TV: Sea star die-off worse than thought; Now over entire West Coast; Going from one species to others — Gov’t tests ‘rule out’ Fukushima — Coincidence they’re all melting at once, or something fishy is going on in these waters (VIDEO)

Published: December 3rd, 2013 at 5:20 am ET


KING5 News (Seattle), Dec. 2, 2013:

KING5 News intro: Biologists studying a die-off of sea stars say it is worse than thought. The problem has spread to the entire length of the West Coast and when it strikes it kills nearly every sea star in the area.

Gary Chittim, investigative journalist: […] It just kept on spreading, from California to Alaska, and now it’s spreading from one sea star species to others. […]

KING5 News: One theory floating around out there is nuclear contamination from Japan’s leaking Fukushima plant that was causing the problem, but scientists say that samples show that there is no presence of radioactivity.

KING5 News, Dec. 2, 2013: A respected sea star expert released a report showing a deadly disorder has spread to more species. Neil McDaniel put together a overview of the so-called wasting syndrome which found it has spread […] up and down the entire West Coast, from California to Alaska. […] They are ruling out some theories like radiation from Japan’s leaking Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Washington State Health Department and other agencies have tested coastal fish and found no elevated radiation levels.

The Daily Free Press (Boston University), Dec. 2, 2013: Although there aren’t any clear causes of this mysterious die-off of these majestic organisms, no possibilities have been ruled out. Ocean acidification, climate change and even radiation exposure from Fukushima have been considered. […] It’s been noted to marine biologists that over time, some sea stars become too bruised, dry and damaged and they undergo something called “wasting syndrome.” I can assure you that this melting phenomenon is beyond wasting syndrome. Marine biologists and scuba divers noted that sea star limbs and oral discs were spread all over the place in some areas — a truly worrying scene. Either it’s a mere coincidence that every sea star along the coasts are all dying at the same time from damage overtime or something fishy is going on in these waters.

Watch the KING5 broadcast here

Published: December 3rd, 2013 at 5:20 am ET


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174 comments to TV: Sea star die-off worse than thought; Now over entire West Coast; Going from one species to others — Gov’t tests ‘rule out’ Fukushima — Coincidence they’re all melting at once, or something fishy is going on in these waters (VIDEO)

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    I’m so glad you didn’t say something like -carbolic acid – out load, because an amateur might just take the last living star fish to prove that, and kill it also.

  • Shaker1

    Personally, I think the ideas of spiritwoman are correct in that there are energy patterns that can be detrimental, and some beneficial. My thought here is that when testing is done they look for specific energy patterns. They may not find exactly those that they're looking for. To me, it proves nothing but the specific energy pattern isn't present. But if one might think of it in terms of musical tones, which really are just energy patterns, one can induce a reaction in say, a bell tuned to the frequency of the note 'G' by playing its harmonics. Set your electronic tuner to only show a specific note, and while the 'G' bell is singing, the tuner will register nothing. As I understand it, it's the same reason that examples of the radioactivity in banannas is just silly when used to justify harmlessness of industries that use radioactivity in one manner or another.

    Another thing I might mention, being a musician, I have particular keys that I prefer. It's not a matter of my personal ability on the instrument. I can play in any key. Those keys just 'feel right' to me. I prefer to play acoustic instruments, and one learns quickly that they all have their acoustic characteristics. There are certain keys that compliment a particular instrument's character. I've played with others whose instrument and mine 'agreed', and some that don't, even if that says nothing about either individual instrument being good or bad tonally.

  • Shaker1

    We speak of the power of radioactive particles in electrical terms, but never about the fact that being an energy form, it also has its frequencies. Commonly in the US, 60 CPS, and most elsewhere, I believe 50 CPS.

    So let me pose something here, just for grins. Could it be that, like a dissonant note recurring in an otherwise pleasing melody, interferes so grossly that the whole process (sequence) of notes 'kills' any pleasantness that might otherwise be present? And, say, you personally can't hear that dissonant note. I know from my experience that there are definite differences in the way that I literally, physically am able to hear specific notes than another person might. So might then, I find the piece of music just awful, while you search and search to find what I find so objectionable? We're looking for presence of a particle in these starfish, when the particle may not have to be present, but, because we don't 'hear' like a starfish does, we don't understand that all that is necessary is to be in the vicinity, as that harmonic exciting a 'G' bell?

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Wasn't there something about the whales all being silent too?

    • We Not They Finally

      Shaker1, you are making this ways too complicated. We don't have to "search and search for find what is so objectionable." Just think being hit over the head with every kind of ecological club There's no melody. There's no harmony. It's gone! This is not subtle!!

  • SadieDog

    Relax, the govt had a meeting about protecting us from radiation. We should be fine.

  • Speedy

    SeaColon…nice…makes perfect sense to me..

    How do we test that theory…all the starfish are already goo..
    I wonder how much acid got flushed into the ocean when the tsunami flushed the Japanese industrialized coastal toilet..

    • SeaColon


      Maybe there has been a recent significant 'upwelling event'. If so, you're right, it should be testable. It's been hard on the shellfish in the pacific northwest in recent years. Maybe now the sea stars are falling victim as well.


      " The U.S. West Coast is a site of dynamic and intense carbon cycling and may be particularly vulnerable to ocean acidification due to a combination of anthropogenic and natural processes.

      Water in the North Pacific is naturally rich in CO2 because the deep water has been out of contact with the atmosphere for a very long time as a result of global ocean circulation patterns. While the water masses travel along the “oceanic conveyer belt,” they accumulate CO2 through natural respiration processes that break down sinking organic matter. Along the U.S. West Coast, winds blow from north to south during spring and summer months, displacing surface water offshore as a result of Earth’s rotation. Deeper water rich in CO2 and nutrients and depleted in O2 upwells to the surface nearshore to replace the displaced surface water."

    • We Not They Finally

      Speedy: "all the starfish are already goo."

      Aeons from now, alien historians can arrive on Earth and say there was a nuclear catastrophe and their whole world turned into "goo." But look — we were left these records saying that the scientists of their day were "baffled" and "puzzled" and it was "mysterious" and "they didn't know what caused it."

      Goo? Nuclear catastrophe? What could they possibly have had to do with each other? They kept being "baffled" and "puzzled" and it was all "mysterious" until finally everything was dead. Goo.

  • Vorith

    For now I'll doubt it's frequency in this case, altho everything is frequency. Does this have anything to do with MEOR's and stuff like corexit? We don't hear about things dissolving in the Gulf but still.

  • jcfougere jcfougere

    Email I received from the Government of Canada:

    Thank you for your correspondence of November 27, 2013, radiation monitoring in response to Fukushima.

    The Government of Canada is committed to protecting the health and safety of Canadians. To this effect, Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau has been monitoring environmental radioactivity on a routine basis since the monitoring program started in 1959. It currently operates two radioactivity monitoring networks which represent a total of over 100 detection and sampling stations located all over Canada. One of these networks is part of a larger global radiation monitoring network overseen by the United Nation’s Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation. These networks are extremely sensitive and can provide an indication of any potential problem with respect to radioactivity in air and precipitation. Data from Health Canada’s networks can be found on Health Canada’s website and is updated on a quarterly basis. Data is available from 2007 to the current year and can be found here:

    The data on this website is for the total radioactivity dose from all sources of radiation near the detectors (Total Air KERMA). Total Air KERMA includes the natural background radiation (including mineral deposits nearby the detector, radon gas in the air, and cosmic and solar radiation from space at the specific location) as…

    • jcfougere jcfougere

      any radionuclides linked to human activity such as cesium, iodine, plutonium, strontium, noble gases and other gamma radioactivity sources.

      Health Canada did not cease real time monitoring of radiation in response to Fukushima. Health Canada monitors radiation levels on a 24/7 basis and was doing so before, during and after the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. In response to the incident, Health Canada increased the frequency at which radiation data was posted on its website. As there were no health concerns associated with the radiation levels in Canada, the frequency of website postings was returned to its normal posting frequency of once per quarter starting in August 2011.

      Please be assured that Health Canada continues to monitor and review radiation levels in Canada and worldwide, using its monitoring networks and its collaborative relationships with the international community. Should data from our monitoring programs or other credible sources of information indicate a need for additional efforts, Health Canada will promptly notify the Public Health authorities (including provincial authorities) of the situation and provide guidance on how to best address the issue/concern.

      The Radiation Protection Team

      • jcfougere jcfougere

        Complete BS?

        • Mack Mack


          (sorry about the caps…it's a copy and paste)

          "About 71,000 Canadian jobs are dependent upon the nuclear power industry. Of these, about 21,000 people are employed directly by more than 100 companies, including uranium mining and refining companies."

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          Well…lets look at Vancouver's maximums that they give.
          It should have some of the highest readings as it is right on the coast.

          2007 – 13,200
          2008 – 14,800
          2009 – 14,981
          2010 – 14,565
          2011 – 13,592
          2012 – 14,079
          2013 – 14,217

          It sorta makes me laugh that they can't even try to make the graphs seem real.

          But then they have this cryptic disclaimer.

          "Information identified as archived on the Web is for reference, research or record keeping purposes. It has not been altered or updated after the date of archiving. Web pages that are archived on the Web are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards."

          Anyone care to translate this in "laymens" terms?

      • Ray Deoactive Ray Deoactive

        They only waited 5 months after the biggest release ever! They detected a small increase,they say. Wouldn't that be reason to go all the more? That's like saying,"Turn off your smoke detectors due to the low level of fires detected?"
        Sounds like the detectors were blown and the stupid lie is lying to stop a panic!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    No.. not complete BS since (manmade) radiation contamination is very sporadic in its nature. In order to get an accurate reading of any manmade created radiation contamination sources one would have to cover every inch of the Earth with dosimeters. That is not going to happen. 🙁

    Look at what happened to the poor souls in Naples? Hell they had to wait in lines at the hospitals for cancer/chemo treatments and had no way to know that the Nuclear crap was dumped all over the place, until the government disclosed the information.

    Monitors did not help their cause.. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    smack, Great brain candy! 🙂

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I have no logical basis for the idea, but floating it anyway. Could the starfish die off mean a huge earthquake is coming? Too tired to think, going back to bed…then off to work.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Mutation..will surely..cause changes in the.. perfection of fractals in nature.
    What a shame..

    Fractals in Nature

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Can anyone find a pre 3/11 photo of a melted starfish? I found this collection:

    It looks nothing like what we are seeing now. Does anyone have evidence that this is the same as the wasting syndrome seen before which was attributed to sea temperatures (not proven).

  • petfish

    "They are ruling out some theories like radiation from Japan’s leaking Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Washington State Health Department and other agencies have tested coastal fish and found no elevated radiation levels."

    I don't believe this report. It seems like more cover-up.

    I would like to see the test results: Date/animal or plant tested/radionuclides tested/.. In Calif. the sea weed had tested positive for fuku radiation. So how is Wash. St. not finding any increased levels?
    Total BS

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Why wouldn't they be testing the starfish "remains" for radioactivity ..not just some comment about random "coastal fish". I don't believe that BS line either. That makes no sense. I think it must be either Fukushima or perhaps some chemical or acid from the tsunami making it's way to the coastline.

  • Ron

    I suspect that people are testing the waters for other things besides radiation.

    The first thing that comes to mind after Japan is that some unscrupulous business is dumping toxins at sea hoping to hide the death and destruction behind Fukushima. So test for chemicals.

    The next thing that comes to mind is the possibility that this is some geo-engineering trick to curb global warming. All the whales and sea lions suddenly turning up to eat anchovies and sardines which are presumably feeding on plankton. They remove carbon fro the atmosphere. Could someone be conducting a secret experiment? Test for Phosphorus.

    Note: the above does not mean that I am a climate change skeptic. On the contrary we had a day today in California that was 85 F in the shade. In December. Yes it's real. But that doesn't mean that somebody isn't spiking the ocean.

  • Shaker1

    Not to belabor my comment that was simply musing, but one should look at the Schumann Resonance. It's also a plain, yet denied and downplayed fact, that there are some problems with the communication harmonics we have flooded the atmospheric environment and the water (think of whales, dolphins, porpoise and sonar). One measure of brain activity is its frequencies. Water is a great carrier. Again, I'm not in the 'don't worry, be happy' method of radiation mitigation, but one might ask, in our material senses, if we really speak the language of the world in which we live.

  • pcjensen

    Research #Science Citations: Strontium Plutonium Americium Atlantic Pacific #Ocean #Fukushima Japan

    Anoxic: "relating to or marked by a severe deficiency of oxygen in tissues or organs"

    close correlation in time between the strontium-isotope excursions and the major Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE):

    Research citations

  • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

    Well I found this… from October 09, 2009. BEFORE March 11, 2011… I think its only getting worse.

    Pacific Ocean 'dead zone' in Northwest may be irreversible
    Oxygen depletion that is killing sea life off Oregon and Washington is probably caused by evolving wind conditions from climate change, rather than pollution, one oceanographer warns.
    October 09, 2009|Kim Murphy

    • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

      "CORVALLIS, ORE. — An oxygen-depleted "dead zone" the size of New Jersey is starving sea life off the coast of Oregon and Washington and will probably appear there each summer as a result of climate change, an Oregon State University researcher said Thursday.

      The huge area is one of 400 dead zones around the world, most of them caused by fertilizer and sewage dumped into the oceans in river runoff."

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        These dead zones have nothing to do with climate change my friend… 🙁 Synthetic fertilizers are some of your culprits along with man made chemical pollution flowing out these rivers..

        • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

          I am only quoting the article I referred to. The main significance of the article is that it is from 2009. If there were already problems with the ocean in certain areas, then the radiation could only make it worse.

          I would think that due to the massive effect it has upon the way that weather systems could work, that radiation releases and pollution lead to climate change. If organisms cannot live in their present environment they must adapt to survive in another climate thus changing the way the systems work. Adding in all of the other technology being used, such as weather weapons, it makes sense to me that this is the beginning of the results of man-made climate change.

          The anthroposphere has poisoned the biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and the hydrosphere. We are living in the Anthroposphere now. There is no going back. Genetic modification would be preferable at this point for survival purposes. I can see why the mad-men/scientists who destroyed our world now want GMO. They probably knew a long time ago that it was going to get really bad and need to "design the future" to prevent extinction. Too bad. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The indigenous people all over the world have warned mankind for a long time.

          Maybe the Iron Mountain Report can explain some of this.

          The Report from Iron Mountain A Blueprint for Tyranny 360p

 PAGE 42!

          • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

            The Report from Iron Mountain A Blueprint for Tyranny 360p


            "Nuclear weapons
            are indiscriminate. Their application would bring to an end the disproportionate
            destruction of the physically stronger members of the species (the "warriors") in
            periods of war. Whether this prospect of genetic gain would offset the
            unfavorable mutations anticipated from postnuclear radioactivity we have not
            yet determined. What gives the question a bearing on our study is the possibility
            that the determination may yet have to be made."

            Genetics resistant to radiation? I knew about this before 3/11. I didn't think they would actually let the ecological disasters happen. But then again, maybe they are psychopaths and don't care about the future of children.

    • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

      "But the dead zone off the Northwest is one of the few in the world — and possibly the only one in North America — that could be impossible to reverse. That is because evolving wind conditions likely brought on by a changing climate, rather than pollution, are responsible, said Jack Barth, professor of physical oceanography at OSU.

      "I really think we're in a new pattern, a new rhythm, offshore now. And I would expect [the low-oxygen zone] to show up every year now," Barth said at a news conference.

      Thursday's briefing coincided with the release of a National Science Foundation multimedia report that said the number of dead zones worldwide was doubling every decade.

      In the Pacific Northwest, the report said, the areas of hypoxic, or low-oxygen, water that long have existed far offshore began to appear closer to land in 2002, a phenomenon that may mean they are even deadlier to sea life that exists near the ocean floor.

      Low-oxygen zones are created when large blooms of plankton form on the surface of the ocean, then decay and fall to the sea floor, where further decay eats up the oxygen in the water.

      "When oxygen gets too low in the ocean, it has a deleterious effect on organisms," Barth said. "They either have to flee the area, or they get stressed or even die off. Those die-off [areas] are dead zones."

    • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

      "The affected waters of the continental shelf in Oregon and Washington for the most part are not inundated with polluted river runoff; the nutrients that feed the plankton blooms here come from natural sources, Barth said. And researchers believe a change in the flushing movement of water along the coastline may be responsible.

      The gradual warming of surface waters across the north Pacific, the report funded by the National Science Foundation said, has tended to isolate deep waters far below the surface — allowing less oxygen penetration.

      There also has been a change in wind patterns, encouraging the upwelling of that low-oxygen water and inhibiting the natural flushing action of water.

      "What we're seeing is changes in the oxygen content of the water and the winds that drive the ocean and cause that flushing," Barth said, calling it a "double whammy."

      Although it is possible that the phenomenon could be related to cyclical ocean currents and temperatures, Barth said that he was more inclined to believe it was a long-term result of climate change. He said that researchers had scanned records going back to the 1950s and had seen nothing similar to what has appeared every year off the Oregon coast since 2002.

      The worst year on record was 2006, when the Pacific Northwest zone saw an area of "anoxia," or virtually no oxygen at all."

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Nice find. I see how this may relate or be completely responsible for the animal behavior witnessed lately. How does it explain melting sea stars? I am looking for pictures from previous die-offs and there are none that I can find where they melted like we are seeing now.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        I wonder what the influx of radiation does to the O2 content in water? I would guess it would lower it.

      • nohobear nohobear

        interesting info, but oxygen depletion would affect a multitude of species, nor would it explain the disintegration of starfish into goo. nor would the entire west coast of North America be suffering from the same degree of oxygen depletion at the same time.

        I think we are looking at radiation, as transported through the food chain. Lower levels in the water, not immediately deadly to vertebrate, but concentrated by mussels and clams (primary food of starfish) and in deadly concentration for all species of starfish.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great find and yes the 400 dead zones around the world are our human toilets..

    • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

      I am thinking that there is a combination between at least two causes that are killing the fish, not just one. I know the radiation kills the plankton, which make the oxygen in the water. If oxygen is not available, fish will move or will be affected which greatly reduces their body's ability to fight off disease. The oxygen is now radiated? OMG. Radioactive H2O? That is 2 hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule that are now radiated. Do you think that this could be mixing with the "Dead Zones" to create one giant dead zone in the North Pacific Ocean? If there is really winds that are causing upwellings in the water, then that must also mean that radioactive water is being trapped in these dead zones, possibly increasing the impact in the "dead zones". ocean currents – off of the coast of Alaska, there are currents that get trapped which then traps the water. It might go south, but my guess is that it mostly gets concentrated in the area where the current traps (The Alaskan Current) Just look at the graphic and try to use your imagination how the water is being transported and concentrated in the North Pacific with the Alaskan current before being brought down south with the California current. These "deadzone" areas probably concentrate more pollution than other places, and can be partially responsible for the effects we are seeing.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    And in Florida…more deep ocean whales beach…this just in.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙁

  • own_quality

    Dozens of Whales Stranded in Florida Everglades National Park

    Looks like the Atlantic Ocean is in trouble too. Also sea stars are "melting" in mass along the US Atlantic coast.

  • poor man

    The government is wrong about Fukushima. The fish are dying either as a result of radiation poisoning or low frequency radio waves used by the Navy. Will appreciate a small fraction of a bitcoin so we can have a Christmas! Thanks! 1wLx4152MUYokrNcw5po3i1LKsbczWuPn