U.N. Agency: Fukushima Reactor 2 “burst” after fuel melted — Then radiation doses quickly hit highest levels of entire crisis for many places across region… went in almost every direction… then skyrocketed all at around same time (VIDEO)

Published: April 8th, 2014 at 1:00 am ET


United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization, updated June 2013: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) [received] a request from the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) to assist them with the meteorological aspects of a dose assessment from the radiological releases from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. […] Light rain was observed from the 15th to the morning of the 17th due to a weak low pressure system which moved north eastward off the east coast of Japan. In particular, rain was observed in the Fukushima prefecture during the night from 1700 JST March 15 to 0400 JST March 16 […] corresponding with significant emissions. […] winds were from the west [blowing any Fukushima releases over the Pacific] until the morning of 15th, but changed to a direction from north northeast [in direction of Tokyo] during the daytime of the 15th, the time when the reactor number two container burst. […] After 1500 JST, the winds turned to a direction from east southeast, and then changed to north [blowing releases south].

Wikipedia on Fukushima Unit 2 reactor: An explosion was heard after 06:14 JST on 15 March in Unit 2 […] The radiation level was reported to exceed the legal limit and the plant’s operator started to evacuate all non-essential workers from the plant. […] Soon after, radiation equivalent dose rates had risen to 8.2 mSv/h […] Three hours after the explosion, the rates had risen to 11.9 mSv/h […] Japanese nuclear authorities emphasized that the containment had not been breached as a result of the explosion and contained no obvious holes. In a news conference on 15 March the director general of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, said that there was a “possibility of core damage” at Unit 2 of less than 5%. […] 27 March, TEPCO reported measurements over 1000 mSv/h in the basement of the Unit 2 turbine building, which officials reported was 10 million times higher than what would be found [TEPCO] retracted its report and stated that the figures were not credible […] following the ensuing wave of media retractions that discredited the report worldwide, TEPCO [said it actually was] “more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour”, as originally reported, but the concentration of radioactive substances was 100,000 times higher than usual, not 10 million.

See documentary featuring the ‘burst’ here: [intlink id=”nhk-documentary-unimaginable-happening-workers-part-containment-vessel-destroyed-heard-loud-bang-pressure-video-50-min” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 8th, 2014 at 1:00 am ET


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157 comments to U.N. Agency: Fukushima Reactor 2 “burst” after fuel melted — Then radiation doses quickly hit highest levels of entire crisis for many places across region… went in almost every direction… then skyrocketed all at around same time (VIDEO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Radiation spews all over and radiates everyone (without them ever knowing it).

    Happens time, and time again. Won't stop until we quite using the dastardly technology.

    • bluetick

      just curious why the wolves of Chernobyl seem to be doing well…eagles and everything else living right next door and they all look great. babies are flourishing …just curious cause I have been led to believe there would be mutant turtles around there….everything is radioactive but there does not seem to be any problems with it….Seems like we will just adapt as they have..catfish are huge not b/c of radiation just b/c its a ghost town….Thoughts?

      • m a x l i

        Let me guess…you visited Chernobyl and did not see a single wolf without legs walk by?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        If Fukushima refugees return to their homes, they can survive on the wolves that are there, because there have been no people there…the hunting should be easy, due to the luminous green glow of the wolves. The hairs are radioactive, but the meat is good. (sarc)

      • NondiPloom

        I recall there's speculation that the wildlife in the exclusion zone is not adversely affected by the radiation because their genetic structure is simpler than that of humans. That they're thriving there is explained by the fact that humans are not their competing with them for territory, their food supply is abundant.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        bluetick, I get it; your question is rhetorical, to expose the bald faced lies of the pro nuke community and the insipidly stupid and unquestioning agreement by the masses…right?

        If you are astounded that anyone can overlook the obvious; that poison is poisonous, and zones marked as uninhabitable prove this….then I understand your incredulity!

        Sure, we could pull out the references showing a million human deaths and four times as many deformations, animals with small brains and deformations, reduced biodiversity, land in England still unfit for farming…due to Chernobyl. But of course it isnt required for any person of sound mind and age 10 level of common sense, is it?

        You probably know that the average age of wolves in the relatively clean Yellowstone is something like four years. There is a fast turn-over for many species and the ones that arent fit are destroyed and consumed our of sight. We will never see the suffering, deformities, deaths, stillbirths, retardation and general tragedy of animals due to Chernobyl, and the small minded, criminal mindset of the people in power who profit and the unbelievable complicity of the masses makes sure of it.

        Thats more or less your point, right?

    • morninglory

      Hello folks,

      I'm new to this website and have registered as a new member. Can anyone tell me how to get to the videos and complete articles? also where I go to start a new topic? Sorry I'm using this thread, but there is no contact information that I can find either.

      • This is not a click popping type website that lets you start your own topic, the Admin does a great job at aggregating news, and does a great job at it.

        On the right toolbar, far down, is a box you can submit your own tips for Admin consideration.

        In the upper right tool bar is the search, which you can search topics and find articles on a topic that way. i don't know of a way to view a list of articles, but they would be in the thousands anyway and tough to deal with that way.

      • m a x l i

        For the videos and complete articles click on on the blue coloured parts of the above summary!

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Never a dull moment!!!

    Take the first year of stories since 3-11-11 and extrapolate "through them"…..and notice how eerily the extrapolation predicts all of the stories in the 2nd year.

    Extrapolate the first 2 years and the 3rd year is no big surprise.

    The mind numbing issue now is extrapolating from these last 3 years out in to the next 2 to 5 years (10?) and it just shuts down any internal dialog.

    Hard to grasp that we ('newsers) have been slowly dragged through, and many of us beyond

    Denial and Isolation
    (I postulate that there is/was no Bargaining phase)

    until we get to

    Strange how acceptance can so easily be confused with/as apathy.

    Maybe I need a break from keeping up on all of this.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Well said, FGJ….I admire the range of your posts from the technical to the emotional.

      My future son in law was reported to be "dis-believing" in things F-shima….turns out no, not dis-belief, only cannot look there, cannot, will not grasp it, will turn away from the horror, will shun contemplating the consequences….

      There is something there, though. Their's is the future, to hold and embrace. THEIR future. It is tragic that the story we tell them is that it will all fall apart and fall away. And, in some way, and at some ages, it may be appropriate that they are walling off.

      It is their future. It is their's to embrace, as it has always been. I loath taking that away, breaking their hearts.

      We did this, collectively, to them, to us. He is choosing to take some time to bury his head, as it were, to contemplate a beautiful, exquisite and boundless future. Bravo!

      It is we who we are seeking – of course – their up welling of health and well being.

      What can we do? What are we prepared to do? It must be everything.

      • We Not They Finally

        It's the shattering of paradigms. We live in frameworks, and within those frameworks we aspire, can function, can move ahead. When the paradigms are shattered, it's not just about facts, it's about living in a whole different place with different parameters. It's a systemic shock.

        Like we (husband and me) grew up in the sixties and it's a spirit we still miss. But whether we can ever re-capture THAT, we at least had a worldview where whatever is wrong in the world, we can struggle, protest, endure, to make it better. The paradigm of PROGRESS, even if at a great cost.

        Now we are not even entirely sure what progress would LOOK LIKE in an escalating quagmire like this one. It gets harder to think in terms of localized, conscribed, time-frame-specific problems to resolve. We really have no paradigm to accommodate the escalating deterioration of the genomes of the world. Its beyond even war, beyond even poverty as global bogeymen. We WANT to say that however bad it is, we can fix it, but we can't say that anymore.

        We have strong spiritual grounding and that helps. But our worldly paradigms have shifted so far, that we are unclear that we can ever go back to that place at all. We struggled with that, and with much sorrow.

        • orsobubu orsobubu

          I understand how you feel. American movements (but also European) of the sixties and seventies made the error not to build an organizational structure independent from the dominant bourgeois-democratic forms, choosing idealism. It is too late to recover, because the enemy has those structures, and more and more solid they are. When I think about the forms of distrust for governments, forms which now in America often take the anarchist way, exaggerated individualism, leading the individuals to design and isolate themselves in a micro-world, independent and self-sufficient, yes, then I think maybe in America is too late.

          • zogerke zogerke

            This does not reflect my experience of activist seventies eighties nineties. We built organizational structures. We have been out monied. Drowned by the other sides resources and money. But structures and opposition and spirit is still tenacious and resilient, even if losing. My idealism never defeated me. The other sides resources did.

            • name999 name999

              zogerke, the civil rights, human rights and workers rights movements were penetrated by levels of government and $ that were threatened by the true American dream becoming realized. J. Edgar Hoover spent much of his career going after
              American leaders while trying to pin labels and anti-American motives covertly. This is documented in senate records during the 70's. Reagan took the stage in 1980 and rapidly deconstructed, dismantled and attacked these American movements, shifted finances to the ultra wealthy and corporate interests. The deck was reshuffled and many of us had to keep our heads down. Another big wave of this during the Bush Cheney years striking an ultimate devastating blow to the American Dream designed and intended for all Americans. US was deftly reshaped to a corporate state.

              • 4Warnd 4Warnd

                Yeah! concise and on target!

              • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

                A superb distillation of the American experience!

              • zogerke zogerke

                name, yes, there have been decades where survival trumped all and i kept my head down and took care of the sick and dying. and i was not the only one. family grief and illness trumps all else in the moment. survival needs first.

                1:if i cannot dance it is not my revolution, like emma said.
                2. my organizational successes are small and include much that is political and magical yes magical
                3. at this point in my life i choose to create more than i choose to destroy. i am not interested in destruction i am interested in alternatives & creativity
                4. the medium is the message and the means are the ends
                5. there is no way to peace, peace is the way
                6. keep your head down and do the work
                7. take care of your friends and work well with even your enemies and surround yourself with folks who share your goals
                8. survive
                9. be kind
                10. have a gratefulness practice and celebrate every little & big win
                11. teach and heal as you can
                12. be kind to women
                13. know that all things end.

                Not so grand, eh? but it works for me.

            • orsobubu orsobubu

              >We built organizational structures

              May be in your experience it is true, Zogerke. In this case, my critique is that even if you built a strong structure (strongly hierarchical? economically independent? detached from parliamentary politics? etc), this structure must be established on a super-strong political-economic theory, detailed, documented and updated in an almost obsessive way. You have to make it better than anyone else, and attract the best minds around. The new "Kissingers" (but those on the side of the people!) must choose your structure. No music, no singing, no partying, no smoking, no drugs, etc. Exclusively focusing on theory and organization. One day, Lenin called a very bright militant of which he had heard; he said: comrade, I learned you like dancing. Forget about it.

          • ftlt

            Orso: Americans go home and bar their doors and windows – both literally and figuratively.

            Every home is a fortress. And it is our Euro roots that gave us this way of life's mindset.

            We are reactionary nation/people by nature. We are both a continuing slave nation/people and a nation/people built on genocide. (I use the word nation loosely. As I believe, there is no longer a nation state in the traditional sense to be found here). We have yet to face these facts. We are in constant denial of them. Worse yet, we are now exporting this deadly mindset of "Freedom" globally. Look at the results! YIKES!!!

            Face it. The revolution is not going to happen here.

            Americans accept the myth that life's an economic lottery and has opportunity for all here. It's you against the rest > the other guy.

            Where do you live?

            • orsobubu orsobubu

              Italy. Your description is interesting. For once in history, it will be better America follows in the footsteps of someone else.

              • ftlt

                Orso What is your fixation with Lenin?

                The commies are quite poor on environmental issues in general.

                Everything is based in economics for them. And of course, strict leadership from the "correct" elite at the top.

                I reject it. And believe, Marxist-Leninism needs to roll over and get out of the way. Why? In practice, its agenda is always to serve the party first. Arse backwards thinking. IMO

                On The movements of the late 50s, 60s and very early 70s; They were broad based social movements with limited objectives. They were important – but never revolutionary. They were focused and limited to, first institutionalized racism, and later, the massive draft for the Vietnam War.

                The race issue was mollified by an allowance of some mobility of the races in open society – Where the legislative and legal rulings for racial placation were and still are quite limited (now it could be argued, even these are in reverse). They were always just enough to point at. Racism is a tool of property and those who control it.

                Once the draft was removed – so that upper and middle class Americans (who once comprised the political status quo here) were no longer threatened with required military service in our wars, Then, the USA's and Empires wars began again in earnest – from tiny Granada to now globally. All with much flag waving by the same generation that was so opposed and active publicly against the War in Vietnam.

                • ftlt

                  Orso cont: The new Kissinger-s – elitist leadership is all wrong for America.

                  Kissinger is one of the most evil manifestation of American global imperial policy there ever was. A cult of personality rock star of evil. He made mass murder a national political objective. His "Dirty Wars" proceeded all else in the new world order agenda.

                  He needs to be made along with the Chaney-s, Thatcher-s, Reagan-s and that ilk, Damnatio Memoriae – erased from the public memory for all time.

                  We need Nat Turners, John Browns, Eugene Debs Tecumsehs and Dan Shays. Home grown men and women to lead us towards socialism, justice and a sustainable planet.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          Wow….you have so eloquently described what I could not in my experience find the words for.

          I am not used to world events leaving me as speechless as this Fuku mess has as it keeps escalating.

        • invisible ELEphant in the room

          "Now we are not even entirely sure what progress would LOOK LIKE in an escalating quagmire like this one."

          I've only heard one person (Bill Deagle) mention the following in all my study of Fukushima and its effects:

          The lack of oxygen which will be caused by Fukushima killing off the oceans will force humanity into DOME CITIES!

          His brief explanation of that point is part of this video:

          Fukushima Top 5 Non-Disease Effects

          In my opinion, the proactive thing for humanity would be to start building such cities now. The problem is, that would require the governments of the world to admit that Fukushima is dire (and they won't) and TPTB have their DUMBS so they feel relatively safe, so the steps we need to take collectively such as building dome cities will never happen until it's too late.

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            Wow, I knew they would find some way to privitize air. I wonder who will get to sell it? GE or Westinghouse. Chomsky said it was a miracle we've survived this long. I think he's right. What a mess! Just finished Anne's article on Invisible war, good gravy, what a collective nightmare. Our fears have turned into a living nightmare and I fear mankind, like an alcoholic will have to reach rock bottem before we dream a better dream.

      • slayer454 slayer454

        4Warnd, I'm not one to beat dead horses, although that's what I seem to be doing a lot of lately. I'm accused of being a fear monger, conspiracy theorist and alarmist.

        I've taken a different approach than a lot of people that comment, I've done my best to put together enough information to help people protect themselves from not only Fukushima's fallout that's been raining and snowing down on the globe for the past 3 years, but also from the nuclear plants and waste sites around the globe that are leaking.

        Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          dead horses or not….am taking your link and passing along.

          Tusen Tak (Thousand Thanks, Norge)

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Well, I do struggle with how younger people are to process all of this, if they choose to.

        Personally, I could not judge any of them for any reality avoidance.

        It is challenging enough for me and I am near retirement age and I spent my last year of grade school studying fall out shelter design.

        I did not regain conscious memory of duck and cover until I was well over 50, it was that traumatic.
        I grew up a few miles from and air force base and a lot of the kids on the play ground were AF brats.
        The debates of which of us would make it and who would not were routine conversations in those days.
        I got sort of acclimated to all of it over time.

        All of this brings back another insight of R. Buckminster Fuller…..

        "This generation will be the most despised in all of human history."

        And that was just for what we have done with petroleum oil as a very finite resource.

        Bucky was deeply thumbs down on all things nuclear.

        I can not get my head around the idea of being a teenager in all of this.

        I am just reminded of what a therapist once shared with me.

        People will embrace their issues and process them when they are subconsciously ready to do so, and not until.

        I can only hope that they are more resilient than I was when I was their age.

        • lucius.cornelius

          It's a tricky one.
          I have children (19 & 25). I have chosen not to tell them. They struggle enough as it is what with the idiotic economic model we live under, not to mention all the other dumbing down and general illiterate apathy that seems to be "the in thing" these days.
          So I decided they didn't need to know as there's nothing they can do about it, nowhere they can run to and all it will do is add another millstone to already sore necks. Bad enough that I wonder over every forkful of food I eat, every step or breath I take when outside and every sip of liquid I drink. They really don't need that too.
          Most people I know glaze over when you tell them about flase flag events, economic terrorism, the dishonesty of the MSM, etc. And those things, whilst scary and somewhat overwhelming are based on a "clean planet mucked up by humans" theory, which offers some hope, not on a "planet screwed beyond salvation" one, which does not.

          • We Not They Finally

            The way I look at it is the only hope is to wake up to wake up to wake up and find this is just a bad dream…..The unending horror is to wake up and find out that all of it the dream and waking up is endless with no hope for not only any salvation but eternal damnation….

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            tears in my eyes….

          • I had to think about this one.

            (opinion only)
            I would respectfully disagree with not telling family members.

            I understand your thought process for protecting, but are you really?

            1. I think that at 19 and 25 they are no longer children.

            2. Not making them aware of mitigation, puts them at more risk than the psychological effects.
            (Some children grow up in war torn countries and some grow up in countries whose long term decimated by fallout. I see no difference.)

            3. It's not fair to not tell them what you know. When they are older do you want them to say, "I wish someone would have told me".

            4. To say there is nothing that can be done is what the Nuclear Proponents want you to think. They want you to follow that with acceptance. They don't want you to inform others because that could cause awareness and possibly change.

            5. People should know and decide for themselves what they wish to do.

            I don't know if there is any good answer to all of this, but I do know I will not go down without doing something. This global transgression against all living things and the 'potential' for it to become worse is real. If people knew this, then perhaps we could STOP the current NUCLEAR STRANGLEHOLD on our planet.

            What can we do?
            Decommission all existing NPP's, STOP building new ones and STOP producing more waste. That's at least a couple of things that could be done.

            STOP nukes NOW! 😉

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Chasaha, excellent! 🙂

              All my children are aware of what I know. Now, whether they care or not, that is another question.

              No one likes to know their lives have been trashed by the exact same authority they cling too. 🙁

            • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

              i agree but i have to say talking to my 21 year old about this was horrible. it was very awkward because i knew her dad would be mad if i upset her but she lives right near the beach where i saw a video of hundreds of dead squids.

            • 4Warnd 4Warnd

              Five Aces! How did you do that? 🙂

        • bf9 bf9

          As most know/remember, I'm 21 and can extrapolate a little. Among those of my circle that know, all are very pissed, now 100% anti nuclear, and rhetorically wondering why the hell there's not many countless legions thrown at this mess. We often debate about many aspects of the disaster…interestingly of late we have come to a consensus that main source of the problem is too many people with too much energy demand in the first place, and apathy to what the few psychopaths in charge have done to all.

          Personally, there's a part of me that's vindicated as life will get a new clean slate eventually. I don't think this will be a problem in a couple hundred million years as some will say as enough decay should have taken place but this civilization, species, don't deserve to get off this rock. It's the other creatures of the world I hurt more for. It's important to note that even without fuku, ocean acidification and pollution would have likely wiped out the oceans by 2050. I am torn between rallying and acceptance, as if it wasn't nuclear…would have assuredly been something else. We are really stupid after all.

          • I love and hate that comment

            "don't deserve to get off this rock"

          • m a x l i

            @bf9, I'm glad some 21-year-olds are interested in what's really going on. This means there is hope.

            What I have to say could throw your carefully achieved consensus into disarray. IMHO nuclear power has nothing to do with our energy needs, but all with demonstrating who is the biggest bully in the school yard. The contribution of nuclear power plants to our energy consumption (worldwide) is something between negligible (approximately 1.5…2%) or even negative – a net energy consumer, depending on if you put the huge efforts for uranium mining, processing, reprocessing, plant construction, maintenance, decommissioning, waste storage (!!!), "remediation", health costs…into your consideration or leave it out of the equation. (When you wonder about the low number I gave here, you must bear in mind that energy is more than just electricity. Most cars need energy, but are not driven by electricity; the same is true for heating homes, making warm water {in most cases} and many other applications.)

            Nevertheless I think it's a good idea to slow down our individual and common energy consumption, but that's for different reasons than getting rid of nuclear power – which we could do without enormous constraint in a matter of days, if society were led by people who use their head for thinking and not only for dyeing their hair.

            • bo bo

              Yes bf9 this is an important asterisk to your post maxli makes – while it is important to curb our consumption of energy regardless, nuclear power was never about 'supplying our demand for energy' – that was the big excuse the industry made up to lay the blame on 'our modern greedy lifestyle', and conveniently hide the fact that nuclear power plants are actually a front 'supplying the demand for nuclear weapons' – they are just factories for nuclear warheads.

              Nuclear power has never ever been an efficient way of generating energy ( Anne..I will try too but if you are reading please help out with links if you can…). Generating power using nuclear power plants would never be economically feasible without the huge government subsidies which makes us pay out of our taxes on top of what we get charged by the energy companies. And that is calculations before even putting into consideration the massive and bottomless costs needed to for recovery and clean up in case of an accident, or the cost of health to the people surrounding it. And as fukushima shows – 'the people surrounding it' that's pretty much the entire planet.

              • bo bo

                Wow that got wordy and I'm foaming.. lol

                In short – It's not about 'supplying OUR demand for energy'
                It's about 'supplying THEIR demand for nuclear warheads'

              • bo bo

                In terms of curbing our energy consumption regardless – the fastest and easiest thing we can do at the moment is changing our diet vegan. Or at least, reducing our meat / dairy consumption.

                Most of the world's farmland is used just for growing the food necessary to feed the animals we raise, abuse, then kill in factory farms. If the whole world went vegan then the world would not have to continue destroying rainforests at the rate of several football fields a day just to grow soy for cows and pigs. We would be able to grow enough food for everyone, with just 1/4 of the farmland we have today.

                • bo bo

                  – that is, 1/4 the farmland would be enough for all on this planet if we were vegan and ate the farm produce directly ourselves

                  • unincredulous unincredulous

                    Just don't try to grow veggies on your front lawn. That space is reserved as a chemical disposal area. Roundup, 2,4,D, etc, etc. Don't even go there, and threaten corporate profits of the retail chains. Never mind that you paid for the land, and your front yard is half of your whole yard. Again, don't go there because many city gubmint folks think they own it.


                    I wonder why you would even need a permit to sell your home garden produce. Hell, the government won't test for radiation, so what's the point they sure aren't out to fix your health. Charge you for it maybe, fix it — no.

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      Just imagine if everyone in a city grew vegetables on their lawn. After ten years, just imagine how much gas would be saved if no one had to haul all that weight around in a big gas-guzzling truck. I wonder how much gas is burned making all that crap in China and then shipping it all to the U.S. When we could just as easily grow/make it here.

                      In a recent Caravan to Midnight interview, it is mentioned that one problem with our recent troubles with Russia is — get this — we are dependent on Russia for some of our aerospace needs. Our Defense needs. Nice little game they have going.

            • bf9 bf9

              Excellent points, Maxli, bo, and others. I was actually typing on a phone when I posted that last night (and had just a few too many as well), and after re-reading it I will clarify. Amazing how when your ideas are flowing slower due to typing slower, your ideas begin to warp and typos are easier to come by lol.

              The original point I meant to make by "energy demand" is that the *public* would not even see a "need" for nuclear if we were both more efficient with our energy, and reduced our demand for other reasons precisely like Maxli was getting at and I was also kinda alluding to with my original post. Like ocean acidification and pollution in general. This could essentially be solved by eliminating centralized power and throwing up a few PV's up on the roof, expanding R&D with geothermal. Yes, I know that these things are bomb factories directly, or indirectly. I understand that not only can these plants not operate without many billions in subsidies, but insurers will not touch them with a ten foot pole. I recommend a respirator at that distance, but I digress.

              The young crowd that's tuned in to Fuku is absolutely there, but it's a minority just as in any other demographic. The difference is that we (and be "we" I mean that minority that's able to think logically and critically) ALL don't like the taste of kool aid, and distrust the "system" much in the same way they were in the 60's. We know it's a brave new world out there, and we don't like it.

              • bf9 bf9

                *did in the 60's. We are tired of the ENTIRE system, and nuclear is only part of the problem- unfortunately the one that's going to kill us first. lol.

          • zogerke zogerke

            bf9 i am 57 and agree with your take on things at 21….wow.

          • Socrates


            I grieve our losses with you. I feel your pain. Like you, I realized at a very young age that we weren't going to get off this rock. That rocket was not going to blast off, filled with some who were chosen to colonize the stars. That science fiction movie was a fantasy. We all just cling to this rock until nature takes her course. Even our intelligence is part of nature's course. Our perceived free will is swallowed in the big scheme of things.

            One way or the other, all species pass into oblivion. Mankind is subject to threats from cosmic events as well as volcanoes, earthquakes, famine, and self-destruction. We all pass away.

            Yet we bargain with the Fates; but to no avail. We must accept that which we cannot change. Some will witness the reckoning itself. I lived with the cloud of a nuclear holocaust hanging over my head; it just came through the peaceful atom route.

            It is humbling to see our powerlessness even while we are arrogant. In the end, we all must face our demise. That is true even if we restored the planet to an Eden status.

            Acceptance will bring you peace. Enjoy what is left.

          • bo bo

            bf9 I grieve when I read your posts because when I think back on how dumb I was when I was 21 I realize fukushima or not, my life is doomed. And YOU on the other hand – fukushima or not – are onto an amazing future. With your outstanding understanding and intelligence, you are on to becoming the GOOD leader of the human species desperately needs. GO bf9!

          • name999 name999

            bf9, thoughtful and well stated. Wish it wasn't so but it is.

    • Tung Jen Tung Jen

      Again thank you all for being there… it always seems that I return to Enenews to find people dealing with the same process, this shift in the paradigm. I feel much more prepared for this then most having lived most of my life globally. However, the frustration I find most wearing at times is this denial! As Bob Dylan put it, "Please get out the way if you can't lend a hand, for the times are a changing!"

      Sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel in my research, like Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence. "Aliens are here and ready to help fix our problems, all we got to do is ask'.
      I like this idea in fact I find this realty a lot more fun then this paradigm most of the world is stuck in.

      • We Not They Finally

        Look into Steven Greer and the [UFO] Disclosure Project. He's worked with Hellyer.

        There are great souls right here on Earth who DO endure, and radiate love and hope. It's not denial to seek that out while undergoing the balancing act meanwhile. Even the Hopi red road prophecies (which are dire!) give that hope. Surely we are not meant to be captive to these forces forever!

    • rakingmuck

      These posts should be saved, reread, shared. They have perfectly captured this moment in the life/death of earth and humanity in many aspects as well as the collective 'acceptance' and accompanying anguish at ENE.


        they have and will be, rakingmuck. You need only 'imagine' how researchers in the far future, will be pouring-over the contents of this site…

        • m a x l i

          I'm afraid for this to happen we need to hurry up and start to chisel the content of this site into granite.


            being done as we speak, m a x l i. Only thing is, it's being archived on non-volatile magnetic and optical medium…

            • m a x l i

              Being done where and by whom? And is this one of those things that are absolutelyonehundredpercent guarantied to successfully last for 100 godzillian years or so, like…WIPP?

              • bo bo

                In 12000 A.D. when they look at this – it will look like a bunch of cats and dogs ( and occasional frog and some birds) talking to each other… and they might wonder what these creatures are.

                Oh but then they'll find orsobubu and rejoice at the one tardigrade in the mix…


                again, as we speak, m a x l i. So's not to induce unnecessary perturbations within that future, we'll have to forgo detailed explanations to how this works. Suffice to say, you've but to use your 'intelligence', to see understand…

  • Ontological Ontological

    That evil wind sent one year exposure to people in Tokyo every ten minutes.


    Japan's cities still burn bright with electric light each and every night.


    Nuclear 'power' is a farce.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd


      your link posted:

      "The lights of Tokyo are a cooler blue-green color than many other world cities. The color results from the more widespread use of mercury vapor lighting as opposed to sodium vapor lighting, which produces an orange-yellow light."

      Another useful application of Hg – how many ways can we conceive to poison our Earth? We, should, if it were still possible, to be ashamed of ourselves, our actions, our resultant consequences.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I fought to ban those damn lights tooth and nail for Dark Sky Preservation, nocturnal moth preservation etc. Was all for nothing now. Sodium vapor isn't much of a compromise either.

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          Bless your heart, on that ONTLGCl a.k.a. Parmenides of Elea. Kindred spirit of disambiguation.

        • wa6smn wa6smn

          Sodium vapor was selected at the recommendation of astronomers (many a Palomar observatory in San Diego) because the narrow range of frequencies are easily filtered. Mecury vapor lamps have a broader spectrum of frequencies. For the average person, the sodium vapor lamp provides illumination at the cost of no color perception. The astronomers and criminals are very happy. Crime victims that can't identify the color of the clothing worn by their attackers are less so.

          • Ontological Ontological

            OT Answer: Agreed. Rape was a factor in using the sodium, and correct they added to the problem and what I meant by they are not much of a compromise. Dark Sky rules, too bad the Bucky ball blizzard will eventually forever darken the sky. Pissed I am pissed off BAD. I even blew off my church for ignoring this! Shut them ALL off! Shut them all DOWN!

      • rakingmuck

        I for one am deeply ashamed. I do not put 100% of the blame for the destruction we continue to heap upon Mother earth onto 'others'. I carry my own personal burden for not doing enough to stop it even if the train was in motion and it was 'too late'.

        According to a book a read several years ago by Marian Williamson (hope that is right spelling) my generation (late baby boomers) were shocked into non-action by the assassinations of both Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Martin Lewis King Jr. and have stayed mostly silent since. I think she has a point. We were not as brave as those that marched in the 50's when we were too young or for some of us even the 60's. We came into our time in the early 70's. And we chose to 'buy in', see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil.

        That has come back to bite all of us with teeth so menacing it should bound us out of our beds into to the streets. But no, in our houses we still sit, except for a few brave ones. We have, however, grown a conscious if not a spine, and it bears our collective agony and guilt, giving us pause every day of our current lives.

        For every yin there is a yang. For every action a re-action. This is the price we pay for non-action. I accept the penance. It is not too late to shame the Nuclear industry and I try to do so every day to bring some relief, perhaps a tiny change.

    • m a x l i

      @Ontological, I agree with everything you say here, only wanted to mention the picture you delivered with your link ("tokyo-at-night") is from 2008 and is not suited to prove your point.

    • m a x l i

      To add to that sodium versus mercury lamp discussion: From a space station, you can still, a quarter century after the wall came down, recognise where the former western and eastern parts are by the colour of the street lights:

      "In the eastern part there are sodium-vapour lamps with a yellower colour. And in the western parts there are fluorescent lamps – mercury arc lamps and gas lamps – which all produce a whiter colour."

  • SadieDog

    Japan industry minister on groundwater release…

    • SadieDog

      "The government and TEPCO earlier promised to make sure that radiation levels of released groundwater will meet safety standards."

      • We Not They Finally

        They had to have known it was a promise they could not keep in the slightest. So why are you bringing it up? No one believed this, not even them.

        • SadieDog

          Why am I bringing it up? Where are you? Hello, McFly!

          • name999 name999

            SadieDog, amazing the continual stream of lies, never stops. New term,
            Nuclear Lying =unstoppable streams of toxic lies. Thanks for your dilligence in reporting
            the day to day moves of TEPCO. What can the Japanese people do? They are trapped.

      • dosdos dosdos

        I believe this promise is about the diversion of water being pumped out uphill from the plant, routed into the Pacific, before it can become contaminated by the site. I don't think it's about the water flowing from the plant itself.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    So the radiation from units 2 and 3 was blowing toward Tokyo on March 15. And no. 1? No. 4?

    Tokyo got hammered. How sad.

    I'm sorry for you, too, Mr. Kan.

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO doesn't know what the radiation readings were from their Daiichi site because their onsite instruments couldn't read that high. Had to guess and took the liberty to use lower numbers during the meltdowns.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Well that's a great bit of reporting!

      Thinking of retiring to a dreamless sleep – sans the night terrors that I keep reading on this site.

      Am considering this as an alternative: http://www.happynews.com/

    • It is all part of the same coverup, denial, minimization used at EVERY nuclear accident.

      That is how they stay with the 10% of Chernobyl…

      No one killed, no one will die.

      Another TEPCO fairy tale, in the land of nukedOz

  • We Not They Finally

    Is it unclear WHEN the above info was released, and HOW? It's hardly of current date — information about March, 2011, but brought to light in June, 2013?

    And who is the World Meteorological Organization? Because their apparent handler, UNSCEAR, is totally corrupt and untrustworthy, yet this report seems to be damning and not particularly in denial of catastrophe. (Well, unless it was actually way worse — and that usually happens, doesn't it?!)

    One can only wonder if the new drib-drab of catastrophic revelations is to soften the ground for what will sooner or later just become obvious. But that's an assumption. Not entirely clear why this, why now, why put out by THESE people?

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      please advise, asap, WNTF, if you can, when the ground is "softened" sufficiently. At that point, I, and my family will scram…..just don't to whereto exactly.

      • We Not They Finally

        Well, the ground itself may have already dissolved into mush! I mean the PR ground, as reality encroaches more and more onto the populace, that's all.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      please advise, asap, WNTF, if you can, when the ground is "softened" sufficiently. At that point, I, and my family will scram…..just don't know to whereto exactly.

    • bo bo

      I agree WNTF… very mysterious, just shows up on our doorstep out of nowhere like an unburned terrorist passport.

  • Sol Man

    Great sadness, but it is out of my hands. My children taken away years ago half way across the nation. FWIW, I spend time reading, walking, making various foods, waiting…nothing has turned out as I had thought.

    Do the corporatists and their paid agents in government sleep sell at night for all that they have done to the nation and world?

  • bo bo

    The actual 67 page document is more math than I can chew 🙁
    But I think I get the idea…
    Is 'figure 2' censored? Just curious.

  • GQR2

    good morning reality based people – i was wondering if we conceptualized as a war would it help? Another poster mentioned it, more than a few. It is a silent undeclared war. It is deadly,slow,and the powers that be are violent and deceitful.

    They use hard fast censorship,advertising money and discrediting the truth by calling it a "conspiracy" bs to marginalize the truth tellers.

    This is even more dangerous to the planet than if they were honest about it. The Nuclear Cabal is a death cult. The AI behind it is addicted to power,money and probably justify the death by use of history.

    How is stealth war fought? We have not been successful at any front as of yet. Sending the Japanese people to live in the hot zone is an act of war. The Russians have also done this to their own people. The u.s.a is doing the same thing no proper concern for the rising levels of radiation and Nuclear accidents here. The gross lies. The hostility there to lie. Complete disregard for human health and lives.

    A war like this will not be won,it will play out in the ongoing slow motion ELE.
    Survival with be the only goal. Nuclear is forever.
    Like many other victims of evil,we are not prepared. We keep asking why,we keep the hope we'll be ok somehow. But we won't be and we aren't ok. The social dynamics aren't new. Its a Shock Doctrine Approach on their part.
    Nuclear Radiation is new.(the last 80 yrs,that's all it took)

  • GQR2

    WNTF said this :
    "It's the shattering of paradigms. We live in frameworks, and within those frameworks we aspire, can function, can move ahead. When the paradigms are shattered, it's not just about facts, it's about living in a whole different place with different parameters. It's a systemic shock."

    realizing we are shocked. we are not armed to fight such deceit at high levels,that the love and peace we aspired to is not the goal of TPTB and it never has been. The entire human race ia in the cross hairs like deer or sheep.
    This is an old dynamic of the Elite who wage war on humanity.
    We are shocked because there is no sane reason for this that makes any sense in a decent world. We have done nothing to deserve this. And lets be clear we are innocent. Our bs idealism they brainwashed into us is no help now.
    Like mass arrests done with so much force that people eventually could not even name the enemy.
    Look at our society we have lived and are living to see 21st century techno Fascism happen here.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    ENEnews has been a forum for Fukushima and nuclear science amateurs and experts.
    ENEnews has been a forum for nuclear technologists and engineers.
    ENEnews has been a forum for protesters and activists.
    Today, ENEnews appears to be a forum for philosophers.

    The nuclear genie is out of the bottle; Pandora's box has been opened. (To mix two metaphors.)
    GE Mark I "Containment" cannot contain anything, in spite of all fixes attempted for its deeply flawed design.
    Tokyo and environs were not evacuated, and a hopelessness has descended on all who remain there.
    US warships put quickly out to sea, but couldn't outrun the plume.
    After 3 years of decontamination, the Carrier Reagan is still in San Diego, its veteran seamen sickly, damaged.
    Unnatural heavy atoms circle the globe every 40 days, depositing more and more of these atoms every pass.
    Disintegrations send rays into flesh and bone, distupting cell division, and protein production.
    Bad atoms!
    Yet, the atoms of the fluid in my inner ear sing their eternal song, which all atoms everywhere endlessly sing.
    The nerve endings bring the song into my brain at this moment, and all moments.
    The universe is infused with consciousness.
    Peace flows within me, and without me, forever.
    True, I am here, a participant observer of the precipitous decline, on this tiny dust mote in space.
    But within my heart is only peace and serenity..
    The news today is not news to us on this forum.
    We knew it was thus from the beginning.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Phil up north….yes. This is where i am now. Though when those i love start to pass and suffer more, it may well change again.

      • Tung Jen Tung Jen

        Yes Zogerke, I often remind myself that today is a good day and it can only get worst as this paradigm must go down.

  • Nick

    At what point will enough souls grasp this reality?

    When we reach that tipping point, all bets are off.

    Lately I have encountered several people who have complained about sleep pattern disturbances, they wake up, don't dream, and arise fatigued.

    My suspicion is that our very neuro-hormones such as serotonin and melatonin are being zapped by wayward atoms flinging their innards every which way. The shared electrons around the molecules are possibly being bumped with a "new resonance" setting up.

    Then there are the respiratory and digestive issues that many also complain about.

    I noticed that NETC has been spiking as it moves east, and it looks like my sense of malaise matches the spikes.

    Fukushima is a very real, very dangerous, and absolutely unacceptable fiasco.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      P-Up North: you wrote "The universe is infused with consciousness"

      "Thus shall you think of all this fleeting world:
      A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, a flash of lightening in a summer's cloud, a phantom and a dream. – Tibet, 13th century, Milarepa.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Notwithstanding, there is much to do, and to Stop.

        First of all, even in America, about half the population are functionally illiterate. At least a third have chosen illiteracy as a copping mechanism (TV, etc, etc,) and that leaves the rest.

        The rest does include "us" – but also is a haven for advocates and deniers. We must, if not now, then never, find the friction point on this wheel. And push it. Hard.

        Not a pretty picture. But this Earth deserves better than hand wringing.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        4Warnd: 🙂

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      i saw that with the east coast too and wondered if it was wipp

    • We Not They Finally

      Nick, you hit this perfectly regards SLEEP, and serotonin. We are (it seems fortunately for the moment) in retirement, so we're not tied down to the 9-5, but our sleep has less and less patterns. Me, my body hasn't a clue when, a.m. or .m., early or late, it is supposed to be sleeping and when it is supposed to be awake. Fatigue, or sleepiness, or sleeplessness, just seems to hit at any unpredictable time now. I have no circadian rhythms left!

      We keep thinking that that's the radiation, but had not come on a working theory.

  • http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com/fukushima-melt-throughs-fact-or-fiction.html

    Author says melt through did not happen at #2..

    Is there any proof that it DID melt through, or that everything came out through the top?

    • dosdos dosdos

      The readings inside the reactor building indicate that it did melt through. Most of the molten core is believed to have flowed into the torus ring.

      Also, the drilling they did for the fiber optic camera showed that very little water fed into #2 was remaining inside the containment vessel, proof that it flowed out the bottom.

      They just can't find visually where the melt through occurred.

      • Do a google search on melt out of reactor #2, there is nothing except for enenews and a few blogger sites..

        LOTS of sites deny meltout happened.. they pretty much all say that unit 2 melted down partially, but not completely, and it did not melt out.

        It is important to document all of the evidence that points to a complete melt down,

        melt through

        melt OUT

  • GQR2

    New Drone photos of Fukushima evacuation zone posted on simplyinfo

  • cooterboy

    Russia is planning to build a model reactor that uses 16 tons of fuel, beginning in 2016 and if things go well they plan others. It's sad, that humanity in it's need for energy, must go to these extremes of an unproven science.


    The nuclear thread was not working or I would have posted.


  • LegionNetworkCH

    Silly U.N. Agency reporting *dose* in Sieverts…

    When the radioactive particles are so diffuse that the only REAL DANGER IS CONTAMINATION BY INGESTION (that includes through eyes and pores, and other non-mentioned FOOD, BIOACCUMULATION, etc.)

    Conclusions for UNSCEAR: go fish in the Pacific.

    Dose is useful for soldiers and reactor jumpers (guess what profession that is… can't be nuclear contractors… right?)

  • lauriergg

    Has anyone noticed on the National Nuclear Emergency Map
    Easton MD was listed as having 1065/3024 cpm. Does this usually happen? That seems high to me. Any insights?

    • We Not They Finally

      That's VERY high, and for an unexpected part of the country. Wonder what's going on? Is that the beta readings? EPA radnet prints beta and gamma, the beta are more straightforward to read. They don't seem to print alpha at all.

  • Nick

    128000 nSv/h

    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 6:1181341550 Fukushima Dai-ichi, Fukushima, JP
    Click here for data charts
    nSv/h: current 128000 Low 96000 High 146000
    Average 133697, Deviation 10063.9

    Baltimore (not Easton, MD)
    155 CPM

    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 5:301 Baltimore, MD, US
    Click here for data charts
    CPM: current 155 Low 113 High 272
    Average 148, Deviation 17.4
    (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV)

  • We Not They Finally

    Phillip from up north this is the other half of WNTF..You couldnt have written of the path youu wroye about unless you are aiready on the path rhat leads to the goal…May you soon be there…

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      WNTF, to you and your husband: Blessings to you and yours on your path. 🙂

  • Nick

    "Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, in Fukushima Prefecture, began operation in 1971 and has six nuclear reactors, the capacity of which is 4,696 MW. The power station is located approximately 250 km (155 miles) north of Tokyo in the towns of Futaba and Ohkuma, facing the Pacific Ocean. The site of the station covers about 3.5 million square meters (865 acres) and the plants are built on solid bedrock."

    I can't for the life of me understand why TEPCO hasn't had the balls to update this website. I pulled this from web a few minutes ago.

    Creepy and sad.

  • We Not They Finally

    Yes the only path that matters is the path that takes you to universal consciousness. In fact there is an answer to suffering transformation and is the ground of everything that has happened before and now forces us to awake to the issues we all face.You say this is evolutionary.It seems to be the evolution the hman race must take or there may simply be only a step to void without…

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Am not raining on anyone's parade herewith. But there is an alternative view, not pessimistic per se, but alternative.

      I could wish that the argument is wrong. I have my doubts that it is so. Peace.


      • GQR2

        That is a great read,Chris Hedges has very clear vision and is his view point seems right on target to me. It was inspiring at the end. Revolt vs. Resignation. thx for posting that link 4warnd

        • I couldn't agree more !
          To be honest, I didn't know that guy until now, but I enjoyed his speech very much. Like words flowing right out of my soul. Very powerful message. His re-cap at end reminds me a lot of what I consider the essential theme of the movie "Cloud Atlas" which I love for exactly that message (and appeal).
          Hedges' side blow against DHS and the frenetic applause that follows (starting at about 29:00 min) is an absolute highlight; it seems there is still hope after all 🙂 !

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    WNTF spake:

    "…the only path that matters is the path that takes you to universal consciousness".

    well said.

  • Fukushima Govt. Had 1 Million Potassium Iodide – KI Pills Available, But Refused To Hand Them Out After 3/11 Mega Nuclear Disaster; via @AGreenRoad

  • name999 name999

    Rakingmuck, I have worked and lived my life centered on my values, taken political positions that were not favored by the mainstream. It is very difficult to see it all comes down to this…different vantage point but feels pretty bad nonetheless.

  • Forbes and Conca says 500 deaths in the next 100 years from Fuku, Jesus! They need to be boycotted

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Reactor2 Summary:
    Long endoscope video of interior of Containment Vessel2:
    1. Little water remains inside Containment, in spite of injection of 100 tonnes per day, indicates breach at bottom.
    2. No evidence of 94 tonnes of melted nuclear fuel, core is missing.
    3. Water at bottom is clear, with only whispy steam, indicates absence of corium.
    4. Corium splatter on walls of Containment indicate explosion inside Containment2.
    5. Radiation measurements during endoscope examination indicate that corium fell into bottom of reactor pedestal, then melted out, and is no longer present at bottom of the pedestal.

    TEPCO can find no indication where large amounts of cooling water disappear to:
    Water is not leaking from Torus into Torus Basement, or into Generator Building.
    Water must therefore be exiting through bottom of Containment Vessel and through Base Mat.

    Smoking fissures have opened up in the earth from underground corium.

    Conclusion: Melt-through and Melt-out of Corium2 has been demonstrated.

  • Nick

    PUN…just a side story about the endoscopes being used at Fukushima.

    "The endoscope used was manufactured by Olympus Corp. and has a diameter of 8.5 millimeters and a length of 10 meters. It was inserted through piping on the side of the containment vessel and placed about two meters into the containment vessel.

    The No. 2 reactor was chosen for the first endoscope survey because radiation levels were comparatively low and the location of the piping used to insert the endoscope was known."

    Olympus says being sued by six banks for $273 million over 2011 scandal

    Check out Olympus's huge medical and industrial endoscope business. They use the endoscopes to peer into machines AND colons! Bet they need more peeksies into the decaying rectums across the planet.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    OMG, the reactor "burst?" Like a bullet from a gun? Let's kick them out of the planet. A few days in time out. That is just so over the top.


  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    After carefully examining the data and reading their interpretation, here's my conclusion:

    They knew. They knew it was bad when they used the words, "cold shutdown". They knew when they said things like, "no danger" and they knew when they raised the pretend-safe level x1000.

    They had the data, and they knew.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      They are building more nuclear power plants. They have the data. They know. They are pricks.

      • GQR2

        They are a pack of Neo-Fascists that operate globally and have legions of useful idiots who do their bidding everyday. Part of that bidding is spreading Nuclear Waste all over this planet. They operate hidden in convoluted Corporate Structures that are outside of any countries constitutional tenents and all rule of law.