TV: Upcoming academic studies to report on fallout situation in U.S. — “All along the West Coast we’re going to be seeing the news” (VIDEO)

Published: July 4th, 2012 at 2:17 am ET


Interview with Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear
The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann
July 3, 2012

At 4:00 in

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear: We’re going to see a series of independent studies that are going to give us better indications of the fallout situation in the US […]

There are academic studies that we are monitoring right now that we believe will be giving us a good idea of radiation levels in mushrooms, which are biological accumulators if radiation.

And all along the West Coast we’re going to be seeing the news and looking forward to sharing that with you.

Published: July 4th, 2012 at 2:17 am ET


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36 comments to TV: Upcoming academic studies to report on fallout situation in U.S. — “All along the West Coast we’re going to be seeing the news” (VIDEO)

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    What turns the tide of repression – be that political, criminal, corporate repression, often one and the same intermixed to greater or lesser degrees – are the small average people who keep seeking the truth and telling the truth by whatever means they find. Alternative news outlets, stories, cartoons, movies, street corners, postcards, protests, boycotts, this website – these truth-telling acts are all like puffs of wind. Invisible, without solidity, yet, paradoxically able to move objects or go around them, within them, between them, away from them unfettered. An unseen force that, as it accumulates and blows in one direction, becomes more powerful. Never lose hope. We have all the tools we need. We won't be able to stop all the suffering that we would want to stop. We won't be able to prevent all the injustices we would prevent. We will not be able to heal all the sick and dying from radiation sickness that we would try to heal. But, we will win this struggle. We have the means. We don't need the power than has corrupted our leaders. It will only corrupt us, too, if we insist that we need it. That way is the airless trap. We only need the truth and the wind to carry it. Movement is the nature of wind. That is it's power. All of you are my hope.

    • richard richard

      You're a star


      Agreed! Memorable words for a day that true freedom fighters should never forget. Thank you much Vic…

    • flatsville


      Please re write this:

      >>>…are the small average people who keep seeking the truth and telling the truth by whatever means they find…<<<

      I don't think there is anything "average" about most of us here.

      Try replacing "average" with "number of aware".

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        Thanks, flatsville. It can be hard to say something that can embrace every angle. I intentionally used the word "small" to define those without much institutional power. A common phrase. I used the term average, because most people here, prior to becoming self informed about nuclear power, were average people, with average knowledge of such things. The hope is that average people can become aware. It is my assumption that in you being my hope, you will spread the awareness that you already possess. Soon, average will come to mean "aware". That is the beauty of social justice movements. Then we begin again, to the next level. More poetically said – "from humble beginnings".

    • sandman

      Beautifully said, Vic, thank you. This is something I often need reminded of.

    • demo demo

      YAY. Printing/posting on bulletin boards around town w/ "average, aware people who keep seeking" edit, on a flyer w/ this:
      "…it's a matter of switching gears, never looking back, and BECOMING
      that person today that you always dreamed you'd be. Entertain every
      thought, say every word, and make every decision from their point of
      view. Walk the way they would, dress the way they would dress, and
      spend your free time the way they would spend theirs. Choose the
      friends they would choose, eat the meals they would eat, and love and
      appreciate yourself the way they would.
      These steps MUST come in order for there to be change.
      There's no other option, no other way… But, since that person is who you REALLY are, that makes this assignment downright effortless.
      Just stop being who you aren't." ~The Universe

      Friends, lead meaningful, joyful lives by joining the resistance movement, doing what we can, in community and balanced with personal needs, for a better world.

      How does this draft strike you?

      • richard richard

        @demo – that strikes me as being in the right direction. I wouldn't be refering to the Universe if you want to be accessible to a wider mainstream audience, many will have glazed eyes at that reference.

        Your last paragraph seems to hit the mark.

        I don't know if 'resistance' movement is right. Again, it can be confronting to some average people.

        I've been enjoying the word dissident, although people still don't accept it the way I'm couching it 😉

        'Activitist' can be more palatable to some.

        Just my thoughts, you did ask.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    We are up against some mighty forces like the NEI which have their money soaking up everything against nuclear power. NO NUKES

  • Why do we have to wait for articles? It's policy? Following the rules I guess.

    Seems like in the case of radioactive FALLOUT time is critical. Couldn't they be posted and labeled 'Preliminary' studies at least. Why cannot a human decision be made to suspend the policy for this catastrophe.

    We need to know and we need to know now!

    I see reports like this on yahoo.
    "Study Links Cat Litter Box to Increased Suicide Risk"
    Perhaps this will be one of the reasons they will say suicides have increased instead of the stresses from Fukushima.
    (I am certain it was a double-blind study with multiple peer reviews.)

    We need a quick study of how the Pacific Ocean has become a 'liter box', a toilet we cannot flush of radioactive contamination including PLUTONIUM.

    Ocean View (from top)screen shot:
    Original –
    Enhanced –

  • ShineTheLight

    Why just the concentration on the West Coast? This is part of a greater engineered diversion. Label one geographic area as a hot spot. It satiates the need of the greater public. There is manipulation here. This is not to say that the West Coast did not get hit with fallout. But rather to state the problem is not isolated to the West Coast. And it appears to be taking on a domino effect. Will $$ and brains keep focusing only on the West Coast. And if so, will the resultant history only read that Fukushima fallout blanketed the West Coast and spared the rest of the United States. We know this is not true. But if the truth is never properly documented it never becomes part of the collective conscious history. This is all part of the Nuke Playbook.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      The Cascade Mountains create what is called a Rain Shadow – the first and heaviest land based rains from weather systems coming off the Pacific Ocean. The jet stream that passes over Japan tends to hit the West Coast, especially the Pacific Northwest, which is why Seattle and Portland have tended to have the highest radiation fall out second to Japan. Just weather patterns and mountains. Nothing nefarious.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        The free car air filter testing through the Hydrangea Revolution can help us see if this weather pattern/geology comes into play as the plumes circle the planet. So far, they appear to have. But, that may be because the testing is so limited. Will it disperse widely? Concentrate in certain areas? Remain aloft during the droughts until fall rains and winter snows? We aren't told how high it is suspended in the atmosphere. High enough to circle repeatedly? Low enough that the Himalayas are drenched in radioactive fall out landing on people who have no benefit nor investment in such technology but will pay a price for it anyway? What government and industry testing that has been done on this in the past will not be given to us without a whistleblower coming forward. So, I think it does us all well to learn about the jet stream, weather patterns and their changes, and how we can add to the knowledge we are all collecting.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Hello STL…Let's give a little thanks for a broadening of coverage instead of condemning everything. Sure, the whole world is being poisoned and there is little time to correct, but Do Not condemn the efforts, even if small, which are being made.

      Stay here at ene long enough and you will realize that while I desire the whole big banana to be stripped clean, I nevertheless applaud and give gratitude for every effort at truth, no matter how tiny.

  • Altamira

    @ShineTheLight: Your premise isn't logical and is of a dangerous hair splitter mentality ( e.g. criticize the study before it's released on the basis of invalid criteria). The West Coast is where the rich elites live and one of the two largest economic engines of the whole country (leading agriculture, high tech, Hollywood). If you prove the extent of fallout on the West Coast you will see action. If, on the other hand, you prove fallout in Nebraska no one outside of Nebraska cares. If you prove fallout on the East Coast (outside of Vermont) the results won't be seen because that is nuke country. West Coast = critical mass of rich people, nation's economic engine, and weak influence of nuke industry on politicians.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Au contraire. If you prove fallout in Nebraska, you tell the whole world our food exports are radioactive. Everyone would care. If you prove fallout on the West Coast, there won't be action. There isn't anything anyone can do. Same with the East Coast.

      The fallout has already been proven. It's just a matter of time before the news leaks out to the greater population.

      If you're into investing, pre-2011 wine is a good bet. The only consumable food product that isn't radiated.

    • ShineTheLight

      Action? The biggest nuclear disaster to happen within US borders took place in Simi Valley,California. . Not a lot of of reaction from your described group of the rich and elite.
      There are hot spots all over he United States. Resources should sent be to every corner of this nation to find those radioactive hotspots. Unfortunately, the EPA dropped the ball and those systems that should be monitoring the fallout and reporting the info to taxpayers is a failure. Instead we have layman armed with Geiges counters trying to discern exposures.
      Research the New York 1953 rainout.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Yes STL…This is true. I/we welcome your information, knowledge and history. But I would ask you not to let your very justifiable and righteous anger get in the way of discernment and progress. I would again point out that as "Time Is Short" might agree, there is little time for such rational discussion.
        Nonetheless, I think there is no other way. The mandate of the splitting of the atom is the growth of our consciousness.

      • Altamira

        ShineTheLight: You are referring to the Rocketdyne meltdown that occurred in 1959 at the height of the Cold War. It is a horrific and tragic event yet does not compare to 3/11 or what may still occur. The reason no one did anything about the Rocketdyne disaster is because 1) North American Aviation (which became Rocketdyne) was a government contractor doing secret government experiments, not a public utility like TEPCO, and 2) A single public announcement about the incident was made five weeks after the meltdown. The announcement was a total lie about what had happened. The near perfect cover up of the extent of the accidental meltdown was such that people who live near it even today may not know about it.

  • Altamira

    California IS the top ag producing and exporting state in the US by FAR!! Plus the West Coast has the second highest regional population. If you want to measure radiation that's the obvious place to do it. Plus we don't export ag products to "the whole world" we mostly export to China and South Korea. Are they the leaders in providing unadulturated food and/or transparency to their citizens? In other words, no, I don't think our trade partners will really care. It's not a lot of food and our trade partners are mostly second world and/or developing countries with lower standards than we have. The US citizens caring is really our best hope at changing the situation as it stands.

    California gross state product (2010) = $1.9 trillion
    CA Agriculture = $36.2 billion (2008)
    CA Ag exports = $14 billion (2010)

    Nebraska gross state product (2010) = $89.8 billion
    NE Agriculture = $11 billion (2004)
    NE Ag exports = $6.6 billion (2010)

    Washington gross state product (2010) = $351.5
    WA Agriculture products = $5.8 billion (2004)
    WA Ag exports = $2.5 billion (2010)

    Oregon gross state product (2010) = $168.6 billion
    OR Agriculture products = $4 billion (2004)
    OR Ag exports = $1.4 billion (2010)

    Total West Coast States' GSP (2010) = $2.4 trillion of which
    roughly $17.9 billion is ag exports

    vs. Nebraska's $6.6 billion in ag exports

    • Max1 Max1

      Yet, in the interest of "protecting" agro interests(read $'s)…
      … The USA halts monitoring fallout and instead deploys the bait and switch propaganda squad called the US Media.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Total them all up, every one, then write them off. US and Canada first, Mexico and Europe next, then south.

      The Arab Spring uprisings ALL started because the price of wheat for their bread went through the roof, and no one could afford flour.

      The radiation belt over the US causing this massive heat wave is destroying the nations' agricultural production.

      Picture the entire US spring/summer crop eliminated. Then picture the rest of the world rioting over food. And that's before they all realize it's all radiated. Within months.

      And that radiation belt isn't going anywhere too soon.

      I think we should call it the Immelt Belt. Give credit where credit is due.

      • Altamira

        Why do you think you haven't already been consuming radiated wheat and corn from the US since 3/11? The worst of the radiation (thus far) has already been consumed via food, water, and air.

        What is your point about testing Nebraska for radionuclide fallout (thus far) being more effective than testing for it in California, Washington and Oregon, as announced in this news item? You are wrong about the relative significance of ag products from Nebraska vs. those from California both nationally and globally. If you are in Nebraska, go out and get yourself a Geiger counter and test your own food. Monsanto owns that region of the US so it is the last place radionuclides would be independently studied (and made public).

        Your comments make no sense at all. If our government hasn't been testing our food supply since 3/11, why would it start? People in the US aren't going to be warned and therefore, won't stop consuming US grown food. A heat wave is a separate matter from radionuclide fallout. Stop eating the GMO food, ok? It's interfering with your ability to reason.

        • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

          Altimira: You are right that the worst Fukuplume passed over the US back in March of 2011. The US food radiation studies will come out in dribs and drabs, in spite of NRC/nuke industry efforts to deny publication to such studies. They will come well after radiation has been eaten. The worst of the air from Fuku (so far) has already been breathed. The radiation in water is served in even the very finest restaurants in untested "spring water", served up to the 1% as organic spring greens in their salads, and in the prinest plate of lanked Pacific tuna served up in NYC. By the way, a geiger counter is not a useful tool in testing foods. Perhaps its only use is to make me feel better about all the Fukupoisons in the world. Safer, somehow, but not reqlly. Good luck to us all. Stop nuke industry cold. Stop nukes now.

          • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

            "prinest plate of lanked Pacific tuna" was meant to read "finest plate of planked Pacific tuna". Anyone want to write an ap for spell checking blog posts from an iPad? Stop nukes now.

  • They are testing and monitoring just keeping the data to themselves. Don't want to ruin the trillion dollar west coast economy. After the fact resignation that we've already been exposed. You have to make your own decision. I'm stuck on the west coast for reasons I can't get into at this time…..

  • dave14139

    About time independent investigators start measuring and REPORTING. Shame on our government.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    So many good reads on this topic folks. What impresses me in the discussion is that we ALL here and on the ground have made Fukushima the most notorious and known nuclear power plant disaster ever revealed to the public. We rail bitterly, as we should, about the forces that keep trying to hide, deny or distort the facts. Yet, with todays technology we are able to accomplish in months what took decades to reveal before. It could easily take weeks before any one in America would ever hear about protest marches in Japan, if ever. Now we watch it while it happens and can send tweets of support to the marchers and letters to the editors of local papers or online magazines to build on their efforts. When we click on an article, a hit is tallied so the paper carries another article – commerce. For those who haven't spent decades in social justice movements prior to blogs, emails, and cell phones, what is being done surrounding Fukushima must seem like slow-motion. It took years to get accurate information out about Vietnam to end the war because all photos were banned by the US. Only until Felix Greene readers risked jail to smuggled his photo essays into the country, alerting the media and getting the war on TV, did people wake up in horror and shame. This movement today is happening like lightening because we can amass knowledge that we can all access at once, communicate about it openly, quickly share new info, debate, support, act. All in a day.

  • arclight arclight

    great interview!

    a bit more from thom here

    Why Ireland scrapped their voting machines!

    🙂 a bit OT but… talk about government/industry manipulation of information/data

  • CB CB

    A year ago today it was reported 266 Sieverts/hr reactor 1 dry well