TV: Giant Louisiana sinkhole now 5.5 acres in size — “I didn’t think it had gotten that big” (VIDEO)

Published: October 24th, 2012 at 1:21 pm ET


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Title: Residents get break down of Bayou Corne sinkhole situation
Source: FOX 44
Author: Kris Cusanza
Date: October 23, 2012

Dozens of Bayou Corne residents gathered at St. Joseph the Worker church hall in Pierre Part for a community meeting Tuesday night.


Residents learned they are living next to a 5.5 acre sinkhole.

“I didn’t think it had gotten that big,” said Bayou Corne property owner Bobby Tauriac.


Watch the broadcast here

Published: October 24th, 2012 at 1:21 pm ET


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54 comments to TV: Giant Louisiana sinkhole now 5.5 acres in size — “I didn’t think it had gotten that big” (VIDEO)

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    "WE ASK: Why Aren’t There More People Working on the Sinkhole Problem?
    The assigned clean up advisers and decision makers from The Shaw Group, Texas Brine and the state of Louisiana seem to be in no rush to ‘solve’ the sinkhole mess."

    What is the hold up they ask? My answer: The upcoming Presidential Election.
    The Democratic and Republican parties do not want to have to discuss this issue before the election.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Bingo, enoughalready it will be interesting to see what happens after the election is over, but I think it's contingent on the sinkhole.

  • What is that atom cracker called? It is a science experiment that was put deep into the ground where scientist began to split the atom in a controlled environment to see what would happen with the energy, or something like that?

    Did that project ever come to a end with a result made available to the public, & what did those scientist learn? Were they able to stop the splitting of the atom under those deep underground controlled conditions or has the energy breached the encasement after years of bombardment?

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Large Hadron Collider (CERN 2009 Swiss and French border)

      Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (New York)

      LHC is still in it's early years in terms of research and operation.
      And not without some rather difficult problems.

      LHC is nothing like any of the NPP madness we are dealing with.
      The processes and materials are totally different.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      No clue, but a lot of fear?

      "or has the energy breached the encasement after years of bombardment?"

      You haven't had read a single word about what the LHC is!
      But you cry out you fears to infect others. Bad game!


      • @ harengus_acidophilus, first of all I had an appointment today get some paperwork arranged for a national/international initiative I'm working on, so I never had time to go over in detail what fireguyjeff had posted regarding splitting atoms @ the speed of light to create a black hole/mini universe halfway to the middle of the earth.

        So, it seems you can't read.

        • harengus_acidophilus

          "never had time to go over in detail"

          As I said: no clue, but a lot of fear.


          • Right, no clue to understand that radiation is being used as a weapon to inoculate the west Coast of Canada, as a strategy to depopulate the weaker gene pool of humanity. Japan has no immunity to racism, & in fact has gone out of it's way to humiliate blacks with their tar babies for entertainment among other things. Of course, that's just 1 example in a sea of diplomatic bullshyt.

            • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

              "in fact has gone out of it's way to humiliate blacks with their tar babies for entertainment among other things."

              There seems like a lot of generalisations in the above comment. But surely, these 'tar babies' as you call it, must have been born out of love. The black people wouldn't have visited or stayed in Japan or marry one if they even thought that Japanese were out to humiliate black community. Your logic doesn't make sense to me. Realistically, there is always going to be a small percentage of people who are going to be racist or criminal in any country but to say Japanese has gone out to humiliate blacks sounds extreme to me.

              Does the colour of one's skin that important?

          • However, I digress as I'm not a Japanese following the crowd to not shake it up, you know keep business as usual while manufacturing inferior parts & products for consumerism on top of, capitalizing off of a man made disaster built on greed & bad science. Did you get your Zeloite today, or is it being harnessed by big corporations for mad profit now that the demand is going up?

            Sinkholes, rotten salt domes, splitting of the earth, oil disasters & polluted waters isn't done by my hand, so ya I got a good reason to fear as there are some real sick muther-fu-kers in this world.

          • As a final note to you. Being that Fukushima is right in my backyard & getting closer to the doorstep everyday, & to make matters worse, I'm working on a project that would prevent the Japanese from eating American & Canadian horses, I don't think I have that many friends across the Pacific Ocean on some small plot of land, that soon nobody is going to want to live on. Do I care? No.

            • harengus_acidophilus

              I see…

              "I'm working on a project that would prevent the Japanese
              from eating American & Canadian horses"

              Bound in the "buisiness with emotions".

              I know… so called animal care means misanthropy.

              Why don't prevent Americans from eating cows?
              They are divine beeings in India.


              • You're just trolling to antagonize but other than that, my younger son wants to help protect pigs from the inhumane treatment of humans, while I agree cows need better protection, too.

            • Sickputer

              NNU typed these pixels of light:

              " I'm working on a project that would prevent the Japanese from eating American & Canadian horses, I don't think I have that many friends across the Pacific Ocean on some small plot of land, that soon nobody is going to want to live on. Do I care? No."

              SP: Let me recap this…you love horses and care nothing for the plight of the Japanese. Because they eat your four-legged friends? How about the French? Same thing?

              • First of all, months ago I said the children of Japan namely in and around Fukushima needed to be evacuated out, but nobody in that country who considers themselves as a leader would take that seriously. Instead, those war mongers want to use their own children as test subjects to their sick science experiment. I don't have to align myself with that type of thinking in order to fit into the crowd, because as far as I am concerned I's & my family are already under attack by this country with their negligence & arrogant attitude to do nothing of substance to STOP THE SPREAD OF RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES. War came to me, not the other way around, so ya…I hold the Japan government accountable for those they represent as a country whether they proceed to sacrifice their own kids for a corporate profit.

                Regarding animals & who eats what, Japan just happens to like to eat raw horse meat, while trying to send us cows from Fukushima, despite 10,000's to 100,000's of people still homeless from this crisis, & they must be hungry considering their circumstances. So Japan can keep their own cows, feed their own people & back off of eating raw horse meat, unless they really are going crazy in the head. If the program I work on pans out, would we save every horse or domestic animal from human carnivorous behavior, no of course not but at least we'd have a better quality of living standards for both human & animals assuming we survive what Japan as a country is doing with their…

                • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

                  As for horse meat, it is not a common thing to eat like chicken or beef and you won't find it in ordinary supermarket. I've never seen one sold in shops or department store food halls. I'd imagine you have to know a specialist shop which is a bit like the game meat sellers in the UK which aren't many. If you are trying to stop Japanese from selling horse meat, do you have a list of retailers/shops in Japan? If so, how many are they?

              • First of all not to be disrespectful, but I have a headache & a full list of things to do, so to keep it short. I'm working on a national initiative to build in social development programs for the protection of domestic animals in that, we as a society can better look after them as a collective to prevent the inhumane slaughter &/or abuse which currently goes on all across both countries today. I'm not promoting a vegetarian diet to appease a fringe group in society anymore than I'm encouraging illegal slaughter houses to flourish, &/or using the slaughter industry to compensate for an over flow of unwanted horses or animals in general (as in gassing 2 million dogs in the USA because of over breeding,etc).

                I'm working on bringing in a balance & 1 where youth can get involved in the spiritual aspect in knowing that they can make a difference by building onto positive things in life, verses being enablers to crime, corruption, death & misery on a mass scale so that only a few get rich.

      • Under your theory, it's OK to be a drug addict who likes to do meth/speed, heroin, ecstasy, & cocaine AND eat junk food all day because in the name of science who gives a shyt.

        • harengus_acidophilus

          Really objective.

          Your're just a [ADMIN: Removed after comment reported; Rule 3. Personal Attack].


        • harengus_acidophilus


          "because in the name of science who gives a shyt."

          Did you really think the "war on drugs" is on a scientific base?

          Do you know the difference between knowledge and trust?


          • Again, you're just trolling. My daughter was a meth addict for over 8 years, & while it is called meth today back in the 60's when the US government was experimenting with it, it was called speed.

            The war on drugs only feeds an elite class of individuals while the rest of the population are a commodity to fill up a privatized justice system.

            • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

              ah yes, speed.. I was born in Germany to military father.. my mother was given speed, by her military doctor, during her third trimester, as were all pregnant women there at that time..the intention was to hasten delivery, there were too many pregnant wives at the time, and the military wanted to rotate the current troops out, but with all the pregnant women involved, it was going to be a giant expensive hassle, the military doctors assumed that by giving all of the pregnant women speed, it would "speed" up the delivery of all these babies and make the ship out/rotation possible, and less expensive..

              Gotta love the military doctors.. they have a whole slew of Guinea pigs at their disposal.

              • Pregnant women & speed, or heroin or crack it's a epidemic today, with crack I hear being the worse (can cause physical deformities) although, I couldn't imagine a woman using meth through her whole pregnancy which unfortunately, is going on today.

                Thankfully, not every child is affected so severely from their mothers (fathers) drug abuse, that we still have hope for our kids today. Need to treat the addiction or at least get a handle on it. Methadone helps many but seems to become more like a replacement drug that in itself is life long. 1 legal the other not.

                Thank the good Lord the body has a way of protecting the fetus.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Discovery of Higgs could turn LHC into white elephant
        The Large Hadron Collider risks becoming a £6 billion white elephant once the search for the Higgs boson is complete, the man who first proposed the existence of the so-called "God particle" has suggested.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          CERN affirms 70% chances of strangelets.
          “Update. 24 Dec.2011. Since strangelet danger is still on the view of science, the biggest one for Earth, after ‘cern activists’ destroyed my webs (see ‘mass attack’) i have moved forward in the reconstruction process this article, originally published a year ago. I apologize for broken links and missed pictures that were not localized.
          “As in all extinction dangers produced by LHC and future accelerators built by the military-industrial complex with the alibi of ‘research’, the fact that we ‘are still here’ obviously doesn’t mean it will not happen in the narby future. it only means only the ‘threshold’ of stability of strangelets or black holes, which is a function of the energy/mass they have, itself a function of the power of the machine, hasn’t been crossed yet. But the probability to cross the threshold of stability will grow with time, till a point in the future, the threshold will be crossed and we’ll become extinct, fulfilling the cynical prophecy of Mr. Fermi -of Manhattan Project fame – who affirmed the lack of life signs on the galaxy, despite the statistical probability of many earth-like planets (today confirmed) could only be due to physicists blowing planets in their development of the nuclear industry…”

  • I think the scientist were trying to create a black hole within the earth, a cosmic universe of sorts.

  • Maybe we should all make plans to tell our kids to grow up & be mad scientist & low & behold they rise to the top of being successful human beings in a world of idiots.

  • There are 2 kinds of people. Those who take what they can but never leave any kind of goodness behind when they leave the planet as they don't care about the next generation as in, the nuclear industry saying, "let those who will live 100 to 500 years from now deal with our poison because perhaps they will find some good use for it if they survive mining it first, assuming they can read the no entry signs.

    Then there are the other type who do things for the good of this planet & those that live on it.

  • razzz razzz

    I think the latest claim from colliding was the forming of mini black holes and if experimenting continued the fear of creating a black hole with an insatiable appetite, like in deep space, that would devour the earth. Not sure how a mini black hole goes away but maybe we could throw Fukushima into a moderately sized black hole and be done with it. Include the national debt, politicians…among other things.

    • RAZZ, nobody should have to live like this for those who know & understand the ramifications unfolding in Assumption Parish. It's a symptom to a larger belly ache that was brought on in the name of science. Yet, it is now science which fails to produce even the basics in life for all living things in that area, which is to live without fear of breathing in toxic fumes &/or drinking fowl water &/or blowing up based on a scientific whim that contaminating salt domes with poisons is OK.

      10,000's, 100,000's & perhaps millions of people are at risk whether this hole goes or not, & that's because the process which brought it here won't stop. Even if this is a natural event in all scientific carbon testings, the effect(s) of this disaster is heighten because of the pollution man proceeded to inject into the earth. Nobody should have to live under those conditions.

      I watched the last resident meeting Texas Brine had with the Parish Police, & that's another way not to live, under a militarized state. Even understanding the circumstances (the disaster) it still doesn't make it right, & seems suspicious although, I can see & sense these guys are just as worried for their own lives @ this point in time. Way to many variables to not be nervous.

  • Razz, I'm nobodies hero but I do believe that sometimes things come to us in such a round about way that it's hard to ignore, that a higher being is watching over us.

    Anyway, in light of the project I'm working on I'll be trying to create this gift called a Pebble Pouch in relation to fund raising when that time comes. However, with all due respect to what is going on in Assumption Parish & the many dangers associated with the sinkhole, perhaps someone who has an insight into science can deduct the risks as to; what would happen if boulders were dropped into the sinkhole to begin filling up the void inside of the cavern &/or to stabilize the rock formation to at least slow down or prevent the further erosion of the salt layers in general.

    just putting it out there considering the timing of my thought around the Pebble Pouch & ripples in a pond.

  • As added theory. In my opinion when thinking about the nature of salt (& I love salt, buy lots of it, hoard it for emergencies & use it as an iodizing tool to ward off bad energy in the house) the liquefaction of the salt seems to be part of the problem in the expansion of the sinkhole. This is 1 reason I'm suggesting boulders to fill the void as a means to build in a stable structure so that sediments have something to cling on to.

    If gases are a worry, I would suspect that in the initial stages of boulder building (1 pebble @ a time) the accumulate weight would wedge the rocks tight within in themselves but still leave crevices for gas to release itself up & out in a timely manner until such time, a capping process of clays or other sticky substances could be used to seal off the leaks of hydrocarbons which currently are now polluting the environment.

    Water is the conductor to keep the problem traveling outside of itself, while rocks are the grounding tools to begin adding barriers so that control measures could be implemented over time.

    I don't know, just doesn't seem feasible to keep fueling the beast with more brine when it's just being spit out somewhere else.

  • & if by any chance there is validity to this theory, it would be best to avoid any type of metal in the rocks/boulders which could attract energy. In theory salt doesn't like metal, so give it what it likes & perhaps it will be kind to us.

  • In addition, if I was a part of the team of "Boots on the Ground", I would also begin tackling the surrounding issue of dying trees & begin making plans to harvest them in preparation of making dirt to restore the landscape after the fact of, building in a solid underground structure as a support system for the salt to reform itself on.

    Leaving the refuge (dying vegetation) to sludge itself into a pit of a polluted bog doesn't serve the wildlife or surrounding communities very well. Waste not, want not & even though there are only limited financial resources available @ this time under many pressing matters, I would still think that by doing a sweep to clear large parts of the surrounding landscape would also provide a better eyes view to the scope of the problem. It would be easier to identify hot spots on a cleared landscape to ward off unexpected dangers &/or to prepare for future problem solving techniques.

  • As a final note: Considering the length of the duration of this crisis, I do believe that the problems can be fixed & that mother nature or the natural balance of the earth is talking to us.

    In other words, if we as human beings are faced with risks that have been brought on through our own foolish activities, then there is still something beside ourselves which is guiding us to correct the error of our ways. Mother nature has bought Boots on the Ground some time, so that needs to be taken advantage of as either way, we're all looking at those risks in one way or another. So, it's just a matter of which 1 is decided upon. Thanks for hearing me out Razz.

  • kalidances

    NNU I do understand your frustration. This entire situation is going to drive a lot of people insane before it is over. But what we need here are concrete, viable, helpful and fast ways to evacuate. We need preppers, teachers, counselors, emergency medical specialists, logsitics counselors, translators, and land owners.

    If you can put your efforts towards helping us do that we would all greatly appreciate it.

    Personal note to Admin, Nuck, Majia, and HOTR: They know. The White House/UK/Russian/Canadian and Chinese formal government press releases are coming. South America 2nd week of November. France is finished with theirs as are Sweden and Italy. No news at all from India or Pakistan yet. Get ready.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ohh.they know..they have known..
    Finances have been hidden..the rights of the poeple stolen.
    It's all been a 'fools game'.
    Why a 'fools game'.
    Because.. they themselves have no idea… what they have done..and fail to realize that no amount of power, money or fame..
    will save them.. from what will effect us all..all living things.

    Perhaps..when they do come to true realization…TPTB can muster up enough humanity in their pale and miserable souls to give the true custodians of the planet and the inhabitants upon it.. a chance to make something of the ruin.

  • I don't know how I could help to evacuate people out of an area where connecting dots are few & in between??

    Only thing I can think of is: Add in a urgency note for the public to support the people of Louisiana in their efforts to come together on behalf of the misplaced animals in that Territory.

    I say this because of the project I'm working on, however I'm not anywhere near Assumption Parish in real terms of a national support system getting to your end request. Paper work is still being drawn up & still must be sent in the mail to a responding recipient. Yet, if you know Billy Nungesser President of Plaquemines Parish, he has the info to the non-profit I work on & could help to speed up the process with networking advice. Currently, I'll be sending info out to Florida to a couple of horse rescue groups for this new project I'm working on, but I have to contact for Louisiana unless, you can suggest a non-profit organization for me.

    I'm 3000 miles away from Assumption Parish, but by helping the animals we also help ourselves.

  • but I have NO contact for Louisiana unless, you can suggest a non-profit organization for me.

  • kalidances

    @HOTR what I mean is that they are about to SAY, in print, that they know.
    NNU…sigh…I meant FUKUSHIMA. If you are currently there WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING THEM ALL EVACUATE?

    Admin people can only tolerate so many blatantly wasteful posts. NNU has not started helping provide useful info. You know how I feel about that.

  • kalidances

    Okay I apologize. NNU if you are in Canada then start getting Fukushima residents evacuated to your location and stop blasting people with posts about addiction or your personal philosophies. We all have philosophies. We need people to actually HELP.

    • Actually, you know nothing what I've done or what my family has gone through to help over the last 12 years. Have you invested $10,000's into a non-profit that can go international? I have so back off.

  • As a second thought to the problem of salt erosion, just as it will liquify it will also recreate itself.

    Looking @ all the options being expressed on this board with a lot of doom & gloom, taking a holistic approach doesn't hurt anyone. So, by encouraging the environment (under the earth) to respond to the things it is being given (whether it's brine or rocks) can only help the situation if the salt itself can react to it in such a manner that would seal off the cracks over time. No real quick solution understandably, but why keep a open wound wet when it needs to be dry?

    Make the salt work for us (the population that lives on it) by creating the environment it needs to grow. Kinda like composting, you get to make the mixture but mother nature does the work.

  • Maybe someone good with longitude & latitude can pinpoint the light spots to see where they sit on the map as a clue to what is going on under the seafloor bed.

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