TV: Mounds of millions of jellyfish-like creatures wash up on Pacific beaches across multiple states — “They lined entire Oregon Coast” — Seen for first time in a great many years — Official: “They just covered the sea surface… as far as we could see” — Thought to mix with ones from Japan (VIDEO & PICS)

Published: July 29th, 2014 at 11:09 am ET


CBS San Francisco, July 28, 2014: The sand was kind of blue because of these kind of disgusting little creatures, they look like jellyfish. We asked an expert, they’re not true jellyfish… Don’t be afraid of them… it is normal we are told. >> Full broadcast here

Debi Shearwater of Shearwater Journeys, July 21, 2014: Half Moon Bay [California] Pelagic Trip Highlights […] For the first time in a great many years, we saw by-the-wind-sailors (Velella velella).

Tricia Johns’ Blog, July 18, 2014: Crescent City [California] — Around mid-morning we both noticed some small floating objects that weren’t familiar to us […] I suspected it was a kind of jellyfish […] Turns out these things are a jellyfish called Velella velella – we saw many thousands […]

KEZI, June 30, 2014: Millions of jellyfish-looking creatures have washed up along the shores… Officials say there’s nothing unusual about the visit from the Vellela Vallela… A surprise this weekend… Beach visitor: “All these little things, we’ve never seen them before.”…  It is best not to touch them, a lot of people have complained of an allergic reaction. >> Full broadcast here

Coos Bay World, July 10, 2014: Back after being scarce for nearly a decade, they’re showing up again this summer on Oregon’s beaches. […] Purple sailors, Velella velella, are small open-sea (pelagic) sea jelly. Great numbers of these have run aground these last couple of weeks. […] Velella on the western Pacific, near Japan, sport sails set at the opposite angle […] It is presumed — though not yet proven — that the two varieties mix in the center of the oceans […]

Weather Underground (Quickeye), July 3, 2014: Gold Beach, OR — Velella velella jelly fish stranding on the beach. About 2 miles long and about 4 yards wide.

Siuslaw News, July 3, 2014: Beachgoers are advised to not touch the blue to purple-bodied creatures, which can cause allergic reactions for some people. […] “There are millions of them on the beach right now,” said [Trisha Wymore, Oregon Parks Dept.] Velella is typically an offshore creature that lives on the ocean surface.

KGW, July 9, 2014: Mounds of purple jellyfish like creatures lining the beaches […] This weekend they came by the millions. Beach visitor: “No, we’ve never seen anything like that. It’s, ah, not normal.” […] NOAA fisheries biologist Curtis Roegner was out on a research boat [from California to Astoria]. He said they lined the entire Oregon Coast. “We saw probably this population about 40 to 50 kilometers offshore and they just covered the sea surface. There were millions and millions of them as far as we could see. It was quite impressive.” Officials say ocean and wind conditions have to come together just right to cause such a massive beaching like this. >> Watch KGW’s broadcast here

Published: July 29th, 2014 at 11:09 am ET


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137 comments to TV: Mounds of millions of jellyfish-like creatures wash up on Pacific beaches across multiple states — “They lined entire Oregon Coast” — Seen for first time in a great many years — Official: “They just covered the sea surface… as far as we could see” — Thought to mix with ones from Japan (VIDEO & PICS)

  • name999 name999

    "ocean and wind conditions have to come together just right to cause such a massive beaching like this." -Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife's comment on this widespread scene of death!

    My last summer vacation on the Oregon coast was in 2010 after many years of waiting all year for a full week with the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It was a world destination as Oregon had not commercialized the coastline, a natural retreat for healing and renewal. I always left recharged, full of insight, tanned, sand in my hair and under my nails after a week of walking barefoot, sketching the beauty, the sea stars and sand dollars, the many birds, a fire on the beach with the massive stars overhead. The lullaby of the waves…a magic place to be with loved ones, and a sacred place to reconnect with matters of the spirit. Now it is in the process of degeneration, a place of mourning.

    Lament for the Pacific Ocean.

  • ftlt

    Now this is going to be fully blamed on FUFU too.

    Jelly fish blooms have been a growing global problem long before FUFU.

    It is time for the most ardent acolytes of the church of ENENEWS to step back a bit.IMO


    We are faced with a global cocktail of horrors all being exacerbated by our greed and hubris.

    • norbu norbu

      Link? Proof that is not FUKU? Do share. Otherwise only a opinion. Not are only problem, just the largest and most damaging.

    • ftlt

      This is not denial of FUFU. On the contrary, I see it as denial by many on here that there exist other massive issues threatening the ultimate health of the planet besides FUFU and things nuclear.

      • name999 name999

        ftlt…I completely agree with you. Many many problems, very serious. Nuclear wastes and destruction are most devastating by far, but all are important to recognize.

      • norbu norbu

        I do agree with you ftlt. The asking for a link was some humor sarc… of course there are alot of really bad things happening. A link, Ha Ha, all i have to do is look outside for proof.

        • tsfw tsfw

          We are beyond the point of looking at pacific die offs as individual events. Had I seen this article three years ago, I would have thought that any number of factors could be playing a role. But we need to examine the long and rapidly growing list of die offs, since the accident, in the areas that we know are being affected by radiation. Once you start adding it all together it becomes clear. Starfish were of the first species to be affected- perhaps this is because they circulate sea water instead of blood. The fact that all we have are questions, and they never give us answers should speak volumes as well. Every article one after another is painted with befuddlement and baffleness and a line about it being sent for tests. Well where are the results of all these tests? And the 2 year old conjoined whale? If that doesn't scream Fukushima then you're in denial. I'm so tired of people not listening to the animals.

      • We Not They Finally

        ftlt, YES it's a problem with as many prongs as there are jellyfish on the shore! However, a huge contributor is the catch-all called "geoengineering" which is chemtrails, HAARP, fracking, methane releases, manipulated droughts and floods — all "man-made" and way more sinister than poor little carbon dioxide, which we need to have the flowers grow.

        The BEST we have found to decipher all that is Dane Wignington with his website He's a fabulously committed and knowledgable person whom everyone should check out. He's also NOT at all in denial about Fukushima — he just thinks that we were at tipping point already.

        • We Not They Finally

          Oh, and don't forget UV-B radiation from having punctured the ozone layer. It's gone up exponentially and is virtually de-foresting parts of the country, as well as damaging human skin.

        • Bay Area Guy 2

          I very much agree with your post. I have had many arguments with people that deny climate change. I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea HOW the climate changes, but I can say with 99.99999% certainty that with the level of crap we pump into the environment on a daily basis (an environment which, by the way, is pretty much a closed system), there has to be SOME impact on the environment. To deny that there is any link between the various types of pollution we put out and the environment is simply silly. Yet many people seem to think that there's nothing wrong with the environment. To them I say, try a little experiment. Lock yourself in a room and pump the same crap into that room that we're pumping into the environment and see what changes happen. Technology is great, but we have to balance our technology with our needs as a species. And having a reasonably clean environment in which to live is one of those needs.

          • lucius.cornelius

            I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea HOW the climate changes

            First cause is that yellow thingy in the sky that warms us all up and gives us light. Fluctuations in solar output are the prime cause of earth's climate. Everything else – CO2, human activity, cars, lightbulbs, cows farting, etc, is small fry by comparison to the sun.
            I have actually read self-confessed "experts" claim that "the sun plays no role in the earth's climate" – thus showing that the only thing they are experts in is being fools.

   for the interested (I'm not, in any way, connected to this site).

        • As Oxygen Levels Drop And CO2 Levels Rise, Human Intelligence Drops, Reaction Times Slow, Health Deteriorates; via @AGreenRoad

          • Ignore C02 and keep burning carbon fuels, at your peril…. it only speeds up the negative tipping points…

            Acid Oceans; Why Should We Care? via @AGreenRoad

            Obviously, the message everyone WANTS to hear is that they are not responsible and bear no part in the negative tipping points.. normalcy bias and denial takes over from there..

            Yup, we are all ok, keep on burning a cubic mile of carbon fuel each year, no changes happening at all.. No changes needed at all. Just get mad at the planes spraying stuff.

      • FL this is really pretty simple though.

        If we do not kill nuke and soon, spending effort on any of the other problems is a mute point.

        The radiation industry is a specific opponent with a highly vested and targeted interest, and can destroy the human genome. Hence it is the most dangerous Bronto, and we need to hasten its death.

        • nedlifromvermont

          my thoughts, exactly Stock!

          It goes like this: If we can't get it right on nuclear power, what hope do we have for any progress on GMO's, on climate change, on sustainability as a whole?

          We, here, the true believers, are not mute, and we are not moot!

          Not anonymous and IN YOUR FACE Big Nuke!

          peace folks!

      • ftlt, I hope you would not presume to know my mind. 🙂

        You may not see me or others state in every single post we make that there are multiple factors at play with any given situation. However, speaking only for myself, my priority is focused on the ONE most important factor. Escalating man made radiation has to be dealt with. NOW!

        As the kids say, "So if we don't shut NPP's down, we have a much smaller chance of surviving to deal with other factors."

        Young people cut right to the chase. 🙂

    • Sickputer

      You are quite right ftlt (for the last time). +311

      No need in having tunnel vision when we are confronted with red rivers in China, frackers shitting poisons by the billions of tons into water supplies worldwide, pesticides, herbicides that alone could kill the human race in a decade.

      And such a vacuum of power for leaders. All bought and paid for by the death dealing industries.

      Our only hope is direct action (nonviolent) by way of our only hope…the Information Era.

      Truth can fire around the world to billions in the time it takes one lying sack of shit dictator to straighten his Gucci tie.

      We are the solution…pixels of light are faster and mightier than missiles.

      • Socrates

        And the rivers ran red…. half of that crap from China blows across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast. The sweat shops were moved over there. Fracking will ruin the ecology of China and North America. My solution would be a lottery. 10% would be allowed to reproduce. 90% would be sterilized. Habits and practices and behaviors would have to be changed; either that, or face catastrophic collapse. Tax credits would be given to non-reproducers.

        Some say the Bible says to "Go forth and spread your seed." This is an example of hearsay. It is a metaphor, at best. The Garden of Eden and the Great Flood better predict and describe what is happening.

        The rise of jelly fish has been extensively studied. In the past decade, numerous television programs have described it.

        • We Not They Finally

          Just be VERY careful about the "sterilization" thing. VERY. In China, they've had the one-child policy, dictated by financial incentives for compliance and maybe penalties for not.

          Not necessarily that bad a thing — well, except for the part abut girl babies being selectively aborted or abandoned, and a largely male population will probably somehow lead to war.

          But forced sterilization on its face is a quick pathway to eugenics, directed against selected populations.

          So please be way more careful about that! Also note that John Holdren, Obama's science advisor, and a key proponent of chemtrails[!!], started out as a proponent of eugenics, saying that he cared so much about over-population — but his "solutions" were to sterilize SOME, take children away from SOME, promote abortion of SOME, and the like. Meanwhile, he had five children of his own and thought that was just fine.

          A lottery for whether or not one is allowed to propagate is frankly, a TERRIBLE idea. Dreadful! Why don't you just suggest that some people volunteer for death chambers, or if they don't volunteer, they get drafted?

          Be more careful, please!!

          • Homolumina Homolumina

            WeNot.. I do not agree or disagree, just want to point out something – we are the only nest pooping species, and, all other species keep their gene pool clean, we don't. Is it that what makes us human ? Or are we just completely off, disconnected from what life is about ? I know, that in past times the midwives not only knew the secrets of life, but of death also as being both two sides of the medal called life… they took lives of newborns that they identified so. They were the ones getting burned. Another issue is birth control which is interlinked with women's power over their own bodies. In our societies women are being kept pregnant on and on. We know that all… I find what Socrates says has truth and what you say too – which path to go ?

    • devark devark

      Can you even read? "jellyfish-like", not jellyfish.

    • I mostly disagree. Here's why.

      There are indeed many problems. We all know that.
      (agree on that part)

      However, there has been no 'real' or 'thorough' testing to speak of and even if there were it still might not point directly at Fukushima. Although it might too. Don't know for absolute.


      IMO – When I momentarily consider the coincidence of bird declines, starfish melting, and other insidious animal anomalies, all at the same time, then I am very confident that Fukushima's TRIPLE ongoing MELTDOWNS have either directly, (can be proven), or indirectly, (cannot be proven easily), been and will be, the major triggering factor in most of these events.

      Not to mention… die offs in the past may have been due to dumping contamination at sea that we were never informed of. 😉 There's that too.

  • bo bo

    Yay enenews got recognized in a popular anti nuclear blog in Japan
    Scroll down to middle, on Dr. Mita – links to enenews with tag 'this has people in U.S. talking too'

  • Socrates

    Science published a series of articles about the Anthropocene Defaunation (die-offs) of Pleistocene animals during the past 10,000 years. The publication date is July 24, 2014.

    We are seeing fewer birds this year. Pelicans were unable to reproduce this year. Tide pools are sterilized of most life forms.

    The human population has more than doubled in my lifetime. I see no reason to have further children because those in charge of the planet have no regard for the future. Humans can do fight or flight but are absolutely incapable of long-range planning. Civilization is contaminating the planet beyond it ability to support the many billions of human beings. The collapse of civilization will be catastrophic and precipitous. Capitalism and other systems centered around the means of production and finance do not take into account the environmental consequences of the massive impacts. There are geological changes that occur despite the "best laid plans of mice and men," as John Steinbeck said. Superimposed on these changes is the impact of the locust-like overpopulation of high-energy utilizing humanoids.

    I am not surprised in the slightest at the coming extinctions. Radiation has sealed the fate of Japan, and accelerated the ecological collapse on the West Coast.

    • We Not They Finally

      I can only recoil at your calling humans "locusts" ("locust-like overpopulation.") Are YOU a locust? Do you have children and grandchildren? Are they also "locusts"?

      Look, we are headed for massive DIE-OFFS of the human populations in tandem with the animal populations. More of every species, human and animal, will be UNABLE to reproduce ANYWAY. It hardly needs draconian "central planning" to help it along….

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        yes, but who can deny that "draconian", or lets call it thoughtful and considered population control wasnt needed starting at least 100 years ago? Now the locust like population explosion of humans has decimated the planet and its other -equal right to live- inhabitants by eating them, displacing them and polluting them, all the while caring only for themselves. …shudders of horror…

        One thing to deeply consider in todays world of down syndrome, fat and sick mega population is that there is no natural selection keeping the herd in top condition. The twisted minds of the mfx-ers of the world are a direct outcome of this march of invincible ego-maniacal rat-men that we proudly call human civilization. Add that they believe in divine right of dominance and the terrifying picture is complete

      • So true; a massive number of negative tipping points will have a large part of the human race unable to multiply for a variety of reasons, one of them being chronic, cumulative radiation exposure.

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        Exactly. All these challenges to humanity will happen anyway now, we might as well have more compassion on ourselves and the rest of our species rather than less.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @Socrates: I do believe Steinbeck borrowed the phrase, but it's a Robert Burns poem … toward the end he says, "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley."

      What truth that is ('gang agley' means went awry … end poorly … like nuclear power …)

      Google Robert Burns "To a Mouse" for the entire poem … expressing a human's deep felt regret for disturbing a wild animal's natural habitat;

      Would we all felt such regret for what we have done as a species …

      The nuketards among us seem to be a hard sell!

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Socrates, well stated.

      We should all also consider a time not far back in the earth’s geological time frame.

      50% of Earth's history was devoid of oxygen (O), but it had life. Debate continues over who the main biological players were in the pre-O world.

      Most believe the amount of O was insignificant up until about 2.3-2.5 billion years ago, when the global oxidization event (GOE) occurred. The jump in O levels was likely caused by cyanobacteria.

      When and how the O exhalers appeared is unclear, due to the fact that the GOE is inexorably linked to a complicated convergence of widespread environmental mineralization, extremes in temperatures, and the proliferation of newly emergent species.

      No one should ever take for granted the ability to breath in air containing O, which hasn’t been here with/for us all that long.

      Nuclearists, full of arrogance and pomposity, have no hesitation to risk the gift given over billions of years. FU melts continually bleeding death into the oceans and atmosphere, have no regard for the underlying biological networks and genome which supports continued and substantial oxygenation of the planet. More melts globally are statistically guaranteed.

      Teratological and molecular biological consequences are incomprehensible to nuclearist dogma parrots. Phytoplankton populations will suffer the same fate as the indicator species, dying in rapid succession, until there are no more.

      Risks are quite high. Try breathing without O…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    " Thought to mix with ones from Japan "
    Via the water that brought them from Japan.
    Living creatures arrive .. inanimate objects ..but not the contamination..?
    How so?

  • weeman

    I do hope that there is a plan to remove the jellyfish like creatures from the intake pipes of nuclear plants, etc.

    • recall there was a report about a slice and dice machine engineered to manage the jelly-fish at intake pipes….

      • elenews

        Nothin could be worse than chopping up jellies! Saw on Nat Geographic that Japanese fishermen would take their nets full of them and chop them and throw away back in the ocean. The scientists said that chopping them causes them to release all their eggs and sperm, as a sort of defense. So it's worse than chopping up earthworms. Instead of a few new ones you get a BLOOM of jellies by the millions. Yeah a nuke plant would be stupid enough to do that too. Dumbasses.

    • We Not They Finally

      Apparently, they could not even figure out how to remove the nuclear-infested tsunami debris from the surface of the sea.


        Europe had a jellyfish intake problem that forced an atomic reactor shutdown. Suck it up, sterilise 'em and squirt 'em out. Kill the ocean microorganisms, who needs oxygen and biodiversity. Not anti-human corporations; that's for sure!

        All bow and protect corporations; woof, woof, hoot, hoot.

  • scottyji scottyji

    I grew up on Monterey Bay, CA, and these colorful creatures were blown onto the beach every summer.
    Then they disappeared for decades – very much like the huge anchovy schools – only to return this year. Anchovy schools are back this year, too, though greatly reduced numbers from when I was in high school in the late 60s.

    "Velella velella is commonly known by the names sea raft, by-the-wind sailor, purple sail, little sail, or simply Velella.[2]"

  • With all the Ba137 forming now, sunlight will not last much longer. The UVB issues will solve simply by Chernobyl CS137 changing into Ba137 in about 2 more years. They plan to simply raise the laws again to accommodate there nightmare ways. We get nothing but the laws changed. Demands will not work, Shoving pamphlets in store customers faces will serve to only deplete the global oxygen levels further. There is no solution. These impossible idiots were warned. There answer was to buy off the right people to make the schools stop teaching this dangerous to them science. They refused to learn such ridiculous things and now are not even punished due to this empty void they have placed between most peoples ears. We are schooled to be too stupid to conceive the truths, so they lie and we still buy.

    • bf9 bf9

      Hate to agree with you Onto, but you're right. And I can vouch as I went through public school within the last two decades…the atomic period was skimmed over in a matter of an hour's history lesson and Chernobyl was never mentioned once. Not once.

      There is no solution, because of the current geo-political structure which is more or less iron clad, the designed apathy of the population, and I am one who believes the amount of radiation released just from R3 at Fuku is a planet killer. MOX fuel is an *entirely* different game.

      After taking some college chemistry/physics/biology with some dabbling in nuclear physics in my free time I already have all the information I need. It's just a matter of how quickly will it all fall apart now.

      • The nuclear industry is making a HUGE push into public elementary, middle, high schools and colleges, pushing their pro nuclear propaganda.

        Everyone coming out of school and college will have to unlearn all of the programming, before they can even start to learn about REALITY.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          They need to teach them how to take chemo, pills and shots too! 🙂

          I would think taxation would need to be covered also, since there is no insurance coverage for these Nuclear Operations and these young kids will have to cough up about 60% of their income in the future to pay off this current industries public debt already created. 🙁

          Any of these kids read their insurance policies they will find out they are not all! 🙁

        • Sparky Sparky

          Yes, pro-nuke IS making a push in the schools. I'm seeing more federal and state grants funding opportunities, projects (e.g, websites, fairs, training programs for students and teachers/faculty) and workforce development initiatives that tout nuclear or nuclear-related. There's also an increased emphasis on reaching out to underrepresented populations (e.g., low income, minority, nontraditional) to ensure they have the same "opportunities" in these death occupations.

          I posted earlier in the OT thread re: "Nuclear Tipping Point" movie, with teacher's guide used to frame the nuclear security/"clean" nuclear energy perspective. This is what they're teaching in the schools.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Speaking of Fuku-D & R3, Goodbye Neoguri and Helloo HALONG!! This storm is still pretty far out to sea but certainly looks like it's heading straight for Japan if it continues its present course[?]!! 😐 Maybe they can gather up dead jellyfish and make a frozen wall out of 'em? Sooner or later something natural or man-made in the disaster dept. is gonna finish what they started and it won't bode well for the people or critters they FUKuDuP! Not that "hormesis" hasn't already turned to "neutropenia"….

    • No need to shove 🙂 just leave randomly where you please ya

      Better to know than not. 5,064 downloads since June 1. x10 = potentially 50,000 informed.

      Other resources for those not yet worn out

      Thanks, All. The rad word still needs to get out!! Do your part

      • More folks than have been shown to comment on new EPA rad rules

        August 4 approaches very soon.

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          I thot the deadline for EPA comments was Aug. 3….?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Here's a post from our buddy MoeFoe. Note he makes mention of Enenews. Apparently he's very, very afraid of us. In the public domain, so should be OK to copy here w. note of author's stated name.

          The EPA should consider revising the standard. No definitive "no dose is safe" meme has been accepted by the scientific community. The fact of the matter is that the work of Dr. Goffman was not vetted nor accepted by ICRP. The risks of low dose (acute) can only be ascertained above 0.1 Sv. Below that value, and for a chronic dose, its mostly the application of LNT that drives the issue.

          So the fundamental issue becomes – how much is it worth to keep LNT at the forefront of policy? LNT has costs associated with it, not just monetary costs but human costs. If real protection is to be afforded, LNT can not be used, since philosophically you will be inundated by those "no dose is safe" folks that are ardent in their claims not to raise any limit.

          The current limit is needlessly low. It places undue burden on economic resources that have to deal with the fall out (no pun intended) of this policy.

          You will be inundated by those that follow the Caldicotts, Goffmans, Busby's and Mangano's of the world. I say that these resources are heavily skewed to an agenda.

          My only question is that why dont these good folks turn their energies to coal emissions, which have been proven more harmful (radiologically wise) than a clean operating nuclear plant."

          • HoTaters HoTaters


            The reason is that they can not bite the hand that feeds them.

            So here you have it, if you want followers of to flood this comment line with their inimical "no dose is safe" mem, then you will be stuck trying to defend the undefendable.

            The best course of action is to base any policy on risk, and not turn that risk exercise into a numbers game where someone would come along and say "millions will die" without having any real proof.

            Removing man made radiation sources in the world will not eliminate cancer.

            Making it so that the radiation health physics community is hamstrung with overly burdensome policies is not the answer either.

            The choice is yours.

            Thank you.


            Anyone have a succinct summary of the LNT and some good info. on Gofman's work to counter this comment? Any succinct statement re: health physics vs. LNT? I'm not able to do it today, but if one of you can counter any of these jibes at us (just basically made up lies IMO) please do!

            Am planning to do some research to post a couple more informed comments at the EPA/Federal Register comment site.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              What is our agenda, toward which our comments are "skewed?" Well, if we have one, it is protecting health, safety, and the biosphere from a wicked, death dealing technology which has trivialized the value of human life, of all life since its inception.

              So what's wrong with being "pro life" in the broadest sense?

              Hmmn, Mr. Moe Foe? Do tell.

              This guy sounds like the ultimate facist pro-industry shill.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Note all the ad hominem attacks by Moe Foe in the comment to the Federal Register, and the "appeal to authority" attack. Right out of the dirty moves playbook. This guy is totally intellectually bankrupt and morally decrepit.

              So he really thinks he can discredit Enenews, does he? Enenews is a news aggregator. So I guess our bud Moe Foe thinks everyone who writes about these issues is full of jive too?

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Who gives a flying fleep whether or not the ICRP vetted John Gofman, MD's statements? Who needs the lying ICRP to validate anything? The ICRP party line has always been a pro-industry pack of lies.

      • Just leave em where ya please ya. That is a $1500 fine here, it is a law on the books to prevent littering. And a possible 30 days AND trash detail.

  • "Whether childhood cancer is becoming more common is a controversial question among scientists."
    stock—and then it goes on to say…..

    In 1996, the National Cancer Institute reported that the frequency (incidence rate) for cancer of all types in children increased 10% between 1973 and 1991. This means that 10% more new cases of cancers per million children were found in 1991 than in 1973. During this period, brain cancer and soft tissue sarcoma each increased more than 25% (1).

    So just why the hell is there even an iota of controversy about this?

    I have been researching for more recent sancer stats, they seem impossible to get. The NCI Has a one year report from 2002, and the last compiled data showing a year by year trend was 1999.

    Consipracy, methinks so.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Enformable article about how the groundwater bypass system is not making any noticeable difference.

    The problem is that they are only pumping out 100 tonnes a day. Gravity easily fills a pittance of a void like that, especially if it fed by altitude (like from up in the mountains). The starting point where they would probably see it make any difference is between 1000 and 2000 tonnes a day. And to make a truly effective system, over 3000 tonnes would need to be removed, spread out over a much bigger area and further from the compound. They need to pull out enough water to overcome the resistance point of flow. Until you reach that point, it's going to be a futile effort.

    This is another example of TEPCO throwing money down the drain because they think too small, trying to keep the PR attempt as inexpensive as possible.

    • Shaker1

      Agreed, dosdos. Not only gravity, but reducing pressure above allows what might be below to rise to fill the space. They also haven't made it a priority to truly manage what needs to be taken out. I also seriously doubt that the simple graphics of the layered water there are anything other than a guess from summaries of single points. What actually happens between those points, or even a meter laterally from flow may be altogether different. They're planning more ALPS systems, but…And then, those, too, they'll have to manage. Tanks aren't going to make it by any stretch of the imagination.

      But one thing should be clear is that it can't be a cure-all, only mediation. An 'impermeable' wall is no different in that it will not have a bottom. Any walls that are little more than diversion such as these they will have to manage the water within the perimeter. That perimeter must be as small as possible. And, damn, they still don't get that the calcium chloride in a situation such as this may be insufficient to do the job, if at all, without a very large time-span.

      Water flow underground, especially when it's distrubed by removal or ground movements (earthquakes anyone?) is difficult to manage. My first experience with fracking was in the early 90s. A friend who mined copper was finding the well he needed for his separation going dry. They fracked it, which worked for a week or so, then it went totally dry.

  • The CDC stopped publishing cancer data in 2010….hmmmmm

    Wasn't that FUFU thing in 2011, what a coincidence.

    They also let you download a year of data, but no more than one at a time. They let you view a 10 year video of trends based by state with whole USA shown, basically making it a useless graphic.

    • jec jec

      Gee..same as EPA radiation data…they SAY you can find recent data, just down load it..with 404 errors if you dont type in the exact term( no menu or drop downs with valid value). So figured that out go look for Iodine 131 testing in say Virginia..last test was in the 19s..nothing recent. Could not find any recent results. I quit after a few hours..sent error report to EPA..they did email me back..told me to put in the correct values..sent me a file as recent test data in within a few recent years like since 2006 or so NADA….AAGH….

  • This site shows only mortality, as if getting cancer is not important, only if you die that year

    • jec jec

      And only if you died FIRST from cancer..not pneumonia, not infection..not liver or kidney failure…go figure that out. Same as death of infants..if the baby is still born..not included. If baby is pre-mature dies in utero, aborted..not counted. So a malformed fetus, if not counted or included. Hard to find out how dangerous radiation is when all is covered up…

  • Help bringing truth to the Conca Shill site?

    LOL, the releases from FUKU have already far exceeded Chernobyl….who gives a rip about the reactor design.

    I see…you are estimating costs, yet they are still failing on every experiment, they still have to invent technology that doesnt exist, but you can hang your hat on a cost.

    Stop promoting radiation, we have more than enough, just the amount that they still want to stuff into WIPP as low level stuff only is only to contaminate every plant and every animal including algae, plankton and all the small stuff up to a radioactivity level of 166 Bq/kG….and that is just what would have gone into wing 6 and 7.

    Got it? we have created WAY TOO much radiation and mankind cannot handle it. Conca knows how poorly this WIPP thing has been handled.

    PS what do you do for a job?

  • dunkilo

    wonder how they taste?stir fry…bake ..crock pot!!…with a side of soylent green….breathe deep…..

  • stock here—lets get back to basics, of course when you mix humans with a incredibly dangerous, odorless, tasteless, invisible poison generating "technology", you will have trouble. But the real problem is not "federal", the real problem is that nuclear and humans cannot mix on the same planet.


    Any failure to create a sustainable future for the Savannah River Site has to first rest with President Barack Obama playing politics and the unclear vision set by the federal government.

    No concrete plan seems to exist for the site in light of Obama’s decision to close Yucca Mountain in Nevada, as well as his support of essentially defunding the site’s Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication facility, or MOX program.

    The move to close Yucca Mountain represented an almost undeniable power play by Obama, who has been heavily criticized for abandoning the idea of a nuclear repository at the site in Nevada. Many understandably saw it as move to appease his ally Harry Reid, the Democratic U.S. Senator from Nevada who serves as Senate major leader, and to carry the state for the Democratic Party in the presidential election.

    Read more: Editorial: String of blame begins at federal level | Aiken Standard
    Follow us: @aikenstandard on Twitter | aikenstandard on Facebook

  • dunkilo

    Im sorry to make light of this ,its my way of coping.Sorry if I offended anyone.

    • just breathe just breathe

      No offence taken dunkilo
      You are trankilo with us here.
      We are all just trying to cope!
      Remember brothers and sisters,
      When we're under attack by unknown adversaries…
      Just Breathe
      Peace to all

  • just breathe just breathe

    Hey guys!
    If peanut butter were the coria
    and jelly is the Jam washing up on our beaches…
    then there must truth in the, Life's a shit sandwich theory.

  • TEPCO, Where are those multiple melted out coriums?

    Why can't you figure out how or even when to stop the multiple open to water busted reactors from leaking high level liquid waste into the Pacific ocean, which feeds BILLIONS of people?

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Hi folks,
    This might be nothing; or it might mean something to the tech folks here.
    I only get a wireless internet signal (1x) if I put my phone in the right hand corner of the east window. When I download a thread, text loads first, then avatars,pics etc..
    Just now, I pulled the phone out of the window,lost signal and saw that our, uh, groupie's avatar loads last; it was blank except for a single word; a word that doesn't appear in the avatar as we normally see it. Just above the letters we do usually see. That single word is "faster".
    Mean anything, techies?
    Did he just misspell 'fester'?

    • bonsairebellion bonsairebellion

      Hey danger Kitty,

      Usually we code an "alt" attribute with any image. This is a word that will appear unless/until the image does. It was important in the dial up days. Sorry your having such a history lesson in band width but that is probably what it is.

  • FXofTruth

    Since the "R" word is so difficult for the experts and mass media to say then, it's really just a waiting game. The people that have warned everyone from the beginning were accused of having the "Chicken Little Complex." Well, the sky is falling ever so slowly but, it IS falling.

    The longer it takes for the real radiation contamination facts to be released (to the average beach goers)…the more exposed they will be to the bio-accumulating radiation contamination. Their bodies will become saturated with the contamination and at some point…the "C" word (Cancer) or "D" word (Disease) will hit.

    Very soon, the experts and mass media will be unable to ignore the problem "when" (not if) the ocean becomes void of most sea life. Species that can't evolve fast enough (which is likely the majority of them), will become extinct in this part of the globe. The longer the radiation contamination flows from Japan, within 10 years or less that contamination will have touched all over the entire globe.

    So, all we can do is watch our lives maniacally disappear.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @FX … which is undoubtedly why people at the "Executive Level" at places like NPR and ABC and MSNBC et cetera et cetera have been told NOT to publish any truth on the Fuku matter …

      … wouldn't want to start a panic now, would we …

      … wouldn't want to cause the markets to stumble … people to stop shopping and paying mortgages now, would we?

      peace 'newsers … seeking our truth!

  • Back to the jellyfish creatures. Starting in 1952, I was a kid in S.E. Alaska and deckhand on my dad's salmon troller the next several fishing seasons. He referred to them (or a similar variety) as Portuguese Man 'o Wars, floating on the seasonal Japanese current. We hated them whether slimed onto our gear, or during later years, wading on WA beaches. They STUNG! And if you got them splattered in your eyes, canned milk poured on the eyeballs made them feel better.

    All those years, I've never seen the huge amounts of them though, like those described in the articles. (One time after a pretty good subduction EQ, some lines of them washed ashore at Bandon, OR where I also lived for years. That was interesting.

    They only appeared at certain times and in fairly predictable amounts since they seem to have a temperature preference and of course the wind and ocean currents have to have their proper seasonal patterns too. I'm not trying to argue anything…just relating my experience.

    And I still hate the smell of canned evap. milk. 🙂

  • Jebus Jebus

    Jellyfish opportunistically blooming in an increasingly acidic Ocean.

    Then they got nuclear…

    • Sol Man

      Right, I hope that they don't get into the gigantism thing that I've seen with some of the produce coming in. Seems to be evident with pineapples, some melons, oranges. I did harvest some dandelions with incredible long flower stems at about 18". I should have photographed them but didn't think of it at the time. Perhaps, next spring. Found them at over 9,000' elevation.

  • jec jec

    Has anyone CHECKED to see if these little guests from Japan are showing any radiation? That would be an interesting test for someone with an Inspector or similar dosimeter and a bit of desire to visit a somewhat smelly, sea jelly littered beach in Oregon or California…

  • Jebus Jebus

    I have to say out of respect for those who lost their lives and loved ones from the tsunami, that the chemical pulse that was let upon the pacific ocean was tremendous and just one of the knock out punches delivered by hubris and greed onto the earth's ocean that day…

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    Talking of die off's…I'm from Portsmouth on the south coast uk lots of lovely sunshine this summer…. but sadly not many fish being caught off our shore anymore… not seeing many bait fish like mackerel or the small fry they feed upon or much in he way of gulls or turns going for the fry…I used to love a little catch and return…almost pointless these days 🙁
    I blame La Hague, Sellafield, Chernobyl or perhaps even the totally out of all containment 'look the other way' and go 'lalalalala' at the blinding snowstorm of pro nuclear bullshit that flows from every (in)credible source…I'm fucking disgusted at what we all let them do!!… Down tools! 'Fuck' their bullshit system… end their reign… Its END GAME either way, probably, anyways now…
    Peaceful down tools anyone? Global Strike? How many days till fukushima got even close to being realistically even addressed. Three?…Four?…A Month?… How many generations are left for us Anyway? 25 species a day is it? In this 'Global Atmospheric Gas Chamber' I really don't like our odds so much to be fair these days…In fact I know what I WOULD bet on…. But, of course, the betting slip would never actually get claimed 🙁

    • name999 name999

      It is still hard to believe this is happening. We are Dinosaurs. The new age is the computerized human being.

    • demise demise

      There is no solution. That's the problem. You can put 50 of the world's top experts in a room and the result will be no solution.

      So the governments and their media lap dogs will just ignore it as long as they can because the drones will continue to buy things and paying taxes until they get sick or start rioting in the streets about radiation poisoning.

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    Sorry Just Venting Grrr lol

  • rogerthat
    (Reuters) – On the second anniversary of a scheme aimed at boosting Japan's renewable energy after the Fukushima crisis, its powerful industry ministry is taking steps critics say will choke off solar investment and pave the way for a return to nuclear power. …

  • I wondered what the heck eats these little creatures? Are the predators that can deal with their sting GONE? The next predator up on the food chain totem pole….that might help keep their numbers and cycles at *what we'd perceive as normal*…. is what I'm pondering.

    Do they even have a predator that finds them yummy and nutritious?
    🙂 Yes, according to Wiki: Specialized predatory gastropod mollusks prey on these cnidarians. Such predators include nudibranchs (sea slugs) in the genus Glaucus and purple snails in the genus Janthina.

    They have a complex reproductive cycle and "can utilize sunlight for energy". Hmmmm.

    From this:
    "So what about the sail? Looking down on a purple sailor (long side vertical), you’ll notice the sail is set at a northwest-to-southeast angle — like a backward slash \ .

    Velella on the western Pacific, near Japan, sport sails set at the opposite angle, like a forward slash /, which help them tack away from that shore. It is presumed — though not yet proven — that the two varieties mix in the center of the oceans and the wind sorts them out, with the angle of the sail tacking
    it away from the shoreline under moderate winds."

    Hmmmm again.

  • demise demise

    Everybody is allergic to radiation. The media spin on these stories are absolutely staggering to try to keep radiation deaths out of sight and mind.

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