U.S. Navy Officer: Radiation levels routinely exceeded 300 times normal for over a month far away from Fukushima, “yet I was given only gloves!” — My son was throwing up 30 to 40 times some days — “This basically ruined my life” (VIDEO)

Published: March 8th, 2014 at 8:40 pm ET


Huffington Post, Mar. 7, 2014: Mike Sebourn served at a U.S. Navy base in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, measuring radiation and decontaminating aircraft. [21-year-old] Nathan Piekutowski spent the days after the disaster with the Marine Corps, passing out water to survivors near the stricken power plant. […] Sebourn has lost 60 percent of the strength on the right side of his body. Piekutowski faces a long recovery from [leukemia and] a recent bone marrow transplant. […] more than 100 U.S. military personnel who responded to Fukushima have reported health problems […] Sebourn said his son, now 11, who lived at the same Japan base, became acutely ill during those months — throwing up as many as 30 to 40 times a day. […] Without a recognized service connection for their illnesses, many sailors and soldiers are struggling […] Some, including Sebourn and Piekutowski, are no longer healthy enough to work. […] experts and advocates said they were convinced of radiation’s potential role […] [Physician Dr. John Rachow and others] said they lack confidence in the published estimates […]

David Brenner, director of Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research: “All the doses are indeed very low, and the chances that these radiation exposures could lead to a cancer are very small indeed. [No exposure to radiation is risk-free] Rather, the risk is very low.”

Dr. Rachow: “You get the sense that there’s this systematic minimization of the risk. […] What do you do when sailors come forward who have unusual, unexpected illnesses for their age and physical condition? It’s in the interest of the Navy to say, ‘It’s not related. There’s no proof.'”

Mike Sebourn, U.S. Navy officer: “My exposure was continuous. [Radiation levels routinely read 300 to 400 times the amount naturally found… more than a month after the disaster, and more than 100 miles from Fukushima] I put in a claim for radiation exposure and it came back completely denied. […] All I want is to be seen and figure out what is wrong with me. And I want to make sure I’m here for my son years down the road.”

More from Sebourn: “This has destroyed my marriage, basically ruined my life. The detector in my hand read a level over four times that requiring a full mylar suit and respirator–yet I was given only gloves!”

Lt. Col. (Res) Eric Egland, president of Troops Need You: “The whole system is running away from them. This is exactly the time when we should be running towards them to help. We want the American people to know about it and know they can help. It’s clear that these troops have radiation-related symptoms. All they’re asking is a chance to see a specialist for a medical opinion.”

Watch their video here

Published: March 8th, 2014 at 8:40 pm ET


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149 comments to U.S. Navy Officer: Radiation levels routinely exceeded 300 times normal for over a month far away from Fukushima, “yet I was given only gloves!” — My son was throwing up 30 to 40 times some days — “This basically ruined my life” (VIDEO)

  • bo bo

    Is it just me – the link to Huffpo directed me to an Asahi Shimbun article…

    • ENENews

      fixed, thanks bo

    • OldFool

      When you get the brush-off or run-around from a federal government agency, your only practical hope of justice is to get your Congressman (essentially their aides) to go after them. If they won't help you, then the court system or the news media is the last choice, but of little hope during this incredibly massive cover-up.

      A cowardly military officer hierarchy that engages in reality denial for this radiation exposure is disgusting – they will certainly never be able to win any future war – when WWIII inevitably comes along, they might as well do an immediate unconditional surrender and save some people.

      The severe vomiting suggests over 200 REM in total exposure. Hair loss would suggest over 300 REM in total exposure, but hair loss is not mentioned. According to the Merck Manual, after the radiation, during the latent period of 4 to 5 days, GI mucosal cells die. Cell death is followed by intractable nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which lead to severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, etc. etc. Necrosis of intestine may also occur, predisposing to intestinal perforation, bacteremia, and sepsis.

      The bottom line – all these navy kids (both the parents and their children) need to be checked by a Competent civilian doctor, including a competent gastro-enterologist. They will also be more likely to come down with leukemia in the future – so they will need regular tests for leukemia and lymphomas for the next 15-20 years, at leas

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I guess we now know why Japan had to pass secrecy laws in July 2011 and old fool makes a good point about the role of Federal Government Agencies.

        "When you get the brush-off or run-around from a federal government agency,"

        When the above occurs in any Federal Government Agency, that is paid for by the tax payer wouldn't the simplistic solution be to shut down that Federal Government Agency not doing it's job.

        Ergo: If it is not doing it's job for the people that pay for it's operations, then the Agency should be eliminated/closed and everyone laid off with no retirement and/or benefits and this should be done… immediately! πŸ™‚

        • We Not They Finally

          I understand the sentiment, but the real solution might be to get people into those agencies who will actually DO THE JOB. Having NO government does not benefit anyone any more than having BAD government. Then you just get the lowest common denomination and anarchy.

          There are also people here and there in government who really DO CARE. We need to get money out of politics, and we might wind up with better government. Not just fire everyone in government and think that that performs a public service. It may just remove any hopes for protection entirely. IMHO.

          • name999 name999

            we not they finally, yes, well said. Seems impossible to fix right now though with such polarization of one extreme wanting to blow it all up. That is except for building military force here in the US and all over the world. Anything else is considered socialism. Crazy.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Thank you for the info. above, not so old and not a fool by any stretch of the imagination! Nonetheless your humility is touching.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I hugged my grandchildren and told them I love them, today…

  • Ontological Ontological

    This is a sticky wicket as they say. To help the service personnel involved, would be admission to a problem. To allow them to have nothing is unfair. It's a tuff case having been inflicted with a deadly condition, in a world full of paid off people. All you get is the bills.

    • We Not They Finally

      NOT a stickly wicket. It's just heartless and cruel to NOT help them. And it degrades the military. No honor, no conscience, no anything.

  • vital1 vital1

    It is amazing how the establishment denies the possibility that radiation exposure has caused this serious suffering for large numbers of American service men and women, despite overwhelming evidence.

    These men and women where willing to lay down their lives for their country. American citizens on mass should be getting behind these service men and women and supporting them, plus demanding and open inquiry.


    Just commenting in these forums keeps this information in a closed loop.

    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

    The more people we educate the sooner change will happen.


    Or use these resources Chemfood has provided. All you need is a printer, scissors, some thumb tacks and … walla! We all are info dispersers as well! Put them on notice boards everywhere in the community. Get your local church or community organisation to help.


    • vital1 vital1

      As we come up to the third anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster I suggest you all use this document and article as resources to prove to those who say "No one has died from the Fukushima Nuclear disaster", they are totally wrong. This is just the tip of the iceberg of those how have died as a result of this disaster has.

      This occurred in the first few days of the disaster. In this correspondence between the NRC and the Japanese, the Japanese admitted to 5 people having received lethal radiation doses.


      TEPCO Workers deaths are not reported


      "She also said that there were 100,000shifts shared between the work force that have worked at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant so far, also, 4% of 100,000 (4300) workers have reportedly died."

      "Apart from Tepco workers, 64 members of the Self Defence Force and about 300 policemen have also died. They said that those policemen who work at the security check points of the no go zones in Fukushima prefecture are not wearing any protection, therefore, they have been exposed to huge amounts of ionizing radiation."


  • weeman

    You want prove, America has six carrier groups or more scattered all over the world, tell me if all carrier groups had similar alinements and medical issues, or is it all phycosymatic and you can't argue that.
    You know I have never been able to find a physiatrist that could prove to me that he was saine, before I would allow him to treat me.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Servicemen getting nuked and ignored is wrong. Obama needs to do something.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      His contempt for armed services personnel is almost as infamously well-known as that of his feelings & opinion of US civilians TBP! I hadn't forgotten how one of his 1st slaps in the face to our miltary men & women came soon after he took office and was scheduled to visit the Iraq & Afghanistan conflict's severely-wounded warriors at Rammstein Germany Hospital during his first trip to Europe as President and he cancelled that expected stop and deeply offended those on active duty as well as the vets who got his "message" & rightly felt betrayed! πŸ™ …speaking of "messages",I've gotten more than one lately too and it's pretty clear to me that the senders know my dire personal circumstances and how to make things even rougher than they are now via that which I hold dearest and I'm going to have to wrap things up here with my last comments I'm likely to post but will be explaining further details to a "friend" on ENE who can fill in the blanks quietly should anyone notice my absence from here after tonight. I want to thank everyone who tolerated my admittedly annoying traits,faults & substandard level of intellectual contributions aside from being worthy of the makings of a country-western song or referral to the Steve Wilkos show now that Jerry Springer doesn't produce any new episodes anymore. I don't care about that though or even ME for that matter but I care about my loved ones & what happens to all of you sooo Fuck IT,I'm DONE! Take Care ALL! Blade OUT~…


        taking care of 'business', Johnny Blade, is the most important thing that you can do for your loved ones, right now. We're hoping/praying things go well with you and yours. Make a point of stopping in every-so-often, to let us know how things are going. Go easy brother and know that you're loved…

        I'm back on the side…

      • Johnny, you are welcome here. Don't worry about detractors, they may be trolls.

        Take care of job one, which is you…your family needs YOU.

        come back when you are ready, I found your comments very useful

        stock out

      • PS I am NOT an Obama fan at all. But he did cut the MOX budget which is awesome. He has disdain for vets and military who believe in enforcing the Basic Law (Constitution)

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        Bill and Hillary also had great disdain for the military–but Bill was happy to use it when in the mood–though not in Rwanda, his one legitimate opportunity. They both hate discipline. And rules and laws. The necessary criminal mentality these days for big shots. And both plus the current one are vicious. Cruel hearts.

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          garbage. simply dredge up.

        • We Not They Finally

          I guess you forgot to include the guys in between?? The "support the troops" crowd who started the Iraq War?

        • Remember the money behind the throne, which controls the levers of power. Focus on the root cause, not the leaves.

          Cutting the leaves of a weed just makes it grow faster. Cutting the root kills the weed.

          Vote only for those who take no corporate money. Otherwise, things will just keep getting worse.

        • name999 name999

          capt, these claims are extreme and methinks false. Look at Reagan and the Bush dynasty, with the comraderie with oil money world wide. Take a look in that direction if you want to see cruelty and brutality. Never hear a peep from you on those folks, just Clintons and Obama. Why is that?

          • name999 name999

            but what is important is the long standing history of mistreatment of these mostly very young people who work for the military.
            This is sanctioned by the heads of our service organizations or it wouldn't be happening. I wouldn't support that
            mentality and behavior. It would be a hellish job to try to get in their and change that culture.

            The problems start at the top in the military, and those are the people that presidents deal with not the majority of servicemen.

      • vital1 vital1

        Johnny Blade remember to get that hot swab tested that you collected in March-April 2011, when things settled down for you.

        Testing at 4.67 micro Sieverts per hour after three years, it is well worth getting it professionally tested.

        All the best for the future, your commentary will be missed.

      • Socrates


        Come back and visit us. We'll be here hopefully….


      • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

        As a relative newcomer here, I do enjoy your posts and witty intellect. I do not know you, but I respect you, and I wish you God speed and the best that can be for your future. Like the others here, I say please come back when you can…

      • bo bo

        ???? I don't understand. Your posts are one of the best and most heartfelt, keeping enenews grounded. I hope you don't stop. I akways look for your posts. I understand if there are other things to take care of but if it's trolls shooing you away… I'll hunt them down for you and expose them, just ket me know!!!!! Big hugs JohnnyBlade.

        • bo bo

          Oh… I see now. Trolljan Horse released again.
          I knew this may happen around 3/11 memorial. Ugh. Dogs.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hi Johnny Blade ,

        I'm sorry i did not see your post sooner , and hope you are still reading the responses to it !

        I've said it before (usually too late too maybe , not strong enough to absorb the misery of a global checkmate everyday ) , IF the trouble you are experiencing could be eased a bit with a litle financial push , i'm more than happy to deliver . You have been around more then long enough for everybody to know you are for real , and i really admire your courage , so i really would like to help..as long as money is worth something in this world and as long as i have a litle bit more then i personally need for my silly self..


        if you make a page there , come back and post link pls.

        That way i can donate anonymously without having to switch email in public etc..

        I promise to check this thread for ten days in a row..

        Take care..

        And btw , if the (known) veterans of ENEnews who's heart and brain is bigger then their wallet , so they can not have an geigercounter, even if they are qualified like the best to operate it..
        Would group togheter and make a page there (with an antipnuke awareness spreading explanation ofcourse πŸ˜‰ ) , i would deliver too..

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Lets say enough for 10 of those ?


        • zogerke zogerke

          DID you are putting your money where your heart is, kudos and thanks! Johnny Blade Many blessings to you and your wife and family- with wishes for your protection, safety and HEALING.
          All- your responses are what makes me proud to be here. TY.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Thank you zogerke , if it wassen't for the people that populate Enenews , i would have stopped caring about the human race Long ago..correction.. i did..then i cared again..since i started lurking here..

            • Runningonlove Runningonlove

              Johnny Blade, thank you for your testimony and your
              resolve in very tough times. Your feisty and knowledgeable comments were one of the many bight lights on this forum,and your story one of the most intense.
              Come back soon, we are praying the angels will turn all this Fuku-mess around and head us into the light! And DisasterInterpretationDisorder, thank you for your generous offer. I am a retired person of very modest means, so I built a homebrew radiation detector according to plans on a Youtube channel "bionerd23". For about $20! Ha! It's a very elementary ion chamber that indeed lets you determine regular background levels around where you live, and when those levels rise and fall, but it's not calibrated in any of the standard units, so it's pretty grade-school science project…I am sure many on this forum would love to access the real McCoy, like an Inspector. God bless both of you!

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                Hi Runningonlove

                I appreciate the positive response !
                I did not respond sooner because i'm missing a few clue's how to work it out practically..

                Who would qualify , and what would be the best model for what money..

                And i would like the investment to benefit the whole community , meaning that people would post their numbers at least once a week or something in the Radiation Monitoring Data thread..or more ambitious on the global monitoring sites..but i heard it's not so easy , there is a learning curve as i understood from comments here and there.. i would prefer people who would like to do that..

                And how to avoid getting ripped..but everone stay's anonymous for safety..as it should..but new members register after yesterday are out of the question..

                Letting only people who are around for so long we call them veterans would solve alot , but then again there a good people like you too..

                Stuff like that , need to think a few day's about it..

                I'll get back to ya'll about it..

            • name999 name999

              DID, yes, Enenews is important to many of us and makes a huge difference in coping right now.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @DID;Thank you for the kind words & generous offer. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurting enough to swallow my pride & take you up on the offer of a bit of help! πŸ™‚ I even set up the funding account but stopped short of providing it here because after I'd made it clear that I don't fear them,their vile products or their "hired help" personally & even though most of my loved ones have either remained blissfully ignorant or even worse,trust the PTB & their corporate handlers they are still my "loved ones" and the focus has been shifted to include them being added to the shit-list for what seems to me like retaliation for calling things the way I see it from the inside of a suddenly undersized,overburdened hospital cancer wing and unlike the offenders,"what would I possibly gain by making what I'd invite anyone willing to see for themselves to tag along with us to see what EVERYONE is now facing"?! I know I'm far from being considered "smart" by "wizard" standards,but I promise that if I did put the GoFundMe link out here the fear in my wife's eyes as she sits in the chemo infusion room with her portacath attached to the toxic IV would be the same as their own even if they didn't have embarrassing crap including the unnecessary instigation while the odds of surviving cancer-free by 3/11/17 "were"only 31% before ongoing,cumulative releases have erased even those dismal odds! Ah FUKuIT,anonymity is an illusion anyways!THANK U! http://www.gofundme.com/7er6l0

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Hi Johnny , i just finished it , it took them 8 scary minutes before my payment showed up , i guess they check the comment's , because it did not showed up , so i post it here if you don't mind..

            "I wish i could turn myself in a massive cloud of powerfull all-eating Alien nanobots like in the movie "the day the world stood still" ..
            Then i would remove all the anti-life poison/technology/politics mankind is toxic-water-boarding Mother Earth and all her inhabitants/children with , and the evildoers that get rich of it , determined to go behind the point of no return for all.., because their soul is already there..and the tumors and deformations and mass-extinctions they have caused..globally..without compensation or looking back at the billions of victims in all lifeforms whatsoever..only lies to the public/now and future victims.. to postpone the end of their decadent and responsibility-free orgy on he top of the foodchain..

            But in reality , where we are , on the bottom , the litle guy's have to look out for eachother/fellow victim's , donating what/when can be missed of some of the same matter said evildoeΓ«rs bonuses (so obscenely big it turn most people in to full blown psychopats) is made of.."


            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              I know its only a drop on a hot stone , but i hope it helps a bit , while we are all being washed over the same cliff in an almost checkmate world..

              From one victim to another in the big picture.. i hope it "buy's"
              you some more time to enjoy the love you can still share..
              Good thing they haven't figured out a way to tax love (yet)..

              All the best and Take care..


              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                And pls , if you reply , don't use caps or something.. my eyes are still recovering from reading your posts like they Always do..
                Not mean't as an offend πŸ˜‰

              • Sparky Sparky

                DID, very thoughtful, and yes, I DID πŸ˜‰
                in honor of Johnny and this extraordinary Enenews community. Thanks for helping to find a way to make this work.

                All the best, S.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          You guys have always been here for me and it shocked me and humbled me beyond description when it was MY wife who was among those whose immune system turned out to be unable to offer any resistance to what they alleged wasn't at "levels of concern" and thus put my beloved spouse into an extended 3-phase treatment plan for her aggressive,fast-moving,advanced stage3B Inflammatory Breast Cancer that began suddenly and hadn't been visibly noticeable or showed symptoms or discomfort until 1 week before discovery and by the time 2 weeks had gone by had reached stage IIIB,with stage4-5 being 100% terminal! A routine Valentine's Day 2012 primary Dr. appointment made the discovery of anomalies that had an emergency mammogram ordered for the following day and 43 days later a biopsy confirmed the worst news we'd ever had in our 20+ yrs together & on 3/1/2012 we were terrified as her 1st chemotherapy treatment of many began & was followed by radical mastectomy & 7 lymph nodes removed & 43 radiation therapy treatments and a LONG recovery process that followed has been plagued with a seizure disorder and her dismal 31% odds of still surviving & remaining free of cancer by March 2017 suddenly was changed by her oncologist(?)!In just under 2 months they want to remove her remaining breast,+her ovaries now too!The "changes" were in response to TEPCO & TPTB "changing" the release data numbers which also "changes" her 31% survival odds to ZERO! πŸ™ The rest of us don't bode any…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        THANK YOU ALL!~I guess I should explain what's changed besides the immediate situation with my wife & me regarding our personal predicament(s) that some aspects of are suspected of being less than coincidental considering the impacts my activism against nuke-pukes like the scared little troll bitches coming out of the shitium piles like mutant cockroaches now that their incompetence & need to buy shills obsessed with bananas to defend their failures that even the collusive regimes they've had to "buy" since nuclear's inception have come here in a pathetic,last ditch effort to stave off the impending death of their filthy empire built of lies with the only thing "transparent" about their so-called genius inventors being their inability to ever come close to solving the other most important part of their failed,crap technology that their lack of intellect or skills have been exposed via TMI,Chernobyl's,311,WIPP they leave as self-explanatory monuments of their failure! I'd laugh if they weren't so pitiful & helpless that they despise & fear the logic a poor,sick nobody who has no reason to lie or anything left besides his spouse suffering cancers & radiation-induced health issues now under attack by the sell-out PTB agencies and their child who suffered a miscarriage & now a victim of what I can only view as "threatening"actions that add insult to our injury(s) by pathetic little nuke-puke maggots whose BS & money no longer allows masking of their "limitations"!…

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Not everyone makes a good nuclear victim. It's hard to satisfy everyone in the P.C. department. When the other guy has an invisible thumb in your eye. Good luck from substandard guy #320,568,845.

    • gordon

      "Servicemen getting nuked and ignored is wrong. Obama needs to do something."

      Watching the reaction to the Ukraine, I'm thinking that it's entirely hopeless. A few weeks ago I was thinking that they were moving to do something, but now I don't think so. It's over for this lot of leadership. Maybe in the future… probably not.

      • weeman

        Johnny blade I will be waiting patiently for a full explanation.
        You are a rose in the heather and a very unique individual, with love and gratitude, like general McAruther you will return, you are not a person to let dead dogs lie and will find a way to communicate.
        best wishes.

    • name999 name999

      big picture…what should he do? And can he?

  • razzz razzz

    I see no difference between the Japanese and US governments. Both are are filled to brim with turds.

    • weeman

      Noire do I, the strings are being pulled by the same puppeteer and makes them do the dirty dance.

  • Tipping Point?

    Got it?

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Going to the MD's office to verify 2000-3000 CPM in the waiting room, underneath a large AC inlet, using a new Inspector.

    We're A.A.R.P. now: Armed And Really P'O'd…

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    This was and is a message from the Commander in Chief: 'If you value your life, run!' Obama did his part to look humanitarian but did not visit the USS Reagan or go to Japan. The men were sacrificed to an appearance. Not a serious problem. Low level. Dilution is the solution; lots of air and water.

    This Stalinesque message from the President is one we should all heed. A good totalitarian code of behavior.

    • Shite, he took his entire family to south america!

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        You said this before. Why not put your political screeds on the generic forum? We get it. You don't like B.H.O.

        • Do you have a problem with my statement? Address is directly.

          Your use of dog avatar (perhaps copying mine) makes your identitiy suspicious at best.

          I posted a fact. What say you about that FACT!

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            It's late. We are losing an hour tonight.

            My simple point is that: this is, at bottom, ex-political.

            Roosevelt, Truman, Ike (Atoms for Peace) JFK (hinted of extricating from the N-F that we are in), LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Carter and Bush, etc….and Obama.

            None of them could do anything, or didn't have the will, the power, or worse intentions. Obama, not much different in that respect.

            So why lay the blame on his doorstep other than he is the WH now and you do not agree with his other policies? This is extra-political and beyond the grasp of the card board copies of leaders that we, as a community and country, expect and so very, tragically, need at this time.

            OK. I accept that the family may have fled the country. I would have also had I known. Is it criminal to not inform everyone? Yes. Then it get complicated more, if that's even possible.

            Extra-political. That's all I'm saying.
            Avatar-wise, Stock, that is just sleepy silly. Been mine forever, after my Elkhound. Not Suspect.


            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              TY, 4Warnd. I didn't know anything about the time change date.

              Daylight Saving Time Sees Increase in Traffic Accidents, Heart Attacks

              β€œβ€¦β€™The increase persists for about three days after the shift, so that would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” he says. β€œWe also see an increase in the number of heart attacks that lasts about two days.’…”

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                That is really freaky. I only drove a half a mile this morning and saw a police car sitting on the side of the road. There was a car sitting at the intersection with his front bumper damaged. A piece was laying on the ground. I mentioned it to the cashier at the gas station. I pointed down the road at the intersection. He thought I was talking about an accident about midnight. I said no, something just happened. Then a fire truck, an ambulance, two or three police cars showed up. I guess the car I saw was clipped and the driver drove into someone's yard or house. I thought it was a hit and run. I wonder what happens at nuclear power plants when the daylight savings time kicks in? Oh, my god, melting, they're melting!

            • We Not They Finally

              4Warnd, you are so correct. In fact, it struck me that Eisenhower, in his famous anti-military/industrial complex speech, did not GIVE that speech until he was on the way out. Maybe he wasn't free to.

              Kennedy apparently did care about nuclear non-proliferation, and he was vocal about most things he cared passionately about. Look where it got him…

              Obama's just a puppet. We may resent it, complain, whatever. But he's just a puppet, so in that sense, yes, it's not about politics, but "extra-political." Point well taken.

            • name999 name999

              4Warnd, yes, thank you.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    A good leader takes good care of his men. Irwin Rommel for example took good care of his men and even his prisoners. So, I am sorry to say that Obama is not a good leader. Who were held up to him as a child as exemplars? Certainly not great military men. Scoundrels–you can take that for granted. The man never had an ideal illustrated; and the books he read if he read were evidently deficient. How he manage to get through college and law school will long remain a major mystery.

    No, Judas, Cassius and Brutus were not heroes. Neither Robespierre nor Cardinal Richelieu are to be recommended as paragons of statesmanship. Perhaps he was fond of the Christian Satan? Who knows as his past is rather deleted and redacted. We know he smoked a lot of pot. And hung out with radicals. Free radicals no less. Don't they cause aging? I suppose he carries his incompetence well. That's something. It's invidious to compare him with Putin. Rasputin is more a Bill Clinton type. Quandary. Put in the wash machine with lots of detergent and see.

    • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

      "Put in the wash machine with lots of detergent and see".
      Capt., not enough detergent in the world to wash these scum bag coverups (now including all our elected elite) clean!

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      It appears that your intentions are to turn this post site into political polemic. Misguided and off point. Unwelcome to boot. I can get that anywhere without your 'helping' guidance.

      • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

        Then Just hold your nose and look the other way and pretend all is well in the homeland – ha!

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd


          This is not about 'homeland' – please note: global event.

          That is why it is ex-political.

          In the meantime, the nose will be held when required, as you so suggest.

          Looking the other way, not so often.

      • You again, LOL, attacking everyone on site.

        If you wish to debate the arguements put forth, I shall debate, however I shall not accept your inane ad hominems

      • We Not They Finally

        4Warnd, it can be a rough crowd here. But me, I think what you said was apt. Some people cannot even figure out the whole goose-gander thing.

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          Thanks – WNTF: I'll stand as an island if necessary and among friends whenever I can. Counting you among them!

          Cheers! (Radar – the Avatar!)

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Your concise history lesson reveals a mind with the qualities of Pb.: immutable, toxic and highly malleable. Unfortunately.

      Why, suddenly, the polemical, political histrionics inserting upon this post site.

      Are there not other venues the invicked venom may be more welcomed?

      • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

        If you refuse to understand that politics and there policies are not a major part of the problem we all face here, and I refer to all the parties since 1945, then you sir are dumber than the rocks you paw through…

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          Refer, please, to the reply to Stock. Also, nutshells are not place to put persons who are both informed and engaged.

          Other than, that, thank you for calling me 'sir' – a rarity!

    • We Not They Finally

      And CHENEY was a good leader? Wow, you sure are selective. Please spare us.

    • name999 name999

      capt, important point Rommel was a general, not a president. Completely different…honestly. But too much
      time spent on this non point. I just don't like the constant bashing of Obama, it is superficial and
      misleading to our real seemingly irreparable problems as a nation and a planet.

  • James Conca, long time nuclear promoter, was caught bragging about the high level waste that they put into the WIPP, and he should know, he was the former director of the WIPP independent lab that is funded by DOE.
    He was bragging that they have some really hot stuff down in the WIPP cave, over 7 Curie per liter. That is really RADIOACTIVE! If you use the WolframAlpha online calculator, see link
    That turns out to be 259,000,000,000 Bq
    OK, how can you wrap your head around that huge number? Well we know that anything above 100Bq per kilogram is too radioactive to sell as food. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds. So a kilogram of fish would be a large meal.
    How many fish at 1 Kilogram each could be contaminated by that small one liter of waste stored in the WIPP? 259,000,000,000 divided by 100 is
    2,590,000,000 Fish (that’s 2.59 Billion fish, one for every man on the planet)
    Now assuming they have 3000 Barrels of the high level waste? At 55 gallons each. That is 624,525 liters.
    Or enough to contaminate
    1617 TRILLION fish
    How many fish are in the ocean?
    Do you know that because WIPP is closed that they are stacking up the barrels in the uncovered parking lot at WIPP?
    Hard to believe?
    Here is that pronuke site in which James Conca brags about the high level waste…go visit.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dirty Bombs and Radiation Dispersal Devices

    "Dirty Bombs and Radiation Dispersal Devices New Mexico State University at CEMRC Carlsbad Three-day training course James Conca, Ph.D., and CEMRC staff Monday-Wednesday Lecture Room 102 Whole Body Dosimetry Room 160 Response training EC Mobile Laboratory and Field Site Radiochemistry Lab Room 151 Objectives – Synthesis Develop the ability to understand the nature and behavior of radiation dispersal devices, known as dirty bombs. Subject areas include: Β· the basic concepts of radiation physic and chemistry"


    Does he mean 'dirty bomb'.. like Fukushima ..WIPP..?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Scientist says no reason to shut down San Onofre nuke plant


    Fishbones..never lets up.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Conca is an idiot and what has been exposed is the true fallacy and true cost of dealing with this failed Nuclear Power Technology and he is absolutely right that none of the rate payers should be on the hook or have to bear the huge costs for any decommissioning costs for San Onofre.

      The power company and all the stock holders should bear all costs.. πŸ™‚

  • Sickputer

    Not trying to be a callous ass, but why did this radiation military specialist have his son there anyway? There was a paid evacuation:


  • WorkerBee

    Volunteering for the military is attractive with a shortage of jobs for the young adults.

    Examples, such as this, of the government's treatment of military personnel makes it easier and easier to convince my niece to never serve in the military

  • Atlascirca2009

    We are deeply grateful to all of you here at enenews. Our awareness has been magnified by this inimitable forum to such a degree that the course and direction of our lives will always have a fingerprint, a resonance from your incredible voices. Here we sit at the waters edge…our Pacific, our golden California….we shall bid you farewell. Most certainly we must sail the Fuku out of here…. With two small ones under 5 years who have grown with the tide pools and in the oceans mist we choose to take action rather than wallow in fear. Awareness carries the profound burden/bliss of action. Pardon the post as I am sure it is in the wrong spot, off topic..first and last post. .with tremendous heartfelt thanks . Lifesavers all of you. Please find the following link I have been asked to post by my activist child.


    • Thank you for the post, Atlas. I know a similarly beautiful and well informed 5 year old boy. We talk about Fukushima/world reality while the "adults" pass by, ignorant, with no desire for awareness. He asks, with all sincerity,

      "Are they going to fix it?"

      My heart breaks forever now.

      All the best to your family. Your courage to leave is infinite.

      • GQR2

        What a great little guy! He uses the word "horrendous" marvelous child. Lovely little humans who are nothing but love,intelligence curiosity and hope. He is "ready to go and fix it its not stronger than his words"
        He is smarter than all the experts wrapped together. Thank you Atlascirca2009. That vid is a gift to a hurting world on the 3 rd anniversary of this ongoing catastrophe.

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Atlas, your precious little boy went straight to the pit of the rotten fruit that is Fukushima…"They care more about money than they do about people". Until that changes, it won't matter who is in the figurehead governments. As Mayer Rothschild said so long ago, "Give me control of a nation's currency, and I care not who makes the laws" Another even older quote is also perhaps relevant "Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you, and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days" That's in the New Testament, James 5:3. I don't know about you, but "eat your flesh like fire" sure sounds like radioactivity to me.

    • name999 name999

      Atlas, you are doing the right thing. We came to the West Coast USA for that magnificent ocean and all it's
      benefits to health. What a great place to raise a family!

  • atomicistheword

    It takes a human to help a human. Anti-humans only think of the bottom line. $ € Β₯ Β£

    How evident this is, veterans of Asia know all about orange. Agents of the Anti-humans.

    There are no politics in death. Abandoned by their employer. Silent canaries, except for the internet of morality.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Will the nation wake up and realize they are killing millions of innocents around the world in unchecked wars of aggression for the profits of the corporations and plundering of their resources before, or after they realize we are allowing them to kill us all off here at home too?

    Death by ignorance. The race is on.

    This killing off of these poor sailors would be an alarming anomaly if it were not for the long standing agenda and pattern of a careless govt corporation that considers them useless idiots, cannon fodder, and has been doing it's very best to kill off the American military just as we said they would do 14 years ago. They have steadily done so with no deviation from this course at all. Does anyone really know how many service men and women have died for what they thought was their country in the last 13 years? Who profited from all that useless death? It sure was NOT America and the American People. We are closer to nazi germany and a complete planned breakdown of society than ever.


    All this is part of the UN/IMF agenda 21 to kill off America's military, and then see their wholesale replacement with DHS/UN chinese troops to use on the American people after the war has been declared on them under the awful Martial Law. You see, via loans for war, china holds the mortgage on America. Almost every deed and title to all the lands and sealed up resources belong to the globalists that own china. Just ask maurice strong. He knows all about it.

  • paschn

    A government doesn't go bad like an egg milk. A government is turned slowly, starting by legislation that favors one group over others, where, under the radar, "appointed" positions within the government structure are filled with, not patriots or those qualified, but by those faithful to ones other than their own people. For example, Jonathan Pollard. This filth, (who, by the way has dual citizens lobbying heavily to release him). This U.S. born spy was convicted of passing thousands of classified documents to Israel, sentenced to life w/o parole and soon he will be released to that country where he is a "hero". Or Michael Chertoff another dual citizen who ordered the "patriots" in the FBI to release the Israeli agents caught filming and celebrating the towers' collapse, (three by the way, not 2 as almost 85% of the people believe). the five and many more were released to emigrate back to Israel. Now, amazingly, the D.C. sycophants are actively pushing through a bill that will allow Israelis to come and go as they please w/o visas or passports. In light of the fact that it was Israeli "security" companies that so horribly "dropped the ball" on 9/11 that in itself seems rather suspect. "The boys" have now taken to appointing dual citizens to the Supreme Court who have never sat as a judge in their careers. Why do so many of these posts seem totally surprised at the obvious corruption and collusion with a foreign power? For my part, I am more surprised that so…

    • zogerke zogerke

      another opportunity to donate to good causes that fight for peace, against discrimination and racial/ethnic/religious violence of all sorts. here we go. lots of donations being made this month.

  • Communist China Winning War Against USA, Without A Shot Being Fired; via @AGreenRoad

    • name999 name999

      DR, this article addresses what we are really up against and the decisions we make as a nation collectively. As usual, all about $$$ with none better than the other.

  • rogerthat

    So, thirty times normal background radiation, or three hundred times? When in doubt, multiply by 10. Or, if you believe in the dangers of harmful rumours, divide by 10. That's science for you … bringing certainty to an uncertain world.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    I wish I had something intelligent to add here, but all that comes is f them f them f them and their damn nuclear hegemon,and their stupid fake economy and their psychotic full spectrum control. F the machine, they don't care and they never did. All they care about is money for power and power for money. F all of them for what they did to our planet, our future, our children. F all the senatwhores, regulatwhores and everyone who ever walked through the revolving dwhore. F their lies, their bully on crack foreign policy. F their presstitutes and biostitutes. F their black ops their black budgets and their black shriveled hearts. Insert Mario Silva brilliant machine speech here. Deep breathing. I feel a little better.

  • Nick

    Dose aye dose.

    Box the gnats

    and goose your does.

    All a men left

    and all the men right.

    Swing her high.

    Swing her low

    Goose the flesh before

    the flesh is cooked.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Will that be medium, rare or quickly seared? πŸ™‚

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    OMG!! I am overwhelmed and I don't know how to express the gratitude my wife & I feel right now for the surprise we found in an email message and I will be using the GoFundMe.com "THANk YOU" method as well as personally thanking each of you and God for giving me back the only chance I had to keep our family together & intact or at least better equipped to deal with the rocky road that lies ahead! I'm just overwhelmed and love each and every one of you more than I can express right now as I'm still in shock but I appreciate every kind,generous gesture from ALL of you with a very special mention going to Chris!!! I'm blown away and just so humbled and blessed right now that I almost forgot that it almost gave Sandy a seizure when she began to realize it was for real!!I have to go check on her again but I'll be back! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU and more to follow on this in the OT thread after I let my family know we will be able to stay in the area and might even manage to catch up on the mortgage & back rent on this 3 bdrm 2 bath mobile home now or at least get into a place in a neighborhood close to her cancer treatment center and our children!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This is great news! πŸ™‚

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade


      • or-well

        Johnny Blade –
        I've struggled with what to say since your post on the 8th re: getting "messages"…you know the priorities. Be as safe as you can.

        By openly sharing your experiences, including your tribulations, you have shown many an example of courage, strength and perseverance worthy of honor and respect.

        There's an old saying –
        "I cried because I had no shoes…until I met a man who had no feet."

        Thank you, DID, for pointing out a path. Thank you Johnny for fighting back up to the surface one more time to catch the hands extending from the lifeboat.


        There's a lot of struggle ahead. No one will make it on their own.

      • zogerke zogerke

        johnny please know that you are being heard and that there are many ways for love to go around and this is only one of them.

  • weeman

    Enenews are the light, the power and the glory will be ours, acts like this proves to me there is hope for humanity and gives me strength.
    Simply the best.

  • name999 name999

    It is uplifting for everyone to remember our kindness and human nature to love each other.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I've always looked up to you guys & gals and felt less worthy of my technical knowledge that most here but I would never try to deny the "gut instincts" I've held all along that this event & radiation issues just jump out at me and SCREAM that it IS harmful and a real & present danger to my loved ones,of which that list has grown to include ALL of you who I could sense from the beginning either had a much better working knowledge as the the specifics including medical,engineering & nuke professionals or like myself knew enough to know better than to dismiss the obvious threat they posed even on a good(pre-311)day!Despite the instant sense of pure DREAD that began with the 1st suggestions that the 3/11 EQ/tsunami had not only struck Fukushima NPP but had knocked out all vital systems especially cooling I'd found ENEnews & as soon as the sequence of explosions began so did the nightmare that never ended and the order to suppress the "scary" info & data to "prevent public panic" had "infected" every single media venue that "was" reporting!1st MSM,then HuffPost,then UCB-BRAWM forum & the rest,EXCEPT for ENEnews.com!We watched in horror as European ATM fallout deposition models & damning Chernobyl studies & their findings & data get gobbled up by the "404" monster while "SADNET"was broken,Dr.'d-up & "under review" while TEPCOcam became TEPCOsham & up with the R1"Big Top" and the "Banana Kings" made a "comeback tour" and the things we'd feared would…

    • bo bo

      Here is a repost of link to JohnnyBlade's fund.

      • bo bo

        Oh ! Looks like everyone above did it already !!!

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        .. πŸ™‚

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        uh oh, the payment from DID failed??

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Just waiking up , will look and solve this asap

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Johnny , check your mail pls..

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              Ok , things should be ok now (knoks wood)..

              A special thanks for the kind words and supportive attitude of

              Zogerke , Runningonlove ,name999 , bo , Sparky , PhilipUpNorth , Obewanspeaks , or-well , AFTERSHOCK , and Johnny Blade himself ofcourse for putting his pride out of the way in public and allowing this to happen , i think that was also very brave..
              The same comment i have for Runningonlove , even if he is no longer responding it seems , i guess i was too late again.. sorry dude..Universe.. πŸ™

              And also thank you Admin for not laying a peep in the way , despite i started this on your "property"/forum without asking your permission/blessing first..

              And all the wonderfull people i forgot ,

              Thank you !

              quote Or-well :

              "There's a lot of struggle ahead. No one will make it on their own."

              I think the importance of this sentence will increase a lot as

              time goes by..

              Take care all.. πŸ˜€

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      be the case at this point,but we all did what we could and the truth may still come out completely with some heads rolling although it means little if we're also mostly sick,dying or dead before the tipping point is fully reached??!! But I think we're really close and the end of the MOX deal @ Savannah really made the trolls assault ENE didn't it??!!LOL I think the Banana King HIMSELF was here describing his holding an anti-protester sign behind doc Helen with such boastful pride as if "he sure told us"(?)!! lol,what a joke! Yessir they sure are pissed about the brakes being put on their pet projects & the loss of those population centers they expected to have so many human lab rats to experiment & exterminate from…SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!!! I'm proud to have spent so much time here setting out the truth & learning from the best people I know who have good intentions & hearts & care about the planet & ALL of it's inhabitants and ENEnews is still here and was never run off or allowed nuke-puke spooks to take down the site for more than could be considered both an inconvenience & PROOF that the truth hurts! Not exactly a "happy"3rd anniversary,but I consider celebrating ENE's endurance & unwavering history worthwhile!! THANK YOU ENE and The GROUP!! πŸ™‚ Much Love and deepest regard & THANKS to ALL OF YOU!! πŸ™‚