TV: Residents by sinkhole “believe nothing will be done until someone dies” — Tremors increased on same day dangerous gas found — Followed by ‘debris’ rising to surface

Published: November 22nd, 2012 at 11:29 am ET


Title: Increased seismic activity recorded at giant Louisiana sinkhole
Source: WAFB
Author: Amber Stegall
Date: Nov 21, 2012 5:43 PM EST

According to the Assumption Parish Police Jury website, increased seismic activity was recorded between 6 p.m. and midnight, Tuesday. The cause of this activity is unknown at this time. The tremors occurred on the same day dangerous gases were discovered at one of the vent wells at the sinkhole. […]

Hydrogen Sulfide is a poisonous, flammable gas and has a very bad odor. The smell is described as the smell of rotten eggs. Unlike methane, it is heavier than air and collects at low to the ground levels. No community air monitors have detected Hydrogen Sulfide.

The well was shut down due to these levels. […]

In the meantime, DEQ is doing in-home monitoring, but residents tell WAFB 9News they believe nothing will be done until someone dies.

Texas Brine Company, Press Release, November 21, 2012:

Debris, apparently from the bottom of the sinkhole, rose to the surface accompanied by a brief period of water movement. That debris is being cleared from the surface.

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Published: November 22nd, 2012 at 11:29 am ET


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9 comments to TV: Residents by sinkhole “believe nothing will be done until someone dies” — Tremors increased on same day dangerous gas found — Followed by ‘debris’ rising to surface

  • markww markww

    This is the third time I have mentioned awareness and safety but no one has listened yet and wrote Louisiana Sheriff and others and nothing back. Is everyone just going to sit on their duffs and twiddle thumbs

    I suggest that experts and seismologists and engineers have a daily type briefing world wide to work on this disaster It has gotten away from the people locally and the Government is not going to be able to do anything either since there is no management or expertise setup. Setup system online where we can dowhat is needed to get the ball rolling .


    • vivvi

      Yes, I am amazed they seem to think that by blaming Texas Brine for the whole thing they have somehow avoided taking responsibility. I really dont think the brine company is gonna spend a cent more than they absolutely must, or do anything more than they are compelled under threat to do. This rules out entirely any kind of regional action, any sort of in depth examination, or any concern for the public at large, who are not really Tex's problem as far as the corporation is concerned. All the big players are sitting back waiting, hoping somebody else can be blamed or that it goes away. Saves money, of course.

    • gr81 gr81

      Since "governments" are continually proving themselves worthless and a waste of our tax bucks, it seems the legal system would be the next logical move. If the legal system there is not too corrupt, and there are charges which can be brought against the perps involved in the disaster or coverup or secrecy; arresting some of those "elites" might just get their attention. IMO

  • many moons

    I think it won't matter how many people die…the profiteers will continue to ignore the consequences of their distructive gains….and there is no one to stand in judgement of this situation because if there were a costly plan would have already been inacted. The owners will let this toxic site increase…displace the people who were probably trying to hold back the complete degradation of the land…then they will pillage and leave. Perhaps a few local residents who cause the biggest noise will get some shut up money but not enough to compensate the loss of home. Most of the USA will never know it took place.
    It's the I got mine and yours routine….so shut up and go away!
    Did Texas brine think for one moment about the health and well being of the people who lived near these dangerous wells that were being filled with toxins….No and they still don't care about them!

  • dosdos dosdos

    This is not the first time a salt dome operation went awry on the surface, and probably not the last, not with state laws denying frackers the right to dump their sludge in shallow wells. It's just the most obvious to date.

  • Elqisqeyano

    The Frog in the pot of boiling water effect here? Should they wait till the water starts to boil to evacuate or evacuate now?

  • irhologram

    OR. There's the other alternative. That they have known for almost 3 years since the BP Horizon. Which Matt Simmons told you would lead to this before his death (that many call conspiracy). And other conspiracy "theorists" believe the New Horiszon was "rigged" to cause this disaster…with the 5 mile deep puncture 150 miles out of methane/cocktail gas then pushing through the continental shelf, and up the coastal aquifer to the Mississippi Alluvial Aquafer. OR. It's just that the bayou Corne salt dome has been penetrated by pressure from the Napoleonville Salt Dome (which isn't likely because of the 1000 psi pressure UNDER the sinkhole, causing gas and oil to squeeze up it like a toothpaste tube (considering that the Loisiana clay surface structure will only "hold" at 15 psi seems likely to have happened previous to this…unless there were another variable). In ANY case this is BEYOND the scope of this salt dome collapse alone, I don't see a boiling frog anywhere except on this board, whose voice is the CANARY SENTINEL of the world… Remember? This story broke into the national world scene through a blog. THIS blog? The PEOPLE are clearly NOT complacent judging from the meetings. But where are they going to go other than FEMA camps? Your house? And of course they may have hydrogen sulfide intoxication by now…because a story here today says they DID smell it outside their homes…and increasing concentrations are odorless. What will you DO?

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Another building down from a gas explosion in springfield massachussets just now – whats with all these buildings and houses exploding from gas explosions lately?

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Update – several buildings down in the explosion