WAFB: Officials find “mother of all bubbles” near giant sinkhole — “The biggest pool they have seen yet” (PHOTO)

Published: January 21st, 2013 at 1:02 am ET


Title: New bubbling site spotted near Bayou Corne sinkhole
Source: WAFB
Author: Cheryl Mercedes
Date: Jan 20, 2013

Assumption Parish officials said the most recent bubbling site near the Bayou Corne sinkhole is the biggest pool they have seen yet. Office of Emergency Preparedness workers refer to it as the “mother of all bubbles.”

The new bubbling site is an estimated 3,000 feet away from residences and camps. […]

“It’s a little scary because now I know it’s all around me,” [Homeowner Nick Romero] said. […]

Texas Brine has installed vent wells to flare the gas. But residents fear they won’t work fast enough to keep the pressure from building in the bayou.

“Honestly I don’t think they know the problem,” [Homeowner Mike Schaff] said. […]

See the bubbling here

Published: January 21st, 2013 at 1:02 am ET


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26 comments to WAFB: Officials find “mother of all bubbles” near giant sinkhole — “The biggest pool they have seen yet” (PHOTO)

  • markww markww

    Hello everyone I anted to write something here as to the out gassing going on in the video. I do not know if this has anything to do with the gas but 1-20 loud booms and STRANGE NOISES are now being heard in Virginia.Could this be methane underground events starting up???? The gas event may have been going on for a day or so here i do not know but what timing. Here is the video of Booms and noises coming from Up North. Some are calling it a TTA event.

    Strange timing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZh3o0GQpaY

    • Pierpont

      Rev. Michelle Hopkins???
      "TTA event" Woooo, that's pretty scary.

      That has got to be the dumbest vid I have ever seen on YT, and I've sat through some whacked-out vids.

      What's the possible connection between Bayou Corne and a whacko woman with a YT account? Are we to the point where every sinkhole fart means the evil government has turned up the volume on the HAARP machine?


        will I have to suffer through the video, Pierpont, to find out what a "TTA event" is? All these EOW acronyms are frightening…

        • Pierpont

          @aftershock: All these EOW acronyms are frightening

          Yeah, I think that's the scam. It's the ole' Ron Hubbard technique of building a new vocabulary where the words don't have any real meaning and then using them to scare the b'jez out of folks. Cults . . .

          TTA — I think that's something like Titillating Tesla Anecdote

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I don't know about HAARP and all that..methane under the ice.
        I understand.

        Amazing video of exploding under-ice methane gas in Siberia

        Nov.22 2010

        UAF – 2010 – Hunting for methane with Katey Walter Anthony

        Jan.15 2010

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Let's give this subject a fair shake..ummm?

        • ftlt

          Rose: Methane in the Arctic is a Climate Change monster waiting to be released.. It could seal our doom…

          The HARRP folks (from what I can gather) are in the main deniers of human activity being related to Climate Change..

          Methane is a funny thing… Numbers for the "half-life" – for lack of a better word – of a methane molecule in the atmosphere are in flux (mostly downwards)… 20 years for breakdown was the number just a few years ago are now commonly down in publications to 7 years… Why the big change here in such a short time?? More info??? Or is someone paying for new cooked numbers???

          Much is out – publishing now – in that Methane is not a real threat in the short team (less than 100 years).. These same reports tell us to focus on CO2 levels..

          It seems strange to me.. As methane when it breaks down, becomes longer lived CO2 in the atmosphere in the main… This is never addressed in the same publications that warn us to focus on CO2 not methane now as the greenhouse gas that threatens abrupt C.C… Go figure??… I get the feeling, this is often done out of horror of what major methane releases represent rather than trying to hide something.. Just a feeling..

          Methane hydrates are being thought of as an ocean mining target now… Didn't the Deep Water Horizon have its problem mostly from methane issues??? The hubris!!!

          I would like to find someone who addresses this somewhere.. I have looked and struck out over and over

          • Thad

            That has also confused half life of methane– ignore the product of ths decay–

            The DWH problem due to methane was a mechanical problem. The gas as it entered the well bore was compressed at 12,8500 psi and as it rose up the the well bore the pressure above decreased. And so it expanded– at half the pressure the volume of gas is doubled.. as it expanded it pushed more fluid out of the well farther reducing pressure above – more expansion until it blow the well bore clear– –1 bbl gas entering the well @ 12,800 psi would be 4.8 bbl at sea bed pressure 2700 psi

            • ftlt

              Thanks – had that…

              But, I was referring to methane decay with major methane releases expected a result of global warming (the thrust for the topic of Rosie's videos on Arctic methane release research)… And how molecule's behavior (decay) in the greater atmosphere is being calculated now so differently than say, just 5 years ago.. Why the sudden change with some climate science people and their numbers??? It is not clear to me nor can I find anything that speaks to this wide discrepancy in decay figures that has come about recently???

              The point about ocean mining hydrates, was just about how stupid, thoughtless and greedy we can be… Sorry if it was a shotgun post…

      • bwoodfield bwoodfield

        I watched about 3 minutes of the video and couldn't handle anymore. These days people are attaching the word "HAARP" to every geological and meteorological event they don't understand. The woman is talking about "infra-sound waves" and high frequency sound waves and pointing to clouds in the troposphere and stratosphere. HAARP utilizes electromagnetic and geomagnetic waves in the ionosphere.



    This means there was extensive rock and possibly salt movement during this belch. It’s found a new path for the gas to migrate. Lots of rocks have shifted and changed position. This is not good news for the Crosstex Cavern 2.

    More rock movements are being shown on all borehole heli's and this event is not over. It is building up for another event…mark my words. This was not a burp, it was a belch and did a lot of damage. I would not be surprised if the salt is now laying twenty to thirty yards further west now and brining out, taking with it a good portion of the stability of the west side of the dome.

    A few people here were telling me it was impossible that the VSP, along with the overburden of water over the thin layer of soil to be causing the seismic activity that I based my warnings upon.

    Seems Dr. Stephen Horton doesn’t agree with the naysayers.

    “Recent seismic activity is possibly contributable to VSP activity or the unusually high water, according
    to Dr. Horton (1/16/13)”


    Page 15

    So I am not the only one thinking along these lines. Wonder what he's thinking now, after the belch?

    This event is not done, nor is it over yet. Lot of shifting around taking place now, as the heli's are clearly recording.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Quote: It’s a little scary because now I know it’s all around me.

    I'm not there and it scares me a whole lot!!!!

    These folks are breathing all this in and who knows what's in the water.

    This could easily turn very ugly, more than it is already.

    This is going from bad to worse with no end in sight. I can only suggest to pack it up and get out of dodge.

    Compensate these people, so they can get out.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The shifting will cause instability in all directions..eventually.. as the salt dome collapses.
    If there is methane is under the buildings being tested.. then there is methane under the buildings not being tested..in the area.
    A belch..hiccup..burp..earthquakes..all change the situation underground.
    Every time a 'belch' occurs..an increase in the radius of the suspected damage should be considered.

    Has Mother Nature taken over?..sort of..she has a wound in her breast.


    'T-Rex’ tests sinkhole
    Official says work unsure after well pad evacuated


    "Once lowered to the earth Friday, T-Rex’s hydraulic plate sent a series of seismic waves, or sweeps, toward a 470-foot deep well that was 30 feet away from the truck.

    The waves started at a low frequency and quickly picked up speed, sounding something like a car engine revving from low to high revolutions. From behind the well, mild vibrations could be felt in the earth at the lowest frequencies but they dissipated at the highest frequencies."

    T-REX used Low Frequency waves that caused the very resonance I warned about and then went into the high frequency range. This is just how you resonate. It is similar to the old wine glass vibrating till it breaks. This was a stupid and very irresponsible thing to employ!
    This on top of using Thumper trucks for the VSP! Are they trying to cause a collapse?

    "Next month, under an agreement with the Louisiana Office of Conservation that ended litigation over testing on the sinkhole, Texas Brine plans to do the most intensive seismic testing of all, 3-D seismic tests across a swath of the Bayou Corne area.

    Expected to deliver a picture 7,000 feet deep, these tests may show whether any feared voids exist underground and the location of oil and gas traps."

    The Public needs to know how this last test will be performed, and hopefully warn all the residents to leave town the day…


      (CONT). The Public needs to know how this last test will be performed, and hopefully warn all the residents to leave town the day they do this.

      Texas Brine is gambling with people's lives, and it should not be allowed to continue!

      • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

        Feared voids???? Just back and they are already on my last nerve. 1. The 2.8m cubic yds of void space did not disappear. At this time it's probably more. Isn't there a safer means of finding out what is going on underground?
        2. They make it impossible w/out keeping notes on what test have been performed, what has been done, what hasn't. Which caverns are emptied and which aren't. Get it together and give us ALL the information in one place. What happened to Itasca?
        4. The remainder of the video needs to be posted. No one can trust anything from TB, Shaw, LDNR or the Parish if that is the kind of crap they are giving us to view.
        5. How are they managing to shut down the State Rep who was here, the atty that reps the homeowners, and anyone else who attempts to get involved?… hmmmm
        6. Prove to me that Chevron has removed the contents of the cavern, because I do not think that they have.

        • FREEDOMROX

          As for Chevron, they are pigging the whole pipline system, so no, it's not empty. Can't find numbers on what's still there though.


    Ummm, you weren't around, but guess what? Now Gulf South is drilling too.


    The point is, there was no notice that TREX was going to be used at all, along with the thumper trucks. There should have been a forced evacuation until the tests were done…but No, big secret until after they cause the latest belch.

    Next month, they will doing the really big one, and won't inform the resident's with what, (myabe 10 tons of TNT, who knows?), and not even considering the safety of the nearby population. There truly should have been, and should be a forced evacuation when risky tests like this are done.

    • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

      It's been a few months since I voiced my concern over methane coming up on dry land and no one knowing about it. We get a few days of heavy rain and boom, there it is, showing up. The TREX being used and the really big test.. without evacuation! That is literally putting the entire company in jeopardy, along with all of the residents. We know they do not value human life, nor do they value the environment, however, I do not believe they are ready for the health and hazard claims that this could cause. They had best wake up soon before a good atty catches some of these residents and makes them sh*t!…

    • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis


      Please let me know when you find out, if you find out when they will be doing the big testing… being this close, me and my family may take a day trip!


    Read the whole story at link above, and you might understand why they have no fear of local lawyers.

    • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

      How freaking sweet.. the good ole boy network is still alive and well… There are some that are not members that could handle this. I know it, however the repercussions to such persons would be great. Apparently, much like any other oil and gas disaster, the health concerns are normally not immediate, and the normal thought process is "I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow" however, in this situation, it could very well be not only immediate, but huge. Just because the cap of this thing is 2 x 5 miles does not mean it is the only area it could affect. I am doing some research and will hold the remainder of my comments until they are justified with backup that I am allowed to share.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    If I still lived there and my lawn did not flood during this last rain, I would take my hose out and flood it to see if bubbles were coming up in my yard!


    Bless you built. If anyone can do it, you can. I promise you, until those waters reced, then the contents of the sinkhole are traveling all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.