Video: Unforeseen health problems now just coming to light after Fukushima disaster

Published: March 28th, 2013 at 10:38 pm ET


Euronews, March 28, 2013: Fukushima: A legacy of unforeseen health problems […] The death rate of elderly people evacuated from old people’s facilities around the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant has tripled, according to research. The University of Tokyo tracked 328 senior evacuees and found 75 had died within one year, close to three times the annual average death rate. […] In Fukushima City, a school reported an increase in children with flatfeet, blamed on the restrictions on outdoor play due to the nuclear contamination. […]

Reporter at :30 in: “Japan is still dealing with the consequences of the 2011 earthquake/tsunami where many related health problems are now just coming to light.”

NHK WORLD: Death rate of senior evacuees rises in Fukushima […] Researchers have found that the death rate nearly tripled among evacuees from facilities for elderly people near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant. The research group from the University of Tokyo and a city-run hospital tracked 328 senior evacuees from 5 facilities in Minamisoma City. The facilities are within a 30-kilometer radius of the plant where the serious nuclear accident occurred in March 2011. […]

NHK WORLDIncrease in flatfeet among Fukushima children […] A nursery school in Fukushima City reports a sharp increase in the number of children with flatfeet. The school blames restrictions on outdoor play imposed after the Fukushima nuclear accident 2 years ago. Flatfoot is a condition that causes sufferers to tire easily because it reduces the foot’s capacity to absorb impacts. Torikawa Nursery School says it examined about 60 children aged between 3 and 5 last April, a year after the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. It says 43 percent had developed flatfeet, triple the pre-accident number. […]

Watch the Euronews broadcast here

Published: March 28th, 2013 at 10:38 pm ET


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32 comments to Video: Unforeseen health problems now just coming to light after Fukushima disaster

  • I guess we're forgetting to factor in deaths that are not directly caused by radiation, but that are indirectly caused by radiation.

    Add those to the radiation-induced mortality figures and things could get very bad.
    A bit off-topic here, but something weird appears to be happening in Okinawa:

    On 3/28/2013, Fukushima Diary reported strange quakes have been occurring in Okinawa since 3/19/2013.

    (cf, Strange quakes reported in Okinawa, “feel like something exploded” [URL] )

    Strange quakes reported in Okinawa, “feel like something exploded”
    Posted by Mochizuki on March 28th, 2013 · No Comments

    • Ok, relating this to health, it might be of interest to some that Okinawans are (or were) the longest living people on Earth.

      There's a well-known (to some) study on this called "The Okinawan Centenarian Study"):

      "Okinawa Centenarian Study
      [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

      The Okinawa Centenarian Study is a study of the elderly people of Okinawa, Japan. The study, funded by Japan's ministry of health, is the largest of its kind ever carried out. Over the years, the scientists involved have had access to more than 600 Okinawan centenarians.

      The elderly of Okinawa enjoy what may be the longest life-expectancy in the world, and are also known for enjoying relatively good health while doing so. The three leading killers in the West–coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer–occur in Okinawans with the lowest frequency in the world.[2]

      The goal of the study is to find out why this is the case."

      "Compared to Westerners, the islanders age slowly and are about 80% less likely to get heart disease. They're also a quarter less likely to get breast or prostate cancer. In addition, they have half the risk of getting colon cancer and are less likely than Westerners to get dementia. On average they spend 97% of their lives free of any disabilities."

      • ion jean ion jean

        Because Westerners have all been Nuked by their governments…these people eat well and don't consume American fare like aspartame, fluoride, HFCS, BPA, parabens, lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and on and on and on

        • True i.j.

          I hesitate (only a bit though) to pick on our pink-skinned brethren, but I'll relate this to a kind of thinking that might be all too pervasive – that whitey is superior because he has all kinds of marvelous scientific inventions which prove categorically that they are "superior", and that indigenous peoples are oh so backward and useless.

          Nanaimo Daily News publisher apologizes for racist letter

          [March 28, 2013 8:00PM PDT]
          "The letter, written by Don Olsen, was printed under the headline, “Educate First Nations to be modern citizens.” It claimed indigenous people have a history only notable “for underachievement.”

          Olsen said First Nations have “never had a written language,” “had no science or scientific discoveries” and only “figured out a drum and a rattle for musical instruments.”

          He also wrote that First Nations aren’t responsible enough to look after themselves or “efficiently spend the billions the tax payers give them,” ending that Canada should “do away with this traditional use and cultural nonsense.”

          Perhaps he should read:

          Forgotten Founders

          Exemplar of Liberty


          Donald A. Grinde, Jr.
          Rupert Costo Professor of American Indian History
          University of California at Riverside

          Bruce E. Johansen
          Associate Professor of…

          • ion jean ion jean

            Pu239: too bad the hubris of EuroSaxon pundits has colored the dialogue so…I personally always noticed how much BETTER indigenous people are at getting along with each other, creating a peaceful, ethical sense of community and belonging while living in ecoharmony, respecting all life…the Titans are threatened by all this, but they don't know why, so they wield technology like a sword.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Curioser & Curioser PU239: >>"Okinawa Meteorological Observatory comments the seismograph didn’t indicate anything, the reason of the quakes is not identified."<<

      Twilight Zone music plays softly in the background. Hi, PU, glad you're still keeping up the good fight here.

      • Thanks dharmasyd,

        I should have fact-checked that one. Maybe we'll hear more soon.

        Let's try this one – just flashed into view on Google News – concerning health problems just coming to light from nuke tests in the 60s, i.e. the delayed effect and how the industry tries to fib its way around it (same as we're seeing at Fukushima). You often hear it from the pro-nukers in the form: "Nobody died because of Fukushima."

        Cancer Pandemic: Reaping the Seeds of Nuke Tests
        [By John LaForge
        Global Research, March 28, 2013

        "The warnings about fallout from nuclear tests six decades ago often noted that cancers from the radiation would probably not begin appearing in large numbers for many years. But that time is now – and medical experts are wondering whether the surge in some cancers is a result."

        "The FRC also announced that its radiation guidelines should not be applied to bomb test fallout because “any possible health risk which may be associated with exposures even many times above the guide levels would not result in a detectable increase in the incidence of disease.”

        "IEER’s scientists condemned this fabulously implausible assurance, writing: “Since thyroid cancers can develop many years after radiation exposure and are therefore not immediately detectable, this reassurance was highly misleading.”

        • jec jec

          Cancer years after. like my daughter with radiation caused thyroid cancer…we are "downwinders"..from Washington State..and then in Europe/Germany for the "Chernobyl event 1986-87. So lots of opportunity to get radiated. The surgeon said the cancer she has, and its outside of the thryoid, is only found in radiation cases… Just Saying..

        • We Not They Finally

          Exactly. When we (two) were growing up in the fifties, cancer was rare. By the eighties it was common. But no public connections were drawn. It was just “the new normal.” Then it was all about all the wonderful new ways of “fighting cancer,” and cancer advocacy groups and the glories of “the war on cancer,” and how valiant people were to be “survivors.” Then there were environmental groups saying that this toxin causes cancer and that toxin causes cancer (which is undoubtedly true) and the common word was “carcinogen.” But still scarce mention of RADIATION. And what if genetic deformities becomes “the new normal” in coming years? Who has the stomach for the new lingo and more new lies when it’s their own kids?

      • hbjon hbjon

        Perhaps humanity will not go gentle into that good night. Will good ever triumph over evil?

        • ion jean ion jean

          Good will Always triumph over evil, but Always in the Eleventh Hour…the Universe moves slower than our brains do (size difference).

          Find Beauty every day…boost your immune system…share your truth

          • nedlifromvermont

            Amen, ion jean, to that … we will slay this dragon yet … reading Nuclear Roulette now by Gar Smith ….

            peace ..

  • We Not They Finally

    FLAT FEET is the problem for the children? They've forgotten about the 46% of the children with thyroid nodules, marked to be UN-biopsied until it is unmistakably clear that they have cancer? They forgot that 60% of the children tested as DIABETIC as of last July? FLAT FEET? Are they out of their minds?

    • jec jec

      And the diagnosis of getting tired easily…??? Thats so tragic.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The reason they are getting tired is because of radiation poisoning: radiation in the air, on the ground, in the water, and in the food. Dumping radioactive debris and radioactive contaminated water in the ocean is truly tragic. Incinerating radioactive debris is also horrible. Telling people they need to be happy and that radiation is good for you is extremely evil.

        • japan guinea pig

          Well said Anne. Just like their trying to say that the sudden jump in childhood Obesity in Fukushima is due to children not being able to play outside,disregarding the fact that damage to the childrens Thyroid glans (by radiation fallout ) leads to HYPOTHYROIDISM, which slows down the function of the Thyroid gland leading to Obesity. Its well documented,you can check it out on any medical website. The Japanese government are LIARS.

  • We Not They Finally

    And they are blaming FLAT FEET for the children tiring easily? Again, are they out of their minds? Like just let them play outdoors and they will be fine? Again, are they out of their freaking minds?

    • Just ethically-challenged and conscience-free.

      Or, they read articles like this one (and believe it):

      Study tour reveals nuke-crisis-hit Fukushima products now radioactive free
      Last Updated: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 17:54

      "Fukushima (Japan): The nuclear disaster that hit Japan's Fukushima Prefecture over two years ago, forcing the evacuation of over 160,000 residents, appears now to be gradually receding into the past, with key officials saying that daily essentials such as rice, vegetables and other products are free of radioactive substance."

      We're dealing with pure evil, let's face it.

      • Well said, pure evil. Indeed, if the devil decided to make a substance, a technology that could get humans to destroy themselves….what could be better…

        a highly complicated, invisible, odorless, painless, hard to detect poison, that required billions of dollars to harness and made a waste product that basically didn't go away

        • We Not They Finally

          Remember Al Pacino in the film "The Devil's Advocate"? He said that a hallmark of The Devil was "They'll never see you coming."

      • Sol Man

        You've got that right. Denial and spin don't work. The world has been given successive dosing of radiation the likes of which had never been seen. We hear the piper…

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          "…Denial and spin don't work…"

          You may not *want* them to work, but they seem to have been doing the job pretty well for the parties employing them and their respective victims.

          That's just my un-scientific observation from a few decades on your planet. Maybe it will be magically different this time.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        oh yea, next step is to export all of this 'radiation free' food and drink overseas…

  • michellemamarn

    If you combine the information contained in these two stories, a picture of a massive cover up continues to emerge. I am also thinking of the increase in obesity there, and America's "obesity epidemic." The effects of low level radiation cause lethargy and weakness- a loss of physical stamina. Hmmmm…. See these two stories- and also

    • michellemamarn

      The CNN story I posted above is about American troops leaving Okinawa.

    • nedlifromvermont

      what about the rise in autism … probably from increased background radiation … see Gofman, Radiation and Human Health, …

      it was predicted and foretold …

      a global nuclear shutdown the only sane response …

      military and civilian …

      start saying it now …

      peace …

      • majia's blog has info on that:

        Autism and Radiation
        [WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2012]

        "Radiation is far more mutagenic than most chemicals. The role of radiation in contributing to autism has not been thoroughly examined in the scientific literature. That is why the study at the very bottom of this post needs to be extended and replicated."
        Funny how even the definition of mutagenic goes straight for the radiation:


        capable of inducing mutation (used mainly of extracellular factors such as X-rays or chemical pollution).

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Children's Cancer Rate Is Increasing Every Year; WHY?; via A Green Road

    Global Infant Mortality Numbers Due To Out Of Control Fukushima Nuclear Fires; via A Green Road

    • We Not They Finally

      You n a GRET blog, A Green Rad. We've learned a lot. Also for children's cancers (everyone's, but children especially), check out BARRIE TROWER on microwave damage. IT IS a form of radiation, even though we're not identifying chemical elements. Children living close to cell towers have a way higher rate of cancer. Trower is also very concerned about mandatory wifi in schools. But the thing is, we all think it great to live without nuclear plants, but the microwave industry (ovens, phones, computers) just makes life more "convenient." In fact, "Can't live without it." When we discover differently, it may be way too late.

  • We Not They Finally

    It's actually hard to critique a culture that has gone clinically insane. Like somehow (they don't deny it), about 47% of the Fukushima children have highly abnormal (according to Helen Caldicott, the activist pediatrician) growths on their thyroid. So they sampled a "control" group from areas in Japan far away from Fukushima. And they found that children there had 57% thyroid growths!! So they said, well, you see, it can't be from the nuclear disaster or the figure in Fukushima would be higher than the figure from much further away. To "reassure the public." Except that, A) for all we know, the figures were reversed!; and B) the actual customary figures for those thyroid growths is way under ONE percent!! So any figure from anywhere in Japan is totally freaked-out, alarmingly dangerous, evacuate-those-kids-immediately!! Their "new normal" lives in a mental institution. They have lost any measure of SANITY.