign.

            I wonder how many people have noticed the sign and stopped to think about the implications?

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              So sorry for the rant. I live in California, so this "horror show" hits close to home. Want to move away from my beloved California, don't know where to go.

              Nowhere to hide.


              "I know you're no good for me. But I know you've become a part of me …. Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide, I know you're no good for me, baby …. into my heart you creep."

  • tsfw tsfw

    " It should not be of MAJOR concern for parents" Not good enough!
    Does Richard Wakeford have children?

    He doesn't look too healthy, is it radiation exposure or guilt? I feel like we're looking at evil. I wonder what it's like to have no conscience whatsoever. Yuck.

  • dunkilo

    Washington,from the president on down to the state/city level they are all lying, dirty rats!Used to think maybe,just maybe one politician would make a stand 🙁 Now I see they are all involved in the "cover up"I think they don't give a sh*t about anyone except power and $$$$ .Where to move ?? Seems like no where is safe.Cant wait for their judgment.I know it will happen .Jesus help us please ,your the only one who can take care of this .I refuse to stand by any longer ,my ignorance/apathy are gone !
    The TRUTH is crystal clear .

  • dunkilo

    Sorry everybody,had to get that out of my system.

      • tsfw tsfw

        It's kind of funny they picked a forum full of nerds to target with their dating sight. Good luck with that lol. I think night out on the town for a lot of people here, is telling the woman at the grocery not to buy that fish.
        I needed the laugh, thanks knowexdg.

        • wildandfree wildandfree

          TSFW, you are on track there, don't buy that fish, that has nothing but GMO's and this is my Geiger Counter, see how it sings when next to these pretty dishes at Whole Foods, not really something for introductory conversation. Never get to "how about a cup of coffee?" People don't want to hear this, too much information as there is no time in their life to save the world much less them selves. Where is the courage that John Wayne spoke of in today's society? Where is the followers of John Denver and the wild undamaged wilderness and blue skies? Where are those that work to stand up to this onslaught? Mostly here on ENE scattered about all over the world. Our environment has passed many tipping points now, down hill slide. Next is to frack western Wyoming or use some other ground penetrating technology to errupt the Yellowstone Cauldera to send billions of tons of dirt and ash into the atmosphere to reverse their global warming with an associated loss of population. The ash will cover the exposed radioactive particles in the Northern Hemisphere. We'll forget about Fuku for the moment while life returns to some other formula in a couple of decades. We really have ourselves in a pickle here! Hug the ones you love. Happy Memorial Day?

          • hbjon hbjon

            Pickle= A baseball game with one runner and two bases. The runner must find a safe base without getting hit with a gloved hand containing a baseball. Nobody has the energy to play pickle anymore, only can sit on the bleachers and eat plutonium.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I do so hope that the 'person' who wrote this pathetic piece of software junk, isn't relying on his programming skills to put food on the table, because he / she is incompetent…

      In the words of Doc McCoy ( chief medical officer Enterprise ) "It's dead Jim."

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        …and I hope that he / she had at the sense to get paid upfront, because if that website is relying on these bots to send trade their way, they'll soon be out of business 😀

  • bo bo

    Meme on Japanese tweet: 'people of japan, please take care if the rest..!'

    … TEPCO execs in this photo- they all moved overseas.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Got an old friend
    Bit of a bomber man.
    Wanna shoe

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Show not show.
    I think I'm mixing threads

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Shoe not shoe
    Spellcheck unfixed my correction.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Work it out

  • ftlt

    We need someone to come forward with definitive information linking this FUFU contamination.

    Then it will be undeniable proof that we are living beyond the pale in this nuclear world of ours.

    Sadly, even if information proved it is FUFU causing this, it will be brushed aside for making profits first.

    Just like the compelling information on carbon driven climate change, water depletion, over population and much more that are obvious and proven man made horrors and quite preventable are being ignored for profit.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      Sadly Ftlt, there's no such thing as 'undeniable proof', there'll always be hired-gun experts willing to shoot holes in the proof no matter how bullet-proof it is.

      And proof itself is always subjective, we'll look at the evidence, and reach one conclusion, someone else will look and reach a totally different conclusion.

      It's human nature for each of us, to follow the path that we believe benefits us best, even if that is to the detriment of everyone and everything else, and quite often to our own detriment.

      • tarpus

        Well put, David. I was on a discussion thread about 9/11 some years back (to me the evidence of a coverup is undeniable and I don't really need any more "proof")and there was always this one fellow who couldn't handle his "liquor" so to speak. Long story short, one of the regulars pointed out that these "proofers" must be unbelievably bad at jigsaw puzzles; leave one piece out and they'd be sitting from here to eternity trying to figure out what the picture was…"jigsaw people" he called them. Even more absurd is waiting for the prestitutes to say anything else contrary to the official story.

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          People will always have questions about 9/11, and about Fukushima, in fact about every major event that's ever happened.

          To be honest, we'll NEVER know the full truth about any of them, because we weren't there, we didn't witness it, and have to rely upon testimony by those that where.

          It's a fact that you can have two eye witnesses to the same event, and you'll have two different stories about it, and in time even those stories will change.

          We'll never know the full truth, that doesn't mean that we should give up trying, it just means don't hold your breath while your waiting.

          • tarpus

            "It's a fact that you can have two eye witnesses to the same event, and you'll have two different stories about it, and in time even those stories will change"-

            Religion explained perfectly.

            ….sadly some will only accept this "truth" if it comes in the form of a MSM talking head. If it didn't come from the holy trinity of broadcasting, it must be a "conspiracy" or anything with the label "alternative media" might as well originate in a leper colony.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Ha, ha, tarpus, good one. I'll remember that. "Jigsaw people."

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Profit = Precious! 🙁

  • michmom michmom

    A nuclear waste dump is being planned on the shore of Lake Huron in Canada. Please read and support the following link . thank you.

  • Argo Argo

    Looks like this Site is not interested…well I tried at least…Good Bye


    ollowing list of Antidotes that is hidden from the public:
    Americium-241 = Ca-DTPA or Zn-DTPA
    Californium-252 = Ca-DTPA or Zn-DTPA
    Cesium 137 = Radiogardase (Prussian Blue)
    Cobalt 60 = D-Penicillamin, DMPS
    Iodid 131 = Potassium Iodine
    Plutonium 239 = Ca-DTPA or Zn-DTPA
    Polonium 210 = DMPS, BAL
    Strontium 90 = Alginate, Alluminumhydroxy Antazid, Bariumsulfate

    The ELITES are making sure they themselves, their Families are getting them…only THEM..


    • Your information effort is appreciated.
      However, these ain't substances you can buy at your favorite grocery store around next corner.
      Besides, many of them need a del

      • delicate dosage plus medical surveillance.
        Some are prophylactic, others are post-contamination.
        A number of those chemicals are toxic of themselves, but that is considered less severe than the effect of the irradiating elements they oust from the human* body.
        None of them are for permanent use.

        What about these concerns ?

        *who does take care of all the animals that are affected no less than humans 🙁 ?

  • Argo Argo

    Fukugeddon…thats the point…we need to make a petition that these Antidotes are Prescriptionfree…

    If enough people demand then something will happen…

    If you spread the NEWS that there are Antidotes than people will wake up that there is a chance..

    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      There is no antidote to genetic damage.

      Let them all buy that crap thinking it will protect them…thinking they have the antidote…while they continue to run the machines that spew radiological genocide across the entire globe.

      Just like tickets to Mars…it's a way to fool the idiots with stock options into keeping the machines running.

      Even if they live long enough to reproduce–and have a thousand children–they will all be crippled and deformed…and if it doesn't show in the first generation, then it will show in the next, and the next…until the true horror of the decisions of their grandfathers is revealed.

      A machine is relentless. It has not heart or soul. It shows no mercy.

      Shut them down now or forever hold your

  • Argo Argo

    if there ARE Antidotes, then they should be given to the population incl Animals…NO???

    Your point is invalid…

    Witholding this to the Exposed Public because it might damage (which it doesnt, see Radiogardase takes up the Radioactive Cesium 137 and you just Sh.t it out) My dad is a doctor and he confirmed that its absolutely SAFE…

    Will leave here as its no point…sad…lets all die as the Psychopaths want us to..

    • Of course they should. To both humans and animals. That is out of question.
      I only wanted to point out – without trying to discredit you – that publishing your list without at least a minimal amount of additional information – is not too helpful as of itself. I mean, most people won't be able to make anything up of it, at least that is what I apprehend.
      After all, I do not see why you feel you have to leave ENENEWS only because you didn't get the expected amount of feedback ? If I applied that argument to the way my environment (in terms of people) reacts to my efforts to wake them up, I would have had to jump off the window a long time ago.

  • Argo Argo

    Before I leave I leave you with a reality check:

    Fukushima leaked massive and massive amounts of Radiation and is continuing to do so…the US was hit with the first cloud a few days after the disaster, right? (Check)

    The whole world is going to be affected by the radiation (Check)

    Writing about how much is leaking at the moment will not help you and the dosage of Plutonium, Cesium 137 etc that you are presently absorbing (Check)

    Telling somebody to put information about an ANTIDOTE and I reapeat ANTIDOTE which is vital to the well being to many many many many many people and animals into a section where people write about Lemon Juice is not useful (Check)

    Points to consider:
    I cant do nothing about the Leak anymore, its out of control (Check)
    I cant change the by handful owned Massmedia to help in this matter (Check)
    Should I just sit there and wait to die? (NO)
    What are my options?
    Oh I see, there are Antidotes, why is the Government not giving them out to the people in California and Canada and most of all in Japan?
    All I can do (and I mean we) is to get EVERYBODY to get KNOWLEDGE about these ANTIDOTES and get the Governement to make them Prescription free so that everyone who whishes should get them…

    Good Bye, last time!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Argo, too bad you are frustrated and feel like leaving. That was good information. Hope you posted it to the Forum so others can benefit on a longer term basis. Some of us will bother to find out what you're talking about. Work, yes, but some things don't come easy.

    • Sol Man

      I do appreciate the information that you have shared here but, 1. where would people get these antidotes?, and 2. how can these stop the genomes of all creatures in creation from being damaged far into the future?

      Thank you, Argo, for your efforts!

      • Sol Man

        Question #2 is the most difficult, as very few can acquire these antidotes. What is the antidote for the rearranged genomes?

        • Mad_Scientists Mad_Scientists

          It will be hard to increase Enenews membership if people keep chasing off new posters.

          Thank you Argo for that information. Hope you'll return.

          • weegokiburi weegokiburi

            I may have been guilty.
            I live on a different time zone.
            I'm back from the bar when you are waking up.
            Shills and trolls seem to come and go here.
            Caution has its negative aspects.
            I've also snarled and blocked threads.
            But a sudden new blitz isn't helpful all round.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Radiation likes to hang around for a really long time….sh#t and all.

  • This game aint over however some crazy shite is still around

    Somehow the radiation in New Mexico seem to make it worse though….

  • MrIcansee2 MrIcansee2

    All this nuclear stuff. It's unbelievable. It's madness. It's crazy, insane. It's everlasting. It's unnatural. It's extremely toxic. It's negative effects on nature cannot be measured or even fathomed for that matter. Why does it continue? There are other ways to make electricity. There is no solution for nuclear waste. They have known this from the beginning. It's an affront to all nature.

  • MrIcansee2 MrIcansee2

    Now, I will take a little time discussing what is good about nuclear endeavors.

  • 4truth

    I appreciate so much this website and the many heart-full comments and information.

    Just came across this article and compilation
    Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month

    Is this true?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Mother Jones magazine reports mysterious marine mammal deaths on four (4) U.S. coastlines:

    Oh well, maybe as Carlos Mencias says, I just "need perspective."

    Time to go to bed, hopefully off to good dream time, and won't wake up thinking Fuky thoughts. Sheesh.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Love.. Mother Jones.. 🙂

    The marine life die offs will get much worse since their immune systems do not recognize manmade radiation contamination or the thousands of other manmade dumped into the oceans pollutants.. 🙁

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Unusual number of marine animals suddenly getting sick and dying

    Could this be because of many things including Fukushima.
    Maybe: Past Dumpings, Methane, Gases that I don't even know of, Plankton Dying. Things that Disrupt the Balance and anything else that Kills the Oxygen.

    I honestly think it's not just one thing, even though I think Fukushima has played a big part in this.

    The oceans have been dumping grounds for too long. I think it's had enough. When you don't take care of something, don't expect it to last.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I agree WSP…

      The world is changing, seriously injured, though I doubt it'll die.

      Our world however, the world of man is dying, self-inflicted, slow poison. Our world won't survive, and it'll probably take most of us with it when it goes, and justifiably so.

      The natural world, WILL survive, changed, yes. What form it'll take I'd hesitate to guess.

      But for the survivors of our 'scumbag' race, it'll be hard, harder I think than the ice ages where.

      For myself, I'm not even sure we even deserve a place in that new world, not unless we grow-up and start to act responsibly. But I'd at least like the chance to try and make amends, and to see this new world come to pass, it has to better than what we have now.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi davidh7426

        I believe there will be a new earth and heaven, and there won't be a sea (I don't think we deserve it).

        All things, everything even us have to be new. The former things are passed away.
        Or else we probably would just goof things up again.

        In the end it will turn out good, and this will pass.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    a new earth and heaven without a sea. It will all turn out good. Duly noted WindorSolarPlease. How do you get your ideas?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi CodeShutdown

      It's what I believe, it comforts me especially in the cold realization that we blew it here. We haven't taken good care of this earth.

  • Angela_R

    Code, perhaps WindsorSolarPlease may get her/his ideas from a similar source to mine, see 2Peter3:10-14.

    I gather you did not read on in the last one I quoted to the explanation of 'what is a jew?"

    btw, i thought you might like to catch up with Helen:
    The last minute to two minutes, encapsulate her present philosophy

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Angela, your link has so many videos, I couldn't figure out which one you were talking about.

      Also, I spent a very long time looking for your last comment, but couldn't find it.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Angela, I read the bible quotes, enjoyed Helen Reddy's simple life, but missed the explanation of jew. Where again?

      I dont understand the bible, sorry. I would caution not to take it literally. Terms like earth, stars, sea and heaven must be allegory. You might do well to read "The Mystic Bible"
      By Dr. Randolph Stone.

      A frog cant be trusted to imagine a good life beyond his limits, and the same must be true for people since people and frogs are nearly identical. The bible is long in word, but short of explanation. Everlasting life on an earth with no ocean? Whats great about that prison sentence? And what place do such wild imaginings have on ENEnews?

      • Angela_R

        Code, I am very aware of the nuclear cliff edge and not JUST the the nuclear edge. As I visit here, I see desperation in some. I don't believe MAN can find an answer to today's problems, but I believe God can.

        Re no ocean, that I cannot recall reading however, I will desist from quoting further scripture under specific topics.

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