TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation (AUDIO)

Published: March 16th, 2016 at 6:29 pm ET


KGW (NBC channel in Portland, OR), Mar 7, 2016 (emphasis added): Crisis continues 5 years after FukushimaRadiation in the Pacific Ocean near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant is at levels as high, or higher, than has been measured in the past three years, as the crippled plant continues to bleed contamination into the sea, new results from a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution research cruise show. “We think it’s related to the ongoing leaks,” said Ken Buesseler, a Woods Hole chemical oceanographer… “It’s a little surprising and contrary to claims they’ve stopped all flow. So we’re not out of the woods yet.”… Unlike Chernobyl, however, this crisis played out slowly, and continues today, on both sides of the Pacific… In October 2015, Buesseler’s team took new samples from as close as a half-mile away from the nuclear power plant. Levels there remain elevated, he said, confirming continued releases from the plant… “The fact that it’s still leaking is always of concern.”

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Mar 7, 2016: Fukushima Site Still Leaking After Five Years, Research Shows… Buesseler [sampled off Fukushima] in October 2015… his analysis of cesium and strontium indicate releases from the plant are not yet “under control,” a statement that has been used by the Japanese government to describe the situation… [C]esium levels have remained relatively constant… “we are not seeing the steady decrease we would expect to see off Fukushima if all sources had stopped; rather, we are finding values are still elevated, which confirms that there is continued release from the plant.”… The highest level of cesium Buesseler’s team found in a sample taken off Japan in October 2015 measured 200 Becquerels per cubic meter… Strontium, too, is not falling as expected… [Scientists] have found that strontium is not decreasing as fast as cesium. Whereas there was approximately 40 times more cesium than strontium in the waters off Japan in 2011, by 2013, there was approximately 10 times more cesium than strontium The concern lies in the thousands of tons of strontium still stored in tanks at the nuclear power plant and accumulated in buildings and soils, some of it still leaking into the ocean.

Scientific American, Mar 8, 2016: Crippled Fukushima Reactors Are Still a Danger… [M]ajor questions still loom today… [S]ome scientists are complaining that important questions about the disaster’s impact are not being addressed. Authorities, they suspect, are subtly discouraging certain kinds of scientific research, possibly because they fear findings that could further alarm the public… This February, the company reported a spike in strontium levels at the plant site… Remarkably, research on Fukushima’s impact on the marine ecosystem is even more scarce [than on land]—even though the disaster represented the single largest pulse of radioactivity ever injected into an ocean… [T]he cesium concentration… many kilometers off Fukushima remains well above pre-accident levels… Another concern is radioactive strontium. Scientists say levels in seawater near the plant are not declining, possibly because of recurrent leaks from the on-site tanks. “You could actually see in the ocean when one of these tanks would leak—you’d get a big spike in Strontium-90,” Buesseler notes… Indeed, unanswered questions abound… The Japanese government seems to be cutting off funds for monitoring radionuclides in water alongside Fukushima, Buesseler says… [A]nother Japanese scientist, who asked not to be named, claimed that whereas grants are readily available for researchers whose projects are unlikely to discover significant impacts from the disaster, they are exceedingly scarce for others… Buesseler reports [an] experience [when Japanese scientists who aided in research asked not to be credited in its published papers, fearing adverse impacts on their careers]…, Mar 8, 2016: Buesseler says that releases of radioactive cesium from the plant are still not under control…”we are finding values are still elevated, which confirms that there is continued release from the plant.”

NY Times, Mar 10, 2016: Fukushima has become a place… where they struggle to control radiation-contaminated water and must release it into the sea… [T]he plant also releases 2,000 tons of the water into the ocean every week after a process that removes most, but not all, of the radioactive particles… it is a public-relations nightmare for the government…

Broadcasts: PRI | KPBS

Published: March 16th, 2016 at 6:29 pm ET


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1,047 comments to TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation (AUDIO)

  • 😐

    "… it is a public-relations nightmare"
    – NY Times

    IMO – It's much more than that.

    The risk/cost and DNA damage of Nuclear Power always has been and always will be… an insidious nightmare with global long term impacts.

    In the time frames of Nuclear Meltdowns and radioactive contamination this is just the beginning.

    • See screenshot of giant fishing boat with lights on just off the coast of Fukushima.

      Somebody's getting that catch. Whether it is consumed or turned into fertilizer, it will spread worldwide.

      "Gone Fishing – Fukushima at Five Years"

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. ChasAha. TY. Wondered where you been Chas. The truth is hard to believe these days,but:

        "The vessel bobbed in the choppy waters several hundred yards away from the still stricken, still leaking, still out of control triple nuclear reactors in full meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Gone fishing in the hot zone."

        "These weren’t just any waters the men fished in the freezing winds. The water was ‘hot’ with radiation. But the fish were plentiful and if they didn’t pass rad testing, they could be sold overseas."

        Yes,at a Alberston's,HEB,Wal-Mart,or Piggly-Wiggly near you. Just 1200 Bq/k.

        And there's this…Remember the thermo at Fukushima?

        Israeli / Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

        Maybe MVB is on to something.

        Rabbit Holes,anyone?


        • HoTaters HoTaters


          "And there's this …Remember the thermo at Fukushima?"

          Yes, that video does look like a tactical nuclear strike. In one or two of the other videos on that, some people in the foreground (in the videos) dropped dead, including the cameraman, it was explained in one of the news articles.

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. HoTaters. TY. This video captures the first Neutron bomb detonation I have seen. I believe the Neutron Bomb is the one with all the sparks;but little I know. Neutron bombs were designed to kill people and leave structures intact.

            Also,importantly,from Thierry Mayssan's article:

            "It is obviously unlikely that Saudi Arabia had built this kind of weapon itself, since it is absolutely bereft of scientific knowledge in the matter. On the other hand, it is possible that it bought the weapon from a state which has not signed the NPT, Israel or Pakistan. If we are to believe Duane Clarridge, it would have been Islamabad which sold its technology, but in this case, the weapon could not be a neutron bomb."

            In other words: Israeli Technology. Israeli's source of material?

            A rabbit hole,or a can of worms,of course.


      • I've wondered if that ship is a pumper-ship. Do you think that's possible?

      • DUDe DUD

        " the land of the rising radiation.."

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          It's ALL the "land of rising radiation" my friend :-(…

          • DUDe DUD

            No room for arguing that Johnny..:(

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Johnny Blade…concerned about your health. Dont assume you are terminally ill just yet. Seek a health care professional who is expert in the field that appeals to you. A sympathetic nurse practitioner perhaps, one with an oriental medicine background, or heck an Indian medicine man. Find some black salve for skin cancers, get a cheap zapper, go on a raw food diet for a while, do a liver cleanse, find friends, or find wise elders, find a different tribe. You have a freedom now, dont throw it all away if you can help it. thanks

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Code, I agree. Johnny, please don't give up.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                The most important thing if there is cancer is to initiate cell apoptosis (cell death) at the proper time.

                I'm going to post a link to Marc Sircus OMD's article on how he addresses cancer and cancer prevention. He has a pretty simple protocol.

                The things he uses are pretty inexpensive.

                Baking soda is one of them. I'll post Gasser's Maple Bicarb recipe here again because I'm convinced it will work. Lure the cancer out with sugar from the maple syrup, hammer it with Sodium Bicarbonate.

                I get Dr. Sircus' newsletter weekly now. He's the one who suggested using a form of inhalation therapy with a special form of Glutamine (note, not glutamate), or Glutathione. It's used with a nebulizer. Am convinced it can help prevent or cure lung cancers.

                Accidentally inhaled a bunch of sodium bicarb when I was remediating my back yard after 3/11 rain outs. My lungs felt MUCH better afterward. Am convinced it has a positive effect. Of course I'd try his glutathione regimen if I were using it for my lungs.

                Dr. Sircus has written books on curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate, Winning the War on Cancer, much more.

                I'll summarize his prevention/treatment protocol, then I'll go for a link. He uses sodium bicarbonate, clay, sulphur (as a mineral, not sure of dosage), selenium as the basis of the treatment. And L-Glutamine, which can be purchased in a powder. He says you have to have the precursor minerals for the L-glutamine or glutathione to work.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  So sorry about the double post. I couldn't see that it was getting posted at all.

                  It's really important to control free radicals to control the growth of cancer cells.

                  Everyone who has a chronic or serious illness is deficient in glutathione. It's one of those amino acids which isn't that important until one is sick.

                  Using L-Glutamine is also very nourishing and healing for the gut. If I were you, Johnny, I'd find someone nearby to give you a kombucha mother, and I'd start making kombucha and drinking an ounce every day. Or more. But at low alcohol levels. It's really simple to make from green or black tea, using clean water, a clean jar or bottle, and a komnbucha mother. Kombucha is a prebiotic. It might even help get your gut to heal, along with Japanese Knotweed and L-Glutamine.

                  Japanese Knotweed has been proven in scientific studies (Asia) to heal lesions, even perforations in the stomach and intestines.

                  I suspect your immune system is compromised, so anything you do to heal your gut, improve metabolism of foods, and feed healthy gut flora will help you.

                  The kombucha tea is left to ferment for awhile. I put a clean coffee filter over the top. If everything is sterile and it's done properly (i.e., no unwanted bacterial or fungal growth), it's some of the healthiest AND most inexpensive medicine on earth.

                  I don't go for all those wierd kombucha thingies some people make. Just tea.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Dr. Sircus on Magnesium Chloride (made from sea water, also known as Epsom Salts). Inexpensive if purchased at discount stores, Costco, Grocery Outlet, etc.


                    Magnesium Chloride can be taken in small doses to cure magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency will cause a host of problems in the body and nervous system.

                    Information from another who is recovering from cancer, who talks about Sodium Bicarb. treatment, and Dr. Sircus. Note this author provides a lot of footnotes and documentation.


                    Dr. Sircus advocates baking soda baths for radiation detoxification, and detoxification in general.

                    Another link:


                    I forgot, he also mentions the use of iodine in preventing and treating cancers.

                    More from Dr. Sircus on sodium bicarbonate:


                    Don't know if you remember Still Jill from here. She used Sodium Bicarbonate daily for years, after being diagnosed with (I think) Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. In 2012, she had been free of pancreatic cancer for four years.

                    He also advocates use of Cannabis. Have you heard of Rick Simpson oil? I haven't tried it, but many people say it works. You might be able to obtain some for compassionate use (free) if allowed in your state.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      He has been called a quack, but I find there is MUCH truth in what he says. Have had to go outside the allopathic box myself to regain my health.

                      Maple Syrup Bicarb Recipe

                      Gasser May 19, 2015
                      1. 2 tea spoons of Bob's Red Mill Baking Soda
                      2. 6 tea spoons of organic grade A dark amber Maple syrup.
                      3. Stir in sauce pan tilted back to keep continents deep stir able at low heat till it foams up & cooks down to a very little foam. This takes about 5 min.
                      4. Heat off, let sit for 20 min & it will turn into a thick caramel.
                      5. Add tea spoon of water, place over low heat again, stir to turn it back into liquid form.
                      6. Using a big all purpose syringe, suck up the liquid to fill (give or take) 28 to 30 double 00 gel caps (get at health food store)
                      [Can be taken directly from the spoon. I don't like the taste of it so I gelcap it). Also it helps to have a piece of wood with holes drilled to hold the gelcap's when filling.
                      7. With water take half first half in the morning and other half just before bed in evening.
                      8. Do this till you have used up all the 12.7 oz of Maple syrup. You will end up using 300+ gel cap's that come 250 per bag full or you can get by bulk also.
                      9. In a matter of few weeks the cancer will be gone no matter what type or where it's located.
                      How this works> heating up the Maple syrup Bicarbonate Soda binds the two elements, it goes into the blood stream and is a Trojan horse carrying the Baking soda.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Gasser, did I get that right?

                    • SadieDog

                      I miss Gasser.

                    • farmer

                      Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate, not chloride. I use it to prevent muscle cramps. Although I have to be sure to get enough manganese for it to work.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              If there is cancer, one must induce cell death (apoptosis) at the proper time.

              Will post a link to Marc Sircus OMD's article on how he addresses cancer and cancer prevention. He has a pretty simple protocol.

              The things he uses are pretty inexpensive.

              Baking soda is one of them. I'll post Gasser's Maple Bicarb recipe here again because I'm convinced it will work. Lure the cancer out with sugar from the maple syrup, hammer it with Sodium Bicarbonate.

              I get Dr. Sircus' newsletter weekly now. He's the one who suggested using a form of inhalation therapy with a special form of Glutamine (note, not glutamate), or Glutathione. It's used with a nebulizer. Am convinced it can help prevent or cure lung cancers.

              Accidentally inhaled a bunch of sodium bicarb when I was remediating my back yard after 3/11 rain outs. My lungs felt MUCH better afterward. Am convinced it has a positive effect. Of course I'd try his glutathione regimen if I were using it for my lungs.

              Dr. Sircus has written books on curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate, Winning the War on Cancer, much more.

              I'll summarize his prevention/treatment protocol, then I'll go for a link. He uses sodium bicarbonate, clay, sulphur (as a mineral, not sure of dosage), selenium as the basis of the treatment. And L-Glutamine, which can be purchased in a powder. He says you have to have the precursor minerals for the L-glutamine or glutathione to work.

    • Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed, Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster Causing Massive Die Offs

    • jo

      The NYT is as namby-pamby as ever on this topic. Note the mild rhetorical terms used in any NYT article on nuke disasters.
      Buessler's responses to latest bad news are also predictably namby-pamby.
      Woods Hole could do 'Better than Buessler'. Maybe they get bucks from the nuke industries.

  • Sol Man

    This situation must never be described as "a little surprising."
    The German research study on meltdowns said much about the trajectory that these events take; will see it I can locate it.

    • oldster

      Target stuff: "It’s a little surprising and contrary to claims they’ve stopped all flow. So we’re not out of the woods yet.”… Unlike Chernobyl, however, this crisis played out slowly, and continues today,…."

      P'arsing' a bit: “It’s a little surprising [no it ain't!"] and contrary to claims they’ve stopped all flow [Everybody knows that the flows goes and goes]. So we’re not out of the woods yet.” [What!? That is so disappointing! What about all the light at the end of the tunnel!!?? Are u trying to tell me that was just a candle in the wind!?] … Unlike Chernobyl, however, [actually, much like Chernobyl. which plagues us and haunts us to this very day] this crisis [remember "never let a good crisis go to waste"] played out [just a game, I tell you, but I'm not played out!] slowly, [wrong again: Played Quickly! Big Bang: remember reactor 3, You Moxie thing you?] and continues today, on both sides of the Pacific… [and everywhere else]

  • Another sad note is the world's oceans, and upper atmosphere takes yet another Rad dose when in May this year Chernobyl's Cs137 decays to become Ba137/Ba137M. The global radiation will spike even higher for a while. Material was released over 10 days from the hellfire, and it will be a big Gamma zap for anything that has bio-accumulated the Cs137. The Sr90 thermal decay occurred Fall of 2014, and many sea creatures promptly died soon after, if your teeth hurt back then, the Strontium90 heat decay into Zr90 in them was why.

    Some further Fuku info:

    "And the nuclear holocaust that is Fukushima only becomes more and more real with each passing moment of denial."

  • Silverlok Silverlok

    "…and upper atmosphere takes yet another Rad dose…"

    how many people do you think know about let alone understand the Tesla Schuman resonance cavity and it's effects on biological entities?
    For practical exo-terrestrial excursions and tactical military circles: many
    But for everyday scientists and ordinary people : paltry few

    Another facet of the ongoing dodecahedron of destruction juggernaut our current infrastructures are.

    Laughable ( if one has the intestinal fortitude for this kind of laugh ) that we place our current state of haughtier so much higher than the gross and obvious ignorance of the 'industrial revolution' that gave London the killing yellow fog of yester year, except this time it's global and not temporally localized ( meaning we need more than a few decades to fix it and a lot more than a century to 'forget about 'it)

    • Silverlok'

      Nicely stated, illuminated and true, I fully agree, and realize this very issue as well, firstly on my mind, daily.

      QED of solar irradiative optical interaction regrettably is another example of the paltry few with any understanding also. Feynman avidly avoided people due to deeply set strong fear of their layman ways.

      His death bed revelation was something he never shared with anyone, but it became the foundation of photon interaction with matter theory however:

      • Silverlok Silverlok

        It seemed to me from the first that lightning ( at 20,00 strikes a day worldwide 24/7/365.25 ) is the direct product of pair production ( ) , and that sprites ( ) are direct evidence of this.

        In fact if Quantum electro-dynamical nano-scale transformation of thermodynamic energy (from the macro scale ) is even half correct then combined with pair production it explains the "coronal heating problem " of the sun ( why is the sun's corona millions of degrees while the suns surface is 'only' 10's of thousands of degrees 9 the suns corona is what constant all sky lightning looks like ) )

        While intriguing, the implication for our Tesla /schumman cavity adding ionizing game ( thermal and charge rate ) changers does not fill me with confidence that our beloved oligarchs have the omnipotence ( they believe the do ) needed to color in a future when the present science map still has so many question marks and sea monsters penned on it.

        • For the Sun, a photon is generated at the center and makes its way to the surface. It may take up to several million years to get to the surface, and the form of the energy may change from X-ray to visible wavelengths. When the photon leaves the Sun, out in the vacuum of space it only takes eight minutes to get to us at the speed of light.

          One can take the pair production from QED one macro step further out also:

          Water plasma evidence:

          • Silverlok Silverlok

            "…pair production from QED…"
            interesting way to put it , and a fascinating link. If I were Greek I would say it was one of those moments where I need to go and have a bath, though Tesla would probably be a bit disappointed in me that I came at it from the particle rather than electrical side (hehe)

            " …Water plasma evidence…"

            also fascinating; so this " …a photon is generated at the center and makes its way to the surface. It may take up to several million years…" is certainly as quaint as big bang theory.

            thanks…occasionally the edge of the puzzle is not as necessary as the center.

            If we take QED (double entendre and all ) the information on those links add Van Flandern's model of gravitation/cosmology then one is dangerously close to a unified field theory
            ther eis also the implication the the expanding planet theory ( for dense bodies ) is the correct model ( as in: if electrical fusion is the most easily attained natural source of fusion then the rare earth element distribution 'problem' is solved for the earth, i.e. the earth not only accumulates mass from solar wind but also from internal ( oscillating ) electrical fusion )

            I do not mean to cross a line , but, I assume your health condition is linked to your career. Not a doctor but I have heard that sugar caffeine and alcohol ( in that order ) are major players in the life and times of rogue immortal cells.

  • SadieDog

    The intl journal of low radiation? This sounds kinda fishy.

    "Researchers in Europe have reviewed cancer rates among people in parts of the world where natural background radiation is higher than average and found that incidence is not as high as one might guess. The findings, published in the International Journal of Low Radiation suggests that science ought to take a second look at studies that correlate low levels of radiation exposure with detrimental health effects."

    • DUDe DUD

      Hormesis crap..this is an example where Code's theory sound more valuable..

      • mon ami

        well go start drinking some radiothor every day and see where it gets ya dud

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        not hormesis DUD, just a non linear response (a plateau) over an order of magnitude dose range. Its not the only study of its kind. No need to dismiss studies on emotional grounds, who knows maybe it will reveal something useful someday

        • DUDe DUD

          "..Indeed, there are numerous studies from around the world that suggest that background radiation has to some degree a protective effect against the other causes of cancer. The team's review of these and other studies in contrast to the received wisdom suggests that cancer rates are commonly lower in regions where exposure to slightly higher doses of background radiation than to those areas with average low dose natural exposure.."

          Sounds like hormesis to me Code..

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            DUD, not their study though, just their review of the literature. The devil is in the details…so many confounding and global pollutant issues. In fact cancer among wild mammals pre nuclear era was like 0.2%. Cancer should ideally be nearly non existent for a healthy population living in normal background levels. But in this era EVERYONE is already affected by man made radiation

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          DUD, we should be interested in the low radiation studies.

          Low Background Radiation Intensity Appears to be Harmful to Life
          Our results corroborate the hypothesis that environmental radiation contributes to the development and maintenance of defence mechanisms in organisms living today

          The underground biology at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory:
          The overall data have shown that, similarly to yeasts, mammalian cells maintained underground LNGS develop a different biochemical behaviour, compared to those maintained in reference radiation environment (RRE). In particular, cells cultured in the LNGS underground laboratory were less preserved from DNA damage induced by chemical and physical agents, and showed a reduced Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) scavenging power than cells cultured in the external laboratory, e.g. set up at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome.

          The aim of our research is to examine the effects of prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation levels well below natural background. Our research group, along with others, have demonstrated that exposure to low-dose radiation slightly above background levels can have beneficial effects on biological systems. We hypothesize that natural background radiation is essential for life and maintains genomic stability in living organisms, and that removal…

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Gran Sasso in Italy will hopefully do more. There are other ultra low radiation labs. Just be mindful when reading the studies that we and other organisms bring our own background radiation with us in our cell electrolytes. Its not so easy to remove it! The few studies that have, indicate its not healthy to remove your natural radiation. Think twice before mistrusting mother nature!

            european underground sites

            awesome photo of salt mine at bottom of article

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              DUD, please remember that one cant extrapolate the effects of low levels of radiation from one isotope to another. Also, an increase in DNA repair from elevated radiation, the so called hormesis effect, is no better than cutting yourself and watching your body make a scab. People seem to go insane when they hear the word hormesis. Maybe it sounds like horror + meeces

              how much progress can their be with that low level of emotional knee jerk reaction? Shut the window to the imagined monster and shut out the light of day

              • DUDe DUD

                "..please remember that one cant extrapolate the effects of low levels of radiation from one isotope to another.."

                That i understood from all your efforts Code , but the way they say it..a novice will conclude the hormesis (il)logic by itself..that's what i responded too..

                Not the fact that Sadie posted it or problem there..

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  DUD, chances are the scientists themselves have lumped all radiation as one kind of thing in their minds. This is a very bad assumption. A corollary is visible light. Red is different than blue and has a different effect on life. With potassium, the radioactive isotope is inextricably bathed in its sister non radioactive isotope. Cells are highly structured machines that deal with energy all the time…how can we know that they arent tuned to deal with it, even take advantage?

                  • DUDe DUD

                    "..DUD, chances are the scientists themselves have lumped all radiation as one kind of thing in their minds.."

                    Yes i think so too..soo when testing exposed to conveniently labeled "natural" , that is 5/6 manmade , how do they know what component is responsible for whatever "effect" they are testing..some of their conclusion could be less accurate then waving a finger to see where the wind blows..

                    Sorry i did not study all the links , just a quick glimpse , to tired now..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      What i just said could be why some believe the hormesis thing..natures adaptation blaiming on manmade poisson lol

                    • DUDe DUD

                      i'm out night all..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      DUD, man an animal always 'suffer' from 70 bq/kg. Its a known and largely fixed quantity. An astute researcher will be able, to a large extent, determine the sources of radiation, whether radon, cosmic ray or potassium.

                      A significant amount of so called background radiation is from medical tests, but over all, I think man has added very little to the global radiation level. You can research it, and its a good thing to know. Why? Because we are not trying to argue that the deadly effects being seen are due to large increases over background. Instead we are logically lead to believe that minute doses of man made radiation are far deadlier than background. This is an excellent position to start the argument, because if you argue on the basis of radiation quantity, you will LOSE. How many times must I say it? They will scoff; radiation is radiation. You will counter; its common scientific knowledge that the toxicity of a given amount of radiation depends on its type, its energy, its physical form and many other factors. So far you have won

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      DUD, I want to make it clear; I dont believe all natural radiation is somehow better than man made, only as a general rule. Man made seems to hit a sweet spot of radioactivity per gram and half life and the metals often involved that is obviously particularly horrible.

                      I dont believe that all natural background radiation is harmless either. I have said this over and over but people think what they want. IT all seems bad to me…radon, cosmic rays, uranium.

                      Potassium is a unique case. The results are not in. There is some evidence it is beneficial at natural doses. But remember, even oxygen is a necessary evil, causing free radicals and 'burning' everything up. We know now that even free radicals are required…the same radicals that cause aging and disease. The sun is another example. So maybe potassium creates some potentially harmful ionizations but in the OVER ALL PICTURE it works out best. Its natures standard.

                      Maybe someday they will find a way to remove the radioactive portion of potassium from your body and those that want to outsmart mother nature can give it a try. I will keep mine!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      DUD, another perspective on radiation sources. I dont endorse it, but it may be as accurate as some other conjecture I see flying around here.

                      Radiation arising from human activities typically accounts for up to 25% of the public's exposure every year.
                      Less than 1% of exposure is due to the fallout from past testing of nuclear weapons or the generation of electricity in nuclear, as well as coal and geothermal power plants.
                      Fallout amounts to about 0.3%
                      Medical x rays, 11%
                      radon, 55%
                      bomb testing increased the background radiation 7% of average background dose from all sources. It is much less now due to decay.


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      DUD, I didnt use radon as an acceptable background radiation source. I would say reduce it to zero if you can. The reason potassium is unique is because its held to a tight level. To mess with it is to mess with natures de facto baseline…not wise. This is the reason that K-40 became such a point of argument. IF all radiation is the same, then its very hard to argue the bit added by man is causing all the damage.

                      We are five times more radioactive than the ocean and the ocean is 1000x more radioactive than the cesium from Fukushima. Obviously the comparison they make to prove nuclear safety is NOT VALID. That must be a good point of argument. EVEN IF…even if the pacific genocide is all secondary cascade events from the local extreme radiation, the comparison to background is still not valid. thanks

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Code is correct! 🙂

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      "To mess with it is to mess with natures de facto baseline…not wise."
                      Truth be told….very wise.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Code is not correct:

                      Man-made sources of radiation account for 50% of the radiation exposure in the US according to the ICRP Report No.160(2009).

                      And this was in 2009 before Fukushima. Since Fukushima people in the US total exposure from man made radiation is much more than 50%.

                      Please look at all the extremely high readings of radiation around the country which have much more than doubled since Fukushima.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      what is the dose in the US from Fukushima? How much was the radiation raised in the ocean along its shores? Where does most of the man made radiation dose come from?
                      What is the largest source of natural radiation? All interesting questions if we want to put Fukushima and our scientific measurement systems in perspective.

                      Most of mans dose, already adjusted for toxicity by the sievert system, comes from natural radiation. Most of this is from radon. Radon is highly variable, but if you look at any official chart this is what you will see

                      a chart for north and one for southern hemisphere



                      The fetus gets the highest dose from k-40 and K-40 is the greatest natural or man made source of radiation in the ocean even after all the bombs and Fukushima. The exception is areas near Fukushima and other ground zero spots.

                      Of the man made radiation, medical tests, especially the cat scan, is the greatest source of radiation.

                      how about the bomb test era? The average annual radiation dose from all sources is about 3 to 6 millisieverts. The increase in background radiation due to bomb tests peaked in 1963 at about 0.15 mSv per year worldwide, or about 7% of average background dose from all sources. continued….

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      science considers the radiation dose, already adjusted for toxicity by the ICRP dose models, is very small, on average, from nuclear accidents…less than one percent of the total. The added radiation into the ocean along U.S. shores is considered to be around a tenth of one percent of what is naturally there already. This wiki page lays out the current understanding of public exposure to radiation risks


                      When looking at these charts and pages, one is struck by how much radiation risk, in sieverts, comes from radon…its huge and totally overshadows any bit added by bomb tests and accidents (except at ground zero). Also, the amount from medical tests appears to the greatest risk from man made radiation.

                      It seems to go against our intuition. How could it be that the ocean is dying off and animals and man everywhere are so affected by such a small part of the overall radiation risk?

                      One must ask; is the natural radiation really as bad as they assume it is, bringing sickness and death to all animals since life began? And then, is the risk from bombs and nuke accidents really so low, never even reaching the health damage from natural sources?

                      We have examined these questions fairly extensively. Maybe the best source to go to for answering the failings of the ICRP dose model is the ECRR and their proposed dose coefficients. They show that the ICRP model underestimates man made radiation risk by 10 times, and even…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      The power of zeros….if the ICRP model underestimates health damage from man made radiation by 10X and in some cases thousands of times, an entirely different picture is evident. Bomb test radiation, which peaked at 7% from all sources, now could be a dose more or less equal to that of all other sources. But what about that greatest of natural sources in the ocean, potassium? Just how much sickness and death does it bring to aquatic animals? The fact is, science only extrapolates this figure and mainly from the high dose man made radiation of Japanese bomb victims! If natural or pre atomic era radiation is considered the normal baseline…then the addition of man made toxins has no real proportion or ratio…it becomes infinite. This hopefully illustrates the great danger in comparing man made to natural and extrapolating its danger therefrom. The next time Woods Hole shows this chart of radiation sources, we now have a lot of information to make a coherent counter argument and show that while technically correct, the implied conclusion couldn't not be further from the truth! Thus science has become the enabler, both legally and psychologically, of the greatest murder and genocide of all time. A shocking reality!


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      sorry for the typos, I wont bother listing them. The nuclear industry has a scientifically backed license to kill. They are given legal and financial indemnity. The worlds nuclear and health agencies are under legal agreement to follow the dictates of the nuclear industry. IAEA, ICRP, WHO…

                      The richest people and corporations, who are invested in nuclear, not the least of which is the Queen of England and european monarchy seem psychologically insulated from the real world of nature. Science and media everywhere follow in a lock step, obfuscating and downplaying the obvious cancer increases since the nuclear era and the greatest genocidal atrocity of all time.

                      This picture of a crazy world, where the power resides in the few, freely given to them in fact…while the masses act as enablers and mankind everywhere is in denial, is a shocking sci-fi reality to wake up to. Even anti nuclear people cant break out of the sway of this system. There is little sign that this situation is changing. It does not bode well for the future of life on earth. Not well at all

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      You can't lump together all scientists and all science. There is fraudulent science and there is genuine science. There are genuine scientists and fraudulent scientists. The people promoting nuclear energy are not genuine scientists. Genuine scientists studied plutonium and experimented with people and found that plutonium doesn't leave the body. And that only one tenth of a millionth of a gram is lethal. Fukushima is 1000s of times worse than Chernobyl. And there are at least 3000 billion lethal doses from Fukushima alone– 429 doses for each individual on the earth.

                      Quacks use statistics to prove anything and pie charts to mask the truth. No one says that all radioactive isotopes are the same, only some teenager thinking he is playing a video game. Science is based on empirical and epidemiological studies. There is no safe level of radon. If you are hit with a nuclear bomb, no matter how small you are incinerated. If you have too many nuclear medical tests the accumulation of radiation in your body will kill you.

                      Please remember that all these studies are pre-Fukushima. They may never publish any new charts because they don't want to panic anyone, and everyone may already be dead before the results are calculated.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “Americans were exposed to more than seven times as much ionizing radiation from diagnostic medical procedures in 2006 than they were in the early 1980s.The increase over the past quarter century puts the cumulative national medical exposures on a level with natural background radiation exposure. The largest part of the increase in medical exposure was from computed tomography (CT) scans, amounting to almost one-half of the imaging exposure, and nuclear cardiac scans, amounting to one-fourth of the current total.
                      “These amounts were the key elements in a new report (report no. 160, Ionizing Radiation Exposure of the Population of the United States [1]), which was issued by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) during its 2009 annual meeting in March. In addition to estimates of background exposure at 50% and medical exposure at 48% of the total, the report also covered radiation from consumer products and industrial, research, and occupational exposures, amounting to a cumulative 2% (Fig 1, Table). Many of the numbers are comparable to those cited by Mettler et…”
                      Figure 1
                      Figure 2

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Education is property..and so are the educated mostly..without ever realising.

                      Ergo science is a censored standarised box where the unconvenient truth for the owners is left outside the box..

                      The scientist (or average human) worth their title what it used to mean , are those that can think on their own and are not afraid to look around in the "forbidden zone" outside the box..where the cause and solution might be..

                      The ones fighting a tooth and a bone to stay inside like a broken record are enablers of the status quo..and the status quo is murder..

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    There is so little manmade radiation on Earth according to our esteemed scientists and since it is just like/as bad as all the other organic natural sources, adding a little more via a prolonged Nuclear exchange in Europe will have little or no negative effects on biological organisms downwind current or even at the epicenter of the blasts. Just like Fukushima hasn't.

                    Dead Pacific way.

                    Prepare for more Manmade Nuclear Radiation everywhere and always follow the yellow brick road..

                    Either manmade "not of this Earth" created sources of Nuclear Radiation are much, much, worse than all the other Natural sources or they are all the same and a little more added manmade synthetic sunshine will make us all much healthier.

                    Never mind these pictures/images/links then since these results are directly from the added sources of manmade synthetic radioactive sunshine on our planet.

                    Now I know we will scratch our heads rapidly when we realize all these results happened after the introduction of manmade radiation to these geographic locations.

                    Sunshine, radon and potassium did not cause any of this biological it! 🙂

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Yes absolutely !

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Lumping together scientists devoted to the truth with those who aren't is to deny knowledge and is prejudicial and ugly. Dr. Helen Caldicott has never lied to you. Why must you insult her and her colleagues who have integrity and who are publishing the truth?

                      This is not a game and it isn't funny.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      There is no game going on here unless it is in your mind..

                      I speak only the truth..understand it for what it is.

                      Your grasp of the true scope of damage caused by the introduction of synthetic manmade radioactive poisons to our planet somehow eludes you.

                      The facts are the facts and searching for straw arguments are just that.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      When you repeat the scams of the nuclear industry you are not speaking the truth. When you insult all the scientists with integrity who have helped us understand the physical and biological world, you are not speaking the truth. You only know the horrors of what is happening around the world because of the journalists and photographers who are telling us the truth. You only know the horrors of both natural and man-made radiation because of the scientists who have educated us.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      There is not one person on the earth that believes that any one will survive a nuclear war no matter where that war is fought anywhere on the earth. Why do think so many people have said that it is the end of the world? They are only telling the truth. Have you never heard of nuclear winter? Better Google the concept.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      And we have already had our ELE nuclear war with Fukushima.

              • Radioactive Thorium Beach In Guarapari, Brazil; Hormesis Via Radium, Radon, Uranium Theory Debunked

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Dr G, I wish you would note that I have Never said low levels of radiation or elevated levels of any kind of radiation is safe or helpful. (potassium being an unverified exception)

                  Of course there is all sorts of compelling evidence that radiation causes free radicals and sometimes double strand breaks and this is a bad thing. In fact you can just fall off a log and believe that all radiation is bad. The problem, if you havent seen it, is that there is a significant amount of background radiation and one is always shown the comparison between 10 bq/M3 of man made and 12,000 bq/M3 K-40 with the old "so why worry" The strategy to fight this and claim all that background is man made is a LOSING STRATEGY. IF you dont think so, take some opinions from experts you trust. Write Busby etc.

                  It seems a far better idea to me, to embrace the scientific reality for now and accept that the amount of becquerels is not a good indicator of death and mutation potential. This proved to be an excellent line of thought, since by following the logic I was able to determine that the ICRP model was junk before I was even shown the ECRR model data. Not just flawed data but a flawed assumption; that all radiation can be lumped together as being one kind of thing.

                  Were not looking for how the ocean got so radioactive it killed everything, we are looking for why the addition of a very small man made component killed everything. This is a huge difference, and I hope you can see it

                • mon ami

                  Code shut down made a pretty astounding statement doc if you will notice he used the NRC as a link and reference for his arguement. It is a fallacious and very outlasdishly wrong statementbdr goodheart
                  "DUD, another perspective on radiation sources. I dont endorse it, but it may be as accurate as some other conjecture I see flying around here.

                  Radiation arising from human activities typically accounts for up to 25% of the public's exposure every year.
                  Less than 1% of exposure is due to the fallout from past testing of nuclear weapons or the generation of electricity in nuclear, as well as coal and geothermal power plants.
                  Fallout amounts to about 0.3%
                  Medical x rays, 11%
                  radon, 55%
                  bomb testing increased the background radiation 7% of average background dose from all sources. It is much less now due to decay.


                  SO WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL THAT RADIOACTIVE TRITIUM THAT IS MADE BY NUCLEAR PLANTS that goes into water supplies and people continue to drink for centuries MR CODE SHUT DOWN. Tritium and uranium and plutonium do not just biodegrade into the environment What happens to uranium, radium, thorium waste from uranium mills and mines that get into peoples water and food supplies and they then consume. What happens to the the multiplicity of radionucleides that continue to go into the envivirnment from nuclear power plants…

                  • mon ami

                    Radionucleides that go into nuclear dumps and elsewhere that are still emitting and that people are consuming and accumulating internally?

                    • mon ami

                      Earlier CSD called me a fool, said i know nothing of nuclear, and asked me for concentrations of heavy metals of and radionucleides in dead and dying seals and whales. He knows full well that buesseler, cullen, the establishment, the government refuses to test for those toxins in sick and dying animals though there is plenty of scientific data about heavy metal and even uranium toxicity in mammals out there. That is a lowball tactic and it begs the question.
                      I appologized for saying dorko about his implication that thyroid cancers in areas with iodine 129 and 131 exposures are not linked to the radioactive iodine itself. 

                      Csd finally resorted to
                      calling me a troll so that his posse could come in and chase me off as if nothing i said is valid. I want to put principals ahead of personalities. It is not an ego trip or an image trip for me. Troll baiting just sucks.

                      Erin Brockvitch had to fight like hell to get anyone to listen to her about hexavalent chromium. Dr Miller and Helen Caldicott have to fight like hell to get anyone to listen to the fact that great swaths of belaruss are so heavily contaminated with verifiable amounts of cesium 137 that 85% of the children in belarus have bioaccumulated  enough cesium 137 to have cardiac damage from it regardless of any icrp model or background radiation.

                      I simply want to set the record straig

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    Man-made sources of radiation account for 50% of the radiation exposure in the US according to the ICRP Report No.160(2009).

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                “…there is no threshold from zero dose….”
                Section A, Appendix III: Prof. Chris Busby: Nuclear Radiation, Kierkegaard, And The Philosophy Of Denial

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  “…’Dr. David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, is among those who believe there is no threshold. Radiation damages DNA, he says, and just one damaged cell can become the seed of a cancer, though it takes decades to develop. He is studying the possibility that in terms of causing cancer, low doses of radiation might be more dangerous than calculations based on high doses would predict.’…”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  “…X. In conclusion –>

                  “(1) Do you really want to expose people to more radiation
                  when the effects of radiation on the brain and brain function are devastating for a society's
                  health and a huge financial cost to a country

                  “Some of the Effects of low-level radiation on the brain:
                  * “Accelerated aging of the blood vessels –especially of the brain”
                  * organic changes to the brain
                  * “cases of neurological-psychiatric illness were found to be a somatic effect of low-level adiation”
                  * “Reduced brain function”
                  * Schizophrenia
                  * “Psychological disorders suffered by many of the former adult inhabitants of the Chernobyl region could be a result of damage to the nerve cells by nuclear radiation”
                  * Mental illness
                  * "blood circulatory disorders of the brain (cerebrovascular dysfunction)”
                  * "Loss of the higher intellectual cognitive functions as a result of damage to the central nervous system"

                  “Also, tumors, anencephaly, babies born without brains…

                  (2) “Ian Goddard Debunks MIT Study on Low

                  Level Radiation Exposure”

                  (3) Different temperatures affect radiation responses —> ‘temperature can
                  modify biological response to radiation by more than an order of magnitude
                  (causing fractionated or chronic doses to be more clearly additive)’

                  “This means that people living in different climates can have…

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    [Here is a better link to Ian Goddard

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    less or more biological radiation effects, proving that radiation exposure needs to be as low as absolutely possible in order to account for all of the variables with exposure and radiation damage

                    “(4) Background radiation in the U.S. is continually increasing due to nuclear energy effluent emissions, past atomic testing, burning of radioactive waste around the country, medical x-rays, “medical isotopic tests, etc.

                    The Cancer rate in the U.S. is already astronomical. Over 550,000 people
                    already die every year from Cancer in the U.S. The link between radiation exposure and Cancer is already thoroughly documented. This is just one of the reasons why the EPA needs to strengthen its radiation protections and call for lower radiation exposures.
                    “Hormesis” advocates like to say that people living in naturally h
                    background radiation areas do not have greater health effects from the
                    radiation. However, a 2002 study on people living in Ramsar, Iran states:
                    “…we do not claim to have seen hormetic effects in any of those studied.”

                    “…the available
                    data do not seem sufficient to cause national or
                    international advisory bodies to change their current conservative
                    radiation protection recommendations.”

                    nejad, M; Mortazavi, SM; Cameron,
                    JR; Niroomand-rad, A; Karam, PA (January 2002).
                    "Very high background radiation areas of Ramsar, Iran: preliminary biological studies"
                    (PDF). Health physics 82(1): 87–93 [92]. doi:10…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      ). Health physics 82(1): 87–93 [92]. doi:10.1097/00004032-200201000-00011.

                      “(5) Numerous studies prove deleterious health effects of doses of radiation
                      well under 100 mSv, as listed in this document

                      “(6) Numerous studies prove the validity of LinearNoThreshold model, and it is
                      tried and true protective model because it strives to lessen radiation
                      exposure, not increase it.

                      “(7) Here are just some of the Dangers of low-dose radiation and increasing
                      exposures could increase these Dangers

                      • Cancers
                      • Cell damage
                      • Gene damage
                      • DNA damage, single-strand breaks, double-strand breaks, unwinding
                      • Damage to the mitochondrial function and mitochondrial DNA
                      • DNA lesions
                      • DNA genomic instability
                      • Leukemia
                      • Cell mutations
                      • Gene mutations
                      • Genotoxicity
                      • Chromosomal aberrations
                      • Heart disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, neurological damage
                      • Stochastic effects
                      • Somatic effects
                      • Bystander effects
                      • Transgenerational effects
                      • Tissue-reaction
                      • Cataracts
                      • Tumors
                      • Liquid Peroxidation
                      • Cell Cycle Arrest
                      • Apoptosis
                      • Aplastic Anemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes“Please remember that there is so much damage caused by radiation,
                      and how varied each individual's response to radiation exposure can be. This is why the best radiation-protection-model should be to expose people and all life to as little radiation as possible.

                      “Please remember that there is…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “Please remember that there is so much damage caused by radiation, and how varied each individual's response to radiation exposure can be. This is why the best radiation-protection-model should be to expose people and all life to as little radiation as possible….”


                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  no threshold from zero…I wonder if this depends on isotope and context though? Are there any studies in existence which show that reducing the radioactive component of normal cells increases their health, with the best result at zero percent? Only a test of this type would answer the question once and for all. Until then, its an open question… Maybe the primordial radiation was required for the genesis of life, as previously discussed extensively, but is no longer needed and is a toxic and unwanted residue from the primordial days…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                When there is double strand breakage of the DNA, which is what radiation causes, there is no repair, or the repair is faulty.

                All radiation can cause genomic instability. In Ramsar, Iran, there is increased genomic instability and the women get breast cancer 10 years earlier than the women in areas with less so-called background radiation.

          • DUDe DUD

            I'm curieus , how do they know the difference between manmade background and natural background..since the latter don't exist anymore , it is uplifted to 600% since the bombtesting time ?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              DUD, natural exists like before. The bombs made carbon14, not K40

              K40 is the same as always and dominates the natural radiation of earth and man

              • Nuclear and neutron bombs do make more radioactive K40 plus others, as well as everything else that neutron radiation touches.

                Radioactive Potassium Isotopes Are Created By Neutron Radiation From Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Accidents, Manmade K40 Created By Phosphate Fertilizer And Carbon Industry

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth


                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Dr G, I like a lot of your stuff, but on this subject I think you are mistaken. All that about neutron radiation, the phosphate fertilizer etc…somehow you got it wrong. Its not so easy to make K-40. The other isotopes, yes they are made and many have extremely short half lives. Its definitely NOT THE SAME as making Carbon-14. You can start there maybe to realize the error.
                  The stuff on fertilizer…no NEW K40 was made…a completely separate topic.

                  We were over this before so many times. The extraordinarily knowledgeable Paveway was the only one here to authoritatively point out your error but you didnt listen! To me, simply incredible! By his insight, I wouldnt be surprised if Paveway doesnt have 35 years experience in radiation related physics…the guy is smart. And you didnt listen…so here you are tagging me on the same worn out issues once again with your trusty PT giving it a plus 10 E13 thumbs up. More research and fact finding on this subject will improve the credibility of the rest of your work,…mark my words

                  • Code, your theory is that neutrons hitting the non radioactive mineral potassium does NOT change it into anything radioactive, correct?

                    What makes this mineral so special, when every other mineral on Earth becomes radioactive when hit by enough neutron radiation?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Goodheart, much depends on the 'barn' cross section, the ability of an element to absorb neutrons, whether they are fast or slow, and too many factors beyond me. This is the subject for experts in the field, not simple as you suggest. C-14 is NOT the same at all and no extrapolation can be made. I did look at your data and it looks like all kinds of short lived potassium isotopes can be made. Pretty sure K-40 wasnt one of them. The only corroborating article I recall is the one about mysterious nuclear weapons and no clear conclusion can be made of it. I would have to review. I think you can make it from another source isotope other than potassium. Wish Paveway would illuminate it. K-40 was made in type II super novas. An extreme environment. C-14 is created by cosmic rays in the atmosphere all the time. That should tell you something. Cosmic rays dont make K-40 all the time

                      This kind of technical information is best taken directly from experts in the field, its very involved.

                      When talking about the increase in background, first (and always) define WHAT ISOTOPE you are talking about. We can determine if man added to the cosmic ray background, we can determine the radon picture. We can determine the potassium story also because this is a very well known element with exact numbers. If you assert man has added to radioactive potassium, you ruin your credibility. But dont take my word for it, Im just a musician…ask some professors, listen to Paveway.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      "But dont take my word for it, Im just a musician" This is used in faulty scientific articles, so you don't pay attention to what is being said. Sort of the subliminal approach. Just take in the information, but don't actively distinguish what is said. To put up information which can't be verified scientifically is a brainwashing technique.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      PT, do you have any scientific papers describing how neutron radiation from nuclear meltdowns creates K-40? Do you have an estimate of how much K-40 has been created by anthropogenic activity? Were after some quantification and science here, thanks

                      no no brainwashing washing intended intended tended tendededed

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I've posted it many times and it is in Dr. Goodheart's article that you never read.

                    • penny penny

                      "Code, your theory is that neutrons hitting the non radioactive mineral potassium does NOT change it into anything radioactive, correct?"
                      Isn't this asking the wrong question? Regardless of how much K40 is produced by being irradiated, the quantity of K atoms being hit by man-made radiation and becoming K40 would be insignificant relative to the total K40 in nature. The quantity of product depends both on the kinetics/reactivity and on the concentration/likelihood-of-reaction.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Man made K-40 is created when other elements are bombarded with neutrons. It happens at every nuclear reactor every day, at every nuclear bomb test, every nuclear accident, and it happens when created in cyclotrons and cern experiments. Read Dr. Goodheart's article for the citations.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Radioactive Potassium Isotopes Are Created By Neutron Radiation From Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Accidents, Manmade K40 Created By Phosphate Fertilizer And Carbon Industry

                      Negative Health Effects Of 24 Man Made Radioactive Potassium Artificial Isotopes, Rubidium And Cesium, Compared To Natural Potassium Mineral Found In Nature

            • Background radiation has increased dramatically.

              The proof is in all of the tooth and bone studies done by multiple people around the world.

              EVERYONE now has additional strontium, cesium and whatever else in them due to the nuclear bomb testing era, nuclear accidents and emissions from nuclear facilities.

              The only question is HOW MUCH MORE, compared to before the nuclear age.

              Paintings, ocean water, trees and many more can be tested and found to contain additional man made radioactive elements that were NOT THERE before the age of fission.

              Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv Today; Where Is This Coming From?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Dr G, huge errors in that article as well. You cover a lot of ground but a lot is in error by illogical extrapolation. If I were you, I would step back and rethink it. For starters, that chart you always use comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima doesnt make since unless its adjusted for the distance away from the plant that the test was taken. We have from Busby that (depending on isotope), Fukushima is approximately twice as much (to nine times) release compared Chernobyl. Aligning with experts like Busby is a smart idea. Find why the outlyer data doesnt fit, thers probably a reason.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Fukushima is 1000s of times more lethal than Chernobyl because there are 1000s of times more plutonium at Fukushima than at Chernobyl. Only one tenth of a millionth of a gram of plutonium is lethal 100% of the time when it is inhaled.

                  After the meltdown and meltthrough there are many more actinids being produced daily. Plutonium is an actinid and they are all extremely lethal.

                • The chart shows it exactly as it is. PEAK RADIATION.

                  There is no getting around the SCIENTIFIC DATA collected and shown on this one chart.

                  Call it whatever you want.

                  Minimized all you want.

                  Interpret all you want.

                  The chart is what it is.

                  Truth can be whispered or shown via a chart and it is much louder than a thousand 'experts' and millions of words.

                  Why do you think there is a MASSIVE die off happening in the Pacific, that did not happen to this extent after Chernobyl, or after 2,400 atomic bomb tests?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Dr Goodheart, Im still confused does peak radiation mean the peak measured at ground zero in each case, or does it mean the peak at the measuring station which could be a thousand miles away from ground zero? Or do you think it matters? Im looking for the original creator of that graph which shows Fukushima to be between a million and 10 million times worse than the bomb test era. Thanks

                    • The graph in the article is representing a set of data points of radiation readings collected from the Pacific ocean after Fukushima by scientists. The highest reading was within several miles of the plant and the lower readings were further away in general. It was a random radiation reading sampling of ocean water from surface.

                      They also did 200 foot deep sampling and this graph does not show that.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Thanks Dr Goodheart…and the other data representing Chernobyl, was it taken at the black sea? I think that is some 600 km away which would surely affect the test results. And finally the bomb test era…was that taken at Japan or averaged? Who created the graph, I would like to see the source to find out more, thanks

                      If my memory serves, Busby has said peak airborn levels of radiation at Fukushima were between 300 and 1000 times greater than during the bomb test era. But whatever the case, I think we were talking about the total contribution to background radiation from mans activities. Even though PEAK levels were higher at Fukushima, you can see that TOTAL levels could be larger from the bomb test era since bombs were spread over area and time. An important distinction.

                      Follow this; maybe you think its more damning to the nuke industry to try and prove they increased the background many times…whats your conclusion? 600% or so? Conversely, I may think that its more damning if they HAVENT increased the background significantly because that means the existing measured amounts are more deadly than assumed, and therefor there is no "missing" radiation to look for as a cause for the pacific genocide. Again; say background WAS 2000 bq/m3 before man, then man raised it 600% to 12,000 and now added an additional 10 bq for a total of 12,010 bq/m3. In this scenario, the addition of 10,000 bq was not apparently as bad as the final 10 bq/m3. Follow?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Sounds like the WHOI/Japan/Tepco water samples. (?)

                      Same author as the Black Sea reference?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            "Our results corroborate the hypothesis that environmental radiation contributes to the development and maintenance of defence mechanisms in organisms living today"
            Code, how can you say you are not preaching radiation hormesis?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              PT weve been over and over this territory. You failed your argument every time as far as I see it. You wont listen to what I say, you make false extrapolations from what I say and follow with endless cut and pastes that I have to disprove. I did all this work before and I have no wish to repeat it. If I say I believe or dont believe in hormesis it wont matter to you since you see me as the devil incarnate. Ill repeat from above; if you cut yourself and your body rushes to repair, is that an adaptive response? Thats what they find..and you can argue their studies,,,I did no primary research on it. SO dont argue with me, argue with the authors. It would do well to actually READ the studies first! Just because your body rushes to repair a cut doesnt mean its good to get cut.

              It might seem a bit rude, but after all this dialog and all your and Dr G misinterpretation and battling the subject, I feel justified to call you crazy over the hormesis word. Hormesis studies did NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to further the nuclear agenda. They are stuck with the ICRP lnt dose models and they are winning the war of nuclear quite well with it. Why dont you chew on that bit of truth for a while before hounding my every post PT??? I implore you, I beg of you…use your noggin!

              • Code, I thought you "Hotel California'd" now you got that there blue shadow back…..sheesh

                good luck.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                Your broken record is not persuasive. Please be scientific and skip the ad hominem attacks. Ad homionem attacks are a detriment to any argument and are recognized as the illogical in any debate. Scientific arguments are based on empirical data and are notpersonality based nor are they based on wishful thinking or denial of detrimental truths. Denial is one of the stages of grief. As long as there is denial, no positive changes will be made.

                All nuclear reactors must be shut down immediately if the world is to have even the smallest chance to have life which existed before the atom bomb or radiation experiments. The world must stop making more nuclear waste and must stop all mining of uranium and coal and fracking, etc.

                You say you don't want any more poison added to the earth, but don't recognize any existing poisons. Do you find snake venom poisonous and hemlock and other natural phenomena? There is nothing intrinsically good about all natural occurrences. A lion can kill you and so can too much exposure to the sun especially to a baby's skin. Radon can kill you as can smoking tobacco. Eating too much animal fat can also kill you. This is why the expected life span at 1900 was only 40 years.

                No arguments will ever change your mind. Not because they are not scientific arguments, because you have a closed mind for whatever reason.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Code, it is extremely narcissistic to think that any scientific debate is directed to you. It is obvious that your mind can only operated in a closed circle.

                  If people offer scientific rebuttals by the best scientists to your arguments, it is to readers of this forum, and they are not directed to you at all.

                  So please stop personalizing the arguments and stick to the debate. You put up your opinions, and others will offer scientific rebuttals for the readers who are seeking the truth.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    You may have a good point…just because you paste your stuff tagged onto mine and not somewhere before or after doesnt necessarily mean you are directing it to me. …but let me use my intuition…my intuition says you ARE trying to refute me.

                    I mean, for example, I could post the word "fool" or "wrong again" directly after your posts and nothing says Im aiming it at you personally…maybe its the link, or somebody else, or myself even. So I follow, but dont agree in practice.

                    But here is a simple solution. Instead of posting by tagging on to my posts, just post somewhere else in the thread. Then I wont feel the need to defend my position.

                    Im totally in agreement with the concept of civilized discourse. I have infinitely more to learn than teach! Much of the rudiments could be agreed upon quickly. This is somehow so different to the civilized discourse Im used to…

                    Im making the same request I made to mon ami; dont tag onto my posts and I will feel little need to tag onto yours. Points of disagreement can be raised impersonally elsewhere in the thread. I asked this of you before, do you remember your response?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  PT, you will be pleased to know I agree with everything you have written above, except perhaps the bit about animal fat reducing life span to 40 years.

                  All nuclear reactors should be shut down immediately, no time to lose. Still a huge problem after that! All nuclear weapons disarmed. I never said I dont recognize natural poison, be it mineral, chemical, animal or radiation. Ive said many times that stock has good evidence that cosmic rays increase leukemia risk on a linear no threshold dose. Its the EASIEST thing in the world to see any and all radiation as a hazard. The more difficult endeavor is uncover why natures significant amount of background didnt mutate life to oblivion over millions of generations whereas SMALLER amounts of man made are doing so in one generation. That takes a "real thinker"

                  In conclusion PT, I suggest you stop personalizing your posts, calling me all kinds of things from devil to pro nuker to close minded unscientific narcissist and just be happy and make your own points impersonally, somewhere not attached to mine. Is this satisfactory?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    I never called you the devil. And I never reported you to the FBI. I reported windwalker and Bill Duff. Are these your monikers.

                    And it is not satisfactory to ask me to post somewhere else. This is a free country and people are educated to weigh scientific information. Brainwashing and propaganda are not conducive to democracy. And in peer reviewed journals people respond to articles and ideas by explicit citations. Academic knowledge is built by citation, which are the tickets of admission. Asking people to post somewhere away from your posts is a telling request in and of itself.

                    • Its All True Its All True

                      PT, your comment that brainwashing and propaganda are not conducive to democracy is absolute nonsense. They are the brain and guts of democracy…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              Radiation does not contribute to health. At the beginning of the earth, there was no life because there was so much radiation. Radition is inimical to life.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Oh my PT if at one time/any time in the past natural organic radiation was harmful to the creation of life on this planet, then the fact that this natural radiation is still here and life is thriving refutes such a suggestion of it being inimical.

                Natural organic radiation is required for all the life you see around you in order for it to flourish.

                The problem the Earth has now is that we are creating synthetic manmade radiation that is not suppose to be on this planet and none of this manmade radiation, now a poison, is natural or organic in nature and/or suppose to be radiating on this planet.

                Please understand the difference and why Code is correct.

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  Indeed, anything that does not radiate is dead.

                  The window of radiation level we have naturally is that in which we can survive.

                  "The more difficult endeavor is uncover why natures significant amount of background didnt mutate life to oblivion over millions of generations whereas SMALLER amounts of man made are doing so in one generation. That takes a 'real thinker'"


                  (Does not sound like the ravings of a pro-nuke hormesis shill to me)

                  Anne Coulter is not here. With the flaming the last few days I keep expecting long blonde hairs to lock up my PC fan.

    • Tell all of these kids about the 'benefits' of low dose radiation exposure.

      Dr. Sternglass; Low Dose Cumulative Radiation Effects Result In Weakened Immunity, Cancers, Infectious Disease, Birth Defects, Mental Retardation, Heart Problems And Much More

  • hbjon hbjon

    Most people that understand the situation agree that the ban on fishing should not be lifted any time soon. The status of the fuel materials continue to be the wild variable in every equation.

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      I think it's safe to say unfortunately that it will never be safe to eat any flora and fauna from the pacific ocean ever again.

      It likely was not safe before hand, now it's a death sentence.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Ocean based food was absolutely safe before the industrial age. Of course, there was red tide and other naturally occurring dangers just as eating land based food has always had its' dangers and diseases.

        In the nuclear, chemical and genetic modification age, eating anything is like playing Russian Roulette.

        • DUDe DUD

          "..Ocean based food was absolutely safe before the industrial age.."

          Hi uni , sea/ocean food was healthbombs.. 🙁

          Now russian roulette indeed..200 years of wealth racing..
          And a planet nurturing/being a miracle goes belly up..

        • theworldisalie theworldisalie

          What I meant was before Fukushima, it likely still was not safe to eat at all due to like you said, the industrial era.

          The scale of fukushima however, I truly believe eating any life forms from the pacific ocean is now slow motion suicide.

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Yah, unfortunately I bought a package of Japanese Miso from the health food store back when Helen Caldicott recommended it.

            But then she said do not eat ANYTHING including Miso from Japan waters.

            Now it is sitting in my cabinet, collecting dust.

            Has Helen moved her family to the Southern Hemisphere yet? We have the documents showing the fuel pools burned.

            Not eating untested food from the Pacific is also Arnie Gunderson's position. But nuclear contamination will get us eventually, seafood or no seafood. Inevitable now.

            Big haul coming in at eastern port … Plutonium 331 pound land shark

  • SadieDog

    State fails to give sufficient notice regarding radioactive waste,

    "Oil and gas production creates undesirable byproducts including toxic and radioactive waste.

    Since the first of the year, some of that waste is allowed at certain sites with a permit.

    Some groups say they weren't given enough notice to testify at some public hearings, and the attorney general agrees."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Speaker’s Notes for the Nunavut Planning Commission

    Gordon Edwards Ph.D.

    • +1

      The toxic waste remains for 80,000 years.
      (uranium mining)

      "Many people, including myself, believe that the long-term danger to the planet caused by the spread of nuclear technology is greater than any benefit that uranium has to offer."
      – G. Edwards Ph.D.

      Note: Some interesting photos.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Kakrapar leak a ‘Level-1’ nuclear mishap, says AERB

    India’s atomic energy regulatory body has classified Friday’s nuclear reactor leak at the Kakrapar atomic power station (KAPS) as a Level-1, or the lowest in a seven-rung classification scheme internationally used to rate the severity of nuclear mishaps.

    Akin to the Richter scale, used to quantify the severity of an earthquake, the International Nuclear and Radiological Event (INES) scale, developed by the International Atomic Energy Authority, rates a Level 1 as only akin to ‘an anomaly in the plant.’ Levels 1-3 are termed ‘incidents’ and 4-7 as ‘accident.’ By comparison, the nuclear accidents in Fukushima, Japan in 2011 and Chernobyl, Russia in 1986 were Level 7 incidents, according to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) update.

    On Friday, one of the pipes carrying heavy water ruptured and led to leakage on the floor of the reactor building. Though plant operators have identified the location of the leak, it will take a while for it to be plugged.

    Moreover, the leak occurred in a subsystem that had been refurbished with better quality material in 2011, as part of a planned upgrade.

    It's just a matter of time…

    • India, Day 5 of the Accident in Kakrapar: Leak Continues, Just Assurances on Radiation, No Transpar…

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. Dr. Goodheart. TY. They said the leak was plugged. Five days on you say?
        My mind says,"Be afraid. Be very afraid." I hope it's wrong. Peace

        • @ ISeePinkClouds
          March 17, 2016 at 1:22 am
          And after the fact it is left to the heroes and their wives to fend for themselves, rooted as the world in modern civilization, a society of specialists:
          See The Unacceptable Dangers of Nuclear Energy:Chernobyl: How people suffered: A set of Haikus recounting what a liquidator's wife went through. Link at

          A former AERB Chair:"The reactors at RAPS-1, MAPS-1 and 2, the Narora Atomic Power Station-1 and 2 (NAPS-1 and 2) and the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station-1 (KAPS-1) will have to be re-tubed en masse between six and eight full-power years."
          At Kakrapar-1 how many times this has been done?
          Even if this had been done, the surge waves of the world's dams at hundreds of thousands of terawatts for a few seconds like an earthquake of 8 MM or greater would have easily caused a terrible LOCA here and taken the staff by surprise! See
          Earthquakes caused by dams: Modern civilization and its nuclear energy programs: Kakrapar emergency, the latest warning. Link at

          This is an abject failure of parliamentary democracy to inform people and their representatives of the consequences of nuclear programs. We are done.

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. nivalu. TY. I read the haikus. Wonderful way to get the liquidator,s,and their families thoughts,feelings,and experiences out to those inclined to avoid the nasty truth in a direct manner. Very creative.

            This haiku I found particularly poignant:

            Chernobyl Haikus
            by R. Ashok Kumar

            "Death: None wants to hear
            No one asked what we have been through
            The tales scare them stiff."


            Also,I do understand that the plastic nature of the Earth's crust,and the forces exerted on it,dams,for instance,can,and likely does,play a role in Earthquakes,and Tsunami. The concept seems valid to me.


            There is much to consider as to the cause of the Tohoku Earthquake. It was reported that the Hadron Super Collider had just attained a collision of protons just as the Earthquake occurred.


            There was talk of laser drilling and nuclear testing. All sorts of discussions. Rumors abounded.

            Definitely food for thought,and we will see what the future holds for KAPS.


            • @ISeePinkClouds
              March 17, 2016 at 1:50 pm
              Many thanks for your heartfelt comments. Fukushima personal accounts from affected people, workers and concerned politicians may also be deeply poignant.
              Yes we look forward to developments. It is necessary that good people force the hands of the policy makers to abandon nukes, and in fact modern civilization. People rooted in modern civilization need to go a step higher despecialise their visions and look at the state of the earth normally and force a normal way of life based on truth and not lies like Fukushima lies.
              Imperishable is the supreme Brahman
              Adhyatma is its location in each individual
              The offering in sacrifice which causes the genesis and support of beings is called Karma
              But what Karma is modern civilization engaged in?
              Breeding extinction!

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Good News. A tea distributor,Yogi Tea,has finally answered my query. No others replied.

    At Yogi, we pride ourselves on sourcing high quality herbs and botanicals from around the globe. Please be assured that we are extremely selective with our suppliers. We follow the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) for all our ingredients and only work with vendors who can document that they follow NOP guidelines for the ingredients we procure from them. According to the standards set forth by the NOP, we do not accept any conventional raw ingredients contaminated by GMOs, sewer sludge, ionizing radiation, or artificial ingredients. Our facility is Organically Certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent third party organic certifier. QAI audits all of the ingredients used in our teas to ensure that they adhere to the NOP’s strict guidelines and regulations.

    With regard to the recent disasters in Japan, please note that we only source one ingredient from Japan: L-Theanine Suntheanine®. The only Yogi teas that contain this ingredient are:

    Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy

    Yogi Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy

    Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime

    We have been in touch with our L-Theanine Suntheanine supplier regarding radiation concerns. They confirmed that the FDA inspected the product upon arrival from Japan and released it after conducting radiation testing.

    Uh? Anyway,some progress….


    • Well at least we know the tea has less than 1,200 Bq/kg of cesium, right?

      But who knows how much whatever else is in there?

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. Dr. Goodheart. I would avoid the three teas mentioned. They have the only ingredient Yogi Tea sources from Japan. I would think their Green Tea is as safe as safe gets anymore. Just to say,their yummy Egyptian Licorice Tea is "the Bomb." Peace

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          PinkClouds…how much radiation in organic southern hemisphere coffee? 1000 bq/kg. I would drink it without question. What if you could take the radiation out and add 10 bq/kg back in from fallout…now it only has 10 bq/kg….would you drink it? Not me!

          MVB has a good article on radioactive kelp, maybe you have seen it?

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. CodeShutdown. TY. I have nothing but deep,abiding respect for you,and your thinking. I defer entirely to your knowledge and expertise,and I understand your point here.

            I think I am still a little confused here. It all seems to be related to the Tea e-mail,but that is not related to any previous posts other than my own.

            I received the email and posted it. Seems I sometimes get in trouble if I am not up to speed on previous posts. I have since read the previous posts. I can't shed any light greater than has been shown.

            I am here to learn,and to pass it on as I can,hopefully to greater good. If I take exception,it is obvious. Yes,truth matters to me.

            And,yes,I frequent Allegedly Apparent,have great respect for Michael,and I think I have read there about radioactive kelp.

            Tired here.

            Heart's Love.


          • SanityQuest SanityQuest

            Been looking for that "Fallout Free" label…

            I was mowing my lawn the other day and started pondering things as I walk the grid… Does WIPP take yard waste bins?

            Also… The city just left door hangers about responsible consideration of stormwater runnoff… (oils, pesticides, other spills, etc…)

            Things that make me chuckle…

            I'm a sick boy…

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Everything I know about radiation I learned right here on ENENews.

    Vox Dei: "Plutonium is good for you."


  • Quick perspective—-I have never seen CodeS be completely off base on an argument….

    well except one….he sometimes pretends that to beat the cartel, we need a broad and well founded argument rather than a nice set of one liners.

    Stop Killing our Krill

    You Aint Chitin me With Those Nuclear Lies!

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. stock. What? Peace

  • razzz razzz

    '2017 the Year from Political Hell'

    "We are entering a period of major political change. This is being driven by the economy and this is what has driven our forecasting models. This is by no means a personal opinion or a desire on my part to see some sort of upheaval. The entire purpose of providing this type of forecasting is to PROVE that when you mess with the economy, you create chaos that can lead to revolution domestically as well as international war.

    The US press have adopted a new agenda. There were quiet phone calls being made that complained they created Trump by giving him too much attention. So what we say in headlines for Super Tuesday was this precise shift in the press away from Trump and to lead the story with Hillary…"

  • penny penny

    Don't know much about nuclear
    Don't know much of what the limits were
    Don't know much about LNT theory
    Don't know much of the economy
    But I do know one and one is two
    And that nuclear is bad for you –
    What a wonderful world it should be…
    Don't care that the model's too complex
    I know I don't like the nuke's effects
    Don't care much about your arguments
    Here's the truth and, boy, it sure makes sense:
    There's no safe limit for man-made shit
    'Cause the earth made life with none of it
    …What a wonderful world it should be.
    Now, I don't claim to be a physics student
    But I've been one, you see,
    And I know physicists are taught to kill their conscience, baby
    And to love industry.
    Don't know much about society
    It just doesn't appeal to me
    I'll take common sense and simplicity:
    What a wonderful world it should be!

  • penny penny

    The above is not to be taken too literally. I really have studied physics, and in fact think everyone in this fucked up modern world needs to be scientifically literate. However, knowing the science doesn't give anyone wisdom, and being able to argue the models with numbers and charts has nothing to do with common sense. I agree with Dana D. that comparing natural background to man-made ionizing radiation is comparing apples to oranges, bananas to bombs. It's patently stupid on the face of it. And yet, the world's most highly educated scientists continue to do it. IMO, until the lines of communication are opened (the MSM is shut down) there is no chance of getting people to pay attention, let alone to understand. And those scientists who have a vested interest in supporting the LNT model will continue to do so until you can offer them a better pension than their respective employers can (which won't be long now). Still, my (idealistic) sympathies lie with Code on that issue.
    Now for something completely different:
    As for Trump, he's in the race in order to foment a civil war so that the police state takeover can be formalized.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "[T]he plant also releases 2,000 tons of the water into the ocean every week after a process that removes most, but not all, of the radioactive particles… it is a public-relations nightmare for the government…"
    NY Times linked at top of this thread.

    Must have missed this. Didn't realize that Tepco has been given permission to dump treated water into the ocean at a rate of 2,000 tons per week. This was news to me.

    The real problem, of course, that they never talk about, is the 1,000 tons of groundwater a day that are washing nuclear fuel debris from corium in the ground, into the sea.

    They also talk in terms of nuclides per cubic meter of sea water. The Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is in a state of collapse because the concentration of nuclides in plants and animals bioaccumulates at concentrations orders of magnitude higher than those in the surrounding water. And concentrations of nuclides increase as you move higher up the food chain. Don't eat Pacific seafood, or seafood in restaurants of unknown origin. I am simply avoiding seafood entirely these days.

    Beware of farmed fish. Fish food thry are fed might be coming from Japan. China may still be feeding farmed fish pig manure. Ugh!

    I would caution against cat food and dog food containing any seafood, because the origin of that seafood is unknown. My brother had to put his dog down last week, with tumors everywhere. I also try to avoid California produce and dairy products, as the fallout there…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    OT. In 1960, the top tax rate was 91%. Capital gains rate was 25%

    Now, income inequality necessitates a return to 1960 tax rates, redistributing funds from the top 10% to the bottom 90%.

    Free state college tuition, subsidized housing, mass transit, socialized medicine, food subsidies, and welfare.
    And much more. Jobs rebuilding our bridges and highways. Alternative energy tax breaks. Etc., etc.

    Bernie is right about this. Gotta do this.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Not really..for only a few.

      The entire tax system need to be abolished and quickly, since it is all a scam.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        I have a StreetView ap. Allows a Google earth view at street level.
        I have the House committee investigating Flint water on.
        Gov. Snyder and EPA giving testimony.
        Meanwhile, I am touring Flint and Detroit residential areas on StreetView.
        Mean streets, houses boarded up, abandoned. No jobs to keep homes occupied and maintained.
        The corporations, owned mostly by the 1%, moved the jobs to other countries to increase profits and dividends.
        Shame on the corporations.
        Shame on the stockholders.

        Now all the products are made elsewhere.
        Where there are no EPA regulations.
        Where wages are a couple of dollars an hour, with no benefits.
        Do you agree that we need to rework our economic system?
        I am saying tax the 1% and deliver services by government.
        But we need jobs here.
        "Pure Michigan" turns out to be BS.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I am saying that the entire economic system is based on creating garbage we do not need and that garbage created is based on jobs that remove personal earned tax money to promote more of the same which will eventually kill this Earth.

          You must think out of the box to save this Earth from it's impending death and more of the same will not work. 🙁

          Obviously 62 people have laughed all the way to the bank as the Earth died..

          Look at the worldwide slavery system currently in place and end that economic slavery system.

          The Real Matrix calls it as it really is..a bunch of Human Livestock Farmers are now killing the Earth.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Beware Scientific American Disinformation!
    "Since then, Tepco has substantially cleaned up the site. It has capped shredded roofs, removed spent fuel from a damaged reactor and constructed ice walls to stanch the flow of groundwater that was washing contaminants from the site into the ocean. Because the molten fuel still generates heat by radioactive decay, however, Tepco has to keep pumping water through the reactor buildings and collecting as much as possible—some 400 cubic meters a day, stored in on-site tanks. Around 8,000 workers are now assisting in the cleanup."

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

    "Capped shredded roofs". Wrong. Unit 1 roof has been removed, and damaged reactor and SFP are open to the atmosphere. Unit 3 has been cleared down to the equipment floor. But damaged reactor and SFP are opened to the air.
    "Stanch the flow of groundwater." Wrong. The Frozen Wall will probably not begin to divert groundwater from flowing under Units1-4 for another year.
    "Radioactive decay." Wrong. The presence of Iodine-131 in Tokyo sewage sludge, as recently as 2015, indicates the corium is still being heated by ongoing nuclear fission, rather than by decay heat alone. The theory that corium is heated by decay heat alone; the theory that criticalities cannot occur in corium, have been proven wrong by Fukushima.

    Is Bobby1 still around?

  • oldster

    So many variables: Internal exposure to plutonium: "During the decay of plutonium, three types of radiation are released—alpha, beta, and gamma…. Either acute or longer-term exposure carries a danger of serious health outcomes including radiation sickness, genetic damage, cancer, and death. The danger increases with the amount of exposure…. …. ingested or inhaled plutonium does irradiate internal organs.The skeleton, where plutonium accumulates, and the liver, where it collects and becomes concentrated, are at risk.Plutonium is not absorbed into the body efficiently when ingested; only 0.04% of plutonium oxide is absorbed after ingestion. Plutonium absorbed by the body is excreted very slowly, with a biological half-life of 200 years….Plutonium is more dangerous when inhaled than when ingested. The risk of lung cancer increases once the total radiation dose equivalent of inhaled plutonium exceeds 400 mSv." This from Wikipedia

    But in the real world there is a vast variation in the materials and forces entering the body that accompany the plutonium: there is never just a discrete detached 'entity' plutonium; there is rather an ever variable confluence of materials, variable and changing context.

    So many questions: eg. impact on sperm and egg quality, and zygote/fetal development.

    Increasing life's plutonium load: not a good idea

  • mon ami

    All I can say PUN is that scientific american is probably a fancy propaganda organ for the government and military-industrial complex. The name scientific american says it all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Emeli Sandé – Read all about it Lyrics

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    China builds ghost cities with US trade dollars.
    American cities continue to crumble and fall in the Great Unwinding.
    WallMart sells China imports to impoverished Americans.
    Capitalism has failed America.
    Past time to socialize American corporations.
    Flint water House committee is a very sad show. 🙁
    Snyder must go!
    Pay up, 1%.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The concern lies in the thousands of tons of strontium still stored in tanks at the nuclear power plant and accumulated in buildings and soils, some of it still leaking into the ocean."

    Concerns over some containers?
    Strontium is a fission fragment being found in increasing the observation well/s.
    This is the concern.

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      Lol yeah, the concern lies in the entire facility and it's melted down and out masses of fuel that randomly burp and fart death into the environment.

  • aunavoz

    Algae!! Posted to dud and code last night. I will find the other links.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    OT. Republicans seem to be on track to win 2015 election.
    However, if Trump is the nominee, all bets are off.
    Any Democrat will win.

  • Nick

    ¨Koide: That's right. Not a single nuclear expert or policy maker ever seriously considered the possibility of an accident like this. I knew accidents were possible, and that when they happened the damage would be enormous; I had been commenting on the possibility, referring to some results of simulations. But still I would have thought the kind of disaster that happened at Fukushima was some kind of impossible nightmare-yet it actually happened.

    It was like the worse nightmare becoming a reality. And if even I thought this then all those pronuclear people surely never gave it a moment's thought. And so when it actually happened, no one had thought about, let alone built a system to deal with it.¨

    What pisses me off more than anything is that I gave this nightmare scenario more than a moment´s thought YEARS before it happened.

    I did not technically predict Fukushima, yet I had a premonition on 3/10/11 (for that you will have to delve into the enenews archives!).

    It does us no good to say that atmospheric testing was worse than Fukushima….sure we were dumb to detonate all those bombs…but the cover-up of Fukushima is probably un- ed in the known Universe.

  • Nick

    ¨Those who fear the effects of radiation always focus on cancer. But the most frightening and serious consequences of radiation are genetic.¨

    When you begin to grapple with biochemistry and DNA… realize why the hairs are stiffening on the back of your neck as you shiver, contemplating the horrors that lie ahead.

  • Nick


    I bet all of us have had one lately, including yours truly…..

    ….the other night, as I lay in bed dreaming, I was awoken by a vibration. I am extremely deaf (congenital..probably from Pacific Ocean bomb blasts during the 50s) and was not wearing my hearing aids, yet I heard/felt the sound of a fan motor downstairs with a bad bearing. I can explain it all…but the nightmare matched my waking fears.

    THAT is a legacy of Fukushima as the rads destroy my neuro-hormones…knocking off shared electrons in the biologically active molecules.

    I am talking at the quantum level.

    Be scared.

    Be really scared.

    This is our new reality.

    EXPECT insomnia, depression, anxiety, and worse.

    • penny penny

      Funny you should say that. I had my first post-apocalyptic style, cannibalism-themed nightmare just 2 nights ago 🙁 I live pretty far north, where the ionospheric heaters are running non-stop with the pretence of breaking up atmospheric methane. They're doing more to break up peace of mind; the town I live in is starting to feel like a Bladerunner set.

      Also, the haze has been so thick for the past week that visibility is down to a couple of blocks, but the air is bone dry. Fog? Not.

      Add to all of the above the radiation from Finland, Belgium, Sellafield and (of course) Japan, and it's hard not to be very, very scared. That said, I'd rather not waste my time being afraid. Fight where and when you can, and when you can't, dance.

    • unincredulous unincredulous + sominex

      This, or anything it takes, now, for me.

  • stock here—gone fission, Hawaiian style.

    Will be diving this Saturday, will advise if any life is left.

  • Code, intuition allowed and encouraged at Nukepro.

    Wallpapering blue pill takers not welcome. funny how it is blue, lol

  • Garry Kasparov
    March 1 at 11:57am ·

    I'm enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.

    • penny penny

      What the Soviets did had nothing to do with real socialism, of course. Nor does communism. Marx was a rich, establishment type who was promoted as a way of destroying the real socialists, whose focus was on humane working conditions and meaningful compensation for their work – and most were adamantly opposed to fighting rich men's wars, as well. The original socialists in France were strongly aligned with the anarchists – which is why the Marx infiltration was deemed necessary. (I'll hunt around later for links. Sorry so lame!)
      To me, Sanders seems far too establishment-friendly himself, not a true socialist.

      Enjoy the diving, Stock, but come out of the water before you really do start to fission!

      • "real socialism" can't exist on this planet as long as humans are here….

        Just like "safe nuclear", its a contradiction in terms, out of the gate.

        "There are no cell phones underwater" stock out

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      Giving welfare to the corporations who don't have to pay taxes. That is not capitalism. The nuclear industry is not capitalism. Half the children in the US live below the poverty line. Giving them free lunches is socialism. Anyone who wants to live in a third world country can go live in one. There is already socialized medicine for the poor: Medicaid. There is socialism for the ranchers who get to use public lands for grazing for a nominal fee. There is socialized medicine for the veterans. Is anyone going to volunteer to fight in wars if there is not socialized medicine for the soldiers while they deploy or after they return. It is socialism when the handicapped receive social security. It is socialism when the senators and house of representatives give free medical care and government pensions. The whole public education system is socialism. America was great when everyone could get free higher education.

      It is fascism when the corporations do not have to pay taxes and there are so many tax loopholes for the wealthy. Many of the wealthy are crooks.

      Giving subsidies to fossil fuel companies and nuclear energy is not capitalism, but fascism. Read the book "Free Lunch" to find out all the welfare given to the wealthy. hat is fascism, not capitalism.

      Communism is something different. It is a dictatorship and not capitalism or socialism at all.

      Why are people on this blog voting for people who are pro nuclear energy?

    • oldster

      Kasparov was (and is) an amazing chess player but imo chronically displays superficiality and dishonesty when it comes to politics. Playing chess intensely for years is not the best education for the real world. Equating the nebulous term 'socialism' with 'more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk', is, to borrow from Kasparov, absurd.

      The most indebted country on the planet is the United States; one of the least indebted is Russia; social-democratic tending Norway has a pretty solid financial base.

      The United States with its close to twenty 'intelligence' (sic) agencies, 'watching you all', its body groping body scanning paranoid 'security' to reduce risk, a military budget that dwarfs the rest of the planet put together, one quarter of the planet's prison inmates, and its free speech cages and torture chambers at home and abroad, its endless mass-murdering wars of aggression all based on lies, ought to reconsider itself; and that reconsideration should not be based on simplistic and loaded political dogmas. Freedom here; regulation there …. whatever works.

    • What is your definition of socialism Stock?

      Top down Communism? Communist China? Vietnam?

      Or something else?

      • Definition of "Socialism" the group left over after a long round of corruption of a system referred to as Capitalism, decides that Capitalizism and not the corruption of same is the problem.

        This left over group believes that because capitalism "failed" that the best solution is to have the government involved at almost every decision, both social and economic

        The modern day "socialists" will see how that works out for them. It will be a whimperering, lying, covering up, slow death during many round of silly grinned backslaps

        stock out

  • Nick

    I have an idea….

    …howse about we go beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond the petty human emotional baggage that most of us carry?

    Okay, Nick…just WTF are you getting at?

    Simple. Wage Peace.

    If more of us do just that…we will survive.

    I will go to my grave knowing (in my genes) in my jeans that that is all that matters.

    Fukushima was the result of warlords waiting for plutonium goodies to make more obscenities.

    Not peaceful atoms by any stretch of the imagination.

    Our unborn great-great-great- grandchildren deserve better.

  • Nick

    Maybe it is also time to go beyond politics and become the change we want to see in the world.

    Who says government should be the way of the world?

    Just a thought from a very frustrated hominid trying to survive on the third rock from the sun.

    Think about it.

    I am not talking about privatization…more like personalization.

    Each of us is better than the shit we see around us.

  • Nick are insane to think that humans can think beyond politics…why GMI would be the result.

    Hmmmmm. What do you think is happening?


    Gee Am I?


    Great. So anything Nick says, has to be taken with a grain of salt….….

  • Nick

    Despite what anyone else says, I am convinced that our global mental health is in doubt.

    No shilling or shellacking of the truth can varnish my insight in this matter!

  • SadieDog

    Melted fuel a problem for Fukishima decommissioning –

    "Removal of the melted fuel (corium) debris from the damaged reactors at Japan's Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear site could continue to 2051, according to "initial calculations" by owner and operator Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (Tepco). No final decision has been taken on a completion date for decommissioning work at Fukushima-Daiichi, but initial estimates show that clean-up activities could take between 30 and 40 years after the March 2011 accident, the Tepco told Nucnet."

  • SadieDog

    Indian Point 11 plead guilty and proud in court –

    "BY JK CANEPA | At midnight on Dec. 12 of last year, the final license for Indian Point Energy Center’s reactors expired. To mark the event, about 50 people walked up the road to the entrance of the nuclear power plant in Buchanan, N.Y., a small Westchester County municipality on the edge of Peekskill. Among the assemblage were several elderly Franciscan nuns, a frail Buddhist nun who had stood in silent protest when the plant was built more than 40 years ago, people of the (real) first world accompanying us with drums, a professor, a retired minister and others who traveled from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City, and those who lived close to the aging, leaking, deteriorating plant, residents of Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland Counties.

    As we continued uphill, we stepped over chalk marks that said “Algonquin Pipeline.” Then I knew we were close — 105 feet from the safety equipment for the plant, in fact — and I pointed this out to the sisters. Moments later, we were in front of Indian Point and its giant domes.

    We stretched yellow caution tape to block workers’ access as the drummers marked time. When told to disperse, 11 of us stood our ground, including three from the city: Bruce Rosen, Merle McEldowney and me."

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    We know that Fukushima released more Xenon gas than Chernobyl — a huge amount. Has anyone been measuring the levels of this gas dissolved into seawater?

    I read that radioXenon has a short half life,

    Why can't they find the corium an't they use this Xenon 133. If They have to build a huge tomography device around the plant to do it, well why not:


    "Gamma emission from the radioisotope 133Xe of xenon can be used to image the heart, lungs, and brain, for example, by means of single photon emission computed tomography. 133Xe has also been used to measure blood flow.[157][158][159]"

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Of course Fuku would probably fry the device because it's so safe, clean and green.

    • Silverlok Silverlok

      " …Why can't they find the corium…"
      They don't want to.

      Have you ever wanted to take a low light photo? If you have you have probably learned to leave the shutter open longer to gather enough light for an exposure.

      Given today's tech that can simultaneously amalgamate multiple frequencies along the EM spectrum ( all the way from muons and gamma radiation down to thermal and radio emissions ) into a single composite image, one would think that that was done when the HUGE EXPENSE AND COMPLEXITY of using the british muon detection at one happenned.

      But even if not that, one would simply have to position at least four thermal cameras around the investigation area and set them to the lowest possible sensitivity, then wait several days and triangulate the hot spots.

      another method is radio frequency location ( that corium is speaking a highly localized language in the RF range and multiple antenna jammed into the ground should hear it )

      OR ..
      and this is the most obvious…

      simply call those dudes that due seismic sounding, Florida has a plethora of them …

  • SadieDog

    Thought for the day – "The early bird catches the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese.". 🙂

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      +10000000000 to Goddard's Journal on this one.

      The lies just keep on on and on

      BBC a head on the nuclear hydra

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Ian Goddard; +10 for making good videos, -10 for promoting the status quo of radiation risk and safety, and by extension the nuclear industry.

        From the video above; "…by in large the status quo on radiation in terms of risk and safety policy do in fact reflect the best interpretation of the scientific evidence"

        That very status quo he is talking about is none other than the ICRP, IAEA and WHO, all of which are instruments of the nuclear industry and who allow the murder of millions of people as an acceptable consequence of their entirely profit motivated business. This is not hyperbole, conspiracy theory, etc but substantiated fact.

        All in all, Goddard is good for showing us that anti nukers cant/dont make good clean videos. So disappointing….

  • Nick


    WTF are we dicking around being worried about lead? How about….?

    I mean come on.

    I don't like to beat around the bush, I have been known for my temper, my bearish attitude at times (funny I have a Stife bear from childhood called brownie), and that I just need to tone it down a notch.


    Which is why the NSA hates my guts.

    I am a threat to the status quo…moi, little old Nick and his BSC ideas of how TATALly screwed we are.


    I am happy to be remembered as a soul who reminded us all of our atomic selves, how even the quantum level doesn;t quite explain it all…..

    Ionizing radiation infects other atoms so to speak.

    If an un-paired electrons gets loose…it will seek a mate.

    Simple chemistry.

    Physics too,

  • Nick

    You can't "allowable " limit radiation.

    IF we admit that there is NO SAFE dose of lead then that also applies to radioactive elements.



    The lies must cease.

    Veracity shall set us all free.

    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      That's right Nick I just saw it on the news that any lead is considered too much so it has to be true! No word about Uranium Plutonium Cesium….I guess I have to wait until it makes the news! I wonder if I will turn blue if I hold my breath until then…

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        make a video of yourself holding your breath and turning all colors of the radioRainbow.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Been waiting almost 4 months for my EBT SNAP card from the state of Kentucky.

          Well, at least I had hope for a while, anyway. The fear of not having food is worse than not having food, right?

          Been on hold now for 45 minutes. Two weeks ago I went to the office about that
          Took three bus rides down there
          Took two days off work to go down there. Missed 100 dollars in actual wages to deal with my 48 dollars of benefits. The rainbow looks pretty good here under the bus

          Bernie Sanders speech Missouri

          Thanks for the Change, Obama.

          An hour on hold. How my phone minutes are passing before my eyes. Ah, well, a new phone card is only 40 bucks

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            I should drive up to Frankfort and see my representative. I might get back before the family support office answers the phone. I could ask him how much Salmon and tuna I could buy with the 100+ bucks I've lost dealing with the food stamp (SNAP) office. (sarc)

            "All call service workers are assisting other customers. Please remain on hold. We will be with you shortly."

            I visited the office and as I recall, the staffers were not all that short.

            We need a shitload of illegal immigrants to come up here and take over. They could do a better job. No doubt.

            Holding my breath. Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo -Violet- … Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo -Violet … Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo -Violet … Orange – Yellow – Green – BLUE!


            That's how we do it here in Kentucky. Yeah. Go Wildcats

            Fuck it.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              About an hour and twenty minutes on hold. No answer.

              In that context, a couple of hundred years and one dead Pacific Ocean to fix up Fuku seems quite reasonable.

              • penny penny

                What a nightmare! I'll be in Michigan in May; if you have to travel to Frankfort I'll meet you there with apples and peanut butter sandwiches (or [insert favorite sandwich type here]). The fear of not having food sucks, but so does not having food 🙂

  • Nick

    Veracity? Nick, folks don't get your vocabulary.

    I am not typing for the masses.

    I type for those few souls out there who WILL speak to the masses.

    My job is to see things as I see em.

    It's called virality.

    Oops that ain't a word in the lexicon yet……

  • Nick

    "The head of the Environmental Protection Agency conceded Thursday that her agency was too slow to intervene in the Flint, Mich., water-contamination crisis and less forceful than it should have been when federal officials told a recalcitrant state bureaucracy to act."

    Again, stop dicking around about lead….. WGAF?

    It is the radioactive shit that needs media coverage.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Ultimately, we only get results…

    The North American nuclear medicine market is expected to reach USD 2.98 Billion in 2020 from USD 1.97 Billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 8.6%. Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs that contain radionuclide-emitting ionizing radiation, used in the nuclear imaging field to diagnose and treat various diseases. The North American nuclear medicine market is segmented on the basis of types, applications, and countries.

    Factors such as increasing preference for SPECT and PET scans, alpha radioimmunotherapy-based targeted cancer treatment, advances in radiotracers, growing incidence of cancer and CVDs, and rising awareness about the effective use of radiopharmaceuticals in various applications are driving the growth of this market.

    In 2015, U.S. is poised to account for the largest share of the North American nuclear medicine market, followed by Canada. The U.S. market is slated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

    We were warned…

    • Ya jebus, the pharma rad pukes are growing at 10% per year, and it already accounts for 50% of all the "background radiation" averaged across the entire population of the USA, expressed in mSv, not shortlived Bq.

      St Patrick is now puking his guts out.

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