TV: “Simulation shows ENTIRE Pacific being polluted by radioactive water in just 6 years” after start of Fukushima crisis — “Experts now fear it may become a scary reality” (VIDEO)

Published: August 31st, 2013 at 9:07 am ET


Title: Radioactive water may contaminate entire Pacific Ocean in 6 years
Source:  Arirang News
Author: Kim Min-ji
Date: Aug 28, 2013

This graphic shows the gradual contamination of the Pacific Ocean due to leaks of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

The simulation, which was run by a German marine research institute, shows the ENTIRE Pacific waters being polluted by radioactive water in just six years.

Although the results failed to grab attention when first released last year, experts now fear that the hypothesis may become a scary reality, after the Japanese government recently admitted that some 3-hundred tons of radioactive water have leaked into the ocean everyday.

Mitsuhei Murata, a former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland: “TEPCO recently admitted to leaks of radioactive water. The amount is much greater than what the simulation had taken into account [10 petabecquerels of Cs-137].” […]

Watch the broadcast here

Watch the simulation here: “After 4 years… the entire Northern Pacific is filled with a certain amount of tracer

Published: August 31st, 2013 at 9:07 am ET


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53 comments to TV: “Simulation shows ENTIRE Pacific being polluted by radioactive water in just 6 years” after start of Fukushima crisis — “Experts now fear it may become a scary reality” (VIDEO)

  • dka

    Japan does not want to pay the $1 trillion cost needed to deal with problem, and it is dragging its feet blaming TEPCO.


      considering dka that this catastrophe will be (and is now) affecting the entire world, Japan should be immediately assisted by the international community in whatever costs are encountered…

    • Sickputer

      The financial costs of Tokyo contamination and eventual evacuation (voluntary or otherwise) is enormous, exceeding 20 trillion US dollars (my estimate).

      Information to support such a figure:

      "The cost of a nuclear meltdown at the Indian Point reactors, located 24 miles (37 kilometers) north of New York City has been estimated at up to $416 billion in a study.

      But that does not take into full account the impact on one of the world's great cities.
      "A worst-case scenario could lead to the closure of New York City for years, as happened at Chernobyl… leading to almost unthinkable costs," University of Pennsylvania's Howard Kunreuther and Columbia University's Geoffrey Heal said in their 2009 study."

      "The cost of a worst-case nuclear accident at a German plant, for example, has been estimated to total as much as € 7.6 trillion ($11 trillion), while the mandatory reactor insurance is only € 2.5 billion ($3.65 billion).
      "The € 2.5 billion will be just enough to buy the stamps for the letters of condolence," said Olav Hohmeyer, an economist at the University of Flensburg who is also a member of the German government's environmental advisory body."

      • Sickputer

        To follow up on this financial aspect… and on topic for this thread… If the Pacific Ocean becomes hazardous for sealife and recreational activities, and coastline real estate lose financial value, then what would the financial cost approach? For losses lasting thousands of years?

        Answer: Not enough money in the world.

        • pure water

          When money is just printed, they represent the will of the emitter, not real values.This will is to have indebted world.And we have it. Start to think in terms of value-idea-energy-efficiency.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      $1trillion ?? $2trillion ?? $10trillion ??

      I know that building a bigger breakwater outside the existing breakwater will create a much more solid and secure impoundment for the beach runoff..
      more typhoon resistance, more tsunami resistance
      and will help prevent catastrophic runoff if the fuel pools collapse

      Cost of this bigger breakwater?? $1billion
      ..there's plenty of dragline cranes sitting idle

      This bigger breakwater will provide a good opportunity to prevent most of the cesium and strontium from wrecking the fish.

      A damaged ocean fishery will cost all Pacific-Nations, and Alaska's fishery will suffer many billions in damage over the next 100 years.

      Alaska has over $60billion in it's checkbook, you'd think Gov.Parnell would wake up and see that investing $1billion in a bigger breakwater is the best possible strategy for saving the Alaska Fishing Industry.

      The dirty water trapped by the breakwater can be filtered, and ultimately stripped of all radwaste. Tritium will be the most difficult to remove, but fortunately it has a short half-life and is a weak beta emitter… the filtered water can then be safely deposited under the sediments in the bottom of the Japan Trench with an ocean outfall pipe.

      Alaska stands to make $100billion from selling LNG to Japan over the next 50years, but the governor has been dodging meetings with Japanese representatives.

      BigOil thinks Fuku is FUNNY !!

      • flatsville

        I'm sold on your bigger, badder breakeater idea. Have you gotten it infront of anyone in digital format? With a 5-7 pp. Executive Summary? So it could be sent around?

        Promoting it here is a bit like trying to sell shoes to fish.

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          I'm sure the Japanese engineering firms already have a bigger badder breakwater design already blueprinted just sitting in the file cabinet.

          What we need is; the general public must throw popular support behind the breakwater LNG-terminal concept and start calling Gov.Parnell to wake him up and get him out of bed with BigOil…
          …BigOil will prefer to let Fukushima fester with no solution because the disaster creates an ideal business climate for them worldwide.

          • flatsville

            Still, even a three page summary with a drawing that someone could use as an attachment to their constituent email would help. People cannot demand an be action taken if the don't clearly understand it themselves or have the ability to describe it.

            Even pre-written cut and paste talking points with a link to a well presented blog site gives them something to wotk with.

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              flatsville – Bigger Badder Breakwater – OK, I'll work on a K.I.S.S. description tonite after work. It will be a goog-earth pic with a marked up drawing on it posted to a photobucket on the web, plus a written outline description.

              At least it will be something to get the ball rolling.. as usual projects like this end up looking very different than the original drawing, because due to this complex situation it will become an "as built" drawing..
              Just for the sake of expedient permitting in Japan, the stock file drawings in the local engineering offices will be the ones submitted in a quick timeline..
              I'm sure everybody will agree to "just build the damn thing and we will make the working drawings as we go along."

            • flatsville

              At the very least put it into a format that can be easily accassed digitally. Look at

              If you want people to call, you can provide a phone number as well.

              I would make it a West Coast issue to pressure Alaskan Gov.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        Connect the dots.. Funding is available to immediately build a new bigger breakwater for protection and impoundment, as a support structure for runoff filtration and radwaste management.., it can double as a LNG-regasification terminal supplying a gas-turbine powerplant.

  • or-well

    Please consider this scenario:

    1.Tepco is forced to give up all control of its assets – nuclear, hydro-electric, thermal etc.

    2.ALL the other utilities are "invited" to form a financing consortium to deal with Fuku, using Tepco's revenue-generating assets as well as contributing from their own.

    3."Selected" global advisers (IAEA included), plus J-Gov appointees (incl. top Tepco execs), plus Japan's NRA form a board.

    4.In return for participation in a "Fuku Crisis Response Team" the other nuke utilities are promised "facilitated" restarts of their nuke fleet. Also possible funding for THEIR expanded ventures into alternatives.

    a. There's the scapegoat – Tepco.
    b. There's the IAEA facilitating global funding contributions.
    (Taxpayer $ redirected by "concerned and co-operative" gov'ts.)
    c. There's the restarts desired by J-Gov, nuke utilities and global nuke cabal.
    d. There's the reduced spending on imported fossil-fuel, helping all the other nuke utilities & the national economic numbers.
    e. There's an "action plan" that may (or may not) accomplish something. (And if not, still has good "optics" for the global nuke industry)
    f. There's the Gov't of Shinzo Abe looking good.

    Some details may vary of course.
    It's "never let a crisis go to waste" basically.

    • pure water

      It is already happening. Poets are the prophets! May have variations, but things are going this way.

    • or-well

      By the way, I'm not kidding or goofing around. The whole global nuclear community must know that if things continue the way they have, that it could result in very unfavorable (for them) situations developing.

      At present, no laws may exist to do this (or something like it), but remember, governments can make laws and in times of crisis ram them through.

      Tepco may be powerful in Japan, but facing the combined might of the world nuke industry, they can be reduced to roadkill.

      Global media could be enlisted to spin that scenario as a global feelgood story while downplaying the dire implications.

      • or-well

        Under this potential scenario, the internal Japanese opposition to restarts would be deflected by "reinvigorating" the DPJ's long-term (very loose and vague) plan for Japan to go non-nuclear (in an equally non-binding, conditional way) and re-directing all the porkbarrel construction spending (that has contributed to Japan's GDP for decades) to the nuke utilities for alternative development and firms designated as "Leads" in the effort (as they spend money contracting out to international firms who can actually do something).


          your pragmatism amazes me or-well. The one thing that I'd add to your scenario is accountability. Without strong independent oversight, we'll never know (as has been the case with TEPCO's efforts) if the efforts are progressing or simply more of the same old thing (corporate profiteering). It's imperative, when the international community moves in (and they will) to assist Japan in theirs stumbling efforts to get this nightmare under control (and I believe it can be), transparency must be central to the global community's contribution…

          • or-well

            Hi AFTERSHOCK
            I think some would say the idea of the international community moving in is idealistic, or at least, unrealistic.

            I lack the confidence to say it will happen, but it seems necessary to me, with a reasonable probability.
            If it happens, I expect it will be done with "conditions" attached and ways embedded for numerous, if not all parties, to "save face".

            I agree about transparency. If there is an international effort, it will be publicised and many people will want to know the results.

            I hope I'm quite wrong about restarts being part of the deal.


              totally agree or-well. Only differ in that the international community is already showing signs of (long-overdue) frustration in how Japan's handling this nightmare. They're going to move in and take control. My only fear when this happens, is that multinationals (like KBR) will be the ones who take-on the actual projects. Many of these consortiums are known to be adept at burning-off the public's tax dollar and equally savvy at covering-up their failures. We all need to keep a close eye on who's coming on board when this 'phase' of international effort is undertaken. Otherwise, twenty years from now, we'll only discover that for all 'their' efforts, we'll all be looking at another 'bridge to nowhere'…

  • jec jec

    Forget the the military buildup and fighting war against "terror" –this is the NEW face of the world. Fighting radiation….and trying to control other radioactive nuclear fuel dumps. Dumps being nuclear plants with used fuel storage.Big changes ahead. And human migration as the poison spread. 6 Years for W. Coast USA-not much time left, going on 3 yrs now. The sea life and ocean is already showing and paying the price.

  • weeman

    The data they used to formulate this simulation did not take into account the water that is leaking every day a estimated so called 300 tonnes, it also does not take into account the extremely contaminated water that is soon to flow freely into ocean and it sounds like they used data supplied by TEPCO.
    Japan should be looking for its brightest minds to form a think tank or is that to sensible.
    Why is Japan not setting up nuclear engineering schools to train workers, do you think that you can remove spent fuel with labours and exposure rates will require fast turnovers.

    You have brought much shame to the Japanese race, your indecision, your lies, deception and lack of responsibility, my point of view is this is a crime against humanity and when found guilty, it is the death penalty for anyone who covered up true magnatude of accident and failure to remove inhabitants out of harm way.

  • jec jec

    Simulation used 10 PBQ (trillions! of BQ) instead of 100 PBQ. So up the time by a factor of at least 5 or 10. 10 is best because if TEPCO admits now to 100 PBQ its a LOT worse. And what are in those casks they are busy filling from Reactor 3, putting on a barge..and removing to XXXXX (XXXXX = Ocean?)…???

    Then add the WATER of at least 300 TONS a day flowing into the ocean since 3/11. Probably need to add a factor of 10 to that figure as well. TEPCO can't count..they ran out of fingers and toes..

  • omniversling


    Lack of hard data, but no lack of obfuscation and weasel words.

    "2011 Fukushima disaster"…has been used to model radioactive plume dissipation and 'dilution'. Modeled apparently from a SINGLE EVENT.

    However this has been ongoing for 903 days, and at the rate of 100 quadrillion becquerels (PBq) of cesium into atmosphere… In a single day…

    So say, 903 days (so far) x 1,000,000,000,000,000 (10/15 US system), 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10/24 British system). So the LOWER(so I dont seem ALARMIST) would be 903 x 100 x 1,000,000,000,000,000 = 90,300,000,000,000,000,000

    Is that a lot? Is there a name for such a stupendous amount (other than INSANE)?


    Nuclear Engineer: Estimated 276 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 entered Fukushima basements — Triple Chernobyl total release — A portion “has already made its way to aquifer, whence it can easily flow into sea”

    and (at least?): 1300-1400 tonnes of highly contaminated ground and 'cooling' water per day…

    Dilution NOT the solution to nuclear pollution

    (= bioaccumulation)


  • minkxy minkxy

    Gotta say it…Tepco is responsible, then Japan. We shouldn't have to "bail" them out too.Personal responsibility is left out, while we all become "gomers".Which is what rulers want. A sad, sad day. A sick world via a sick world.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    The modeling in this article demonstrates how C137 released in the first month (30 days) after 3/11/2011 would travel in the Pacific Ocean currents. The dye that was used to track the path C137 would travel demonstrated the entire pacific ocean was polluted.

    The concentrations (salmon color) are not accurately conveying the true picture considering radioactivity has been spilling into the Pacific for 2.5 years, The concentration of the long lived Isotopes, i.e. Cesium 137 will accumulate in greater density along the North American West Coast.

  • We Not They Finally

    Love you guys for thinking, and for thinking that your ideas (which are being submitted WHERE???) have any viability; however, all of the above may be crap (excuse). There is NO ADMISSION OF THE LARGER PROBLEMS. And someone may have to go to Japan and literally handcuff and jail the entire power structure there by orders of The Haag, before anything remotely viable happens.

    Likelihood: Remote. But we all want to live, yes? Yeah, of course we do. Will it matter? Except for personal precautions, likely not.

    And to minkxy, you're talking about PERSONAL REPONSIBILITY to psychopathic criminals like you think that your words MEAN anything? This isn't a sunday school class, and THE WORLD WILL NEVER AGAIN BE LIKE YOU SITTING AT HOME THINKS THAT IT SHOULD BE.

    These people don't need to be scolded. They need to be shamed publicly worldwide, bankrupted, and arrested.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Wntf, I realize now nothing will be done. I also realize that the USA and allies have exported death around the world, and we were silent because most people were out shopping and voting for American Idol.

      While children were being killed in Drone strikes, many people were at Starbucks texting, or being annoyed they had to wait in line. Or when the workers in China manufacturing the iphone were throwing themselves to their death because working conditions in the factory were so terrible they were rather die than stay there, people were griping their apps weren't working right.

      Now, death and destruction is visiting our doorstep, and we wonder why no one is doing anything. There is no Haag , only corporations who run the world.

      I have been telling people we need to stop the Idiocracy for years, but they didn't was to hear about it. Instead they wanted to talk about the Bachelor show, or the Kardashians.

      If only as many people went out to vote for their elected officials, as managed to vote for the next American Idol, or whatever stupid shows they vote for, we wouldn't be sitting on this website griping about how bad things are.

      Good luck to everyone here, and all people in the world suffering and being killed for oil, diamonds and all the other crap the Developed nations are addicted to, because I don't think the ruling elite are going to give up their cushy lifestyles any time soon.

    • The winners of a war always get to punish the losers, despite committing genocide themselves.

      The history of the planet is pretty much just one genocide after another, in various forms.

      Nuclear is not a new form of genocide, just a terminal one.

      The nuclear industry is winning the war so far.

      The only problem is, that this industry can wipe out all life on Earth, and it WILL eventually.

      • So if the nuclear industry is allowed to 'win' this war that they are fighting, there will be no more wars to win after that. Humans will not longer be able to enjoy the luxury of committing genocide after genocide.. There will be no more wars.

        By 'winning', the nuclear industry can say;

        (We WON!) but humanity and all life on the planet loses.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The materials emitted from this non-stop FUKuP have been detected far beyond the West Coast and I just KNOW it IS responsible for my wife's,stepfather-in-law's and now MY cancer(s)!! The stepdad's already in stage 4-5 hospice and my wife was scheduled last week to have her remaining breast and ovaries this Fall by her head Oncologist after a complete reverse of her initial prognosis. I guess my own sudden onset is enough for me to cast aside any underlying shadow of a doubt about the origin of the cancer now raging inside 3 of the 4 members of my household including myself that I might've considered other sources & types of industrial/chemical "triggers" besides Fukushima and it's clone NPP's in the Chicagoland area had the current cancer epidemic killing my loved ones off occurred prior to 311 or had the timeframes of the cases mentioned along with HUNDREDS of others personally known to me been spaced farther apart. I don't intend to go through with ANY of the medical profession's suggestions or recommended treatment plans mainly because I'm almost relieved at the prospect of not having to see my loved ones die this way much less helplessly watching the world be destroyed for no good fucking reason by no good motherfucking 2-legged rats posing as our kind. I can only hope that if I have to walk around with my right nut painfully having already reached the size of a tennis ball-maybe the MF'ers responsible will be sporting bowling balls too! 🙁

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      BTW, to my pal on the CB who made me so happy last night when I found him leading a conversation on the radio able to be heard by MANY people along with my own input which I was more than happy to jump in with when I was so surprised to hear the topic of the discussion-I say THANK YOU to my friend whose CB handle is appropriately "No.#1 Asshole"(lol)!! 🙂 Whatever time I have left will be a good opportunity to continue using similar methods of reaching out via the airwaves and worldwide,active solar cycle radio propagation to reach the masses! Sometimes some of the best solutions to logistics problems are right under our noses & I learned that being too aggressive or "fanatical" about the subject of the 311 nuclear ELE event STILL being downplayed even as the cover-up is being exposed only served to justify the sense of relief others felt when they rushed to judgement as those most afraid of the harsh reality of the truth might threaten their cozy little world & illusions of their own bright futures as they dared to call ME "crazy" or paranoid! I learned not to jam the harsh truth down their throats so hard that they can't digest it,but instead "plant the seed" of that which they fear knowing so much & allow them to come here to ENE & other "true" sources of info and let them come to the proper conclusion & break free from their own programmed delusions & let 'em feel like they're among the 1st to discover this horrible crime & spread the word to others! 🙂

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      It was at 1st,until I came to the realization that maybe in some twisted way at least being among the 1st wave of their victims who will succumb to the cancers is a merciful fate?(not the heavy metal band,lol) Things WILL only get worse as time progresses and instead of wallowing in self-pity and going through the nasty crap I watched people close to me go through whether they survived the cancer and/or the surgeries/chemo/radiation "therapy"( 😐 !) and even worse for those who will be sickened AFTER there is so many people getting diced & sliced & over-medicated that there would likely be a lengthy waiting process for those who can't afford to bump their name up the list with bribes & have their fates sealed when stages 4-5(terminal)are reached by the time their names are called?!! It seems to be a realistic scenario as I see a pattern now when I watch the market news and as nearly all sectors are down EXCEPT for the cancer treatment industry that just seems to keep showing increased profits already. Now it's time for me to use the time left of my shortened lifespan constructively and make sure future(alien?)archeologist's & historian's get the facts straight and have TRUTHFUL records detailing the final days of our civilization and what/WHO brought it all crashing down with failed,crap, nuclear technology and it's byproducts! The Earth is now Stage 3,maybe even 4(?)-I hope I'm long gone by Stage 5 because I don't wanna see it go down… 🙁 Take Care ENEwser's

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    There's absolutely no control over this nuclear disaster. None.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Hello TBP, I'm glad to see you're still out here doing the right things! 🙂 I concur with your stance on THE issue and perhaps the only "control" they have is not relative to controlling the radiation releases & remediation of the contamination or it's effects,but they sure as hell still have efficiently controlled the trickle of info & data making it to their victims via govt. & MSM! I wonder how long and how much worse things will get by the time most people figure out that the Pacific Ocean is "done" as a source of food or even able to support life forms??!! Even if we survived the complete loss of the Pacific Ocean and all of the coastal regions getting hit hard via the various mechanisms that carry & spread their funky shit far & wide-it will eventually reach dire levels in ALL of the Earth's oceans while inland radiation levels also continue to increase beyond the levels ALL life forms including humans have evolved via truly "natural" radiation deemed "safe"! The claims that the levels in the Pacific will peak in 10 years & begin to decline are FALSE since the math is based on radioactive elements that would decay & decline following an event that STOPPED entering the ocean & environment and we know it will be many decades if EVER before the massive,ongoing releases will end & our planet's ability to create & nurture life will end long before science & human attitudes evolve to the levels needed to stop this ELE or the "next" inevitable event. 😐

    • combomelt combomelt

      Yes, @TBP its all talk in a soundproof room. Many newcomers here(as I was once) think there is Hope and MANY solutions available to stop, cure and rectify this mostruous, invisible ELE. I have come to realize, and it didn't take very much reading, that there isn't ANY of the above left for anyone. Talk talk talk, and ridiculous sounding theories of how to saddle the horse when it is dead on the floor of the stable.
      It's just a day by day almost silent struggle to tell people I meet what is happening to the planet from this TRIPLE MELTDOWN. Build a wall, freeze the ground, fill oil tankers with the water, cement it over, build a sarcophogus, blah blah blah, sure, go ahead, BUT ITS OVER FOLKS!
      It's like watching the townsfolk in the old west try to put out a raging inferno of a housefire with a bucket brigade. Get over yourselves people, THE DEADLY CONTAMINATION FROM FUKUSHIMA HAS BARELY BEGUN, AND IT WILL NEVER, never, EVER, end IN even A MILLION YEARS – read this…… it will NEVER END. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK DUMBED-DOWN SKULLS ALREADY

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Well I guess that is a pretty effective use of caps but I did not quite make out or hear what it was that you were trying to say.

    Could you please repeat it and maybe just a little bit louder this time..just for me.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..They dump it when they are ready.. the fear of inability to contain another ruse.

  • guinness69

    !!!!Although the results failed to grab attention when first released last year!!!!

    Jeepers can you just imagine what the true speed of this model is when we now know that the leakage is way worse than we were told last year. My guess is 4 years till the sea is finished

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Pacific ocean coastline might become uninhabitable …hope not, time will tell.

  • RichardPerry

    They should direct the ground water around the plant and into the ocean a mile away, at the same time close off the port creating a closed loop. Then pump water from port storage into plants to cool them, that way they can treat the port water at will and reuse the water with next to no fresh water. They may have to treat the return water if radiation has negative effects on pumps.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Why am I not surprised by this headline? Predictable outcome.