U.S. nuclear plant suffers “significant industrial accident” — 8 injured, 1 dead — No ‘immediate’ threat to the public

Published: March 31st, 2013 at 7:29 pm ET


KFSM (h/t Anonymous tips): One person died in a “significant industrial accident” accident at Arkansas Nuclear One on Sunday morning, Entergy said in a release. The accident happened at approximately 7:45 a.m. and THV 11 reported that Pope County rescue units responded. The Entergy news release said three people were injured in the accident, which happened when a generator stator fell as it was being moved out of the turbine building. […] Entergy said the plant is in an unusual event classification, the lowest of four emergency conditions designated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Additional personnel have been brought in to help on site, the release said. […]

The Courier: An Entergy spokesperson told The Courier the total number of Arkansas Nuclear One employees injured in the Sunday morning accident at the plant was eight, not three, as earlier reported. The spokesperson provided no other details about those injured, including their names or medical status. One worker died in the accident. […] Arkansas Department of Health […] stated there is no immediate threat to the public in the Pope, Johnson and yell counties area.

UPDATED HERE: [intlink id=”u-s-nuclear-plant-emergency-footage-of-steam-dumps-to-atmosphere-full-extent-of-damage-unknown-additional-staff-brought-to-site-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 31st, 2013 at 7:29 pm ET


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48 comments to U.S. nuclear plant suffers “significant industrial accident” — 8 injured, 1 dead — No ‘immediate’ threat to the public

  • From the Courier link: "At an early afternoon press conference, Arkansas Nuclear One and Arkansas Department of Health officials told the media there was no release of nuclear materials following the industrial accident at the plant.
    The area surrounding ANO was placed at emergency Level 4 because of the potential for local impact, but no call to evacuate was issued by the Arkansas Department of Health. Some evacuation signs were posted throughout the community today showing emergency evacuation routes."

    Evacuation signs were posted, but no release of nuclear materials, and of course, later on in the article they say "there is no threat to public safety." Perhaps just to avoid panic and to stop harmful or baseless rumor. Hope there are citizens with their own Geiger counters in the area…

  • harengus_acidophilus

    What is an "industrial accident"?

    It's an accident which occurs due the lack
    of tecnical security, reasoned with deficit cutting.

    "No ‘immediate’ threat to the public"
    Ahhh, phrase no.2, this sounds serious.
    (no.1 is: 'no health concern')


  • norbu norbu

    "An Arkansas Department of Health official categorized it has an industrial accident that did not involve any radiation or affect to the reactor". Then why did they go into automatic shutdown? Why? Something tripped the shutdown mode.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Unit 1 was down for refueling. From the event filing:

      "At 0750 [CDT] on 3/31/2013, during movement of the Unit 1 Main Turbine Generator Stator (~500 tons), the Unit 1 turbine temporary lift device failed."

      OK, we knew that.

      "…This caused a loss of all off site power on Unit 1…"

      WTF? Isn't that what lead up to Fukushima? Why did the $%#@ NRC or Entegy think this was UNIMPORTANT to mention to the press yesterday? Censorship is an act of terror.

      "…The ANO Unit 1 #1 and #2 EDG [Emergency Diesel Generator] have started and are supplying A-3 4160V switchgear and A-4 4160V switchgear. P-4A Service Water pump and P-4C Service Water pump has been verified running…"

      The EDGs actually worked? Amazing. Wait, Unit #2 EDG? HUH?

      [Unit 1: Degraded Power, Loss of Decay Heat, Spent Fuel Emergencies]

      So the lying, censoring NRC and Entegy weasels WERE hiding something. Trust them to lie. Why the SPENT FUEL emergency if they got these pumps running?

      Then, at the END of the report:

      "…At 1033 [CDT] on 3/31/2013, Unit 2 entered a Notification of Unusual Event based on EAL HU4 due to damage in 2A1 switchgear."

      WTF? Unit 1 was out for refueling, Unit 2 was at full power. 24-hours later, we find that critical switchgear for #2 was damaged?

      "..On Unit 2, all rods inserted during the trip. The core is being cooled via natural circulation. Decay heat is being removed via steam dumps to atmosphere…"

      So why isn't this a SCRAM? Didn't that…

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        "…There is no known primary to secondary leakage…"

        And we wouldn't tell you peons until next week if there WAS.


        The licensee terminated the NOUE at 1821 CDT. The basis for termination was that the affected bus (2A2) is de-energized and no other equipment on Unit 2 was damaged

        What? Why was the 2A2 bus de-energized? The earlier report said the 2A1 switchgear was damaged. They're different circuits.

        Electrical supply diagrams like TEPCO released would be helpful here, but the NRC will not trust secret information like that to U.S. citizens that live downwind of the plant (if you can figure out the secret location).

        I take everything I said back about a Fukushima-like mishandling happening just as bad here in the U.S.

        The NRC and the fleet operators will tell even less to the U.S. public. Protecting me from imaginary terrorists 24×7 – NRC, your my HEROS! (Goebbels would be so proud of you!)

      • Anthony Anthony

        Thanks for clarifying this. Yesterday I read it as a large heavy piece of equipment fell (?) onto one person fatally and injured others. As a matter of procedure it was shutdown. At least that was my interpretation yesterday given the reporting.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Entergy bumbling is a serious issue … Whose bright idea was it to let these private outfit yeawhos run nuclear power "stations" (poison factories …) anyway???

    We need a Global Nuclear Shutdown today!

    Guess we'll hear more about this non-incident tomorrow …

    Entergy runs Massachusetts' Pilgrim, New York's Indian Point and Fitzpatrick plants, Vermont Yankee, others …

    They are a cut-rate, low-ball, run it till failure type company …

    and, oh yeah, what kind of a welcoming message is a business plan which includes everyone around the plant maybe (probably) having to evacuate their homes (abandon the dogs and cats) for friggin' ever???

    What kind of Dr. Strangelovian nut job pushed this one over on a "free" people?

    I'm disgusted by the military industrial nucleocrats holding onto this failed dream of a stupid technology … uranium fission … they make Tom Cruise's Scientologists look tame.

    Nuclear power is a giant hoax. Never safe. Never green. Never cheap. Just leaks and lies and more lies and more leaks.

    They leak their radiation all over you; you get cancer and die; they get the excess profits and the risk is socialized and the world is polluted … to the tipping point.

    Nucleocrats come out and jump in the Fuku steamer. The world would be better off without you, by orders of magnitude.

    We will hiss you to your graves.

    Nuclear power is over! GET OVER IT!

    peace …

  • pcjensen

    lot's of Qs regarding this.

    1. not likely due to funding cuts as proffered above by harengus_acidophilus because the "team" ought all be on same page regardless of funding in this industry due to extreme caution required… usually these types of events occur due to lack of care which could be due to any number of factors, such as use of drugs or alcohol, too much overtime and not enough rest, lack of coordinated efforts, or lack of detailed preparation prior to engaging in whatever project they were undertaking – what was the cause exactly… video catch the event? ought be video cams all over the place.

    2. what were the events leading up to the event: proper maintenance of equipment, supervisory instruction, supervisory oversight – who was in charge of all that? records please.

    3. why were so many employees involved in the incident, was there not any sort of warning sound, visual alert or cue – were employees unable to move out of the way? what does the area look like? diagrams & pics please.

    I could think up more Qs, but these are good for now.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Right, there are many more possibilities.

      But money is in most cases a reasonable starting point.


  • hbjon hbjon

    There are things going on there that they are not telling the press. Someone get a geiger counter reading from Russellville please.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Damage to public within a hundred miles of any and all nuclear plants. Cancer is what it causes.

  • Entergy is the slumlord of nuclear.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      Couldn't have said it better myself.
      When I saw "Entergy" I thought, of course it's Entergy. They are the slumlords of the nuclear industry. They do not want to invest in their facilities to make them as safe as they can be. They do just what they absolutely have to pushing the limits and the NRC to allow them to limp along. I bet our next serious nuclear accident in the USA will be an Entergy facility. Tic, Tic, Tic. My guess is Palisades in Michigan will blow it's top if they don't shut it down soon.

  • We Not They Finally

    If these plants (any of them) were safe, then why will no insurer go near them except for the federal government — meaning OUR tax money? It's the most costly, dangerous, despicable scam on all of us. By the way, DON'T watch Jon Stewart's Daily Show. He's apparently taken on Entergy as a sponsor. That's not comedy, Mr. Stewart, it's tragedy. But then again, you weren't all that funny in the first place.

    • nedlifromvermont

      That is exactly the point We Not They Finally … these contraptions are seriously unsafe … and the insurance industry spotted the rat in the soup … and furthermore, thanks to the cover up started with Lewis Strauss, first Chairman of the AEC, the facts about how unsafe these plants were was left in a locked cabinet and hidden from view in the reactor program's early days. …

      And they lied contemptuously about the costs of an accident … off by three or more orders of magnitude …

      This is not science. It is a three card monty scam which will kill us all.

      Not unlike running a lightly clad steamer, full steam ahead, into a known ice field, with no sonar, hoping for the best, death and planetary calamity resulting.

      And the shite heads who bequeathed all this to us are all dead.

      Global nuclear shutdown today.

      peace …

  • stopnp stopnp

    If it were up to entergy they would probably say there was no release at fukushima either.

  • Somehow when I think of Arkansaw, I think of Deliverance, and not nuke power. Tragic.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      lol @stock's post! 😉 Now that you mention yet another "pain in the ass" relative to "Arkansaw", Wal Mart and the source of "the stain on Monica's blue dress" also comes to mind!! LOL! BTW, I just KNEW the footage of the steam dump coming from ground level at the base of at least one of the cooling towers just didn't look "normal"(?)[whatever that is?!) But then "normal" conditions or just a minor "notification of unusual event" and "no IMMEDIATE threat to public" are what we should "normally" expect from the nuclear shitbirds!!! I guess whatever's in that atmospheric steam dump will meld with the Fukushima-borne emissions that have been douching or dousing us with fallout across the swath of Asian pollutants riding the jetstream with Sotero & the Japanese Agenda 21 aficionado's standing behind all of us who they have bent over our docked boat without a paddle??!! I hope everyone living near & downwind of places near NPP's with evacuation route signs being "erected" are adding soap on the rope & K-Y jelly & iodine tablets to their "bung-out packs"(?)!! 😐 ~**

  • Lets call Entergy and yell at their corporate office, maybe they will just shut them all down.

    Entergy is a slumlord, they operate the worst nukes, with the worst records.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII


    Federal Family Notifications:

    Sun 07:50 AM CDT
    – Unit 1 has entered [procedures] 1202.007 – Degraded Power, 1203.028 – Loss of Decay Heat, and 1203.050 – Spent Fuel Emergencies. Unit 1 is in MODE 6.
    – Unit 2 tripped and is in MODE 3.

    Sun 10:33 AM CDT
    – Unit 2 entered a Notification of Unusual Event (NOUE) based on EAL HU4 due to damage in 2A1 switchgear.

    Sun 10:57 AM CDT
    – Operator submits NOUE details to NRC, who files as Event #48869

    Sun 06:21 PM CDT
    – The licensee terminated the NOUE… …the affected bus (2A2) is de-energized and no other equipment on Unit 2 was damaged

    Sunday's Mainstream Newz for Peons recycled quotes:

    "…Arkansas Department of Health official Chris Meyer categorized it has an industrial accident that did not involve any radiation or affect to the reactor…."

    Thanks, Chris!

    "…The plant was placed under an "unusual event classification," which is the lowest of four emergency classifications designated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission…"

    Thanks God! Nothing to worry about then.

    And 22 hours later, for the Fed Family's common-trash citizens:

    Mon A.M – http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2013/20130401en.html

    Which reveals the extent of yesterday's cover-up.

    • datura17

      Paveway, thanks for that good catch.
      Now, does anyone know where the manual is that explains the following nomenclature, "Unit 1 has entered [procedures] 1202.007 – Degraded Power, 1203.028 – Loss of Decay Heat, and 1203.050 – Spent Fuel Emergencies. Unit 1 is in MODE 6."
      EXACTLY what do those specifications mean? and where is that information?

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        Somewhere on the NRC site. There is no exact meaning to any of them – they are for regulatory bureaucratic coding purposes. Eight hours of reading the regulations will yield little besides: they mean what they say.

        "Spent Fuel Emergencies" applies to the hot used core they just pulled (no idea how much or if they have even started/finished). The (crushed?) 1A switchgear means they're on emergency power – I don't know what that means for the SFP – emergency *power* or emergency *cooling*. TEPCO finally started giving SPF temperatures. Don't expect as much from Entergy or the NRC.

        In either case, it's as dangerous as the potential for Fukushima Unit 4 SPF to overheat due to the addition of the used/hot fuel bundles. That shouldn't be a problem, though. The NRC has safely designated a 10-mile radius for evacuation in case there was ever any kind of radioactive plume. I mean – that's just crazy safe! How could a plume ever go beyond 10 miles? Especially since nobody is going to know about it.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


    See my reply to your comment on Palisades above 🙂

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    Here is a video of a gas turbine rotor being dropped. What happened at Arkansas Nuclear One was similar, but picture the rotor being between 300 tons and 500 tons.


    Nuclear One won't be restarting anytime soon, can't find parts on a shelf somewhere.

    • combomelt combomelt

      Correction ForwardAssist!
      They can't find the right parts on EBAY and ALIBABA.
      Freakin Death Merchants-Entergy is ALL that!

  • CB CB

    Is that how it's done at nuke plants all the time? Sarc …

  • JAnt

    At least not until the investigation is over. But work should commence in u1 soon…"if" the nrc gives the keys back

  • We Not They Finally

    When you stop and look, we do not know the most BASIC information. Like this ungodly heavy piece of equipment (about 500 tons = a million pounds!) was being moved out of the turbine building WHY? Why would anyone move ANYTHING that heavy, shy of some huge imminent problem? This CANNOT be something that is customarily done. What was the FUNCTION of that equipment, anyway? You'd think that something a million pounds heavy was ESSENTAL equipment. So what wasn't working that something generally too heavy to EVER be moved, had to be moved? Then it "fell." But WHERE did it fall? While still in the NPP? And aside from the injuries to the people (and one tragic death), it fell onto WHAT? And what of the ramifications of that damage, ON TOP OF the original emergency which required moving equipment usually way too heavy to EVER be moved?

    • JAnt

      It actually weighs 1.6mil. It fell about 30-40ft. But it actually fell through all the floors inbetween-causing the damage to the electrical deck causing U2 to trip.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…What was the FUNCTION of that equipment, anyway?…"

      That's management's magic spinning money machine for Unit 1: the main power generator. There's another one on Unit 2. Any time those machines stop spinning, management freaks out and goes on a murderous rampage. They chopper down to ANO and rush the plant, shrieking and beating plant personnel with scorching-hot fuel rods until they make the magic money machines spin again. They rejoice by feasting on one of the nearby contractors (boiled until tender in the coolant), then chopper back to their corporate lair to monitor all the rest of their spinning money machines for proper spinning.

      There is only one reason management would ever remove one of those machines: to replace it with a bigger one. They must have uprated the Unit 1 boiler and turbine enough to hook up a larger generator.

      Entergy isn't going to waste money on replacement parts until the old ones disintegrate. The license runs out in 2034; it would be a complete waste of their bonus money. The little people – the employees – are suppose to keep that junk running without expensive new parts. That's why Entergy buys them used: to run into the ground, maximizing profits.

      A bigger bonus-producing money making machine for free? Thanks, ratepayers. APPROVED! Get that broken one out of the way. This new one needs to be spinning. [shriek] "Where's my fuel rod? Get back here for your beating!"

  • justplanefun

    This event is strictly an industrial accident that occured during a heavy lift. If this industrial accident had occurred at any other industrial facility other than a nuclear power plant it would not have generated the press this event did.

    A generator stator fell while being transported from the turbine deck to the trackway, killing one employee and injuring eight others.

    In a pressurized water reactor design like the one at Arkansas Nuclear, the secondary steam loop process piping that supplies the steam to drive the turbine/generator is non-radioactive even during power operations. Unit 1 was in a cold-shutdown refueling outage when the heavy lift accident occurred.

    However, due to the very large weight of the stator that dropped from height during the heavy lift, there was sufficient vibration in the turbine building as the stator fell to, and partially through, the turbine building floor that seismic monitors in the nearby and still-running Unit 2 picked up the sufficient vibration from the drop equivalent to an earthquake, initiating an automatic and safe shutdown of the then-running Unit 2.

    I have access to photos of the heavy lift, both before and after the accident. Email me @ tim.miller@rocketmail.com if interested

    FYI, I am a degreed mechanical engineer that has worked in the nuclear power industry in design, engineering/operations support, and consulting for more than 30 years at 7 different nuclear sites representing 5 different utilities

    • I am not a Nuclear Engineer. However, what I do know is this.

      A Nuclear Power plant is not like any other industrial facility.

      IMO – Trying to compare ANY accident at a Nuclear Facility with another industry is verbal misdirection.

      The fact is an extremely heavy object hit the ground so hard it set off earthquake sensors that caused an automatic shutdown.

      What else in plant got rattled?
      What else is no longer 'safe'?

      Might as well decommission the entire facility now and save a lot of time, money and quite possibly lives.

      Here's a comparison for you.
      Windmills do not require 'Risk Management' in order to try and prevent global radioactive contamination.
      (Example= Fukushima)

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      @justplanefun – Am I right in assuming they're replacing the old generator with a larger one? Is there only one generator for each reactor at ANO? Hard to find anything on equipment or a planned replacement.

      It's not hard to believe that Unit 2 tripped on seismic. That must have been one incredible crash.

      Another question: the NRC report says, "…the Unit 1 turbine temporary lift device failed…" Why temporary, and why a turbine lift?

  • Usefulbreather

    Does anyone know what direction the wind was blowing at the time of the accident? What constitutes "Down Wind" in this particular situation and how far does Down Wind extend? If Evacuation signs are already up, they must be downwind, I am assuming.

    • michellemamarn

      Wind this A.M. blowing westerly 5mph switching to southeast in the afternoon and picking up speed. Downwind is as far and fast as the wind will carry the fallout (i.e. Fukushima to California), but the "authorities" determine evacuation zones. I'd be at least packing a bag and sheltering in PLACE if I were less than 50 miles, maybe one hundred if the wind picks up, but I am very, very cautious.At least until we know more, and more of it makes sense.

  • SwimsWithGators

    EPA Radnet data shows spike in Gross Beta

    These are directions to EPA 7 day data from Arkansas.

    No hot link. Copy first EPA link and remove space in URL then go from there. Found an almost 90 Gross Beta count when I looked yesterday.

    Spaced out link here:
    http://www.epa (space)

    REMOVE SPACE between epa .gov
    *Near real time data*

    Selecting Arkansas and clicking brings:

    https:// cdxnode64.epa.gov/radnet-public/query.do

    Which is where you ask for data from AR
    Selecting data……

    select these two below… move them to the box at right to query using >

    *beta gross count rate*

    *measurement start date time*




    select *time*

    click small calendar… go back just a month or so

    click: submit

    scroll down and find the

    *Graphical Plots for the Past 7 Days*

    Click *Scatter plot* To get graph

    You'll see some rather high readings

  • justplanefun

    ANO U1 entered into their refueling outage 2 weeks ago. They planned to replace the 690 ton Westinghouse Generator Stator utilizing BiggE Crane and Rigging. The plan was to install jacks on the generator pedestal & lift the stator & casing into a Carriage & move it to the Train Bay. The carriage carrying the stator was to slide over the train bay, perform a 90 deg turn & subsequently be lowered onto the Goldhofer below. It was when the carriage assembly started its 90 degree turn when the large rails the carriage was moving upon folded up & resulting in load drop. The drop was approximately 32 feet. The rails used are about the same size as the ones used for the SGR. The rails straddled both units exciters & generators & had an overall length of about 120 feet or more. The rails were supported from underneath in the Train Bay. The entire assembly was approximately the same size as a SGR rig. Just below the turbine deck adjacent to the Train Bay is both units Non 1E switchgear along with Offsite Power Supply Feeds. The collapse totally destroyed U1 switchgear & resulted in loss of decay heat & auto start of the diesels. U2 did not initially suffer switchgear damage, however the collapse was so violent that U2 turbine tripped from it. The front standards of the turbines are at opposite ends of the Train Bay.
    About 10 minutes after U2 tripped the offsite transformer(SU3) feeder breaker catastrophic failed resulting in a LOOP & U2 going to diesels.

  • justplanefun

    From NRC website:

    Significant Industrial Accident at Arkansas Nuclear One Caused by Failed Turbine Stator Lifting Equipment Device

    Status: OE – Equipment Failure – Event Tentative Incomplete Last Updated: 2013-04-01 11:38 AM

    Significance: Conditionally Significant
    Conditionally significant because of the loss of life and equipment damage resulting from the dropped generator stator.

    On Sunday March 31, 2013 at 0750, a significant industrial accident occurred at Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO). The accident occurred as the Unit 1 (ANO-1) generator stator was being lifted for transport out of the turbine building as part of a maintenance evolution associated with the 1R24 refueling outage. CAUSE: A lifting device designed for heavy lifts failed causing the stator to drop onto the turbine deck floor and then fall into the train bay below. The special lifting device collapsed onto the turbine deck. CONSEQUENCE: This resulted in one fatality and multiple additional non-life threatening injuries as well as substantially damaging plant equipment.

  • justplanefun

    NRC Lessons Learned Summary:

    Event Summary:

    Damage to the ANO-1 turbine building resulted in the loss of offsite power feeds to both safety and non-safety related busses. Both ANO-1 emergency diesel generators automatically started & provided power to the safety related busses. At the time of the event ANO-1 was in mode 6 refueling with the reactor vessel head removed & the refuel canal completely filled with Refueling equipment check outs were ongoing. All fuel was in the core and shutdown cooling was momentarily lost while the emergency diesel generator came up to speed, tied onto the safety busses and the operators manually started the spent fuel cooling pumps. There was no noticeable rise in the refuel canal temperatures during this event. Power was lost to spent fuel pool cooling but was reestablished within four minutes. Fire water piping was damaged resulting in water spraying in the area of the accident and onto electrical busses. The fire water system was taken out of service to isolate the water spray. The portions of the fire water system that were damaged have been isolated & a portion of the fire water system is now available.

    ANO-1 is in a stable condition with power continuing to be provided by both safety related emergency diesel generators. Core decay heat is being removed by decay heat removal. Plans are underway to reestablish offsite power through alternate means. Additional diesel generator capability is being brought on site as a contingency.

  • justplanefun

    continued from NRC website:

    Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO-2) automatically tripped following the event due to the loss of two Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCPs) with a normal post trip response by the plant. At 0923 ANO-2 lost its feed from offsite startup 3 transformer to one of two safety busses and one of its two non-safety related busses resulting in a loss of power to the remaining two running RCPs and the remaining operating circulating water pump. This placed ANO-2 into a natural circulation mode and cool down was commenced using atmospheric dump valves to remove core decay heat. One of the two ANO-2 emergency diesel generators automatically started on the loss of offsite power to the safety bus and provided power to that bus. The redundant safety bus remained powered from offsite power through the Startup 2 Transformer and the redundant emergency diesel generator remains in standby. All safety related equipment maintained operability throughout the event. A Notification of Unusual Event was declared at 1033 on ANO-2 following observation of damage to the ANO-2 switchgear. The Notification of Unusual Event was terminated at 1821 on March 31, 2013. ANO-2 reached mode 4 at 2355 on March 31, 2013 and initiated shutdown cooling utilizing the shutdown cooling pumps at 0300 on April 1, 2013.

    Both units remain in a stable condition. No offsite radiological releases occurred as a result of this event.

    Cause Summary: Under Investigation

  • Sickputer

    Thanks JPF…great update of the details. Failing 32 feet is significant obviously for a 690 ton part.

    A question about this: "Core decay heat is being removed by decay heat removal."

    Will the longterm loss of the electronic gear affect the heat removal?

    • WereAllDead


      As long as safety busses remain powered by diesels or any other power source, long term decay heat removal won’t be effected.

      To clear up a few comments made by justplanefun, the stator dropped did not weigh 690 tons. Maybe the entire weight of the generator, and the stator is the majority of the weight, but it’s not 690 tons. The rails only straddled the unit 1 generator. The unit 1 exciter would have to have been removed for this. If the beams were anchored in the far end of the train bay as posted by several and as the pictures indicate, then the beams didn’t straddle the Unit 2 exciter or generator.