TV: “Truly unsettling” discovery at Fukushima… problem “far greater than previously thought” — Boss reveals 600 tons of fuel melted, can’t find it — Top Official: “Nobody really knows where fuel is”… We may never be able to get it and just leave wherever — “Uncontrollable fission” is continuing under site (VIDEO)

Published: June 2nd, 2016 at 1:18 am ET


ABC Australia, May 24, 2016 (emphasis added): [ABC’s Mark Willacy] has been invited on a tour of [Fukushima Daiichi]… What Willacy discovers is truly unsettling… retrieving hundreds of tonnes of melted nuclear fuel turns out to be far greater than previously thought.

ABC Australia transcript excerpts, May 24, 2016:

  • Willacy: Tonight we go on a journey into the heart of this ongoing crisis… and we reveal the frightening enormity of the clean-up… and how dangerous it still is.
  • Gregory Jaczko, former Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: This really is unchartered territory. Nobody really knows where the fuel is… There’s no playbook – they’re making this up as they go along.
  • Willacy: The man in charge of decontaminating and decommissioning the Fukushima plant, Naohiro Masuda. Has anything like this ever been attempted before?
  • Masuda: There has never been an accident at a nuclear plant like the one at Fukushima where three reactors had meltdowns. We are currently working on a timetable to decommission the reactors over the next 30 to 40 years.
  • Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister: I think it will take longer… This is a major accident, which has never happened anywhere in the world… 40 years is an optimistic view.
  • Willacy: We are heading to the buildings housing the melted reactors… Tepco is worried about possible nuclear terrorism, and won’t allow us to film certain security sites.
  • Masuda: This is a job we’ve never done and there is no textbook.
  • Willacy: [At Reactor 3 there was an] explosion right after the nuclear fuel melted… What happened inside [Reactor 2] no-one really knows… [Reactor 1] is where probably the worst meltdown occurred. They don’t know where the nuclear fuel is.
  • Masuda: We haven’t actually seen where the melted fuel fell, so it’s important to find it as soon as possible.
  • Willacy: For the first time, Foreign Correspondent can reveal just how vast the amount of melted nuclear fuel is, the three molten blobs that lie somewhere deep within each of these buildings.
  • Masuda: It’s estimated that 200 tonnes of debris lies within each unit… 600 tonnes of melted debris fuel and a mixture of concrete and other metals are likely to be here.
  • Willacy: The most daunting task, one the nuclear industry has never faced, is getting the melted fuel out. TEPCO admits the technology it needs hasn’t been invented.
  • Jaczko: It may be possible that we’re never able to remove the fuel. You may just wind up having to leave it there and somehow entomb it as it is. I mean that’s certainly a possibility. There is no playbook, they’re making this up as they go along.
  • Kan: If all the reactors had had a meltdown, there was a risk that half or all of Japan could have been destroyed… the accident took us to the brink of destruction.
  • Jaczko: You have to now accept that in all nuclear power plants… there’s a chance you can have this kind of a very catastrophic accident… that’s the reality of nuclear power.

ABC Australia, May 24, 2016: Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel… [TEPCO] has revealed that 600 tonnes of reactor fuel melted during the disaster, and that the exact location of the highly radioactive blobs remains a mystery… [C]hief of decommissioning at Fukushima, Naohiro Masuda, said the company hoped to… begin removing it from 2021… “But unfortunately, we don’t know exactly where (the fuel) is” [said Masuda]. [Gregory Jaczko, Chairman of the US NRC] at the time of the meltdowns at Fukushima doubts the fuel can be retrieved… “Nobody really knows where the fuel is… It may be possible that we’re never able to remove the fuel. You may just have to wind up leaving it there and somehow entomb it as it is.”… For the first time, TEPCO has revealed just how much of the mostly uranium fuel melted down… [Masuda said] “about 600 tonnes of melted debris fuel and a mixture of concrete and other metals are likely to be there.”

RT, May 24, 2016: 600 tons of melted radioactive Fukushima fuel still not found, clean-up chief reveals… [The fuel] burnt through the respective reactor pressure vessels, concentrating somewhere on the lower levels of the station… fuel from Reactor 1 poured out completely… the exact location of the highly radioactive “runaway” fuel remains mystery for TEPCO. The absolutely uncontrollable fission of the melted nuclear fuel assemblies continue somewhere under the remains of the station… [TEPCO’s] plan for Fukushima nuclear power plant implies a 30-40 year period… Yet experts doubt the present state of technology is sufficient to deal with the unprecedented technical task.

Watch ABC Australia’s broadcast here

Published: June 2nd, 2016 at 1:18 am ET


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845 comments to TV: “Truly unsettling” discovery at Fukushima… problem “far greater than previously thought” — Boss reveals 600 tons of fuel melted, can’t find it — Top Official: “Nobody really knows where fuel is”… We may never be able to get it and just leave wherever — “Uncontrollable fission” is continuing under site (VIDEO)

  • Sol Man

    It was not one accident and should not be referred to as such. Go back and check out the older Arto Laurie talks if they are still available.

    • No mention of the large amount of contamination following into the Pacific Ocean or from fallout.

      The Pacific Ocean Is Dying!


      This massive amount of radioactive environment pollution has resulted in the Pacific Ocean food supply crashing! Like the human embryo, embryonic sea life including fish eggs, are hypersensitive to radioactive contamination, hence the large number of reports of seals, whales and birds etc., washing up on the west coast of North America, starving to death.

      • A single toxin in the environment can be a hazard, and maybe an organism's natural biological defense system can deal with this effectively. If an organism has multiple toxins present, radiological and chemical, to deal with at the same time, you get a biological toxicity multiplying effect. The human or animal defense systems become weaker the more toxins they have to deal with.

        • Biologically, one toxin plus one toxin, does not equate double the toxicity effect. Studies show you can get a multiplying toxicity damaging effect 10 to 20 times greater. The organism becomes overloaded dealing with too much toxic stress at once.

          So you have a situation where,

          1. Like the human embryo, embryonic sea life including fish eggs, are hypersensitive to radioactive contamination!

          2. Immune system damage to sea organisms, and other aquatic life.

          3. A toxicity multiplying effect.

          Hence we have the North Pacific Ocean food chain crashing. The larger sea animals, whales, seals, birds etc., which are already weekend, are starving to death because their food sources have died off.

          • Add to that bio-accumulation of radioactive isotope contamination,like Stock has pointed to in his Chitin report.

            The biological effects of the huge releases of radioactive contamination from the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe, on the atmosphere, Pacific Ocean and on land is multi faceted.

            Radiation contamination of the environment, on the scale of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe, has much broader effects than just detectable increases of radiation in air and water spreading out from Japan. It affects the dynamics of the entire biosphere!

            • Planetary Thermal Imbalance & Extreme UV Levels in Summer


              • Stock Chitin report,

                Mechanism By Which Radiation Destroys "Chitin" Which Destroys The Ocean Food Chains and Bees.


              • Angela_R

                Actually Vital, I am surprised at the very high readings that are already showing in certain parts of the US. For instance here are just a few examples:
                On Saturday 4th June, indications are that San Diego will measure 11.2 and Albuquerque 11.
                Highest levels anticipated for Colorado Springs and New York are likely to reach 10.9 and 9.3 respectively.
                Miami is expected to reach an extreme of 12.5 this Saturday (4th June)

                These levels are already showing as very high, in fact some are extreme, yet summer does not officially commence until 20th June.
                It is becoming even more important to check UV levels and to pay heed to advice given.

                • Angela_R

                  and to just briefly expand on the dangers of the increasing UV radiation, here are some extracts from advice provided by WHO:

                  “Prolonged human exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Sunburn (erythema) is the best-known acute effect of excessive UV radiation exposure. Over the longer term, UV radiation induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging, photodermatoses and actinic keratoses. Another long-term effect is an inflammatory reaction of the eye. In the most serious cases, skin cancer and cataracts can occur.”

                  “Worldwide some 12 to 15 million people become blind from cataracts annually, of which up to 20% may be caused or enhanced by sun exposure according to WHO estimates. Furthermore, a growing body of evidence suggests that environmental levels of UV radiation may suppress cell-mediated immunity and thereby enhance the risk of infectious diseases and limit the efficacy of vaccinations.”
                  Read more:

                  • Angela-R, as I point out in the article, we should all start looking more closely at local UV levels.

                    Here this summer we had extreme levels up to 15.5 at times!

                    Even on cloudy days, it was still at very high levels.

                    • Angela_R

                      A very detailed report, T/y, Vital.

                      I have been following my local UV levels in Australia, (you might recall a saying 'skin cancer capital of the world'), but I was surprised at the current high readings already showing in the US.

                      And have just noticed a recent report, dated 30 March 2016: “New Zealand has world's worst rate for invasive melanomas, overtaking Australia”

                      btw, the following link listed in your article did not work:

                    • We Not They Finally

                      Dane Wigington has a lot to say about rising UV levels in California. He attributes at least some of it to the incessant chemtrailing. In any case (and radiation must surely contribute) our protective atmosphere is being blasted away. UV levels get high enough and it is actually like walking outdoors into a blast of x-rays. Very bad news.

                    • Angela_R

                      Hi We Not They Finally,

                      I don't know whether you can stomach much more, however this video (which I also posted earlier) also includes details on chem trails:

                      (there have been many over the years who raised these issues)

  • Ho Lee Fuk Ho Lee Fuk

    If there was no textbook to deal with a very likely accident like this, then the damn piece of crap death machines should never have been created. Oh i forgot, it was created to do just that, exterminate the human race, and fairly slowly, most will not even notice or see it coming.
    In other news, miles and miles of beach heavily littered with dead crabs in southern California. Its really shocking. Never seen a die off like this. Yet people and children where swimming, and even collecting the crabs. Insanity. Not even any warning signs posted about the safety of the water. We are Fuk'd people. "Scientist" and "Biologists" are failing us, or are they mostly just spineless and fraudulent morons?
    ~Sum Ting Wong

    • 4Yahshua

      True! And a shark attacked a diver here near Corona del Mar Beach, Orange County, CA, unheard of a few years ago.
      The GOOD news if there is ANY is that the whole cellular structure of the human body does NOT change every 7 – 10 years as I was told. Some cells take much longer and some don't change in a lifetime. That is why human deaths from cancer after more than five years have not escalated as terrible as they would have if the 7 – 10 year rule was true.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

    There was an earthquake recently to the west of Fukushima where there are volcanoes. If the melted cores, the melted spent fuel, melted live fuel which was being stored to replace in the cores (e.g., at Unit #4 which was being refueled with MOX fuel at the time of the 9.0 earthquake, if all these reach the magma and it comes up in a volcano, it definitely won't be good for anyone.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

      Here is the earthquake I was thinking of and another one. I will tr to compute the distances to volcanoes and Fukushima NPP.

      M 4.2 – 7km WNW of Nakanojo, Japan
      2016-05-30 21:57:45 UTC
      36.606°N 138.773°E
      150.1 km

      M 4.2 – 21km N of Nanao, Japan
      2016-05-31 23:56:47 UTC
      37.246°N 136.993°E
      267.1 km

      M 4.2 – 7km WNW of Nakanojo, Japan
      2016-05-30 21:57:45 UTC
      36.606°N 138.773°E
      150.1 km

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

      They weren't that close.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      If we use DOE Sandia data from lab controlled nuke meltdown experiments, we could theorize that any of the 3 molten radioactive reactor cores could be over 11km deep now. At 30cm of concrete penetration per hour the cores might actually be much deeper than 11km since the mudstone and sandstone bedrock below Fuku is much less resistant to molten reactor fuels. Realize that once the Corium blob forms out of the burned up fuel rods then the ratio of surface area to mass is much too small to allow successful solidification of the Corium via heat transfer through contact with the water table or surrounding bedrock. The only thing stopping the Corium from continuing to fission out of control forever is when the Corium either becomes too contaminated with non fissile materials; either fission daughter products or rock and soil elements that might mix into the Corium lava blob. Since this latest article once again confirms that out of control fission is still taking place in the Corium blobs under Fuku we know for certain there is plenty of heat to melt the Corium lava tubes further and further down into the Earth. China Syndrome is reality now. Perhaps the Corium will indeed mix with underground magma. It certainly sounds possible at this point.

      • freebywill

        Considering the Earths rotation and a fluids tendency to seek the path of least resistance is it possible the corium(s) are arcing under the Island of Japan ? Noting the viscosity of magma on the surface, and imagining the flow under the crust, once they get to the magma pools will the coriums eventually find their way to the surface in some future volcanic eruption ?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Many of us are, I'm sure, having the, "Aha! I told you so," experience.

    Thanks to Angela R. for providing the original link, and possibly alerting Admin to this story. Kudos. Well done.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The actual amount of missing fuel (tonnage) seems open to debate.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Any country can fake a meltdown and claim missing nuclear material.

        So much for the usefulness of UH inspectors.

        Nuclear power will never be safe.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The constantly fissioning corium, well, that's truly an admission on the part of Tepco. A rare moment of truthfulness?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Yeah, man that's great. Now we can mobilize the scientific, industrial, and political forces of the world to to get together and talk about how they could have fixed it if only they knew earlier.

        And it's good news for refugees from the Fukushima Prefecture knowing that fissioning nuclear cores still burn. Now they can be sure that they are forever screwed . Hey it beats uncertainty.

        It's clobbering time.

      • Ho Taters
        I don't think Tepco is acknowledging fissioning. I think that remark was introduced by RT based on context

        I could be wrong but that is my thought

        • Angela_R

          majia, perhaps someone else, maybe razzz could provide some input here. Personally I would think it a given, that any out of containment radionuclides would continue to engage in fission reactions; until their decay process is at an end.

          Musing on sand jumping: my thoughts are that radionuclides blast sand, (principally SiO2), to separate the oxygen. Plenty of sand out there…

          • razzz razzz

            Of course fission chain reactions and radioactive decay chains are two different things. You need a moderator like water to slow down neutrons enough to strike and fracture fissile uranium or plutonium atoms.

            Insert moderating rods and fission stops or without water fission stops, scatter the fuel and fission stops. All three meltings were caused by decay heat since the control rods successfully SCRAMed the working cores then water boiled off to cause a lack of a moderator.

            From that point on, everything is theoretical and ventures into the unknown (not counting what they don't tell us like what signature isotopes were created during 3's explosion).

            Can a melted core reconfigure itself to undergo fission? What I read is yes a melt can moderate neutrons on its own internally and with fissile metals being heavier, they can settle out (distill) together for a fizzle chain reaction (intermittent).

            That is why it is so dangerous to disturb the melts, wherever they are. Because you could crack the melt's crust and allow water to moderate around any fissile material for at least a steam explosion.

            I still think the melts are nearby because there is to much water, sand and clay to interact with even if they left their basements. Hot on the inside but crusted over. Albeit a highly radioactive crust.

            Sad, really.

            • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

              Razzz says:
              "fizzle chain reaction (intermittent)"
              Nice! 🙂
              Describes nicely the ongoing periodic peaks in Iodine-131 since 3/11.
              Many thanks for your posts.

              • razzz razzz

                'fizzle' is what I sometimes see it referred to when a nuke bomb is a dud and the fuel pit fails to sustain a nuclear chain reaction or only undergoes a partial chain reaction.

                If cesium and other Daiichi radioisotopes are in the natural cycle then spring time should see an increase in readings as blossoms, containing what the trees have drawn up from surrounding radioactive ground, fall to the ground or go airborne. A continuous loop for decades if not centuries.

                Interesting that Unit 3 is still not covered like Unit 1. TEPCO just couldn't figure out why the site was being contaminated during building(s) deconstruction and resorts to HEPA vacuum cleaners after the fact i.e Unit 1, to keep radioactive dust from entering the environment but still leaves Unit 3 exposed.

                Unit 3's limp noodle roof tresses also reflects a tremendous amount of heat that was released during that explosion. Much more heat released than say the hydrogen explosion/burn at Unit 1.

                Yea, those melt tonnage are all guesses. Where does the ground begin or building end as the melts assimilate. Unit 1 was the oldest building and had the smallest reactor but TEPCO is sure that core completely melted down and out. I guess dilution with whatever nearby materials can be a good thing.

            • Thanks for your input Razz.

              As a daily webcam watcher for the last 5 years I personally believe that some sort of activity continues with the melted reactor cores.

              I read that fissioning need not result in explosive chains.

              Porterblog had a very interesting account of neutron poisoning several years ago that made sense intuitively and fit with the emission events witnessed by webcam watchers:


              I've heard from people sampling in the Fukushima area that levels of cesium-134 have stopped rising in local fauna so any fissioning activity is probably low-level or the emissions aren't (ordinarily) making it to the atmosphere.

              That said, I'm convinced that ocean contamination has been unremitting and the question of ongoing fissioning is irrelevant to the deterioration of the fuel and dispersal of its elements, especially strontium.

            • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

              Razz, there is proven fission still occurring at Fuku. Iodine 131 proves this. Regarding your point about water as a moderator to slow down neutrons, other elements certainly present in the molten Corium can act as neutron moderators. There is an uncontrolled fission experiment going on now, x3.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Majia, yes, you are likely correct. Agreed, upon re-reading the text of the RT story section quoted here.

    • Angela_R

      Ho, I guess there are those still around from the generation that was spurred by people like Helen Caldicott and we still have some good investigative journalists.

      Many however say – "I already have enough to worry about"

      • Angela_R

        and Ho, I returned to find a post on the previous thread and noted the following:

        Heart of the Rose
        May 24, 2016 at 9:06 am · Reply
        Oh, but nuclear material x-containment will do what nuclear material x-containment is going to do.

        Only 600 tons?
        Missing ..poof.
        Looking out ..hand shielding eyes.. looking high and low..yet still it can't be found.
        Seems they can't even find 'the precious' once x-containment, let alone contain it.


        Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel
        May 24 2016

        I had forgotten that it was Heart, who via this post, lead me to find the video.

      • Tom in AZ Tom in AZ

        Yes, eyes glaze over. Just bringing it up, when it is NEVER mentioned on any news outlets, if they don't know anything about it anyway and people look at you like they want to put a little more distance between you and them. I still print and pass out the info, but it really is a black hole. Hope folks are hanging in, I don't post much but have been here for years.


    Ask the coral on the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia; where the fuel is?

    Bringing good things to white coral life.

    While the zombie sheep rejoice in destroying their children's future. we're saved by doing nothing. The Anti-Christ(ian) doctrine of a Turkish lunatic wanna-be. Ask a nun!

    Why are they not listening? Simple; give 'em enough cross they'll crucify themselves. Going underground in their closet whore houses on every corner won't save 'em!

    I'm looking forward to YAHUAHshua's birthday on June 28th. It's a jubilee year. I hold no debts over anyone, helped the poor and needy, cleaned up tin cans and garbage that the proud and haughty threw on the gutter etc. Should be a good year.

    How about you?


    Intergalactic shock waves that shill reporters are not informing you of are causing the earths core to heat and cool causing expansion/contraction of tectonic plates. Since negligent placement of failed atomic/nuclear power plants sit upon these plates sane people would shut them down as an act of urgency.

    The nemesis of the human race corporations should consider such expansions and contractions when building underground bunkers, you wouldn't want to gas your little tootsies off in a sealed coffin! Y' cern time drive has a faulty diocursion circuit that will cause a catastrophic acceleration. Just sayi'n!

    Ka YAHUAHshua ku Terra parak dua seer ka YahuYochanan Varak Kelaton ku Nibiru varakt virik puntra ki Terra Israel. Ku Gabriel tirich vril Barak.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The make it up as you go road map. Wow, I'm impressed. Next.

    Tip: hang a pen by your toilet paper.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    600 tons..
    How do they come up with this arbitrary number?
    What percentage did they allow for at Unit 1?
    Unit 2 went down whole ..the estimate?
    What estimate was assigned 3 and 4?
    Are they sure it wasn't 601 tons?
    Uncontrolled uncontrollable fission.

    What can I say?
    Like the Japanese ambassador…I honored to participate in these times.


    • Angela_R

      "600 tons..
      How do they come up with this arbitrary number?"

      A stab in the dark?
      However, would it be possible for scientists to provide the accurate details to determine such, Heart?

      You would probably remember a number of articles that have already been published by ENENEWS, which I understood to mean that a solution was not available, here's one from September 15 2013:

      “Report: Fukushima radioactive plume will continue to hit shores of U.S. and Canada for many decades — Impossible to remove molten cores for hundreds of years, if ever — Flow of contamination from plant will be virtually impossible to stop”

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        NO.. therefore 602 tons…lol

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        "600 tons..
        How do they come up with this arbitrary number?"
        They publish "melted fuel" but how much went past 'melted' to fine particles which might as well be a gas, which continue to circulate around the world. IMO

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Let's ball park ..what say?
          Unit 1 ..50 aerosol-50 melt down
          Unit 2 ..all
          Unit 3…70 -30 ..but running hot.
          And 4 ..whatever those liars by omission had in 4..

          They know the amount of materials onsite originally.
          Perhaps too much brain power needed to go from grabbing numbers out of the air to even ballpark..

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            And ..hey, at the end of the day..
            We are to feel reprieve because Buesseler say the majority went into the sea.
            (The rest below, with access to the ground water and the sea.)

          • fukushima is revelation fukushima is revelation

            It seems so absurd an impossible to imagine that they would have designed something that vaporizes when it burns an burns when it is not covered in water, I have great difficulty comprehending that anyone could design such a thing upon the Earth, yet apparently they have, an they have not repented.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              " absurd "
              I despise absurd.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                I wish sometimes I could let it rip Kevin Blanch.
                I want to swear to the full extent of ineffectual all swearing is ineffectual.
                Still ..resentment can put bitter words in one's mouth.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


                  Everlast – Stone In My Hand (Lyrics 2011)


                  Mercy for the people implies giving validity to their lives.
                  One way to provide this validity is to provide the truth.
                  To provide truth is the merciful thing to do.

                • fukushima is revelation fukushima is revelation

                  I hear that, the Japanese nation built 55 nuclear reactors on earthquake, tsunami, typhoon prone islands in some cases kilometers away from active volcanos, absurd. Year after year, when I mercifully share the truth, I find, I am rebuked approximately 75% of the time an ignored the other 25% of the time. Thanks for the song, it encourages me an reminds me of a reward I hope to attain in Christ, a stone, with a new name written upon it. Revelation 2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Thank you for this reply.
                    Notice the terms churches. ..somewhere further along in Revelations.
                    The 'tribes' were to get together 144,000 of them and survive by virtue.
                    Big numbers in biblical times ..big numbers now.

                    I love unbounded potential, clear definition too binding.
                    Great quote.
                    Thank you.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      PS. It reminds me of date on the old Celtic calendar
                      I believe it is Dec 23 ..and has not be assigned a tree. It's called the 'Secret of the Unhewn Stone'.

                      Under that stone, deep in winter, held the potential for Spring, renewal ..and survival.

                      The potential.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


              Nobody is ever going to repent..they are all to busy heading to the bank to count all their money,

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        600 tonnes (long tons, not "tons"), refers to corium, including concrete, steel, control rods, and perhaps mudrock. More than simply melted fuel assemblies. It is clear when you read the comment.
        The nuclear fuel contents of Reactors 1-3 are as follows:
        R1 69 tonnes
        R2 96 tonnes
        R3 96 tonnes
        Total 261 tonnes
        According to Tepco records.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        Add up the fuels that WERE in reactors 1,2,3,4 and spent fuel pools. 600 tons worth of fuel rods "missing"!! If 1% went atmospheric… A single warhead is only 10-30 lbs. 12000/10 = 1200 nuclear warheads worth of radioactive materials going airborne. Judging by the vids of reactor 3 blowing up, reactors 1 and 2 exploding and the massive fires and explosion at reactor 4, it looks like more than 1% of the 600 missing tons went airborne. 10% airborne is 12,000 nuke warheads!!!
        Nuclear is criminally insane. There is literally no such thing as safe clean nuclear energy.
        Ban Reactors Forever
        Clean up the death wastes.
        Death sentences for criminal nukers.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Evening, a female faust.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        If anyone knows the actual conditions of the coriums, they are not telling US. It's possible the coriums are vaporizing any groundwater well before it can even get close to the outer surface of the Corium lava blobs. Fission is happening still. That's a massive radioactive heater that is cooking, melting and/or vaporizing the rock or sediments surrounding each Corium blob. Due to the heat it might not be possible for water to even get near the coriums. In the lab experiments with very small amounts of molten Corium, it formed a crusty skin around the outer surface. The skin was a mixture of reactor fuel, fission daughter products and concrete components. Imagine the mudstone melting ability of a 100 ton Corium lava blob that is many thousands of degrees. The longer fuels are irradiated by fission, the more plutonium, americium and neptunium are produced. Longer fission durations also increase the ratio of unstable (aka spontaneous fission) high number plutonium isotopes like Pu241,242. Eventually Fuku's out of control out of containment coriums could self produce enough unstable fissile materials like plutonium and americium to result in a nuclear explosion. This is an unplanned nuclear experiment. Nobody really knows what will happen except that if we don't get this radioactive nuker death fuel cleaned up then we can say for sure that many many life forms will perish. Already we know this inconvenient truth is upon us.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    The nuke cartel buys off politicians for pennys.

  • Over the past few years, US companies have closed or announced plans to close eight reactors with a combined capacity of 6300 MW. Fertel claimed that another 15 to 20 plants are at risk of closure over the next 5 to 10 years. “We’re driving companies to make decisions that our nation will regret for the next 20 or 30 years, or longer, on the basis of short-term, unsustainable price signals,” he said.

  • Nuclear power plants supply nearly 20% of US electricity needs, whereas wind produced less than 5% in 2015. “It’s conceivable that wind and solar may produce as much electricity in 2040 as nuclear does today,” Fertel said."

  • Presto Presto

    A question. If the coriums melt down, and through to the ground, would they just continue to melt downward into the earths crust? If so, what might be the result? More volcanic activity? A giant explosion? Just curious.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Presto – Difficult to say for sure. I was under the impression that if the corium hit the ground water a huge explosion would occur. That is based on things I have read on this site. That appears to have not happened, yet. We may just have to wait and see.

      • could that be because it didn't melt into the ground — it was vaporized into the air, mostly?

        read the clinton emails for the behind-the-scenes of 3/11.

        i also would recommend hatrick penry's 'Plume Gate,' but the taint of the remote proximity of any serious consideration for the stupid ass Protocols prevents me from a wholehearted endorsement.

        the evidence is there, however. its may be a distraction that they are looking for it at all. it may be they know they won't find it.

  • curly

    Should we feel better now that these experts and investigative journalist tell us what we knew since our first duck and cover exercise. I'm betting that if everyone was aware of these well kept secrets that scream in my ears, still there would be no hope. It's hard to carry on with life when I know these things and indeed it should be. The great awakening has been Trumped.

  • Nick

    The coriums will never be recovered.

    AND..we will never be rid of nuclear weapons……

    "In 2013, the Pentagon issued a report saying that after our nuclear weapons are reduced by 50%, our nuclear force levels will be “more than adequate for what the United States needs to fulfill its national security objectives.” …."If the United States wants to lead by example it should be brave enough to take the first step in fulfilling our legal obligation to reduce our nuclear weapons, not “modernizing them” (aka making more precise ones) because we’re afraid of what another country might do. The amount of weapons we have now is enough to destroy the entire world seven times over, there’s no reason to have this many active nukes unless we plan on using them which would kill ourselves. Nations will keep holding onto their nuclear stockpile justifying it publicly with this fear logic until someone is brave enough to make the first step in the opposite direction. If the United States is really a “nation of laws” as many describe it, it’d be a good idea to start abiding by international laws we continuously ignore, including the NPT treaty of 1970 which was signed with the intention of moving towards complete nuclear disarmament."

    Surprise surprise.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    If this is true, "600 tons of fuel melted, can’t find it", that is really interesting since each of the four reactors that we can see blew up, melted down, vaporized, whatever contained only 400 tons, give or take some. That means 200 tons of what, spent fuel pool contents melted out also? Where did this additional 200 tons of shit come from? Could it be reactors 5 and 6 melted out also? They would have both contained about 100 tons each of fuel. In any event, it will never be recovered and it will kill the Pacific.

  • We Not They Finally

    "Tepco is worried about possible nuclear terrorism"?? Who could be more of a nuclear terrorist than THEM?? These world-class schmucks needs to thrown into the 600 tons of nuclear blob and instead of a memorial service, there needs to be an exorcism! BTW, unit 4 is somehow left out? The whole spent fuel pool which collapsed within just several days after 3-11? We're all poisoned and it's on YOUR karma, Tepco crapheads! YOU'RE the f-ing "nuclear terrorists!

  • laconic93 laconic93

    There not worried about Nuclear terrorism. Whenever reporters SUPPOSEDLY go to visit Fukushima they make them turn off there cameras. This way there is no proof of a video chain of them actually visiting the real site as many suspect it has all ready been abandoned due to high radiation levels.

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    Yup, 600 tones of melted reactor fuel including MOX gone AWOL in the environment with random fission over 5 years is somehow less severe than Chernobyl.

    And I'm a pink elephant.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      people are so stupid. and I'm one of them. sad.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        We all have a way to go..all of us. I have been listening to the radio which I like to do to catch how they spin the news. The spin is what it is..spin. Lots of complaining now how news sources are losing revenue to a bunch of bloggers. I really do not think these people have a clue what is going on or why it is going on. Chuckle facebook will be crap they forced it on every site as a log in to communicate with the rest of the world and now they are shoving it down everyone's throat..yea they will certainly be OK by force.

        Then I hear these stations pumping new business start ups and trying to get others to start up their own businesses while promoting that the country is operating in capitalism, little do they know what is really going on. Few service businesses can compete with illegal labor in any fair capitalistic way when the government leaves the flood gates of the borders wide open for the last 40 years. All industry has been negatively affected by these actions.

        Then I hear these talk show hosts talking down Bernie as if he is some type of socialist and all the these talk show hosts are retired police officers trying to get the public to tow the line and think straight like them. Really..the government does not and never has practiced is the farthest thing from it and is a pure socialist entity, as these guys are getting huge retirements from a socialist system and much higher monies by force than the people practicing capitalism.

  • Sol Man

    Worse than we are led to believe. I went back and located my old notes. Here, listen Arto Lauri #103 GIC. If you can't get through the whole talk start at 31:48. This eye-opener was made in 5/2014.

  • nirakenna

    This is a worldwide nightmare, yet very little reported in the media. If people really understood what has happened here, all nuke plants would be shut down tomorrow by demand. Sara Shannon's book Radiation Protective Foods (2014 edition) is essential for all – especially west coast USA.

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      It is very sad because of everyone lied to saying nothing is wrong yet they are consuming all of this fish and produce from the pacific and west coast.

      Everyone is ingesting fission products and enriched uranium. What Dana says is true, they are murderers because they are telling people it's okay to poison themselves and their children.

      It most certainly is a worldwide nightmare. This fuel is incorporated into everything now, the entire food chain and all of the soil, atmosphere and rain forever.

      We all will just continue to bio accumulate until it kills us. Never mind the amount of hot particles we are constantly in hailing and ingesting.

      Just from the salt water spraying, the atmosphere must look like a blizzard with them zipping around all over the place. Apparently around 1500 per cubic meter of air in North America.

      That is a death sentence in my opinion all by itself.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        And it's all starting to show:

        'Nation In Distress: US Death Rate Increased In 2015 For The First Time In A Decade'

        "It's an uptick in mortality and that doesn't usually happen, so it's significant. But the question is, what does it mean? We really need more data to know. If we start looking at 2016 and we see another rise, we'll be a lot more concerned" said Robert Anderson, the chief of mortality statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics.

        Andrew Fenelon, a researcher at the C.D.C who did not work on the paper says that the current rise was surprising, and that the gap between the US and other countries is now growing.

        "We are not accustomed to seeing death rates increase on a national scale. We've seen increases in mortality for some age groups, but it is quite rare to see it for the whole population. Many countries in Europe are witnessing declines in mortality, so the gap between the US and other countries is growing."

        The included chart says it all. Straight up from here.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Surely, a car air filter does not trap all the hot particles. What happens when these particles enter the combustion chamber of an engine? Has anyone checked engine pistons for radiation on the west coast?

        Just a thought.

  • Hey all.
    Sorry its been a couple weeks. Good news today. We have secured an apartment.
    Im no longer facing the elements and am even beginning to take great strides with area employers.

    Im not sure there is much that hadnt already been mentioned on the above topic and im quite off topic. Just wanted to say tacoma is alive and even almost well.
    With all my love and sorry to come and go so suddenly.
    P.s. the article really should have dug into the implications of the big reveal. So sick of lack reporting and drip feeds.

    • I mean 600 tons.
      How many pounds is that? Whats the plutonium to uranium ratio? What is the expected volume of contamination per material, per unit? What does the amount of deadly / overdoses equate to? What is is the mean halflife of those doses? And what speed are those doses leaching onto the usa mainland via evaporation and particle redistribution?

      • razzz razzz

        Using a US ton which equals 2,000 pounds, 600 tons of melted core is the same as 1,200,000 pounds. Uranium spent fuel rods end up containing 1% plutonium which would equate to 12,000 pounds (or 6 tons) of plutonium in all (3) melts but in Unit 3, 1/3 of the core was about 7% MOX (plutonium) fuel to begin with when first loaded. That is about 9,333 pounds (or about 4.67 tons) of plutonium in the MOX fuel rods.

        So, you could roughly have 21,333 pounds (or 10.6665 tons) of plutonium liberated. But, if they claim the melts are still fissioning uncontrolled then there is no way of knowing how much further radioactive products have been and are still being produced.

        Cesium(s) and strontium(s) makeup the largest portion of radioisotopes produced from around 200 newly manmade nuclear products resulting from fission. Then the 200 newly manmade radioisotopes each have their respective decay chains to consider.

        If you notice in the video report, all the metal plates laid down around Unit 3&4. Still the Geiger counter is reading over 150 counts when a hundred feet or so away from the blown out cores and buildings.

        Initially workers went inside and strung flexible ducting for injecting nitrogen to purge hydrogen buildup in the three blown buildings and cores plus built supports for Unit 4's pool and now they can't get near any of the buildings.

        With uncontained melts, it only gets worse as everything continues to get irradiated.

  • Nick

    "Despite all this, a truly major release of radioactivity has been averted—a "major release" being a Chernobyl-style accident in which a large fraction of the fission products escape the plant. The amount of radiation that thus far has traveled beyond the immediate area of Fukushima is infinitesimal; it doesn't pose a danger to residents outside the 18-mile radius of the shelter-in-place zone—and certainly not to anyone elsewhere in the world. Even inside the zone, the radiation dose is not immediately damaging. "

    Better edit this article Mr. Karam……

  • Nick

    Then there is:

    "So far the amounts of radioactive materials released from the site are very unlikely to cause any detectable long-term health problems – though there will need to be a careful study of contamination in the area.

    In the meantime, further subplots would not be helpful."

    Subplots are us!

  • Nick

    " Serious damage to piping and at least one of the reactors before the tsunami hit. All have requested anonymity because they are still working at the plant or are connected with TEPCO. One worker, a maintenance engineer in his late twenties who was at the Fukushima complex on March 11, recalls hissing and leaking pipes. “I personally saw pipes that came apart and I assume that there were many more that had been broken throughout the plant. There’s no doubt that the earthquake did a lot of damage inside the plant," he said. "There were definitely leaking pipes, but we don’t know which pipes – that has to be investigated. I also saw that part of the wall of the turbine building for Unit 1 had come away. That crack might have affected the reactor.”

    No shit Sherlock.

    The key point is……FDNPP FAILED B4 the tsunami.

    That is the secret NO ONE on the planet is to discuss, ever.

    Shut them all down.

    Ban mining of uranium.

    Ban enrichment of same.

    Stop the nuclear insanity.

    Not soon.


    "Nick…what planet are you living on?"

    Nick: A dying one.

  • Nick

    "Onda believes it’s not very difficult to explain what happened at Unit 1 and perhaps the other reactors as well. “The pipes, which regulate the heat of the reactor and carry coolant, are the veins and arteries of a nuclear power plant; the core is the heart. If the pipes burst, vital components don’t reach the heart and thus you have a heart attack, in nuclear terms: meltdown. In simpler terms, you can’t cool a reactor core if the pipes carrying the coolant and regulating the heat rupture—it doesn’t get to the core.”

    Tooru Hasuike, a TEPCO employee from 1977 until 2009 andformer general safety manager of the Fukushima plant, also notes: “The emergency plans for a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant had no mention of using sea-water to cool the core. To pump seawater into the core is to destroy the reactor. The only reason you’d do that is no other water or coolant was available.”

    Problems with the fractured, deteriorating, poorly repaired pipes and the cooling system had been pointed out for years. In 2002, whistle-blower allegations that TEPCO had deliberately falsified safety records came to light and the company was forced to shut down all of its reactors and inspect them, including the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant."

  • Nick

    Time for my T-Shirt idea:

    Pic of Unit #3 going kablooey with the logo:

    "Got Fukushima!" (not a ?)

    I bet if you are caught wearing this you will be questioned by local authorities.

    TATAL tellers rise up!

  • Nick


    I have a hunch that we are all going insane due to the poisoning of the biosphere.

    The Fukushima Effect:

    Coming to a planet near you.

    These are crazy times.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      What about the downside of a legal nuclear power industry?

      Child gets thyroid cancer — You can't prove it was the radiation!

      Man eats marijuana cookie, and all his faults are placed on marijuana.

      He thought it was the end of the world? Well, maybe it is. Blame Fukushima? Hell no, radioactive contamination is good for you! If you evacuate or are fearful you have a psychological problem. Contaminate the children's playground – it's the right thing to do. Mad world.

      Most of the mass killers are on pharmaceutical drugs is what I read.

      Just looking at the different ways the big media reacts to happenings…

  • Nick

    “The planet is just going to be wrecked. People are just being rude to it. They throw trash on the ground. They cut down trees. They make forests into … roads,” he cried as he sat in his car seat. “They are just being so bad. I could just call them dumb people or maybe even a bad word, the ‘S’ word.”

    If a six year old gets it, what about us?

    • or-well

      swinging on a gibbet,
      when a million deaths are on exhibit
      and all the lies no longer inhibit
      in the Court of Survival.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        crowbait swingin dead on a gibbet, take these blown up nukes and learn to fly. All your lies….we were always waiting for your moment to arise

        Crowbait fly
        Crowbait fly
        Into the pit of the dead dark night

        through all nine circles of the pit of Dante's hell

    • or-well

      Sharpen the pitchforks, knot the nooses
      light the torches and mount your mooses!
      Pacifists all get out of the way –
      when the "sorting" is done you'll have your say,
      but until that day, in a nest of vipers
      some must wade as Humanity's Fighters
      to sever the heads that are rotten and stinking
      of those who destroy us, lying, unblinking,
      with mercy for none,
      the Power Elite who command the big guns,
      the rapacious warmongers and Corporatists too,
      the oligarch class who don't care about you
      as long as you're silent and stupid and still,
      they'll rape the earth and millions kill,
      with GMOs, drugs and toxic pollution,
      seeking the best population solution
      etc. etc. and into the street
      or-well runs bleating like a rabid sheep!

      Well, each to their own, it's just an opinion –
      but it WILL take more than jailing mere minions.

  • Gasser Gasser

    "Eve Of Destruction"

    Watch and listen first>


    The Fukushima Reactors….are Becquerel explodin'
    Becquerel's overflowin'….from fuel rack's unloading'

There is more than enough to kill….and all still in motion,

    If you believe Nuclear is safe….what's that Geiger counter you're toting'

And even the Oceans and rivers….has bodies float in'
But you tell me….over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don't believe….we're on the eve of destruction.

    Don't you understand….what I'm trying to say?

    Can't you see the logic….that I'm knowing today?

The big quake has struck…there's no running away
There'll be no one to save….with the world in a grave

    Take a look around you, boy….it's bound to scare you, boy
But you tell me….over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don't believe….we're on the eve of…ELE destruction.


    • Gasser Gasser


      Yeah, my blood's gone rad….feels like stagnation,
      I'm sittin' here….in Cesium Becquerel fizz~A~lation

      I can't say the truth….NRC knows no regulation
Handful of Senators passed….Price Anderson legislation

And marches alone….can't bring Nuke's termination,
      When human respect….was hijacked through procrastination

      This whole crazy world….is just too full of Radiation
And you tell me over and over and over again my friend

      Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of Genome destruction.

      Think of all the Reactors there is in Red China!

      Then take a look around…there's enough to blind ya!

Ah, you may leave here….for four days in space
But when your return….it might be exploded out of place

The poundin' of the hearts….the pride and disgrace,
      You can bury radioactive dead….but it will leave a Becquerel trace

      Hate your next-door-neighbor, but don't forget to say grace
And you Bot~Shill me over and over and over and over again my friend

      Ah, you don't believe…we're in super deep shit….

      Into the eve of Nuclear's destruction.

      ~Gasser Classic~

  • Nick

    This is GMI:

    "A Florida man who is accused of shooting and killing his brother over a dispute about a cheeseburger.
    A Texas man who is accused of shooting and killing a stranger for cutting in front of him at a taco truck.
    Another Texas man who is accused of shooting and killing his stepson for jumping on the bed.
    A Colorado man who is accused of shooting a neighbor after an argument about feeding squirrels.
    A Tennessee man who is accused of shooting a toddler three times after her mother didn't flirt back with him."

    Are we one dumb species or what?

  • Nick

    So what is next?

    What gets you up tomorrow from your sleepless slumber?

    My take is, cherish the past, forget the future, savor the now.

    If we all did that, there just might be hope.

    But, in reality, I know that is a pipe dream.

  • Checkmate

    Jaczko: You have to now accept that in all nuclear power plants… there’s a chance you can have this kind of a very catastrophic accident… that’s the reality of nuclear power.

    Is this jerk really serious- You have to now accept it. No you don't!!! Just shut all these HELLTRAPS today!!!
    And have all the office buildings in each city turnout their lights at night!!! Otherwise they won't have any lights to shut off because they will be living in caves!!!

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      You have to now accept that in all experimental republics there’s a chance you can have this kind of a very catastrophic accident… that’s the reality of experimental republics.

  • Nick


    Hello folks…..

    ..I don't give a rat's ass if Japan "officially" develops nuclear weapons. They have already screwed the pooch.

    Time for us all to realize that.

    Enough of the horseshit.

  • Gasser Gasser

    Like I said many times before, Nuke that Puke into a BIG ASS crater, cover that shit with more cement than a calculator can calculate…the "complete World" cannot sustain 40-60-80+ much less just 5 more years of inventors scratching their dandruff encrusted heads dilly dallying around trying to quell or retrieve 600 Ton's of the most poisonous material known to man…If there's a God/Jesus he must be shitting Holy Hell Radioactive Halo's as he watches his creation going down the all mighty shitter, as we teeter on the eve of destruction.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      If you understood how a nuclear bomb works, you would drop the suggestion to nuke Fukushima.
      Let's go all the way back to the first nuclear bomb that was used on Heroshima: the Little Boy Bomb.

      "Less than a kilogram of uranium underwent nuclear fission, and of this mass only 0.6 g (0.021 oz) was transformed into several forms of energy, mostly kinetic energy, but also heat and radiation."

      0.6 g! 😉
      You see, you are incorrectly thinking that nuking Fukushima would obliterate all those tons of melted fuel. But, actually, only a tiny amount of material would be converted into energy. Leaving, of course, the remaining nuclides of the bomb, and presumably nuclides from the busted reactors, to scatter over land and water, and lofted into the atmosphere, to be scattered over all the Earth.

      What you propose is nothing more than a "Fukushima Radiation Distribution Plan."
      Much like the passive Fukushima Radiation Distribution System we have been watching these 5 years.
      Better not to touch or excite the corium.
      Leave it be, where it is.
      Build a 100' underground foundation wall around it, and cap with a sarcophagus around Units1-4.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Gee PhilipUpNorth, now that you mention it some folks may get injured or Nuclear poisoned…lol

        Like I don't know how a F'ing Nuclear bomb works or any Nuclear shit, give me a break dude!

        I've been on enenews for over five years…your perching to the choir here.

        Ok no Nuke, I now propose we all grab a shovel and dig that 100' underground foundation for a wall around it.

        I'll even hold your beer for ya…more lol's…no wait!… this is some serious shit folks.


        • Gasser Gasser


          Also Philip, them three Corium's are not sitting there stationary like hot eggs in a nest, their each 100 ton's heavy and keep going critical off and on into a lava like form when Neutrons with nowhere to go start bouncing off the slag shell that forms around them as they slowly burn ever deeper into the Earths crust, if we let them go on down past the underground river, in time part of the poisoning problem is taken care of (if were still alive by then) now there is still all that nasty rad hot complex up stairs that is slowly sinking into the weakened subsoil the Corium's have created, if a super heavy massive sarcophagus is built to cover all that shit it will distort as its being built, and keep on distorting for the more than the thousands of years its needed to shield humanity, there's no way in hell an above ground sarcophagus will work or last for that big of and area, and there's no way a measly 100' tall underground wall (engineering short term boondoggle) would contain anything at the magnitude of this catastrophe.


          • Gasser Gasser

            Looking at high explosive imploding the Daiichi complex in this view;

            The entire Daiichi complex has to be deep in a crater and cement capped buried to slow down or stop radioactive Sea and airborne plume emissions as I logically see it pragmatically.

            This is no easy job but it is doable with todays mobile on site high-tech hole boring rigs, linked with explosive (not Nuclear) technician teams that can super compute pin point implosion mapping for the bottom to fall out from under the entire volume of the Daiichi complex to a depth below the under ground river so when it is cement capped, the river passes over it…were talking big ass crater lots of cement enough to build another New York city.

            On standby, immediately after the implosion, have "hundreds if not a thousand" of concrete mixing sites miles away pumping huge volumes of cement 24/7/365 through pipes into this big ass crater.


            • Gasser Gasser


              Yes the ocean will rush into this huge crater, so the fix is to keep pumping in "huge volumes" of an exotic cement compound, eventually it will replace the water…yes lots of Isotopes will escape contaminating the water and atmosphere from this, but it will be short lived (long living now) "to the speed the crater is filled" with an exotic cement mix (Lead, Boron, Graphite ect.)…Hey folks! were talking World wide participation to pull this Nuclear complex burial off…this is a big F…ing deal, Daiichi is poisoning mortal man to death, quickly too, I may add.

              The Daiichi site has to disappear completely, to ever slow or stop its continual poisoning of the Planet…If we slow it down we bought some time to get a better handle on its potential ELE…being its easer to fill a hole to contain this poison than try to build a huge rickety heavy Sarcophagus to cover the entire complex that does nothing to address the inventory of spent fuel rods and other contaminated shit in the long run, and is a sitting duck to future tsunami/quakes, Cyclones, floods and explosions, a Sarcophagus would always be a ticking time bomb needing constant repair.


              • Gasser Gasser


                Far fetched idea? you God damn right it is!…far fetched nuclear ideas got us into this F'ing mess…its got to take far fetched ideas to get us out.
                Lots of complicated logistics are involved in these ideas.

                There are now brilliant minds that can make this work while their still alive.

                It will take "invent/do" World wide skilled man power….but these folks are dying off fast at this moment with replacements being born Genome defective, and also Zeka virus is taking the human "save the World" supply too.

                Any future replacement work force will be mentally and physically handicapped to pull anything off.

                Question> Are PhilipUpNorth and I the only ones in the enenews think tank? who else has any waaay out of the box ideas, because that's what's needed to jell some of them into a rational fix…just searchin' for answers.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I can only offer this wise whale tale, while searching for answers, myself…


                • or-well

                  I think the question is – "Who's listening?"
                  No one in Japan in a position to actually implement anything is listening to PUN or anyone else here.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Given the enormity of the situation, there are one's everywhere, not just at ENENews, who are wondering, what to do…

                  • Gasser Gasser

                    Jebus, they may wonder, but that only keeps their brain synapsis webbing in a couch potato Sports only limbo stupor…just observin' saying'

                    • Gasser Gasser

                      "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"
                      HANK WILLIAMS, JR. Updated 2016

                      Yea! My brain Bucket's Got A Hole In It

                      Yea! My Bucket list bucket's Got A Hole In It

                      Yea! My thinking Bucket's Got A Hole In It

                      Won't hold any forgetting beer.

                      Well I'm standin' on a corner – With a brain bucket in my hand
I'm waitin' for a Fukushima fix – That ain't got no plan.

                      'Cause their brain Bucket's Got A Hole In It

                      Yea! TEPCO's Bucket's Got A Hole's In It

                      Yea! everybody's brain Bucket's Got A Hole In It

                      I can't hold no beer.

                      Well, I went upon the mountain – I looked down in the sea
I don't see the crabs and the fishes – Doin' the be-bop-bee.

                      'Cause Fukushima's Got Ass Hole's in It

                      Yea! Daiichi reactors Got Hole's under It

Yea! their vessels Got Hole's In It

                      Their tryin' to plug up fear.

                      Well, there ain't no use – of me workin' so hard

                      When I got contaminated – in the yakuza boss man's yard.

                      'Cause them Radioactive Bucket's Got A Hole's In It
Yea! them containment Bucket's Got A Hole In'em

                      Yea! hundreds of contaminated water Bucket's Got A Hole In'em

                      I can't hold back the fear.

                      Well, me and my baby – we just bought a Ford

                      And now we sit together – on the radioactive running board.

                      'Cause My brain Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Yea! her brain Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Yea! the Worlds brain Bucket's Got Hole's In'em

                      Making them all gay queer.

                      ~Gasser Classic~

  • tarpitboss tarpitboss

    Can You imagine?

    Can you imagine being a member of the single species directly responsible for initiating the world’s 6th mass extinction event?

    in one lifetime, in my lifetime, from 1945 to now, humans have brought Biological Creation on Planet Earth to its knees.

    Rachael Carson was right, Jacques Costeau was right. We were warned!

    How long will it take for the radiation levels to subside? The flip side is that we have created a major speciation event opportunity, but with no silver lining, no golden parachute, no future, ever, for humans.

    We can only hope, from the other side, to council wisdom and temperance to other species in their spirited attempts to dominate in the petri dish.

    Man oh man are we DANGEROUS! The gods were right to design such large distances among stars. Universal Isolation and containment. We have earned it. We deserve it.

    i once asked, during the course of a long meditation, what am I doing here? I only half understood the answer I got at the time: “to witness the pinnacle and downfall of human civilization”, not just of the passage of human civilization, but of life’s very presence here on planet Earth.

    F U K U S H I M A

    No human soul should ever have to knowingly witness the death of the Pacific Ocean, the cradle of all biological life!

    No human soul should ever have to knowingly council our dear loved ones’ offspring NOT to reproduce!

    No human soul should ever have…

  • tarpitboss tarpitboss


    In our last days here, at least we can say that the gods were compassionate….

    Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Party on. Unconsciousness rules. Gather thy riches while ye may,

    If and when at all possible, leave the trail better than you found it.

    Won’t be long now.

    Richard Wheeler
    30 May, 2016

  • tarpitboss tarpitboss

    Pursuant to my posts above, I have a question:

    How long does it take for continental drift to subduct and refresh all current land surfaces and transport radioactive materials toward the center of the earth? To slightly rephrase this question, what is the Earth’s surfaces’ turn around time?

  • Fuckushima Fuckushima

    I have been saying this about the situation from day 1. Made videos, wrote reports, tried to get folks organized to bring legal action and even on this forum was told i was crazy.

    I can tell you this for a FACT. Mark Willacy may be going on a tour but HE IS NOT TOURING THE REAL FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI, and neither is anyone else.

    There is NO ONE WALKING AROUND FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI, not today, not tomorrow and not since the date of that accident, and I can also state with certainty, that the initial meltdown at FD happened in 1980, not that any one here is likely to believe me, but that is the great thing about TRUTH, TRUTH DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR BELIEF IN ORDER TO BE TRUTH.

    Date of the accident is not all that important, getting people to stop and do some INDEPENDENT THINKING is the issue that needs attention.

    Simple reading of the documentation provided in the various studies and journals makes it quite apparent and simple math verifies that the SFR (spent fuel rods) in cooling pools in all the reactors had critical failures.

    The actual melt material is closer to several THOUSAND TONS on the site, and that is all verifiable with simple 6th grade math.

    Boron Carbide, Stainless Steel, Zirc-alloy and Uranium??? Can any body guess what happens when those materials come into contact with one another????

    Once again, do a little research, and you will verify for yourself that there is NOBODY walking around the Fukushima Daiichi site and NEVER WILL BE AGAIN-EVER!!

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      I too believe it is many more tones than even the 600 they are now pulling out of the air.

      Those fuel pools blew up and burned. They reported cracks in them. They reported the rods being exposed, they reported the pools being dry. They reported fires.

      I'm sorry but if they were dry, that's game over. If they had fires of any kind, well… wake up already! It's game over.

      The amount of fission products being detected in rain around the globe does not lie. This was a deal breaker for our biosphere.

    • Only stupid people who have a death wish are walking around on the Fukushima site, especially the ones with no protective gear.. Is there even anything that 'protects' against Fukushima radiation and hot particles?

      Who in their right mind would 'inspect' the tanks at Fukushima, which are lethal to anyone getting within 4 feet of them, for even a short period of time?

      Odds are that they have to be faking the dosimeter readings somehow, and that there is a cover up of what those subcontractor workers who do spend time on site are REALLY exposed to, especially the ones working with the water 'purification' systems and tanks.

      There may be areas where the radiation on site is lower due to heavy lead sheets and such, but over all, the site is lethal for anyone just wandering around clueless.

      Better take an accurate and calibrated pancake style radiation meter, including a neutron rad meter.

  • Nick

    Spent fools' pools.


    GMI is spreading at the speed of light.

    Of that I am TATALly certain.


  • Kind of like this?

    Fukushima; Reactors And/Or Spent Fuel Pools, Equipment Pools (SFP's) In Buildings #5 And #6 Melted Down – Total of 7 Melt Down's, Melt Outs, Criticality Steam Explosions

    • Fuckushima Fuckushima

      Kind of like that. Looks like some of my information was relied upon. That's great

    • The Japanese Government admitted in May 2011 that they had 14 Nuclear reactors that had been seriously damaged, not just the 4 at the Fukushima Nuclear disaster site.

      Quote from page 1 of this Presentation:

      "According to Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), the earthquake and subsequent tsunami affected fourteen nuclear reactors at four sites along the eastern coast the Fukushima Daiichi site (six reactors), Fukushima Daini site (four reactors), the Ongawa site (three reactors) and the Tokai site (one reactor). The most serious damage occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station."

  • dunkilo

    If it was up their bung hole……

  • tarpitboss tarpitboss

    Yes, Dr. G, Nature has a refresh button, called continental drift and land surface subduction. Unfortunately it seems to take a LOT of time, with offensive and offending species given LOTS of time in the out-of-body state to think about what they created in their last lifetimes.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

    Breaking! Victory for grassroots resistance as 3 more reactors to close

    "Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) of Chicago has scored a major grassroots victory, leading the
    successful effort to stave off a $1.6 billion money grab by Exelon Nuclear, at ratepayer expense, to prop up three non-competitive reactors in IL. The IL state legislative session ended on May 31, without approving the bailout bill, likely forcing Exelon's hand to permanently close Clinton by this time next year, and Quad Citiies 1 and 2 by June 1, 2018. These shutdowns follow on last month's announcement by Omaha Public Power District that its Ft. Calhoun plant (operated by Exelon, for $20 million per year) was too expensive to keep running and would cease operations by the end of the year. (Graphic modified from Public Citizen original image.)…"

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Oh well… they'll still have a job advising Teprats
      Measure 4: Enhancement of Risk Communication Activities TEPCO participated in the PIME※Award for Communications Excellence 2016, which is sponsored by the European Nuclear Society and is a venue where communication activities may be assessed by nuclear industry experts from around the world •TEPCO’s communication activities were assessed vis‐à-vis workers at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS and their families
      •Public Information Material Exchange: an annual forum held to provide training and information exchange principally for public relations professionals involved with nuclear power TEPCO has held sessions to exchange views with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in the United States, women executives from Exelon Corporation in the United States and people in the siting communities in both Niigata and Fukushima
      Based on case studies of activities in the United States, discussions have been held about the importance of communication and trust with communities

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Measure 5: Enhancement of Power Station and Head Office Emergency Response Capabilities Training has been repeatedly conducted to strengthen the capabilities of emergency response organizations to respond and operate effectively Taking into account the lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident, TEPCO has clarifiedthe personnel responsible for determining whether the power station is in a state of emergency or not and issuing any necessary  notifications  TEPCO has introduced good practices employed in other countries to confirm their effectiveness Barrier status boards (table that allows the  status of containment of radioactive  materials to be grasped at a glance), which  have been adopted by Exelon Corporation in  the United States, have been used on a trial  basis to verify their effectiveness in  determining responses, and TEPCO has also  adopted these instruments

  • rogerthat

    600 tons. where is it? everywhere on earth, in land and sea and sky, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the water we drink, in the trees and the plants and in every living creature. and don't be impatient for your fair share, there's more on the way every year, forever.

  • jackassrig

    zerohedge had this to say "For the first time in a decade, the US death rate increased in 2015. According to preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control, the death rate in 2015 was 729.5 deaths per 100,000 people, which was up from 723.2 in 2014.
    Federal researchers cautioned it was too early to tell what had pushed up the overall national death rate (preliminary data is not broken down by race, and final data will not be out until later this year), but they said the rise was real. While it is premature to ring an alarm now, if it continues, it could be a signal of distress in the health of the nation the NYT reports."

    zerohedge new site s**ks. This article is on the third next.

    I think the die off is starting.

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    I have something of a strange question for the group. We've seen a number of articles on here that talk about the radiation on the west coast of the US and, indeed, all around the world. Obviously, excluding the exclusion zone around Fukushima, I wonder what people think about traveling to areas such as Kyoto or Osaka, as well as the island of Kyushu. I have an in-law that wants to do that. Would this in-law be at any higher level of risk from radiation in these places in Japan as opposed to the San Francisco Bay Area? My first reaction was that she's insane, but when I thought about it a little bit, it struck me that it may be just as unsafe, from a radiation perspective, staying at home versus in the more southerly and westerly areas of Japan.

    I'm a real novice at this kind of stuff, so any thoughts would be really appreciated. Was my initial insanity theory correct or my later equal danger theory more valid? Thanks!

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    According to this, reactor 1 fuel is inside the reactor vessel. <SMIRK>
    Giant Vacuum Cleaner Used to Remove Radioactive Debris in Fukushima

    …The blast destroyed the roof of the plant, which remains covered with highly contaminated pieces of debris – from cement to metal fragments – and this will hinder the complicated process of removing the molten fuel inside the reactor vessel.

    TEPCO plans to finish this operation in July and then proceed to remove larger debris.

    According to the company's roadmap, the withdrawal of molten nuclear fuel inside Reactor 1 is to be done within about four years.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I guess they'll just vacuum up melted 200 ton blob. hope it's an Electrolux, they are the best. Then they just dump it in the magic .3 km bay and forget it. Nothing gets out of THAT

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Get the world's largest crane in there and just bust the reactor out and lift it up and set it aside? Get a flashlight and look for the core. duh. They can lift over 1000 tons. While they are at it, shake it up and down and see it rattles. And install a wind up mechanical music box playing "The End" by the Doors.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    March 21: The containment vessels of Reactor Units 2 and 3, which were suspected of having cracked in explosions, have been found to be intact. Seawater injection is continuing in Units 1, 2 and 3. Plant officials said off-site power was about to be restored to Units 1 and 2, and had already been restored to Units 3 and 4. Restored power will allow normal cooling operations to resume in the reactors. A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) official described the situation at the Fukushima plant as "on the verge of stabilizing." The NRC is planning a 90-day review of reactor safety to assess natural disaster preparations at 104 U.S. nuclear plants, some of which use the same model as the Fukushima plant. A report on the NRC’s initial findings will be released after 30 days. Bill Borchardt, executive director of operations at NRC, said he and his commission do not expect to find any significant weaknesses. – See more at:

    I've seen some pro nukers here spout "chaos and confusion" as excuses for inaccurate early reports…Wondering when they expect Tepco and the rest of the nuke industry to get their facts straight and report them? Until such time (never), I will get my info here.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "on the verge of stabilizing."

      On the verge of not being pregnant? Most would just say "pregnant (unstable)

      "Bill Borchardt, executive director of operations at NRC, said he and his commission do not expect to find any significant weaknesses"

      Seek and ye shall find; unless you don't expect to find…

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