TV: Massive oil sheen around BP Deepwater Horizon site in Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

Published: December 17th, 2012 at 12:27 am ET


Watch the video here

Title: Is oil sheen in Gulf of Mexico coming from site of BP spill?
Source: WWL TV
Author: Monica Hernandez
Date: Dec 13 at 10:41 PM
h/t Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

BP is looking into whether a massive oil sheen in the Gulf of Mexico is coming from the site of the 2010 spill. […]

Now, investigators are looking into whether the site is the source of continuing oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

BP confirmed that an oil sheen spotted in mid-September was indeed leaking from the containment dome […] The company plugged that new leak, but days later, more slicks surfaced.

So far, investigators haven’t found any new sources of oil, but haven’t yet inspected the source of September’s leak. […]

This time, investigators also plan to look at the rig wreckage itself, which they didn’t inspect after mid-September’s leak. […]

Cpt. Duke Walker, Federal On Scene Coordinator for the Deepwater Horizon Response

  • “The only places that we have high suspicion that there might be contained oil is the containment dome where we already found some previously”
  • “We haven’t been back to the containment dome yet, or the well heads, that’s in our target package, and it will happen either [Thursday night] or perhaps [Friday]”
  • Walker doesn’t believe any oil is leaking from wells associated with the Deepwater Horizon

Again… They are focusing on if oil is “leaking from wells associated with the Deepwater Horizon”. The real concern appears to be whether oil and gas is coming from fissures or cracks in the seafloor which may have been caused during the initial blowout or the many attempts to cap the well.

See also: [intlink id=”newspaper-new-oil-spotted-by-bp-disaster-site-in-gulf-pilot-concern-its-from-new-cracks-caused-by-deepwater-horizon-explosion-photos” type=”post”]”The concern we probably all share is that this does not appear to be from a previously existing or at least previously documented natural seep, and therefore if this is not still residual oil from leaking hardware after 30+ months, then is it coming from some new cracks caused by the Deepwater Horizon explosion?” (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Published: December 17th, 2012 at 12:27 am ET


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30 comments to TV: Massive oil sheen around BP Deepwater Horizon site in Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

  • behappy1

    Walker doesn’t believe any oil is leaking from wells associated with the Deepwater Horizon

    well, another waste of time I guess.

    Cpt. Duke Walker, Federal On Scene Coordinator
    and my guess stockholder and future BP employee

    • richard richard

      these people are sucking in your taxes and laughing at you as you toil for 40 hours a week or so – you are not even making a 'profit' until about day three or each week.

      and the criminals destroy your world from your pay packet.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    This is my worry. Thad enlightened me on this one as an oil industry worker during a conversation we were having. There are natural oil seeps down there and there was an intermittent seep in the area of the Macondo well about half a mile or so away that had been seen and recorded. Maybe even a little farther off. BP will only be held responsible for the actual well head and rigging, etc. Not any seeps, not any seeps that they may have enlarged or more seeps that they may created from their activities because those are "naturally occurring". Following my drift? No matter what pressure BP may have deliberately or inadvertently created with bungling their well or not accepting how high the methane psi was and drilling anyway, the seeps, themselves, are natural. It may not matter what "caused" them. In fact, Thad suggests that BP's drilling actually reduced pressure from the seep and their plans of renewing drilling there will reduce the natural seeps again. So, my guess is, that from the oil industry perspective, BP should not be punished for natural seeps and should be allowed to start drilling right away to help the Gulf of Mexico. Ahem…now that i think about it, isn't the same rationale being used for allowing drilling at the sinkhole – that it will reduce the oil and methane flows by reducing the amounts of these hydrocarbons and the pressure they are exerting in the salt dome?

    • gladys a milyon gladys a milyon

      Yah . Wow I need to.thank Bp for lowering the pressure and helping reduce the seepage. Ya know the more that I think about it, vic. These guys are just working all day like everyone else. They never asked for this responsibility and then they get shyt on when they do something helpful… Like lower the amount of natural seepage by reducing well pressure. and they shouldn't be punished.

      With friends like these …

      Anyone have a guesstimate on the number of deep cover agents , shills, and general paid and unpaid trolls that post here daily ?? I'm going to.go as high as 6 out of 10.

      • garjackson


        • jump-ball jump-ball

          "…lowering the pressure and helping reduce the seepage."

          Well, shyt-howdy, couldn't this long-hidden concept re-discovered by Thad be utilized to reduce contaminated water-seepage and gas emissions from Nukushima?

          Funny I don't recall seeing aerial photos of oil sheens in the Macondo area of the Gulf of Toxico before the BP wellhead blowout?

          • Radio VicFromOregon

            In fairness to Thad, it is what they teach to everyone in the industry. I think it is really a good example of how very differently we can perceive the issue. Thad isn't a troll, he is an oil rigger who wishes to lend his experience to this website and feels compelled when he thinks people are worrying and not getting the correct information. Getting correct info can be hard, as we can all attest to. But, there is no question that most people, oil riggers or not, most politicians, most business people, and nearly all energy producers think we are barking mad and completely out of our minds here.

            I do recall a discussion in the news about the existence of a previous oil seep that was mapped before the well was drilled. But, it was small and infrequent, and so deep that it may not have even made it to the surface as an intact floating oil sheen. Something has either obviously changed significantly at this seep, or there are now more, OR, the well is leaking gain. How to lay blame for this at the feet of BP will be difficult even if they are at fault given the prevailing thinking about natural seeps, leaking wells, the political believed necessity for oil, and a judicial system weighted in favor of corporate rights trumping civilian rights.

      • weeman

        No troll on this site, they may monitor but they are letting us shot ourself in the foot, if anything they intercept posts and the ones they do not want posted never reach the server, you don't think they are inept do you.

      • richard richard

        most likely 6 in 10,000, gladys.

        the nuke industry doesn't care about websites like this, where we are mostly preaching to the converted.

        the nukers have billions of dollars, thousands of puppets, hundreds of profiteers and corrupt politicians. they own the schools, the universities, the media. Oh, and they have the 'bomb', should all else fail.

        the nuke industry has bought the world. this little $1,000 website is no match to the size and propaganda of the industry.

        they won't bother with trolls around here.. besides, huffingtonpost is actually more of a battlefield between pro and anti nukers, it's a centre of the road venue where the two worlds collide.

        i've watched pro-nukers get hammered down here. We should bait them in, try to get from them what we need. Encourage them into the fray.. then both sides may learn a thing or two.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Just to add to this, what i have been trying to fid out is what role methane is believed to play i this well. It was a big issue and thought to be THE contributing factor to creating the gusher in the first place – that BP underestimated or ignored when they hit a large high pressure methane pocket. With ftlt's nice little primer on internal psi being counterbalanced with external increasing psi the further down in depth you go, i'm thinking that the methane would normally not be an issue so much, but, it got released and surged up the pipe and the pressure changed, the external psi decreasing as the methane traveled up the pipe and then the explosion and fire on the platform. Some speculate that this blowback deeply fractured the fissures and seeps along the bottom, thus allowing more oil to seep in larger quantity and frequency. Was this analyzed and dismissed as an issue or did it fail to keep momentum because, as a natural seep, it became considered "outside" the legal purview of concern? Anyone know?

  • Good points Vic .

  • ftlt

    Vic: The term natural leakage has always facinated me… Oil industry folks tossed it about during the worst of the DWH spill.. The amounts of annual natural Gulf seepage quoted grew bigger and bigger during the spill… Betcha, that number has mysteriously dropped back down now…

    These folks always choose to ignore the fact of the 20,000 plus abandoned and unmonitored well heads (think this number may only be the ones in USA waters)… They are never spoken to as part of the natural seepage…

    Looked and looked and could not find any info on the amount of crude passed by these things… Wonder why??? HAHAHAHAHA

    I would not be surprised to find they are the source of the bulk of the so called natuarl seepage in the Gulf..

    The very idea that some corroding steel and concrete in a salt water medium is all that is standing between these bored holes and open ocean waters – all with no monitoring – flabbergasts me

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      ftlt, all great points and someday maybe science will get enough funding to show that you are correct.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        And,ftlt, great psi primer, btw. Thx! It's helping me visualize the methane issue a little better, though, so far, no proclaimed experts here agree that methane has any real role in the issue. Yet, it was the methane at such high pressure that was the problem in the first place in having to cap a gusher. So, maybe you can weigh in on that one, too? Why do i think it has a part in the increase of the pressure of the oil seeps? Was that just unfounded rumor or wild guesses long ago?

  • omniversling

    They are known as 'zombie wells'….many of which are 'temporarily abandoned' as the plugging requirements are less stringent (cheaper) than permanent abandonment. How many of these zombies have no 'owner' (folded or bank petro-companies)? And who will pay for 'remediation' when rust and concrete cancer, or seismic activity cause the casings to fail?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Note the leaking at the wellhead.
    This deception needs to end..for the sake of the victims.
    That being all of us.

    Deepwater Horizon Memorial Cap – Extended Version BP

    And for the folks ..that can not see the bubbles..well..
    What can I say..

    Some speculate that it wasn't the Deep Horizon capped at all..
    Because..the Deep Horizon looked like this…

    BP Gulf Oil Spill Really Fixed? Watch This

    I pray the people find the answers…

  • Ron

    What's a "target package"?

    Where are the underwater cameras that used to be there?

  • weeman

    A question for the knowledgable.
    Mankind does not have the ability to control more than 10000 PSI, the deep well horizon was how deep, I presume the deeper you get the higher the pressure, here's the question if you tap into a gas or oil reserve that is more than 10000 psi and you lose control of the well head, there is no way to stop or plug this well untill the psi is manageable and untill that time the gas or oil will be free to flow without restriction into environment and if it was a huge reserve of methane what would be the effects world wide, they are playing with fire.
    All in the name of progress, in the future this will be known as the begining of the regression age.

    • ftlt

      Wee: I'm no physicist …. But, when you are talking about the atmospheric (wrong word – but, go with it here) pressure at depth…. It would apply to everything equally.. You would be dealing in much smaller pressure differentials than 10,000 PSI there…

      On the surface at sea level, to contain a vessel or pipe with 10,000 PSI inside, you would only have the normal A.P. outside to assist in containing it… Requiring massive walls or layers of pressure to achieve this…

      At depth, you have the huge outside pressures caused by the depth helping contain that 10,000 PSI pressure.. The differential of the pressures inside to outside is much smaller at depth because of the outside pressure gained as you move down in a body of water like the DWH well did…

      You are only dealing with the inside pressure minus the outside pressure number…. It is a much smaller number than 10,000 PSI at that depth…

      As the high presure crude is allowed to rise to the surface… It is losing pressure by many means… A whole different story..

      Look at differencial valves to help understand how this is applied on the surface… Where larger surface areas at lower pressures are used to offset and control the flow of fluids and gases in higher pressure piping or vessels

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is a older link.
    A statement about the condition of Grand Bayou after the BP oil spill.

    Rosina Philippe and Maurice Philips-Atakapa-Iskak tribal members,
    Grand Bayou, La.

    Real people, real lives.

    And now the reappearance of new oil.
    What chance do the people have?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "During operations, an unidentified substance inconsistent with oil was seen emitting from several areas of the rig wreckage, and samples were collected for further lab analysis, the Coast Guard said." didn't just blow any ordinary seep..

    The Source of the Gulf Oil Plumes is 7 Miles Southeast of Deepwater Horizon at an Ancient Volcanic Dome

    Someone seems to have caught private..darn.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Hey heart.. nice one, very interesting!!

      the picassodreams is still up… Did you notice who made the map??? Alexander Higgins!!! Go Kelley Anne!!

      Bookmarked, will share, with those that are interested!

      Dots connecting..

    • richard richard

      Hi Heart, that avalanche clip is over two years old. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but that the news is rather dated.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Hi Richard, I think Heart is doing some back digging looking at the BP sinkhole connection.. piecing together some of the lesser publicized info from when it(BP) happened.. at least that is what I thought when I saw it..

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I am musing on the statement from above..regarding' unidentified substance'.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            This is clearly stated in the Fuelfix announced by the USCG unidentified substance inconsistent with oil'.

            What substance?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oops..above from..

    Source of Latest Oil Sheen At Gulf Disaster Site Unknown

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ROV Methane Hydrates Explosion off Biloxi Dome BP Deepwater Horizon