TV: “Staggering number of cancers, illnesses, and birth defects” linked to nuclear waste? Over 700 cases found in only four square miles — “There’s something very wrong” (VIDEO)

Published: February 1st, 2013 at 1:46 pm ET


Title: Cancer cluster map of St. Louis
Source: KSDK
Author:  Leisa Zigman
Date: Feb 1, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

Transcript Excerpts

Anchor: There are radioactive secrets beneath the banks and waters of a north St. Louis County creek that may be linked to a staggering number of cancers, illnesses and birth defects. In four square miles, there are three reported cases of conjoined twins and cancer rates that one data expert says is statistically impossible. […]

Janell Wright, class of ’88 McCluer North High School, Accountant and former auditor: “There’s something very wrong.” […]

Leisa Zigman, Reporter: At first she found 30 cases. Within two months, she had data on 200 cases. Now, her maps have more than 700 cases in four square miles […]

Wright: “The children usually came down with brain cancer in the first 15 years of life, in addition, leukemia. In my peer group’s children, there were several children who had to have their thyroid removed before they were 10-years-old.”

Zigman: In the 1940s, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works in downtown St. Louis purified thousands of tons of uranium to make the first atomic bombs. […] 21 acres of airport land became a dumping site where a toxic mixture of uranium, thorium, and radium sat uncovered or in barrels. In the 60s, government documents noted contents from the rusting barrels were seeping into nearby Coldwater Creek. And by the 90s, the government confirmed unsafe levels of radioactive materials in the water. […]

Watch the video here

Published: February 1st, 2013 at 1:46 pm ET


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46 comments to TV: “Staggering number of cancers, illnesses, and birth defects” linked to nuclear waste? Over 700 cases found in only four square miles — “There’s something very wrong” (VIDEO)

  • jackassrig

    I had a strange thing happen to me about a week ago. As I was descending the stairs, my left tendon that connects my quad to my knee cap tore away from the cap and rolled up into a ball in front of the quad. The reason I am writing this is because I have read here that Strontium and Cesium attack the bone. Is it possible for these elements from hell to attack the tendon? I have never had tendon problems. Football knees yes but not tendons.
    So I entered surgery to attach the tendon to the knee. My sports surgeon said that in the entire city of Houston probably 4 cases a year of this type are treated. If the trend continues, there may be 12 cases this year. I’m not a medical type but this injury seems strange. No warning just snap and down I go. I hope these wicked elements do not attack the tendons because we may all be riding around in rascals.
    I hope this is a good place to post this.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I'm sorry about your knee… I'm not a doctor and have no idea about the questions that you pose, but I do hope you are not in too much pain and I do hope that the surgery goes well. There must be someone else who you could pose these questions to who might be better able to answer or might need to know for statistical reasons too.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Get ready for the ethical rationelle to justify why the victims of this disaster must be put "to sleep", to ease the burden of survivors. Will they present questions to students like, what is the cost of keeping the chronically ill alive? etc.

    • HanfordOnHeart HanfordOnHeart

      Have you taken an antibiotic in the last 6 months? One class (fluoroquinolones) are known to cause tendon ruptures.

      • jec jec

        You are so correct! And its not just one…there are several. So those tiny little words on the sheet from the pharmacy with them. Its eye opening..and just think of the warnings we get for all those radiation tests..then just have to walk thru those TSA scanners at the the all the contamination we are getting from Fukushima(no real monitoring program, collect data to collect data..etc etc.) Sorry had to vent..

  • razzz razzz

    Comments to the article are sad and revealing. Rather large radius involved affecting so many people.

    If radioactive waste is buried then the stats are not going to change anytime soon. How do you clean up aquifers? Let alone reverse people's conditions.

    If the government is pressed to hard for answers they just invoke 'national security' issues.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      We can't let them invoke 'national security'! On some level we are letting or allowing them to get away with that as a lame excuse. There is nothing about national security when it comes to local people being healthy or sick because of a local company or business (who may be getting away without paying any taxes too). I said on another website or post recently that these companies are just like 7-year-olds who don't want to clean up their rooms — they have all their big trucks and building blocks and big pipes and sticks akin to legos… and they want to leave the mess and go running into the next room to watch tv or go running outside to play … and it is past time that we all put our foot down and say — Spend the Fu$king money to clean up THAT mess of toxic poisonous crap! NOW! They are responsible for causing DEATH and DISEASE and negligent HOMICIDE to US citizens! We should be banging down the doors on every City Hall!

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Sounds like a jobs program to me! Perhaps it might be some new immigrant-start-up-business even… I don't care if people have to hand-strain every inch of dirt or gallon of water. In that regard the Japanese have something right on their side about tenacity and patience and getting every comma or every capital letter or lowercase letter correct when writing computer code! We can't let this overwhelm us! Teeny-tiny steps in the right direction. One foot at a time … sure and steady… just like validating a stupid XHTML-page…. one neighborhood, one stream, one river, etc, etc, etc…

  • Sol Man

    The love of corporate profits by some has obscured the motivating death-wish with no regard to any living organism.

  • Auntie Nuke

    Like they say in political investigative reporting, "Follow the money," for evidence of what nuclear threatens to do to us all, "Follow the cancers."

  • Three Eleven Eleven Three Eleven Eleven

    There are several links on cancer clusters at Enenews here —

    Google has many links on cancer clusters/nuclear power plants —

    "Link Found Between Thyroid Cancer and NY Area Residents' Proximity to Indian Point Nuclear Plant"

    Compare this map of some cancer clusters

    To this map of nuclear power plants

    Germany admits a cancer cluster may be from Tritium from a nuclear power plant

    "Report finds high rate of thyroid cancer in eastern Pennsylvania.; blames nuclear power plants"

    "The German KiKK (Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken) study, a case–control study described by Peter Kaatsch and colleagues in the 15 February 2008 issue of the International Journal of Cancer, found that children under age 5 years living within 5 km of an NPP were at more than double the normal risk of developing leukemia."

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Here's what a smart person from Pennsylvania has to say:

      "We do know nuclear plants give off radioactive iodine [and] radioactive iodine can be associated with thyroid cancer," said Susan J. Mandel, a professor of medicine and radiology. "Does it mean it causes it? It requires further investigation to see if it's causing it."

      What the hell is wrong with you, doc??

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Who pays for her research grants?

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        What is wrong with them is that they are spineless whimps who don't want to tell the truth for fear that it will cost them their jobs! All they do is spout the same bs-tacit and claim more tests needed, more tests needed is just another way to kick the can down the road!

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Mallinckrodt, a chemist, was the only one at the time to figure out a good enough purification process. They were the sole source of uranium through the end of the war.

    The AEC (Now your friendly NRC) built a new plant during the cold war in Weldon Springs. Mallinckrodt ran it from 1957-1966 and dumped tons of radioactive waste in a nearby quarry and pits near the plant. Then they got out of the biz and left the plant and the dump for taxpayers to worry about. Thanks, NRC.

    The downtown plant was still cranking out tons of radioactive waste since the war, so our AEC/NRC pals created the St. Louis Airport Storage Site, SLAPPS, north of the airport. Mallinckrodt dumped their radioactive waste in big piles there for years. Most of the runoff that leached out went directly into Coldwater Creek. Thanks, NRC.

    The piles start getting *really* big, so in 1962 the NRC figures: "Hey, let's try to sell this $@#%." Continental Mining buys it for the leftover uranium, dragging it in open dump trucks to their own storage – contaminating everything and everyone in between. Cotter Corp. then buys the toxic waste from Continental in 1969, hoping to make some quick cash from the uranium. Prices declined though, so they ended up just mixing it with dirt and dumping it in a landfill to get rid of it. The AEC figures 150,000 tons or so. Take that, Fukushima!

    The EPA's solution is to cap it and leave it alone. Thanks, EPA!


      excellent stuff PavewayIII. Here's something else…

      "Mallinckrodt Incorporated in St. Louis, Missouri, took the raw ore and dissolved it in nitric acid to produce uranyl nitrate. Ether was then added in a liquid-liquid extraction process to separate the impurities from the uranyl nitrate. This was then heated to form uranium trioxide, which was reduced to highly pure uranium dioxide.[112] By July 1942, Mallinckrodt was producing a ton of highly pure oxide a day, but turning this into uranium metal initially proved more difficult for contractors Westinghouse and Metal Hydrides.[113] Production was too slow and quality was unacceptably low."


    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      No wonder people are so angry with the EPA! (Having been in the military for so long I was always seeing things from the 'government-perspective,' so I'm finally breaking the conditioning…or getting old…lol. My solution is that we have to create or cause to create a newer better agency or bureau or something,,, BEFORE geting totally rid of the EPA, because there are things that it does that ARE good, it just stops way-way-far-too-short–of doing real good and making real change for the betterment of people's lives! There's an obvious-bottleneck at the head of the EPA ,,,and I don't blame the outgoing administrator, I know she was ready to fight, except that they tied her hands and said no, no, no. There has to be another step!

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Wow, Paveway, You are a storehouse of excellent historical and very valuable information. (Granted, I haven't the time or energy or effort to dig in more, I'm just going to say given your past comments etc., that I find your info credible)…. but — my point is — perhaps you should consider telephoning that woman reporter at the news station and giving her more background info to help educate her on the history and background and help her gain a better, rounder, fuller appreciation of all the facts and background info… of what is truly going on in St Louis. The world needs to know what you know. Seriously.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        I'm just another crackpot on the internet regurgitating historical scraps of information in cynical, acerbic posts. She can do better.



        Yeah, but Paveway III, you are our "crackpot on the internet regurgitating historical scraps of information in cynical, acerbic posts"!

        Never change. 🙂

  • lam335 lam335

    It seems likely that there is a connection between all of these cancers and birth defects and this waste. However, I am having trouble seeing how the thyroid cancers, in particular, would fit in. My understanding is that the radioactive iodines that would cause thyroid cancer are 1.) fission products and 2.) relatively short half-life isotopes, so I don't see why thyroid cancer in particular would be caused by uranium, thorium, and radium waste that was dumped decades ago. Is there something that I am misundertsanding?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Radioactive iodine is only one known aggressive thyroid carcinogen. There's plenty of others.

      The thyroid cancers in St. Louis may have nothing to do with iodine. DNA damage is transferable across generations. Something damaged the parent's DNA and its effects don't express themselves until the next generation.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Wasn't that the location of those previous "discharges" unknown to the public just to study the effects of radiation? I read about this somewhere else on this site…..

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          That was for dispersion modeling during the cold war. They blew clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide from buildings and did air sampling of the downwind neighborhoods to see how much got into buildings – like houses and schools.

          It was the brightest kind of florescent particle they had at the time. The air filters needed to be examined under a microscope afterwards to hand-count the particles. It's also pretty toxic. Oh, and they never told anyone that they did this. Shhh… it's SECRET.

  • Three Eleven Eleven Three Eleven Eleven

    Incinerators and health problems ?

    Neighbors blame Wingate "incinerator for cancers, birth defects and other health problems.",0,4621022.story

  • Final sentence: [next report] "Why the EPA has yet to act."

    I can't wait for that one.

    from web page:

    At first she found 30 cases. Within two months, she had data on 200 cases. Now, her maps have more than 700 cases in four square miles, including:

    62 brain cancer cases
    27 leukemia cases
    26 lung cancer cases
    24 multiple sclerosis cases
    15 lymphoma cases
    10 pancreatic cancer cases
    3 conjoined twins

    Wright became equally alarmed when data showed some of her classmates' children had serious medical problems too.

    That's just the ones she has been able to determine.

    How many more of these sites are there throughout the world that have destroyed innocent lives? These are crimes far more insidious as they will eventually affect every living thing.

    Radioactive waste. 🙁
    Yet another long term incalculable cost of Nuclear Power.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      When you think about it, there are perhaps thousands of Superfund sites in the U.S. There is an old Koppers Co. site within the city limits of Gainesville that operated back in the 50's coating wood with creosite. So the company was not made to clean it up and the City has not found a way to do it in over 57 years. Nobody is spending money to ameliorate these sites. We are too busy prosecuting undeclared wars on somebody else's dime. I suspect if one were to study the areas around these sites one would discover cancer clusters too.

  • We Not They Finally

    There is apparently always SOME such cluster around nuclear plants. It's just not reported unless it is at outrageous levels. Of course NO level is o.k. But sometimes it is just so flagrantly obvious, it can no longer be covered up.

  • We Not They Finally

    There are apparently also childhood cancer clusters around CELL PHONE TOWERS. See Barrie Trower, the British expert on this. No one wants to hear about it because cell phones are just such a "convenience." But microwave energy really is not safe either. It's just that with cancer clusters from run-away nuclear energy, that has been on the rise for 65 years, and THE WHOLE WORLD winds up with some contamination, even without the proximity. Of course from Fukushima on, we are just on the road to doom.

  • here is a backup link if the video is "unavailable" (it was for me):

    yes it is encoded — the encoding gets around whatever 'glitch' they claim prevents me from watching — i made it, its clean… here is the bill of health from

  • yohananw

    When neighbors do their own incidence mapping — when nuclear comes home on your local TV! That nuclear military and power industries are among biggest polluters; that the military industrial complex waves the flag, counts profits and sweeps aside toxic products; that there are epidemiologcal maps of waste spots and fallout plumes — all these have been well known. Continued tomorrow on West Lake, where the contaminated Mallinckrodt matter was next stored, on same St.Louis KDSK news report. Stay tuned, St Louis and world.

  • LimerickPA LimerickPA

    All cancers have skyrocketed in the Area surrounding Pottstown, Pennsylvania, near the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in the last 20 years, it has been called the "Toxic Triangle" Vast numbers of reported childhood cancers and many children reported with other life-long diseases and disabilities are linked to hazardous wastes in the Pottstown Landfill (closed 2005), the Occidental Chemical declared a Superfund site because of serious groundwater contamination, also spewed carcinogens and neurotoxins into the air for years. And last but not not least, Limerick Nuclear Plant has routine and accidental radiation emissions. It has poisoned groundwater with a broad range of radionuclides, turning our region into a “defacto” high-level radioactive waste dump.

  • hbjon hbjon

    The human body has ways of removing heavy metals and toxins out of certain tissues. People have been known to survive for decades after chronic exposure to radioactive waste. It all begins with a smile to remove the stress.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      If anything was to work, it would be chelation therapy:

      Although it wouldn't remove the plutonium that is in our lungs, or repeated exposure through air, food and water, it might extend things a little bit.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      You might want to pass this on to Hugo Chavez. All the CIA had to do was blow a little micronized tungsten-cobalt alloy his way to riddle his body with a rare form of cancer. No radiation necessary – that's too easily detectable.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    There's a cancer cluster in the green acres area just outside west Palm area of Florida. People there have been fighting about it for more then 5 years or so and nothing ever happens!

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    I want to encourage everyone here on this site who watches the video and news coverage to leave them a thank you for stepping up and having the guts to report the truth. This is one shinning example of good journalism and good news reporting an it really needs to be commended to all the new station personal, etc. etc. and for the woman who first started getting the data. They deserve pats on the back for this investigation and hopefully we can get more and better media attention all around. Only then will people be able to know and then to get involved in changing things!!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @PurpleRain;+100000!! ~Thanks!-for expressing my feelings exactly as well! We HAVE to stay on course and keep spreading the word by encouraging those who would listen long enough to "absorb" the facts they'd been successfully denied access to before those of us who've found the best methods for breaking through the associated "denial" usually restraining the "programmed" public from even adding up all of the little "hints" that can be found by those who can read "between the lines" or line of minimizing BS we're being fed by the MSM. It's almost funny that I found that during conversations after a "connection" was made & I sensed my intelligence & credibility were not in question that once an opportunity to inject radiation,cancer & Fukushima into the discussion and via excellent links here on ENE and a handful of similarly-focused,resourceful websites offering well-balanced,accurate,otherwise "suppressed" news items EVERYONE deserves to know BEFORE they decide whether the issue merits the attention I suggested they paid the issue and if they should choose to join us in the trenches instead of thrusting their head back into their orifice(the one they had it in prior to hearing my "speech" in the sandbox[LOL]~although in a few cases I guess the 1st "orifice" that might've come to mind "fits"-in more than one way! 😉 *)~Then they have to hold on tight & weather the convictions & ridicule of the MSMorons & those who choose to eat TPTB's blatant…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd~lies & disinformation!(?)~Hopefully they go on to oppose nukes and follow-up by participating in anti-nuke activities if just to contribute here and to society by continuing to spread the word!!~ I'm PROUD of the group here at ENEnews!! With few exceptions this site is the best place I can refer "newbies" to the facts about the crimes against humanity and nature they've been oblivious to for far too long!! Gd-Nite ALL! ~ 🙂 ~*

  • It's All Lies It's All Lies

    Right on Johnny Blade!!
    I loved your comment about educating people and breaking from the pre-programmed schedule to investigate facts and find out information that you were denied to make an informed decision..

    Here in the UK there appears to be hope just by looking on MSM comments on the Daily Mail etc. Granted it's not usually nuclear issues but people aren't taking things anymore at face value and are questioning the news they are ready. One step at a time eh?

    The book I;m reading by Helen Caldicott- Nuclear power is not the answer, is a big eye opener. I knew plants had releases but the amount they can release is criminal.

    All the noble gases are allowed in whatever quantities because they aren't chemically reactive with us. However the decay products; Cesium, Strontium, Iodine are and will cause great damage.
    No monitoring is done; it's all guess work. That's in the USA. Probably the same here. Makes you wonder why all the various cancers show up near NPP's.

  • It's All Lies It's All Lies

    ready? *reading*

  • jeosesatellite