TV: Witness says massive cover-up of BP disaster in Gulf — Biggest fires ever in the world — More oil spilled than ever publicly admitted (VIDEO)

Published: April 21st, 2013 at 9:27 pm ET


Title: US witness claims BP gas explosion cover-up
Source: Al Jazeera English
Reporter: John Terret
Date: 20 Apr 2013

US witness claims BP gas explosion cover-up […]

Video has now emerged that energy giant BP never wanted shown, and there have been accusations of a cover-up.

Transcript Excerpts

This fire initially was the biggest fire ever in the world. But every day we exceeded those numbers […]

[Clean-up worker Malcolm Coco] says he has evidence there was more oil spilled than has ever been publicly admitted.

“In all categories it was a massive coverup the way they presented it on the ship.”

Watch the video here

Published: April 21st, 2013 at 9:27 pm ET


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33 comments to TV: Witness says massive cover-up of BP disaster in Gulf — Biggest fires ever in the world — More oil spilled than ever publicly admitted (VIDEO)

  • mairs mairs

    I just saw a Youtube video of a long interview with a former oil industry employee who said this same thing. He also said that there was no way the leak could have been capped off because the casing was gone from the hole. Unfortunately I don't remember the man's name as my browser froze and I had to reboot so I lost the URL for it. He said there were massive massive fires that the public didn't know about, and he also talked about penetrating the earth's crust. The video is just audio actually, with a picture of the man's face. I will try to find it again, and am wondering if anyone knows who this is. The interview was last August I believe.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    My Dad once told me 'Son don't believe a damn thing you hear from the TV & half od what you see' & he was right, then he said you can tell when a politican is lying, his mouth is moving!
    If you were out there,come forward & tell your story befor its to late,please!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    the coast guard was the strong arm of BP. They kept media out, policed the Gulf to hide the tragedy and death of dolphins and other life. As such, they are complicit in a mega crime. Whats up with that? Where are the whistle blowers? I hope it becomes known to every person on the globe that the Coast Guard facilitated an unconscionable cover up of crime. Shame shame shame shame

    • jec jec

      Because the BP disaster was labled a "nation security" issue by the US Government representative(s) at the beginning of the disaster, the COVERUP was allowed, approved, legal. The FOIA request personally made via correct reports to those agencies responsible after the desination, of a national security issue, never got to the right office, never provided any information. Just a doo loop. This disaster was handled artifully by BP and US– one has to tip a hat to their expertise of hiding the full scope. Now, is the disaster or oil contamination/toxic contamination as bad as some say, as little as others say..OR A WHOLE LOT WORST? Its been covered up professionals! Universities,private researchers, scientists, all have been impacted by the secrecy-and tactics. It would be good to hear from those with the on-the ground/water for the actual situation day by day; we have pieces or parts of a whole. I am concerned, as we all are, the US government/EPA/DOE /USCG/BP? (with elected official guidance) authorized such a coverup. The result of this laundry job? No one except a few at the very top of the governments or oil companies really know the truth. And the "truth" is what the governments write in history books, or on the web. But now we have social media, and rapid dissemination, rules may change now!
      Wonder if that is why the US Government put in a "special" channel on all new cell phones in the USA so the "president can send you a special message"-dare I say control…

  • stopnp stopnp

    Where is Thad? Lol

  • We Not They Finally

    O.k. Matt Simmons (former energy advisor for Bush Sr., had credibility in the field) went on t.v. in August 2010 (at that time the Dylan Ratigan show) and announced that the oil would continue to gush on for YEARS, since BP had drilled a hole in the seabed!! Dylan said why don't they say that, and Simmons responded, "Because they would go to prison and lose their fortunes." Ten days later, Simmons was found dead in his own home.

    But anyone can check what happened: The video cam before Hurricane Bonnie that summer showed one long and lat with oil gushing, the video cam afterwards a somewhat different long and lat, with the oil apparently capped. The records at the Interior Department showed TWO leases for the Macondo wells, 252-A and 252-B. Well A had already been sealed the year before. It was Well B that was still gushing! The videocams were obviously switched out and that well was NEVER capped. So NO, the oil gushing will not stop. It will gush on, and on, and on, just like Matt Simmons said it would. BP is major international criminals.

  • "Very, Very Sick Population" Due to BP Oil and Dispersants, say Medical Experts, Scientists

    "On April 12, 2013, Bridge the Gulf and the Gulf Coast Fund convened a roundtable discussion with people working to bring attention to a public health crisis they have seen unfold since the BP disaster. Participants included a mother from a coastal Louisiana town overcome by chronic illness, a doctor, two scientists and a lawyer.

    Kindra Arnesen (pictured) lives in Plaquemines Parish, where Louisiana becomes more ocean than land as it juts out into the Gulf. Her community was hit hard by Katrina and was still rebuilding five years later, but Arnesen describes it as “a very healthy community, a thriving community” before the BP disaster. Her husband is a 45-year-old commercial fisherman and she was shocked to see his health decline a few weeks after the disaster. She and her children also soon became sick with chronic illnesses, and so did many others in her community.

    Kindra says, “This is not something that we’re used to here. Our kids are bayou kids. They’re tough.” But she says the change in children’s health has been the most striking: “We have kids down here that are now over 80% bald because their hair has fallen out. Their noses are bleeding… I’ve watched these kids go from healthy, thriving children to a shell of themselves.” Her 11-year-old daughter has been ill for several years now, “She suffers from headaches,…

    • amberlight amberlight

      Murderers. Scum of the earth. BP's saccharine teevee commercials painting themselves as good guys caring for communities and the environment make me want to… Never mind—the FBI is monitoring everything we say. >:C

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Thanks for the link. I just read it. It is my impression that people are sick from the GOM problems with BP which I believe were covered up promptly and have never been fixed. They were allowed to use the last of the corexit available (my understanding through reading) which other countries had forbidden.

      I have not eaten Gulf seafood since that time, although many, many people in my area continued to eat it.

      This is really tragic for the children along the Gulf. BP still tries to delude Americans through their commercials. My own personal feeling is that they should have been run out of the country and held responsible by the government.

      But they are still drilling in the Gulf of Mexico which is o.k. by Obama.

  • jec jec

    Documentation, and depositions! Stuart Smith I hope you are involved for your people in the Gulf of Mexico!

  • omniversling

    Truth is very very sad and painful. This clip of Jennifer Rexford, a Gulf cleanup worker. Then she gets really sick

    Another of one of the best advocates at the time of the spill, Kindra Arnesan, now ill and one of Lisa Nelson who died after inhaling fumes during an evening walk on the beach.

    This is what it's about. Corexit…or 'co-wrecks it', as it was known at the time that Corexit is a toxicity multiplier for oil. Gulf Blue Plague. Synthia. Genetically modified organisms let loose on the world. Criminal. Utterly criminal. Corexit, a product made by the oil industry, for the oil industry. To sink oil because the penalties for spills are assessed on what's recovered (usually from the surface).


    This frightening description (above) of the genetically engineered 'Synthia' microbe that was introduced to the Gulf in Corexit after Deepwater Horizon, also makes mention of the 'conditioning' that is becoming common practice is oil production. GM enzymes, bacterial or microbes are injected into wells before production, then left to 'condition' the oil. The aim is to reduce it's viscosity, (cont)

    • omniversling


      allowing it flow better, and making the surrounding formation more permeable.

      Another aim is for the introduced organism to give off CO2 as a byproduct, which PRESSURISES the reservoir, just like a bottle of soda. The oil then flows up the riser pipe more effeciently, under it's own pressure. This technique is increasingly being used to 'stimulate' older wells that have lost their 'natural' pressure.

      I am wondering if the Macondo well had this muck pumped into it, as well as being under immense pressure anyway (because of it's depth and surrounding formation), or if other wells in the Gulf/Louisianna/Texas region have had similar treatments, and this has either spread or is contributing to general over-pressurisation. Could this 'delaminate' surrounding formations, leading to increased seismic activity or other unexpected geo-physical outcomes?

      UPDATE: Gulf Bio-Terrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (Part I)

      Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)

      MEOR strategies – Gas and solvents
      In this old practice, the production of gas has a positive effect in oil recovery by increasing the differential pressure driving the oil movement. Anaerobically produced methane from oil degradation have a low effect on MEOR due to its high solubility at high pressures. Carbon dioxide is also a good MEOR agent. (cont)

      • omniversling


        The miscible CO2 is condensed into the liquid phase when light hydrocarbons are vaporised into the gas phase. Immiscible CO2 helps to saturate oil, resulting in swelling and reduction of viscosity of the liquid phase and consequently improving mobilization by extra driving pressure. Concomitantly, other gases and solvents may dissolve carbonate rock, leading to an increase in rock permeability and porosity.

        Energy & Microbes
        During vinegar production with wood chips, bacteria grow on the surface of the wood, forming what is called a biofilm. Bacteria attached to a surface like this can produce many compounds, as well as block the flow of a fluid. The latter behavior has been used to increase the amount of oil extracted from an oil field. Bacteria growing in the wells block areas that are more open. When water is then pumped into the ground, the biofilms drive the water into other areas that still contain oil. This then forces the oil to the surface.

        Microbes can also be used to create fuels directly. Certain bacteria ferment glycerol to form ethanol, a biofuel that can be used in automobiles. The glycerol is a byproduct of biodiesel production, but it is more valuable if converted to fuel. With genetic engineering, microbes can also be altered to produce fuels that they don’t usually make. (cont)

        • omniversling


          One company has modified the DNA of yeast to create biofuel from sugarcane feedstock. The challenge to all of these methods is creating a process that produces fuels more easily — and cheaply — than conventional methods.

          We live in the 'post evolutionary era'…what used to happen over millions or billions of years, or NEVER COULD OR NEVER DID…is now being made in labs and released into the environment to run it's merry course…

          Too bad 'intelligence' cant be produced in the same way, and injected into the brains of the maniacs who do this to the living lifeboat we call earth..


          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


            Thank you for all the information and links. I have to stop and eat breakfast now, but will look at all of them afterward.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Don't forget the "R" word: radiation from nuclear fracking in the GOM.

    Transmutation on the Ocean Bottom
    June 20, 2011
    “With the large releases of methane under the Gulf of Mexico by deep drilling and nuclear fracking of the basalt plain large quantities of methane ice have piled up on the bottom. Given time the bacteria will eat all the methane keeping the Gulf deep waters cool and making a lot of fish food. The use of Corexit emulsifier sinking the red coloured petroleum to the bottom will in time be transmuted by the bacteria.
    “The radioactivity in the petroleum, fall-out from the August 19 2009 nuclear blast 10 kilometres under the alluvial fan of the Mississippi will also be transmuted by the bacteria. In biological systems radioactivity drops fifteen times faster than in a test tube.
    “The practise of the US Navy to drop decommissioned nuclear reactors in the ocean depths may be the best solution for long term elimination of such materials. The bacteria eats the iron into “rusticles” as seen on the Titanic at 10,000 feet deep and transmutes toxic radioactive elements fifteen times faster than in underground bunkers….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Replacing Nuclear Power Plants in Germany
      “…British Petroleum’s push to develop Abiotic natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico by the explosion of a nuclear bomb 6 miles under the alluvial fan of the Mississippi River August 19 2009 led to the blow out eight months later. There have been fifteen or more such explosions at depth under the Gulf of Mexico. The floor of the Gulf is leaking hydrocarbons in many areas. All the petroleum companies are positioning themselves to supply natural gas for the turbines….”

      Here is a USGS map of the alluvial fan basin of the Mississippi. It is out in the GOM:
      Gulf of Mexico – Mississippi Fan

      • Sickputer

        Yes, we are just thrilled (not) about the drilling activity near Texas nuclear plants.

        The Europeans seem poised to jump on the fracking bandwagon:

        "Shell signed a $10 billion deal to develop shale gas in Ukraine in January. Oil companies in Spain are planning to spend up to $1.3 billion to search for unconventional gas reserves estimated at over $900 billion — a handy sum for a country struggling with the euro-zone debt crisis."

        "The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic have imposed moratoriums on drilling for shale gas. For others, however, the economic potential outweighs the risks. In December, Britain lifted an 18-month ban on fracking.

        “It may be that this gas revolution is really quite transformative and there is going to be a lot more gas and the price won’t be as expensive,” Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament. “It would be a big risk just to ignore what is happening in the gas market.”

        Romania’s government also lifted a year-long moratorium in March. Shale gas deposits shared with neighboring Bulgaria and Hungary are estimated to be more than 538 billion cubic meters — enough to meet the country’s gas needs for 40 years."

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      What happened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is a serious issue pursued by all who live along it and believe they, and others, were, and continue to be, affected by BP's activities. This was not and is not a "national security" issue, but an issue which affected the lives and livelihood of so many hard working people along the Gulf.

      What compensation can there be for the loss of one's health?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        TY, NoPrevarication. I'm not arguing that there is national security involved in using nuclear bombs for so-called "peaceful" pursuits. Nuclear fracking is unconscionable just as are nuclear power plants, and they are all dirty bombs being used all over the world destroying the planet for habitation forever.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Actually, I'm arguing that the GOM is even more serious. Not only is there the pollution from oil and microbes and corexit and one other even more deadly chemical cocktail used, but it is also very radioactive from the nuclear bombs they used to blast the sea floor. And all the resultant oil is also consequently very radioactive and the fish and other marine life are also very radioactive.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Russians using nuclear fracking
      "Nuclear Fracking was tested in the 1970's, but the gas and oil was too radioactive to use.

      "New nuclear bombs, developed since then, supposedly produce much less radiation. Wouldn't it make sense they might try using these new bombs, to drastically increase well production in these shale formations? The Russians have been supposedly doing this.

      "The filters they use to filter the drilling fluid, are apparently too radioactive for the landfills.

      "In the 1960s, the Russians developed the technology of nuclear fracking: exploding nukes at the deepest point they could drill (about 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles). This allowed deep oil to seep upward. When they again drilled into the same area months or years later, they had massive blow outs; polluting whole forests with crude oil and forcing them to burn or flare huge quantities of natural gas, lest they smother the citizens of Siberia.

      "British Petroleum (BP) encountered the same problems in the Gulf of Mexico eight months after the detonation of a small nuke at 10 kilometers depth on August 18, 2008 when they drilled a hundred or more kilometers northeast of ground zero. The second drilling released huge amounts of natural gas and blood red crude oil.Using Nukes or Water, Fracking Is Fracking by ZS Livingstone (May 22, 2012)

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Those who would explode a nuclear weapon or drop a decommissioned reactor into the Gulf are sick in a way that I can't find the words to describe. I have to believe the planet is being used for money in ways that have never before existed by the power elite who rule this country with an iron glove.

      Everybody be sure to write General Motors thanking them for taking up the railroads so we would be compelled to use ever more gasoline in their gas guzzlers. It is pathetic that they were only fined $5,000 for this scheme by a government which maintains they are looking after the people. They are all corrupt.

  • Trawling4Trolls

    I would imagine Saddam's forces burning the wellheads in the first war were the largest fires ever.

    The Persian Gulf: After the Storm
    August 1991

  • ftlt

    Did anyone catch the Bill Moyer's show this weekend with Sandra Steingraber of the Seneca Lake 11 on NPR (National Neoliberal Globalist Yuppie War Radio)…

    Some of the stuff brought forward on it was jaw dropping..

    One was that supposed scientific research done for the company for the public review process – on groundwater/lake water quality impacts created by a fracking waste storage salt cavern site nearby… It has been allowed to be classified "proprietary" in the public domain and not available for the publics perusal…

    Over 100,000 people drink the lake's water.. This is an outrage brought on by insider special interest corpo control of our government processes… Wave the flag.. They call it freedom!!!!

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    The standard operating procedures for oil corps is to buy off the ppl who do not live where the spill is & then pay big bucks to off duty police & any one hurting for money, this seems to be SOP's over the last 90 yrs, what do others think? Ppl will sell their souls for money no matter whom they hurt!