TV: “Mysterious die off of young salmon” in Pacific Northwest — “Healthy… and then they die” heading out to sea — “Far less plankton than normal… There are too many questions” — Researchers now testing for plankton and Fukushima contamination off West Coast (VIDEO)

Published: August 6th, 2014 at 2:54 pm ET


Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, July 30, 2014: Karlista Rickerson […] collects and examines water samples for Public Health — Seattle & King County, and she said her most recent sample revealed far less plankton than she normally sees this time of year. She wonders if perhaps there has been a surge in the creatures that feed on the microorganisms — creatures that typically fall prey to sea stars. “There are too many questions. All I can do is ask more,” she said.

KING5 News (Seattle), Aug 5, 2014: Salmon scientists zoom in on plankton […] “We want to take a look at the plankton,” said Tribal field Crew Supervisor Nano Perez. For the first time, tribes, agencies and groups in Canada are giving plankton a serious look as part of the massive Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. The concern is the balance and supply of plankton could be off and that could be a possible factor in the mysterious die off of young salmon when they enter Puget Sound from their native rivers. Salmon eat plankton and so do the smaller fish that salmon also eat. […] If there turns out to be a problem, then scientists can start looking for why it’s happening.

KING5 News Transcript, Aug 5, 2014: When they leave the rivers and enter Puget Sound, young salmon are healthy and hungry — and then they die. Scientists want to know if they’re starving.

North Pacific Dispatches, Lori Saldana, July 29, 2014: [My  friend] coordinates research vessels out of Moss Landing, near Monterrey. He called to ask […] want to volunteer on a research cruise? So… that’s where I will be for the next two weeks: aboard the R/V Point Sur, helping collect ocean water samples from the Bering Sea off Alaska and northern Pacific, as we cruise back to California.

Mercury, Cesium, Plankton and Whales, Lori Saldana, July 30, 2014: I completed my first 12 hour data collection work shift […] we gather water samples and look for plankton and trace amounts of mercury and cesium- the first, a persistent and toxic pollutant, the second, a radiation marker linked to the Fukushima accident.

North Pacific Dispatches, Lori Saldana, Aug. 4. 2014: [T]his cruise is a bit different: fewer researchers than usual. We have only 15 people aboard, which is considered a skeleton crew […] The first 36 hours we had research stations every 60-90 minutes […] Now stations are 2-3 hours apart […]

Watch KING 5’s broadcast here

Published: August 6th, 2014 at 2:54 pm ET


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139 comments to TV: “Mysterious die off of young salmon” in Pacific Northwest — “Healthy… and then they die” heading out to sea — “Far less plankton than normal… There are too many questions” — Researchers now testing for plankton and Fukushima contamination off West Coast (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    Hey you brain trust researchers… Look for the other 99 bad boys of radiation besides cesium. Like the Tepco verboten words (strontium-90 and plutonium).

    They have been looking for one radioactive killer (or two if you count radioiodine), but the waste from plants have many more… And far worse than cesium. Strontium-90 is present in waste from nuclear plants in almost as much quantity as the less toxic cesium isotopes. Hot stuff.

    • The decay products in the decay chain of plutonium and uranium are iodine and cesium. By stating that they found any decay products of these actinides, they are stating that they are there. The difference is the percentage of the decayed matter.

      The truth is likelier that attached to every single micron of iodine, or cesium: is a small percentage of either uranium or plutonium. It is just such a small factor that its detection is unlikely to be found by known testing standards. (just skips the radar)…

      So every article of every miscalculated misleading finding of fukushima decay, both internationally and nationally show that aerosolized highly deadly radiation has contaminated multiple nations soil abroad with plutonium and uranium.

      That's where cesium and iodine come from.
      So that's the elephant in the room.

      This article just states that US marine biologists are dumbfound that a global collapse of the ocean is appearing to take place before their eyes. And That the real studies are about to commence. Radiation will probably be a huge factor. (duh)…

      So in my opinion: this is probably just going to be a new drip feed angle taking place in the media. These biologists will find shocking information regarding radiation and the toll of fukushimas contamination…

      The saddest part is that they probably already have a huge amount of information they are currently withholding from the general public regarding Fukushima's affects on the pacific ocean…

      • Gen. Buck Turgidson

        Great to see you back tacoma.
        I think that the only reason that the truth about Fukushima is being embargoed is strictly because the real truth is much too terrible to report. They've been great at hiding it so far but I think it is beyond even their evil capabilities to cover up the collapse of the food chain of the world's largest ocean. But lord knows they'll try.
        You hear that Rupert Murdoch? I'm calling your old skinny ass out. You are guilty.

      • charlie3

        Tacomagroove, good to see you here.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Tacomagroove – Thanks for the info. Hope you are well.

    • "The transpacific ocean currents at 2 miles per hour 24 hours a day take about 131 days to reach North America . If it was just a single release it would still be a serious concern . Sadly it is a new plume every minute 1440 times a day . The model below is based on a short release from reactor one . Fukushima has 3 fully melted reactors and fuel pools and is contaminating the pacific ocean at about 50 square miles a day for over 3 1/2 years with no end in site . The homeless who can,t read or write instead of nuclear scientist are doing the most dangerous job on earth bar nothing because nuclear scientist from Yale MIT Stanford Oxford Harvard etc etc are too afraid to go there and that's the sad frighting fact."

      Lots of headlines

      Get the rad word out, folks (so far 6.841 downloads)
      Leave them randomly wherever you go

      P.S. Don't eat the fish

      A Santa Barbara, CA doctor who ate the blue fin tuna and now courageously sets an exciting example as he informs of Fukushima

      ☢ Perils of Fukushima ☢ News A Wake-up Call From Dr. Stephen Hosea

      • Great to see you, Tacomagroove.

        P.S.S "aerosolized highly deadly radiation" = buckyballs!

      • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

        Thank you.

        I thought it would only take 90 days…but 130 isn't much better.

        The statements about Fukushima radiation not yet reaching the coast have been pissing me off since I first read them and I knew they were bullshit.

        Thank you again for throwing out a calculated number.

        • Any biologists or scientists reading this?

          Suggestion; gather and concentrate the zooplankton, algae and such into a pound of living matter.

          Dry it out.

          Now test it in a sensitive isotopic ID machine, you guys have access to that, right?

          Now REPORT!

          Pretty simple.

          Pretty cut and dried.

          Repeat a couple of hundred times.

          Take samples from all over the Pacific.

          Graph it.

        • I think it's much quicker than 90 days. Remember that Dr Sarostra of SFU (Simon Fraser Univ.) measured Iodine-131 in the ocean and rain water off Burnaby, BC in late March 2011.

          Fukushima Radiation at Vancouver Island – Very High in Late March, Certainly Higher Now
          [Monday, April 11, 2011]

          Whatever radiation is in the ocean could have come via – yes, the ocean – but also from air, snow, hail, sleet, mist, ocean spray, debris and so on.

          It takes about two weeks to get here – or at least the Iodine-131 does.

          • Correction:

            The scientist's name is "Simon Fraser nuclear scientist, Kris Sarostra".

            "“As of now, the levels we’re seeing are not harmful to humans. We’re basing this on Japanese studies following the Chernobyl incident in 1986 where levels of iodine-131 were four times higher than what we’ve detected in our rainwater so far,” Starosta explains. “Studies of nuclear incidents and exposures are used to define radiation levels at which the increase in cancer risk is statistically significant. When compared to the information we have today, we have not reached levels of elevated risk.” The jet stream is carrying the radiation from Japan to North America. Most of the radioactivity disperses in the atmosphere and falls over the Pacific Ocean on its way over, but some of it has now reached the west coast, falling down with rain, and mixing with seawater. It’s also accumulating in seaweed. The rainwater tested was collected at SFU’s campus on Burnaby Mountain and in downtown Vancouver, while seaweed samples were collected in North Vancouver near the Seabus terminal. Researchers began monitoring rainwater earlier this month but did not see the signature for iodine-131 in samples taken March 16 and March 18. However, they did detect the radioisotope’s signature in samples from March 19, 20 and 25."

      • Everyone keeps promising to do tests, but then the testing either does not seem to happen, or they seem to keep the results secret..

        Or, they check ONE salmon, find no radiation, and call it good.

        Was that a factory farmed salmon, or from an aquarium, by the way?

    • mutante mutante

      You're right Sickputer; it's like there is an army of 2000 assassins and they are fixated on blaming one(cesium).

      They are clueless.

    • 200 Kilometers Of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Dead Zone Devoid of 99% Of All Life; Almost All Tidal Zone Species Missing Entirely

  • I think that is everyone here's big mis understanding of these articles.




    Harmful decay products like polonium, americium and strontium are what are concerning.

    Finding actinides after they have been aerosolized is difficult.

    Think of a fuel rod as a lit cigarette standing up.

    The smoke is the decay products. (an aerosolized decay).
    The tobacco is the plutonium and uranium.

    While you will find trace amounts of tobacco in the smoke and carbon particles. The radon and other bi products are what will be doing the most harm to you…

    Hence while you will find trace amount of pu and ur in the hypothetical cigarette smoke. Its the strontium and polonium (i.e. bi products)that will do the most harm to you.

    • Note.

      This means also that actinides will always be traceable and are always present.

      So when you see iodide. You are looking at pu and ur.
      So when you see cesium. You are looking at pu and ur.
      So when you see ANYTHING. You are looking at pu and ur.

      That's where the PU went… Its all PU and UR.
      They've just been calling it by the decay name. Failing to mention that there are other isotopes present. Which if it is determinable to have come from fukushima. Then it is there. Period.

  • Fukushima ruins Cupcakes

    Stains, the cupcake loving dog is worried about cesium.


  • dunkilo

    Study,tests,more studies….same old sh*t ,different day…
    Our scientist ,I think,are SLAVES to the nuke cartel ,just sayin..
    Like the food chain,the Money chain is crumbling…not as fast as the food chain is…as too, the integrity of some scientist .
    Truth to some is just a word to be ignored.
    Thank you all for the truth at Enenews !
    Something just came to mind,I have not seen a single slug here on the coast of Va. This is a limited observation .Plenty of birds,osprey,rabbits ,possiums here in the burbs of south east Va.
    Never thought I would miss slugs!

    • alasanon

      Yeah…I haven't seen more than 1 little slug… In years past, there were many large slugs in central VA.

      That said, the winter weather was unusually harsh-? We did not get the usual blooms until May! It practically delayed the Cherry Blossom Festival because the blossoms were so late…
      Now where are the butterflies? I've only seen about a half dozen for the season. :/

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        In California, many fewer slugs and snails than in the past. Didn't show up until 2012, but by 2013, very noticeable.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          HoTaters- I haven't seen a fly anywhere…not even around my outside trash can. Normally during warm weather they would be in the trash laying eggs. It would not be uncommon to have maggots by the time trash day arrives.

          This year, they are totally absent….

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Yes, not many here, come to think of it. Last year we had to have a fly trap near our garbage cans. This year I may only see one fly at a time outdoors. Funny that you should mention that. Hmmn ….

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      All is well with bugs and slugs in the north east now ..I belong to numerous insect and birding sites up this way and aside from the snowy owls coming to the area this winter nada

  • Research on kelp contamination by Iodine-131 was conducted in late spring 2011 off Long Beach.

    Researchers reported that a high of 40 MBq 131I , or 40,000,000 Bq/kg of Iodine-131 had been detected in one bed of Macrocystis pyrifera off the coast of Southern California in the summer of 2011.

    Source S. Manley and C. Lowe (6 March 2012) ‘Canopy-Forming Kelps as California’s Coastal Dosimeter: 131I from Damaged Japanese Reactor Measured in Macrocystis Pyrifera’, Environmental Science & Technology,

    • The researchers of the kelp study described their findings in a local Long Beach media interview:

      ‘Radioactivity is taken up by the kelp and anything that feeds on the kelp will be exposed to this also,’ [California State University, Long Beach marine biology professors Steven L. Manley] continued.

      ‘Even though we detected low levels, it still got into the environment and we don’t know anything about the other radioisotopes like Cesium 137, which stays around much longer than iodine.

      In fact, the values that we reported for iodine probably underestimate what was probably in there. It could be two to three times more because we were just sampling the surface tissue; the biomass estimates were based on canopy tissue and a lot of kelp biomass is underneath. So, probably two or three times more was in the tissue at its height. Then it enters the coastal food web and gets dispersed over a variety of organisms. I would assume it’s there. It’s not a good thing, but whether it actually has a measureable [sic] detrimental effect is beyond my expertise.’

      ‘Study Finds Radioactive Fallout in California Kelp Beds’ (5 April 2012), Everything Long Beach,, date accessed 6 April 2012.

      • Truly the ocean contamination is being hidden in a grand conspiracy because no one in authority wants to admit that there is a situation of un-contained, melted nuclear fuel directly contaminating ground water,the ocean, and the atmosphere. Water contamination is worse than air and bio-magnification may occur more quickly than on land:

        More empirically-based studies have now been published documenting the severity of the initial plumes. [Thanks Enenews and Fukushima Diary for their research findings! Even the Japanese media are reporting important findings e.g., The Asahi Shimbun]

        The empirical studies measuring actual contamination force one to consider carefully the implications of increases in "background" radiation measured by magnitudes. According to research cited here at Enenews (which I tracked down and read) "Three to four magnitudes higher" of pre-Fukushima global levels of radio-iodine and radio-cesium were produced by the initial plumes.

        The empirical studies indicate far higher contamination levels than projected in the computer simulations used to claim "few to no effects" by agencies such as the WHO using TEPCO source terms.

        Truth and Reconciliation Urgently Needed Before It's Too Late….

        • Socrates


          Three to four orders of magnitude higher concentrations of radioactive iodine and cesium were found on the West Coast in the plumes following 3-11 when compared to pre-Fukushima levels of radioactive iodine and cesium?

          If the baseline was 10, for an example. The plume level would be 1,000? The dose would be 100X background?

          The duration of these doses should be mentioned to make this more meaningful. The iodine 129/131 ratios are meaningful since 131I has a short halflife; whereas 129 persists. Likewise, 134/137Cs lasts much longer.

          Be sure to view the presentation by the "Nuclear Proctologist" today, Sunday about the death of tidepool and marine life in British Columbia along 150 kilometers of coastline. Also, Janet Sherman and Joseph Mangano have done 32 studies on the toxicology and epidemiology of nuclear power plants and nuclear meltdowns.

          Keep up your own good work!

    • What? Only 40 MILLION?

      That is healthy man.. great stuff, eat more!

      Hormesis theory and all that


    • It (I-131) was measured in late March 2011 by Dr Kris Sarostra of Simon Fraser University near Burnaby, B.C.

  • Cooter

    "Salmon eat plankton and so do the smaller fish that salmon also eat."

    This statement is very misleading. Only fingerling salmon eat plankton for the fist month of their life in the ocean along with
    zooplankton and then small fish . The only exception to this rule is the Sockeye salmon who's diet is mainly plankton and zooplankton.

  • Sickputer

    Fallout was measurable all around the globe from aerosolized radioisotopes. Finland 10,800 miles downwind reported three substantial plumes:

    Excerpt: "The first observed fission product was (131)I, which arrived in Finland 8-9 days after the accident. Detections of (137)Cs and (134)Cs were made 2-3 days after the first (131)I observations. The highest concentrations of fission products in Finland were observed during March 31st and April 1st. The highest observed concentrations of the following isotopes were: (131)I (10.6 ± 0.4 mBq/m(3)), (134)Cs (0.397 ± 0.020 mBq/m(3)), (137)Cs (0.405 ± 0.017 mBq/m(3)), (136)Cs (28 ± 2 μBq/m(3)), (129)Te (129 ± 9 μBq/m(3)), (129m)Te (234 ± 20 μBq/m(3)), (132)Te (51 ± 3 μBq/m(3)) and (132)I (54 ± 3 μBq/m(3)).

    Generally, higher concentrations of fission product were observed in Southern Finland than in Northern Finland. The variations in the (137)Cs and (134)Cs activity concentration data suggest that three separate plumes passed over Finland with decreasing concentrations. The first plume, with highest cesium concentrations, passed over Finland during March 31st – April 2nd, the second plume during April 4th – 6th and the third and smallest one during April 10th – April 11th. Both aerosol and gaseous iodine fractions were sampled simultaneously and thus an accurate view of the behaviour of aerosol and gaseous fractions was obtained."

    • jec jec

      SP try this..10K miles approx Japan to Finland…figure half lifes..stuff moved at 548 miles per day (taking models of the jet stream then).go seattle to NYC to London to Finland.So figure the stages of radiation contamination..and walk back the miles/life of the radiation. Eye opening…basic math really.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    FUKUSHIMA . . .

    Die-offs. Salmon. Pacific Northwest.

  • I sent a message to the researchers about the food lab rad testing just in case they didn't know it's free.

  • Pete

    There is so much animal/sea life craziness going on in Washington State right now, with such a diversity od affected species, but yet the impotent State Of Wa, says nothing. It's all good, there is no issue.
    I wish there was a website with nothing but Washington State wildlife and animal issues, cause so many of these stories pop up and then you can't find anything on them ever again. The Elk, The Bald Eagles, the Whales, the fish, the Sea Stars, the other melting -pods in the ocean, mass fish die-offs, all the others I can't remember off the top of my head right now.

    There seems to be so much more official state news about these wildlife issues (albeit without any fuku connections aside from denials) in VBC, OR and Ca than Washington, but we are the primary impact point for Japan's Air and Water for most of the year, it deviates north and south but primarily we are it. Marco Kaltofen's hot particle breathing air filter tests conclusively proved that hot particles were inhaled by the people in Seattle and surrounds but no, no issues here.
    And there are so many millionaires here, I am amazed that no one has bought a isotopic identifier to get more info than the nothing we get from this pathetic state, but of course often you cant tell an educated person anything they don't already know. Maybe when I hit the lottery I can setup a network of $10K isotopic identifiers all along the coast on my way out of the country.

    • jec jec

      It is not just sea many residents of the area have died from Pancreatic cancer, or other cancers, who have new breast or prostrate/colon cancers, died from strokes/sudden heart attack…in this time frame? How many fetal deaths (miscarriage, or birth defects, abortions due to malformed fetus..recommended by a doctor)… Am sure its a terrible number the government is NOT adding up..we need a 'angies' list for this..let people self report!!

      • jec jec

        How many children with 'sudden broken bones'.due to Stronium90? Chilling..

        PS..I am still unhappy my computer was hacked with a REMOTE access application. Check out your computers and prevent illegal backdoor access to your informationn.

        • Sickputer

          jec…get a licensed version of Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. Also run Windows Defender or MSE instead of the big name AVs. Microsoft engineers know how Windows gets infected…and they don't share that secret coding with Norton et al.


    Could be nature saying don't eat atomic polluted strontium 90 tainted salmon.

    Those fishy bones in the can yum, yum, yum! (NOT)

    Let's test them, shit we have a result, must be faulty equipment, close down testing. 😀

  • Hermit Hermit

    I'm thinking these researchers failed kindergarten dot-to-dot puzzles and Sesame Street "What comes next" pictographs.

    I would like to know why there isn't some comprehensive article that includes all the dead and dying animals along the Pacific Coast. Always there are only single species reports. Maybe it's just too many words for our sound bite culture.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The real data about Fukushima, graphs all the creatures screams…

  • jec jec

    Do you think the fact that TEPCO just admitted Reactor 3 melted thru containment and dumped into the groundwater with all the MOX fuel they loaded, and exploded into atmosphere has anything to do with it? Wait..wasn't Reacor three supposed to be 'safe.' The death of the salmon fry..when they reach the sea..where the sea lions, the seals the starfish.and others have all that a hint there is a problem?? Mensa quality brains TEPCO is NOT.

    • alasanon

      Amen on that. This pattern is getting old. Did no one take Biology 101? Chemistry? Physics? Introductory Logic???…

      I know any basic farmer would start to put this together and how!!

      It must be too horrifying to contemplate and the Hollywood starlets continue to buy and sell multi-million dollar mansions placed squarely on this encroaching Death Zone! 🙁

      Soon enough NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL BE ABLE TO COVER THIS UP!!! Mark my words.

    • combomelt combomelt

      mmmmmmmmmmmm, ty, jec

    • combomelt combomelt

      the dots have connected. best quote of the millenia……
      jec, ty…..

      "The death of the salmon fry..
      when they reach the sea where the sea lions, the seals, the starfish and others have all died..

    • Nothing has changed. TEPCO admits nothing. No plutonium left the building. Cold shutdown, normal decommissioning, 10% of Chernobyl. No spent fuel pool fires, meltdowns. No melt outs.

      End of story.

      And they all lived happily ever after in fairytale land.

  • alasanon

    There's still MILLIONS of us watching and LIVING *RIGHT THERE* and the bottom line is that no amount of money will be able cover this up, ultimately…

    …Plus, even with an Ebola & company epidemic or WWIII, they just won't be able to cover this up!..

    I was just reading about the Ebola threat and I don't think it will make a dent in this nation—there are too many different people and climates in one nation. There will be people who are immune due to various genetic variations and the virus doesn't survive in sunshine, arid climates or severe cold. Our diversity is part of our strength!~

    • People in Alaska do get colds. People in weird climates live in AC and artificial HEAT controlled spaces. AC and heating dries out the air, making lungs much more prone to infections, like EBOLA.

      Combine this with hands transmitting viruses in large cities.. lowered immune systems due to FUKU, chemicals, poor nutrition..

      Perfect storm approaching, perhaps?

  • name999 name999

    saddened and sickened by all of it. I love this world…the trees, the oceans, the wind.

    • GQR2

      It is sickening and it takes a lot just be out there, and deal with people. Its sickening to see the trees all burnt,the sky all full of plasma masquerading as clouds. Its depressing but life has to go on. Got to get out there and make a difference no matter how small.
      Take some control over the very little we actually can control and learn to let go, a lot. And honor the devastation by being kind. Thats one thing i try to do. Often fail miserably but that is life now isn't it? We keep plugging along, without fanfare and with deep gratitude for the things we count as blessings in our lives. And remembering there are lots of good people out there, and we just might be one of them!

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    200000t = 200000000000g
    1 mole is equal to 1 moles Cesium, or 132.90545 grams.
    How many moles Cesium in 1 grams? The answer is 0.00752414592479.
    Lets do some math and prove these 'goofs' they LIARS
    Strontium-90 28 years
    Caesium-137 30 years (3.2 × 10^12 Bq/g )320,000bq per gram
    Plutonium-239 24,000 years
    Caesium-135 2.3 million years
    Iodine-129 15.7 million years
    Graph X TBq Y Time(years)
    Activity of high-level waste from one tonne of spent fuel
    Source: IAEA 1992 radioactive waste management knowledge 😉
    Total release of fuel rod 10^4TBq
    10^3.5[start]TBq Cs-137 / Sr-90 From release to 10^2 years (same)
    10^-4 TBq at 10^2.8 or 28 years ^^^
    10^1.9[start]TBq Am-241 From release to 10^2.67 years (same)
    10^-4 TBq at 10^5 years ^^^
    C-135 stay at 10^-2 for 10^5-10^6 years at 10^7 y dropped to 10^-3
    Np-237 represented a relative same though with a slight higher TBq
    Pu-240 grew in TBq by 10^.5 TBq in 10^3 years
    Pu-239 grew in TBq by 10^.3 TBq in 10^5 years
    Am-243 <- little higher Tc-99 10^-.1 TBq 10^4- 10^6 y till drop
    10^7y till TBq 10^4=10^-1.8 TBq
    1 terabecquerel = 1 000 000 000 000 becquerels
    1 TBq = 1 000 000 000 000 Bq
    1 terabecquerel = 1 000 000 000 kilobecquerels
    1 TBq = 1 000 000 000 kBq
    1 terabecquerel = 1 000 000 megabecquerels
    1 TBq = 1 000 000 MBq
    1 terabecquerel = 1 000 gigabecquerels
    1 TBq = 1 000 GBq
    1 terabecquerel = 0.001 petabecquerel
    1 TBq = 0.001 PBq
    1 terabecquerel = 27 000 000 microcuries
    1 TBq = 27 000 000 μCi

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      1,700-1,800 (low ball est) tons of nuclear materials fuki
      180 Chernobyl ’s reactors contained 180 tons of fuel not all of which melted down

      10^4 TBq x 1,800 = 18,000,000 TBq = 18 million TBq x 1 000 000 000 000 Bq = Maybe closer number they dont want to release.

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        "‘When men are engaged in war and conquest,’ said Einstein, ‘the tools of science become as dangerous as a razor in the hands of a child.’ The fate of mankind, he said, depends entirely on our sense of morality.

        In short, it’s up to us to make the right moral choices. So, if the scientists have problems getting the information to us, might it not be up to us to ask the questions first? And get the communication lines laid for receiving (and translating) the answers?

        This is one of the questions Einstein and the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists posed in 1948: ‘We are all citizens of a world community sharing common perils. Is it inevitable that because of our passions and our inherited customs we should be condemned to destroy ourselves?’"

        Math will free everyone from the constant wonder of how much it is or how bad it is. The number is not going to help us but the truth being released is much more important to peoples hearts than cowering behind numbers I really have no clue how they are coming up with their numbers… but its almost like their trying to say a few grams was spilled… Total tells us how much then just est how much of that number in a percentage was released.

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      If you find cesium total you find est strontium…

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    2000 metric total tones

    in 1965 total metric tonnes was 32,000
    2014 around 4000 metric ton

    So what has happened to most of all this burned fuel spilled or failed science experiments, now thats an even bigger number of how much radionuclide concentration has increased in our water air land since 1945-2014

    • combomelt combomelt

      hey good lookin', where ya from?

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        From star dust of course…

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          Location does not matter anymore. Nor does unlocking my anonymity
          noun: anonymity

          the condition of being anonymous.
          "most people who agreed to talk requested anonymity"
          lack of outstanding, individual, or unusual features; impersonality.
          "the anonymity of big city life definitely has its advantages"

    • combomelt combomelt

      bot? not a bot?

      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        how life creates oxygen how lightning does blah blah how alot of stuff does….

        What I do understand is where our oxygen is going Total oxygen is in Fe203 is about 83% s02-/4 is 15% our molecular 0xygen or 02 is about 2% so if life grows exponentially but our molecular oxygen is being trapped exponentially then thats how everything dieing if you dont have as much oxygen in your blood plasma then your bodys functions over time are going to shut down and cancer will increase (you will die from oxygen dep before cancer (most cases))
        Fish grow fast need more oxygen as it goes down to changes in pH and displacement.They massively die. Life is needed so c02 is beneficial as trees will return its oxygen to the system.

        Now how is this oxygen being displaced like I said many ways it can be by growth of microbes because of an influence of changes in environmental ph. What is very acidic in extremes and alkaline in extremes; nuclear fuel? oh ok now were getting somewhere. Where all these reactions are happening for the increase in iron oxide is an issue more than potassium oxide. So we should be watching why Fe-O-H systems are being dynamically changed by
        Nuclear fuels extreme acidic/alkaline processing systems
        our atmospheric oxygen is 21%

    • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

      Obama had a plan to get rich take weapons and burn them slowly sell electricity look for his power plants
      So he put this stuff in weapons to food to everything how considerate of the governmental world. ;(
      Disgraceful at its highest activity level!
      present-day reactors require about 70,000 metric tons of natural uranium a year.

      According to the NEA, identified uranium resources total 5.5 million metric tons, and an additional 10.5 million metric tons remain undiscovered—a roughly 230-year supply at today's consumption rate in total. Further exploration and improvements in extraction technology are likely to at least double this estimate over time.

      If a solar storm knocks out all the power and all these puppies melt like almost happened a few years ago… well that might be the day 24 hours will be all we have left.

      To understand Total Human releases of uranium processes… its a big number and on that note ZZZZzzz

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    Anyone can do this math if they can just sit down take a breath and research and build their knowledge based on their understanding curve and level to get there in time; though any one can understand this; so especially moe or MFX don't ever think this guy really thinks hes smarter as a matter of fact he knows hes losing look at the stock market prices of uranium

    They can let the potholes of new-york hit them on their way down

    Just a matter of time; when you build a society based on dominoes then everything has a relationship then everything will be touched in some form or matter of any ripple of action. The matter of truth is stated how large of an epicenter will this create.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists….please, Im very curious what language your parents spoke and how you came upon your unusual literary style….


      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        why does this matter? We need to all be collectively fighting the nuclear cartel no matter whatever part we are in any collective system; the system can no be carried on with this scale of intelligence.

        • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

          This is everyone's futures… If I ever sound mean please I am not and if I ever sound like I am on their side I am not. Japanese you must understand your future sentence before your present. Making everything done in the past present the current thinking of now.

          My language barrier has nothing to do with the number one issue.
          Is nuclear radiation and its products causing global devastation.


      • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

        Yes the bottom of the food chain absorbs it even faster as pH changes towards acidic levels the truth is no one really even comprehends what is unfolding on a daily basis; how can we monitor every living organism we can't but we can monitor the health status of the sea and that is done by understanding how energy exchanges are done on every level of the food chain. If the bottom absorbs at any increased rate then the cycle of ocean will absorb via almost at an increased rate for the bigger eat many contaminated and then most of that is left in the body while the waste is released. So a baby salmon dies because the phytoplankton did the accumulation already to a level that allowed the fish to eat many and its contained you then eat that fish you just got yourself not what the ambient water is but almost a total dosage rate as all the living organisms received via the whole energy trophic

        An energy pyramid illustrates how much energy is needed as it flows upward to support the next trophic level.

        The amount of energy at each trophic level decreases as it moves through an ecosystem.

        Though some decreases in the amount of time we are dealing with most of the original toxins go up with the energy transfer through out the ecosystems.

        Too tired to type anymore

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists….thank you for the reply. Now you say the bottome of the food chain absorbs faster as pH changes toward acidic. I have it that much is related to surface area/volume of animal, thus plankton etc. But bottom feeders must have adapted long ago since they seem to not absorb as much. Yet much must depend on the nutritional needs and which radionuclide mimics which nutrient, feeding habits etc.
          Then when you say The amount of energy at each trophic level decreases as it moves through an ecosystem, you are talking caloric…or its just a little hard to follow.

          But to clarify, the scientific circle could given a good nudge if it was not too difficult, for example to convert fallout levels in water to levels in tissue of a focus animal, say starfish, especially since the trophic is relatively easy to define…that is not too many intermediates. Thus my original post is a starting point…not simply for dialogue, but with some accurate marine biologist health physicist numbers, it becomes a strong argument against the feigned naivete of the science community. See the Rossi model for example which gives 15 up to 30 bq/m^3 in about two years from now….See the point?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Thats to say, MarineBiologist that I would like you to extrapolate some real numbers. i did it and Im just a black jewish clarinet player from the projects. It should be a walk in central park for you. Numbers….I wont hold a grudge if they are off by a factor of 2 or even 10. its your field more or less, no?

          • MT

            marinebio , codeshutd I dont think it would be that simple , to claim acidity would increase certain isotopes absorbtion . It might increase certain types or decrease the others. It might stimulate organisms to adapt their metabolism to combat acidity thus they may take in certain substances or they may decrease the intake of others. It may incrase the solubility of certain molecules or vice versa increase it . It might increase the chemical reactions of certainm molecules in binding to other molecules thus segregating them unusable or it might do the opposite ,, and so on and so on ,,,
            As the scientists say it only raises many question s ,, too many to answer ,, and as the pronuke would say ahaaaa you cant claim it in either way cause you Cant prove it ,, and as sensible scientists say/know nature is much to complex to theoretize what would happen and where it would cause the damage . We can only say that it WOULD cause damage but where , when, how ?? nobody knows .

  • MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists

    Watashi wa karera no ningen ga ita to shite mo, watashi wa sore ga kagaku no shinjitsu ni mukatte zenshin hanasanakatta shitteita shi, sono seishitsu wa sono kankyō ga yatte inai mono o karera ni oshie, hontōni mōshiwake arimasen. Watashi wa tanoshimini motto hayaku hanasanakatta mōshiwakearimasen watashi wa anata ni watashi wa itsumo sono kigen kara riburogu-sen tte kita shinjitsu o ataerunoni… Watashi wa ima made ni kono no izureka ni sanka shinakatta. Watashi wa sekai no shidō-sha-tachi ga seikatsu no naka de, shinjitsu de, sore ga fukaku kagaku no kanashī hidesu subete no ue ni sekai no taikoku o mokugeki suru tame ni shi no kyōtei de satsuei shita koto o mōshiwakearimasen. Sōzō no oto wa watashitachi no kokoro no subete o tatchi shi, watashitachi no jidai no tame no subete ga fukaku gokaidearu watashi wa yoi kamo shiremasen. Subete o sakusei shita mono shite kudasai. Watashitachi no eien no oroka-sa o yurushite. Watashitachi no kodomo-tachi no shōrai no unmei no sai ni kodomo no yō ni kōdō shita dansei no no watashitachi no kōdō o yurusu. Watashitachiha tasuke o hitsuyō to shite kudasai. Ikanaru keishiki ya hōhō de herupu. Watashitachi wa ōku no pan o osen sa reta no ni, watashitachiha sabaku ni iru ka no yō ni kongan shite orazu, shūi ni mizu o sa rete imasu.

    • m a x l i

      Hi, it looks like you are telling a few things about yourself (watashi wa…) in your native language, Japanese – which I think is a good idea. Hopefully someone here will translate this.

      If you don't mind the question, I would like to know why you chose to call yourself "MarineBiologistHealthPhysicists" with an "s" at the end.

      • bo bo

        Maxli – This Japanese sounds totally like someone ran original English text through Google-translate, then alphabeticized it. This person is NOT Japanese. Positive.

        • bo bo

          The Japanese is untranslatable as it makes even less sense than the MBHP's English posts

          • m a x l i

            Wow, thanks, bo! I was hoping for your help.

            • Shaker1

              One thing is obvious about those posts…Someone has a lot of time to put to their typing. Maybe I'm wrong, but someone who types that well generally has better English. Or should at least get the sense, after all the criticism of their word-use, to type in a word processor, review and edit what they'd written, then copy and paste to the comment box. I do that (type first in notepad) when I know I'm going to challenge comment word-count.

              Get a hint, MBHP?

      • Angela_R

        My observations:
        The plural – 'Physicists', I believe, is used because there is more than one of them. There are differences in the style. And recall the word magic, then listen to this: It is a nonsense verse, an old fun one. There is a masking in the posts; I won't go into the reasons why I think this is happening.

        There are points in each post; the chemical reactions occurring are also creating the scarcity of oxygen; thus the emphasis on dioxides.

        There were results from three different tests examining radioactive materials in the sea, that I cited recently. Each one of them showed, the rapid increase of Potassium 40! No wonder the word was out to play down any concern on this particular radioactive isotope; such as 'no worries, it is in bananas and we digest them regularly.' I do not see that that dismissal came from the Marine Biologists.

        While radioactivity, I would think, is the primal cause, he has mentioned others. No doubt pressure is being placed on these specialists but there are probably hundreds of reactions occurring; there is no easy answer.

      • combomelt combomelt

        I tried that same gtranslate exercise as well Bo, and what a load of crap that comes out.
        the c-bot is definitely a toxic mixture of many people and lots of code-writers scrambling !! scrambling to try and make "it" believable, make it human. What an experiment those freaks have at their feet! what a joke, get real, take some more english classes before continuing on to the phd level cs courses. Pathetic.
        As i mentioned before, picture a giant call center full of chinese graduate students trying their darndest to make our resident c-bot tick. truly ridiculous if that is the case, but as it appears at least

        • m a x l i

          combomelt, what source text did you "gtranslate" (Googletranslate?). You cannot blame the source, when after computer translation crap comes out. Just saying! Maybe you could explain better, what you did?

          I agree with: Mixture of people writing code, preparing text pieces, scrambling everything randomly, sometimes having an appearance in person. "Stardust" could be coming from a real person or it could come from an advanced bot giving the prepared answer to a standard question which is to be expected.

          Just a few oddities: Today the English is more or less perfect. Two days ago I didn't find a sentence, that made sense to me – they were not even sentences.
          He or they know about "moe or MFX". So, they read what's going on on enenews. They probably should have noticed the discussion and remarks about chatterbots the last 3 days and the implications but choose to not go into that topic – leaving the enenews community in a state of being occupied and divided about that instead of clearing things up to move forward.

          Could you point me to that place where you mentioned your "giant call center" idea?

          • combomelt combomelt

            I'm just imagining that "call center". I have some intimate observations/insight about NLP, MLT, AI participants in general, and their community/member corpus. They are ALL mostly Taiwanese or Chinese(Mainland), Russians, a few Koreans thrown in, Japanese too, but mainly great #s of Chinese have become the CS/AI base in the world. They are the graduate students at the "higher" institutions. Surprisingly, or not, approximately 10 years ago time fram, many, many of the demographic base I speak of was majority Afghani and Pakistani, not anymore. They don't have to steal secrets from us, the idiots, they just have to work for us, as they do now and have in the past, and assuredly far into the future, give or take a few fuku indisretions

            • combomelt combomelt

              the cut/paste in to googletranslate was some of the newer chatterbot musings that made more structural sense. I also tried the phonetic japanese in english characters input into googletranslate output to japanese characters.
              Also tried some of the earlier chatterbot phrases from the "mbhPhysicists", and translating back and forth a few different languages. Chinese never worked, greek was unintelligible as was german and back to english through the translator. I tried a lot of combos, and between variuous languages. It seemed like a grand game of "telephone" from 1st grade the last outputted phrases were complete INSANITY.
              This mphb-bothead is a confusing conglomerate of "real" people and coders running around thinkin they are fine-tuning this "disruptor".
              Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!

  • Hermit Hermit

    Google translate says it's Swahili. It does not translate much. Even using known Swahili words from Wikipedia Google cannot translate properly or suggests a different language.

  • swami

    The people responsible for killing the Pacific and possibility all of humanity should be pursued to the ends of the earth and then dropped off.

    I'm in Alaska and personally observed the worst salmon run in history on the world famous Kenai River. Nobody happy but few attribute to Fuckushima as sadly, most people have never heard about it.

    Waiting now to hear about other fishing grounds around Alaska by word of mouth because local news is, as usual, never discusses anything that would hurt tourism which is big business up here.

    • combomelt combomelt

      this IS reporting. ty swami.
      eyewitness accounts, we need video posted of you/anyone possible interviewing those few who are aware of whats happening around them, and to their fishing livelihoods.
      Something, anything is BETTER than what is being broadcast now. You will have a boatload of views and comments before you can blink.
      Tip it Swami,
      Try to detect it,
      It's not too late, to TIP IT,
      TIP IT GOOD!!

    • AGRP asked an avid California fisherman recently how salmon fishing was.

      He replied that salmon are HUGE, bigger than ever. As a result, the " salmon fishing is better than ever" out in the ocean, outside of the fresh water rivers.

      When asked why it is so much better, he replied that because the salmon are not going up the rivers (and dying,) so they just get larger.

      He blamed the drought for very few or no salmon going up the rivers. He did not connect this to Fukushima at all, no mention of radiation concerns.

  • Now, on top of all of the other challenges, nuclear radiation is added…

    Salmon; Running The Gauntlet; PBS Nature; via A Green Road

  • Angela_R

    There is a graph at 21.39 in the following video which shows that potassium 40 is now the dominant radionuclide in the ocean
    Though the chart shows caesium in the sea water, it is the extreme increase in Potassium 40 that is riveting.

    Professor Fisher appeared to draw a co-relation to the events at the Daiihi Nuclear plant. However, here is another chart also showing the dramatic rise in Potassium 40 but stating that it was unrelated to Fukushima.

    Function and Significance of Potassium for the Human Body – Possible Consequences of Enhanced Intake of Radioactive Potassium-40
    by Dr. med. Andreas Bau, Dr. sc. nat. Hans Könitzer
    Life threatening shifts of electrolyte
    ATP from the “cellular power plants” is necessary for another indispensable function of human life. Body and cell fluids are basically electrolyte solutions due to the ions they contain. The presence of certain ions around biological membranes leads to the formation of electric potentials which are essential for life function. Mainly the relation between sodium and potassium ions is of utmost importance. Inside the cell there is more potassium and outside more sodium. Sodium-potassium balance is maintained by the sodium potassium pump. This is an enzyme system with a huge energy demand, utilizing 30% to 70% of all ATP produced in the body. The outstanding role of ATP was described above in the function of the…

  • Angela_R

    The outstanding role of ATP was described above in the function of the mitochondria. Without sufficient ATP supplies the sodium potassium pump cannot function properly and membrane permeability will break down. At the end these disturbances lead to life threatening electrolyte shifts between intra and extra cellular fluids and finally changes of the cell volume.
    From these explanations the outstanding importance of potassium for the maintenance of central life functions of the organism becomes clear. And in the same way the life threatening and life destroying potential of radioactive potassium-40 becomes clear, too, this terrible byproduct of an absolutely inhumane weapon employed in an absolutely inhumane…"
    The extracts above come from the article @

    NOTE last sentence in extract shown above. It appears that what they have been laughing off, is a very concentrated radioactive isotope.

  • Shaker1

    Excellent link, Angela.

    This sentence stood out for me:

    "The presence of certain ions around biological membranes leads to the formation of electric potentials which are essential for life function."

    Avoiding the subject of weapons in the article as OT, life is dynamic. I already know of the sodium/potassim role in cells, while that mechanism should give one to think that ionizing radiation, in even small, fleeting quantites in the body is asking for trouble. One can look at changes in the chemical makeup of the ocean itself for imbalances, but might, in an ocean which appears chemically correct, the addition of radionuclides allow creation of imbalance on levels our intellect, assumptions, and machines can't resolve? I think so, and it's why I think that the whole argument regarding low-level radioactivity and its harmlessness is silly.

  • Angela_R

    Actually I had linked them towards the end of the thread below:
    "Professor: Fukushima scaring ‘bejesus’ out of everybody in world… still flowing in ocean, radiation levels unknown — Clearly detectable in tuna at California coast… We focus a lot on bio-accumulation — Japan: Reactor leaks “may have gathered as a lump and drifted offshore, we need to continue monitoring it” (VIDEO)

    Below is the summary that I posted at that time which was also taken from
    "The accompanying article explains the effects of radioactive Potassium-40 on the organism. Inter alia, it shows how cell repair mechanisms – important defence mechanisms of the human body against the occurrence of cancer cells – are being destroyed. And it provides us with an insight into the damages that the development and spreading of those substances does to life on earth.
    Erika Vögeli"

  • mt1000

    Radioactive Chat just posted horrible photos of deformed creatures around Costa Rica, Pacific side …

  • Marushka Marushka

    There is direct contamination and then there is rapid mutation of microbiota that also poses problems for life as we've known it.

    Microbiota discussed Chapter 3, Section 11, download free:

    “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment"
    by Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.
    hard copy now available at Greko Printing P:734.453.0341;

  • We Not They Finally

    It seems that the decisions have been made that the key to the plans of the leaders of this world is to tackle their number one problem
    the worlds over population…Climate control radiation and bio weapons seem to be the main way they deal with all this..I know calling for radical solutions is at best in bad taste..Those comments come from utter frustration as i really see no way out for humanity.That is short of a major miracle.

  • We Not They Finally

    What miracle could save humanity???A massive shift in Consciousmess?
    Massive awakening?hEALING CAN COME FROM SUCH A SHIFT.i DONT see the predators who rule this world as doing any shift.they put in the expense and plotting and manipulation to get as far as they have gotten….this is why the end game is very clear.Again short of miracles.

  • swami

    Humanity is short of miracles on many fronts these days and few of the unawakened can even spell 'consciousness' let alone hope to achieve it.

    A friend in the military was just assigned to a base 100 miles away from fuckushima and of course it was impossible for him to refuse.

    He also knew nothing about Japan being a radioactive contaminated zone.

  • mt1000

    200 kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Devoid of All Life

  • tsfw tsfw

    "The good news is the current die-offs appear to be limited to dolphins—researchers have not noticed any mortality increase in other sea creatures."

    Maybe I shouldn't post when I'm livid, but how can they fucking say this! Criminal pricks!

    Maybe Scientific American needs to look here: Ok so this is a questionable site, but they do a good job at keeping record of global die off related articles. Where is Peta and Greenpeace and the likes? Isn't this what they get all the donations for? We're so screwed, nobody gives a shit until it's too late.

  • razzz razzz

    Some things are not challenged because it would not be politically correct. With certain agendas comes unintended consequences that are ignored: Wind power kills birds and bats, solar is to passive, nuke power has to be subsidized, tobacco problems didn't occur until after nuke bomb testing, local wars were due to oil related matters and now are less important here at home due to fracking enrichment, electronic voting invites programing manipulation, Chinese pollution is massive. You want to eliminate a disease or create a new one just change the diagnosis, percentages are more important than science and the list goes on and on.

    Of course some thing are hard to ignore like lack of nutrition derived from a failing food chain or death but even those can be whitewashed to a certain extent.

    People like Busby, Caldicott, Gundersen and many others not so public were forewarning of what is now happening. Looks like with the ongoing and never ending radioactive fallout releases from Daiichi that all the estimates of maladies to come were to low.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Live now starting at 1:15 PM pacific time report on Pacific ocean conditions in British Columbia.
    Go to YouTube channel "BeautifulGirlByDana" live stream will restart soon.

  • Oceania - foreknowledge of pain Oceania - foreknowledge of pain

    A collapse of the ecology of the west coast – Fish, sea lions, birds, starfish ; what's going on? Coincidence ?
    The lack of information can only imply the situation is out of control. If the contamination were a lightweight problem the information would be flowing. We know there are numbers and massive communications within the nuclear industry; WIPP, FUKUSHIMA, HANFORD, their PR machine is backed to the wall. Lack of information is contrasted with outright lying.We do not need more propaganda.

    How many more breakdowns can the AIEA, NRC et all continue to cover up. It is obvious the nuclear industry has no scientific concerns once the water is boiling.

    Bombs and Bucks – – – Amerika is no longer of or for Americans, knowledge is not open to our citizens, we are the unnecessary burden of the military/political agenda.

    It is becoming apparent we are in a serious situation, one filled with poor decisions and deadly incompetence.

  • Haidagwaii Haida Gwaii

    Just got back from a day on the water in Poulsbo, WA. Weather was perfect. Arrived at 11 AM to see the super low tide. Was shocked to see the lack of activity on the shoreline. Nothing was moving. Looked around the pilings and didn't see any perch. Completely devoid of fish. Water was full of color, looked unfiltered (local byvalves and assorted life usually clear water), hadn't been rain in a while, so that wasn't the explanation. On the pilings, the mussels seemed dead, they broke off. Poulsbo was beautiful today but for how long.

  • sistahawk

    ..hi you out there – just read the article in buzzflash from ON EARTH Survival Guide : the devil in the deep blue sea…very interresting , good virtual map… NO MENTION IN THE TEXT ABOUT RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT…crazy what's not there…keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Tip it, give to the nuclear proctologist! Donate to Dana, make it happen.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Good video MT ..and scary. People are oohing and ahh-ing over increase of whales and sharks in NY.

    All of us here know that it's not a good sign 🙂

  • tsfw tsfw

    That was supposed to be a sad face.

  • What's next? Someone putting up a sign on the Pacific Ocean?


  • timemachine2020s timemachine2020s

    Look at the Canada west coast line – all life dead

  • califnative califnative

    "Fantastic news for our ocean's most precious marine wildlife and landscapes: President Obama has announced plans to build the world's largest ocean reserve by expanding the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

    The President will get pushback from polluters and their allies in Congress, so he needs to hear from supporters like you and me that we want him to move forward with this remarkable plan. That's why we've set a goal of delivering 30,000 letters of support to the White House by the deadline for public comments–this Friday, August 15".

    Sent to me today from Save Our Environment.Org

    Can you believe it? Obummer is doing us a favor, what a cover up. Isn't radiation there already, how are you going to filter that Mr. President?

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