“Scientists shocked” as fisheries collapse along West Coast — “It’s the worst we’ve seen… they’re starving” — Death rates skyrocket, no babies being born — Fish stocks at all-time record lows

Published: November 9th, 2017 at 10:33 am ET


Seattle Times, Nov 7, 2017 (emphasis added): Gulf of Alaska cod populations appear to have nose-dived, a collapse fishery scientists believe is linked to warm water… “They get weak and die or get eaten by something else,” said [NOAA’s Steve Barbeaux]… The 2017 trawl net survey found the lowest numbers of cod on record… Scientists are trying to unravel what happened… a lot of the cod hatched in 2012 appeared to survive… But by 2017, those fish were largely gone for the surveys, which also found scant evidence of fish born in subsequent years… Many of the cod that have come on board trawlers are long skinny fish… according to Brent Paine, executive director off United Catcher Boats… “This is a big deal,” Paine said. “We just don’t see these (cod) year classes disappear from one year to the next”…

KBBI, Nov 6, 2017: Cod numbers in the Gulf of Alaska fall dramatically — The North Pacific Fishery Management Council… received some shocking news last month… NOAA surveys show that cod were the skinniest on record in 2015, but fish didn’t just get smaller. Natural mortality rates also skyrocketed for some important age classes of cod… This isn’t the first time cod stocks have taken dive in the Gulf… but Barbeaux said this time is different. “The difference between then and now is we don’t see any recruitment coming in”…

Seafood Source, Oct 17, 2017: Gulf of Alaska cod stocks at all-time lows — Pacific cod numbers in the Gulf of Alaska are at all-time lows, according to early looks at data collected from the 2017 summer survey… Biologists survey Alaska cod every other summer, and this year’s Gulf of Alaska count represents… an 83 percent drop from 2015… “If you look at the condition of the fish during that time period, it’s the worst we’ve seen; condition meaning their lowest weight at length for those particular year classes. It means they were starving…” Barbeaux said…

Vancouver Sun, Nov 2, 2017: Salmon returns just keep getting worse on the Fraser River… There was a one-in-10 chance that the pink returns would be as low as 4.4 million, but the results were even worse. “It was much less, obviously much poorer than expected,” Mike Lapointe, chief biologist with the Pacific Salmon Commission, said… The estimated fry-to-adult survival rate of 1.6 per cent this year is half the average of 3.2 per cent… The dismal pink returns are in line with previously reported poor sockeye returnsHe said no one really knows why ocean survival has been so poor… “All we know is they didn’t come back“…

KTVZ, Nov 1, 2017: Scientists shocked: Where did ocean salmon go?… Juvenile salmon, observed in near-normal numbers in the Columbia River estuary, seemed to disappear in the ocean, NOAA Fisheries scientist Brian Burke reported… NOAA researchers found almost no juvenile salmon… Catches of smelt, herring, and anchovy, forage fish for birds and other species, also were also low. “Chinook and coho just weren’t there,” Burke said… a researcher in Alaska who normally catches juvenile Columbia River spring Chinook and coho smolts in the summer caught none this year, NOAA salmon researcher Lauri Weitcamp said…

See also: ‘Alarm’ as Feds find ‘bizarre’ results in Pacific Ocean

Published: November 9th, 2017 at 10:33 am ET


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100 comments to “Scientists shocked” as fisheries collapse along West Coast — “It’s the worst we’ve seen… they’re starving” — Death rates skyrocket, no babies being born — Fish stocks at all-time record lows

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    This was predictable. Upon the arrival of the plume from Japan in the Pacific ocean (concentrated), this should have been expected.

    What else could we have expected?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Anyone who denies this fact is … just a denialist. For anyone following the 3/11 events unfolding, and who has watched and studied effects of Fukushima "accident" and meltdowns, meltouts, spreading contamination carefully – this was ENTIRELY predictable.

      WHEN will the scientists looking at this break out of their denial? Will they have to be starving before they can see it with seeing eyes, behold it with un-befuddled comprehension?

      Have said before as the marine food web collapses, and fisheries collapse in the Pacific, the Asian and western Pacific rim nations will be most affected. Many nations there (such as Japan) rely heavily on seafood and ocean-based sources of food.

      But if predictions re: the plume sitting off western N. America are borne out, we cannot help but be impacted.

      The idea of having all that radiation raining out on us is daunting. The contamination will be picked up by convection, and who knows where it will go – coming down as precipitation (rain), snow, and even in tiny droplets from fog and as dew. Never thought I'd hate the idea of rain, but it makes me sick and I feel sad now, every time it rains.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        And we keep seeing that, "Scientists think it may have something to do with warmer water" thing, over and over.

        Warmer water from where? Warmer water from what? Warmer water when? Warmer water, why?

        Supposedly the west coast of N. America was impacted by an El Nino event in the winter of 2014-2015. (This noramly brings more rain and warmer water temperatures.)

        Then last year, and over the winter of 2015-2016, western N. America was supposed to have been impacted by a La Nina event. La Ninas are typically associated with less rain and colder temperatures. Northern California had frigid temperatures and huge amounts of rainfall. Very atyical, and didn't fit a La Nina event.

        Are we being blatantly lied to about what is occurring, or are meteorologists and climatologists incompetent? Or things are spiraling out of control and no one knows why.

        Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. What is it?

    • The Deep Pacific Ocean Is Broken/Dead; Devoid Of Life For Thousands Of Miles, Where It Used To Be Filled With Life, Tide Pools From Mexico To BC Sterilized, Devoid Of 99 Percent Of What Used To Be There, Why Scientists Are So Quiet About This

    • Jebus Jebus

      Ivan MacFadyen The Ocean Is Broken on Radio Jones.


  • Factory Fishing micro particles of plastic Fukushima plutonium air fallout and ongoing nuclear water drainage into ocean you name it all contributing to the immoral destruction of the Pacific and frankly the rest of the planet too. Take care

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Tepco might have been illegally loading Reactor 4 with MOX fuel.
    Some believe there was a secret bomb-making lab under Reactor 4.
    Accordingly, Tepco rejected may offers of help from the International Community.
    Tepco resisted state help.
    Tepco under-responded to the situation from day one.

    Here we are, 6 1/2 years later, almost no remedial work done!
    Unit 4 spent fuel pool emptied.
    Temporary underground Frozen Wall.

    No lock on the harbor to stop the migration of radioactivity into the ocean.
    No 100’ deep concrete underground wall around Units 1-4.
    No 100’ deep concrete floor underneath Units 1-4.

    Hell, Tepco can’t even say where the missing corium from Reactors 1-3 is!

    Fukushima radiation killed the phyto- and zoo-plankton.
    Without plankton, populations of small fish die off.
    Without small fish, big fish perish.
    Without fish, seabirds and seals starve.
    The entire Pacific Ocean Ecosystem has collapsed.

    This could have been avoided, if Japan had found and mapped the corium.
    The corium could have been sequestered from the environment.
    Concrete dams, and perhaps a sarcophagus could have stopped the migration of radioactivity into the ocean.
    Locks could have kept radioactive water in the harbor.
    Concrete diversion structures could have kept groundwater away from the corium.

    A highly-motivated international effort could have saved the ocean.
    Instead, we have a cheap response.
    Would somebody please sue Tepco out of the way?

    • Good summary PUN, it is disgusting. With TEPCO basically being one and the same as the Japanese government, any suits are likely to be a joke, like the recent class action settlement of 3000 people who got a little over $1000 USD each.

      That is an insult.

      My spidey sense says that indeed they were loading MOX into R4. They had just changed the shroud, which is protective shielding in the reactor and MOX requires an upgraded shroud, and they had recently replaced the shroud anyway, so this additional expense was obviously for a particular purpose, MOX

    • Horse Horse

      The Ocean was dead when 80% of Fuku meltdowns fell out to sea rather than land. So vast it took a few years to die. Nothing they could do would have stopped the damage done on 311. Those expensive remedies were never going to happen. The Ocean is the dumping ground if Japan is to save the island.

    • razzz razzz

      Uranium fueled reactors have to be upgraded to load and use MOX fuel. Daiichi Unit 4 had a flawed vessel due to slumping and thinning during reheating for hardening. Not that the Japanese are stupid enough to load MOX fuel into a flawed reactor vessel but need to a least install more control rods since MOX fuels burns hotter. At that they only load 1/3 of the core with MOX fuel to avoid overheating. A few reactors vessels are certified to run 100% MOX fuel ex. Palo Verde in Arizona but rarely is ever done.

      Unit 3 was upgraded to burn MOX fuel and see how that turned out.

  • TheInsider

    It's really much simpler than all that. There's a coverup, involving the major governments. If you actually want to know what happened, here: the USS Ronald Reagan, equipped with localized HAARP technology (for lack of a better term for it), blasted very low frequencies into the earth in the Pacific to create the 9.0 Tohoku earthquake, leading to the (planned) tsunami that would destroy the Fukushima reactors, causing a global poisoning, which would in time lead to the global depopulation agenda being accomplished. All the while the mainstream pushes Zika propaganda and other viruses as the root cause.

    • Not really plausible, and there were hundreds of precursor earthquakes the prior week. USA would not have done that to Japan, we would have picked China or Taiwan.

      Depop via biological agents would be much cheaper and quicker.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Ultrasonic weapon. Atmospheric conditions primed with pressurization, I kinda get that. I don't know about the specifics though. I've personally seen some trippy shit, like an earthquake fixing a wall's crack.

      I like that you mention the Zika (and related stuff) though, it's total bullshit.

      "Oh no, Zika!, which is engineered from what is basically harmless, and we spray chemicals, use fertilizers, pesticides, vaccines, radiation and shit that actually causes the effects associated with Zika, and then use that to sell you a worse form of "Zika""

      I dunno if that makes sense, but I can kinda smell it.

  • freebywill

    Anyone on the west coast of US go out and interview firsthand fishing crews ?
    Not the giant corpo boats but the small indy fishermen, that's where you will get some truths. The biggies will bs us because they don't want the word out ( it'll impact their stock prices ) but the smaller outfits will know.

    A good study might find info from local fishing trade groups on the number of small fleets as to bankruptcies, fishing boat sales, etc.

    At https://www.undercurrentnews.com/ not a peep about US fall harvest numbers or any west coast NA results. Some rah rah about companies doing well but reading articles it's not due to bountiful harvests but income tax relief (aka subsidies).

    Lots of farmed fish items and talk of land based fish farms.

    Lands based fish farms, why's that, something wrong with the ocean ?

    — just a short —

    As I interviewed the scientist he stated " I'm shocked ! Shocked I tell you, I never thought that would happen. "

    I asked why he was so shocked. He replied, " I performed the calculations myself, and to make sure there would be no errors introduced by the computer I used my trustworthy slide rule. " As he held up the slide rule.

    I reached over and turned it right side up. He looked at me and blinked, and blinked, then a third. Not good, a scientist 3 blink.

    " I'm shocked, shocked I say that I could have made such a mistake. "

    " Will this change the calculations? ", I ask.

    " I'll study it. ", he…

  • Sad fact Canadian scientist told me he eats locally farmed salmon to avoid Fukushima radiation. For sure American army presence since ww2 in Japan and all nuclear waste processed to mox fuel business plan aided by us army program and supposed nuclear disarmament plan. All bomb waste from worldwide to be shipped to Japan. Tepco complicit and experimental mox fuel in unit three Fukushima.
    We are just as close as in fifties to nuclear annihilation except no under the desk e a bomb drills

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Friggin fish in the ocean were not Nuclear-Ready®

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    But no worries, they can just build commercial chicken houses on the Pacific waters. Floating chicken houses, fed by floating corn fields and stuff. No weeds…

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Like a little floating, nuclear powered, but GMO research facility that is also a bomb, just in case. Which is run by the AI ewuivalent of Homer Simpson.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Was it at San Onofre where the they installed shit backwards, other than having all kinds of structural and design flaws, terrible management, quality control, etc? Is that like, the nuclear industry standard or what? Gross (yeah,it makes me want to puke a bit) incompetence, fraud, lies, just a fucking a total waste.


  • I thought the recent spate of "sex harassment" meme's was simply another way to divide the country, but realized today that what is more likely is that it is last ditch effort to marginalize white males.

    Many deserve it for sure, but as the main power structure of USA, the plot should also be clear.

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Yeah, some can see past that, but of course it is more than just trying to demonize white males. But if you consider the people accused and involved, some of their behaviour and confessions, or perhaps, concessions, their associations, I'm not too bothered. Still waiting for Sessions to take out Biden, though. And I know perfectly well prostitution whoring isn't gender-specific.

    I honestly don't care if hollywood and that sort of shit crashes, shit is shit, I don't care what sort of "status" it supposedly has. I don't care about bullshit "consensus". If you're shit, fuckoff.

    For instance (Harvey Weinstein, leaked audio, you may have heard this considering some of the places you frequent):

    What would you call that? I find it quite difficult to call that a white male.

    This should probably be OT too.

  • Look you can't trivialize sexual child abuse especially when powerful Hollywood types involved. Glad the idiots are outed. But other idiots are poisoning our Pacific ocean.
    It's time us humans start partnering with Mother Earth again instead of pissing on it for cash.

    Up to you to do something about it.

  • Japan is hilarious, age of consent is 13 for statutory rape to be filed, but then varying prefecture laws prohibit "corruption" of those either less than 16 or less than 18 via sex unless in a real relationship measured by "parental consent".

    BUT they cannot enter into a contract of any sort unless 20 YO.

    Females can marry at 16, males must wait until 18

    Unique culture for sure

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