Tweet: 2 sieverts per hour found at surface of water in basement — Worker says “outrageous” radiation level from melted-through fuel

Published: August 5th, 2011 at 11:58 am ET


Fukushima I Nuke Plant: 2 Sieverts/Hr on Water Surface in the Reactor Bldg Basement??, EX-SKF, August 4, 2011:

[…] TEPCO says that their plan to treat all the highly contaminated water at the plant is more or less intact; if not by the end of the year as planned, at least by the end of February next year.

This worker is worried that if that means lower or no water in the basement, the basement could become so radioactive; he thinks the melted fuel is in the basement. […]

I have no way of verifying anything he says, but here are some of the things he tweeted:

Water shields radiation. If there’s no water [in the basement], the highly radioactive materials will be exposed. The radiation level at the surface of the contaminated water in the basement of the reactor building is 2 sieverts/hour, and the half value layer of water is about 19 centimeters, and the water is 4 to 5 meters [400 to 500 centimeters] deep…

It could be an outrageous level of radiation… I don’t think they can empty the basement… Personally I think the melted-through fuel dropped through the ICM [In Core Monitor?] pipe or RPV drain to the bottom of [or below?] the pedestal, but no way of knowing how much of the fuel is there unless you go there and look.

Well, if a worker at the plant like me worries about it, I’m sure TEPCO and the government have already thought about it and come up with the solution. But that’s my concern.

Published: August 5th, 2011 at 11:58 am ET


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32 comments to Tweet: 2 sieverts per hour found at surface of water in basement — Worker says “outrageous” radiation level from melted-through fuel

  • Steven Steven

    And if the corium ISN’T in the basement yet and they don’t get the water out…

    • Steven Steven

      Btw, ENENEWS down again for hours tonight, that’s two days in a row. Enemy action?….

      ….she canna take much more o’ this, cap’n.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    I don’t doubt the corium is in the basement or even melting out of it in all 3. These tweets are likely true, but somehow I have my doubts someone working at the plant would be allowed to tweet out. TEPCO’s been so tight on info, that’d be a big oversight.

    Again, I don’t doubt the damage, but it doesn’t seem likely the source is an actual TEPCO worker….

    • Sickputer

      >These tweets are likely true, but somehow I have my doubts someone working at the plant would be allowed to tweet out.

      It’s the mobile generation…not your grandpa’s PC anymore. These guys have cell phones and they aren’t in prison…just doing a job that is hell on earth. I could see them tweeting without Tepco’s knowledge.

      • Sickputer

        BTW…forgot to mention…if true that blows the Gundersen condensation theory which I thought was just a little bit of a stretch. But heck…what do I know…I am a historian and technologist, not a nuclear engineer. Thank god Arnie you are a former engineer so you don’t fall in my category of the three kinds of liars! Just kidding…love the old guy! He is the best thing to a celebrity we have going and he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        I’m pretty aware of mobile technology, thanks. I’m also aware how stunningly easy it is to set up a fake Twitter account to tweet whatever you want, and I believe TEPCO is engaged in high levels of information control on this situation.

        As for not being in prison, I’m betting it ain’t far from it.

        Although I will admit this could easily be exactly what it’s reported to be as well, but I remain skeptical.

        • Sickputer

          Wasn’t digging at you…still getting a kick out of Dilbert’s strip on Wednesday:

          BTB (By the BY)…we haven’t had a cough..cough..Jetstream post in a bit so here’s our surfer friend projections on where the lastest airborne Nukashima crap is heading…just in time for 666 tomorrow (6th day of the month, 66th anniversary of Little Boy)

        • Misitu

          farawayfan, to me personally it reads of a thought out case, mark of someone who knows, cares, and wants to tell, whereas so far our “rumour mitigators” have all tended to be trigger happy miss-spellers with a C- in English Grammar and three years consecutive failure in Elementary Logic; secondly, the information does not shine a happy light on Tepco. So my vote is for genuine.

          • Steven Steven

            “so far our “rumour mitigators” have all tended to be trigger happy miss-spellers with a C- in English Grammar and three years consecutive failure in Elementary Logic”

            LOL right on the money.

    • Misitu

      Now that a lot of govt/corp lying has been exposed the voters will be feeling shall we say a little bit less loyal/gullible.. remember the citizens digging up their gardens in Fu city and chucking the topsoil on river banks- in parks- in the forest? so why not should we see a Tepco or contract staffer feeling pissed off enough to reward the disloyalty of his govt with a little disloyalty [“rumour mitigation”] of his own?

  • selfsovereign

    This tweet has been out for like 3 days.
    The important part, I believe, is the shielding value of water.
    14 to 19cm of water reduces radiation exposure by half.
    So how much rem would be released if 26 feet of water was removed from the basement??

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    With the inability to pump new water in and the rate of constant/type of emissions…I think the reactors are dry…….
    They just can’t get any closer the corium to find out.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Good morning to all the awesome thinkers and writers here. Much gratitude for all your contributions.

    Had hits around 122 CPM in the garden soil today. The area background radiation is in the high 50’s including in high mountain places like Telluride. Yes, CO is high in altitude, but are these readings really considered normal?

    Time will tell the story in the long run. History will reflect what happened. The primary directive for this Heart is enjoying all the quality that can be had in every breath in each moment of the day one day at a time.

    The window of False Flag Events is wide open now. Times are a changin and there are still songs to be sung.

    As the sun sets on humanity…we pray for the suffering in the burning distance…one day at a time in the walk of a peaceful warrior…breathing in every quality experiential moment one can…moment to moment seeking the small details on the path that are never noticed because of the daily race…all around these are the gems of beauty that remind us of how wonderful life really is…see them smile at you…step by step…are we breathing?

    (Turn it up!)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dear James Tekton ….Thank you so for this.
    It is important that as we face the burdens and sorrows before us..we do not fail appreciate the paradise that is around us.
    Here I add ..I am called the Heart of the Rose and so is my organization.
    But the Heart of the Rose is an ideal..
    When ask what I was fighting for… in trying to find the words…that describe… the very spark of humanity left in this world…I coudn’t find the words….I shouted out ..the Heart of the Rose.
    This is what we fight for.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    We.. freedom fighters are pretty feisty.
    A bit of a tune in return.

  • catweazel

    2 sievert at the surface and this “worker” still thinks of the water as a pure shield. what about the water not shielding the radiaton but being the carrier of the radiation?

    • Sickputer

      Yes…it is scary…but I doubt seriously Tepco is going to drain the basements…they have some idea of what is going on. You can see the monitors on the crane…it hasn’t been grappling much lately…that is pure fact-finding as they are scared stiff. The tent foundation prep work has gone on the back burner I am thinking…could be wrong.

      In any event you see the millimeters to the top of the storage tanks is pretty steady from what I have seen for three weeks. They are going to proceed with caution where corium is concerned because if it gets in the open ground they are screwed. No where to run…no where to hide.. and the water cannons will spray and then the hot water will flow merrily into the sea until they can’t even get close enough to run the cannons. Then it will be air assault time. They better start revving up the fleet and I mean a big fleet of copters! Big stockpiles of filler need to be rolling in close by the plant on ships…but as usual I bet Tepco fiddles while Tokyo burns!

      Hello Japanese government…do you want to live or die? Then you better stop trusting in a bankrupt company to solve the mess. 130 million Japanese depend on a successful termination of the fallout and you have not shown that you are up for the task. Your lives are at stake also…nowhere to hide on the mother island.

      • Misitu

        I am working on the theme that the big guys knew from the first moment how scary and unmitigable this whole thing was going to be, because it had already been the subject of several simulations and reports.

        If I can get around to it, will add to one of the weekly general threads some time.

        Just a matter of personal curiosity, don’t hold any breath but might be an interesting angle.


      • Steven Steven

        I concur Sickputer, TEPCO should have been stood down and replaced with an international team of specialist volunteers long ago. The situation as it stands is somewhat like allowing a gang of miscreant boys to fight the fire after setting their school ablaze.

        The nuclear industry seems not to have much concern about the health impact of radiation exposure, fair enough put your money where your mouth is. This was an opportunity for them to step up to the plate and show the world that they could control the monsters of our worst ‘tinfoil hat’ nightmares. Instead they sent a delegation of fact finders in, weeks after the initial events, to pat TEPCO on the back and bolt for home ASAP.

        Misutu might be correct – anyone ‘in the know’ probably realised the gig was over just watching the news coverage of the R3 ‘hydrogen’ event. Let’s be honest, anyone with half a brain realised it.