TV Special: Giant Louisiana sinkhole “a history making event” — Experts have never seen anything like this before — An environmental nightmare (VIDEOS)

Published: November 3rd, 2012 at 3:04 am ET


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Title: Assumption Sinkhole
Source: KLFY Channel 10
Author: Chuck Huebner
Date: Nov 02, 2012 7:28 PM EDT

Transcript Summary

  • Assumption Parish sinkhole is a history making event
  • Part of parish is steadily disappearing into a hole in the earth
  • Sheriff: It’s almost like a live animal, everyday it tends to grow and a new issue develops
  • No one knows when things will end
  • This sinkhole is new science
  • Environmental nightmare experts are still struggling to get a handle on
  • Aquifer now contaminated with natural gas and maybe even oil
  • Sheriff: “Experts have really never seen anything like this before”

Part 3 available shortly here

Published: November 3rd, 2012 at 3:04 am ET


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74 comments to TV Special: Giant Louisiana sinkhole “a history making event” — Experts have never seen anything like this before — An environmental nightmare (VIDEOS)

  • arclight arclight

    with the gulf stream re-routing.. is the whole continental shelf having problems?
    a question for the "experts" in tonights show!
    hope you post that one too admin!

    Louisiana Sinkhole? -Gulf Stream Shift Linked to Methane Gas Escaping from Seabeds

    “The new work could reinvigorate a debate on the risk of methane release from the oceans and whether destabilized hydrates make the continental slopes more unstable”

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi arclight

      Every bone in my body says the gulf disaster is tied into this along with all the other stupid things that were done there. I think there is enough blame to go around.

      I do think Matt Simmons was right when he said BP cracked the Gulf sea floor at Macondo Well.

      I look at it like this: You know when a rock hits your windshield then a crack appears and slowly it travels getting larger and larger.

      That's my thoughts on this.

      Wonder if Matt Simmons was right about a second well? His death put a lot more questions in the mix of things.

      • omniversling

        This frightening description of the genetically engineered 'Synthia' microbe that was introduced to the Gulf in Corexit after Deepwater Horizon, also makes mention of the 'conditioning' that is becoming common practice is oil production. GM enzymes, bacterial or microbes are injected into wells before production, then left to 'condition' the oil. The aim is to reduce it's viscosity, allowing it flow better, and making the surrounding formation more permeable.

        Another aim is for the introduced organism to give off CO2 as a byproduct, which PRESSURISES the reservoir, just like a bottle of soda. The oil then flows up the riser pipe more efficiently, under it's own pressure. This technique is increasingly being used to 'stimulate' older wells that have lost their 'natural' pressure.

        I am wondering if the Macondo well had this muck pumped into it, as well as being under immense pressure anyway (because of it's depth and surrounding formation), or if other wells in the Gulf/Louisianna/Texas region have had similar treatments, and this has either spread or is contributing to general over-pressurisation. Could this 'delaminate' surrounding formations, leading to increased seismic activity or other unexpected geo-physical outcomes?


        Microbial enhanced oil recovery

        • omniversling

          Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)

          "MEOR strategies – Gas and solvents
          In this old practice, the production of gas has a positive effect in oil recovery by increasing the differential pressure driving the oil movement. Anaerobically produced methane from oil degradation have a low effect on MEOR due to its high solubility at high pressures. Carbon dioxide is also a good MEOR agent. The miscible CO2 is condensed into the liquid phase when light hydrocarbons are vaporised into the gas phase. Immiscible CO2 helps to saturate oil, resulting in swelling and reduction of viscosity of the liquid phase and consequently improving mobilization by extra driving pressure. Concomitantly, other gases and solvents may dissolve carbonate rock, leading to an increase in rock permeability and porosity.

          Energy & Microbes

          During vinegar production with wood chips, bacteria grow on the surface of the wood, forming what is called a biofilm. Bacteria attached to a surface like this can produce many compounds, as well as block the flow of a fluid. The latter behavior has been used to increase the amount of oil extracted from an oil field. Bacteria growing in the wells block areas that are more open. When water is then pumped into the ground, the biofilms drive the water into other areas that still contain oil. This then forces the oil to the surface."

    • weeman

      We won't have to worry about global warming then, as this is a precursor to a ice age, if the gulf stream alters course the ice will melt ocean temps will fall, salinity will fall, now that is big and not inconceivable.

    • omniversling

      "Environmental nightmare experts" …Is that a university course? The Faculty of Environmental Nightmares.

      Has a ring to it…certainly seems to be a growth industry…and looks like we're going to need more and more experts…

  • markww markww

    ARC that is what everyone was saying for along time in here now the experts twist again.Stay on TARGET. Seems to the TROLLS aren't talking either,now they are scared too. This may always be a disaster. The genie was let out of the bag to cause the whole world to blow up by one man and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT to get rid of the population and run everything like a business. Next Louisiana will be totally evacuated and huge refineries will be built in the place of humans and homes . FUTURE

    Today hold on to your seats FOLKS MORE to come every day from this Massive Disaster that will affect everyone in the USA.I am back and looking for more data and Thoughts and Theories.


    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi markww

      Even though this is Thoughts and Theories, I don't think you are far off the mark here. They do want to privatize everything which is not a Mom and Pop store, that means Corporation owned.

    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

      The world may be moving in that direction as markww described but keep on exposing and sharing the subject of your interest/experties everyone, whenever, wherever you can. Our houses may not be built with gold and bling but we can change in numbers before we are all killed off or survive with fully con-trolled microchip implant. Do not accept the mark of the beast!

    • many moons

      I think this has already happened….urban renewal or rural renewal…these days if corpations want it, they are going to take….
      displacement disaster…here are just a few examples

      Katrina, 911,…

      • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

        It's just an opinion but they haven't got hold of things fully yet. It's really interesting to watch them flip when someone exposes something and they have to patch it up 😉 The effect is pleasure to watch. mwahahaha

    • richard richard

      cat's get let out of bags, genies get let out of bottles 😉

      but really, one person, blowing up the whole world. come on. really.

      a little too many james bond movies here.

      and no one, no one, blows up their own planet, particularly as there is only one. consideration of motive needs to be better thought through, in my opinion.

      • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

        Hi Richard, $$POD$$ here … I love this place and all the Enewsers … I hang out here waiting for someone to " hit the ball my way" to use baseball lingo … your statement regarding the destructive behavior of some individuals is probably the generally accepted belief that no one is crazy enough to smoke the planet … I have made a good living now for over 16 years caring for psychopathic people(I am a forensic RN) … I have to say that this personality/behavior disorder is very reckless and predatory and because the lack of concern for others is so pronounced that sooner or later the shit always hits the fan with these people … in the psych profession it is considered about one in every twenty five people could be labeled psychopathic … they are the people that get over on everybody all the time or enough times that it helps them get ahead of others … they have criminal minds … if the planet gets smoked we will know who to blame … now aint that some wisdom for us all today !

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Hi POD! Helen Caldicott explained that it is the sociopaths that rise to the top of these corporations,and countries, as they lack human emotion and empathy, are coupled with tons of charisma and indeed, would push the button, so to speak..

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi richard

        I don't think he meant literally one person blowing up the world, at least I hope not.

        I do think an organized group led by a person could cause chaos in the world.

        • richard richard

          Thanks wsp and pod. he's written 'depopulation' and 'blow up world'.

          Just more out-there stuff. I don't know how to put it. You all say I offend people when I become intolerant of fruit loop theories littering real news threads.

          There's a time and place for everything, but really, some of this stuff is just not holding enenews in a good light. I feel prisonplanet circling the wagons around here.

          • many moons

            …… trying to make sense of it all….

            we have a saying here in Bama
            "you can't rationalize crazy"

            or….."Crazy as hell is the new normal"

            I think there are plenty of people who would eliminate the earth.

          • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

            ..and 911 was a real terrorist attack and BBC became the psychic 'n' conspiracy channel. They did announce the collapse of WTC7 even though it was still standing (on camera) that was 20 mins before it happened.

            It's really 'out-there' stuff, isn't it… lol

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi richard

            We are all trying to make sense of it all, like many moons said.

            At times we throw things out there.
            Sometimes it's harder to understand the written words. We don't hear the tone of the voice, and we probably all get a little defensive.

            We might not agree with everything that is said, but that's ok, we are all different.

            I just try to post in what I think, I could be wrong then maybe not, or I might change my mind.

            I don't want to hit anyone with a ruler in here, but if things get too bad remember there is a report comment button.

            Don't take things in here too seriously, there is too many things in the world that is.

            Love & Peace

            • richard richard

              Why would I use the report comment button? No one would know my opinion then.

              And my opinion still stands that some of these conspiracy theories are inspired by home-schooling education.

              • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

                I was never home-schooled richard :O

              • WindorSolarPlease

                Richard, do you ever wonder why some people would want to zap you over the head with a banana. lol

                Why knock home schooling? Where did that come from? People who do this, have to be very dedicated. No I was not home schooled, nor were my kids.

                You don't have to use the comment button. You were complaining. I was just saying it is there if things ever get to bad.

                • harengus_acidophilus

                  "Why knock home schooling?"

                  Because of so called "mental incest".
                  Because of: "We do home schooling, we have the only book that counts!"


          • harengus_acidophilus


            Why should everyone ask himself:
            "Whats my part of the way the world goes round?"

            -fun driving
            -hair colouring
            -obesity while others die of malnutrition
            -color tv in every room 24/7
            -cheap "luxury"
            …and so on.

            In fact most people just want to find a scapegoat.

            They don't want to liberate themself from their own lack of knowledge.
            It's easier to "believe" in "supranatural" causes, in "conspirations" or in "enemy" categories, so they can do what the "naked ape" ever have done. Eating, drinking and reproducing.

            "Hell is the place, where every beeing is doomed
            to kill and to eat others if he want to survive."

            You're welcome…


      • markww markww

        here is one thing I found as to the disaster Im still looking for the radio show where doomsday is true to this ongoing disaster mark

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hi richard , my father was a psychopath , a sadist an a pathological liar with an ego so big black holes could only respectfully orbit it . But highly respected in the society of mirrors, masks and smoke and (ofcourse) a very capable bussinessman . On his death bed he's tru nature popped up again . Biting , manipulating , voicing how he would love to kill me etc..
        And he's testament was constructed in such a way the children had to fight each other a tooth and a bone over it to get a share thats fair .

        Therefor my eyes are clear and my voice calm when i say to you , with the best intention never forget :

        My Friend , you are still a bit naive ! 🙁

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          I mean you have alot of potential still untapped 🙂 🙂

        • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

          I think it's difficult to understand a person from just a few comments on the forum. You haven't quite had a chance to look at the person's life as a whole.

          But I think there must be fair share of people who seeks the truth who have psychopathic, narsacisstic or sadistic parent(s) and experienced child abuse etc. Possibly having them in our part of life made us the way we are in many aspects…perhaps blessing in disguise…hard to swallow however. Yin 'n' Yang, Darkness and light of life…the two which can't be separated garrh! It's called life on earth, story of Tepgov vs People 🙁

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Hi Glow "It's called life on earth, story of Tepgov vs People "
            INDEED ! Different Beast , Same Nature !

            Thank you !

    • harengus_acidophilus

      "Thoughts and Theories."

      Upper case… interesting.

      If you point to another, remember at the same time
      are three fingers pointing to yourself.

      A computer specialist would say: "pebcak".


  • arclight arclight

    run everything like a business

    the little ralked of "war of commodities"

    too right mark!
    and wsp
    good to see main stream science begining to take notice.. all theos funding bribes from the corporations..

    are the missing pallets of iraqi and afghani usa dollars running out any time soon.. they have spent it on lots of spurious research studies.. in fact they have over done it and it looks really stupid now

    ptsd in dogs -not radiation
    Lead and mercury in hair causing deformities – not ionising radiation
    the tobacco and alcohol studies are supported by the industries too and will give some watered down reports NOT linking anything to ionising radiation

    seems like since the director of the WHO stated that there is no harmless amount of ionising radiation the PR companies etc have been spending like there is no tommorrow

    commodity wars, the fight for resources..

    we will end up destroying the resources instead,
    oh and
    arresting gill stein are the police MAD??
    weird world!

    • arclight arclight

      in fact heres the latest study that the charities and health proffessionals have to "go with" , being peer reviewed and all that and the take from an indian times article.. different?

      IRAQ: Birth defects rise since arrival of US troops -But NO studies on depleted uranium?
      “While there is no estimate of the amount or type of bombs and bullets used in the Iraqi occupation, a US Government Accountability Office (GAO) report had put the figure of bullets used at a mind boggling 6 billion between 2002 to 2005. That worked out to about 250,000 bullets for every enemy soldier shot by the US and its allies in Iraq.”

      “In Fallujah, lead levels were five times higher and mercury levels six times higher among children with birth defects compared to normal children. Uranium levels were also found to be higher among such children. Lead, mercury and depleted uranium are used in manufacture of ammunition that was deployed in the Iraq occupation although US has denied it used depleted uranium or white phosphorus based ammunitions.”

      times of india

      And this charity article from Child Rights International Network…

  • Tylis

    Regarding Matt Simons' second well.. can you see this album: Those 2 well pics sure look different.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Tylis

      All these pictures look different to me. Maybe a professional, might be able to tell the difference?

  • many moons

    All the video used in these news broadcasts are older images of the sink hole. At present the sink hole is no longer round, it is surrounded by a forrest of dead trees ans is much bigger.

    Either the video was made awhile back…let say September or someone wants to down play the distruction.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    History the sense that this area has been changed.
    History making..rather implies…this event will settle upon a page in history.
    What concerns the situation is ongoing..and I see no impetus for the occurrence to cease naturally.

    Salt dissolves..

    • dosdos dosdos

      Salt does not dissolve in oil. Salt is composed of polar molecules, and unlike water which is also polar, petroleum hydrocarbons are non-polar. Polar liquids dissolve polar solids, non-polar liquids dissolve non-polar solids. Polar solids will not dissolve in non-polar liquids, same with non-polar solids in polar liquids. Hence, salt does not dissolve in methane, butane, gasoline, kerosene, etc. However, salt does dissolve in fracking solutions, because many of the compounds used in fracking are polar.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Thanks for the explanation.. dosdos…
        If methane is reaching the aquifer ..than salt is as well.
        Wouldn't this have an effect?

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi dosdos

        I agree salt does not dissolve in oil,
        because I know in cooking you should dissolve sea salt in a bare minimum of water, lemon juice or other liquid, then add it to the oil and mix it up when you want to use it.

        I would not be surprised if there was fracking solution in this toxic mess.

        • dosdos dosdos

          There were large amounts of benzene, acetone, methyl chloride, and lots of other compounds used in fracking were detected at the start of the sink hole, along with the radioactive substances that first caught our attention. All this is the earmark of fracking sludge, the fracking compounds that come up from the fracking well, usually collected in a small extremely toxic lake (pool). This is what Texas Brine was hired to insert into the dome, for which they got a permit that states so. The DNR gave Texas Brine permission to dump the fracking sludge into the cavern when they shut it down, as the cavern had played out.

          Playing out a cavern is common. Water is injected, dissolves the salt, makes the cavern as the saturated brine is removed and replaced by fresh water. After a while, the walls of the cavern grow too far apart to convert all of the fresh water into saturated brine, so the operation is abandoned, and usually something unwanted is dumped into the cavern and sealed shut, but some are used actively for storing butane, etc.

          From what I've seen in what I could dig up, brining was not contaminated by strata when it was abandoned. Therefore, it seems to lend to the concept that the fracking sludge dissolved the cavern the rest of the way to the fractured strata, where the fracking sludge did its intended duty a second time, and collapsed the strata into the cavern.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            dosdos they sure made a mess of things. Wonder how many caverns are like that?

            • dosdos dosdos

              Who knows how many salt domes have been contaminated with fracking sludge? If it was done here in the past, it was bound to be done in many other salt domes.

              Fracking sludge is a real problem in fracking. The sludge is extremely toxic, and while letting it sit out in the open until it evaporates or is covered with dust and eventually buried, it's bad PR to leave the stuff lying around, and it leads to law suits, even though they aren't guilty of polluting under federal law, they need to pay lawyers to go through the steps. It costs to leave it lying about, nobody wants to store it on their property, so they hire companies like Texas Brine to dump it down exhausted brine caverns when they play out.

              They've had eight years to dump the stuff down salt caverns. This is probably the first to cave in, because it was so close to fractured strata. Who knows how many sinkholes we'll see on the Gulf coast in the coming years. Keep in mind that not all will reach strata, and not all strata is fractured like this one. But it might mix the contents of adjacent caverns together. That is what scares me, because some of the compounds stored in salt caverns don't like each other.

              • dosdos dosdos

                Oops, CORRECTION ABOVE ….while letting it sit….and eventually buried/ is perfectly legal/, it's bad PR….

              • WindorSolarPlease

                Didn't they know that if there was a disaster of some sort it could mix the contents of adjacent caverns together and that these compounds don't like each other?

                Wild guess…How bad do you think this could get?

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Fairy tales facing an election

    "This sinkhole is new science"
    If it's really science, there is just one kind of science:

    "Environmental nightmare experts are still struggling
    to get a handle on"
    Environmental experts mixed with nightmare experts… Interesting.

    Sounds like psychological warfare.

    Facing the election, yours will have three days to ask your local representative or candidate. If you ask on wednesday or later, they will never answer. But now, they hope to get your vote and can't ignore you.


    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Envionmental experts trying to master their nightmares people have been warning them about like forever ?

  • kalidances

    The biggest problem with this situation is people think that scientists, rich folk, and politicians cannot be mentally ill.
    People keep saying: what person in their right mind would allow this to happen?
    So why are people attempting to reason with the people at Texas Brine(and all of their helpers in both governments) who clearly have greed,power, and delusions of grandeur issues?
    Or it could be one other thing: They knew exactly what they were doing the whole time, didn't care, and thought they could run away from what they've done.
    Either way a lot of people are going to die if they don't get out of there right away.
    Louisiana people need to not trust anyone at Texas Brine or the government now.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Maybe we have different definitions of "science".

      What you call a "mental ill scientist" is for me NO scientist,
      because he lost the careful way to gain truth.

      Can this explain some misunderstandings?


      • kalidances

        Scientists created the following in America:

        Dow Chemicals

        They knowingly and willingly killed millions while removing proper health and nutrition protections from the entire globe in the name of science and research.

        Which misunderstanding would you like to address?

        • lickerface lickerface

          Just a possible dot to connect… Dow Chemical is right across the street from that Texas Brine operation… check out Google Maps.

        • harengus_acidophilus

          "Follow the money" is not the way of a real scientist.

          True, they called themselves "scientists" and they have "scientific degrees" but in my opinion, a "real scientist" want do get knowledge but no money or honor.

          Who ever has forgotten the rule "make no harm"
          can't call himself a "scientist".


    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi kalidances

      I think we all are a little nutso in our own way.
      Then there is the serious mentally ill people, and you are right it does not discriminate.
      There are also mean and criminal people in every walk of society.

      There is also alcohol and drug problems with the wealthy and people who are in high command also.

      The main goal of a corporation is not caring about others, that's not their job. It's all about profit, their goal is greed, power, ego, control. That in itself is a sickness.

      • kalidances

        What I meant is that mental illness is not an excuse. Millions of regular, poor citizens all over the world have mental illness and do not use it as an excuse to injure or kill others on a regular basis.

        Mental illnesses are impulse-control issues created by biochemical genetic issues, that's all.

        These politicians and scientists can afford the best medical care on the planet to harness their awful urges…yet their meed to be egotistical outweighs even the lives of their friends and families.

        Mental illness is a reason, not an excuse. It can be controlled. It happens every day. These scientists and politicians are simply malicious and evil.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi kalidances

          Unfortunately there are people who think extremely highly of themselves who really do have a problems. They have a harder time in seeking or admitting there are problems, because in their minds they are perfect. This can happen, in all walks of life.

          I still believe there are some politicians, scientists, and even corporate people who fight the good fight.

          I agree, that there is no excuse for hurting others or our environment.

          • kalidances

            I definitely agree that there are good people who fight the good fight but they need help from regular people in order to keep fighting that fight. Fear makes the best scientists turn cowardly and I do not blame them.

            People are constantly upset with Arnie but if these same people were regularly threatened with financial ruin in the form of never working again(or bodily harm to family and friends),I expect they'd have more compassion-and wouldn't write another word to upset anyone in the government.
            There are explosions imminent at two different places and time is running out very quickly.

            To the newer Enenewsers: Arnie G and his wife were harassed from the very beginning by the government,business owners, and other politicians. Quite often people wanted him to give up his life by disclosing things that could get he and his wife killed to blog readers he's never met and who dislike him profusely.

            • WindorSolarPlease

              Hi kalidances

              It's not easy, but people can get over financial ruin. However, bodily harm to family and friends is another matter. It's brave being a whistle blower.

              I don't have to be a scientist to figure out radiation is not our friend and it's on the wings of the jet stream continually coming our way. I do not believe that Fukushima is going to get any better or fixed.

              There are so many disasters including the Louisiana sinkhole, the Gulf disaster, and what Sandy caused.
              I'm not sure what is ahead of us, but it doesn't feel like it will be good. Scary times.

  • or-well

    Its Saturday, so…
    "Direct from the Bayou –
    NITCOs' World Crime TV!
    From our own AWACS plane
    at 10,000 feet:
    Bayou Corme goes!
    Then Louisiana!
    But it's less radioactive
    then a banana!
    In rushes the Gulf!
    North water tears!
    But it's less radioactive
    than flying in air!
    No Imminent Threat
    to hand-washing D.C. –
    as there's nothing left
    needing recovery!
    New fishing grounds
    for Arkansas shrimpers!
    So say the 'Lets-pincushion-Earth' pimpers!"

    Be safe, Louisianans.

  • kalidances

    Hi CB!

  • Sickputer

    "BAYOU CORNE — Texas Brine Co. began burning off natural gas Friday that was trapped in a water aquifer near a sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish, officials said.

    This was the first time state, parish or company officials have been able to get gas to flow from four “vent wells” driven into the ground around the sinkhole in order to draw the dangerous gas out of the aquifer"

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    Greetings to all Enewsers … regarding the thoughts on mental illness … when the condition is ongoing and interferes with daily activities or as we say becomes pathological this then is described as "illness" … some people are always having symptoms which leads to problems requiring them to be isolated due to their dangerous behaviors … when their symptoms are real bad, a term we use is "bat shit crazy" … love you all …$$POD$$

    • kalidances

      Hi Profit

      What happens when the mentally ill person is so wealthy and powerful that everyone around them indulges their whims for profit(or out of fear)?
      America did not let the world know that our former President Reagan had Alzheimers for years due to fear of backlash. Can you imagine the protections happening for the full-on psychotic or sociopathic CEOs of big companies right now?

      There is no isolation for people like that.

      • lickerface lickerface

        Those unstable, wealthy types pay for friendship and acceptance too.

      • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

        Hello kalidances … Pres. Ron was aware of his world just a little more than the folks that voted for him to be their champion I suspect … that is how we ended up with the last great Pres. of high intellect (W) … how much beer do you think he drank while being Pres. ?

  • amberlight amberlight

    I finally got a moment to watch the newsreel. I kept waiting for the video to be updated showing the gradual enlargement of the sinkhole, but they kept running the same old footage from August. Honestly, can't they score a recent flyover for their breaking news?

    P.S. or-well, you should publish a book of your verses!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..ya.. back to the evacuees..wondering off on their accord.
    Real lives on hold..

    Options few for displaced residents

  • Insight

    The war that is coming soon will pit the USA against Russia both in the Mid East and in the South China Sea.
    Exxon Mobil is no longer the world’s number-one oil producer. As of last week, that title belongs to Putin Oil Corp – oh, I mean the title belongs to Rosneft, Russia’s state-controlled oil company.

    Rosneft is buying TNK-BP, which is a vertically integrated oil company co-owned by British oil firm BP and a group of Russian billionaires known as AAR. One of the top-ten privately owned oil producers in the world, in 2010 TNK-BP churned out 1.74 million barrels of oil equivalent per day from its assets in Russia and Ukraine and processed almost half that amount through its refineries.

  • alasanon

    Hello, informed persons!

    many strong leaders– yet, his young Karl Rove
    opponent is massively funded by Big Nuke, so he's
    the $$$ underdog. He still wins every debate and
    has much more REAL federal leadership experience
    as a retired Brigadier General!!..
    And as a farmer close to the land, he knows about
    potential fallout contamination!…

    THANKS!! Need help on this URGENTLY!–for the USA!!