TV: Huge fire at US nuclear plant — “Flames shooting into air… Massive plume of smoke” — “Neighbors on high alert… Scary… Very concerning… Don’t panic” — “It just stops you in your tracks when you see it” (VIDEO)

Published: November 9th, 2017 at 4:09 am ET


WSOC, Nov 8, 2017 (emphasis added): #BREAKING: Huge transformer fire at McGuire Nuclear Station… sports anchor @philorbanWSOC9 took video of the huge plume of black smoke

WSOC, Nov 8, 2017: #BREAKING @wsoctv a massive plume of smoke from fire at the McGuire Nuclear Station…

WSOC, Nov 8, 2017: MUST WATCH: McGuire Nuclear Station fire

WSOC transcript, Nov 8, 2017: Check out this video if you haven’t seen it yet – this towering black smoke and the flames shooting in the air, this from the nuclear power station in Huntersville… Eyewitness: “It was a little scary to see that much smoke and flames coming from one little area.”… They still don’t know what started it… You couldn’t miss the cloud of charcoal black smoke spiraling into the air… Fire crews raced to the switchyard… Nuclear power plant spokesperson: “We don’t know exactly what caused the fire…. there was some type of equipment failure”… We’re told it took about 4 hours to put that fire out… This fire happened right across the street from the main facility… it’s very concerning

WSOC transcript, Nov 8, 2017: Neighbors on high alert after fire at McGuire Nuclear Station — Many neighbors who live near the nuclear station were just starting their day when this thick black smoke filled the air near that plant… Many of them say they weren’t worried about living so close to this facility – that is, until now… This was a real wake up call for many people who live close to that McGuire nuclear plant… They weren’t ready for what they saw today… Look at this video — it just stops you in your tracks when you see it

WCNC, Nov 8, 2017: Don’t worry about the heavy black smoke rising from nuclear power plant, authorities say — Authorities warned the public not to panic over heavy columns of black smoke… Multiple fire crews were on scene…

Charlotte Observer, Nov 8, 2017: The black smoke billowing from the McGuire Nuclear Station early Wednesday was the result of a transformer fire, according to the Huntersville Fire Department…  “We expect to remain on scene for an extended period of time,” officials said. A tanker was also called in from the East Lincoln Fire Department, officials said.

Watch broadcasts here: WSOC | WSOC

Published: November 9th, 2017 at 4:09 am ET


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53 comments to TV: Huge fire at US nuclear plant — “Flames shooting into air… Massive plume of smoke” — “Neighbors on high alert… Scary… Very concerning… Don’t panic” — “It just stops you in your tracks when you see it” (VIDEO)

  • razzz razzz

    I wonder if those transformers are old enough to have PCBs in them?

    • GOM GOM

      Why do some of us have the ability to critical think so quickly? Like on auto-pilot.
      I would have self-evac my ass outta there until the smoke was long gone.

    • You spec?


      What transformer was that? Aged and a malfunction?

      Scary and think there was pcb's released? Probably and real pollution while on fire regardless of what was burning inside that metal case right there, right then…

      Simple right?

      Malfunction Junction on a load (e) or unit cascaded to the weakest link? I like to translate so here goes…

      The thing malfunctioned and went KaBlooie?

      And smoked the place up eh?

      Some say it can take up to 6 months to replace one….


      Burn It Down (Official Video) – Linkin Park:

  • freebywill

    No fire suppression systems in the switch-yard. Gas stations have them, drychem and/or halon. Ever see the aftermath ? I have, what a mess, drychem powder was all over the street, cars, people, everything. Had just happened when I drove up. Drunk dude was filling up, while it was filling he decided to have a smoke. Seems he had spilled some gas down the side of his car as he staggered around to put the nozzle in the fill line. Duh-oh.

  • freebywill


    "At 0824 EST on 11/8/17, a Switchyard Autotransformer began to burn due to an equipment failure.

    The autotransformer supports interconnectivity between each side of the switchyard and is not required for switchyard operation.

    There was no work in progress on the associated autotransformer at the time of the event.

    The autotransformer and the switchyard are outside the protected area approximately one mile away.

    The fire was contained to the autotransformer only. The fault has been electrically isolated and there was no effect on either MNS [McGuire Nuclear Site] Unit 1 or Unit 2 operations. No personnel were injured as a result of the fire. Local Fire Department responded and has contained the fire. MNS fire brigade leader along with switchyard maintenance have confirmed no effects to the MNS bus lines, power availability, or the ability for the site to generate power.

    "Environmental personnel have made a notification to the National Response Center due to the oil and foam mixture occurring as a result of the fire response. McGuire hazmat personnel are currently working to contain this oil and foam mixture. Environmental personnel are also submitting a report to the NC [North Carolina] Department of Environmental Water Quality within 24 hours. There is no impact to the…


    Something not quite right here. These immense transformers don't just catch fire. Big news black-out too. Why was the ground rumbling?

    Let's see..where the hell are the faults in this region? Brevard, Linville,..Fracking?

    Gotta check out some stuff.

    BBL..I smell a coverup of something geologic.


    EAS Scenario The Brevard Fault Line

    Takes Savannah River with it..


    This whole area is moving. Ashville, NC (mts) recent multiple quakes, 18 days ago there was an earthquake in this region.

    Ground acceleration, waves..could damage older or not so stable structures.

    Shit like this will happen with more & more frequency. If..this was the cause. The term used 'ground rumbling' speaks volumes.

    Also, geologically speaking, the area is trashed. Mecklenburg county North Carolina was the Mecca for mining..


    Risk and Consequences of Transformer Explosions and Fires in Nuclear Power Plant

    Abstract only

    The Journal of Air Force Institute of Technology

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    I noticed on the TV station vid it was stormy looking.
    Could be a number of reasons, power surges, older unit, etc.

    There is a reason why they build 'explosion walls' around them,,,when they are new/new construction. They fail.

    BE interesting to know 'how' old the unit was, capacity, etc.

  • The comments giving info on the occurrences (Freebywill,GOM)prompts me to give readers a feel for what worldwide dam content changes are inflicting on other parts of modern civilization:
    Ar 7: 35 there swas a 5.7 MM magnitude earthquake caused by dams apart from the transformer explosion and direct heating of the ground:

    At 7:35:11.46 UTC there was a worldwide dam content change of 0.02 BCM which resulted at MCGUIRE a peak ground motion acceleration INPUT of 40g, assuming all the shock water moment input there was converted to kinetic energy of downward vertical ground motion. Applying the precautionary principle, I simulate that the dam content change also caused just prior to this acceleration a shock temperature input rise of 33 million degrees Kelvin on a block of the station of 200mx200mx1m for a fraction of a second resulting in melting of the earth below the transformer just a mile away; this caused the transformer to blow up.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      I find it interesting to imagine 20 million cubic meters of water movement concentrated to a specific point, in/for a fraction of a second.

      Moving, yes, Oroville is rated at 4,200 m3/s, about 80 min. to move 20mil meters out thru the spillway.

      The fiasco in Feb.'17, at one point the inflow was 3,700 m3/s, about 90 min to gain 20mil meters.

      Were there any worldwide changes that could be associated with these events in Feb.'17?

      • @AirSepTech
        November 10, 2017 at 1:17 am
        Hi,It is not water movement, but water moment in the sense of bending moment, N-m. Worldwide each dam content change appears as the weight of such water content at the center of mass or center of gravity of all such water masses behind all the world's dams.At any instant such changes appear summed up at the center of gravity of all reservoirs.The total capacity of all such dams is some 15000 to 20000 BCM. So at 735 UTC on 8th November 2017, the worldwide water content change amounted to 0.02 BCM in 20000 BCM of 10EXP-4 percent. This weight change applies a bending moment at points on/in the earth and appears as a surge even at thousands of kilometers from the center of gravity. This results in the stated effects I have written about above. The surge may last at a fortuitous point like the autotransformer in MCGUIRE'S case for a second or more or less depending on the speed of the surge.This is a simplified statement of the dynamic.
        In the case of Oroville I will work out again and get back.
        Thanks for your interest and concern so missing among us about new viewpoints about phenomena. Hopefully modern civilization's actors will see the truth and take appropriate action which will go a long say to help in the genesis and support of life, rather than its destruction at the altar of gaps in knowledge.

        • Millions of degrees temperature rise, due to moving water?

          I mean, if you said 3 degree temp rise, I would be flabbergasted.

            • You said it was a "moment" of water, most people could relate to that as a Torque newtow-meters for instance.

              A fluid per se cannot transmit a torque/moment directly. So please explain yourself without trying to get me to read an hours worth of stuff.

              The normal movement of water through dams would not impact the earth more than the normal movement of water through rivers.

              I do understand how "point loading" a reservoir could add stress to underlying crust and thus earthquakes, but the million degree temperature rise is a HUGE non-starter for me.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              " The weight of water acting at the center of gravity of all the water masses behind the reservoirs exerts moments in all directions about the center of gravity. This moment becomes effective whenever a fulcrum is offered at the faults (stick-slip phenomenon)."

              What seems like a simple explanation is not easily understood. You have to explain why you take the center of gravity of all dams rather than the individual action of dams to the geology which is relevant.

              I have difficulty imagining a moment without the system of a lever in place, otherwise it appears to be a question of momentum or inertia. Perhaps there is a language or terminology barrier.

              Is the concept of the faults as a fulcrum immediately evident? At first glance, I would tend to think the inertial center of a tectonic plate is its fulcrum for vertical movement. For horizontal movement, the plates are locked on all sides by the other plates. Thus there is no single fulcrum point for a lever system of plates in the horizontal plane given by sticking points along a fault, unless of course my imagination is simply in error, a high likelyhood! Rather, I would think of moments along a plate being expressed at fault locations.

              On an aside, it would seem there is another factor…the change in horizontal force due to conservation of rotational inertia. Did you calculate it? This would cause a moment of force acting horizontally in the mountain ranges where dams are built

              • Code the change in height of the weight of the water would simply act to slow the earth down a little bit, any forces would be minor or non-existant and small and incremental with time as the dam filled up or down.

                Space weather/ magnetism has much more effect of the "big ones"

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  stock, the conservation of rotation momentum would speed up the earth as the water was drained from dams, but the action would be transmitted from mountain ranges at the dam to the earth and this is a non uniform force. Imagine many spokes freely spinning around an axis with weights on them. As you pull in the weight on some of them, they spin faster and will bump into the others. I didnt calculate…but did you?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Indeed, we are still implying 'movement' and 'energy transfer' are we not?

          .02 billion cubic meters has a weight of 20bil metric tons. Not a large amount on a planetary scale, but a significant amount to move or change…momentarily.
          I have used Oroville as it has capacity to move/change rather large weights fairly quickly.

          I am interested in:
          the rate of change calculations/locations
          the energy transport
          the predictability

          • @stock
            November 10, 2017 at 10:47 am and AirSepTech
            November 10, 2017 at 11:20 am
            Basic prerequisite reading:

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              navilu; thanks for visiting ENEnews.

              Please realize that for people of my low intelligence, you need to give more explanation in very simple ways. 'Spell it out'

              For example, you seem to go from mentioning the SUM TOTAL of all dam potential energy> to a moment> to heat generation and I am left wondering what you are talking about. You would have to explain.

              Is there a moment without a lever? Is the lever the tectonic plates? Are the moment of intertia centroids of the plates the 'fulcrum' and the faults the focal point of action? How do you come upon a temperature rise? It seems you take the potential energy and convert to joules of heat or something, but is that valid? The potential energy is dissipated in hydrodynamic drag of the flowing water ways draining the dam and I would guess the rise in temperature of land around waterways downstream from dams is insignificant. Are you taking the sum of all dams, and deriving the global center of mass? That doesnt seem valid, on the face of it. Each tectonic plate may be 'a system', like polar bears jumping from one ice sheet to another. But considering the size and thickness ratio, plates may act like very flexible sheets vertically, changing the assumption they act as levers to deliver the force of changing water levels many many kilometers away. There are losses, frictional losses etc. Im sure you consider all of this, yet it is not immediately evident in your writing. Your writing is 'condensed'…

            • I am pretty open minded, love conspiracy, love new ideas, but as an MSME I just can't track this at all, and the millions of degree temp rise is incredulous. It may be a language thing, you are from India or something, right?

              The TOTAL dam content change appearing at the center of gravity exerts a water moment change at the location of the start of the hurricane. The shock so delivered is assumed to raise the temperature of the block of sea floor, applying the precautionary principle, to determine a baseline of temperature rise for the block- a source term for the cause of the hurricane and its severity. The temperature rise is proportional to the dam content change. For the period considered, the sum of such temperature rises to the start of the Hurricane gives us an idea of the cumulative temperature rises transformed to deaths, destruction and damages wrought by the hurricane. The Newton’s Law of cooling seems inadequate to mitigate the consequences of the water inputs and withdrawal from the dams.
              The Figures below show the millions of degrees Kelvin of cumulative Temperature rise triggering the hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017.

              • Dear Enenewsers, with particular references to Codeshutdown and stock: No it is not a language problem. It I feel is an issue of feel for a system like the interconnectedness of apparently separate things.It is a question of intimate study of various phenomena occurring in the universe which seem to be connected with geoengineering read modern civilization. I have been working on the phenomena of effects caused by dams for a long time now, with an engineering background concerned by their unacceptable consequences for life. Since all things are interconnected you dare not break them down to specialist parts except to understand the myriad effects in a simplified way. Public Interest Science, not only specialist ways will make this or that explanation plausible for the dynamics of the various observations.

                • Continued and concluded for now:
                  When plausibility is possible, the probability for a phenomenon's cause can be established. Having said this much you can gauge the success of a scientific explanation not sitting in the framework of modern civilization(MC) but independent of it,if you despecialize your vision away from MC into something higher. That higher is interconnectedness: There is true knowledge:To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate(which may be nonlife)the one inseparable. Imperfect knowledge is born out of asserting that it is true that existences can be separate because we apparently see that they are.At its center of gravity you can lift the earth,else it topples!

                  • navilu, no problem in understanding a great spirit and other spirits, however the big events that happen that can be represented by Newtonian mechanics are barely or not at all connected to the energy /spirit of living things.

                    Definitely space weather, and our classic science poor understanding on electricity and magnetism and the other "mystery force or ether" affect EQ quite a lot.

                    You might have a great theory, but it's clouded in so much mumbo jumbo I can't make heads nor tails of it.

                    • @stock
                      November 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm
                      We are only a short distance away from explaining where we stand. Intriguingly interesting to take the disc further. I will folllow up in the article. Thanks and regards.
                      It is far beyond Newton.

          • @ AirSepTech
            November 10, 2017 at 11:20 am
            I have included a brief explanatory simulated scenario of the Orovilli spillway damage event of 7 February 2017 in

  • You can see from nrc document what MCGUIRE station is designed for:

      • Thanks Mr Farthington MacManus. In the email just above my clarification, the the same URL appears properly. Sorry for the error.

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          Sorry dude, I didn't even notice the link above, my bad. My vision isn't so great "these days"…read the stuff in the first link, tried to click the second .pdf link, go figure. I kinda just reposted that link to check if it's filtered (seen a bit of that).

          • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

            "Duke indicated that major components in the containments had median seismic capacities greater than 2.5g for McGuire and greater than 1.92g for Catawba."

            What does that even mean? They only bothered to design and test for 2.5g and 1.92g there, respectively?

            And from or-well's link:

            "This means that in the event of a severe accident in which the reactor fuel melts, the risk that the reactor containment will rupture and large releases of radioactive materials into the environment will occur is significantly greater at Catawba and McGuire than at PWRs with other types of containment."

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    Fitzpatrick just had a "leak" from some fuel rods as well they say….

  • or-well

    McGuire? Oh yeah – ice condenser containment. You might want to learn about THAT !

    just rust-bucketin' along spodee-odee all the live-long day.

    • Thanks or-well.
      Alls not well that ends not well.
      I had missed the informative article.

    • freebywill

      from the link or-well posted – " However, an analysis has been recently released by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the federal agency that regulates nuclear power plants, that calls into question the level of protection to the public from potential accidents at Catawba and McGuire. This new NRC study has found that pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) with "ice condenser" containments, a category that includes Catawba and McGuire, are "substantially more sensitive to early containment failure" than other types of PWR containments. This means that in the event of a severe accident in which the reactor fuel melts, the risk that the reactor containment will rupture and large releases of radioactive materials into the environment will occur is significantly greater at Catawba and McGuire than at PWRs with other types of containment.

      The implications of this result for the MOX fuel program are clear. The four

      Catawba and McGuire units are among only nine PWRs in the U.S. that are exceptionally vulnerable to early containment failure.

      [ Was MOX ever used in those units? ]

  • Sol Man

    All's well that ends, and it will end. We'll all find out it cut across all demographics. Forever to increase. Humankind doesn't deserve the gift that has been given. Morons above all!

    But, they do have money.

    I will start the weekend shortly by pouring me something good.

  • The truth?

    We are playing games with our children and grandparents health?

    Once you were a child and one day you (hopefully) will be a grandparent…

    How bout that (and them apples too)…

    Billy Joel – You May Be Right:

  • A fire? that burnt itself out after the power was shut off after 48 hours of smoke and still hot after 4 days… To that malfunction junction, I say… Really???

    Well I feel safe knowing you know nothing…

    Wait? Ya think ya actually know something?

    I'm the grandpa son…

    RED (6/11):

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