TV: Time-lapse footage of steam release at Three Mile Island (VIDEO)

Published: September 20th, 2012 at 10:30 pm ET


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Title: Officials investigate Three Mile Island shutdown
Source: WGAL
Date: Sept. 20, 2012

“A TMI official tells us radiation in that steam is so low it cannot be detected” -Reporter

Watch the video here

Published: September 20th, 2012 at 10:30 pm ET


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40 comments to TV: Time-lapse footage of steam release at Three Mile Island (VIDEO)

  • Mack Mack

    Was any Tritium released in that steam?

    —–> Tritium can be inhaled as a gas in the air, absorbed thru the skin, or ingested in water.

    It can cause cancer, but the EPA wants you to know that it's one of the "least dangerous radionuclides" (somehow that isn't very comforting)

    —–> Wikipedia says it's "a radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water, or absorbed through the skin."

    —–> And Beyond Nuclear says:

    >> "Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years."

    >> "…even the smallest amount of tritium can have negative health impacts…"

    >> "…if a pregnant woman’s female fetus is exposed to tritium, the fetus’s eggs can be exposed to the tritium’s radiation for decades after this initial exposure…"

    >> "Tritium can cause mutations, tumors and cell death."

    Lots more to read here:

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    One of those oft used phrases – "the plant shut down" – gives the public the impression that the plant shut down. But, in reality, the plant began to shut down. It will take weeks to actually shut down. It gives the impression that no radiological events can occur while the plant is shut down, which, of course, is absurdly false.

  • jec jec

    Someone should do a FOAI request for the monitoring data for that time period. THEN a person can say..Non-detectable levels! No statement without collaborating information. TRANSPARENCY we have been assured we will have…?? So hopefully it will be easily obtained, as the people living in the area have had a lot of adverse experience due to Three Mile Island events in the past.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Why are using this stupid technology? …we don't even need it.

  • richard richard

    she describes the event as 'not unusual' .. so does this mean TMI does an auto-shutdown or have a fault regularly?

    she also explains being told 'radiation was released in the steam, but at miniscule levels'. so called, not harmful levels.

    this is where i like to suggest we need to push for objective reports and real numbers, not subjective, unspecified amounts that treat the public like 5 year olds.

    since fuku, we all have had an education on rad monitoring, let's get specifics from the 'authorities'.

  • many moons

    why do people work at nuclear plants?
    Couldn't they make a living doing something else?
    If they realized how much they are contributing to the suffering of others right in their own home towns…wouldn't that make them want to choose another profession?

    Without nuclear plant workers there would be no nuclear plants…unless they the owners forced people to work for them….I don't think we will convince the nuclear owners from stopping the insanity but perhaps we could approach the workers, and show them how they are contributing to the distruction of the planet!

    • richard richard

      and this is where we are at, moons. many, many people in the world are operating at a 'survial' mode, which means their first priority is income=food+shelter. The source of that income is secondary.

      education and propoganda and entrenchment guide the bulk of the population into slots and they wont be shifted too easily on a simple, ethical basis.

      i could apply all the metaphors about the general public. but i'm not having a dig, i simply think they are way too distracted to think outside of the box.

      as always, i'm not saying any of it's right, i'm stating how i see it. the solution is almost insurmountable i fear.

      in life i've seen may think that because i'm 'green' i'm leftist and a tree hugger, i get catergorized and marginalised. of course, the way i see it is, they careless about the world that sustains them and are entirely self-focused (which includes immediate family). i don't care what their politics are.

      ranting.. but there it is.

      • many moons

        Well maybe then the only solution is to boycott nuclear energy-and if your opinion is that people aren't sophisticated enough for that approach..I say-that doesn't matter!
        One way or another we will boycott nuclear energy-we will either fight against it and not use it….or we won't have a need for it…or any other energy sources….because it will have eliminated us.

        • richard richard

          yes, my opinion is 'that people aren't sophisticated enough', as you put it. and again, i'm not trying to have take at anyone, i'm just noting the population as i see it.

          boycotting will face a similar uphill battle.

          essentially, renewable energy needs to be applied globally. and where it can't produce enough power, well, you'll just have to stop production.

          but it's never going to happen, for the points i raised earlier.

          i know many of us are aware and savvy and trying to change the course, but the many of us are in fact very few in comparision to the juggernaut that is human society. society may get swayed, but it wont turn full about.. not without some very rude awakenings.

          • many moons

            "Not without some very rude awakenings"

            If 14 nuke meltdowns and a sea polluted beyond recuperation is not a rude awakening then only the a bigger problem would be a rude awakening is a scarey thought.
            So it is obvious that a bigger event will occur and will the remaining population be able to even shutdown/deal with the plants around the world…or will workers just abandon them like a pilot ejecting from a plane?
            Even if we start now to resolve the issues we have created it seems unlikely we would succeed. Instead the problem increases day by day as the wealth of the plant owners increases and the suffering increases….I feel like I woke up on a roulette table…..and something is calling out numbers…all over the world these monster killing machines are calling the numbers…in indiana, chicago,san diego,fukushima,harrison….

            • richard richard

              mate.. you are so on the mark m moons.

              we are the frog in the heated water. before we recognise the need to change course, the irreversible and fatal damage has been done.

              the earth has over 400 reactors waiting to go belly up. there are current plans for around 200 more in the next 20 years.

              abandoning collapsed and out of control reactors will have a global domino effect, resulting in the big sleepdown.

              i'm trying to think of something better to offer, an alternate way to get people alerted to the potential problems. i don't wish to just speak in jaded terms.

              when i can come up with something, or if other's can conjure up some new reality, i'm sure it'll be posted here on enenews first 😉

            • Anthony Anthony

              I am still not a 'CT" person, but I will say as we digest ALL the various poisonous situations we have going on, we are dead.

              Intentional or not, we will be poisoned by this and that is what IS happening biologically.

              I don't see the appropriate attempts or honestly present to indicate we are to be saved from all these poisoning. The list of problems have only increased since 311 which alone, I already think is a toxic problem with a deadly outcome.

              Too many poisons out of control at the same time.

    • ShutItAllDown

      Let's not get rid of those nuckla plant workers until AFTER they dismantled all of them and buried the material down that really deep gold mine in South Africa.

      • richard richard

        your half right. we need them for decom. but burying in a mine is way not an answer. that leaves the problem for future gens/life forms to deal with.

        get the nukas to swallow every last micron might be one alternative.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    "Radiation so low… can't be detected."

    No more rads than eating a banana.
    No more rads than a cross country flight.
    No immediate health threat.
    No more nukes!

  • dosdos dosdos

    Let's start generating electricity with bananas, since they're so blasted radioactive..

  • many moons

    “A TMI official tells us radiation in that steam is so low it cannot be detected” -Reporter

    Well that makes sense…there was soooo little radiation coming from the malfunctioning reactor that it couldn't be detected so RAD net turned off the dectors and are shinning them up to be ready for a real disaster scenario…probably involving foreign invaders….extra terrestrial

  • nonuke nonuke

    This news coincides perfectly with an article I read today ..good grief !!!,29588/

  • Maggie123

    @nonuke – Thanks! Absolutely what I needed!!!:)