TV: “Surge in marine mammal strandings” on US West Coast — Scientists: “This is very weird”; “My biggest fear is if this… is everywhere” along coast — Whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds recently washing up in large numbers — Many thousands likely dead — Violent seizures shown on news (VIDEO)

Published: August 30th, 2014 at 9:43 pm ET


America Tonight, Aug. 26, 2014 (emphasis added): A sea lion has washed up… suffering repeated violent seizures, it’s in agony… “We’ve rescued about 860 animals within our rescue range. We’re seeing increased numbers in all the species we’ve cared for this year.” It’s not just sea lions — otters are also dying… large numbers of whales and dolphins are stranding on Southern California beaches, brown pelicans… dropped dead from the sky… “She had been seizing for about 30-40 minutes. Nothing seemed to be helping, so she eventually died while we were doing other stuff in here.”… “The sea lions are the sentinels of the sea. They are eating the fish that the humans are eating… There could be a time… that all the fish are contaminated by this toxin.”

Al Jazeera, Aug 26, 2014: [A] deadly neurotoxin produced by algae [is] taking the lives of many marine mammals… While the algae… are a common occurrence… its production of domoic acid is not… sea lions, brown pelicans, otters, whales and dolphins… have been stranding in large numbers recently… violent seizures, vomiting, permanent neurological damage and even heart failure within two days… The Marine Mammal Center [is] the largest marine mammal hospital in the world… But this year has been different… The Center has broken its animal admissions record… [In July, officials found domoic acid] levels had dropped… However the renewed surge in marine mammal strandings has left scientists puzzled… [As] scientists try to crack the mystery… marine mammals continue to suffer.

Shawn Johnson, director of veterinary science at The Marine Mammal Center: “A lot of animals are being exposed to such high levels of domoic acid, that they’re dying on us. They’re not responding to treatment like they often have in the past“… [The death toll] doesn’t include all of the sea lions that die before washing ashore… Nor does it account for all of the sea lion pups that will likely die without a parent. Many of the afflicted sea lions are lactating females still weaning their pups… “If there are a few hundred or even a thousand… there’s a few thousand pups that we’re probably losing… If this is happening over and over again, year after year, there is a fear that domoic acid may have a negative impact on the overall sea lion population… my biggest fear is if this happens all the time or if it’s everywhere on the West Coast… if that happens, it’s going to affect all the fish and it’s going to close down fisheries and it’ll have a huge negative impact on everyone.”

Jason Smith, Moss Landing Marine Lab: Domoic acid… has been present in all but one weekly sample since early spring…. This is also very weird… not sure exactly why it’s happening.

Clarissa Anderson, marine scientists: “A lot of the animals that are stranding right now don’t tend to feed very far off shore… So the mystery is, where is the domoic acid that they’re acquiring? We’re not measuring it in the mussels and shellfish near shore.”

Watch the two-part special here

Published: August 30th, 2014 at 9:43 pm ET


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297 comments to TV: “Surge in marine mammal strandings” on US West Coast — Scientists: “This is very weird”; “My biggest fear is if this… is everywhere” along coast — Whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds recently washing up in large numbers — Many thousands likely dead — Violent seizures shown on news (VIDEO)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    scientists are puzzled. Ask them if the largest ongoing poisonous spill in the ocean could be responsible.

    The first reported outbreak of domoic acid poisoning occurred in 1987, one year after Chernobyl

    It is produced mainly by the phytoplankton Pseudo-nitzschia

    the production of the neurotoxin domoic acid, a water-soluble amino acid, is related to silicon, phosphorus,
    nitrogen and trace metal (mainly iron) availability. It may serve as a trace metal binding ligand, or domoic acid
    may simply serve as a way of eliminating excess pho-
    tosynthetic energy when cells are no longer able to
    grow optimally. Fe or Cu stress stimulated the production of domoic acid. Pseudo-nitzschia needs bacteria to produce DA.

    A bloom, or population explosion, occurs in the
    absence of limiting factors such as grazing zooplankton.

    Concentrations of nine heavy metals (As, Cd, Cu, Fe, Hg, Pb, Mn, Mo and Zn) were determined in the hepatic and renal tissues of 80 stranded California sea lions

    Tests should be made to see if the addition of radionuclides alters the ecosystem of plankton to favor production of domoic acid.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Effects of Eutrophication "as one of the importunate environmental hazards in the aquatic ecosystems causes pronounced deterioration of the water quality and represents serious threat to the biotic components of this ecosystem."

      Linking Eutriphication to radioisotopes
      "Cs-137 profiles suggest a mixing process with three different regimes, with subsurface sediments being mixed more rapidly than those at the surface."

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        The Harvard link has two periods, which breaks the link.
        Copy and paste the address between the quotation marks

      • Thank you for the link. I tried researching the link between radiation and domoic acid, but I could only find a link to UV radiation.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Not much can be found linking radiation to domoic acid. One study showed slight increases in phytoplankton, including Nitzschia, around nuclear power plants.

          But toxic algae is increasing concurrent with nuclear fallout. Scientists need to determine if its more than mere coincidence. It could be that algae which produce domoic acid have a survival advantage in radioactive fallout and other heavy metal pollutants. They should test this.

          Runnoff from farms increases algae blooms which deplete the oxygen, producing dead zones in the ocean. Acidification increases domoic acid production. And adding iron to Alaskan waters in a misguided attempt to increase plankton most likely increased toxic algae.

          30/10/12 One hundred tons of an iron-rich dirt-like material was dumped into the ocean near Haida Gwaii, an island off the shores of British Columbia and Alaska, in an effort to enhance the growth of phytoplankton and improve fishery. It was done without permits as part of a $2-million project, initiated by the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation in the hope of obtaining carbon credits

          The Haida Gwaii iron-dumping was done in the face of clear evidence that the procedure is likely to lead to toxic algal blooms.

          according to Dr. Vera Trainer, an oceanographer with NOAA's Fisheries Marine Biotoxins Program, laboratory studies show that when pH is lowered, Pseudo-nitzschia cells produce more toxin.

          • OldFool

            This dumping of iron into the Pacific was an experiment that could cause many of the problems seen. They admitted to dumping 100 tons, but the true amount (possibly more?) that they dumped is unknown.
            It literally muddies the water in determining if this idiotic dumping is the root cause, or if it an indirect consequence of the events of 2011.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              old fool, it appears that mans experimental mesoscale infusion of iron and pseudonitzschia resistance to ionizing radiation both contribute to domoic acid poisoning of the ocean.

              domoic acid producing plankton resistant to ionizing radiation

              an extrem

              mesoscale ironfertilization experiments have been performed in all of the major high-nitrate, low-chlorophyll ocean regions, with resulting blooms of toxic algae

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Code, have to wonder how much of a factor the huge oceanic methane releases are, in the acidification of the oceans. Pls. see this:


                Note: the IAEA was one of the publishers. Published in 2010.

                "Ocean acidification
                A news stream provided by the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC)

                Undersea methane could be contributor to increased ocean acidity, researchers find
                Published 8 December 2010 Media coverage Leave a Comment
                A North Carolina State University researcher is part of a team which has found that methane from “cold seeps” – undersea areas where fluids bubble up through sediments at the bottom of the ocean – could be contributing to the oceans’ increasing acidity and stressing already delicate undersea ecosystems.

                Oceanic microorganisms and bacteria survive by consuming dissolved organic carbon, or DOC. A byproduct of this consumption is CO2 – carbon dioxide – which, in large enough concentrations, makes seawater more acidic.

                Dr. Chris Osburn, assistant professor of marine science at NC State, and a research team led by geologists from the U.S. Geological Survey found high levels of methane-derived DOC in the deep water over cold seeps in two areas of the Pacific Ocean. Their findings appear online in Nature Geoscience."

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Dr. Chris Osburn's statement:

                  “Normally, DOC primarily comes from the degradation of phytoplankton (algae), or from river discharge into the ocean,” Osburn says. “Finding DOC that comes from methane is a new part of the carbon cycle that hasn’t really been accounted for.”

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Hi HoTaters….but where does the methane come from that is a source of DOC which feeds the oceanic organisms that produce Co2 that makes ocean water more acidic? Oceanic organisms they say!


                    "they" wouldnt want to admit methane was a far bigger concern than carbon because carbon credits is big business. But then inferring that algae feasting on algae created methane is the cause of ocean acidification is problematic! They missed the perpetual energy cycle and ignored that methane feasting must have been going on as long as microorganisms were making it.

      • uriejarafa

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    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Good catch, Code.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Toxic Algae on the Rise on California Shores, Study Suggests
      October 07, 2011
      “Neurotoxin-producing algae have been showing up in greater numbers and more often off the coast of Southern California, say researchers who have created a monitoring method in hopes of one day being able to predict when and where these toxic "red tides" will occur.
      “Called saxitoxin, the substance created by Alexandrium catenella algae, is "one of the most toxic biologically produced chemicals in the world," said study researcher David Caron, a professor of biological sciences at the University of Southern California's Dornsife College….”

      This link from CodeShutdown. April 8, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      ‘Bizarre creature’ turned 50 miles of California coast into graveyard in summer 2011 — Gov’t Biologist: Die-off like this never seen here — “Abalone massacre… carcasses of urchins, starfish, other mollusks” — Experts find “alterations in 30 genes, some unknown to science” — “Suddenly proliferating… killing wildlife” (PHOTO)
      May 12th, 2014

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Here is a repost of Socrates comment:
      May 12, 2014 at 1:20 pm
      Use of iron-based fertilizers to promote algae blooms has been ongoing for a decade. The purpose is to sequester CO2. Fears that domoic acid would result were dismissed out of hand. Domoic acid bioaccumulates and works on the brain on glutamate pathways. Seizures are the result. Aspertame also works on these excitatory amino acid pathways.
      Sea lions are at the top of the food chain. Pelicans are looking weak down at Del Mar. One ended upnin Burbank.
      Genes have mutated in excretory pathways. This might be a compensatory mechanism.
      Heavy metals change the species of algae. Cosmic events may increase the amount of iron particles in rivers. "When rivers run red." The activities of our favorite ape-like primate, whether intentional or not, are implicated in these kill-offs. Uranium, cesium, plutonium are also heavy metals…

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Aspertame – Many good articles by Dr Mercola:

      • Socrates


        See my posts below about the geochemicalengineering experiment of fertilizing the oceans with iron-based fertilizers to increase algae blooms to sequester carbon. The idea was to capture carbon and thereby decrease global warming. The problem was that toxic algae species have taken over up to 80% of the algae populations. These algae produce the DA. I have seen cases of DA poisoning from seafood. The neurological damage may be fatal. If not, it can leave permanent neurological damage.

        Ken Buesseler presented information on these experiments back in 2002. These are called SOFeX and IronEx Ii.

        By 2007, scientists were sounding the alarm about two extremely toxic strains of algae that produced large amounts of DA taking over and crowding out algae populations. These algae are immune to their own toxins. These strains are weaponized as to other animals and maybe plants. The oceans may be taken over by these toxic algae blooms.

        These blooms also were thought to raise ocean ph to combat acidification.

        Chemtrails are also part of this experiment from what I understand.

        Strange how Ken Buesseler does not mention his knowledge of the iron fertilization experiments he presented to the American Geophysical Union back in 2002.

        This is geophysical-chemical engineering that backfired.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Mystery Marine Disease On AK Coast – Public Concern (RADIATION!)
      May 17, 2014
      “KNOM, May 14, 2014: Mysterious illness that’s been plaguing seals [first hit] the Bering Strait and the North Slope starting in the summer of 2011. Up to 300 seals were found suffering from hair loss, skin sores, and unusually lethargic behavior. Dozens of walruses were also found with similar sores [causing] marine mammal regulators to declare an Unusual Mortality Event […] walrus have been taken off the UME […] Seals [are still] displaying hair loss […] University of Alaska Fairbanks have begun testing infected seal carcasses for [Fukushima] radiation […] Results should be released in July….”
      – See more at:

    • Cooter

      Ran across this article of an author who lives in Japan and presents a good perspective on what is happening.

      • nedlifromvermont

        good article … Busby is highlighted … chemtrails …. how universities' intellectual integrity is being compromised …

        thank you cooter!

    • Did they test those heavy metals for radiation?

      They could all be radioactive elements BTW..


    • Socrates


      Radiological oncologists frequently pre-dose with arsenic those tumor cells they wish to target because heavy metals enhance the effects of radiation on cells. If the fertilization with iron-based fertilizers was used, and the toxic algae bioaccumulate both radionuclides and heavy metals, then the effects of the Fukushima radiation would be magnified in marine animals by the bioaccumulation of the heavy metals by the toxic algae and the Fukushima radiation combined.

      The Chinese have banned West Coast seafood because of arsenic and DA. Much of the arsenic is organic. It takes many months to dissipate in the ocean. However, the algae bioaccumulate the heavy metals. On top of that is the radiation. The cells of the animals would be primed for cell death by the heavy metals. Then comes the radiation. It would take far less radiation to start killing cells.

      Ionizing radiation releases free radicals and creates peroxygenation of DNA. Immunity is destroyed by interfering with redox signaling and cytokines, Cascading effects on the cellular functioning occurs, including mutations and infection by opportunistic pathogenic organisms.

      Many things operate synergistically to cause cancer. Smoking and asbestos is just one example. Heavy metals and radiation exposure is another.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Socrates, a nice theoretical overview.

        Its a bit of irony that when you add toxins to the environment, only the toxic organisms survive. The balance of algal, bacterial and viral organisms in the ocean has been radically changed. Checks and balances that impede algal blooms destroyed.

        Stresses breed super resistant strains. Unsuccessful predators that keep the balance are unable to compete. Its interesting, for example, that the extreme conditions of dishwashers has created super resistant and toxic mold. Toxic mold is a major health concern of its own. Chronic antibiotic use has created "super bugs" and one can wonder what the effect of a constant wash of pesticides and antibiotics flowing into the ocean has been.

        Add that ship ballast water is considered one of the largest threats to ecosystems by the introduction of foreign and invasive species. Antifouling paints and treatment systems may have allowed resistant and toxic algae to inoculate waters where biota are unable to defend.

        Since plankton bioaccumulate radiation to extraordinary levels, several species may be killed off, (bringing the radiation with them to the bottom), and allowing resistant strains like pseudonitzshia to bloom unimpeded. The iron and fertilizer eutrophication hugely exacerbates the problem. Subsequent anoxic water favors anaerobic bacteria and production of hydrogen sulfide. Resulting acid water promotes the production of domoic acid.

        A man made perfect storm for extinction

  • Cooter

    Domoic acid;

    I don't know why they are saying "very weird" if they truly know the cause or is this just a guess? Other stressors such as radiation may be a contribution to these affects.

    • "Clarissa Anderson, marine scientists: “A lot of the animals that are stranding right now don’t tend to feed very far off shore… So the mystery is, where is the domoic acid that they’re acquiring? We’re not measuring it in the mussels and shellfish near shore.”

      These mass die offs have all been happening since 2011, not before.

      Clue maybe?

      If you are not measuring it, it is not there.

      Look in other directions, like PU perhaps..

      Yea, it is VERY hard to find and measure, but you will NEVER find it if you don't look for it.

  • shamwow shamwow

    This is beyond sad.

    The world is dying slowly in front of our eyes.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Looking for clues with blinders on.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Well, we always wanted to know how the world was going to end … and now we know …

      Party like there is no tomorrow, for there really is no tomorrow …

      Silly rotten nuketards … we could have left all the uranium in the ground …

      The breeder program was always a hoax … a breeder takes fourteen years to double its initial load of fissile fuel …

      That's why they figured 400 breeders and 600 regular fission nukes … in the 1,000 reactor build out scenario in the United States …

      Can you believe it? How crassly they lied to us all, all along …

  • part of the problem, our universities have been captured by government money.

    After little more than a year as Oak Ridge National Laboratory deputy lab director for science and technology,

    Ramamoorthy Ramesh

    is leaving ORNL to assume a newly created position – associate laboratory director for energy technologies — at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. Here’s the announcement at Berkeley Lab.

    stock out

    • This is OUR government, and OUR public airwaves for mass media.

      They have been hijacked and kidnapped by huge corporations with sociopaths at the helm.

      They need to be kicked out of government and media control. Hand the keys back to the people.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        ”Foreign policy belongs to the people under our Constitution. The role of the president is administrator of the people's foreign policy.” Wayne Morris, the only Senator with the balls to vote against the Vietnam war. The only person with the balls to vote against the Iraq war was a black woman named Representative Barbara Lee. Blessed are the peacemakers, but they are few and far between.

        • Cooter

          All that was good for the American people died when JFK died.
          From that point forward the puppets that were seated at the oval table surrounding the president, were in charge. They spoke for the president, as their agenda is not the American public's agenda and in doing so they indemnify him.

          This death machine called Fukushima Diichi is now only being addressed because, MONEY suddenly appears on the table and the corporate rats come crawling out of their mansions to remove the radiation at FD. Save the world. Care and compassion ooze from their pours as their checks get deposited.

          The Constitution and Bill of Rights is now nothing more than ink on vellum. Corporations are now people with feelings, getting daily front page billing and young children with cancer, caused by radiation, are a sideline statistic posted in Readers Digest.

          My apologies for being off subject.

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            There has definitely been a slow, subtle coup. And its not off topic, we have been descending into nuclear fascism since the Manhatten project and the rest of the world is falling like dominoes. There is a secret government, they are neither elected nor do they face public scrutiny or term limits. Their budgets and operations are classified, for your safety. Or theirs?

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Russia has always been totalitarian even before 1940. Ditto China, ditto North Korea, etc., etc. WWII almost destroyed the free world by all the totalitarian regimes that initiated WWII. All those who are planning new nuclear reactors are either fascism, communist now. But most have been fascist or communist for centuries.

              There are a few countries who listen to their people and their scientists who have rejected nuclear energy.

              Any country that doesn't want to sink into bankruptcy and sterility should reject all nuclear technology and all uranium mining.

              • melting mermaid melting mermaid

                Amen to that. I was just reading about ” the report from Iron Mountain". Anybody ever heard of that. It basically said that governments couldn't exist without war and that war is part of the economy and the sole purpose of the nation state. Some of their suggestions, "blood games”, reinstate slavery, create alternative foes to scare people, they suggested aliens or out of control pollution. This was when Johnson was president. Crazy.

            • I've noticed a definite shut-down of the media since the Snowden stuff started coming out last year.

              We live in interesting times. Ebola, anyone? or maybe ISIS? Anything as long as it's not Fukushima.

              Stay strong. We can beat these feckers.

        • johnnyo

          MMermaid, just for clarification, Barbara Lee did offer a brave amendment that would have forced us to go through the UN, however those "having the balls" to vote "nay" on the war were 133 Reps and 23 Senators.

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            Yep, your right. Got that from a movie I just watched. Maybe I misunderstood, but I just looked it up and you are correct sir. Which actually makes me feel better. Still pretty sad, though. Lives senselessly lost and all. Wars and lies go hand in hand it seems.

      • 53rockwell 53rockwell

        Get the money outta politics.(fat chance) but its worth a go.
        I will believe that corporations are people once Texas (:)) executes one.:)

        • That would be a gasser! Watching a corrupt corporation get

          Wonder what that would look like?

          Do corporations ever 'die'?

          Can they be 'executed' like anyone else?

          If not, why not?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Never ending die-offs, and what about the people?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Good report on Al-Jazeera. Sad that we in the U.S. have to turn to news from a Saudi Arabian news network to hear some truth ….

  • Now CBS reports a $105B cost for Fuku cleanup, more than double the original estimate.

    Well its probably double or 5 times that already. this is just the direct cleanup costs, not the consequential costs to Japan. The long term costs to the world may be astronomical

    What is the cost of the loss of the human genome, can we compare that to electricity too cheap to meter?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Recently went to Humboldt County, CA, to visit. Lots of brown pelicans. Sea life looked normal, but I did not go diving. It was a welcome relief to see at least some sea life alive and apparently well.

    Wish I could have talked with more of the local fishermen to find out how the coastal life is doing.

    • Nice report.

      Wild life in Midwest seems abundant and teeming in this summer of vast food resources spurred by steady weekly rains, and no major floods. Even after the Great Winter.

      Just last week saw all the usual suspect critters, plus deer, red fox, and otters (at Walmart pond no less). Butterfly and bees are doing good here….but then again, I have 10,000 wild flowers, so that attracks them, and a semi permanent mud bath which they like too.

      stock out.

    • That may be true for adults. Find out about their breeding colony. Bet you will find that there is massive failure with eggs, chicks.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    The nuke industry has lied from the day they knew they could control the world with fear after making damn sure the pics out of Japan after two bombs wiped so many, then set the Propaganda machine into full speed. Profits for those shareholders is all that counted, safety was never wrote into their book or how to store waste. Now they call die offs every thing but man made radiation. Now that the IMF & Central Bankers families feel they have about completed their task, how will they save themselves? I sure they have a answer, a sick one at that.
    May Peace be in all of the good people who come daily & give out very important info on the best foods & how to not fall for the crap being sold to the US public right now.
    After the 4th year it will be very sad, I hope goodness for all.

    • Sol Man

      The intent is pure evil where the production of Pu has been desired so that more bombs could be made to incinerate vast swaths of the landscape for the control of others. There is always room for another CB to impoverish the People.

      What is the fascination with the incineration aspect of this insane activity? Then, it must be this: to be the master of a pile of ash, whether it had been another person, building, city, nation, or genome for all living organisms. Ah, the threat of being turned into ash as a means of control! Nice. That is the bast that the status quo is capable of, apparently.

      Well, that may make someone or some corporation the top of the pile, but it is life w/o any future.

      I, too, hope goodness for all. The movers and shakers have fallen so far short that they are adrift in deep space without a heart.

  • razzz razzz

    Passages from the Bible taken from the New Testament makes everything that has happened so far in earth's history seem like a picnic compared to prophecy.

    "…Rev 16:3 The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died…(Rev 16:4) Then the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of waters; and they became blood…."

    Reminds me of red tides that don't subside until they color entire oceans and inland waters red.

    • Indeed, we are not at end of time now, it must get far more crazy, yet I can only hope to live as normal as possible, not hog wild, and make sure my actions are congruent with a good life, one not the be ashamed of such as the wild avarice and greed of the nuke cartel and economic hitmen that fund and drive them.


      Alas they never understood, the book ended with the testimony of John the apostle; where Yahuahshua said follow me for the Jesus of the world comes and he has nothing in me.

      Nothing like a bit of idol worship, with the coca-cola Santa, Ishtar sex festival Easter and the devils birthday in December. How the hell can you tend sheep in sub-freezing winter, with stars in wrong positions that time of year.

      Zombie demon sheep. We must die to live, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.

      I walked away, I'm a good boy. No religious taxes for me matey! Teachers for hire can have their Vegas vacation off someone else.

      YAHUAH lives in his people, like St Kevin. DNA altered for his good works.

      • SOUL VOICE

        Just in case the devil thinks all his Christmases have come at once. ANY LIVING BEING CALLING THEMSELVES JESUS, HAVE NO FEAR OF JUDGEMENT. You cannot Slipstream in a printing press an imposter Christ and get away with it. Glory days.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    I almost fore got, when these lovely GOD's life forms stop washing up on the beaches of the west coast of N America then you know the next will the two legged man that will follow the same fate.We may not have to worry about that if the IMF & BIS keep stirring the fight in Ukraine, remember there is nuke plants there also in a war zone. Them the failing nuke plants in the USA & world wide is just one man made quake from taking out the rest of the world.

  • I believe we are on a wild "fractal wave up", up to more absurdity, and that when things seems to be on a "permanently high plateau of advancement" that indeed a when asburdity finds its high plateau that we may get a direction change. But I fear it must get more absurd for a while. Protect you and yours, prepare, including being ready for more radiation.

  • Crickets Crickets

    Curiously, California hasn't received much rainfall since March 2011. We're in the grips of a severe drought. The reservoirs are going dry and the rivers, creeks and streams have either completely dried up or are at very low levels. I suppose this could be a blessing in that it's probably preventing some of the radioactive particulate matter from becoming part of our environment. On the other hand, those fresh waterways that are now down to a trickle are probably holding some fairly concentrated toxins by now. Seals and other marine mammals are often times seen swimming up these waterways. Even Whales have been known to swim into the San Francisco Bay and up the Sacramento River quite a distance. The ecosystem in California is being bombarded from so many different directions, it wouldn't be that hard for the 'experts' to continue scratching their heads and turning a blind eye to Fukushima as a possible cause when there are so many other nasty things at play. It almost seems like California is not far from becoming a vast contaminated wasteland, habitat only to the remnants of a failed society.

    • Crickets Crickets

      On a side note, the close timing to the start of this drought and the nuclear catastrophe in Japan is remarkable. In my mind it lends credence to the idea of covert geoengineering. I'm not the only one that has suddenly seen the changes in the Summer sky, often times dominated by the criss-cross of so-called contrails. It all seems pretty fishy to me. Could it be an attempt made in a panic to prevent the FUKU fallout from settling on our heads here on the west coast?

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        @Crickets, the thot had also occurred to me, i.e., that IF it is true that any weather manipulation can be done, it wd make sense for it to be done for the purpose of reducing rain fallout in the Central Valley, thus reducing bioaccumulation in one of the main US food-supply areas. Just conjecture though.

        • Cisco Cisco

          The Central Valley, one of America's great food baskets, must be severely contaminated at this point; but, you can bet there won't be any testing done there. No testing, no radiation, no problem, right?

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            I think the weather-engineered drought is being used to hide the effects of radiation on the crops across California.

            Rain ..that is now being dumped on the Rockies ..Oklahoma ..etc.
            Many areas are becoming saturated ..just in time for a weather engineered flood?

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              So in effect engineering they are pushing moisture ..(radiation filled) from the Pacific further inland..

          • kickstand970 kickstand970

            Sorta like the three monkeys- see no evil, hear no evil,….

        • Alan Reid Alan Reid

          Hate to say it but i think they are using weather mods.. but not to reduce the effects of radiation. Living under this onslaught of chemtrails every day here in Alberta and seeing the many signs of plant and trees with obvious mutations i doubt reducing the effects of fallout to the food chain is the idea, in fact i would say that the weather mods going on daily is to focus and concentrate the contamination INTO the food chain. The men in power have shown their disdain for the public and have a clear record of doing the worst things possible over and over again. Example:Building 56 nuclear reactors in the worst place possible… Japan. Look at the fault lines and overlay a plot of the plants there and you can easily see the expected result. Chernobyl Was NOT an accident either. 26 safety systems were intentionally disabled and surprise surprise the dam thing for some reason blew up. Nobody using logic and reality can truthfully say otherwise.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            It can be said ..Japan 'bought the farm'.

            "The U.S. and Japan Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement was signed on March 8, 1954 in Tokyo between John Moore Allison of the United States and Katsuo Okazaki of Japan. The accord contained eleven articles and seven amendments (or annexes). The agreement dictated that both the United States and Japan support each other militarily. Specifically, it permitted the United States to station its troops on Japanese soil in order to maintain security in the region. Moreover, Japan was obligated to take responsibility in protecting itself and was permitted to rearm for defensive purposes only. Ultimately, the agreement was ratified on May 1, 1954"


            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Also in 1954..

              "In 1954, Japan budgeted 230 million yen for nuclear energy, marking the beginning of the program. The Atomic Energy Basic Law limited activities to only peaceful purposes.[21] The first nuclear reactor in Japan was built by the UK's GEC and was commissioned in 1966. In the 1970s, the first light water reactors were built in cooperation with American companies. These plants were bought from U.S. vendors such as General Electric and Westinghouse with contractual work done by Japanese companies, who would later get a license themselves to build similar plant designs. Developments in nuclear power since that time have seen contributions from Japanese companies and research institutes on the same level as the other big users of nuclear power."


              Open containment (nuclear) munitions factory.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                And from there .. I agree , Alan Reid ..provides opportunity.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                In 1954 the Japanese sent their nation on a certain path of destruction that we are all now witnessing here today in real time.

                Their nation is now broke and now destroyed because of the path they chose, very unwisely. not too long ago in 1954. 🙁

                Snake oil salesmen show up in all forms and colors…

                Japan is now toast… 🙁

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  " Snake oil salesmen show up in all forms and colors… "

                  All types ..within and without.. more like vultures.


                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Yes. no one told them that Nuclear Power releases poisons 24/7 into their surrounding environments and biospheres.. and not sunshine.. 🙁

                    Bioaccumulation will not be nice to any of us in the long haul/future and as the Dr. stated a 600% increase in background radiation has already occurred here on planet earth since 1940.

                    So Japan must be experiencing a 1000%+ increase right now and I feel sad for all the poor uninformed citizen guinea pigs that we for the most part.. are now. 🙁

                    • Angela_R

                      Hi Heart, Obewan et al,
                      To my knowledge no one commented on LastChants Teri's query, posted recently, concerning the very high quantity of uranium which appears to be on order by the US. Check it out here:
                      it shows as being nearly double the size of the requirement of any other country.

                      Maybe they're looking at keeping a stockpile on hand to cover various eventualities, ie. providing for star wars,for taking pot shots at meteors, asteroids and comets or maybe for a mother ship/s.

                      Check out what I understand to have been a presentation to Congress here:

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Umm..I don't believe in aliens … in this sense.
                      I also don't think that alien intelligence would meet humans on this technological level.
                      Nothing of course would be under higher contact with alien intelligence.
                      What better cover to re-enforce their facilities.
                      What better cause for militarization of space.
                      More space guns..
                      The reason ..I put away science fiction at a young age.

                      The 'aliens '..get loose via ..the Blue Beam Project.

                    • Angela_R

                      Ah, but what about provision of power for earth's own spaceships or for obstacles straying within earth's orbit? It is quite an interesting video.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Oh..yes a dying planet shooting down an 'obstacle' only to release a tremendous amount of radiation into the outer atmospheres ..and I suppose ..depending on range capabilities and target location ..have a chance of the whole lot ..falling towards to earth ..
                      To be burned up in re-entry..(doesn't sound good)..closer ..a sure bet..?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Thank you, Angela, for the link. If you look at the amount of electricity generated, the US generates presently twice as much as France. So its need for uranium is twice as much.

                      This link also shows that China is planning and building more nuclear power plants than anyone, and the US is downwind. Surely, all the nitric oxide generated will kill off the world with acid rain. And the Krypton-85 will make bigger and bigger storms. This plan is really the end of the world.

                      They don't use uranium for weapons and space travel. They use plutonium. The space travel plutonium is being manufactured in Idaho and takes a special reactor and takes, I think, 8 years to manufacture.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      NASA Resumes Production Of Plutonium-238 Space Fuel After 25 Years
                      Our dangerously depleted supply of spacecraft fuel just got a little bump from the Department of Energy.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Named after Pluto.

                      Pluto (mythology)


                      What a bright bunch…

                    • Angela_R

                      VanneV, check out the MWe in the link, France produces around 66,000 and the US approx. 98,000. Yet the US requires nearly double the amount of uranium. As you said in your post of 12.14pm, "they don't use uranium for space travel", but as you know plutonium is made from uranium.

                      btw it was Teri, who a couple of days ago, provided the link. I thought it was of interest; I believe there is a lot more going on then we know.

                    • Thanks Angela for mentioning this link again. 🙂 I suspect something very goofy (in a profitable way) is going on.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Well, France reprocesses their fuel to use MOX, and the US doesn't. The MOX fuel used in France is much more dangerous.

                      Anyway, I'm totally against uranium mining and nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and use of DU for any purpose.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel also creates tone of Krypton-85 which is causing the terrible, devastatingly huge storms and contributing to climate warming.

                      I think the US mines all its own uranium and doesn't import any. More uranium tailings to kill us all off with in the US. The US is destroying itself.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      "More uranium tailings to kill us all off with in the US."
                      And British Columbia .. and anywhere else they dump it..

                      Mount Polley spill spurs uranium safety check
                      Aug 14 2014


                    • Angela_R

                      Actually Rose, that looks like how I would image 'spent uranium' to look, i.e. nuclear waste. It looks like it has been processed. Again, I query are they dumping radioactive nuclear waste at old mines?

                      The radioactivity of Uranium ore, is nothing like the radioactive isotopes produced by the nuclear process. A mine produces an ore of uranium, not an isotope.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Yes ..uranium..
                      Not all 'cooked up'…

                      "If, for example, 90% of the uranium contained in an ore with 0.1% grade was extracted during the milling process, the radiation of the tailings stabilizes after 1 million years at a level 33 times that of uncontaminated material. Due to the 4.5 billion year half-life of uranium-238, there is only a minuscule further decrease.
                      "Radionuclides contained in uranium tailings emit 20 to 100 times as much gamma-radiation as natural background levels on deposit surfaces. Gamma radiation levels decrease rapidly with distance from the pile.
                      The radium-226 in tailings continuously decays to the radioactive gas radon-222, the decay products of which can cause lung cancer. Some of this radon escapes from the interior of the pile. Radon releases are a major hazard that continues after uranium mines are shut down. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the lifetime excess lung cancer risk of residents living nearby a bare tailings pile of 80 hectares at two cases per hundred.
                      Since radon spreads quickly with the wind, many people receive small additional radiation doses."


                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      The more 'high quality waste"…bound for a train trip to nowhere.

                      Feds want nuclear waste train, but nowhere to go
                      Aug 31 2014


                      James Conca..shill..
                      "We know we're going to have to do it, so you might as well do it," said James Conca, senior scientist at the geoscience and environmental consulting firm UFA Ventures Inc."

                      Do what? ..load the train?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Angela, if you compare whole years, rather than just one month, the figures are quite different:

                      NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY GENERATION 2013
                      billion kWh
                      France 405.9
                      US 790.2
                      URANIUM REQUIRED 2014
                      tonnes U
                      France 9927
                      US 18816

                      Also, twice the France needs for uranium is 19854. So the US need is less than twice the France needs.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Comparing the months of August 2014, the US is cutting back on nuclear energy, which is actually a good thing. This is probably because reactors have been shut down, and planned reactors have been cancelled.

                    • Angela_R

                      I see the difference Rose as – Mining does not produce transuranic elements, nor does it separate isotopes. It is the nuclear process that does that.

                      Sorry, but I have heard rumours that nuclear waste has been sent to mines; I am not sure whether that happens in the US.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      They got a valid Nobel Peace Prize…

                      Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: The Truth About Nuclear Power

                      The nuclear industry seeks to revitalize itself by manipulating the public’s concerns about global warming and energy insecurity to promote nuclear power as a clean and safe way to curb emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce dependence on foreign energy resources. Despite these claims by industry proponents, a thorough examination of the full life-cycle of nuclear power generation reveals nuclear power to be a dirty, dangerous and expensive form of energy that poses serious risks to human health, national security and U.S. taxpayers.


                      Seems like the more ya know, the more ya know, nuclear power has got to go…

                    • Angela_R

                      VanneV, in your post @ 2.54pm you have quoted the tonnage for 2014, but given the kilowatts for 2013. Have you a link to the individual tonnages used by France and the US in 2013?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The website is for advertising the nuclear industry and for advertising uranium mining. It the tonnage was determined for 2014 based on 2013, it is not going to reflect all the nuclear reactors that have been shut down or cancelled due to objections by the people, the courts, and the economic reality that nuclear is just too expensive.

                      This is a ridiculous argument. If you have some facts, please present them. Conjecture is just more propaganda. So many people want to take over the US. This is also ridiculous. The whole environment is being destroyed or is no longer inhabitable. Blaming everything that is bad in the world on just the US and Israel is truly racist and sick. The Islamic community needs to look at their own violence and fascism.

                      The world has changed with nuclear technology and there is nothing left to save or to conquer any more.

                      Or if you love Russia, just go there. Of if you really hate nuclear technology, just stop mining uranium in Australia. If all the mining in Australia were stopped immediately, that would stop a lot of the nuclear energy proliferation is not all. And the queen's income today is 15% of all the income from the Crown lands. She is certainly living more luxuriously than if the UK owned no uranium mines.

                      People who live off the poor I find disgusting whether they are royalty or not. That's one of the good things about the US. We have no royalty.

                    • Angela_R

                      Vanne, The page from the website gave the tonnage of uranium per year for each country; that is why it was posted.

                      Re. my opposition to mining in Australia; that I have done for a number of years.

                      Why am I here?
                      Perhaps you are unaware of the following:
                      Serious uranium exploration started in Australia in 1944 after requests from the United States and United Kingdom governments and in 1948 tax concessions were offered by the Commonwealth for successful discoveries.

                      However, this is the Federal Law on Uranium Mining in Australia:

                      "Mining or milling uranium ore is defined as a 'nuclear action' in Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, s.22(1)(d). This means that an EPBC Act approval is required for uranium mining from the Federal Environment Minister if a corporation or the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth agency is to take a nuclear action that has, will have or is likely to have a significant impact on the environment (s.21(1))"

                      Like others here I am attempting to bring to the world's attention to the horrifying damage of all things nuclear.

                      Contrary to what you have posted, The US still buys uranium from Australia and a number of other countries

                    • Angela_R


                      As I have explained on two previous occasions the Queen does not receive an income from mining of Crown land in Australia. Crown Land is Public land.

                      The remainder of your post I find, by implication, insulting.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The Queen's income to rise as Crown Estate reveals record profits
                      The Queen’s income is set for a significant boost after The Crown Estate, the organisation that owns property on behalf of the Crown, posted record annual profits of £231m.
                      “The profits have been announced just days after the Coalition confirmed the Queen will receive 15pc of The Crown Estate’s annual profits under a new Sovereign Grant….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      China's top nuclear firm to buy stake in Australian company's uranium mine in Namibia
                      20 January, 2014

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Money always makes more money if you can write the laws too…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Is there really such a thing as public lands?

                      Pretty sure all that public land is really government land. Try camping, boating or parking on that there public land that you own sometime.. without paying a/some type of fee…

                      Fee usually means.. not owned by me.. 🙁

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The Uranium Queen

                      “Once upon a time we were told nuclear power stations would provide electricity 'too cheap to meter.' We then learned that when the Queen opened her first uranium (nuclear) power station it had had nothing to do with providing electricity.
                      Nuclear power stations are built to produce nuclear weapons material for Her Majesty's
                      “From the very beginning of nuclear power Her Majesty's
                      Government planned and plotted to hide the horrendous cost of running nuclear power stations with massive subsidies, of the taxpayers money, distributed under the cloak of Her Majesty's
                      Official Secret Act.
                      The Queen's Uranium Mines

                      The Queen owns mines in America, Canada and Africa. The uranium mining company Rio Tinto Mines was formed for the British Royal Family in the late 1950's by the Queen's "Africa adviser" Roland Walter Fuhrhop. Described by a fellow German as "an ardent supporter of Hitler and an arrogant, nasty piece of work to boot." The Queen's adviser (better known as "Tiny" Rowland) had been a passionate member of the Nazi youth movement.” “Rowland became Africa's most ruthless businessman. Africa being a prime source of the uranium used in the Queen's nuclear reactors.
                      Between 1957 and 1976 British reactors produced enough nuclear waste/weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.
                      “Although we had more nuclear weapons material than we could…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “Although we had more nuclear weapons material than we could ever use, without choking on our own nuclear fallout, the Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear power and waste companies, funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers billions.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The Queen of England Deals Extensively in $17 Trillion Depleted Uranium Trade
                      28 February 2014
                      “The truth of the matter is that the Queen is sitting on $17 trillion pounds of uranium investments—enough money to end world hunger, fuel the world’s energy needs with non-nuclear, clean sources and definitely stop the poverty in her own country. Draconian laws have been passed both in the U.K. and in the U.S. to protect nuclear energy….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      THE QUEEN'S DEATH STAR: Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in the Middle East
                      "’Who is profiting from this global uranium nightmare? Dr. Jay Gould revealed in his book THE ENEMY WITHIN, that the British Royal family privately owns investments in uranium holdings worth over $6 billion through Rio Tinto Mines. The mining company was formed for the British Royal family in the late 1950's by Roland Walter “Tiny” Rowland, the Queen's buccaneer. Born in 1917 through illegitimate German parentage, he was a passionate member of the Nazi youth movement by 1933, and described as a very nasty character by German classmates who knew him intimately. His meteoric rise and protection by intel agencies and the British Crown are an indication of what an asset he has been for decades to the Queen, as Africa's most powerful Western businessman. Africa and Australia are two of the main sources of uranium. The Rothschilds control uranium supplies and prices globally, and one serves as the Queen's business manager. Filmaker David Bradbury made BLOWIN' IN THE WIND to expose depleted uranium bombing and gunnery range activities contaminating pristine areas of eastern Australia, and to expose plans to extract over $36 billion in uranium from mines in the interior over the next 6 years. Halliburton has finished construction of a 1000 mile railway from the mining area to a port on the north coast of Australia to transport the ore. The Queen's…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      The Queen's favorite American buccaneers, Cheney, Halliburton, and the Bush family, are tied to her through uranium mining and the shared use of illegal depleted uranium munitions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Kosovo/Bosnia.’"

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      UK Queen in depleted uranium trade.
                      Aug 5, 2013
                      “Britain's Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women on earth and much of her profits are from arms trade including the notorious depleted uranium trade.

                      “The British monarch has managed to increase her wealth from £300 million early in her 60-year reign to £17 billion at present thanks to investments in arms firms that produce uranium used in depleted uranium (DU) shells, including Rio Tinto Zinc.

                      “DU shells are notorious for their ability to pierce armor and kill targets due to their deadly radioactive features.

                      “The video cites the American nuclear radiation expert Jay M. Gould as saying in his 1996 book titled ‘The Enemy Within: the High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors’ that the British royal family, especially the Queen herself, privately own investments in uranium holding worth some £4 billion through Rio Tinto Zinc.

                      “The mining company, originally named Rio Tinto Mines, was allegedly created for the British Royal family in the late 1950's by Ronald Walter Rowland, the Queen's "buccaneer".

                      “The video argues that the Queen and other royals have been investing in the death trade of depleted uranium globally with little ethical concerns for the consequences of their profiteering.
                      DU weapons were first used by the US military during the first Persian Gulf War against Iraq in 1991.

                      “The US Defense Ministry estimated that between 315 and 350 tons of DU bombs, shells and bullets were fired…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      “The US Defense Ministry estimated that between 315 and 350 tons of DU bombs, shells and bullets were fired during the conflict

                      “There are allegations that American and British troops used more than five times as many such weapons as the total number used in the 1991 war in Iraq.

                      “The US has confirmed the use of depleted uranium in both wars but refuses to disclose the scale of the use.

                      “Iraq has seen a sharp rise in the number of children with leukemia and genetic malformation in the decades after the First Persian Gulf War that are attributed to the use of DU weapons.”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                      Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons
                      “The Queen owns uranium mines in many countries, as well as nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Why? All of these things give her more power to throw around the world in imperial conquests and royal adventures, for control and profit of course. The Queen of England owns and controls many uranium mines in many countries.

                      “Since the queen is heavily invested in nuclear energy, she is not about to give up on nuclear power, nuclear weapons or being able to 'control' the world along with the US, when it comes down to it.

                      “The nuclear fuel chain leading from uranium mines, to nuclear power plants and then to nuclear bombs and DU weapons, is after all, nothing more than a smokescreen to build nuclear weapons that give her the power to rule the world and control other nations who are not so equipped.

                      “Nuclear weapons and DU munitions are nothing more than raw power, expressed in an insane genome/DNA destroying way. No one that is sane can ever use these weapons of mass destruction. Using nuclear weapons results in MAD, mutually assured destruction. But these weapons can be used to bully, intimidate and threaten other nations, especially those without nuclear weapons….”

                  • andagi andagi

                    Dear Heart of the Rose,
                    'No one thought to bring the elephant pooper scooper'

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  “…The U.S. supply comes from various foreign countries, which may be seen in the chart below….”

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Alan Reid- Have you read this document?

            Owning the Weather in 2025. A Research Paper. Presented To. Air Force 2025 by. Col Tamzy J. House. Lt Col James B. Near, Jr. LTC William B. Shields (USA).

            • Alan Reid Alan Reid

              I did. Not even close to surprised at it's content. Why do you think owning the weather is so important to the scum? Hint:it's not what they are doing whilst they do it… it's a matter of the re3sult of them stopping it that the read of their plan is so disturbing. As it stands now the balances of nature are so out of whack and so far to the extreme of planetary equilibrium that the shock of the halt is going to swing the balance with a unbelievable set of results for every surface dwelling creature. The unpredictable results are not so unpredictable when you plan with a supercomputer and a huge network of satellites to get'er done.

      • Mega Drought Evidence; USA And Other Countries – California Could Be Entering 100 To 200 Year Megadrought Period

    • Crickets Crickets

      Arizonan, if the drought continues through the 2014-2015 rainy season, water supplies for many will go dry. It's already starting to happen in some places. And if it were to continue for a 5th year, some major reservoirs would probably also go dry. In that situation, real estate values would probably plummet, many people would probably move out and prices for agricultural products normally plentiful in CA would skyrocket. The economy would take a big hit or collapse entirely. It's like we're damned if it rains (fuku fallout) and we're damned if it doesn't.

  • Jebus Jebus

    California Fish and Game Commission considers emergency listing of Tricolored Blackbird – Aug 4, 2014

    Audubon California supports effort to protect rare bird, which has declined 44 percent since 2011

    San Francisco, CA –
    Responding to an alarming drop in the rare bird's numbers, the California Fish and Game Commission this week is considering an emergency listing of the Tricolored Blackbird under the California Endangered Species Act. Representatives of Audubon California say they support the action by the Commission, which comes on the heels of a statewide survey completed this summer showing a 44 percent decline in Tricolored Blackbirds since 2011.

  • uriejarafa

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  • Domoic acid strange how the spell check here reads domoic as demonic…

    I have seen this coming. How can people lie about this stuff. Again I have to note, NO ONE I know cares, nor basically has heard of these horrors we have become accustom to here @ ENENEWS. I had someone just TODAY look at me like I was joking when I told them the Pacific is basically dead. But then again these are the same people that told me, the Gulf spill was no big deal. Oh and one of this bunch once asked, "How did all that oil get down there, did it leak?" PH of the ocean is worse now than it has been in 300 million years. Sad the state of the world.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      It's just awful and when you attempt to tell them or redirect them to this site they say it's fear porn , they will get it as this leaches out to MSM as I'm hoping will happen .

      They are just comfy aligning themselves with
      It's all coal you know that's threatening us


      My goodness sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I belong to a street medic team and they are oblivious
        I've been sending them links and studies to no avail

        Soo frustrated

        • Don't take it personally… keep doing your best..

          Read 4 Agreements.

          Keep throwing out the seeds..

          One never knows when the seeds will be fertilized with the rains of a blooming aha moment.

          It is not up to you.. let it all go.

          But at the same time, everything you do is very important.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            I have been giving that book out every year .

            I think I'm getting burnt out and need to refresh myself

            My next foray into the fuku madness
            Will be working on a hands on project to make folks aware on the east coast ocean
            Like adopt a sea rock , getting some hands on study projects by connecting with the local marine research facility .

            This will involve local environmental groups
            Need to work on an approach without scaring the shit out of them that's a challenge
            So I'm putting together scientific studies that are unbiased
            We have a few of them of late

            Look for any changes because we already have radioactivity that has been discovered in the seaweed in Maine

            I'm working on a small grant from Harvard ..just for web management and paperwork
            I have someone who is good at proposals for grants that's just waiting for an outline

            Shouldn't need that much money though

            Looking to get this good to go by spring

            My inspiration came from Dana but I will seek the involvement of us that live on the east coast

            I'm surrounded by guide books on the flora and fauna of the Atlantic right now ..and canning books

            Plus I am thinking about getting some folks together from my area for a radio show that I can do whenever I'm ready ..

            I'm so busy putting up for the winter right now though

            If anyone wants to be involved get in touch with me cause it can only be as big as we make it

            • Awesome!

              AGRP is ready to take on some projects with a small dedicated team, with a goal of spreading the word and creating a paradigm shift.

              Enenews has been doing that, just by doing what it is doing, without even a target or goal.

              Others have talked about doing something like filing a mega Trillion dollar class action lawsuit.

              AGRP has put together a funding campaign to spread the news about the Carrington Event, because if we don't prepare for that, nothing else matters.

          • weegokiburi weegokiburi

            Keep calm and carry on.
            It's origin
            Can't do much else sometimes although I'm sure we all wish we could.

      • 350 is a pro nuclear organization at the very top.

        Did you know 'greenwashing' is VERY popular these days?

        Greenwashing; Fake 'Green' Products, Services And Industries; Misleading Half Truths And Public Manipulations

    • KANYUN

      You might want to do some research on the Queensland Great Barrier Reef, suffering from "white coral syndrome" blamed on dredging.

      haven't seen a monarch butterfly for years, come to think of it no cicadas either. Tree quality degradation and lichen dying on the palm trees.

      South east Queensland.

      Could this be a sign?

  • ISeePinkClouds

    In my little hometown is SW Texas we started a community garden this year. We had city well water, good soil, PH speaking, many packets of seeds of all varieties, and many good souls lending a hand. All the plants did well. They bloomed like crazy. Then the blooms died, without putting on any "fruit." We were baffled for weeks. Then one day we realized we saw no bees this year. I could not recall seeing even one. I found this link today: There they also list reportings of mass animal die offs. I don't know what is causing these deaths, but the two things I consider that could be harmful to my welfare are radiation from Fukushima, and whatever is being sprayed overhead in the so-called Chemtrails. I know the Chemtrails make me physically sick within hours of the spraying, they also increase the Gamma counts on my Geiger Counter with a typical double hump spike, and they never bring rain. I strongly suspect foul play. peace

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Hmm magnesium deficiency ?
      Too much nitrogen ?
      I suppose that's what I would think if I didn't know about the bees or the radiation
      So sorry

      My gardens produced bumper crops …waiting for the change

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        When a plant is in blossom and we get hit with high temps we have blossom drop .
        Also when a plant is about to go into bloom I spray with Epsom salts to encourage healthy blossoms and fruit
        Did you have over 90 degree days when your plants went into blossom I ask
        How is your soil is another question .

        My concerns are the studies out of chernoble that show plant decomposition is compromised by lack of microbial activity due to radiation

        I have not noticed a change where I am at this time but I am watching for subtle changes

        In northeast

        If you feel it's because of lack of bees use a vibrator on your plants stems when in flower
        Encourage other pollinators like birds and other insects by growing what they like to live in ect

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      In ETex my garden didn't do well either, even thought we had enough rain. Saw 2 bumblebees and one regular honeybee day after day. Kept seeing small wasplike things that went after the blossoms similar to bees.

      • In observing wildflowers and flowers blooming where insects do normally gather;

        One flowering shrub had ONLY a few black carpenter bees buzzing around it, no other kinds, at all. No butterflies, no flies, nothing else alive.. never saw that before.

        In a large wildflower garden, only a couple of bees were present over the whole summer, where in years past the whole place would have been humming and buzzing due to the large numbers of bees and other insects such as butterflies attracted to wildflowers like that. No butterflies, no other insects.

        Also notice that the windshield on the car is not even needing a scrubbing after thousands of miles of high speed driving on freeways during spring, summer and fall; peak insect periods.

        Is anyone counting insects? Anyone else notice this?

        It's nice to have a clean vehicle with no insects stuck on the windshield or the grill, but really VERY strange.

        All that is needed to clean the car is a duster, no water or scrubbing needed.

        • Also, in wandering around a marsh area where marsh plants grow in slowly flowing water, there used to be LOTS of birds singing and warbling, flying around, and large numbers of other insects like dragonflies, other birds flitting about.

          Now it is silent, no singing, no insects, nothing. Water is still there, cattails are still there, but nothing else.

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Pink Clouds, I am sad about your garden, I know I look forward to homegrown veggies so much…thanks for the corroboration between higher rad readings and chemtrails. I've seen that synchronicity too, up here in eastern Canada.Have you looked at Lots of CT info there.
      And here's a little C&W tune for you, "Chemtrail Ghostriders"

    • name999 name999

      iseepinkclouds, I saw them again today. I have moved to the East Coast for many reasons, but was not seeing the distincly pink clouds until today. It makes me sad.

  • From the citations noted by CodeShutdown above it appears the onset of Demoic acid discovered within a year after chemtrails began. This makes sense. The idea that Fukushima is the last straw that broke the camel's back begins to feel right. Perhaps on its own, Fukushima would not be having such an immediate and widespread influence. But with 17+ years of chemtrails around the world… it makes more sense to have accelerated die offs post Fukushima. Especially with all the metals found in the poor critters.

    • The Barium in the air now is from later era testing in 2009 the garbage from TMI transmuted. Mainly the BA137's are in the air still, only the "dust" settled. Ion state Cs137 can remain electrostatically suspended in the air for decades.

      Again I am NOT downplaying ANYTHING as you paranoid people would love to believe. What the hell is wrong with some of you? Ya bash ALL new science on this rather unexpected subject like it should have been listed as available info all along. These nuketarded morons have won this battle in THAT case! There IS Barium in jet fuel due to the fact that they use Barium in the drilling fluids, and since it helps burn the jet fuel more efficiently, and it keeps the turbine blades clean of carbon residue; they leave it in the fuel. Kinda like they used to use lead in gasoline. THIS IS THE ONLY ISSUE ON THE SUBJECT OF Barium "CHEMTRAILS"!!! The nuktards hide behind this as big oil has suggested they do. The Barium I tell such hard to understand 7th grade science tales about are coming from U235 changing to Xe137, then 9 days later turns to Cs137, 30 years later becomes Barium137 forever screwing up the natural QED (light interaction with matter making colors) of EVERYTHING on Earth! This is material NOT hard to deal with until you close your mind to it! The schools in the USA teaching anti bullyizm are in effect training our youth to be those bullies just like the nuketards. DO NOT ALLOW YOU GRANDKIDS TO BE SUCCOME TO THIS BULLSHIT! Self…


    Since off topic doesn't work anymore here is a message from the Anonymous…..

    Anonymous the real man……

  • FXofTruth

    To think the best explanation that the experts can come up with is, "This is also very weird… not sure exactly why it’s happening".

    Big college degrees, big funding, big marine technology, big databases and the only "expert opinion" is it's weird? No it's not weird. It's actual really clear if, you think of how a drop of black ink works in a glass of water.

    One concentrated, single drop of ink dropped into a glass of clear water will disperse and seem to disappear but, it didn't disappear it's just became diffused in the water. But keep adding drop after drop and the accumulation becomes more visible. If the drops continue endlessly the glass will end up as black as the original bottle of ink was.

    Radiation contamination accumulate in the same way. Just because it can't been seen doesn't mean it isn't there. Each "dispersed" ton of deadly contaminated water from those melted cores is now bio-accumulating in ALL sea life and surface life. Since the cores will never cease contaminating the ocean, eventually the entire ocean will be as deadly to life as the cores themselves. The radioactive "black ink effect" will be throughout the entire ecosystem.

    So, the only "weirdness" is the constant game of playing stupid when the answer is all around and has been "dripping" into the ocean for over 3 years. Many people figured out that we were going to end up this way, right after the plants blew up.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      Maybe this is the reason why they say that 'dropping acid' isn't good for you…

      I suspect that the 'experts' have been *sniffing* the Domoic Acid, and are having a bad trip 😉

      • name999 name999

        david, the recorded history of doctors and professionals of all stripes using acid in the 60's is vast.

    • drip, drop, drip, drop,

      Chinese water torture, works very well.

      Everyone breaks eventually..

      Water is an unstoppable force, just like Nature.

      You cannot fight Mamabear Nature and win.

      Certainly, many companies are spending BILLIONS trying to fight Nature and win; all of them misguided fools and sociopaths.

    • name999 name999

      fxoftruth, beautifully stated. Yes, a drop of ink in a glass of water.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        A large amount of the contents of the ink bottle spilled and diffused.
        The rest of the bottle ..still pouring out.

        • name999 name999

          heart, yes. But we all pretend everything is ok just to get through. I even do it, but I know
          I am doing it.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Domoic acid… has been present in all but one weekly sample since early spring…."

    • KANYUN

      Domoic acid toxin causes a massive increase of calcium into cells, degenerating them. As it is a bioaccumulator in its own right, it also becomes an attractor of strontium 90 in the process. Nasty.

      Contaminated shellfish (domoic acid) have also been linked to Alzheimer's disease in humans.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Exposure to toxin domoic acid might negatively affect unborn children
    Sept 6 2005

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ‘Safe’ levels of neurotoxin found in seafood may cause kidney damage

    This still does not explain the starfish die-off.
    Weren't they pulling their own limbs off?

    • General User General User

      The starfish are not able to build a normal strong skeleton, due to pollutants in the water. Hence the phrase 'melting away' as their exoskeleton simply breaks into bits.

      Just as your fingers would grasp a small ball, the starfish 'arms' try to grasp a rock as an anchor. Problem is they break their own arms just holding on.

      Peace all

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Yes.. but are the effects of the pollutants enhancing the effects of a weakened exoskeleton ..and evidently general disposition?
        Or perhaps ..some symptoms due to radiation exposure itself?

        • andagi andagi

          Dear Heart of the Rose,
          'Death by a thousand cuts'…

          • Recipe for dissolving starfish

            plutonium, plutonium, PU

            most deadly substance known to humankind

            Now add 2,000 more toxic heavy metal, plus radioactive elements.

            Filter them through a starfish, add some acid water.

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              Patent – Method of Decomposing Calcium Carbonate
              using ionizing radiation

              It speeds up the decomp…


              • yeppers…

                The demons are loosed, and hounds of hell are chasing everyone now, thanks to nuclear industry.

                Everyone needs to send them a gratitude card.


                • Angela_R

                  I am not sure who it was that recently posted what I would refer to as a 'think tank' video arguing a case about 'nothing'. However, the at first puzzled 'Expert', finished by stating that he could resolve.

                  I guess there are some, maybe many in the corporate world, who nod sagely about 'nothing'. There are also likely some very brilliant minds who possibly are either struck dumb or 'walk', because of the same kind of NONSENSE that the Expert encountered.

                  Think – What kind of world would create over 500,000 highly hazardous substances? I suspect Eric had the answer:

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                .. 🙂 Always keep the plow moving in the ground!

              • ISeePinkClouds

                Yes. PB. Interesting link. I notice it takes very little ionizing radiation, 0.5 MRads, to begin to produce Calcium Oxide and Carbon Dioxide efficiently from Calcium Carbonate, with only slightly higher rates causing almost total release. Yes. Exposure to even very low levels of ionizing radiation could cause decomposition of the Starfish's exoskeleton. The question remains, are the Starfish being exposed to sufficient radiation to initiate the process?

            • name999 name999

              dr, terrible. The Starfish. This is the destruction of the force that creates bones.

      • name999 name999

        general, that is sad and horrible but true.

    • Sickputer

      HotR +311

      She typed these bombshell pixels of light:

      "‘Safe’ levels of neurotoxin found in seafood may cause kidney damage "

      SP: So the little nucleape bastards probably knew Fukushima radiation had induced kidney failure in ocean creatures for several years I am willing to bet.

      Post the article URL and the two words "domoic acid" far and wide. People don't believe in radiation, but if they can understand why cousin Bill got his kidney disease then suddenly you have a new surge in interest.

      Later on the grieving relatives might make the other connect ("yeah ole Bill sure loved to eat ocean fish").

      I foresee another 500 U-Hauls loading up tomorrow from the west coast COWA states…headed for a new life and jobs in Texas…fleeing the contaminated coastline. I have seen hundreds of west coast license plates here recently. Smart people getting out while the getting is good.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is the state of the sea life in Alaska.

    Over 50 dead seals, sea lions, whales, walrus recently stranded in Alaska — Dozens of seals suffering from baldness, skin sores — Experts: “Marine transported Fukushima radionuclides… may represent a new stressor to ecosystem”

    The animals further south are having trouble with domoic acid as well.
    No wonder ..the salmon are fleeing North.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck. No, it's the radiation, STUPID!

    • Cisco Cisco

      Clarification…Radiation compromises immune systems and biological responses, leading to sickening diseases from bacteria and viruses that are already present in the ecosystem. Animal sickness and die offs (North America for example) are not caused by radiation directly; but, radiation is an immunosuppressor.

      So, it's the radiation, STUPID, just not always directly. Save that for the poor workers at Fuku Daiichi.

  • Socrates

    In 2002, Ken Buesseler and colleagues presented to the American Geophysical Union a study on eight ocean fertilization experiments conducted in High Nitrate Low Chlorophyll waters.

    This biogeochemical process increased bloom initiation and export of carbon while raising the ph of the water. The idea was to sequester carbon to stop global warming while combating acidification of oceans to protect corrals and other life forms from acidification. These experiments were known as SOFeX and IronEx II.

    The results were that two strains of toxic algae took over the oceans and produced vast amounts of domoic acid (DA).

    There have been warnings of the ill-effects of these "experiments" in geophysical engineering. Chemtrail spraying no doubt is part of this "experiment."

    The Chinese banned seafood from California because of high arsenic a x DA levels. Add Fumushima radiation and presto! You have killed all life in the Pacific Ocean and increased global warming!

    Just Google these terms and you will understand who killed Flipper. The toxic algae quickly crowds out all others and two highly toxic species produce some of the most potent toxins on earth. 80% of the algae species are the "bad" ones.

    • Socrates

      I have never been a follower of the Chemtrail theory until recently. There are videos posted showing planes with tanks of chem8cals inside that look like big pony kegs. Nozzles connect to hoses inside these planes. The chemicals are not contrails. These are spraying nozzles on the outside of these planes that are separate from the jet engines.

      I became a believer in Chemtrails after documents and videos were posted on the internet. I saw spraying at night. I saw spraying in Europe. The government is now admitting the spraying.

      I believe that the algae species ocean populations have been altered by these iron fertilization experiments. By 2007, these was great concern about the DA. Why isn't Woods Hole talking about this? They presented their experiments back in 2002? Maybe they are keeping quiet about it because they were involved in the experiment. People need to be warned of the danger unless they want to die of seizures.

      • Thank you for looking into chemtrails. I was shocked when I found it happening in Uruguay. Have not seen any planes laying tracks since 15 Aug. but the stuff is blowing in from Argentina.

        The heavy metal accumulation in marine life is a big red flag. Ridiculous that certain "scientists" never ever look that way, not publicly anyway. The first Domoic acid case 1998… so, it never has been a mystery, they already knew….or, at least it was scientifically addressed and documented and they could have known if they were not turning their eyes away…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        FBI chief is chemtrail whistleblower.

        dr edward lucidi suggests he was murdered by arsenic

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Gosh..I live where I can see endless amounts of prairie sky.. so open I can view multiple rain showers at once.
          The drones pass ..the chemical dissipate ..notice the upwards dissipation well.
          The moisture pushed from the west coast gathers..
          A storm.
          All done without billowing thunderheads .. wind..or thunder rolling down the valley ..

          I bought a lightning detector.
          The quality and quantity has changed.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            PS. Krypton has a have life of 10.7 years…

            Climate risks by radioactive krypton-85 from nuclear fission Atmospheric-electrical and air-chemical effects of ionizing radiation in the atmosphere

            "The study shows that krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhances air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and the water balance of the earth atmosphere. This is reason for concern: There are unforeseeable effects for weather and climate if the krypton-85 content of the earth atmosphere continues to rise. There may be a krypton-specific greenhouse effect and a collapse of the natural atmospheric-electrical field. In addition, human well-being may be expected to be impaired as a result of the diminished atmospheric-electrical field. There is also the risk of radiochemical actions and effects caused-by krypton-85-containing plumes in other air-borne pollutants like the latters' transformation to aggressive oxidants. This implies radiation smog and more acid rain in the countries exposed."


            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Typo .."half-life."
              I did read in the study about social which Enenews ..was in the test-tube ..that typos upset their algorithms…LOLOL.

          • Runningonlove Runningonlove

            Heart, for some real fun, take a look at your area map on
   the next time you see the trails going overhead. I think you'll see they are probably not "drones" at all, just our good ole buddies Air Canada, American Airlines,Lufthansa,British Airways, etc, etc, ad nauseum…
            Our corporate travel AND geoengineering providers. How synergistic can ya get? 2 revenue streams at once!

          • name999 name999

            heart, wow. This is why it means so much to talk to folks here on this site.
            Otherwise you find you self all alone with these obvious things happening.

        • name999 name999

          code, this first site looks like disinformation. Some true things and some very egregious
          and extreme lies. Bigger the better. Make people think that Barack Obama is sacrificing
          children. Watch where these sites go.

    • name999 name999

      socrates, thank you for defining this.

      • Socrates

        I hope to help. Being a generalist helps me do this. I know enough science to research issues. Like old saying about knowing enough to look it up in a library…. now we have the internet.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Their experiments obviously failed and are now doing tremendous ongoing damage to the/our only planet…

    The discovery of life living on the exterior of space station was huge and probably means that the Earth's water vapor rivers are heading way up into the upper atmosphere. Water vapor is a much better holder of heat and will warm up quickly. It was reported that the thermosphere collapsed some time ago and they did not know why..

    This might explain the varied massive water dumps happening all over the world in many inches/feet of rain and the sporadic weather all over the planet along with CA's drought.

    Altering these sky rivers in any way may be a very bad thing to do..for every action of/by man there
    will be an equal like reaction.

    • ~ "Their experiments obviously failed and are now doing tremendous ongoing damage to the/our only planet…"

      this is our newest platform…

    • name999 name999

      obewan, even a small action and kindness might trigger something that could change the critical mass. Can anything else make a difference now? Scientists seem to have abandoned this project.

  • mairs mairs

    Which government has admitted spraying? And where are the links to their admission? Thanks.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I am sorry this information is top secret…look up once in awhile…you will see it in real local time. 🙂

    • Socrates

      I used to be a pilot. We would rent a twin engine plane and log hours. The cost was very high. When you see expensive planes flying around with vapor trails, these are not contrails.

      One reason to spray would be to increase efficacy of missile detection systems. Another would be to reflect sunlight back into space. Another would be to control precipitation. Another would be to increase efficacy of tesla-type weapons and technology by ionic energy transference from the atmosphere to the crust of the earth. Lightning is weak compared to what can be done.

      I suggest that iron-fertilization and similar experiments could be carried out this way. Some may remember the Corexit spraying. Watching the underwater video of the spill, it said "dispersal operations." That means that BP was releasing Corexit five miles down as well as spraying it. So yes, I am convinced that large-scale spraying experiments and programs are carried out by corporate contractors with a profit motive. They have little concern except for profits under the contract. Agent Orange was sprayed all over Vietnam by Dow Chemical.

      • Angela_R

        Re the iron-fertilization. It was known that between 1950 and 2010, phytoplankton had fallen by 40% Though I have not seen recent estimates, it is not surprising that there have been attempts to boost its growth.

        However the sudden appearance of THIS large plume of iron that appears to be being pumped from the sea floor, possibly has other ramifications and may be the reason for our weakening magnetic field

        There are many things that may be happening, one of which is this:

        • Socrates

          The big picture is that the magnetosphere is weakening ten times faster that they thought. It could break up into several magnetic poles. Cosmic radiation and incoming particles will be attracted to these multiple magnetic poles, some of which will be close to the equator or in middle latitudes. Radiation levels will double.

          The arm of the Galaxy we are in is weird. It is interacting with the Sun and the large planets. The core of the earth determines activity in the mantle and then the crust. Fissures open up. Methane is released. The Sun has seen acting in ways not seen before. The activity of the crust affects the oceans and the atmosphere.

          These events are being studied by NASA. Those guys do not all agree on what is happening. Mankind is affecting the ecosystem both inadvertently as well as intentionally.

          The complexity is huge obviously. I wish that voting for either Democrats or Republicans would "fix" it. Tampering with Nature is misguided as often as not. There is no fix for die-offs, however.

          Planetary and galactic forces are not well-understood. Our satellites have discovered many gravitational forces that were unknown 30 years ago.

          Radiation from Fukushima is on top of our other problems. Plus, the disturbances in the Sun, etc. does not bode well for vulnerable nuclear power plants – earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Thank you Socrates, that was one conspiracy theory I couldn't convince by boyfriend of til I read him your post.

        • Socrates

          I used to scoff at Chemtrails. Not anymore.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            It's pretty tough to step out of the box, since they force our feet back in by law…

            Crazy cages we all live in…

          • Socrates, there was an anvil shaped dump of a cloud not far from a place I lived in Costa Rica, on the coast.. it was the oddest thing, and even though I knew about chemtrails already, I had never experienced a close up dump before, so I watched, without taking photos, duh, and it slowly transformed…

            then my skin that was not covered by clothing – my face, arms, hands, all started feeling sharp, "biting" like chemical stinging… it was then I knew that anvil was a chem dump. And, I went inside.

      • name999 name999

        socrates, another would be trying to find a cheap way out from destroying everything without stopping the practices that are killing everything from the start.

  • curly

    I read an article on msn this morning about hostilities between fuku evacuees and residents of the communities that are housing the evacuees. You remember fuku, the place where there was a "partial meltdown" (quoted from article). Hostilities because of differences in inequitable government handouts to evacuees from different areas. Hostilities over rising real estate values where evacuees now reside. It seems that many Japanese are more worried about money than the ticking time bomb in their own backyard. I know that there are concerned Japanese and there have been protest, but I'll bet more people are worried about money than radiation. These attitudes are right at ground zero. Now extrapolate further away from fuku. Very few anywhere even care. Most probably don't even know. I only know one person I can talk to about this. No one wants to hear it.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I'm pretty sure its not just the Japanese people that are more worried about money than the cascading effects of the greatest radiological disaster of all time. Theres is a whole world of people out there with their heads tucked comfortably in the sand. I bounce back and forth between pity and envy for them.

  • denial, normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance is a strong force…

    Those who choose this path often die first, because they know not what they do, and walk right into the hungry lions den.

  • Get the rad word out, People!

    Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

    These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
    Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally.

    Also … Dana needs YOU!

    Fukushima : Expedition For Life Aug 30th 2014 Updates

    Other get the rad word out resources for you:

    What part do We play, People?

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    I read this book once, I can't remember the name, but it was about the battle of Malta. There was this part about how there were so many dead bodies, piled atop one another, that sometimes when people stepped on them they would explode, because of all the gasses bodies make when they decompose. And imagine how much life the pacific held, all that decomposing at once can't be good. But then I guess it was something similar that created all this oil. If farting cows are causing global warming, what's going to happen when the ocean dies? Well just one more horrible thing to ponder while your riding on this nuclear and fossil fueled crazy train.

    • name999 name999

      melting, it is all a chain reaction that we don't control.

      • name999 name999

        but we can predict.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes its in search of the obvious.The obvious is the bells are tolling for all of us. Human non human vegetable mineral alive and not yet dead.Now we see the result of infinite greed idiocy and self and world destruction.


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Fukushima fallout: Resentment grows in nearby Japanese city | Reuters
    (Reuters) – Like many of her neighbours, Satomi Inokoshi worries that her gritty hometown is being spoiled by the newcomers and the money that have rolled into Iwaki since the Fukushima nuclear disaster almost three and a half years ago.

    "Iwaki is changing – and not for the good," said Inokoshi, 55, who echoes a sentiment widely heard in this town of almost 300,000 where the economic boom that followed the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl has brought its own disruption.

    Property prices in Iwaki, about 60 km (36 miles) south of the wrecked nuclear plant, have jumped as evacuees forced from homes in more heavily contaminated areas snatch up apartments and land. Hundreds of workers, who have arrived to work in the nuclear clean-up, crowd downtown hotels.

    But long-time residents have also come to resent evacuees and the government compensation that has made the newcomers relatively rich in a blue-collar town built oncoal mining and access to a nearby port. Locals have stopped coming to the entertainment district where Inokoshi runs a bar, she says, scared off by the nuclear workers and their rowdy reputation.

  • Crickets Crickets

    Once again, shared posting to my facebook page and not a peep from the peeps. I've warned people that eating seafood from the Pacific may not be a good idea. Didn't get one like or one comment. It seems that in this dumbed-down society, "selfies" are the only thing that are important these days. I'm within days of deleting my facebook account.

    • Crickets, I found out later, via visiting with some friends in person, that they were indeed watching everything I'd posted re Fukushima. And beginning to mention the subject with other friends in person also.

      Many people lurk in many places, lol. We never know what quiet chain reactions we start. Discretion works well to pass information tidbits that won't be observed by the roving eyes of Smaug. 🙂

    • Crickets Crickets

      I have at least two friends in facebook that are commercial fishermen. I've lurked in their arguments with others when the topic surrounds over-fishing or regulation of the fishing industry. The response is almost reactionary. People do get defensive when they feel their livelihood is threatened. On a smaller scale (no pun intended) than the nuke pushers' denial, but very similar in at least one way.

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        To add to what Alan Reid said, I had a link to the TEPCO cams on my FB account some time back. It mysteriously disappeared. I didn't delete it. Posting anything on FB that might be considered 'controversial' is probably a bad idea.

      • name999 name999

        crickets, I was a canvasser for Greenpeace in San Diego in the 1980's. One time, once this professional Tuna fisherman realized what I was saying he chased me out of his house and down
        the street! But I was young and easily outran him, laughing.

    • Alan Reid Alan Reid

      Please oh please Crickets delete that account quick. There is nothing useful on facebook not better found elsewhere. The harm in using fb an twitter and the like is far worse than you now know.. limit the damage you do to yourself and toast that account. I promise you will never regret doing it. Ya might even talk down another trapped in that sticky web.. 😉

      • Crickets Crickets

        Alan, I'm with you and I've been mulling this decision ever since I created the damn account. I will admit, I've reconnected with old buddies and had some good reunions and sharing of memories, but nothing of lasting value. We're all older and gone our separate ways. Our values have all changed over the years. The reason facebook is so silly is that it seems there's some unwritten rule that nothing should be shared that rocks the boat. It's not nice to be a cynical person. I never understood that unspoken rule. For me, it's like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone, where I'm the only one that doesn't "get it." 🙂

        • Alan Reid Alan Reid

          Exactly. The fakeness is the clue as to the uselessness of FB/twit. I had an account for 2 weeks and i was shocked as to the obvious set of pens and gates used to do the scum works. I felt so good to hit that final 'You are about to permanently delete your account do you want to continue' button i recommend it to anyone that shows interest in quitting the CIA/NSA data mining operations. Make the bastards WORK for that data. Feed them bullshit data. Keep your head about yourself and you will always endure and overcome.

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Crickets, Yes, my experience exactly. No positive response to anything Fukushima. I did not join FB to become isolated, but that is what happened. Fukushima=No Response on Facebook. I have not posted there for over a year now. I have been here for over a year. It has taken that long to get up to speed with all things Fukushima. I just started posting comments this month. I can find peace of mind in Reality, in spite of it's ugliness. peace

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Crickets there's a thriving community that exists on Facebook , thousands of folks that are knowledgable about Fukushima a lot of folks from this site for a matter of fact .

      Put Fukushima in search box

  • ftlt

    A great link on the West Coast of Canada and USA. Filled with information

    Nothing Nuclear. This will upset many on here who have nuclear tunnel vision. GOOD!!

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    You want the truth
    no one acts like this
    and those that accuse are no better

    The truth is not one of you or any scientist no how to fix anything and your time putting into something that you can no fix for you do not understand the effects of your actions because of the fake of what greed has become the only root of our society
    the root of evil so if anyone speaks of truth then speak with me.

    I may very intelligent and understand very much but my wisdom and kindness must tell the truth that I do not even understand 1% of this and other enviornmental hazards and the governments are now asking us to help and fix what they did and truthfully we can not; for this I am sorry; There were many of us that tried and did everything in our power for more than 100s of years to try to get humanity on the correct path of living for others and by living for others everyone becomes living a better life than individuals its not what we have that makes us whom we are we are all the same clones of each other; in truth we are a family we are all blood in truth we hurt each other more than ourselves when we lie, accuse or become even bitter or hateful; there is this point in the world where we must stop playing theater with the children lives and the knowledge of this world is in vain if truth and wisdom is not its foundation. We…

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      Life is entangled A hui hou kakou Aloha`oe Me ka `oia`i`o Mau loa me ka maluhia Aloha Aka`aka Loko I Ka Ike A Ke Aloha E Hookumu Maua Ka Hale Puni Maua Ohana Me Ka Pumehana A Me Ka Oiloli Kealoha E Hoomau Maua Kealoha Pili Olua E, Moku Ka Pawa O Ke Ao
      Ua Ola Ae Nei Loko I Ko Aloha

      I am Hawaiian and my family both Israeli and al saud have heard my plea; I was told we need Nuclear for many would die instantly; something I do not believe at all. National Leaders AND Governments are tearing apart life and the entanglement of what good roots do is slowly being killed for a evil evil root; something that I can not support even if it is my family and my friends; look what they have done! A small speck in the sky a blue marble of beauty and love we are all brothers and sisters we must become together and love each other for separation is tearing us apart and the sun runs on nuclear fusion not one bit of fission so allow the force of magnetism this force of good destroy those that have taken the wrong path and forgive them for they knew not what they did the first time nor the last and this is just the beginning of the end. I love you all.

      Until we meet again Farewell to you With sincerity Forever Peace and love forever The secrets within me are seen through love May we create a home that surrounds our family and friends with warmth, laughter and love. May our love last forever You two are now one, the darkness is past Life is once more alive within me for my love of you

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        May we become something else other than the path the world is on
        shall we change our force applied and apply it in a way so that the ripples of gravitational waves become good ripples not forever ones that the nuclear industry has brought to Eden, to earth, to the only place where we know was a womb for life. Especially for all life not just us. Have they done something
        that we may not be able to reverse; yes.

        • Crickets Crickets

          Not to get to holy or philosophical, but how about keeping some level of hope that human beings, having larger brains than other species, eventually have a leap in consciousness (if it's not already too late), where we come to realize that making sure that all living things having enough is more important than a few having far more than they need. Not communism, not capitalism, not any form of religion ever known to man, but a change in the way we see ourselves in relation to Mother Earth and all living things. What if every human being saw all life so precious that they worked every day to make sure it was fit for the generations that follow, until the sun dies out. We then could feel safe and secure in our lives, knowing that we as individuals could share what we have and be given what we need, only because we have finally come to realize that's why we're here.

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. In all the turmoil of the anti-war protests during the Sixties and early Seventies we would often hear "Keep the Faith." It must have meant different things to different people, but to me it meant don't give up in the face of adversity. We did not give up. The War Ended. I have not before seen in my lifetime the turmoil and adversity I see today. Yes. The need is now more than ever. Keep the Faith!

            • 53rockwell 53rockwell

              Right on,Right on ,Right On 🙂 Stay Righteous Brother …

            • name999 name999

              iseepinkclouds, because those people who were forced by public outrage came back in charge under Reagan and W. And they have unfortunately finished the job.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


        I enjoyed this line; "The amount of micro plastics being introduced and radiation melting them and then the plume sends off gases state radiation thats what many of us think is chem trails though spraying is being done with non polar solvents and co solvents with transitional metals and heavy metals"

        Its a coincidence you are a jew from Hawaii. Aloha! Before my Jewish parents moved to the Bronx, we lived in Hawaii, ok?. I remember the locals told me to always swim in the blue water, never the coral reefs, ok, and of course I was swept out to sea, and if an israeli beach cam hadnt spotted my large nose making a wake, I would never have been rescued. Later I earned their respect by telling them my grandfather was related to Woody Allens father, and that I was skilled in the art of Ka'apoo Haole No Takui, which they never knew existed. I assured them I was very akamai and was hooked up with powerful moke and kahuna that could kick serious puka in their okale. At fist they didnt believe, ok, so I cursed at them using hebrew and gangsta rap, which didnt work, so I played some slack key, Aloha oe by Liliʻuokalani, and then they flashed a shaka. So I think we are a lot alike, ok? We both may very intelligent and understand very much but our wisdom and kindness must tell the truth that we malihini do not even understand 1% of this, only alotta moana brah is maki die dead….and we dont like no kolohe choke kokua, ok?

      • m a x l i

        MBHP: "A small speck in the sky a blue marble of beauty and love we are all brothers and sisters we must become together and love each other for separation is tearing us apart and the sun runs on nuclear fusion not one bit of fission so allow the force of magnetism this force of good destroy those that have taken the wrong path and forgive them for they knew not what they did the first time nor the last and this is just the beginning of the end."

        m a x l i: Looks like our rusty chatter bot just invented the Magnetic Chair as a new form of capital punishment for the evil feckers.

  • Socrates

    Someone above mentioned the use of iron dumping to enhance the salmon populations. This happened in British Columbia. Dana – beautifulgirlbydana – Durnford has documented loss of normal biota in the intertidal zones in British Columbia.

    Maybe what we are seeing is an out of control overgrowth of the toxic algae. Candida can overgrow in the gut.

    Dana's photographs do not explain why the extreme damage is limited to certain areas. He suggests that it is the currents.

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      Canada was the country that tried to use iron to restart the pacific it failed miserably

      Do not say you can fix something if really even what your saying wont fix it. It is just as bad as them saying they didn't cause this. Thats like telling someone with cancer you can cure them when in reality you made it worst.

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        iron promotes massive growth of microbes what happened was it bred the bad ones because of the radionuclide environment they live in.

      • Crickets Crickets

        With due respect MBHP, we're all just trying to get to the truth, and some of us haven't totally given up yet. Nothing wrong with discussion about this and sharing our thoughts. I don't think anyone here is claiming to have a cure or solution to any of this nightmare. I see ENENEWS as my sanctuary from bullshit and a place I can learn something. Seldom cheerful news but here as a possible avenue to some level of truth.

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          They not gonna change cricket cold shutdown is a joke and you can not turn off a particle that isnt even off when ya mine it. The amount of micro plastics being introduced and radiation melting them and then the plume sends off gases state radiation thats what many of us think is chem trails though spraying is being done with non polar solvents and co solvents with transitional metals and heavy metals; they do this trying to get the shit to fall they know they can not turn them off and they can not stop or alter something that is constantly creating

          Helium atoms alpha radiation
          to electrons of beta radiation to actual
          light like gamma they know when the energy exchanges happen with fission neutron radiation started it and that every exchange releases gamma radiation. Think of it like killing all the food in ocean so people start to starve and be scared to eat food then think of the biological systems collapsing that support the good microbes that keep bad out then the bad start taking over in a concentrated ratio. So then the sun starts to heat up and the gases states start to mechanism into steam and as they fly over any one and everyone is getting zapped so its not just the food water and land thats dangerous the air is falling death on all of us and if we bicker were not going to get anywhere to fight against all this. Imagine star wars ray scanners that pretty much what radiation does.
          Don't need links to see what every human is witnessing every day. thats what…

          • m a x l i

            They not gonna think of it like killing all the food in ocean. Start to change to see what every cricket that isnt off is witnessing every day. They started it and gamma radiation is to support every state shutdown. That is pretty much what radiation does. Gamma radiation releases and even co solvents thats what many of us think is a joke. Imagine star wars light in a concentrated fission ratio mechanism. Then exchange the bad ray scanners with alpha radiation off a particle and non polar solvents being introduced and the gases start taking over. Helium atoms were not going to get anywhere and you and them can not eat food thats dangerous. So then the sun starts to heat up the states melting them and then the plume sends off cold shit trying to get to the fall. The good microbes that keep the amount of micro plastics out of the biological systems happen to start to starve and as if they fly over any one and everyone so bad people getting zapped be scared! Then think transitional metals and heavy metals; they know they can not turn off chem trails and know that though spraying is being done with electrons of beta radiation to actual neutron radiation and we bicker to fight against all this that is constantly creating. When the energy exchanges turn into steam they do this on all of us so its not just the food water and land air that is falling collapsing death. They can not stop or alter something like radiation gases. Don't need links when ya mine it.

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    All we can do now is monitor the death is reality. Dana has done more than actual paid scientist truthfully.

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    Failed society; only radiation can destroy dna faster than a protein can repair it

  • Socrates

    Bioethics turned out to be the key in all the sciences. Genetic engineering involves known unknowns. Nuclear energy involves known dangers. Geochemical engineering…. technology tried to increase support for increased human population. Use of guano from South America and cultivation of corn and potatoes from the New World doubled Europe's population.

    Factory farming has destroyed the effectiveness of antibiotics. Air travel spreads ebola virus. Every advance in technology is a double-edged sword, a mixed blessing.

    Energy from fossil fuels allowed the population to explode. Now it brings war and climate change. Nuclear technology keeps us on the eve of destruction. Which ape-like creatures are in control of this mess? Using profits as the highest good has brought us to this wanton amoral point. Everything is for sale…. the market cannot dictate morality – it is a false God. Adam Smith knew that ethics and morality needed to guide the market. The second of his books was ignored. Market theology left us with venality guiding society. An eco-socialism would require nuclear disarmament and repair of the ecosystem. Populations cannot keep increasing until we have shifted to energy that is non-polluting and renewable. Engineering food to support the hoards will mess things up even worse.

    Every day more of man's blunders manifest such as in the death of the marine life. Add iron fertilizer and radiation to the oceans and what happens?

  • rogerthat
    Fukushima gov.: Tainted soil site decision ‘painful’
    … Fukushima Prefecture is dotted with large piles of contaminated soil … “It’s one big mountain, isn’t it.” … The increase in contaminated soil is intimately linked to the progress of decontamination work. The more work is done, the more the volume of contaminated soil increases. If long-term storage is not available, the only option is to temporarily locate the soil on privately owned land.
    There were 724 such temporary storage sites in Fukushima Prefecture as of the end of March … Some of the contaminated soil with no place to go is in “on-site storage” in the gardens of private homes and elsewhere. There are more than 50,000 such places. …
    – this is worth a read because it gives a glimpse into the enormous scale of the problem.

  • rogerthat
    … URS Corporation is seeking a Engineer to be based at our Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM. …

  • demise demise

    Before the radiation starts to kill us we will be completely ruined by the collapsed economy. Coastal property taxes and the economy directly tied to the ocean will be gone and the state and federal budgets will default. The end of the US is coming fast.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Radiation has already killed many, many people and the rest are already in various stages of dying.

      • We Not They Finally

        Its not just the people….It has disrupted the worlds ecology and has become the most deadly ELE of all time.Its only now a matter of time.The world is in the process of perishing…The last days of planet earth…

        I can understand why the"leaders" of this world are forced to lie.Think of it as the end game….Do you understand why i never leave the issue of the miraculous.Quantum mechanics leads to the miraculous.The Universe as a hologram works ..Not just teleportation but infinite contact in an infinite universe.Perhaps no Big bang and everything that implies…The reality is yet to emerge and open humanity to in search of the miraculous…

  • We Not They Finally

    Why dont we do the decent thing and make sure we dont elect any more outrageous gutless leaders to high positions in this country???If the American people dont see a swine for a swine what is the hope that we can ever make the changes that must be made…As far as the current President why did he receive the Noble Peace prize?For what?Why didnt he warn Americans to seek cover and stay out of the rain after the radioactive plume went across the country after the initial explosions at Fukeshima?
    Other countries warned their people…Why did the same President hold secret meetings with the health insurance companies rather than take serious a govt option for health care that would have led to single payer??

  • ecoguy57

    LAST CHANCE URGENT! TEPCO has lied to the people of Japan and to the world about the true levels of radiation released into the atmosphere, ground and into the Pacific Ocean! TEPCO also continues to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean nonstop every single day to contaminate the fish, ocean life and animals. There is now verified proof of DNA damage and mutations throughout the food chain and we humans are next to suffer! Experts recommend to commence detoxing with the natural mineral called zeolite that is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body.This MUST Be Done to help prevent DNA damage that will cause disease and future ongoing mutations! For more quality information do an online search for the single word Zeolite.

  • ecoguy57

    LAST CHANCE URGENT! TEPCO has lied to the people of Japan and to the world about the true levels of radiation released into the upper atmosphere, ground and into the Pacific Ocean! TEPCO also continues to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean nonstop every single day to contaminate the fish, ocean life and animals. There is now verified proof of DNA damage and mutations throughout the food chain and we humans are next to suffer! Experts recommend to commence detoxing with the natural mineral called zeolite that is proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metals from the human body.This MUST Be Done to help prevent genetic DNA damage that will cause disease and future ongoing mutations! For more quality information do an online search for the single word Zeolite.


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