TV: Materials floating to North America from Japan could well be radioactive — There’s no monitoring going on (VIDEO)

Published: December 31st, 2012 at 12:39 pm ET


Follow-up to: [intlink id=”report-nuclear-pollution-from-fukushima-to-hit-u-s-in-2015-impact-strength-of-cesium-137-on-west-coast-is-as-high-as-4-percent-due-to-strong-currents” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Title: Japanese Conservatives Plan to Restart Nukes
Source: The Big Picture
Date: Dec 28, 2012
h/t rumorecurioso

Thom Hartmann, Host: What about this nuclear waste that’s heading for the United States? Almost a year ago it seems you were on telling us about nuclear waste was hitting the west coast of the United States. Is this a second wave? What’s going on?

Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: It’ll be continual for a long time into the future. There’s the surface flotsam and jetsam, the floating materials, which if you read the mainstream media the past couple days, there’s this discounting that ‘Oh, it’s not radioactive’. There’s no way to know that. It could well be radioactive. […]

So, for experts to say that the flotsam and jetsam hitting the west coast of North America is not radioactive, there’s no radiation monitoring going on.

Watch the report here

Published: December 31st, 2012 at 12:39 pm ET


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25 comments to TV: Materials floating to North America from Japan could well be radioactive — There’s no monitoring going on (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    Would it not be better and easier to corral this debris at sea, collect it like logs, why wait till it comes ashore to possibly radiate people and property, how much will have to be disposed of radioactive waste.
    I would have thought the majority of the radiation would have decayed and or been washed into ocean?
    Who should pay for this, as it effects most of the world the pacific ocean feeds alot of people, you would think that organizations such as WHO would have a vested interest, if the pacific oceans biosphere collapses how do you feed half the world and the beat goes on.
    On the west coast of America there is a lot of unemployed fishermen, put them to work, tow it back to Japan, sort and dispose but don't let it come ashore it is going to be twice as hard to remove and the more time we waste the more it breaks up and gets into the food chain.
    We are a poor excuse for intelligent beings, we deserve all we are receiving, mankind is a perfect definition of CANCER and to evolve further will only spread the cancer and must be eliminated for the good of the continuum.
    Happy new year to all, be well and stand proud,it's like smoking it is never to later for change.

    • Thad

      Japan should pay for clean-up it IS their mess, their ignorance building reactors near known faults-etc–
      Japan can subsidise their failing whaling industry but not this clean up—

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    Greetings Enewsers … a bounty should be offered for all radioactive debris (paid for by nuclear) … the higher the rads, the more it is worth … the pile of radioactive trash will be a mile high! … I think the fecal matter is about to hit the fan on the West coast !

    • m a x l i

      The Japanese (and others) will burn that mile-high pile of trash. Then you get your daily dose by airmail.

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    The majority of the flotsam won't even get to the mainland US, it'll end up in the pacific garbage patch for future generations.

    "Currents carry debris from the west coast of North America to the gyre in about six years, and debris from the east coast of Asia in a year or less"

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    First of all, Happy New Year to all the good hearted folks here. You have been missed.

    Next, anyone foolish enough to not believe the west coast is ALREADY extremely contaminated, and that it is too late to stop this debris or the accumulating radioactive contamination that the records show has ONLY climbed and continues to do so, is just plain ol stupid and ignorant.

    And this carp is why we no longer comment here:

    "We are a poor excuse for intelligent beings, we deserve all we are receiving, mankind is a perfect definition of CANCER and to evolve further will only spread the cancer and must be eliminated for the good of the continuum."

    Sure glad you are speaking for yourself here. If you are such a cancer, and a poor excuse of a being, do us all a favor and put a gun to your head now and pull the trigger. Spare us your globalist satanic tripe and just die so we can say the cancer is dead. Whats the matter, chicken?

    Back and gone with a bad attitude.

    Happy New Year!


  • I live about 50 feet from the ocean and walked down there this morning.

    The whole bay is filled with small-piece debris – the most I've ever seen – mostly wood and styrofoam but other stuff as well.

    Looking at it, it would an impossible job to corral it all.

    I'm near Victoria, British Columbia – Brentwood Bay actually, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

  • nomoretrust

    James nice to see your still around. Pu 239 didnt realize you were so close to me. I commute on the mill bay ferry regularly. My inspector has been lit upto 1500 cpm. Been monitoring this since day one trying to warn anyone who will listen which is practically no one. SHAME ON YOU health canada , SFU , BC CDC, Saanich school district, capital health region , CRD water board, Elizabeth May , Ocean Science, Uvic radiation safety officer, my GP and anyone else who knows what is happening and would rather keep quiet. To hell with you all.

    • Cheers nomoretrust!

      Holy cow. I'm going on the assumption 100 CPM is considered danger level – correct?

      Maybe we should get together at some point and establish a Fukushima Monitoring Group, or do something virtually.

      The last I heard was from Dutchsinse [sp?] who had higher-than-Chernobyl readings near here, and same in the Cascades and Rockies where it would tend to collect.

      Anyway, contact me at:

      [are we allowed to post our emails here?]

      I'm on Harding Lane, and I wouldn't mind meeting up to take a look at your Inspector if possible. This is mainly because most of the people around me think I'm bonkers, but also out of curiosity for myself.

      • vital1 vital1

        If you are thinking of purchasing a Geiger counter, or have just purchased one, here is a free resource to help you. This Basic Guide will provide you with information on how to protect your Geiger Counter from contamination, plus how get the best out of it. It now includes a couple of Geiger Counter kit suggestions, for those on a budget.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Wow, nomoretrust and Pu239, I sold my Gulf Island property in the late 90s and spent years on Foul Bay Rd and Beach Drive in Victoria long ago. You raise a scary specter for a beautiful part of the world – way beyond the early stories – remember the "ghost ship" media fluff?

        Pu239, I think Admin will remove your email addy if you ask once it has served its purpose. Not a good idea to leave it around too long. Alternatively, use a throw-away addy for that kind of thing.

        nomoretrust, I hope you're posting your Inspector data on the radiation network and/or here. Gotta keep getting the story out somehow or other.

        • nomoretrust

          Hi aigeezer,

          At first I posted my readings on ene news as bc, but was shilled and posted very little since then. I am no scientist, in fact I resent having to spend my time and money on this crap. My survey meter detects radioactivity in the rain all the time, it is so high at times it does not matter what it is. It has a half life in the range of 39-42 min and has some connection to radon. I have done hundreds of samples they all react the same. Heavy metal tests on rainwater at MB labs showed lead and many other ingredients. SFU (kris Starosta found cobalt 60. I was declined any further testing of the samples, anywhere…..
          IMO discovering what lead it was specifically would have helped identify the sample. I have now decided to take the green pill instead. Good luck everyone, you will probably need it.

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Ouch, nomoretrust. You've got the worst of both worlds – the green pill route, but regular access to a GC to make you doubt the green pill route.

            I wonder what your GC is tapping in to. There's almost total silence these days from the lower mainland area. I remember SFU's early alarms, suddenly withdrawn. Creepy feeling.

            The radiation network's nearest site seems to be Bellingham. It's an Inspector Alert and regularly tends to show around 32-33 CPM. I think it's in a fixed location, not "out and about" probing different objects.

            Re shills, resentment, luck… all those things… I understand. I have no advice except "be yourself", wherever that leads you. Life is unfair – the child in me has been saying that for decades, and it's oh so true… but the universe doesn't care and we've still got to figure out what we want to do next – whatever we choose is what we choose – some people won't like it, and some people will.

            Hehe, I still hope you'll regularly post your GC readings, but it's none of my business.

            • nomoretrust

              Thanks Aigeezer.

              simply put we are passing on a legacy of death and disease to our children My rainwater samples are only the beginning they seem high now, but they are short lived isotopes. It would seem things are going to get a whole lot worse contamination wise. I cant believe the morons who peddle nuclear power, Can we really be that stupid or is there more to it?

  • I did a video about this a year ago:

    It's coming people.

  • minkxy minkxy

    Happy New Year ! my opinion is there is a plan (or plot) to further contaminate the food supply. As in gulf of mexico, gmo, ethanol. To what end? Soylent green is my guess. Just saying. It is the strangest thing that so people could care less about Fukishima. Very odd.

  • waterbug

    People would care if they knew the truth.
    Unfortunately, many are lulled by the silence of the mainstream media.
    It is what it is.

    Someday, they will believe.
    Someday, it will be glaringly evident, to all but the most obtuse.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The debris is radioactive because everything in the jet stream is: ..all crops, water, livestock, everything, thanks to nuclear reactors.

  • Thad

    THINK — the earthquake caused tsunani struck and the waves receded with the debris BEFORE the reactors leaked radioactive materials–Long BEFORE the meltdown began—-

    • You are correct. Then after the meltdown, Tepco began releasing radioactive water into the sea. Then it rained over the Pacific Ocean. Then the debris became radioactive.

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    The debris has radioactive materials in it, since it was only 100 km off shore when the "4" reactors sent Plutonium, Uranium-238, Strontium-90, I-131, Cesium 137 and many more long half-life isotopes launching skyward towards the US mainland. (*Expert Arnie Gunderson confirmed it at Congressional Briefing 9/20/12 D.C.)