Twice as much contaminated water entering ocean from Fukushima as officials claim? Japan Gov’t: 600 tons of groundwater enters ocean each day at plant — NYTimes: Tepco’s figures assume ALL water entering ocean from plant is contaminated (VIDEO)

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 6:49 pm ET


NHK, Aug. 7, 2013 (Emphasis Added): The ministry says some 1,000 tons of groundwater flows from a mountainside into the plant premises every day […] 300 tons is contaminated with radioactive substance­­s when it flows through an area near wells before leaking into the sea.  […] 300 tons of untainted water flows into the sea […] It [the ministry] says the figures are based on water table data offered by the utility [Tepco], not detailed analyses of various data.

New York Times, August 6, 2013 (Emphasis Added): Tepco now says the groundwater is emptying into the plant’s man-made harbor at a rate of 400 tons a day […] While the company did not specifically say how much of the water was contaminated, it offered a calculation for the amount of tritium being released that assumed all of the water was contaminated.

Perhaps this discrepancy is why Tepco will not confirm the government’s claim that 300 tons of contaminated water per day is entering ocean?

NHK, Aug. 7, 2013: Transcript NORIYUKI IMAIZUMI, Tepco: We have not checked the figures given by the industry ministry. We are currently unable to say how much groundwater is getting into the ocean. Please give us time to check on this.

Reuters, Aug. 7, 2013: Fukushima plant operator: cannot confirm volume of contaminated water leaking into ocean […] [Tepco] said on Wednesday that it cannot confirm the exact volume of contaminated groundwater that is leaking into the ocean. “We are not currently able to say clearly how much groundwater is actually flowing into the ocean,” said Tokyo Electric Power spokesman Noriyuki Imaizumi in response to a reporter’s question about the government estimate.

ABC Australia, Aug. 8, 2013: TEPCO is refusing to confirm anything, describing the Government’s figure as an allegation. NORIYUKI IMAIZUMI, Tepco Manager (voiceover translation): I don’t have enough information to explain to you the exact volume of the leaked water and so I cannot confirm the allegation of 300 tonnes of water leaking a day.

Watch the Tepco spokesman here (1:15 in)

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 6:49 pm ET


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86 comments to Twice as much contaminated water entering ocean from Fukushima as officials claim? Japan Gov’t: 600 tons of groundwater enters ocean each day at plant — NYTimes: Tepco’s figures assume ALL water entering ocean from plant is contaminated (VIDEO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation evaporating into the air carried around Northern Hemisphere, non-stop.

  • Ourself Ourself

    F@%! YOU SHIMA. That is all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I know it's Off-Topic, but I commented about this on this post, but it went AWOL.


    Does any of you remember the strange 'web like' lights at Fukushima about a month ago, well…


    This time in Naples, Florida…

    • Slingerss Slingerss

      Well hell………a little closer to my pond than I care to hear about.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      2013.06.29 03:00-04:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Wow that is fascinating thanks for posting.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        No problem.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Made me think of a John Lennon song

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


        I thought heard or saw something about a white web like substance growing in some of the spent fuel pools somewhere.

        Maybe we created a new creature/life entity and its somewhat invisible just like radiation contamination and its now on the loose/air born looking for spent fuel pool water.

        Like any baby maybe these new creatures/entities think that swimming pool is where they came from mistaking the swimming pool for a radioactive spent fuel pool.

        Only leaving, when they realized the swimming pool they were in was not loaded with the nuclear food mixture, that they need to grow even bigger/stronger and mature.

        As our human bodies continue to raise internal radiation doses/readings from Fuksuhim, maybe these new creatures/entities will start eating us instead, since we humans are also full of water.


    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      I haven't looked at the TEPCO video, but that video of the pool in Florida is very obviously reflection artifacts made by the lens, the water, the lamp in the background, and possibly some humidity in the air. I'm no expert, but I'm no "down-player" either.

      I'm very surprised that no one in that video even mentioned the possibility of reflections/abberations.

      But to get back on the topic of this article, anyone notice that the number pertaining to contaminated water roaring into the ocean just doubled? Yeah, it just doubled. Wait till it doubles again, then again.

      • Max1 Max1

        Also notice the pool light in the water on the far side from the camera… Lot's of reflections and distortions at the source.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        obviously moisture and drops on the lens distorting the lights. They actually asked a biologist if it was an animal hahaaha oh brother

    • Hi David7426…I looked at the pool video from Florida. In my opinion and take on the undulating distortions of light over the swimming pool. I think it is caused by ionized particles in the atmosphere. Ionized particles can be either negatively or positively charged.

      There are always positive and negatively charged particles of pollution, naturally occuring gases like nitrogen and oxygen. Then there is an evaporation effect of the water in the pool going on as well. I don't know what time of night the video was taken. I lived in Florida for a lot of years and I know Florida can get really heavy dew. But I think the effect was caused by ionized particles of something.

  • mairs mairs

    So is all of this public flurry lately to get us to the point of accepting that ALL the water will be dumped into the Pacific, from now on?

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, they're treating it like a fait accompli. The quibble seems to be over HOW MUCH. No one asked MY permission either…..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Well they sure were thirsty….

    Probably some new drone technology at play here utilizing a new cloaking system.

    Got caught playing around..

    • We Not They Finally

      The name and blame game seems kind of pointless.The problem is dear Brutus not in us but the stars..The real problem with humanity is as Jung says is caused by man himself."Man creates his own evil."
      What are the main points. Greed Selfishness and evil…After the fact some fools decided to make Japan into a war criminal for going against their countries interest and ended up destroying Japan and the rest of the suffering world….

  • dosdos dosdos

    So they are saying that daily, 1000 tonnes a day comes down the mountainside to join with the 300 tonnes they are pumping into the reactors, 700 tonnes a day is contaminated and goes into storage tanks, 300 tonnes goes by uncontaminated into the ocean, and 300 tonnes gets contaminated and goes into the ocean. And if it all gets contaminated, it's 700 to storage and 600 to ocean.

    And this is why they are worried about rain soaking into the ground at the plant?

    • Ourself Ourself

      Haha. I like the way you describe things.

      The asphalt and ice wall ideas are for show, in my opinion. They are slowly preparing the public for the truth. Someone else mentioned that on some site, there was talk about martial law coming to Japan very soon. I can't confirm or deny it – it's just a rumor at this point – but I will keep my eyes open.

      • We Not They Finally

        It's actually not just rumor. Check out Yoichi Shimatsu. He's a Japanese-American journalist/activist who visits Japan and knows it well. (Former editor of The Japan Times.) He says that no one has the money or power to oppose Shinzo Abe, and that the economy there is desperate. He predicts martial law from a well-grounded first hand perspective. Abe has ALWAYS been militaristic. Shimatsu also names him directly in bringing MOX fuel illegally to Japan to build Japan's nuclear program, helped by the Cheney cabal. Abe's grandfather was a WWII war criminal who somehow escaped prosecution. Abe is not a newcomer and he is not a puppet. He's a dangerous man.

      • I think and believe Japan is finished.I researched nuclear technology and physics for many months after the accident.The melted reactor cores most likely melted through the container vessel in hours and then maybe a couple days later melted through the concrete.There is an underground aquifer that makes up the water table.I think the corium of at least 3 reactors melted down to the ground water.

        Since scientists have no expertise in this type of a disaster scenario; that all this that is playing out now for the world to see is all tongue in cheek. They don't really know what will happen. We all know the Japanese government has been lying from the very beginning about the scope of the nuclear disaster. I do believe that the ground water in the undergroun aquifer is totally contaminated. That groundwater will feed into other underground channels and contaminate groundwater serving other areas of Japan.

        I found a blog created by nuclear energy expert Dr. Holger Strohm. Strohm has written and published more than 80 books. He has also been a politician. He says that nuclear power is the MOST DANGEROUS technology that humankind has discovered up to now. Dr. Strohm states in this article that people were not evacuated because they were contaminated from the very beginning.<a href="; title="Dr. Holger Strohm"> This is the blog but the article I read has been removed. I repost it to my news website and provide a link in few minutes.

        • Here is the article I just posted on my news website by Dr. Holger Strohm, nuclear expert about how bad this nuclear accident is:


        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          History may see the legacy of Fukushima to be the extent of contamination of the Pacific Ocean.
          Going forward, it's not about the explosions and nuclear fires, which launched nuclear fuel into the atmosphere.
          Because nobody can do anything about that now.
          Something can, and must, be done to stop the contamination of the groundwater, which comes into contact with corium and nuclear fuel debris as it flows under the four reactor buildings.
          But TEPCO refuses to acknowledge that corium has gone all the way through the concrete and has entered the mudrock underneath the plant.
          Now TEPCO refuses to acknowledge how much groundwater flows through the plant every day.
          It was the Japanese Government, not TEPCO, that proposed placing a rectangular Frozen Wall around Units1,2,3&4, to block groundwater from entering the area of the reactors.
          TEPCO's plan, the Impermeable Wall, wasn't going to be run inland, behind Units1,2,3&4, as it must do in order to block groundwater from entering the plant area and becoming contaminated.
          For TEPCO not to be clear about how much groundwater is passing through plant grounds, at this late date, is an indication of their continuing refusal to acknowledge that corium is ex-reactor building, and in the ground.
          Japan must remove TEPCO from Fukushima, and stop the contamination of the Pacific Ocean.
          No nuclear plants can ever be restarted by a company that refuses to acknowledge the scope of this disaster.

    • We Not They Finally

      dosdos, not to fret. It's called "the new math." But they also keep saying that they are running out of storage tanks, so what they are claiming will be stored ongoing is not possible!! So if you want to go ahead and add 700 tons of EXTRA water a day flowing to the ocean, I guess you can help yourself.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You know the real rumor is that martial law is coming to everybody and not just Japan.

    • Ourself Ourself

      Yes, I've spoken about that on here recently. I made a prediction about how they'll keep dripping out the truth while acting like it's under control, then they'll act like suddenly nothing can be done and start blaming TEPCO. Then it will happen internationally; the US, for example, will offer aid and act like it's doing what it can, then suddenly nothing can be done and start blaming everyone. The international blame game will be a big distraction from the real issues, and they'll probably try to install Agenda 21 at that point. The media deception won't work, the fishing industry will collapse and everyone will hate the nuclear industry, but they'll still be reliant on them for power. Then comes the riots and afterwards, martial law. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

      • "The international blame game will be a big distraction…"
        – Ourself

        It's one big 'pass the buck' – 'shell game'!

        Shell Game:
        "…a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud."

        • Ourself Ourself

          Yes. We're seeing that on all levels, not just with Fukushima.

          Also, I didn't mention the economic collapse in the post above, but it will go hand-in-hand with the rioting. So many people are already waking up and finally realizing how much of a fraud this system is – on all levels, economically, politically, everything. If only it could happen faster… What can we do to speed up this process of mass unplugging from the matrix? This is what I think about.

          • mairs mairs

            I don't want to unplug from the matrix because I need to keep my business going so I can survive. M great grandparents and grandparents came to the US from Russia during the Revolution when the Bolsheviks took their middle class livelihood away from them.

            • mairs mairs

              I accidentally hit submit before I was done. The problem with getting rid of the corruption at the top is that it changes everyone else's lives forever. Everyone in the middle and below all suffer. I wish this was all easier. 🙁

              • richard mancer

                The unknown is always a far better option then following the same corrupt path, talk about 'Animal Farm'.

                That lame approach of yours is one reason the world is embroiled in a downward spiral, you just keep supporting the same game. I'm actually shocked that you have ventured into enenews, yet make a spineless comment like that. Follow the status quo, sheesh.

                • Ourself Ourself

                  I can understand your frustration, mancer, but he is here for a reason. I don't think it's beneficial for humanity to turn people away so easily. The dilemma mairs describes is the same that many face.
                  Unfortunately, the corruption isn't just at the top, mairs; it's pervasive – top to bottom corruption. What you're witnessing is what your grandparents went through, but on a much larger scale. If nothing else, do small things to start. Use less electricity, or if you can, get some solar panels, etc. Grow a big garden if you can, too. Every little bit helps.

                  • richard mancer

                    Granted, it's not easy to break the system the surrounds us. It just seemed to me to be a poor starting point, almost dismissive before even trying.

                    And certainly look toward solar and passive renewable energies, these things can break the stranglehold that power companies (and their cousins) have over us.

                    And check your superannuation holdings, ensure you have invested in the right technologies, make sure your money isn't going to uranium mining and nuclear power companies.

                • We Not They Finally

                  Aren't you being a little harsh? All he said is that he has to survive in a bad system.

                  • dopestone dopestone

                    Agreed. Obviously we all want things to be different, but we also have families and lives to live the best we can, I can't just up and leave my family to take up arms against the corrupt system, when in reality I rely on the system to give me access to commerce with which to conduct my business. I can't ask my children to understand complex social issues, it would take many years to instill this knowledge in them.

                    There are many negative political problems in the world, but there are also a great deal of logistics and infrastructure that a lot of idealist seem to take for granted i.e. roadways and avenues both literal and figurative upon which we rely on to conduct business, the ability to interact on a purely professional basis with other humans.

                    I think what is being said is, "I am only trying to survive and provide for my family within the structures available for me"

                    These dogs in the corrupt spectrum are only there because they are a special breed of human that many of us could never relate to or understand, and that is why it is difficult to stand up to these people, because most of us are good natured and naive, which in variable relative degrees is our own fault.

                    I think that we have just lost our way collectively because we rely on these psychopaths to do the right thing and then we also rely on a subspecies of psychopaths to tell us whether or not they are doing a good job.

                    This radioactive scourge is only a physical incarnation of our…

                  • dopestone dopestone

                    …This radioactive scourge is only a physical incarnation of our collective psyche.

      • We Not They Finally

        Ourself, I hate sharing your cynicism, but alas I do. What horrified me the other day was to see Wolf Blitzer, CNN, Fox News and others, saying with a straight face that there was now "a worldwide travel and terror alert" — NOT specific to any country,any timing, even any means of attack. Just be afraid everywhere at all times of everything. Because of "intelligence." (Mr. Orwell, your cue!)

        But the rub was that WHATEVER happens, WHEREVER, HOWEVER, our instructions are to….. BLAME AL QUAEDA!! Even my own cynical jaw dropped!! It was the most freaky-insane knee-jerk we've seen in quite some time. This was not even a plausible strategy to lob at STUPID people. It just seemed to be a panicked knee-jerk. So for sure, we'll be seeing worse.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • Sickputer

    The Japanese onsite have guessed since March 2011 how much tainted water is entering the ocean from the nuclear complex. They have no idea. It could be hundreds of thousands of gallons or maybe millions of gallons a day.

    For future reference…100 tons of water is about 23,000 gallons:

    So 1000 gallons is 230,000 gallons and 300 gallows is 69,000 gallons.

    1. Can they accurately assess the physical size, structure, and distribution of the underground natural and nuclear lava tunnels?

    Probably they have some equipment that reveals some of the fissures, but I doubt they are 100% accurate.

    2. Can they assess the speed and volume of fresh water traveling underground from inland sources and also salt water coming the opposite direction in underground fissures from the ocean tidal flow?

    3. Can they assess rainfall amounts accurately falling on the entire island and other runoff areas adjacent to the ocean?

    4. Do they keep accurate figure on fresh water sprayed from the Putzmeister spray pumps?

    5. How much of the assorted water sources passes over hot nuclear lava in the subsoil layers?

    The world wonders…

    • Sickputer


      So 1000 tons is 230,000 gallons and 300 tons is 69,000 gallons,

      • We Not They Finally

        sickputer, thanks for the detailed run-down. They have NO IDEA. They just downplay and downplay and downplay until proven otherwise. Though now I think they are genuinely panicked.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Within a week of 3/11/11 I figured the total Fukushima nuke fuel inventory to be close to 2200 metric tons.. this was based on the 3/2010 TEPCO inventory report plus the added MOX and miscellaneous shipments during the following year to FukuDai-1… in comparison Chernobyl had 180 tons of fuel in that blown reactor, and only 3 tons of it actually burned and contaminated 77,000sqmi of Europe.

    Graphene does a pretty good job of filtering radwaste metals from contaminated water, and the radmetals tend to have the longest decay cycle. Alaska has the most readily available megaton supply of graphene for this Fukushima project. Using fracking-tech most of the radwater can be safely sequestered within graphene-traps deep underground.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Radioactive hotspots found as far as 70 kms away from Fukushima nuclear reactor
    Aug.8 2013

    "A 70 meters wide hot spot has been found 32 meters below the ocean surface, 5.9 km away from the plant, containing radioactive cesium concentrations of 651 becquerels per kilogram, the team said.

    "Abukuma river runs through both Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, and the research team believes radioactive cesium was carried by the river to the hot spots in the sea."

    "It has also been reported that contractors doing decontamination work at the reactors have dumped their debris in rivers."

    Yes..yes..yes..radioactive contaminated water is flowing into the sea…in many ways.

    • It would be interesting to see how and why they found this ONE hot spot..

      Sure, no other hot spots anywhere, right?

      Just this one…

      And certainly, no hot spots off the coast of FUKU, when #3 blew and spread hot spent fuel rods all over the ocean and land for 3 miles around.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    They can't dump it fast enough….

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Hey Bobby what's that?
    Oh, that is a box from the Nuclear plant.
    Have you taken a radiation reading yet?
    No, do you want me too?
    Well, yes and how are you feeling today? It looks there is some blood coming from your eyes.
    Wow, look at this this baby is HOT!
    Bobby, hurry grab that box and throw it into the river and do it now!
    Yes sir!
    There she goes and thanks for having me take that reading.
    You will need to report to incinerator #4 for processing.
    Yes sir, right away!


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Probably why no other nation has shown up over there in the past 2.5 years to help out..

    Nobody wants to die and/or wants to end up… like Bobby!

    Either dump it in the river or burn it….bottom line is..just get rid of it!

    Bring me more Bobby's and bring them now!

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, a lot of helpful people could have "shown up" over the phone at least! These are a pack of arrogant bastards in charge over there. And their cover-ups hurt the whole world.

  • mungo mungo

    How do I see webcams without flash player?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The Japanese people will awaken soon, since they have no other choice.

    All chains placed on brains are eventually broken…

    • Ourself Ourself

      And then Abe will try martial law. I don't see that working for long though, many will likely break rank and rebel with them. This is pretty much how all tyrannical dictatorships have fallen.

      • Ourself Ourself

        Actually, tyrannical dictatorship is redundant; perhaps I should have said tyrannical regime or just dictatorship.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Download flash player..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes…they will awaken.

    Martial law is not an enforceable law as it is based on voluntary compliance of the population.

    Japan may not be armed but they are intelligent and the intelligent will be very difficult to lock down.

    • We Not They Finally

      VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE OF THE POPULATION is needed for martial law?? Tell that to Hitler or Stalin. And the Japanese have a massive HEALTH crisis in their faces too! And their economy is desperate to boot. Their struggle now is to survive. It would be valiant to see pockets of resistance, but since the press is controlled, who on the outside will even learn of it? I'd LIKE to see a path of resistance for these people, but I don't. Not at this juncture. They cannot even tell if their next bite of food is safe to eat. That's when people can be more READILY controlled.

      Anyway, I thought you said in another post that we were all due to be slaves and serfs. I understand that the world is way confusing these days (and your posts are usually intelligible), but let's go for two plus two.

      • Ourself Ourself

        You do realize what's happening to Japan is going to happen here too, right? Radiation crisis and likely martial law. What are you going to do?

        The way I see it, they've already been stripped of their livelihood, they have nothing else to lose at this point. Are they just going to sit down and die? Are we?

        Also, yes, martial law is somewhat voluntary. It is reliant on the military. If the military doesn't want to shoot their own people, they won't. Many tyrannical regimes have fallen this way – their military sided with the people.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          >Many tyrannical regimes have fallen this way – their military sided with the people

          Yes, and most notable case was bolshevik's revolution. I know you don't agree, Ourself, but in my opinion now the only solution to the concatenation of all economic, environmental, health, social and military crisis preparing in the world, lies in the possibility that the world proletariat, including the petty bourgeoisie, organize in a new bolshevik party and seize the power at international level.

          The solution is founded epistemologically (see Lenin, Wittgenstein, Feyerabend, Geymonat), since capitalism cannot manage any more the current enormous productivity potential (i.e., there aren't enough capitals to properly build, maintain or decontaminate a nuclear facility), so a new economic paradigm is an imperative priority. And, following dialectical materialism, it's up to the people to organize a revolution in such a way that thew ideological/political superstructure (today, in a few hands) will be reconciled to the material productive structure (today, totally socialized).

          The Russian Bolsheviks – first time in history – showed us the way, they onesidedly ended a world war, expelled the foreign invaders, gave religious freedom and universal suffrage to everyone. But they were well in advance of their historical times, Stalin killed them one by one and established the state capitalism. The same system that is predominant today globally, also in U.S.

          • Ourself Ourself

            No, I agree with you. A revolution is the only way. We have to be very careful however, because failure would result in a situation even less favorable than the current one.

            This is why I focus so much on mindfulness. We have to grow as people so that we don't fall into the same mistakes.

            I remember being in school as a kid, learning about the holocaust, and other kids would ask how nobody saw it coming. Ironically, these very same people, now grown up, can't see it when it's right in front of their faces.

            We have to grow as people and realize that there is always more to learn; no matter how much we think we understand, when we close our minds, we become ignorant. When we open our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts, we become wise. If we close them again, we will again fall into ignorance.

            Just this one simple idea could radically change the world. If only their ears were open…

            • We Not They Finally

              orsobubu and ourself, this is exactly the kind of discussion that people should be having! But this nation has gone WAY in the other direction — destroyed its own labor base, with too much of populace supporting it! Oh, they don't want THEIR OWN jobs outsourced, but they think that organization of people is a bad thing. Rather have one's own arsenal of assault weapons and then call themselves "patriots." I'd be thrilled to see it turn out different, but we seem to have the seeds of fascism here, not movements to help the public well-being."The melting pot" seems to have morphed into a place where it is all too easy to turn people AGAINST each other.

              People who care, who think differently, have been greatly DISEMPOWERED. Oh, if when terrible crisis strikes here, people suddenly want to put the public well-being first, we'll be thrilled. We'll just also be very surprised!

              Fighting consolidated international power is also "something else" by now. It's been technologically WAY integrated to the DIS-advantage of ordinary people.

              I don't have the answers. And effective leadership is WHERE? But let's not write anything off. Things can sometimes shift on a dime.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Well, I am not one for a revolution and many here believe martial law is/might be right around the corner and both would be a bad choice and course of action in my opinion.

        But then one (citizens/slaves/serfs) might want to get prepared for the worst and hope for the best.,or.r_qf.&ei=Zd4EUunvGYX6iwKk4oGIBA&fp=8f6fd0821f57f127&psj=1&q=examples+of+countries+implementing+martial+law&rls=en&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAA

        I hope the awakening will be one of reform but then I might just be a dreamer.

        Pulling off the blanket slowly for some is necessary/required for such/any reform to succeed.

        Often cutting bluntly through the brain fog to the core programming received is required to awaken those that do not understand the subliminal controls that they are/have been under.

        Once this blanket has been ripped off and/or slowly removed then hopefully such reform can proceed forward.

        We sometimes need to make people uncomfortable by pulling off as many of these blankets as possible, in any way possible, as quickly as possible, so that we can move world reform forward..

        This site and everyone's comments/concerns and writing styles should be considered… blanket pullers.

        • Ourself Ourself

          There are times when it's more appropriate to do it gradually and times where it would be more appropriate to do it suddenly, I agree. I do both – it is important to be flexible.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Fear will be fleeting in the future since it has been used and abused as of late.

    What's that saying about fear?

  • We Not They Finally

    I cannot even get past the funny-math. 300 tons of water a day goes into the plant, then somehow emerges into the ocean UN-contaminated? Then the 300 tons a day they acknowledge IS contaminated. And then the remaining 400 tons a day goes into a "man-made harbor"?? All of a sudden (since the storage tanks have run out) there is "a man-made harbor"?? What is that? The Fukushima port which just HAPPENS to be a gateway to….. the Pacific Ocean?

    So it is 1,000 tons of CONTAMINATED water per day pouring into the ocean, yes? Well, that's all they are ADMITTING to, anyway. And they always DOWNPLAY. Good God!


    I think its interesting that they report these leaks in tons of water instead of litres. To put it into perspective, 1 L of water = 1 Kg.

    Assuming that the reported tonnage is in metric, 1 ton = 1000 Kg = 1000 L

    600 tons of water = 600,000 L of water.

    Clearly if this number was reported with the units that people are more familiar with, people would understand the gravity of the situation.

  • AntonButler

    Plutonium recycling. YES if a victim of plutonium is cremated
    then the particle may kill a second person,,,,,,and so on.
    The Fukushima plutonium , one ton ,well after 50,million years
    the Pu 242 (373,000years T1/2) may be harmless.
    That is what say two million human GENERATIONS from now.

    The pronuclear lobby state ,
    "future generations have no rights."
    The same hypocrites go on about their rights.
    Nobody has a right to kill, unborn people, and this is what nuclear power does.
    It puts unborn american and japanese …children on death row.

    • orsobubu orsobubu

      During one of these generation, mankind will be obliged to buid and spread an infinite number of self-replicating nanomachines able to absorb the dispersed plutonium particles; other machines could be programmed to substitute the damaged DNA branches. I cannot see other ways to save life and ecosystem already compromised, at this point

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So what goes here?
    News of millions of gallons of radioactive water entering the Pacific.
    This news falls on the ears of a society that no longer understands consequence.
    A society that takes everything at face value..never looking beyond the spoon-fed information.

    Now a handful of 'characters' will won't affect the marine life.
    And at least for awhile..(until physical reality proves different)this will probably be accepted..because the people no longer look beyond the meaning..or can place value on consequence for themselves.

    The greatest fear of TPTB is that the People will learn to think for themselves.
    But they are.
    May they learn to think ..deeply and well.
    We need all minds and hearts.

    • Also new math is being taught.. figures all over the place, and you have to figure it out.

      First, NO gallons of water released into ocean

      Then, well maybe a teensie weenie pit leak, but only when it rains

      Then maybe a leak or two once in awhile, leaking tanks, not sure what or where

      Then contaminated well, water going into ocean, no figures at all.

      Then 400 tons once in awhile, but still legal, nothing to worry about.

      Then 400 tons A DAY, all HIGHLY contaminated.

      Now 10,000 TONS A DAY, SOME Highly contaminated, but no one knows how much.. some of that is NOT contaminated but not sure how much.

      If we keep going like this, we will be up to a 1 MILLION TONS of contaminated water a day going into Pacific by Christmas.. nice present.

      Now we KNOW why TEPCO would not allow ocean water testing within 5 miles of the plant.

      They were covering this all up until now…

  • Greg Palast; The Lies and Fraud Behind Nuclear Plant Emergency Diesel Generators; via @AGreenRoad