TV: Nuclear waste spilling into Pacific Ocean after power outage hits Fukushima plant — Radiation Expert: Site is so radioactive and unstable “it may never be contained”

Published: April 21st, 2015 at 5:41 pm ET


Kyodo News, Apr 21, 2015: Outage hits pumps at Fukushima plant; toxic water leaks into ocean – [Tepco] on Tuesday reported that a power outage has shut down all eight water transfer pumps… and that radioactive water is again leaking into the Pacific Ocean… The beleaguered utility said it was checking into what happened and how much water had leaked. The pumping had begun last Friday, in response to a finding in late February that highly radioactive water in the channel was reaching the ocean.

NHK, Apr 21, 2015: Radioactive water leaking into sea — [TEPCO] says radioactively contaminated rainwater is spilling outside the facility’s port after pumps to prevent leakage stopped working… The firm started operating the pumps last Friday. But on Tuesday, a worker found that they had stopped and the water was going into the sea. TEPCO officials say they don’t know the amount or radioactive level of the water.

NHK, Apr 21, 2015: [TEPCO] says radioactive rainwater has stopped leaking into the sea as pumps are back in operation… The pumps were used to draw the contaminated rainwater from a drainage channel to prevent leaks… They said a worker found the pumps had stopped, allowing the water to spill outside the facility’s port. The officials say the rainwater spilled into the sea for more than 11 hours, but they do not know the amount. But they say the radioactive levels of the drainage water were low… The pumps had been installed as a stopgap measure to reroute the channel… rainwater that had accumulated on the roof of a reactor building was spilling through the drainage channel. This rooftop water contained comparatively high levels of radioactive substances.

Dr. Janette D. Sherman, MD, Apr 17, 2015:  I was hired by the Atomic Energy Commission as a radiological monitor at the “Rad Lab,” University of California in Berkeley… While working at the university “Rad Lab,” I was offered a research job at the U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory… Chernobyl, which melted down in 1986, is still leaking and the sarcophagus being built to cover it is not finished. But the most critical site is Fukushima – so radioactive and unstable that it may never be contained… four years after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown, radioactive materials continue to flow into the air and ocean. Given that it takes 10 half-lives for an isotope to completely decay, for sr-90 and cs-137, that will be nearly three centuries… in one lifetime our world has become a massive dumping ground – toxic in various ways to all life.

None of today’s reports mention that hundreds of tons of radioactive groundwater enter the Pacific Ocean each day. See also: Highly radioactive liquid flowing into Pacific — Experts: Amount entering ocean “increasing by 400 tons daily” (VIDEO)

Published: April 21st, 2015 at 5:41 pm ET


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491 comments to TV: Nuclear waste spilling into Pacific Ocean after power outage hits Fukushima plant — Radiation Expert: Site is so radioactive and unstable “it may never be contained”

  • nohobear nohobear

    Respectfully ask enenewsers to not engage 200 Alex. I understand we all have 4 years of built up frustration/rage and it's emotionally satisfying to verbally joust with our current resident nuke shill. But it does not facilitate true and honest debate, as he/she/it is not here to seek the truth, but disrupt threads. Keep in mind the closing of "War Games". The only way to win is not play the game.

  • Thank you, Tacomagroove.
    Liked & shared…… Hoping more people will figure it out.

  • And they are actually re-starting reactors in Japan?
    I think, "Science", learned nothing.

    • Only this time around, NO INSURANCE..

      Are we having fun yet?

      • The nucleoc-rats found out that tax payers in Japan are willing to pony up unlimited amounts of money, so no insurance is needed.

        A private for profit company can cause TRILLIONS in damage, and taxpayers just roll over and say;

        I will pay! Let me get this bill, not you!

    • bo bo

      @AnneBeck We have an unusual situation here. Unlike Fukushima, we now know EXACTLY who to blame if Sendai NPP ever blows! Judge Ikumasa Maeda – who stated that safety standards were sufficient !

      There will be an appeal by the people.  They should make it part of the trial, that they request the judge to fully accept this responsibility both verbally and on paper.

      'Judge Ikumasa Maeda, are you sure you are ready to take on this FULL, 1 person resposibility ? Yes or No ?'

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We are slaves..the slave masters get do what ever they want to do.

    Carlin saw things clearly..most geniuses do! 🙂

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Bowling, you can try the "news tip" box. That sometimes works if enough messages are sent to Admin through it. If you have donated to the site, you will find an e-mail address availalble.

    I can't remember how I did this in the past, but I think there is an address, or it might be

    If I'm not mistaken, one of those two addresses will work. If the e-mail bounces back, well, then, it doesn't work. But it might be worth a try.

    This time around, I'm not engaging Metalbeard or the Alex200 incarnation, as it derails the thread. The things we want to discuss here are far too important to let the threads get derailed by arguing with trolls/shills/bots. (Though I confess I've done my fair share of troll jousting here in the past.)

    It doesn't hurt, IMO, to counter the pro-nuke lies with citations from a few scientific studies, or solid information to debunk the lies. But beyond that, it's just not productive to argue.

    My take is yes, this is someone who has been here before. The sentence structure, choice of words, and arguments sound like a reincarnation of one of our familiar pro-nuke shills.

    • A+ HoTaters. Admin has also said they can be reached thru FB.

      Thanks for fighting the good fight, bowling, HoTaters, Everyone.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Chemfood, thanks for clarifying this. I'm not much for using FB, but that's a great tip. Will remember that in case the info. is ever needed. Have a fantastic day, all things considered. We have no control over the future, or even many things in the present, none of things past.

        But we can control our responses to things in the present. Personally, I have to remember to BREATHE when I read the really bad news here. And pray, meditate, focus on good thoughts. Hope to encourage others here, especially new people, that you are in good company here. Many of us have confessed we are dealing with anger, shock grief, over what has happened in Fukushima. It's a challenge every day to try to live a good life, and not to be overwhelmed by all the bad (but real) news.

        I guess unless one is of a spiritual persuasion that says all is illusion, we're dealing with some pretty hardcore reality here in our present time and space. We tend to get so focused on our little piece of the great hologram and web of life, time, and space, that we forget there is a greater order in the universe.

        Chaos theory followers and other physics experts are welcome to disagree. As John Lennon once said in a song, "Whatever gets you through the night, it's all right."


    CNN..CBS..FDA..EPA..the alphabet agencies. Disney..Time Warner..Viacom When you control what Americans watch, hear, and read, you gain a great control over what they think.
    They don't call it "programming" for nothing.

  • Checkmate

    You know TEPCO never knows about anything. In fact, I'm waiting for the day when they say "What nuclear reactor? I didn't know we had any nuclear reactors. Where are they located?"…LOL…

  • RadLion RadLion

    I wonder if this is an industry-wide thing? Out-dated IT infrastructure with lots of security issues. Gads.

    Fukushima power plant still operating on unsupported Windows XP

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I have questions for the pro-nuke folks.

    If 'low' doses of radiation are so harmless, why do all x-ray techs leave the room when they take x-rays?

    Why does my dentist office insist I wear a lead gown when they take x-rays of my teeth?

    Why do the folks at Cardiology want me to drink so much water and pee after
    injecting me with the radioactive whatever so they can film my heart beating?

    Why are reactors built inside layer after layer of concrete and steel?

    Why do they try so damned hard to make reactors fault proof?

    Why do people freak out when one explodes?

    Why is the waste so problematic to store?

    Why did they quit doing above ground bomb testing?

    Why are the people of Europe having an issue with Chernobyl?

    I'm just guessing here but I think it has something to do with how dangerous the stuff is. Some of you seem to know better. Fine, please tell me why all of this is.

    So, go ahead Japan 200, spew your BS. Most of us here can use a good laugh….

  • Checkmate

    Another thing that never ceases to amaze me…is the experts always saying, "We will learn from the lessons and we will improve." My question is "How many damn lessons do you need to learn before you abandon a project. And how many years is that going to take?" Lets put a time limit on it of say 30 years, that should be long enough.

    Why does the US Government always say, "We are in the mist of learning lessons" or "Lessons learned." How much brains does it take- not to be the fall guy? There is absolutely NO COMMONSENSE or COMMON REASONING in government at all. These politicians are all factory rejects!!! So in the coming election either don't vote or write in Jesse Ventura as President as he is man's man. Of all the Chicken S#%T politicians running to New Hampshire, Iowa- Jesse was a navy seal and the most honorable man standing on Earth! I don't belong to any party nor on any committee to elect anyone- it is based solely on my personal observation of this man.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The system feeds on itself and there is no way out..cradle to grave control is now very evident for all the owned assets we might sometimes call citizens.

    Maggots will eat maggots (themselves) when they run out of food and we humans will be no different. 🙁

    It's only a matter of time now.. as it appears our smartness almost guarantees it! 🙂

  • Sol Man

    Re: the WIPP problem with the organic kitty litter absorbent vs. a full mineral (DE) absorbent used in the exploding barrels.

    This is what is printed on the label of one such Multi-Purpose
    Safety Absorbent: "Warning: contact with turpentine, vegetable oil, unsaturated organic compounds, and hydrofluoric acid may generate heat. Do not use with these compounds."

    This is for a crystalline silica (quartz) product. Consider the much greater problem with any material that has organic material in the ingredients. The problem here is malicious intent or absolute incompetence. The entire SW of the U.S. and a large piece of Mexico and beyond, has been fouled.

  • Cisco Cisco

    KARMA? Hey Abe, here's one for you! But you need not worry, because the radioactivity from Fukushima is of "too low intensity to pose a health risk".

    "Drone at Japanese PM's residence has Fukushima cesium? "

    "Japanese authorities are exploring the possibility that radioactive cesium found in a drone that landed on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's residence could be from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Efe news agency reported citing investigators. Given that the isotopes detected in the drone are not found in nature and are a product of nuclear fusion, authorities believe they could be the result of emissions released during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, sources from the Tokyo police told Kyodo news agency on Thursday."

    The story at…

  • rogerthat

    April 22, 2015
    Tsunami-ravaged city releases 10,000 images of disaster, reconstruction
    By TAKESHI AOSE/ Staff Writer

    KESENNUMA, Miyagi Prefecture–This tsunami-ravaged northeastern city has released 10,500 images online of the destruction caused by the 2011 disaster and subsequent reconstruction work.

    The city made the photos and video footage available in the hope that they will assist in enhancing disaster preparedness and prevention. There are no restrictions on using the images on other websites or publications.

    The images, mostly taken by local residents and volunteers from outside the city, cover the immediate aftermath of the disaster triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake through to 2014.

    City officials added data to the materials, such as when and where the images were recorded. The project cost around 1.3 million yen ($11,000).

    Many come with local scenery prior to the disaster to compare how the areas changed afterward.

    The images were originally kept by the Great East Japan Earthquake digital archives support center.

    The Japanese-language website is at (

    To make a query, users can enter keywords such as "tsunami," "fire" and "volunteer," or combine them with place names like "Shishiori Elementary School district" or "Koizumi Junior High…

  • rogerthat

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015
    Japan, Unable to Decommission Fukushima, Pursues Dangerous Reactor Re-Starts

    Court refuses to block restart of Sendai reactors. (2015, April 21). NHK,

    A Japanese court has dismissed a request to block the restart of 2 nuclear reactors in southwestern Japan.
    A group of citizens had sought an injunction to keep the Number 1 and 2 reactors at a nuclear plant in Satsuma-Sendai City in Kagoshima Prefecture offline.

    The 12 citizens from Kagoshima and 2 neighboring prefectures argued that earthquakes and large volcano eruptions could cause serious damage to the reactors.

    The plant's operator, Kyushu Electric Power Company, argued that the 2 reactors are strong enough to withstand earthquakes. The utility also said chances of a huge volcano eruption are slim.

    Yoichiro Tateiwa (2015, March 31) Decommissioning Chief Opens up. NHK,

    Naohiro Masuda is in charge of the entire decommissioning process at Fukushima Daiichi. And he brings valuable experience to the job…
    [regarding decommissioning] "It's a very big challenge. Honestly speaking, I cannot say it's possible but I also do not wish to say it's impossible."

    I also asked Masuda what he needs most for the operation to succeed. …

    • rogerthat

      "That's hard to say, but probably experience. How much radiation exposure can people tolerate?
      What kind of information do residents in the area need?

      ''There is no text book to teach us what to do. I have to make decisions every step of the way. And I must be honest with you… I cannot promise that I will always make the right decision."

  • rogerthat

    ATLANTA (AP) — Federal regulators proposed an $11,200 fine Tuesday against Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. because its workers dropped a prefabricated section for a new nuclear power plant in South Carolina and then tried to cover it up, officials said. …

    – dearie me, $11,000, they must be quaking in their boots

  • rogerthat

    Residents not giving up despite court setback over reactor restarts

  • rogerthat

    Study: Subsidy for Exelon would cost ratepayers $1.6B over 5 years

    By John O'Connor
    Of The Associated Press
    Apr. 21, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD — A plan to financially reward Exelon Corp. for producing no-carbon energy and potentially save three Illinois nuclear plants from closure would cost ratepayers $1.6 billion over five years and strain budgets for financially strapped businesses and municipal governments, a study released Tuesday found.

    Kestler Energy Consulting conducted the review for the consumer group BEST Coalition, which opposes what critics say is a “bailout” for an otherwise profitable Exelon.

    Consumers would have to pony up more for electric bills and face higher tax bills from local governments absorbing higher costs, BEST Coalition Director Dave Lundy, accompanied by representatives of AARP, told a state Capitol news conference.

    “Our governments around this state are strapped,” Lundy said. “We don’t have more money to throw, and certainly not more money to throw at a very profitable corporation.”

    Exelon wants its Illinois distributors ComEd and Ameren to buy clean-energy “credits” — subsidies — as an incentive similar to perks granted to solar and wind power and other clean-energy producers.

    Without the help, Exelon says it might have to close nuclear plants in Byron, the Quad Cities and Clinton. …

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Good stuff, rogerthat! 🙂

    • We Not They Finally

      rogerthat, calling nuclear "no carbon energy" is one of the more crappy stories that persists. It's takes HUGE energy to build a NPP, including the uranium mining, cooling water, and the like. And it is ALWAYS more dangerous than the whole fossil fuel routine. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for ANYTHING. That was a perverse wrong system from the get-go.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    ALPS water decon machinery a spectacular failure in the Fukushima Decommission:
    "Among the costliest failures was a 32 billion yen ($270 million) machine made by French nuclear giant Areva SA to remove radioactive cesium from water leaking from the three wrecked reactors. The trouble-plagued machine lasted just three months and treated only 77,000 tons of water, a tiny fraction of the volume leaking every day. It has since been replaced with Japanese and American machines."

    Why is there no underground impermeable wall enclosure to stop groundwater contamination?
    I'd bet the entire enclosure around Units1-4 wouldn't cost $270 million, the amount wasted on ALPS! 😉

  • Sol Man

    What we worry?!

    GMBD=Global Mass Brain Dead

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Value of Pacific Ocean placed at 24 trillion dollars.

    That's got to be a "bottom dollar" amount.

    SOLD to the nuclear industry. Wait, I want to see the check. Who got the 24 Trill?


    For the Deniers,

    By 1947, hundreds of radionuclides that never before existed on the face of the Earth, were being created en masse. These same radionuclides were being created in the fireballs of atomic bomb detonations and scattered throughout the biosphere. Nothing was known about the affects once they entered the human body.

    Each [radionuclide] has its own half-life.

    Each decays in a unique manner.

    Each has different combinations of alpha, beta, gamma

    Each has a unique pattern of distribution throughout the body.

    Each shows a preference for an organ or tissue. [accumulation]

    Each has its own rate of absorption, retention, elimination.

    Each presents it's own toxicological and radiological hazard.

    Good-Luck, you'll need it..

    • We Not They Finally

      EVEN MORE: According to Yoichi SHimatsu, there are 20 or more NEW man-made radiomuclides at Fukushima, even more lethal than plutonium! Heavier radioactive metals! He says that they are scurrying to give them presitigious names like Japonium, Livermorium and Berklium. (I can't make this stuff up.)

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sounds like some people want to Exterminate the entire world with this cocktail of artificial Nuclear crap! 🙁

  • We Not They Finally
    Great point and I admired the article. "Strangelets" are really compelling. We are starting to question the various states of matter, and how these potential isotopes may engage at the various stages. Creating new stages. Such as an infinite state, or a hyper state. ect.

    Its really really cool research:)

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