Two senior Japanese officials warn there is still a real risk of catastrophic disaster at Fukushima

Published: April 30th, 2011 at 7:03 pm ET


Fukushima still a threat: senior officials, EuroNews, April 29, 2011:

Two senior Japanese officials have warned that there is still a real risk of a catastrophic disaster at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Since Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami seven weeks ago an army of emergency workers has stabilised two of its six reactors but the other four remain volatile. […]

The operator of the plant TEPCO has been accused of playing down the potential dangers and ignoring warnings about the risk of an earthquake and tsunami striking Fukushima.

Published: April 30th, 2011 at 7:03 pm ET


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19 comments to Two senior Japanese officials warn there is still a real risk of catastrophic disaster at Fukushima

  • ZombiePlanet


    I am so relieved to hear there is positive progress.

    “stabilized two of its six reactors“…
    I’ll wait patiently for their definition of “stabilized.”

    Pass the sun guard please. Don’t want to burn.

  • Nina2

    No news more, nowhere. It’s very suspect.
    Does Japan still exists?

    • tony wilson

      i met some happy people from tokyo today in london..
      i asked them why nobody was getting angry in japan..they seemed to think that everything was under control and radiation levels are fine.
      and the government are doing the best they can and the worst is over.
      what really pissed me off was they turned it on me and said that this was a conspiracy to ruin companies like toyota,canon etc.
      and all the bad press was about other countries trying to get economic advantage.
      we sheep like this the government can do what they want for the next 16 months.
      it is all a big joke for some.
      but what about the mox plutonium i said..oh it is still inside the building they said.

      • mothra

        If their “Nationalism” influenced assertion were true, why would we have to scratch and claw for the information so hard? Why wouldn’t it be on MSM nightly? That doesn’t make logical sense in argument.

  • Sam

    The news story says 1500 workers at work just to stabilize the
    reactors. No clean up yet and now they are worried about another
    earthquake and tsunami. Wonder how come no massive crew to work
    to build a higher protective wall against future Tsunami’s. Probably
    it is too radioactive there. What would our West Coast fall out patterns be from a FULL MELTDOWN. HOW BAD WOULD THE CATASTROPHE
    BE FOR US. This is an ongoing calamity. Very few seem to want to be
    informed. I hear so much “downplaying of the effects of Fukushima.
    Since it is all invisible this radiation and low level now, life goes on
    as if it never happened. What would happen to this economy if
    people started to stay indoors more from the fall out? Better keep
    the monitoring info down. At least now the Japanese are forewarning us that Godzilla may be coming.

  • In past threads, I posted the fact that even though Reactor 4 radiation data wasn’t showing at the URL you could call each reactor up manually using

    This worked until today.

    Today, even though you can call up empty data on an imaginary reactor 7 , the URL for reactor 4 is now mysteriously redirecting back to

    They have blocked off access to intentionally.

    This does not bode well. The last reading I saw for that graph (yesterday) was 6100 Sieverts.

    • mothra

      Geezus! Good work.

    • Misitu

      Note: is a private website, not government, tepco etc., and the site owner sometimes takes a while to get things updated.

      Of course, the site may have crashed or been blocked or ddossed, but equally likely is that the site owner needs a break in between updates (he extracts the source data from tepco’s somewhat non transparent presentations and formats it for us nosey parkers to read easily).

      There was a while when the radioactivity readings from reactor 1 were invisible – for several days – but they did come back. I will take a look. Oops, just noted comment from Anon below.

  • Anna

    Can you read Japanese?

  • pat b

    last time i checked Rac 7 was the common fuel pool

  • Anon is not an official website, it’s just a guy uploading the data that NISA and other institutions release about the situation at the plant, radiation levels and food tests, etc… Don’t expect any hidden info there.

    Also, why people get so worked up with the MOX fuel? There’s a percentage of plutonium in each of the regular spent fuel rods, and there are thousands of those at the spent fuel pools.

    • Thanks for that information.

    • mothra

      I was worked up about MOX, for the plutonium potential because it is so unstable in these vessels – a test fuel operators have limited experience with when things go wrong – an unknown. Sure enough the vessels ruptured and meltdowns were uncontained as other NGOs predicted it would for years. Now, we see the aerosolized uranium and plutonium in the US as confirmed by EPA knowing one submicron inhaled can… Well, it’s hard to detect – the ton load total with all of the above and it’s relational impact upon what it’s near – the fact that it can refission and produce it’s own sustaining fuel beyond the ton load…

      That’s what all the MOX fuss is about.

  • xdrfox

    MOX fuel has WEAPONS GRADE plutonium !

    Taken from dismantled nuclear missiles !

    • Anon

      MOX can contain plutonium from nuclear missiles, but usually it’s recycled plutonium from spent fuel rods (combined with 90% of Uranium). And there’s nothing special about WEAPONS GRADE plutonium, just the concentration. Actually that’s the problem of the damn thing, as soon as you get enough of it together it’s hell on earth.

      What I mean is that there is probably more plutonium in the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 than in reactor 3, just for the amount of spent fuel rods they have on storage there.

      • xdrfox

        SEE ABOVE: ^ – the fact that it can refission and produce it’s own sustaining fuel beyond the ton load…

  • Tricky Dick

    Japan has “Breeder Reactors” right on the coast that have a much higher concentration of Plutonium in them.

  • Now I won’t trust Japanese Government and Japanese Industrial Products(especially of agriculture and food) and their skills.
    Very untrustable! I came to find it at last!

  • Misitu

    Stock Market Saying: When everyone’s thinking the same, nobody’s thinking.