Japan TV ‘News Flash’: Officials fear melted reactor fuel is now exposed at Fukushima — Tepco: We don’t know at this point if fuel is uncovered — Large drop in water level — Experts ‘struggling’ to find condition of nuclear cores, nothing is known for all 3 reactors (VIDEO)

Published: June 10th, 2014 at 2:55 am ET


NHK WORLD, June 9, 2014: TEPCO: Water in reactor half expected level — Officials with the operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say the water level inside the No.2 reactor’s containment vessel is about half what they had estimated. […] They found the water was around 30 centimeters [11.8 inches] deep. TEPCO officials […] say they don’t know whether the fuel is entirely submerged. […] They believe then flowing out of the reactor building through holes in the chamber.

NHK WORLD, June 10, 2014: TEPCO officials are struggling to find […] the condition of the melted fuel […] Officials believe that at reactor number 2, water is leaking […] at the bottom of the containment vessel, but do not know exactly from where. [At] reactors 1 and 3, the utility has found the sources of some leaks, but suspects there are other breaches […] Nothing is known about the condition of the melted fuel in all 3 reactors. TEPCO is considering various forms of surveys, including a plan to send a camera-mounted robot […]

Kyodo News, June 9, 2014: TEPCO confirms water level of Fukushima No. 2 reactor container […] A TEPCO official [said] the detailed condition of the melted fuel remains unknown.

NHK Transcript, June 9, 2014:

  • Officials at Tepco are facing another setback.
  • They don’t know whether [the water] even covers all of the nuclear fuel.
  • Officials don’t know about the condition of the melted fuel.
  • Officials believe the water level at another reactor is 10 times deeper.
  • Teruaki Kobayashi, Tepco official: “We cannot tell at this point if the fuel is entirely submerged or if part of it’s above the water.”
  • They believe it’s flowing through the chamber then out of the reactor building.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: June 10th, 2014 at 2:55 am ET


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127 comments to Japan TV ‘News Flash’: Officials fear melted reactor fuel is now exposed at Fukushima — Tepco: We don’t know at this point if fuel is uncovered — Large drop in water level — Experts ‘struggling’ to find condition of nuclear cores, nothing is known for all 3 reactors (VIDEO)

  • chevvvy chev

    me thinks these officials would struggle to find thier own A-holes!!!:)

  • Gasser Gasser

    Officials at Tepco are facing another setback.
    They don’t know whether [the water] even covers all of the nuclear fuel.
    Officials don’t know about the condition of the melted fuel.
    Officials believe the water level at another reactor is 10 times deeper.
    Teruaki Kobayashi, Tepco official: “We cannot tell at this point if the fuel is entirely submerged or if part of it’s above the water.”
    They believe it’s flowing through the chamber then out of the reactor building.

    They say don’t know, the’ll never know>> but we enenews’ers know and knew from the 3/11/11 beginning there was two meltdowns through the reactors cores into the earth crust melting its way merrily along as bullshit TEPCO lies tried to cover it up but can’t.

  • Radio Radio

    TEPCo thinks that one of the melted cores is sitting at the bottom of the reactor half submerged in water, which means that it is not being cooled. In the same breath, TEPCo makes clear it's plans to recover the cores. One does not recover a melted core, ever. One covers a melted core. Recover…cover. These two words ONLY mean the same thing IF TEPCo means to re-cover the core with a concrete cover like one recovers their old couch with a slip cover as opposed to pluck it out with a tractor to put it in a newly constructed container which is impossible. I wonder which they mean. I predict that in a few years time or sooner, TEPCo will announce that by their finally identifying WHERE the cores are, that they have "recovered" the cores, meaning that they were once lost and now are found, thus giving "recover" a third meaning.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Back to the ole cam bot spin. I thought the all seeing boat bot showed them this stuff already. They are profiting from experimentation rather well I am sure. How to hide more efficiently.

    • Cam bot spin.

      Again and again…?

      The 'boat bot' was 3 million dollars.

      That's for a one time use. They're not reusable. The team that placed it had to work the tethered controls wearing full suits in 15 minute shifts because of the high rad exposure levels.

      Great risks, at great cost, for some readings and some grainy photos.

      Sounds like it's easier to get rock samples from the moon than it is to get data from melted Nuclear plants.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    great graphic…"melted fuel" ….lololol…

  • razzz razzz

    Everything is fine. TEPCO said all units are in cold shutdown. These minor details are so annoying. Like where's the water levels? Where's the bulk of the melts? Where are the leaks? Things could be worse, right? It's not like 500 tons of nuclear dirty fuel disappeared, did it? There is some in the ground, some left behind in the reactors, some in the air we breathe and food we eat, some in the holding tanks, some laying around Fukushima and spread around Japan, some in the Pacific Ocean, some trapped in the stack, some in the use to be freshwater tables, some cycling and accumulating in plant and animal life…I could go on.

  • FXofTruth

    The only thing that is in "cold shutdown" is TRUTH, REASON, and LOGIC. Those three elements went into immediate "cold shutdown" once 3/11/11 hit.

    TEPCO focused immediately shutting off those dangerous elements of a nuclear meltdown. The catastrophic damages caused by TRUTH could have destroyed the Nuclear Industry forever! Allowing the damaging element of REASON would have require mass evacuations and countless billions of yen to be spent rebuilding entire cities…but, that was easily neutralized.

    Finally, LOGIC was vaporized into oblivion by just using the elements of "ridiculous and impossible", when developing solutions to mitigate the contamination of FACTS that were bubbling out of the area.

    It has been a hard, taxing, and nearly impossible fight to keep TRUTH, REASON, and LOGIC from destroying the vital campaign to save the most deadly power source created by men of such limited intelligence. These men that have only a single brain cell which to work with are under incredible pressure to fight back at such deadly elements of TRUTH, REASON, and LOGIC that are perpetually trying to destroy all their profitable work.

    But it seems that it's a losing battle. Men of single cell brains are too under-educated to be able to compete with brains that think and question and formulate using TRUTH, REASON, and LOGIC. It looks like the inevitable outcome will be KNOWLEDGE. What a painful result will that be.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Dead on…FXofTruth SSDD!

      "The only thing that is in "cold shutdown" is TRUTH, REASON, and LOGIC. Those three elements went into immediate "cold shutdown" once 3/11/11 hit."

      • Sickputer

        The brainiacs at Tepco qualified their "cold shutdown" pronouncement by adding another word:

        "Cold shutdown condition".

        Google Definition of "condition"

        1. the state of something, especially with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order.
        "the wiring is in good condition"

        Synonyms: state, shape, order
        a person's or animal's state of health or physical fitness.
        "he is in fairly good condition considering what he has has been through"
        synonyms: fitness, health, form, shape, trim, fettle
        an illness or other medical problem.
        "a heart condition"
        synonyms: disorder, problem, complaint, illness, disease, ailment, sickness, affliction, infection, upset
        a particular state of existence.
        "a condition of misery"
        social position or rank.
        "those of humbler condition"

        SP: Take your pick…I prefer the misery definition myself.

  • rogerthat

    ''Officials believe that at reactor number 2, water is leaking''

    – these guys are sharp, relax you guys, they are on top of the situation, they have it covered.

    • Rogerthat… you are correct. they have those coriums covered with BullS#(* and C#(@.

      Where are those melted out coriums TEPCO?

      At least in Soviet Russia, they sent in some nuclear scientists to find them, despite the extremely HOT conditions. Those scientists climbed through and among the fuel rods that blew out of the reactor for example. They were BRAVE.

      In Japan, no one seems brave enough to go into a really HOT radiation zone to save the planet.

      Everyone in the nuclear industry and Japanese government seems to be content to just let the whole planet die.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    There was a 5.2 EQ at Ofunato, to the north of Fukushima on Sunday

    M5.2 – 12km NNW of Ofunato, Japan
    2014-06-08 05:24:32 UTC


    I doubt very much that TEPCO would bother to mention if it had any effect at the NPP's.

    But at this point even a 1.0 EQ would be bloody dangerous to that facility, it really wouldn't take much more than that to 'pop' another seam, or widen a crack in a wall and allow the water to get out.

  • zogerke zogerke

    watchers, do the recent spate of steamy emissions seen on the cams…and rad spikes…correlate? (how can they not)

    doesn't this mean that whatever is left there is currently going critical as it is uncooled? exposed?

    an endless source of excitement….or dampening…desiccating…..mutating…..desecrating.


    • Sol Man

      You're talking about all of natures' genomes, right?

    • jec jec

      It certainly a cycle of steam/emissions, plasma (webs?) and fog just over the reactors as other webcams show light and reactor buildings/vent stacks clearly from a distance. Well.except for JNN webcam which goes down immediately (think it maybe staffed some how). Its a definate progression and a cycle.

  • jec jec

    Drip drip drip of information. Bet TEPCO knew in 2011 about the water levels, they have been digging into Reactor 2 for years..same as the other ones in "cold shutdown." Get ready for more 'oh wow we just found out' bad news from TEPCO…part of the plan to desensative people to the truth. NOW people will say..its no big deal, its getting better, we are still alive..HA. Dead man walking…

  • GQR2

    So TepCo is admitting how bad it is,if people have the ears to understand,they seem to count on people hearing this report,and not thinking to the next thought. Uncovered or semi covered Nuclear Fuel Fissioning every moment of everyday.

    It is the worst case scenerio of course,but they count on giving half reports without much analysis so that people kind of shrug their shoulders. IMO and its not an opinion really its an observation we have been and will continue to see extreme visual evidence of exposed melting cores.

    This report should go viral and cancel all plans to re inhabit the Hot Zone of Fukushima. Its a tragic thing but its all that can be done,morally. Admit the danger,the world will rally before it panics.

    • GQR2 – I am not technical by any means. I have been wondering and maybe you or someone else here could help me and explain what is/will happen if the fuel is not completely covered/cooled? I know it is bad but how bad? Everything about Fukushima is a "worst nightmare" situation but is this really the worst case scenario?

      I understand that they don't want to create panic with the general public by talking about this disaster but I believe that each and every person on this planet should have the right to make decisions for themselves regarding where they live, what foods they eat etc… to limit their intake of radiation. I know this has been stated many times by many different posters here over the years but it's just crazy that they (All Governments)are doing NOTHING and the MSM is saying NOTHING while our planet and every inhabitant is dying; some quicker then others. It breaks my heart!

      One last thing… I just wanted to tell each an every one of you that I appreciate you and your efforts. This site and all of your comments have helped me understand what is happening and ways to protect myself and my family so a big hug from me to you. Thank you!!! 🙂

      • GQR2

        yes, the absolute worst case scenario. an ongoing slow motion extinction level event. Life as we know it will not exist much longer. Mass illness is setting in,in subtle and not so subtle ways. The food chain is actively collapsing and what is grown and harvested is toxically contaminated in the processing. (and its all perfectly legal)

        Radiation pollution is made exponentially worse by chem-trailing and increased CO2 and Methane Gas. I appreciate you too Rebecca. Watching it unfold for any length of time and educating oneself about it,IF you can find any good information. We still have some but its a read between the lines most of the time OR they come right out and state the problem like above,and go on to the latest from Hollywood. It is heartbreaking that we have any respect for these liars and shills.

        • That is what I was hoping you wouldn't say GQR2.
          It boggles my mind that people are more interested in the stupid Kardashians then their own health and safety.
          We really need to get the word out to the kids as it is them that will be left to deal with this…if they are alive by that time that is.

          Thanks for the info!!

      • razzz razzz

        Rebeca007: As you are learning along with the rest of us (some started earlier than others) the conclusions among sane people is that nuclear for generating power is the dumbest way to go. Creating more radioactive poisons than you know what to do with esp. long term storage, not cost effective ex. Fukus'/Hanford and uncontrollable decay chains that will outlive thousands of generations (less than a quarter generation if you use WIPP as the standard).

        Water is a great for shielding radiation and carrying off any heat but only works in a contained enclosure where you can monitor and control the situation with additives like boron to prevent any reactions.

        If you have random blobs of radioactive melted fuel scattered about in open air, they will radiate uncontrolled heat, gases, neutrons, decay products, etc., into the environment. A large amount of uncovered melted fuel and it is unapproachable by man or robot for a century or so.

        TEPCO wishes to fill what is left of the buildings with water for shielding. They can't because of leaks. The melts would probably now air cool like at Chernobyl but they are not contained for control besides no one knows where the bulk of the melts have gone to. The melts are free to vent and bleed into the environment without so much as a cover of concrete, lead, sand, or borated water. Onsite workers and visitors have to dress up in protective suits and wear masks because there is no containment.

        • Thanks Razzz! Here is a question. When this disaster first happened and then when there was the explosion(s) there was a huge release into the atmosphere as shown by that time lapse animation I have seen linked on here; if the cores are not covered in water etc… would this equate to the same level of release in to the atmosphere but on an on-going basis for evermore or is it more localized initially to Fukushima and of course to the Pacific?…because we all know where the majority of it is going.

          • razzz razzz

            When a reactor is first shutdown like in a quake, there are many daughter decay products that have very short half-lives and actively decay away. With a shorter half-life the faster decay heat is created. Heat that has to be dealt with with circulating cooling water. If there is no cooling a meltdown ensues and until water is returned for cooling the melting is unstoppable with tremendous heat being generated by the residual short lived daughter products decaying. This happens without any further nuclear reactions.

            A meltdown is in full progress, rare metal reactions begin that the fuel is/was encased in when water is near and hydrogen production is the result. Actually water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, an explosive combination. While excess water is flashing to steam and finding the weak spots in the design to blow out of. Mark I is notoriously under designed with a small containment that could never hold the melts and gaseous releases.

            Pipes were broken before the tsunami arrived and radiation spewing was localized. With loss of power there was no hope as water boiled off and complete meltdowns occurred x3. Even if the vent tower stacks worked there would be local fallout.

            The explosions and ensuing fallout was dependent on wind patterns. Could have initially covered all of Japan but the wind was blowing east. Worse was hellish heat atomizing everything to go airborne.

            Now, still leeching/bleeding nonstop in a steady stream near and far.

  • Wooster

    For every leak they plug another ten spring up every time those reactors are jolted by even the smallest of earthquakes.

    God help us if there is another big earthquake. The folly of the Japanese not trying to seal those reactors from day one as the Russians did at Chernobyl will certainly cost every one of us and our children very dearly.

    • Maybe the motives were not that pure?

      Remember that at Chernobyl, they also had multiple reactors, and they never closed down the other three.

      But to save those three nuclear reactors and not shut them down, cost them about 1 million people. They were desperate to keep them on and the power flowing.

      Then those poor slobs working there were forced to endure going into a really HOT zone and keep doing that day after day.

      It is all about the money.

    • PaciFistic PaciFistic

      ….Wooster…this is the sort of attitude/thinking/practice that goes on in a lot of industries/corporate workplaces/small business jobs…and realizing this about 60 yrs ago when very young, I quietly dropped out 'of' the system in all ways I could. I'd like to think my footprint since has been quite small comparatively.

      What is the factor allowing some to "see & act" in this way, not to follow others into folly, while many seem to succumb to herd mentality? One conclusion: it helps if one has been set up, i.e., to be 'independent.' And this independence is dependent on how one has lived in former lives, cause and effect, just as in this life or in any, "do unto others as…etc.. ." Not to speak of any sort of perfection here, but as a matter of degree.

      What that means in the present is that every moment is precious regards how we see, think, act, notwithstanding our tendency for making mistakes.

      Well, that's just my take on it through early reflection and subsequent experience.

      More and more people getting this right is how we would solve our collective earthly predicament…except at this point, it now seems we are almost past the 11th hour.

      Optimistically, in the previous article "AP reporter going to Fukushima…," I said there'll be pockets of fortunates with more evolved capacities surviving the demise of "the old linear-raveled, greed & ego-bloated, competitive, profit-driven, hierarchic world from the last millennium."

      • PaciFistic PaciFistic

        ….Wooster, sorry, my slight mistake…I wanted to put my above comment under that of the good Dr Goodheart, as it follows his line of thought…but I suppose it's just as well where it is since the thread started with yours….thanks!

  • Southbound Southbound

    so let me get this straight…

    We can tell what planets and stars are made of, their trajectory, and how they are affected by invisible black holes and other unknown stellar objects MILLIONS of light years away, but we can't tell where very large melted bits of radioactive metal are in a relatively small area?

    Do we have NO technology that can help us with this task? No ground penetrating radar? No satellite cameras or sensors?

    Is it scarier to know the truth, or to remain ignorant? Is it another "state secret" that someone has deemed too real for our teeny little brains to comprehend?

    I call bullshit.


      why think it's a conspiracy to keep us in the dark, Southbound? Is it not obvious to all, they have no idea what they're doing?! A fire starter doesn't always know where it'll end. One side of the challenge, is the blinding amount of radiation that's been released into the coreum(s) surrounding environment. Other side is the unpredictable nature of a rouge plasma ball (coreum) within the geological medium its traveling within. Once those cores escaped containment, an endless array of unknowns became the controlling influences over those them. The only conspiracy in play here, was in convincing the public that they had any kind of a handle on the situation. Most have a pretty good idea what the nuke-industry's got a good grip on…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Old News Deserves Reprinting An Old Post:
    April 9, 2014 at 8:46 am Log in to Reply
    Reactor2 Summary:
    Long endoscope video of interior of Containment Vessel2:
    1. Little water remains inside Containment, in spite of injection of 100 tonnes per day, indicates breach at bottom.
    2. No evidence of 94 tonnes of melted nuclear fuel, core is missing.
    3. Water at bottom is clear, with only whispy steam, indicates absence of corium.
    4. Corium splatter on walls of Containment indicate explosion inside Containment2.
    5. Radiation measurements during endoscope examination indicate that corium fell into bottom of reactor pedestal, then melted out, and is no longer present [as a "doggie pile"] at bottom of the pedestal.

    TEPCO can find no indication where large amounts of cooling water disappear to:
    Water is not leaking from Torus into Torus Basement, or into Generator Building.
    Water must therefore be exiting through bottom of Containment Vessel and through Base Mat.

    Smoking fissures have opened up in the earth from underground corium.

    Conclusion: Melt-through and Melt-out of Corium2 has been…

    • Shaker1

      Thanks for the reminders, PUN. While unsurprising, I believe that what we're seeing is the natural progression of news concerning melt-outs, and, unfortuantely, it's not because it's the natural progression of knowledge; the 'revelation' is well-behind that knowledge (which is why I put 'revelation' in quotes; revelation generally precedes knowledge.)

      At any rate, what this might be telling them is to really make an effort to get the SFPs taken care of, the common pool especially, as they hold exponentially more and equally dangerous material than the melt-outs. If what they've been doing with all the water is just enabling expendables to clean up the surface debris without giving the appearance that those humans are considered expendable (they don't directly die), it has truly been a wasted effort. The work really hasn't started there, in my view.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Thank you philipupnorth. I missed that post back in april.

  • steel penny steel penny

    i don't know if they have a comic section in Japanese news papers but if they do they should start putting all TEPCO's news releases about FDNPP in the comics where they belong. it is so evident to me that TPTB don't care about people; they don't care about the people of Japan, the Pacific, the West Coast and beyond. and now washington is itching to start a possible nuclear conflict with Russia which means they have no regard for the people of Europe or the whole world. the mentality that drives the nuclear industry and military use of nuclear weapons is beyond being demented. it is like the bully child who would rather kill all his playmates rather than lose the game.

  • mutante mutante

    I can't grasp how these pathetic, evil little men @ TEPCO begin to even comment on this multi-tentacled mess.
    They have proven to be the last group of people in the world that you would want to be attempting to mitigate
    this totally unnecessary , cataclysmic event.
    I really can't understand how there has not been a larger, growing protest movement in Japan.
    They seem to be truly the ideal steeple.

      • GQR2

        American are surely contenders in the sheeple category can't single out the Japanese,we are intimately connected to what happens in Japan. We are pretty ideal too. We all are. When a force,that you can't put your finger on,it has so many tentacles exerts itself upon the Masses full spectrum its pretty hard to mount effective protests these days. We have lots of sheeple right here. Different style,different cultural habits,but remarkably similar.

        • GQR2

          Our governmental agencies handle every toxic situation the same- stay there,we'll let you know when you can drink the water again,trust us. Don't rock the boat. Hell look at WIPP right now. Stay there,work there we love our Mine. We're happy happy happy. We are ignored. the illneses hidden,the workers given hush money or threats. Lies are told bold faced with earnest voices who fully expect to leave their "news releases" without a challenge. Where are the movements to stop paying the energy bills? A national strike that will be the day! so please. Singling out one island population for being sheeple is kind of short sighted on this aspect.

          • bo bo

            I agree GQ.
            Why aren't Americans rising up over the wanapum dam or WIPP ?

            If you google WIPP and CNN or wanapum dam and CNN – there are no news headlines, past or present. ( please double check, at least that was my result )
            Google Kardashian and CNN and there are multiple headlines in the past few days alone.

          • mutante mutante

            I am not singling them out; they are @ the front of this battle; I know American are generally scared of their own shadow, too. But it's sad that mankind does not have any leaders with the balls to call a spade , a spade.

            • Radio Radio

              Er…mutante, no offense, but i think that it was "Balls" that got us into this mess – bravado, hubris, machoism, aggressive dominance, linear intelligence, military desire… . Oddly, male gonads are often attributed with high stalwart standards when the people possessing them tend to achieve the opposite once thinking with them. Perhaps you meant "Courage and honesty," something both females and males can muster up 😉

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          I was waiting to see that response as well Aftershock…maybe someone had to coach soccer and couldn't get back to you!


            you got a sharp eye, newsblackoutUSA. I must preface the following by saying, no one should be accused of being a creeper, because they may disagree on an issue. Truth is, some of my most favorite commentators out here were initially aggressive critics of my thoughts. Misconceptions and/or misinterpretations are often fertile ground for expanding on the issues.

            That said, I should point out to the uninitiated, the nuclear technologies industry spans a multitude of 'disciplines': countering opposition to their agenda being but one of the deepest and most effective (if not the most successful) of their objectives. They are, after all, an extension of the entire military-intelligence-corporate-police-state apparatus of the oppressor. So it should come as no surprise that they'll focus 'resources' on those who are considered viable challengers. They'll not only resort to impeding an individuals means to getting information out to the public (i.e., taking down websites/blogs/cyber-attacks on com-stations), they'll also plant operatives within our ranks. They'll come in mouthing exactly what we'd expect to hear. In time, once they've developed a sense of trustworthiness within the target group, they will then move-on to their core objectives. And while the very presence of creepers will have a chilling effect on a movement, knowing of their presence is the most effective means to blunting their efforts…

            • bo bo

              Is it my imagination or do I notice several going on at enenews at the moment aside from the more obvious shill

              • bo bo

                Either ways, thanks AS


                they're here big-time, bo. That shouldn't get people too worried or anxious, as they're always being assigned to sites like this. While there's nothing they won't attempt in undermining this movement, the very knowledge of their techniques neutralizes them. They are constrained by having to maintain their cover. You've only to watch who they attempt to undermine and where they attempt to lead the unwitting, to eventually know who's who. Avoid outting them, as doing so only forces them to assume new identities. In time, a genuine human being will develop an excellent sense of how the 'game' is played. I say bring it on…


              a great movie that illustrates how creepers operate, is called "Informant". The movie itself is a documentary form dramatization of how a creeper is managed. Of equal value are the post production interviews; which are found on the DVDs Extras section. I highly recommend this DVD. It doesn't cover the full range of techniques used in counter-intelligence, but illustrates how people are unwittingly duped by creepers.

              Informant (2012)


            • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

              AFTERSHOCK-very sharp sir,and seconded.

        • mutante mutante

          Okay Joseph mcCarthey, you have your reply:-)


            at least have the decency to get the spelling of names correct. It's "Joseph McCarthy". You can be forgiven for one or two typos or grammatical errors, but failing to correctly spell the name of someone you're calling your reader's attention to, is just plain sloppy.

            While you're attempting to solicit smiles with your quips, you should know that many of Senator McCarthy's 'targets' were eventually revealed as having been active agents for the Soviets.

            As this subject is far more nuanced than is being disclosed here, the reader is invited to review the section entitled "LEGACY". The closing comments to how McCarthy's efforts may damaged national security are as significant as the following revelation…

            "…new evidence—in the form of Venona-decrypted Soviet messages, Soviet espionage data now opened to the West, and newly released transcripts of closed hearings before McCarthy's subcommittee—has partially vindicated McCarthy by showing that many of his identifications of Communists were correct and that the scale of Soviet espionage activity in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s was larger than many scholars suspected."


  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Losing track of tons of radioactive fuel must be a normal part of putting reactors into "cold shutdown". I would like Tepco to elaborate on just what "cold shutdown" means. So far, I do not like the results of these "cold shutdown" reactors. They seem quite flatulent in a deadly and permanent sort of way.

    On the other hand my wonderful elected officials are little concerned so why should I be? Good k riced……..

  • GQR2

    "they seem quite flatulent in a deadly and permanent way"
    – cosmic charlie

    yes i think we can all agree on that.

  • jec jec

    Fear is right, reading about reporters touting 'ice wall', but what happens when the ground water is literally HOT with heat from the corium? Will the cold freeze work?


    This only solves one of thousands of issues..and how much power will it take and for how many 1000s of years? Pray for an ice age again I guess..

    • GQR2

      How are they going to anchor in the muddy unstable hillside ? A good rain like they have there with regularity ensures disaster. No good will come of it. Its like watching an endless train wreck.

  • Nick

    Reactor cores exposed? Ho hum say the masses.

    But when a movie star exposes flesh. OMG! A collective intake of breath ripples through the masses.

    Humans are pretty stupid, come to think of it.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    That needed a moment thinking.

  • Jebus Jebus

    We are truly sailing into illusion, on a ship of fools.

    A ship now named Fukushima. Now captained by tepco.abe.jp

    It's manifest and course, Nature, is slowly taking over.

    All else, just passengers on an ill fated cruise.

    What lies ahead, is unknown, has never been seen.

    Natural evolution has been cheated…

  • mutante mutante

    Verbose–> believes more words can make up for valueless words
    The schill accusation –> called in as a last ditch effort to save face
    Drooling idiots–> shows a lack of imagination & signifies juvenile tendencies
    Feeble attack on misspelling Joseph McCarthey's last name –> obvious desperation to save face
    Inability to drop a toxic conversation–> severe neurosis
    Continually using others perceived opinions as a means to justify ones own beliefs –> cowardly personality
    … No need to say more 😉


      seems funny, mutante, how you continue to respond to what you insist are worthless points.

      Again, distortion is your means of escape.

      1) I've not accused you of being a schill. I have suggested your actions are questionable and devious.

      2) Irrelevant what – you – deem as juvenile, as you're far from representative of a mature adult.

      3) The evidence is there for the asking. You attacked me for my opinions on Facebook; attacks you were later found incapable of substantiating.

      4) Your use of Joseph McCarthy was duly exposed as being nothing less of puerile. I'm still smiling at your failure to even spell his name right.

      5) You're the one who publicly took your leave, then returned. Obviously, you're having trouble accepting the loss of face. Otherwise, let's see – you – move on!

      6) Hate to have to clue you in, but they're laughing at you.

      An analysis of your responses reveals a need to defend your position with cheap theatrics. From first opportunity, you've done little more than attempt diversion. Not once did you ever respond to my inquiries. You've made the mistake of relying far too long on slight-of-hand.

      Should you decide to remain with me, know that we're here 24-7 to help you in your transition to this medium. In time, you'll find there's little need for the security of Facebook. You might even learn to make friends. Wouldn't that be something?! People who actually come to value you…

  • mutante mutante

    I drop it. My thought process is fine. Facebook is a way to keep in touch with old friends.i am not naive to any of the trappings of internet use. I do not care what others think. I am shameless. I seek water. China my china. No will what so ever, no will what so ever, absolutely no integrity. I have a third uncle. Put a straw under baby. You have an axe to grind but your stuck in the middle of police & thieves. He's getting rather old but he's a good mouse. Some doors are trap doors that you can never come back from.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      I think you sum up yourself very well when you say: "I am shameless." Con artists always want to reveal their con because they think they are invincible and they want everyone to acknowledge their ability to sell anything.

  • mutante mutante

    If you knew me, you would realize how diametrically opposed your statement is to the truth. I am paranoid but not as much as others.

  • mutante mutante

    And what shame should I hold? Honesty?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      All the children suffering in the world because of nuclear technology including nuclear energy, and I cannot stop this madness, and I didn't do enough the last 55 years to try to stop all the needless pain inflicted on these children.

      To be without empathy for the pain of others, to be without compassion, is to be less than human.

  • mutante mutante

    Empathy, I have made my friends, relatives want to avoid me, constantly harping on them about the ongoing crisis . Other than my artwork, I have spent most of my time reading about nuclear -related problems since I came across this site. You have no way of knowing how I feel about the pain of others. I made one statement: I found it offensive that someone had to belittle & demean people for using Facebook. I went out on a limb & made some other remarks about someone's mode of thinking. I will admit that was wrong. Now I have a small horde attacking me with this paranoid shill shit… That's paranoid & insane. I would not be here if I did not abhor what is going on. Leave me alone unless you want to be friendly.

    • I noticed your fall from grace, mutante, and I think you slid down a slippery slope, taking too much offense at unexpected responses from forum members. You have a sharp tongue–sometimes a valuable asset–which you need to restrain, and only use occasionally and when used, used judiciously.

      Make sure we feel the love, mutante.

      Given the precarious nature of our world such that it is in June 2014 in this forum, we're all a little suspicious of newcomers. We have had a few shills on the site…disrupting what otherwise is a safe harbor for discouraged souls looking for a way to understand what is really going on.

      But if you are genuine, then you are welcome here. Just be persistent, and follow your heart, and give respect, and you will earn respect. There's room for all honest men and women at the table.

      I have witnessed and occasionally posted in this forum since a few months after the accident when Enenews.com had only 2000 facebook likes. Notable personalities have come and gone, some technical, some artistic, some both, and some neither. The discussion continues, a civil discussion befitting the serious topic, and befitting the great minds and hearts that find communion in this forum.

      Go forth and establish who mutante really is. Be a constructive participant in the forum. Find solace here.

      • mutante mutante

        Thank you for your welcome post nuclear. I am very glad to have a place to come to where the people understand the almost unfathomable magnitude of the nuclear messes that seem on the verge of decimating all living things for at least a very, very long time:-(
        The truth is hard for mostly all of the people in my life to either accept or generally understand. Denial/ignorance for them seems easier. They believe that everything has remained static & Disneyland awaits us all. It's hard to understand their ability to ignore this.


      just to let you know, mutante, I appreciate your words of contrition. Please accept, my defensive poster is predicated on my desire that we maintain an environment that protects us – all – from unwarranted harassment. I'm sure you'd agree, every effort must be made to protect the many productive members of ENENews. So, while opinions will likely differ from time-to-time, as long as we constrain ourselves to respectful discourse, the site will remain the premier reference for energy and nuclear related issues…

      • mutante mutante

        I am sorry for my attack on your character, aftershock. I still disagree with face bookers as droolers & idiots. I am sure that some drooling & idiocy is going on, but I think everyone has drooled & have been idiots & times. I think that the simultaneous act of both drooling & idiocy are rather rare. We may just disagree on the frequency of drooling & idiocy within the Facebook population. Peace 🙂

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Hear! Hear! Now we must all get back to work! 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I am in the same boat, since the power of the currrent Zeitgeist Matrix is stronger than my words/thoughts. Using Facebook is a personal choice and I have no problem with anyone using such a medium if it can help/bring others to see the light/sword of truth.

    I have no clue why you are being attacked by others here, since there is no reason for any of it! 🙂

    We must all use what ever medium is available and at our disposal to communicate the knowledge base assembled here at enenews concerning the dangers of Nuclear Power and why it must be shut down worldwide. 🙂

    We are all soldiers in the same battle of/for the enlightenment of the millions of lost minds that now surround us all… 🙂

  • mutante mutante

    Thank you Obewanspeaks!! I try & make people aware. 99% of them think that I am being an alarmist or worse.
    But I still talk about fuku, WIPP, Hanford when I get a chance. It 's very exasperating. They consider me negative & dark. What is more important than what we live in 24/7? I find the people here very bright & caring..
    I have to admit that I enjoy arguing, but I also realize that it can be taken too far. I was reading the posts when Socref was here. I know about the soccer coach thing. But the suggestion that I am a special form of a shill is just idiotic. Thanks again for seeing the truth!

    • mutante, I think most of us here are very caring and cut each other slack for any dark moods we project or terse statements or even drunken rants that pop up here & there. We all need this site….it's a safe place…home of sorts. In the short time I've been here, I've seen it all and just think OMG, what pressure we all feel. My heart swells.

      And I gotta say, FB is one of my most easy ways to spread info, whether some lurkers there think my posts are alarmist or not. People that know me personally already get that I came to earth to try to leave it better than I found it and certainly am not a perfect example of being consistent with how I come across.

      "It's not my business what others think of me" <–love that quote. Helps me chill sometimes. 🙂

      (AS, if you see this….hope it's not too much of a disappointment to know many folks who use FB are not drooling idiots, lol)

  • mutante mutante

    Thanks LastChants Teri-in NE WA!!

  • jamesofthecommons

    I keep reading ''God help us if there is another earthquake !'' Yes in regards to the other nuke plants in Japan,God help us if there is anather quake,but folks in regards to Dachi,its a done deal, another quake or not,the worst case senario is in full progress. At some point after the tsunami three or more nuke reactors went into meltdown,blew up, and spewed portions of the active fuel,as well as parts of the spent fuel rods into the atmosphere.Remember those spent fuel pools were sitting above the reactors.Upon those explosions highly radioactive materials were captured by winds at all levels of the atmosphere and carried ''at least'' all over the Northern hemisphere.All of us since that time have been breathing,eating and drinking those radioactive materials,some of us have already died prematurely thanks to those radioactive materials.This is Fukishima dachi in a nutshell,and another earthquake aint gonna make no difference.

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