TV: US scientists testing for radiation in dead whales as mysterious die-off in Pacific continues — Now 14 carcasses reported, expert warns “death toll could still rise” — “Whales may have consumed something toxic… trying to find an explanation for this unusual event” (VIDEO)

Published: July 12th, 2015 at 11:17 pm ET


KTUU, Jul 10, 2015 (emphasis added): 5 more dead whales found in Alaska waters since June; total 14 dead; Researchers try to understand mysterious whale deaths… Kate Wynne, a Marine Mammal Specialist for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, told Channel 2 News that since the June 18 announcement of the nine dead fin whales, four humpback whales and another fin whale have been found dead. According to Wynne, the five whales appeared to have been dead for the same amount of time as the previously discovered whales… After the first two whales were discovered… it triggered a response from numerous agencies… “The good news is that this has gotten a lot of us to talk to each other, and be alert,” Wynne said… Wynne thinks the whales may have consumed something toxic… Tests on tissue from one of the whales have proven negative for domoic acid, a biotoxin, and results on two other tests, for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and Cesium-137 radioactivity, are still pending.

Alaska Dispatch News, Jul 10, 2015: More whales found dead in southern Alaska waters – Scientists investigating the mysterious deaths of nine endangered fin whales… report that the death toll has increased… five additional whales — one fin whale and four humpbacks — have been reported… So far, the only sample taken from any of the dead animals… came back negative for domoic acid, a toxin that is produced by algae… Results from other tests are still pending… [Scientists] have been trying to find an explanation for the unusual event. Wynne said it’s possible the toll could still rise. “The number of now-rotten carcasses may continue to climb as more people travel around the area and submit reports of carcasses they see,” she said.

AP, Jul 11, 2015: More whale carcasses found in Gulf of Alaska… [Wynne] said it’s possible that more carcasses will be reported as people continue to travel around the area.

AP, Jul 11, 2015: Whale deaths in Gulf of Alaska puzzle scientists –  More dead whales have been found in the Gulf of Alaska following the sightings of nine fin whale carcasses… five additional dead whales [were reported] over the past several weeks, including four humpbacks and one fin whale… Wynne says it’s possible that more whale carcasses could be reported soon.

CBC, Jul 11, 2015: Reports of whale carcasses off Alaska raise whale death toll to 14; Scientists don’t know what’s been killing humpback and fin whales

See also: 10 giant whales found dead in Pacific off US coast — Victims of ‘mysterious affliction’ — Mass die-off of walruses and seabirds reported nearby — Experts: “Something out of the ordinary is happening” — “Maybe whales ran into a toxin” (AUDIO)

Watch a report from ABC San Diego on NOAA scientists on the way to study whales in Alaska

Published: July 12th, 2015 at 11:17 pm ET


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129 comments to TV: US scientists testing for radiation in dead whales as mysterious die-off in Pacific continues — Now 14 carcasses reported, expert warns “death toll could still rise” — “Whales may have consumed something toxic… trying to find an explanation for this unusual event” (VIDEO)

  • dunkilo


    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      quote : "..results on two other tests, for Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and Cesium-137 radioactivity, are still pending…"

      Yeah, i wonder how long its gonne be "pending".

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        But nevertheless..finally !

        • That was my first thought; Finally!
          But, only Cesium-137? If it comes back negative for this particular isotope, do they then say it's not radiation, at all?
          I'd imagine it will take some time for the 137Cesium test just because they would dry the sample. Anyone?

          • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

            Plutonium is proven to be the most toxic substance known on Earth. Perhaps we should test for Pu??? How many tons of Plutonium micro particles have entered the Pacific from the initial reactor explosions and continuing radioactive releases into the air and water??
            Iodine is also ultra deadly and we still see ongoing production of this short lived isotope created by the China Syndrome AWOL Fukushima reactor coriums that are fissioning away non-stop somewhere in the Earth below Japan.
            We could list hundreds and hundreds of radioactive isotopes that should be tested for in these dead whales and other Pacific animals that are dying in large numbers since Fuku…


            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              Curium is 100 times more lethal than plutonium. Actinides are very lethal. There was lots of curium outside Rocky Flats where they produced plutonium pits. Undoubtedly curium and other actinides are in the atmosphere, ocean, land from the Fukushima Daiichi meltthroughs and meltdowns.

              • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

                Good info Praising. Add Curium, Americium and Neptunium to the long list of man-made radioactive isotopes spewing into the Pacific, and our air of course

              • I wonder if we can find a list of isotopes currently released by Tepco. Anyone know?
                PT; thanks for that info.
                BRF; yeah, they won't be testing for plutonium, as plutonium does freak people out, as it should.

      • stinkyperfume stinkyperfume

        Where do whales normally go and die?

    • Warren

      Emails: Wynne, a Marine Mammal Specialist
      for the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program.

      • following is Kate's reply to @GregOrvis not so long ago:

        On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 1:53 AM, Kate Wynne <> wrote:


        Thanks for your input. I want you to know we submitted a tissue sample from one of the fin whales for Cs testing but the results will not be back til late summer.

        Although we did collect a sample for radionuclide testing, there are many reasons I do not believe radiation (from Fukushima or other) to be the source of our recent fin whale mortality event. The primary reason for my doubt is that the mortality was limited to fin whales and occurred abruptly in a very brief window of time and space……e.g. there are humpback whales (and many other species) feeding on the same prey side by side with fin whales in the same area that did NOT die. We have not seen any new deaths in the area since early June although there are MANY fin and humpback whales currently feeding in this area.

        We are monitoring these animals closely and hope to find a definitive explanation for their deaths – which we will publish when found.

        Thanks again, ~kate

        • she is precluding radiation as cause prior to test results. only crappy/bought/stupid/corrupt scientists do that.

          • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

            You are correct regarding the clear bias this Kate Wynne "scientist" is displaying. Her argument has merit but she cannot prove that certain whale species, sexes or ages are not more negatively impacted by consumption of radioactive feed. More whales could have died but did not wash ashore. She assumes that every dead whale would be spotted?? Impossible

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              She also assumes that lack of complete mortality is reason to prematurely rule out radionuclides. Irresponsible. By this logic, radionuclides should only be suspect if (when) the entire species dies…at once. Boy, they're thinking ahead, aren't they?

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                With that reasoning:

                No human ever died or will die from radiation officially unless the whole human species is wiped out.

                …in which case we might get a post-mortem admission that MAYBE radiation contributed to our demise, but it would be next summer, in the afterlife, before the results are released, redacted of course — PENDING economic impact studies on weapons sales.

        • jo

          One sample? What a moron. Just because humpbacks haven't appeared in the AK gulf is a reason not to notice dead ones have appeared elsewhere down the coast?
          What's worse is a fin sample. What needs to be tested is the fish and other contents in their guts. These so-called scientists probably are put-off by smelly whale innards so stay way from portions of the animal that really need testing.

          Plus—–why aren't bio-scientists from Baja to WA state testing dead fish of all kinds from those washed up.

          Why are they not going offshore a few ks and testing bottom sludge?

          Now they know that citizens are catching on to the suppression of any marine –and air–results after the Fukufiasco.

          • alasanon

            We're not having anything like this on the East Coast. We've just had an unusual number of shark attacks?… And they spotted a Manatee in coastal waters off Maryland… But, they're not beached, distressed, or unhealthy by all appearances??…At least it's not a death march out here. :/

            The contrast between NO SIGHTINGS of whales, seals, or dolphins washing up from the ATLANTIC vs. what is going on in the PACIFIC is very telling!!!…

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        thanks warren. you do well. many people here are shy about the government because we have been screwed over so badly by it. i just use emails that are fairly anonymous when i use the emails u provide. dont take comments personally. im scared as hell of some of the government creeps. lots of people here know how to write emails to some of the ones you provide like yale and the govt. i send stuff to sharon brown cause her stuff is so bad.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Boaters urged to use EXTREME caution off West Coast as 115 endangered whales spotted

    It isn’t necessarily a problem that they’re jumping, or that they’re heavily active in the region right now. Their behavior is normal, according to reports. There is simply a higher density of whales than is ordinarily seen there…

    On the 4th of July a survey was conducted, which wasn’t out of the ordinary for the region, and in just one hour – 115 endangered whales were spotted and seen jumping in the region.

    Roger Thomas, an 80-year-old veteran of the region – and someone who still skippers a boat in the region pointed out that this was something he had never seen before. Seeing the sheer volume of whales that have been seen in the region is something he classified as “unbelievable.”

    No more latitude to run, for all the creatures…

    • 115 endangered whales were spotted and seen jumping in the region…

      Jumping, why?

      For joy?

      Out of desperation?

      Trying to get out of the frying pan?

      • On the same wavelength, here, Doc.
        Jumping? Why is that?

        Fishermen have been commenting on the huge numbers of whales in the area for the past year, particularly fin whales and great whites. This is not their territory, generally. Science has said it's because the water is warmer. Whatever..

        • jo

          So far 'science' apparently has given no thought to the ocean hotspot off the AK southern coast. It could be a stalled, rotating water piece of the huge plume that crossed the ocean to west coast shores after the Fuku explosions. Pages on enenews showing various models of the plume have appeared, also elsewhere online.

    • 4Yahshua

      7~14~5997 (out of 6000) in this "Doomsday Apocalypse".
      Last Evil Days of "Manmean". Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
      VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM!Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

      And LARGER SHARKS! Also, strange weather all over the world.
      I have come to the conclusion that ALL of this is not just due to Fukushima radiation. I am beginning to call it "Asteroid
      Weather" and not "Earthquake Weather" like I used to do.
      (Rumor: Asteroid or some other celestial body is to collide with earth on 9~24~2015, Yom Kippur, Yahweh's Day of Atonement.)
      JADE HELM 15 exercises begin on 7~15~2015.

      The BIBLE = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth!


    • alasanon

      That's such a weird report—including the comments from an 80 year old in the area who never saw anything like it!!…

      I'm no marine scientist, but Nature tends to stay within a normal range, unless something is horribly wrong!! Setting so many records, repeatedly, is NOT normal.


    Just Cesium, huh? No Beta Spectroscopy? Are they going to find low amounts of Cs-137 and then conclude that it's not worth testing for anything else because the 'experts' say that Cs-137 múst be the most abundant…? No testing for Strontium 89/90? No tsting fo various lead isotopes, both radioactive and stable? Signs of alpha-emitters like Am-241? Po-210? Neutron activation products like Cobalt-60? No? Nothing else? Really? Just Cesium-137? What freak'n farce is this "investigation"?

    I don't think it's Cs-137 that's making the monitors glitch out.

    Ponderings after photos in:

    !-> @

    It's much more likely an alpha and or beta emitter…

  • Nobody is saying plutonium at all. It's the prime killer and not a single word. Karma WORKS.

  • Whatever you send out, comes back around… Be careful what you send out.

    Send out plutonium, cesium and strontium; heavy metal poisonous radioactive elements, and that is what you get back, multiplied by orders of magnitude.

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    ya alan there livers are probly full of plutonium like a lot of the polar bears they have found in the artic

  • What do you want to bet that those 'pending' radiation tests never come back?

    • "Well below acceptable levels" if they do, which is unlikely. I find it hard to believe that it takes weeks or months to detect a radioactive isotope in a tissue sample.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        Considering our .gov food safety limit for radioactivity in our food is 1200 bq/kg(!) the phrase "well below acceptable levels" is no comfort…

        10 bq/kg consumed in the diets of children OUTSIDE the Chernobyl exclusion zone caused measurable heart damage. What would 120 times that do to the health of your children and yourself?? How much radioactive pollution would young whales have to consume to kill them? Much less than 1200 bq/kg I would bet.

        • I was being facetious. I hope that came across. Everything the government has reported has been within acceptable limits (or so they claim), although they never state what those acceptable limits are and even if hey have to raise "acceptable" to something a million times worse than the year before.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          dont we have 70 Bq/kg of k-40 in us all the time? The strange fallacy of using becquerels and sieverts to figure out toxicity

      • alasanon

        They had to catalog all the dolphin and endangered sea turtle deaths after the horrendous BP Oil Spill in the Gulf and take tissue samples for testing to make the case–multiple Felony counts.

        I remember that I kept checking back on the outcome…over and over.. It had been delayed –and then they sealed the records?… It just went on and on… There was so much liability involved. It amazed me how they wouldn't just GET THE SCIENCE DONE. It was
        simple enough. It's not like these huge animals are running away once they've been murdered!!

        Killing these very Endangered Whale Species remains a Federal Crime with some serious penalties… Activists/citizens need to start RAGING when this happens on THEIR beach!…

  • The current environment for ANY sort of testing for rad is COMPROMISED. Sod their tests. A quick look at the real world is far more instructive for those willing to see. Just how many hundred different stories of science being baffled is required is hard to tell but many more are going to be tossed into our path to ponder i assure you all. Plutonium is not ever going to be safe. Some nasty persons are willing to poison a very large area and an whole ocean to further this agenda they have put into motion. Karma is not blind, And certainly not stupid. Up the game, Up the repercussions.

    • We really do need to note that all of our oceans are one ocean. People seem to forget that they are all connected.

      And, on another topic (but still Fukushima related); some sciencey-guy is sure he can blast boron into Fukushima in order to stop it flowing into the Pacific. It makes zero sense, to me, but I guess he can try..? The proximity of Fukushima to the Pacific and, of course, being below rivers/ tributaries to the Pacific, would prevent any stopping. The only possible change would be made by diverting fresh water going through the plant to somewhere else, land-based. I don't think there is any way to do this.
      But, I guess they can try their boron on Chernobyl, as it is still leaking..

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Nuker criminals deserve death by hard labor at Fukushima. They can dig up the coriums with shovels. The nuker criminals will eat and drink the products of their insane nuclear science experiment they have perpetrated on all of the world's living beings.
      Criminal negligence – check
      Intentionally hiding information about rad releases – check
      Repeatedly lying about rad levels – check
      Publicly attacking whistleblowers – check
      Knowingly causing mass deaths via cancers – check

      Nuclear Reactors must be banned FOREVER. Nuclear is criminally insane and the sooner the general public comprehends how horribly dangerous this technology is the sooner we can rid ourselves of this curse.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well, my brother's pastor back in Cleveland, a non smoker, will not make it through the night with the lung cancer that he was diagnosed with 4 months ago.

        Mid 50's and no way should this death or this cancer have occurred!

        Fukushima just took out another one! 🙁

        Thanks Nuclear! 🙁

      • Yes, BRF.
        But, you are being kind by saying the nuke-pukes should be given shovels for this task. I'd rather they used their hands, or their noses, or teeth. Heck, if that garbage is so safe, why wouldn't they?

        All reactors need to be SHUT down and no new nuke-plants should ever be built, again. I mean; has the world learned NOTHING? Seems so.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Since nuclear criminals havent gone and are not going to death/labor camps to dig up corium, is it too much to ask that a group of modern day ninja hit them with skunk balls by blow gun, super-glue their shoes to the ground, drop skunk spray onto their corporate jets, hit them in the face with banana cream pies via remote release trebuchet, complete with white glove and plutonium sprinkles…background levels of course? 7 billion people, and not a one will impede the killer criminals

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    I was wondering what the whale song for this year will sound like.

    • That would be interesting, to figure out if the songs are changing, and if so, what they mean?

      Maybe they have a whole language, through song.

      After all, humans communicate via songs.

      Why can't whales?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Dr. Goodheart:
        I am positive that the whales, eanh and all, know the words to the Whale Song, as it changes from year to year.
        It is the song of their experience of the last year.
        It is the song of their joys and sorrows.
        It is the song telling the history of their ancestors, passed on from generation to generation.
        It is the song of their hopes and fears for the future.
        The whales are wise beyond the ability of mere mortals to understand them.
        My hope is to one day see the Whale Song translated into human thoughts and words,
        So that I can share in their hopes and laments.

      • Oh they fully do, I did about 150 dives in Hawaii with whale song at the time.

        I shot a fish whilst there was a great white about 2 miles away harassing some kayakers…..(I didnt know it)…..

        Instantly, all the whale song stopped for like 56 seconds….the Hawaiian I was working with, who dove almost every night…..said of course….it was a "man down" reaction. Oh shite…aggressive white shark, and putting blood in water.

    • Philip; Dana and others have been reporting that the whales are not singing, at all. This has been one of the big misses, up in our northernmost waters; no whale songs.

      No ocean aroma.
      No life in the tidal pools (or limited new life.)
      No sea birds screaching.
      No whales singing. No dolphins communicating, either.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    And the truth is finally creeping out from beneath the rocks…maybe??

    • Found this article peeking out from under a rock…

      Radioactive Plutonium Detected In Lung Tracheobronchial Lymph Nodes And Teeth Of UK Victims Living Up To 200 Km Away From Sellafield; Triggers Lung Diseases, Leukemia

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        How much Plutonium is in the average Seattleite's lungs I wonder. Everyone I know had a dry persistent cough in late March and April of 2011. We all thought it was a weird chest cold that had no other symptoms besides the cough but now I am thinking we were all breathing in huge amounts of radioactive gases and hot particles. The Krypton, Iodine, Cesium, Plutonium, Uranium, Strontium, ect, ect have been finally revealed to have been at astronomical levels in our air here on the West Coast. Many many lung cancers will be inevitable unfortunately.
        Wow, isn't nuclear power so cool?? (sarc)

  • lukeskywalker lukeskywalker

    In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act.

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    We were at Monterey Bay yesterday (Sunday) and walked along the water near the Cannery and wharf areas. About 300 yards offshore, for at least an hour, a couple of whales were blowing and surfacing on a very regular basis. Even saw some tale slaps as well. The algae, if that's what it was, was still a brownish color and collected about 50 to 100 yards offshore. Plenty of kayakers in the water, and many of them were paddling out to get a closer look at the whales. Didn't see any sea lions, although I could hear them in the distance as I got closer to the wharf area.

    It does seem the whales are a lot farther south this year. Normally at this time of the year, they're up in the Inside Passage and along the Gulf of Alaska. Or maybe its just because I'm more aware of the wildlife in this area because of reading all of these articles.

  • curly

    I try to be reasonable about all this but it was kenny b that said that fish in and around vancouver island were receiving 3 or 4 x-rays daily. He said it was nothing to worry about. I'd really like to start surfing again but I would rather not receive an x-ray every time I go in the water. So I sit on the beach and play my guitar and watch everyone pull up in their internal combustion machines, put on their petroleum based wetsuits and frolic in a seemingly health ocean on their petroleum based surfboards. Don't I sound like condescending asshole. I don't think kenny b tested for anything more than cesium so who knows. Now they say we'll get the results of more cesium testing at the end of the summer. I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna be quite a guitarist by summer's end.

    • Interesting, Curly. I hadn't considered that take on old Kenny-boy's assessment of Cs-137 being like dental xrays. Sure, we all have them (or did go have them a while back.) And I have probably had more than the average group of 25 to 30 people, due to a jaw issue. In fact, docs have been concerned I'd probably develop some sort of head-and-neck cancers, later in life, due to all of these xrays.
      But, I had never considered the compounding of xrays, into sea-life. One or two or six dental xrays, per day, would add up! Perhaps kenny-boy was trying to say something? Or, maybe he said something he wasn't aware he'd said.

      Let's say the average sea-lion was hit by the equivolent of two dental xrays per day, since Fukushima blew up. That's well over three thousand xrays! Sure; that could create some health problems. This could account for quite a bit of death, particularly heart failure, in these creatures. Did Ken not consider this?

      Good luck in your music. Would you send me a piece of kelp one of these days?

  • Since this is all they apparently will ever admit to for results of any tests, here is some good info on Cs-137:

  • Pete

    Looking for radiation in dead sea life? Not in Washington State, they aren't.

    You'd think being a primary impact point for the Kuroshio and with the Thousands of Tons of sea life that has died, maybe one of the various sea orgs would be testing some of those specimens.



    • Yes, they are busy looking for crickets in the ocean..




    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      University of Washington "scientists" are AWOL. Where are the world class Oceanographers? Fisheries? Atmospheric Sciences? Chemistry? AWOL!!!

      Maybe they can't get any precious grant money to fund the most important study that has never been done. What a joke these universities are!

      • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

        Don't diss my Alma Mater, BRF. They would help us if they weren't threatened with a shortened life of extreme and utter misery. Oh wait….that is just what we have in store for all of us anyway. But I have been following the seminal works of U.W.'s Dr. Gerald Pollack; watching his YouTubes and now in the middle of one of his books, "The Fourth Phase of Water". Since none of the scientists have come forward with anything that would explain what we are seeing, I would like to share a theory based on Dr. Pollack's work. The PTB would never let a good crisis go to waste, especially when depopulation of 95% of all life appears to be their goal (maybe they will overshoot for a perfect 100%). So here goes….
        Dr. Pollack proposes that a water battery can be created between two EZ Water zones (EZ means exclusion zone, and is a good water with a PH similar to that of our blood at around 7.4). These EZ water zones occur normally at the top and bottom of any amount of water so long as there is a source of InfraRed for it to absorb. See his experiments on YouTube and notice that there is, indeed, something different about parts of the water and the different attributes, though just in a small beaker (not the Pacific Ocean). Between the two EZ water strata at the top and bottom are many strata of differing PH levels ranging all the way down to 1 in some instances (highly acidic and will burn lung tissue of Dolphins to look white,..have the researchers checked the whales…

        • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

          So I theorize that there is a strata of acid in the ocean which can be manipulated in a number of ways. The InfraRed necessary for the surface can come from the Sun, Fukushima, Chemtrails, etc. Excitation of the InfraRed particles can occur by HAARP, SONAR, CERN, etc. The bottom of the Pacific has Radon gases, igneous rock, heavier Fukushima Particles and all of the other illegally dumped InfraRed producing matter. Dr. Pollack speaks highly of the benefits of the EZ Water, but may be missing the negative aspect of the research, what I call the EXZ Water which burns everything that tris to live in it. No wonder the SeaLions (burned skin) are getting out of the water. No wonder the whales are jumping out of the top of the water or washing ashore dead. No wonder I saw tens of thousands of dead fish at Livingston Bay on Camano Island, WA as my Grand Daughter and I walked our nature walk back in 2012. There are different strata of PH throughout the waters and it can be tested. Can Dana do that on his next journey out? Getting back to the Water Battery, it works by utilizing the difference between the 7.4 EZ Water and 1 EXZ Water, similar to the way car battery acid works. Not many fish live in car battery acid, do they? Nor do we. Dr Pollack also takes his theory a bit further with clouds. Since our atmosphere is also made up of much water, his water battery theory could also take place in the sky. Is that why millions of birds drop dead? Just a theory…………

        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          maybe thats part of it but bioaccumation is a big part of it. the ocean is a toxic soup like code says

          • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

            I agree with Code about bioaccumulation. But there are more than two ways to cook a fish, some quicker than others. I also realize that I need to change the name of the theorized zone. Dr. Pollack's EZ Water stands for "Exclusion Zone" Water. It does not allow any impurities in the zone, pushing them elsewhere in the water. The chemical analysis is not of H2O, but H3O2. It is the good water. But there is also the not-so-good water which I will now call the ELEZ Water (Electrocution Zone Water) where the small particles join together to create a strata of water closer to the destructive hydronium molecule of H3O but negatively charged with the added radionuclides which help it to score a PH of between 3 and 1.

            • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

              Correction: The EZ water has a negative charge due to the absorption of Electrons. The ELEZ water has a positive charge due to Protons moving out of the EZ water and into the ELEZ water, along with radionuclides and other pollutants.. Water as we had been taught in our High schools was H2O. Dr. Pollack and others have shown that EZ water is H3O2 through several lab experiments. Nobody is looking into the ELEZ water and its characteristics ………..

            • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

              Correction: The EZ water has a negative charge while the ELEZ water has a positive charge.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Plankton swirls in the kuroshio and Oyashio currents off Japan

    This is the birthplace of much of the Pacific ocean life, in the eddies of the Kuroshio and Oahio currents off Japan. Its an ecosystem. With high levels of radiation coming from Fukushima, theres little doubt the ecosystem is being destroyed

    But the ocean was already in BIG TROUBLE;
    Worldwide, 90 percent of large predatory fish stocks are now gone due to overfishing. Boris Worm and Ransom Myers, from Dalhousie University published a paper that predicted a total collapse of all fish that are currently caught commercially by 2048. That didnt take into consideration the largest nuclear disaster in history.

    Its no wonder the animals are starving, that toxic algae is growing, that jellyfish are everywhere, that the whales are congregating in the last coastal zone of life and dying there and that the scientists arent saying anything, afraid and narrow minded as they are.

    The public didnt learn that you cant give your power over to Governments and big business which are filled with the most unscrupulous among the population. Thus the earth was exploited and poisoned, the public controlled and the earth lost

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Testing for radiation off California wont tell the whole story of starvation and disease. One must trace the Kuroshio ecosystem back to Japan.

      kuroshio ecosystem
      Small-and meso-scale eddies have been observed in the coastal regions of the Kuroshio Front, which separates the Kuroshio Current from the East China Sea LME (Large Marine Ecosystem). There are indications that these eddies contribute to the
      retention and subsequent survival of fish larvae transported by the Kuroshio Current.

      The Kuroshio Current LME is considered a Class II, moderately high (150-300 gCm-2y-1) productivity ecosystem. The LME is an important spawning and nursery ground for many important pelagic fishes such as clupeoids, horse mackerel, scomber and saury.

      Long-term variation of plankton community of
      Kuroshio warm current area, the spawning ground
      of Japanese sardine

  • demise demise

    They are still looking in the wrong places. The food supply has been killed (Krill), so the animals do not have enough food. Testing for radiation and toxins will turn up to be nothing but a waste of time. I thought they were smarter than that.
    Also, a collapse of the ecosystem in 2048 is laughable. Try 2016.
    So many morons! I would say 30% of the Pacific is already completely devoid of life and another 40% is in serious short term jeopardy including the NA coast.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, that would be it! Poor Shark!

      Just had a friend stop over and his thyroid lump looks like a golf ball..none of us will escape Fukushima. 🙁 The entire planet is screwed!

  • demise demise

    Inland fresh water and the Atlantic will still be around, but I wouldn't eat any of it.
    People just don't understand the extent of the problem. The largest body on the planet will become devoid of a working ecosystem. Words can't express how enormous of a catastrophe that is! That truly is the end of human existence. Add drought, financial bust and religious wars, we are all hosed as a species and only a super evolved human race will be able to survive in the end. If you have a weapon, you only need one round when the hungry, angry hordes are crashing through the front door.

    Sad but true to what it has come down to.

  • demise demise

    One round is the one that has your name on it. Suicide by horde is not an option.

  • demise demise

    The only option is being in a well armed, well fortified, self sustaining compound. I can more easily win the California state lottery, twice in a row.

  • nirakenna

    This will eventually become a global disaster, not just effecting the Pacific. All nuke plants should be shut down now as they are a;;disasters waiting to happen. It is an insane way to boil water for electricity. Dangerous and filthy. Everyone needs to learn as much as they can on how to protect. Radiation Protective Foods by Sara Shannon –2014 – post Fukushima edition is an excellent resource and the only book I have found with this information.

  • demise demise

    Tried watching the network news. It makes me sick to my stomach the government approved script that they read. Everything is hunky dory in the Pacific, nothing to worry about. This goes on while the Pacific Ocean is dying right in front of their faces.

    How can you grow safe food where there are periods of the fallout zone that passes over you. No book can solve that problem.

    This is truly a dictatorship. A lawless president and rigged elections supported by the a propaganda machine and a apathic, overweight and polarized public is a perfect storm. Add the loss of the Pacific Ocean and a depression level financial bust and the world is about to change dramatically before the new year.

  • Biffwise

    I mentioned at the start of the disaster that I was afflicted with either Chrons disease or ulcerative colitis. Since then I have continued my battle towards feeling normal again. Unfortunately to no avail. I found myself in the emergency room last week being diagnosed with additional complications due to the colitis. I now have pancreatitis and diverticulitis as a result. Never before Have I had health issues in my life, and since the early diagnosis i have changed my life to adhere to organic and fresh food paleo diet to no avail.
    What strikes me as odd, as if this entire saga isn't odd enough…is when the emergency room dr referred me to a Gastro, and my primary care physician also referred….the earliest I can see a Gastro is in early September…with or without a referral. Seems I am not the only one with digestive issues as of late..Portland gastro's have their hands completely full, I have called every single one listed within a 150mi radius. All they can do for me is keep me comfortable and out of pain until I can be seen. And as I sat in the er, I overheard in other rooms 3separate colitis diagnosis on separate patients..I believe we are starting to see the sheets unravel.
    I said, at the start we need to do a citizens arrest on the powers that be, but if the obfuscation, denial, and lies continue, there may be an all out civil war against them as they purposefully avoid what is plain to see. Just go to any Gastro and see.
    Sincerely Sick ..of the…

  • Biffwise

    Sincerely Sick….of the lies…


    It upsets me to see how much information is available to people through the internet. Using a simple search engine with keywords there is so much truth at our fingertips, but people are so still so clueless.

  • demise demise

    In the OC Register newspaper this morning there where two glam articles about how great the tide pools are in OC and how great the beaches are. They mentioned briefly that the starfish are all dead, but appear to be making a come back after finding a couple purple juveniles.
    I wish they would take some radiation readings before spouting how great the beach is and also explain the mass die-offs of so many species over the last few months.
    But that to much to ask from the Reichstag controlled media.

  • Fukushimad is Revelation

    Fukushimad 3/11/2011 U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 Central Storage Dry Cask
    Reactor Fuel Assemblies 400 548 548 0 548 764 0 0
    Spent Fuel Assemblies 292 587 514 1331 946 876 6375 0
    New Fuel Assemblies 100 28 52 204 48 64 0 0
    Dry Cask 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 408–Fuel-Ponds-Background/

    There were approximately 22 reactor cores worth of fuel at Fukushimad on 3/11/2011, where are they now?

  • demise demise

    Pieces of it are floating around in your soup bowl.

  • RonM RonM

    Including it's many Islands, Alaska's coastline is roughly 34,000 miles long, longer than all the other states coastlines combined.

    Probably a whole lot more dead sea creatures washing up than is being reported, when the stench of death like a rotting aquarium is carried across the entire North American continent then everyone will know regardless of media blackouts that the Pacific Ocean has died,

    Until then 🙂 and shop for water filters and spare water filters,

    and stock up on all the other stuff needed to survive for awhile longer than everything and everybody else.

    Just wondering if my canned Alaskan Salmon from 2012 is getting less toxic as the years go by or more toxic?

  • sworldpeas

    So they are going to test for radiation and just what exactly are they going to do if they FIND IT???

    Yes, it's been confirmed Fukushima is killing everything in the ocean we will continue to monitor the situation.

  • whelchel56

    "Mysterious die-off in Pacific continues — “Whales may have consumed something toxic… trying to find an explanation for this unusual event” Seriously?!! We have animals all up and down the west coast that are exhibiting signs of radiation poisoning and yet our so-called experts are mystified and cannot find an explanation?!! Let me help you, can you say F-U-K-I-S-H-I-M-A? I don't know what scares me worse, that our experts are morons or radiation poisoning.

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