TV: Dead dolphin spike in Louisiana, Mississippi — “We have been advised not to discuss our findings” — Mostly babies washing up (VIDEO)

Published: March 29th, 2013 at 12:39 pm ET


Title: Spike in marine mammal strandings documented along La., Miss. coast
Source: WWL
Date: March 20, 2013 at 6:12 PM

Angela Hill, Anchor: […] Now experts say we’re seeing an unusual spike in dead dolphins washing up in both Louisiana and Mississippi. […]

Dr. Moby Solangi, executive director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport: Yes, we have seen a spike in dolphin strandings. […]

Maya Rodriguez, Reporter: Since the start of this year strandings have been climbing, with 29 in Louisiana and 23 in Mississippi so far.

Solangi: The unusual part in Mississippi is that 18 of the 23 are baby dolphins. […]

Rodriguez: Answers are tough to come by. Dr. Solangi said because of the ongoing investigation and litigation involving the BP oil spill, they can’t share their findings.

Solangi: We have been advised not to discuss our findings or any results from our necropsies or analysis […]

See also: [intlink id=”manatees-dying-record-numbers-florida-deaths-pelicans-turtles-dolphins-spiking-scientists-fear-beginning-devastating-ecosystem-collapse-videos” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the broadcast here

Published: March 29th, 2013 at 12:39 pm ET


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100 comments to TV: Dead dolphin spike in Louisiana, Mississippi — “We have been advised not to discuss our findings” — Mostly babies washing up (VIDEO)

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Corexti, methane, oil, take your pick..

    • Mack Mack

      Nuclear effluent…

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Rather Corexit, methane, oil and radiation which has found it's way into the Atlantic, I don't know things just keep getting worse and of course we are just seeing the initial wave of Fuku's wave of destruction. I feel like I'm in a really bad dream and can't wake up.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    But not to be discussed …

  • weeman

    You did not think that the deep water horizon disaster would have no impact did you, never mind all the untested chemicals they released to mask it.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      They destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and the livlihood of so many along the coast who had a decent living before that catastrophe. Seafood from the Gulf and now from the Atlantic is now not to be eaten at all. The wildlife still suffer.

  • SnorkY2K

    Also, sewage and farm confinement waste is discharged in high quantities into the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi rivers into the gulf where (along with fallout from across the midwest)it contaminates the gulf with toxic algae blooms and eutrophication.

  • CB CB

    The slow tsunami of death has been realised. It will only get worse.

  • pcjensen

    bastards ought rot in living hell

  • SophieQ

    There was once a Buddhist Master embarking on a journey from India to the Middle East. One day into the sea, he overhears how one of three tradesmen plotted to kill the other two tradesmen, and sharing their goods with the sailors who would help the trader in his attempt.
    The Buddhist Master killed the one trader to avoid immensely negative Karma being created for his heinous and murderous plot.
    Buddhism is clear about when You HAVE to KILL folks in order to prevent their Karma from becoming much worse.

    Fast forward to Planet Earth 2013: There should be a huge 'Kill-list' with names on it that are worsening their own Karma beyond description. BP, Fukushima, Louisiana – Somebody help these mentally ill people to not worsen their Karma, please? Have compassion with those who only know destruction as a means to achieve their greedy end. Euthanize them for their own good.
    Now You can take that with, or without sarcasm – take Your pick. Truth is, humanity is hijacked by mentally ill individuals – not to be mistaken for those who are in a mental institution for confusion. The most mentally ill folks on this planet are in the governments, military and police force. All above the law, of course, all untouchables, of course.
    Tough times for those who don't believe in a fantasy figure up in the sky.


      I understand your enraged feelings SophieQ. But there's a couple of things I'm having problem with: first, advising the compilation of a 'Kill-List' is extremely irresponsible. Such an action would become grounds to attack all who are doing their best to end these ongoing tragedies. Second, suggesting that any of us can redefine the destiny with killing is irrational. Should you have been on this planet for any short time, you may have learned that revenge is not a viable – long-term – solution to our problems.

      Finally. If possible, can you cite references that support your claim that Buddhists (from any school of thought) sanction preemptive death sentences. Though it's been many years since my studies into Buddhism, I don't recall such positions. That's not to say you're wrong. I just think such stories merit more than passing recollection…

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      You're not considering the nature of the disease, SophieQ.

      Sick individuals have a symbiotic relationship with their sick organizations. Eliminating either one by themselves is a waste of time. Even though it's entertaining, morally justified Whack-a-Mole is pointless – you know that another one will pop up if you insist on using their machine. The last 6000 years of human history shows that clearly enough.

      Eliminating both at the same time is akin to using amputation or organ removal to 'cure' every disease. If your moral intuition tells you that you've exhausted all other reasonable options, then they might be solutions. But using either method out of pure frustration or outrage means you have contracted the psychopathy yourself you've intended to cure.

      Your immune system works by individual white blood cells recognizing threats and – most importantly – communicating its discovery to the rest of the immune system. If the rest of the immune system is watching 'Dancing with the Stars' and won't be bothered, then you have an entirely different problem.

      You could force your will on them and make them respond to the threat, but you've only substituted your flavor of psychopathy for the existing one.

      Basic human right: People can choose to live in ignorance and be exploited as perma-victims, repeatedly begging for 'help' from their masters. I don't *think* many do, but it's psychopathic to presume NONE of them do.


        brilliant PavewayII…

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          preconceived notions of righteous behavior. What if these guys that think nothing of killing off dolphins, hiding it through media control, then continuing the same behavior were IN YOUR HOUSE, killing your dogs, your children, all for profit, then hiding their crime from the neighborhood, only to come back and kill you and your wife? Bet you wouldnt have the same idea of sanctity for their lives, trading one psychopathic behavior for another etc. You would take them out any way you could. Sure, fascism leads to anarchy…nothing new, but what are you going to do…reason with them? Or just preach to the choir and feel good you are amongst the enlightened while just down the beach dolphin babies wash up dead while their mothers are stricken with grief? These psychopaths are IN OUR HOUSE and killing our brothers and sisters. Buddhists would have been practicing martial arts for this.

          • PavewayIII PavewayIII

            "…preconceived notions of righteous behavior…"

            Well, I think of it as instinctively moral behavior of a healthy person. I might be a psychopath and not realize it. In that case, your description may be more accurate.

            "…What if these guys that think nothing of killing off dolphins, hiding it through media control, then continuing the same behavior were IN YOUR HOUSE, killing your dogs, your children, all for profit, then hiding their crime from the neighborhood, only to come back and kill you and your wife?"

            Wait… what? Wouldn't it have been easier and more profitable to kill my wife and me the first time around? Did they take a lunch break or something? I could have made them a sandwich.

            "…Bet you wouldnt have the same idea of sanctity for their lives, trading one psychopathic behavior for another etc…"

            No, I would. That wouldn't restrain me from putting a bullet in them in your overly contrived situation. I just wouldn't crack open a brew afterwards and brag about it 'cause they had it comin'.

            "…Or just preach to the choir and feel good you are amongst the enlightened while just down the beach dolphin babies wash up dead while their mothers are stricken with grief?.."

            Er… yeah. See, I was a little more concerned about the unconsolable young mothers from Namie and Futaba who lost their babies at the end of 2011. I feel bad about the dolphins, but seriously… THAT'S what's bothering you?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Perhaps your moral high ground belies a certain lack of empathy …even commitment. No, you wouldnt agree, of course not. The headline was dead dolphins spike… but of course we COULD use the example of the children of Fukushima who can look forward to getting their throats slit to remove thyroid glands. Didnt the photos of retarded and deformed Belarus children move you, if not the dolphins? Nothing personal, but your remarks ring hollow. Just how close would it have to be, if you like real scenarios… before you would take up arms? My point was that in a real world situation, where our family and pets were being killed, and make no mistake, your dog and children are not far behind the dolphin "cousins"…seeing it happen first hand would alter your moral high ground and you would stand beside SophieQ in your sentiment.

              • CB CB

                Your comments are distracting, and take away the real meat of knowledge of these veterans. CodeShutdown

                • CB CB

                  I hope you don't trip and fall & break your face. That would be tragic.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    CB; your avatar speaks of the tragedy unfolding. I stand with you on your respect for the intelligent veterans who make ENEnews what it is. Your statement that you hope I dont trip and break my face is beyond me…couched hostility? I too want peace and kindness for all, even psychopaths from Hitler to Stalin and the current bunch. Yet they hanged Mussolini upside down at a gas station….consider it fate if you like. You say Code SHUTDOWN. Cant you see thats a LEVEL of negativity, the same feeling, if brought to a higher level would have you pulling the trap door of nuclear death machine perpetrators to awaiting sharks below? Love and peace to you too


                @CodeShutdown: so, basically, all injustices and crimes should be resolved with violence? Histrionics aside…violence perpetuates violence. The corporate lapdogs (military and 'law' enforcement) would only be too happy to 'discover' anti-nuclear activists compiling death lists. I'll bet they can spare some of those weapons being used by the 911 'terrorists', to help further the 'stuggle'.

                Only a fool (or snake) would promote violence, as solution to the most violent technology on earth. Talk about tilting at windmills! Such strategy would perfectly harmonize with those, whose entire existence is predicated on vilifying others.

                By securing the 'cooperation' of a few 'zealots' to 'storm the Bastille', it's only a matter of turning such 'action' into another "Terrorist's are running-amok in our midst!" story. From there, once the public's been 'informed' of the 'crimes' of these environmental 'terrorists', it's only a matter of stomping on the heads of any affiliated activists and like-minded individuals.

                This game has been going on forever. A case study in how terror – was used – to prolong conflict, is found in the Nixon-Vietnam-Manson-Tate Murders orgy of horrors. Agent provocateurs are very effective at turning public opinion against progressive movements, while the actual criminals emerge innocent and miraculously absolved of their crimes.

                But then…maybe that's the idea…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  well I agree with all your points….except whats that about agent provocateurs? Yet I cant see how you guys could miss my points. How did we get in this "sixth mass extinction" point? A bit of apathy from the moral, while the amoral actions killed and maimed. Its true, "they" have the big weapons, against which we can do nothing, and would target "zealots" like me or folks with SophieQs fervor. But what if they didnt have them…what if these guys were in your home, no drones above, no police in flack jackets? "let me pour you some tea brother, peace be to you, Im sure we can all just get along and be friends" we would say, as the hospitals overflowed with their (unintended or intended)victims. If you agree there is some psychopathic behavior, well its us who funded and enabled them, even by passivity. Too late now

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    couple things CodeShutdown: I'm pointing to the (very real) danger of agent provocateurs being used to impede the (very real) progress that's now being made against nuclear power.

                    As I don't know who's signing your paycheck, it's not ethical to impugn your character with suggestions that your motives are duplicitous. You may simply be frustrated by the horror of these ongoing revelations. But if violence-as-solution is not predicated on simple frustration, such action will only play-into the hands of those who thrive on it.

                    Therefore, if you're incapable of thinking outside the (reactionary's conventional tool) box, this venue should not be perceived as fertile ground for those who think swords are the key to our collective survival. As your own conclusions (of reckless environmental damage) belie such suggestion, you are invited to take but another step forward and join those who desire a more productive strategy to ending our self-destructive behavior.

                    Do know, we are all enraged by these seemingly endless crimes against humanity and our precious environment. What many won't allow-for is the transformation of personal feelings into the means (surreptitious or otherwise) to jeopardize this venue or its 'inhabitants'.

                    None can profess a desire for life whilst simultaneously sharpening the blade of those who fear peace…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


                      Im sorry, I missed your methods to re-mediate a world gone mad with oil wars, nuclear disaster, media silence and political corruption. Were you there when we had the peace movement, and thought FOR SURE people would listen to reason and innate morality? Well I hope your new methods are better than our old ones because we FAILED. We failed the thousands of children with limbs blown off by land mines, we FAILED the million dead and 4 million maimed by Chernobyl, we FAILED the ruined lives resulting from big agribiz, big pharma, big bankers. We failed at least the north half of Japan.

                      We may abhor violence of any kind, yet isnt it OBVIOUS that our moral highground would soon be hippocracy if a group of killing raping pillaging marauders were sacking our village? Wouldnt it, or would you stand by…try to reason, hold up a broken arrow? The difference between then and now is that villages with D.U. cant be rebuilt, and we, the people, have NO ABILITY to fight back against the (metaphorically or literally) killing, raping pillagers of today. Good luck with your real progress, really, but note its TOO LATE for many species, millions of people and wide swaths of land. Cant bring 'em back now. Not that we didnt warn them with our peaceful ways 40 years ago! Remedy? Remove the profit motive, dont deal with banks, locally crowd source, perfect 3d printing using bamboo sourced nanocellulose, grow your own food. Shocking when they arrive at your door with guns…

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      actually CodeShutdown, I've been 'on the front lines' for far longer than you can possibly imagine. But I'm not here to defend my position. You are. Hopefully, before it's too late, you'll explain the efficacy of what's now ten-thousand-plus years of human violence. In a world filled with so much blind hatred, I can clearly see where it's gotten us…

              • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                "…Just how close would it have to be, if you like real scenarios… before you would take up arms?…"

                OK, CS. I'm an noncommittal coward on my moral high ground, etc. and my family will die. Let's take that as a given – I won't bother defending myself.

                So you're here defending SophieQ's facetious call for a huge kill list that would "Euthanize them for their own good."

                Throw us knuckle-draggers a few bones here.

                Who exactly needs euthanizing? There is no Mr. TEPCO or Mr. Chernobyl – who at what level get's whacked?

                I don't mean names, but you must have *some* idea if you're defending SophieQ's idea so vigorously. What people at TEPCO are responsible for those dead baby dolphins? Who can anyone take out that will prevent this from happening again?

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        "…If the rest of the immune system is watching 'Dancing with the Stars' and won't be bothered, then you have an entirely different problem." Thanks for the only good laugh I've had today. Murder is murder wherever it is committed. However, I know of 10,000 Islands near Naples where they could be sent….

    • razzz razzz

      Under the human rule-of-law, you have to commit a crime first before coming under scrutiny. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a tough to prove. A preemptive strike to change the future is presumptuous and almost godlike. I suppose in the metaphysical world, you could be prompted to intervene but suffer the consequences human rule-of-law.

      Anyway, at least the leaked oil is out of sight and out of mind…according to BP and other US government agencies that allowed chemical treatment of the oil spill. Early on, COREXIT 9527 was ruled to toxic and replaced with COREXIT 9500.

      "…A new study finds that adding Corexit 9500A to Macondo oil—as BP did in the course of trying to disperse its 2010 oilspill disaster—made the mixture 52 times more toxic than oil alone. The results are from toxicology tests in the lab and appear in the scientific journal Environmental Pollution…"

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Human rule of law is presumably needed because people lack a true moral compass. Yet all those rules of law didnt prevent millions of painful deaths at the behest of out "leaders". (geopolitical maneuvers, wars, corporate crime etc etc). Do your friends and family go spinning out of control for lack of rule of law, or can they be relied upon…like your pets who know nothing of law books…to do more or less the right thing, naturally? The cat…even the wild dolphin…they demonstrate respect and decorum; But we, the self proclaimed cream of creation, no, we need rule of law, fearful we cant make the right choices. We banter about these useless points as entire species go extinct.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    How many "unusual mortality events" are needed before we recognize all the dead canaries in the coal mine? Too many, I do believe.


      though we're passing through dark seas, dharmasyd, I want to say hello and wish you well…

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Thank you, AFTERSHOCK. Always good to see you. It is indeed disconcerting to watch the death of a species, our species, while trying to shout out the alarm, and not to be heard.

        Not long ago, I got another phone call from a childhood leukemia group fundraising for research on leukemia. During our talk I said that one of the best ways to curtail leukemia would be to close NPPs. The poor lady hung up on me, thinking I was a loon wasting her time no doubt.

        Have you still got the avatar you thought of for me? If so, please send it to dharmasyd at yahoo dot com. Thanks very much.

        I always appreciate you calm, reasoned comments.


          I will do so dharmasyd. And thank you for the kind words, as well. Love you brother. Your good nature fills my heart with both tears of joy and sadness…as it should be…


          @dharmasyd: your avatar awaits you, at that yahoo mailbox. Enjoy its many blessings…

  • dosdos dosdos

    If it's Louisiana and Mississippi, look at BP.


      must be more than that dosdos. Recall the story only weeks ago, where thousands of dolphins were swimming in a giant pod down out at sea. It was dismissed as an anomaly. I now think we're getting a hint to the horrors going on out a sea…

      • Anthony Anthony

        AFTERSHOCK and dosdos, I have always felt that the dolphins are our spiritual animal brothers in their world… I think many people feel similarly, they are such smart emotive creatures you cant ignore their intelligence. In that line of thought, it struck me that dolphins would never randomly congregate as they did. With latest revelations of other sea mammal illness and death, it seems to me that if the dolphins had experienced a mass abortion or still birth issue out at sea, beyond our eyes, their ocean sadness would be seen as an after-view, a funeral procession perhaps of 100 000 dolphins grieving for their losses.

        We would be fools to look past Fukushima radiation in this just given the reported figures of radiation flowing into the sea 24-7-365


          and you are right Anthony. As a species, we are failing in the eyes of those who watch 'from afar'…

  • We Not They Finally

    Anyone with a minute, look up Matt Simmons. He was former Bush Sr. energy advisor who said publicly that BP had drilled a hole into the sea and that oil would be gushing permanently. When asked (by Dylan Ratigan)why don't they say so, he answered, "Because they would go to prison and lose their fortunes." About ten days later, his "mysterious untimely death." That man was a hero and at least his death should not have been in vain. I HOPE that the reason they are withholding info now is to sue BP to the ground, but we get lied to so much, that I haven't a clue that that's the case.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      I agree We Not They Finally
      Whistleblowers are the last man standing to protect the democratic system from corruption . They are hero's and should be treated/remembered as such by our "democratic" representatives aka leaders imho. But ofcourse , the opposit happens …

  • Thad

    This article/ vid is almost three yrs ancient– it was accepted that the problem was the crap in the water from the BP disaster–They fail to mention the corpses and data could be evidence against BP. At that time pending. In '11 and '12 there was no die offs. The good Dr Solangi later did 'research" for BP


    Daily Mail: "Snared on a hook, clubbed over the head and chopped up while still conscious: Shocking video shows hideous truth behind shark fin industry"

    Sometimes I feel such despair. World population is growing by the billions, with everyone rushing to deplete land and water resources before someone else does. Elephants are being wiped out to make trinkets out of their ivory. It's as is at an unconscious level people know we're heading for ecological catastrophe and nobody cares.


      from our perspective Tracy W, it seems as though others don't care. In truth, to one degree or another, everyone cares. Problem is, we're not all on the same page. Your very presence here is evidence that that's changing; that the world's moving towards a common understanding of what does matter. Though it's true that we're running out of time, just be patient, stay strong and become a light to guide others. We are now witnessing a confluence of events which will eventually dispel all doubt to what's important in our world. I just get depressed that so many innocents will be destroyed in this learning process…

  • Thad

    This article crys spike but documents a decrease 330 in '11 to 153 in '12 And it also point out other possible causes besides the BP disaster—

    • Its Curtains

      And your comments cry PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

      • learningquick

        Perfect example of Thads inability to read.The head expert in the gulf says SPIKE. Its not the "article crys spike". What's wrong with you?

        Dr. Moby Solangi, executive DIRECTOR of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport:

        Yes, we have seen a spike in dolphin strandings.

        Repeat = Yes, we have seen a spike in dolphin strandings.

        Yet you say no spike.

        Got it everyone?

      • amberlight amberlight

        Anyone notice a pattern with Thad? He pooh-poohs our concerns and justifies his attitude with misquotes and faulty claims that a report is old news. Thad thinks he is the voice of reason, but he has his head in the sand and does nothing to raise consciousness of the crises we are facing on multiple fronts.

        Memo to Thad: If I wanted a palliative to mask our problems I would watch the nightly "news" on TV. I'm here to find out what is going on in the real world.

        • Thad

          Why is it that there are those that can't stand it when it is pointed out that it may not be as bad as they think- Especially when it is pointed that the information they are basing their concerns on are out dated. It almost seems that they are disappointed that it isn't
          Bear in mind if everybody sit around blaming BP for everything then if the ACTUAL cause is something else it slips by. Brocellous–bovine– does the run off from coastal feed lots need treating-?
          Memo to amberlight pull your head out of your drawers and do a reality check

    • amberlight amberlight

      "This article … also point out other possible causes besides the BP disaster"

      Well, duh, they've been spilling oil and dumping toxins into the Gulf for decades. It's all coming home to roost.

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Bio-accumulation of everything…, we are doing hideous things with ourselfes and the environment for a lot longer then yesterday .
    The whole armageddon freakshow is manmade , willingly or not is hard to tell sometimes…rip free will anyway…fly with the birds…oh wait…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    This topic was being discussed here, or on another website and someone made the following point: Why are they calling these dead creature's death's "strandings." Orwellian doublespeak? These dolphins are dead, d-e-a-d. We do not refer to humans found dead on the beach stranded. We do not say, "Oh, I am so mad, I could strand someone." Our obituaries do not read, "Mr. or Mrs. so and so was stranded on so and so date. They state that someone passed away or is dead. Even after a tsunami, the dead are not said to be stranded. OK, I know I am beating a stranded horse. gotcha.

    • Thad

      "Stranding" is actually a scientific term for biologist– refers to when an animal or creature is trapped-"stranded" out of their normal habitat and can't get back–
      If "Mr. or Mrs. so and so–" were lost in the desert -no way out they would be stranded–

  • irhologram

    An Easter Haiku written for you/
    Dolphin Pieta:
    Nuked baby on her back
    Earth is Cruxified

  • Anthony Anthony

    50%++ population drop last 6 years….
    Rare Chinese Porpoises Dive Toward Extinction
    By Megan Gannon, News Editor | – 4 hrs ago

    • Anthony Anthony

      Though these are freshwater it may be a lesson about fallout effects? A simple testing would answer that. China is a lot closer to Fuku than we are.

      • Thad

        "50% population drop last 6 years"….That would pre-date Fukushima

        • I blame the French… little loop-hole they found… you can't put rad-wastes into barrels and dump it in the ocean.. but if you run a pipe from your plant out into the ocean.. can pump whatever you like out it!

          More and more are doing so.. and there is no law to prevent it!

          So Fuku is just bringing it to a head, now.. with amounts the ocean can't even manage to distribute at non-harmful (DEATH) type levels for the residents.

          • Also.. second loop-hole Japan now uses.. make a garbage dump on-shore.. then bulldoze it into (Back-Fill) the ocean to be rid of rad-wastes.! Again, no law says they can't do this..!?

        • Anthony Anthony

          March 2011 being within that 6 year period would be an intelligent assumption to make thad.

  • norbu norbu

    I smell a troll.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I concur norbu, I also welcome "experts" not people whose only interaction has been to cite "statistics" and hurl insults as they move from thread to thread instigating crap because they miss their "special friend" and since I don't waste much time on BS I'm gonna go back to ignoring instigators whose only expertise is in the subject of that "other" thread the "special friends" turned into ENE's red-headed stepchild NOBODY wanted! Hopefully nobody else will be drawn into feeding the need for attention motivating the hijacking of this thread-Fukushima/radiation-the very heart & soul of ENEnews that got it on the board to begin with?!! I know I'm "done" with it and to be honest I never did play that bullshit since I preferred the "hands on" method to deal with disrespect & insults rather than from behind a PC anyway… That's all the attention I'm willing to waste on this one! 😉 PEACE ENEWSER's

  • It's the same type of "Loop-hole" that the makers of reactor rods have from laws against atmosphere CFC releases… they are exempt! Do go take a look at our ozone HOLES.. yes!, PLURAL !!! that's just more MSM news hide-away at gov directions!

    300 tons a year is what the US plant puts out… say good-by to our ozone layer. France, again out-performs us in this way… they are even WORSE!

    What record heat in Australia…? Now you know! Melanoma are rampant!

    We need to shut these folks DOWN>!>.. NOW!
    The Nuclear industry is the heart of all this.! AND WE DON'T NEED IT !!!!!

  • irhologram

    Sophie/Paveway/Aftershock/CodeShutdown/CB. This debate is as old as government. One could argue this Easter that Christ was not a violent man…but the reason they finally "came for him" was because he took up arms and used a lethal weapon of the times in the Center of Commerce for the culture…the Temple. A bullwhip will kill you just as dead as a sword. Then "the faithful" were given a choice: free the revolutionary against Rome, Barabas, or free the Christ, whose Kingdom was Heaven. Change inside to change the world or rip the heart out of tyranny. Of our own country's progenitor revolutionaries, only 5% committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to liberty, and their discussions with loyalists sounded much like the above. Without complete comittment, the freak destiny weather that aided Washington on the Potomic or the tornado that serendipitously defeated the British once again in 1812 would have allowed a stonger foothold for evil sooner, IMO. Shakespear said it this way: "Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them…" But at this juncture, the stakes aren't just "troubles." They are irreversible, unnecessary, and wanton acts of tyranny that lead, without doubt, to an ELE event we dont have much time left to prevent. Marching worked for Martin Luther King and Gandi. Times have changed. Now there will be no media coverage.


      great thoughts irholgram. I appreciate your balanced and considerate analysis of the issues.

      BTW. Easter is actually a pagan holiday that was incorporated into the Christian faith. [see section entitled "Pagan origins of Easter" at: ]

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Whatever works for you, ir. I reject the notion that there are ONLY two distinct choices: either whining or war. I would be a bit more enthusiastic about war if it was more about SophieQ's kill lists and only the bad leaders were targeted and eliminated.

      It NEVER works like that in real life, though. Does it?

      How many innocent lives are you willing to drag into the meat grinder in order to save them? Why don't they have the right to watch Dancing With the Stars and remain perma-victims? Remember, when the electricity, internet and cable goes out, they will direct their anger towards *you* for ruining their evenings, not the people you're fighting in order to save them.

      I still want to hear anyone's plans for preventing the same thing from happening again AFTER a revolution. Simply hoping it will be different next time because a lot of people are dead is insane. Psychopaths are attracted to power vacuums like moths to a flame.

      The U.S. revolutionary war was entirely different – the American leaders who detested the corrupt crown and their business cronies influence were looking for independence. They were not assassinating the crown and merchants to replace them.

      Where are you going to find honest leaders to step in now? Almost every politician is part of the machine, and the dozen or so honest ones can't run the entire country.

      *Something* has to be done quickly, but I refuse to be dragged into doing the wrong thing for the next psychopaths.


        @PavewayIII: can't find one word within your line of thought, that I'd differ with. You're obviously up-on your history…

  • michellemamarn

    @irhologram- heartbreakingly beautiful.

  • michellemamarn

    @Thad- Hello Richard! Anyone else notice that Thad arrived to assist Richard's bullying a couple of month's ago? Then Richard disappeared and Thad took over the insults and disrespect and I swear it's the same writing style, or "voice" Richard used. I don't know if he's a troll, but I do think he uses this site to vent his rage. Why are we upset when you minimize our fears? We happen to know how full of hostility you really are, and it makes your comments easily dismissed. You owe amberlight an apology, Richard.

  • irhologram

    TY Tcjensen and Michelle! Interesting thought that Thad IS Richard…I think, probably not….that "voice" of bullying is contagious, though. Before he was "called" on it, the "Richard" voice of coarseness and contempt was spreading to two other contributors besides Thad. Am I the only one that actually values Thad. I think he makes us better researchers, and I think newbies get to see how the establishment view he expresses actually stacks up against present real events. He's right about the dates above, tho. What it explains is we need more current stories…lol!
    – York Times: “Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says
    – MSNBC: Gulf shrimp scarce this season (and see the Herald Tribune‘s report)
    – Mother Jones: Eyeless shrimp are being found all over the Gulf
    – NYT: Oil Spill Affected Gulf Fish’s Cell Function, Study Finds
    – CBS:Expert: BP spill likely cause of sick Gulf fish (and see the Press Register’s report)
    – “Study confirms oil from Deepwater spill entered food chain|
    -Pensacola News Journal: “Sick fish” archive
    – Agence France Presse: Mystery illnesses plague Louisiana oil spill crews
    – MSNBC: Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend
    – MSNBC:Exclusive: Submarine Dive Finds Oil, Dead Sea Life at Bottom of Gulf of Mexico
    – AP: BP oil spill the culprit for slow death of deep-sea coral, scientists say (and see the Guardian and AFP‘s write ups)

  • irhologram

    And i never sit on my beach in Florida anymore because tar balls now often contain flesh eating bacteria. I PERSONALLY met a guy whose…you know…almost had to have it chopped off because…and I asked at my local hospital if this were true…THERE ARE MANY cases of flesh eating bacteria in that area treated there. It's just not reported in the media.

  • irhologram

    Leuren Moret is one of the speakers at this all day radio marathon.

  • okieshowedem2

    The world is filled with fools.
    Remember the Messiah said that if we do not believe ALL that the prophets have spoken we are fools. Luke 24:25.
    Now the question should be are you one of those fools or do you believe ALL that those prophets spoke when they tell us the God (2 Cor.4:4 )of this world hates mankind and wants to kill us all?
    The great prophet Hosheyah told us in chapter 4 about these days you and I are living in. Hosheyah 4:1-7 CHAP.1: Hear the word of Yahweh, you children of Israyl! For Yahweh has a G3controversy; a legal dispute, with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of Yahweh in the land.2 By pronouncing curses, lying, killing, stealing, and committing adultery, they break out; with bloodshed following bloodshed. 3 Therefore, the land will mourn, and everyone who dwells in it will languish, with the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air; yes, even the fish of the sea will be taken away. 4 Now let no man contend; argue with, nor rebuke another, for My contention is with the priests ( preachers )! 5 Therefore, you will fall in the day, and the prophet will also fall with you in the night, and I will destroy your mother. 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that G4you will be no priest to Me. Because you have forgotten the Law of Yahweh, I will also forget your children.
    So look at the fish and the birds today.

  • To Aftershock: thanks for your reply.

    You say "the world's moving towards a common understanding of what does matter". Perhaps. I hope so.

    What I notice, however, is that as other parts of the world become more affluent, they are in a reckless race to catch up with their interpretation of a good life – one with lots of stuff, as shown on American movies.

    China is already getting a taste of the health and environmental price they have to pay for their rapid industrial growth.

    Another concern is how North American mass protests lack focus, and in cases such as the Occupy Movement, they don't even have a clear goal.

    It seemas as if certain powers created an opportunity for them to vent steam so that they would believe they were "doing something". Their behavior, chanting and parroting their group leader in unison, was rather disturbing.

    If I were a Big Polluter, I would have nothing to worry about. Particularly knowing that idealistic youth – who in the past wanted to change the world for the better – are now kept safely busy with all those new electronic gadgets that technology keeps churning out.


      @Tracy W: hope your Easter holiday weekend went well! In honor of the goddess, I spent a few hours turning soil in the garden. I'm not engineered for such toil in the soil, but it's fun to see all the little creatures going about their business. I'm sifting the soil and getting it ready for the compost mixture. When the entire area's processed, it'll be leveled and prepped for watermelons. I love them and it's now becoming difficult to find – heirloom – seeded ones at any supermarkets.




        Regarding your concern about sterile consumerism: Your witnessing the 'normalization' of the global populace within this socioeconomic phenomena. Keep in mind, though you're from a world where consumerism is a part of our day-to-day lives, we're only into this process, now, for about thirty years.

        As diverse cultures are 'plugged-in' to global communications networks (satellite, radio and internet), they'll gradually acclimated (as we're being now) to a common awareness of relevant issues. This is a dynamic – interactive – process that passes information throughout each nation's culture.

        Many warn that this 'equalization' process is both corrosive of each nation's culture and smothers cultural diversity. If this process actually occurred within a vacuum, such warnings would have weight. Fortunately, the process is bidirectional and 'transmits' invaluable awareness back-into the larger global community.

        While much is sacrificed within the fire of this process, you're witnessing its fruit within this very forum. Where youth once preoccupied the majority of their time in personal pursuits, they're now compelled to define their social standing within decentralized interaction with their peers. Previous generations were influenced by centralized communications media. Succeeding generations are defining their destiny within interactive media…

      • It's easier to face the insanity all around us when we can protect one little spot – our castle – and try to live a life with meaning. I don't have a garden but I enjoy nature all around me. I live a couple of blocks from the ocean, and there is a large park nearby where I can visit the little wild creatures who live there.


        Regarding most people – not those who really care – they won't act unless something really heavy hits them over the head. Just look at how often they resume their old habits after a crisis.

        For example, most vegetarians I know don't eat animals because they love them. Other than that there does not seem to be enough motivation to go vegetarian. Health concerns don't resonate in spite of widespread knowledge that sick animals still make it to the supermarket.

        It's the same with fish. We know that it's contaminated with mercury and other toxic substances, but people continue to eat it because they like it and have been told fish is good for them. The fact that ocean life is being depleted does not even cross their minds.

        I appreciate your faith in the future, Aftershock, but I find it hard to believe that people will wake up locally or globally. We are creatures with very short attention span, and for the great majority greed, comfort and personal gratification supercede any other consideration.


          @Tracy W: Modern farming techniques are illusory, so it's 'healthy' to remind oneself of the effort that goes into food production. If you don't have the available 'real-estate' at your immediate disposal, investigate hanging gardens and related indoor farming techniques.

          Moving on: agreed about human insularity. Yet, I also believe the human psyche is (by-and-large) capable of new paradigms. Unfortunately, humans do have a tendency to seek consensus from their peers, before taking action. Such 'indecision' is a remnant of tribalism, which worked-well to foster cooperative behavior. Once modern psychologist understood the roots of this 'inherited thinking', they were able to offer governments (as well as commercial entities) the means to shape the general public's perception of events. Not being satisfied with such monumental power, they tweaked these social engineering techniques and are now able to confuse the individual into thinking that only they 'know' how others are thinking! Once an individual's been duped into thinking they have an 'insiders' take on their fellow species, incessant 'end-times' revelations are used to paralyze their expectations. Hence, humanity's collective power is ceded to the very parties that fuel the horrors, which now leave most feeling helpless! So, the question becomes…can this cycle be broken?

  • irhologram

    As far as Occupy not having a clear goal, that was MSM Propaganda. They had democratic assemblies and arrived at their agenda, which was published, by democratic process. As must be obvious, if you watched live streaming coverage, these groups were disrupted by provocateurs and broken up by storm troopers…but, yes, these gatherings were FREE to arrive at consensus through an evolution of democratic process. They were not TOLD an AGENDA by a "leader" in charge of their thought process. Even so, they arrived at clearly expressed, written goals. If you had been a witness to the Continental Congress previous to the Declaration of Independence, you certainly would have been dismayed! They couldn't agree on ANYTHING and left for home. But "process" took its course, and this country is the result. DON'T let "them" convince you we're too stupid to know how to arrive at what's best for us, THE PEOPLE…in governance of the people, for the people, and by the people.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      @irhologram agree 1 million percent. The media are doing the same exact thing to Idle No More & the Walkers. No clear goal, no focus. I wrote this today in response to a similar comment that they did not have a clear plan.
      ..who the ..does what MSM or government think they are that they expect us to present them with anything but our backsides as we walk away. We will work toward a better world bit by bit without the need for government or MSM approval.

      Measuring a movements impact or importance based on Mainstream Media's coverage is absurd. Considering the extreme concentration of media ownership anything that goes against what the 1% want & expect will never get fair representation. They will be right there when violence or riots erupt though. The same companies that own MSM (mainstream Media) are the same ones that have shares in almost every product we purchase or use. And each spend millions in lobbying each year to destroy regulations that citizens have fought tooth & nail to get in place. They own our governments. So to think that we need to present a plan is simply a way to discredit the movement.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Well, they say Abe wants to restart the nuclear plants, and theres talk of weapons systems. Dead sea lions everywhere, not just Alaska. I know, I know….you guys are hoping that I would make frozen darts out of the deadly radioactive water around fukushima and deliver by blowgun in a stealth mission, before these insane guys finish off destroying the world. Well, Im not your man, sorry. But surely there are well trained ninja that would provide such selfless service to humanity and the world at large…. DOH! what am I thinking? Peace at all cost….even if it means the extinction of species. Have patience with me, Ill get it. At least I dont kill and then eat animals, a rather barbaric and violent way to enjoy supper, dont you think boys? Morals….guess it depends on the viewpoint.