UC Berkeley Nuclear Prof.: My wife’s “very concerned” about Fukushima impact in U.S., my children are also concerned, as is public… I am too — His ‘Kelp Watch’ Co-founder: “We’d all be better off if this material didn’t exist and wasn’t coming over, but… nothing we can do about it” (AUDIO)

Published: February 6th, 2014 at 11:24 pm ET


Long Beach Post, Feb. 6, 2014: Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) researchers have paired with fellow researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to launch “Kelp Watch 2014,” a research/campaign project set out to see the extent to which the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster has affected California’s vast kelp forest. […] CSULB biology professor Steve Manley initiated the project with the Berkley Lab’s head of applied nuclear physics Kai Vetter […] it is expected that radioactive isotopes will arrive in California as early as April of this year and linger for years. “I think we would all be better off if this material did not exist and wasn’t coming over, but at this point, there is nothing we can do about it,” [Manley] said.

CBS San Francisco, Feb. 6, 2014 — UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Professor Kai Vetter, co-founder of kelp monitoring program (at 3:00 in): There are two goals with [Kelp Watch]. One, to better understand scientifically about the transport mechanism in our  world — the world without borders, as we have seen in these events — the transport of these materials, throughout the northern hemisphere at least […] And of course, to address some of the concerns by the public, and by the way, by me… by ourselves about the amount of radiation we expect to see here, we also are concerned, I have family here, my wife is very concerned, we have children, they are concerned, as the public is concerned about the amount of radiation we will see here. So to ensure there are not really any health risks, that they don’t pose any health risks to us.

See also: [intlink id=”california-professor-imperative-we-monitor-for-any-radioactive-contaminants-that-will-be-arriving-this-year-in-ocean-from-fukushima-l-a-times-claims-levels-are-declining-fails-to-inform” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Full KCBS broadcast here

Published: February 6th, 2014 at 11:24 pm ET


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130 comments to UC Berkeley Nuclear Prof.: My wife’s “very concerned” about Fukushima impact in U.S., my children are also concerned, as is public… I am too — His ‘Kelp Watch’ Co-founder: “We’d all be better off if this material didn’t exist and wasn’t coming over, but… nothing we can do about it” (AUDIO)

  • isogoodhumans

    I think the way UC Berkely Nuclear Engineering handles the food testing program was a bit mischievous. Despite high readings in Alaskan salmon and elsewhere, the Berkely program stopped testing. I think a program that has a Berkely Nuclear Engineering professor in it loses credibility.

    The Japanese data continues to show high radiation levels in food.

  • We Not They Finally

    Is Kai Vetter good-cop or bad-cop? He seems to have found several sides of the fence to sit on. But since the nuclear dept at Berkeley probably does not want this done AT ALL, he should at least go to it.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    We shall see. The Long Beach prof seems truly concerned. However, those farther up the food chain in status. tenure, position, etc. seem less credible:

    How about the stated motivation of already arrived UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Professor Kai Vetter who says he wishes to ensure …<blockquote>So to ensure there are not really any health risks, that they don’t pose any health risks to us.</blockquote> nor risk to his income as a tenured professor in a status university!

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Notice Kai Vetter did not say "TO DETECT any health risks" or "TO DETERMINE potential health risks." We all know "the public is concerned about the amount of radiation we will see here" but does he really intend to learn more about the various health risks? I have to wonder in view of his reiteration of this seemingly foregone conclusion: "So to ensure there are not really any health risks, that they don’t pose any health risks to us." I am glad they are planning to test the kelp beds, but these guys higher up on the academic food chain tend to buy-o-accumulate.

      • nedlifromvermont

        very clever, Humpty! Buy-o-magnify? Buy-o-concentrate!

        new words here!!

        new worlds, too.

        Don't forget to tell;
        Barack, the Magnificent!
        Don't measure! Don't tell!

        Gub'mint Policy 101 in the Nuclear Age!

        Certainly you have thyroid cancer! But it is in no way related to the explosive releases of radio-toxic actinides at the nearby nuclear power plant! Any doctor who tells you otherwise is not playing by the GE playbook (which, incidentally, is BLANK for "What to do in case of full core melt ….")

        And still is blank;

        For to admit to the horrors of an actual full core melt;

        Would obviate any reason to pursue this Demon Technology.

        Where the splitting of relatively stable uranium atoms into toxic daughter isotopes which really can persist and accumulate in the biosphere; in ways we humans cannot really begin to comprehend;

        Only when we give in to our powerlessness in the face of this still-unraveling disaster; this unimaginable crime which has been committed IN OUR NAME; only then can we find the strength to persist in our collective "'newser vision:" A World Without Operating Atomic Power Plants Huge Toxic Poison Factories Waiting To Unleash Their Irretrievable, Long-Lived Poisons On An Unsuspecting World …

        Is it mere coincidence that John Kennedy signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty just weeks before he was gunned down?

        His daughter, Caroline, in Tokyo;

        a modern day version of C.S.Lewis' Charn?

        She, the White…

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "I have family here, my wife is very concerned, we have children, they are concerned, as the public is concerned about the amount of radiation we will see here."

    Talk about the classic, A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

    Like these people are finally waking up almost three years too late. They do not realize they have already been hammered in the first few fallout plumes from the plutonium cloud that passed over the west coast on or about the 20th of March, 2011. If they were outside exposed, chances are they got hit and it is TOO LATE for many. The cancers are already starting to show up in many more cases than usual and only now are they asking, what's happening, and oh, we are sooo concerned.


    There are other irons in the fire that may lead to even bigger problems in the coming future that cold make fukushima look small, in compassion. Earth changes are upon us all. Live well and in good quality like there is no tomorrow. Let Sister Purity be your guide.


    • James Tekton James Tekton


      And what duh Fud is all the study on the kelp for?

      Darn stupid think-they-know-it-alls should spend pennies and go check the organic food fields and production lines instead. Check those steaks, the tomatoes, the potatoes, the milk, the eggs, the GMO veggies, and everything that people are eating now. THAT…is the huge issue. How much $$$ will they waste in boat gas alone doing this stupid testing, and for what now? Does anyone really give a flying fish what the heck the kelp beds are reading as far as the radiation that has been hitting the west coast for almost three years now? Really?

      Doh! Why are all these stupid idiots making all these more than rediculas remarks now? It's all in the art of the cover up by the babylonians that OWN THEM. Shove them all overboard and lets get to figuring out what is happening that is causing up-ticks all over the maps now? Focus on warning the northern Canada folks that the snows are laden with radiation and they should STAY INDOORS and out of it as long as possible. Same with east coast folks. STAY OUT OF THE SNOW!!!

      Geeze…how many more of these dancing bears are they going to trot out to blab and gurgle BS all over de place like this?

      CHECK YOUR FOOD IDIOTS, not the food of the fish!!


      • nedlifromvermont

        pretty good stuff, Jimmy T. Doh!

        No one really wants to "check your food" 'cause we don't really want to know …

        Even a lot of us here truth tellers aren't ready to make these wholesale lifestyle changes: Stay off the snow? We ski! Stay indoors? We're foresters.

        We haven't followed the History of Babylon so closely. We're born into the world our fathers created … so we accept it for fact and make what sense of it we can …

        And illegal pot made no more sense in the 1930's than it does today …

        But the guys who brought you those laws gave you Price Anderson in the 1950's … and, sure, you're right … it's all been a follow-the-money game for Washington, for Tokyo, for London, Berlin and the world …

        But times may be changin' my man …. so keep sharin' your powerful truths ….

        But remember you can't be angry and right, because the people respond to the anger part before they ever get around to the being right part … so, somehow pleasant and right … or friendly and right … will prove more effective, especially when handling the Babylonian question.

        We are all Babylonians to some degree. And the Rothschild banking family is very large and spread out, with many branches … and they all have children, too …

        so change for the positive is always possible … down to the last banker, pro-nuker in the land.

        Repent ye' nukers! Here. Here.

        peace …

      • Kelp readily accumulates radionuclides, so is a good choice of what to monitor if you wish to know how contaminated your offshore waters are, thus how contaminated the bioaccumulating fish/crustaceans/whatevers are likely to be.

        No amount of it that anybody's likely to detect (or, announce if detected) anything with more than 1,200 Bq/kg, because that's the current FDA baseline. And if it's ten or twenty times that, they'll just limit the 'report' to whichever isotope is less than that, while ignoring the rest.

        I'll be testing my ground and overwintered weed, as well as the turned compost as I prep my beds for early spring planting next month. I'll also re-test the drainage pathways, should be significantly less than last year or the year before. And I'll test the rain – and the ground again after the rains if need be – to ensure the food's safe. Including the fruit. Haven't eaten Pacific seafood for awhile now, local trout and tilapia is fine for our fish protein cravings every few months or so. Don't eat any other meat.

        A real test of your daily food would destroy the food. Which means you wouldn't be eating it, would you? A quick beta/gamma scan will tell you there's potassium in there, wouldn't be sensitive enough to pick out the cesium or strontium. Just pay attention to your sources, do the best you can, say "Thanks, Jah" and enjoy. Even if the food were screaming hot, our gub'ment wouldn't tell you about it.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Just pay attention to your sources, do the best you can, say "Thanks, Jah" and enjoy."

          Yes, true that Joy. Thanks for reminding us.

          The bantering and hoopin and hollarin is just venting of steam to make the point that they should be checking everything else, as well as the kelp.

          You are correct in that knowing what the sea filters are taking in, portrays what is on the shorelines. Heck, the winds must be picking up that salty hot air and taking it to Colorado also, according to the nice story Anne linked above.

          Thanks Anne. No wonder it is getting hotter and hotter out here with higher and higher readings. Those seagulls are holding their breath longer and exhaling it way out in the mid-west now. Ahhhhhh…that's it…and quite natural too!


          If only there was a way to just stop all this now and give great relief to these kids that are suffering from something they had no wants for, or part in. It is just wholesale murder at its finest and so far, nothing or no one seems to be able to stop it.

          Pray for the children.


  • Jebus Jebus

    “The amount of radiation we have observed from Fukushima right after the event were not really any concern for our health or any biology or any organisms here on the west coast,” he said. “The amount of radiation we observed was always really small and it did not really pose any health risk. And the activity that we expect through the ocean current will be even less.”

    "So to ensure there are not really any health risks, that they don’t pose any health risks to us."

    Vetter said that while they expect to detect some radiation in their studies, it should not be an overall health risk.

    Why study when you have come to a finite conclusion beforehand?

    Kind of like, lightning caused the forest fire, so we will prove that there are no forests, only trees…

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "Kind of like, lightning caused the forest fire, so we will prove that there are no forests, only trees…"


    The wisdom of da Wizards.

    Yes…we all know it well here.


  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    Here's the sheeple mind poison and the money line: "at this point, there is nothing we can do about it."

    If the Japanese or the international-community were forced to dig up the corium and clean it up right, it would be so expensive that it would end commercial nuclear power everywhere, forever.

    They'd rather invest billions into propoganda, lies, and nuisance settlements than a trillion dollars into a proper cleanup.

    It matters not whether you believe the lies or wring your hands in despair, so long as you fail to demand the proper cleanup that would make nuclear power a financially untenable hot potato.

    They broke it; fixing it is probably a lot easier and cheaper than the Apollo program. And, aren't we planning a colony on Mars? Who are they kidding when they say "impossible"?


    The Berkeley professor implys at the end of the article that there are no health risks.

    Clearly this guys work can't be trusted!

  • Ontological Ontological

    Why fix it when it makes such a great way to fear monger the people it displaced? Eventually it will lead to easily cracking down on most of the Northern Hemisphere. These corporate monsters find ways to profit from making people suffer, while partying in style with everything evil they create. Human trafficking becomes simple when they are, unarmed, half starved, and crazy from confusion.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    If you are a Berkeley NukePhys Professor hop on your bike and go ride over the the east end of Alcatraz Ave and go apply for a job with these guys..


    ..then you can quit sucking off the govt-tit and do something really productive for a change.

    >> this is the real-deal, and the inside magic of how this really works is already open-sourced and downloaded onto 10,000 independent tinkerer's computers worldwide.

    the cat is out of the bag, it cannot be suppressed

    It's like Edison's Lightbulb, 20 years after it was invented nearly everybody boasted they could have easily invented it too.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Check it out on PESwiki…
    you can search for Brillouin there…

    Money is just numbers on paper..
    it will take a tremendous amount of energy, and the efficient application of that energy to clean up the nukemess worldwide.

    Where do we get that extra giga/mega/petawatts of excess power ??

    Here's one of many options we have, some are complex, others are simple..


    >>> my main boogie about MSR nukewaste annihilation is we operate them only in 10,000' deep geo-stable tunnels, not YUCCA, not Carlsbad, not Atomic Rapture Loving Texas either.

    I wear a raincoat to deflect the BS I get from all the Atomic Chicken Littles that attempt to ridicule & intimidate me.

    I'm an old-hand at battling atomic-psychosis..
    ..there was one young inspired fellow who got lucky and was a key player in getting Trojan-NPP to shutdown early, and the same guy got a bunch of college kids motivated to campaign and stall out Satsop-NPP too.


    I'm busy now developing a super-efficient massive environmental cleanup system that is built into a large barge.. it uses electrochemical pumping and "pure BS magic"…
    …a big fleet of these barges can replace all the hydroelectric-dams on the Columbia river and clean up Hanford too..
    ..very fish friendly.

    …don't bug me, I'm old & I'm busy.

    • nedlifromvermont

      You go 21-ST Century dude. I will come west to wok for you. Very glad you're on the case, and I mean it.

  • rogerthat

    what i find truly amazing is all this talk about what's happening tomorrow, when everything happened yesterday. these guys talk about the plume that's coming, but what about the three years of fallout that's already happened. simply ignored, swept under the carpet. astounding. radiation does indeed harm the brain.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Wives and children are concerned because nuclear radiation causes cancer and death.

    They want a safe-energy future, and will someday have it.

  • Angela_R

    Take Note, the time is short, say No! to components of agent orange in the food. For those that are unaware see the legacy of pain that has continued through the generations: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2401378/Agent-Orange-Vietnamese-children-suffering-effects-herbicide-sprayed-US-Army-40-years-ago.html

    check out, see where to sign to prevent something like that maybe happening to yours: http://www.popularresistance.org/tell-the-usda-no-to-agent-orange-components-in-our-foods/

  • rogerthat

    Deception on a grand scale. Cancer and radiation-related disease rates will rise but we will be told that Fukushima cannot be blamed because total radiation releases from the plant were too low to pose a risk to human health. This is what the sailors on USS Ronald Reagan have been told, and they got the full-tilt boogie blast. There is no way to dispute this because the data, although it may have been secretly collected, is simply unavailable to the public.
    The reality is that the earthquake, not the tsunami, caused the meltdowns. The earthquake broke the pipes that supply water to keep the cores cool. But the official storyline blames the tsunami because to blame the earthquake would force the closure of dozens of reactors of the same flawed design around the world.
    The reality is that at least one of the reactors (No.3) was wrecked by a nuclear detonation that spread pieces of nuclear core over 1000 square kilometres of surrounding countryside and ocean. The official version is that these were all hydrogen explosions. more to follow…

  • rogerthat

    The reality is that three nuclear cores, each of 100-odd tonnes, exploded, melted down and through, caught fire and vaporised over the space of a few days in march 2011. So did their spent fuel pools. There is good reason to believe that the explosion and zirconium fire in the reactor 4 building consumed its nuclear core, produced a meltdown that caused molten corium to flow out of the side of the building, and vaporised its spent fuel pool containing a radioactive payload equivalent to several thousand (14,000?) hiroshimas. The official storyline appears to be that none of this really happened. It is simply not discussed. It is not quantified. It is not measured. Its consequences are summed up by the word harmless. All this is harmless. The only thing capable of doing harm to humans is harmful rumours. Harmless, harmless, harmless. Repeat this often, and don't forget to smile, and we'll all live to a ripe and healthy old age.

  • smack smack

    Thanks rogerthat – well spoken.
    I claim the right to be shot unfolded.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Abe's wife..is concerned too..
    Nothing anyone can do about it…
    Interesting thought while sitting at one's desk at Berkeley.
    Isn't it?

    • What about LONG TERM NONSTOP FALLOUT conditions spreading globally?
      Why don't the scientists talk about that?

      Professor Vetter's wife AND children have a better sense of what's right and wrong than he does.

      That's most likely because he's so brainwashed/blinded by his expert 'training' that the insidious horror of what he has been a part of will go unrealized even when it stares him and his family in the face.

      "There is nothing we can do about it…" – Manly

      I hear that same exact line a lot.

      I have the answer, but unfortunately for the answer to be effective requires that we be told the truth/facts about long term nonstop FALLOUT conditions.

      2 Answers – 🙂

      1. Learn to mitigate and own a rad detector.
      2. Stop all Nuclear Power NOW!
      — A. Hope or Pray that is enough.
      — B. Prosecute those responsible for *Crimes Against Humanity.

      * "..atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. Murder; extermination; torture; …and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice."


      Hmm…? 😉

      • One of my favorite quotes:

        "No degree of prosperity could justify the accumulation of large amounts of highly toxic substances which nobody knows how to make 'safe' and which remain an INCALCULABLE danger to the whole of creation for historical or even GEOLOGICAL AGES."

        "To do such a thing is a transgression against life itself, a transgression infinitely more serious than any crime ever perpetrated by man. The idea that a civilization could sustain itself on the basis of such a transgression is an ethical, spiritual, and metaphysical monstrosity."

        "It means conducting the economic affairs of man as if people [or all life forms] really did not matter at all."
        — E.F. Schumacher 1973 Small Is Beautiful:
        Economics As If People Mattered,
        (Chp. 4, Nuclear Energy-Salvation or Damnation?)

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          But this created "Illusion of Prosperity" allows our government scientists to build things like this… 🙁

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Obe…did anyone question why we need a laser more powerful than the sun? Of course not…maybe Stars Wars was actually a channeled message from the future, and now we are building Darth Vader's Death Star….

            OT, the Berkley Nuclear engineers have no credibility, and I wonder if UC Berkley is going to use Fukushima to cover up the rad waste they dumped in the ocean….

            If this engineer was so concerned, he would be out fighting against the nuclear cabal.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              They are not concerned and this is modern science protocol without a conscience..

              conscience |ˈkän ch əns|
              an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior : he had a guilty conscience about his desires | Ben was suffering a pang of conscience.
              in ( good) conscience by any reasonable standard; by all that is fair : they have in conscience done all they could.
              on one's conscience weighing heavily and guiltily on one's mind : an act of providence had prevented him from having a death on his conscience.
              conscienceless |ˈkɑnʃənsləs| adjective
              ORIGIN Middle English (also in the sense [inner thoughts or knowledge] ): via Old French from Latin conscientia, from conscient- ‘being privy to,’ from the verb conscire, from con- ‘with’ + scire ‘know.’

          • Research, schmesearch. They can use it to boil water. Then we can shut down all the nukes.

        • nedlifromvermont

          yes, ChasAha. Truly powerful and spiritual prophecies from Schumacher.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "To do such a thing is a transgression against life itself, a transgression infinitely more serious than any crime ever perpetrated by man. The idea that a civilization could sustain itself on the basis of such a transgression is an ethical, spiritual, and metaphysical monstrosity."

          Nice, Chas.

          Now who owns japan, GE, all the media, the nuk industry, and ALL the govt puppets?

          Can you say, the rothschilds?

          Sad though, in the supposed Land of the Brave, these so called experts and socialist/commie collage profs are all to chicken shirt to admit they are part of the plan to kill off the entire human species by these criminals that are to big to be prosecuted. The corrupted evil banksters own everything, and especially they own the courts. There is no justice for the poor, it only serves to enrich the corporations of govt prison systems.

          People like this yakie-doodle head WILL watch their own women and children die first, before they admit to the severity of the situation at hand. Even now up north of this guy the reports over the last few days are showing a huge up-tick in readings that indicate SOMETHING BAD has happened, and IS HAPPENING to cause this RIGHT NOW! Are they talking about this? Heck no. Lets talk about something that so-n-so said, and maybe what happened two years ago. Never you mind what is happening RIGHT NOW!


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    All tied into the program..all tied into DHS.
    Vetter is tied to the mast of the ship..
    It's all good.

  • rogerthat

    smack, ha ha, that took me awhile, i was not aware of the rich tapestry of life unfolding a mere google search away. bullseye. we do indeed live in a surreal world

  • bluetick

    some of my insight.. I have read a ton as most have,, my conclusion is getting more clear..

    Isreal did this to get obama actually us for electing him and not keeping his muslem intentions for letting Iran build a nuc. in check.that iran intends to detonate in isreal. The weird weather patterns..

    We are getting ready to be hit hard I think as O wants to circumvent congress and let Iran move forward at any cost…

    Isreal will bring us to our knees….and you cant blame them as we yes we are letting their security become unstable…

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      great conclusion, blame it on israel. the caused the earthquake and tsunami and 911 too. feel better now?


        exactly digitalaardvarks. Notice, bluetick is not only using this article to posit unsubstantiated theory, in the process of doing so, they've taken it upon themselves to violate posting protocol. The unchallenged result leaves the casual reader thinking that ENENEWS is rife with kooks and conspiracy theorists. Thanks to some of us, his attempts to sidetrack this article's subject matter will not be ignored.

        Truth is, it's irrelevant – HOW – Fukushima came about! That it – DID – is the issue! Regardless if deep-space aliens were in concert with a bunch of rabbinical terrorists, the fact that three (let alone one!) NPPs resulted in such catastrophe, is the issue! But such reality means nothing to the intellectually challenged. For them, it's simply about linking their perceived issues with-whatever is most pressing in people's minds. Such technique – IS – the propagandist's most effective tool.

        Fortunately for us, bluetick's analysis is so vapid and emblematic of a rank amateur, a child let-loose with a box of crayons could do a better job of illustrating our problems…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      some of my insight.. I have read a ton as most have,, my conclusion is getting more clear..
      Blue tick
      This is insight and conclusions you have gotten , NOT here …am I to presume?

    • weegokiburi weegokiburi

      Blame it on a cuntry you can spell

  • Nick

    I had an image in my head that I can't seem to shake off………

    I see Kelp beds, long streaming brown ribbons bobbing in the surf.

    On the beach are children laughing and playing in the waves.

    Amongst them are researchers in full body Tyvek suits and respirators walking around with geiger counters in attempts to get a "baseline" of "background radiation.

    Every now and then, a kayaker slips into the sea and paddles out to the kelp beds and retrieves a mass of sampling material. Kelp gets taken back to the beach where it's dried in the sun and then carefully trucked off to a distant lab for analysis.

    The children keep playing but their laughter subsides as one child asks what is going on. A man in the Tyvek suit mumbles to them not to worry, adults are sampling the seaweed to see if it took up some poison that came from across the ocean.

    A child then chimes in "will it hurt us.?"

    Man: "WE are only taking precautions, the suits are for our measurements."


  • Nick

    It's time to tell the children the truth.

    If you are in California, it'd be also prudent to minimize your fun outside.

    You are in for great sorrow.

  • sworldpeas

    two goals with Kelp Watch: #1 to better understand scientifically about the transport mechanism in our world. #2 to ensure there are not really any health risks.

    The wife is concerned
    I said shut up and smile
    My thyroid is huge…

  • The coast down here are fine.

    Move south now or you and everyone you know will die soon. You have to get out of the northern hemisphere.

    • AlexfromNB

      Chile's long coast faces the Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic side would be a far better choice.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Appreciate the sentiment, agagliasso.

      But some of us just aren't ready to abandon ship quite yet.

      Daughter only just started at Harvard …

      Farm, fields, dogs and untraveled roads …. it's really a nice lifestyle …. while the rads are still relatively low ….

      I'm 57. One year older than Price Anderson and the same age as the Interstate Highway Act. Which, incidentally, was passed to facilitate the plutonium economy, not traffic in general.

      But my thyroid does feel tender. And my tinnitus (a new condition for me) is louder each day.

      Maybe I'll send my younger daughter. She's twelve and likes living at home, though. The life we'd imagined we could enjoy for many years.

      Clinging to the side boards of a doomed Titanic.

      So tragic.

      So pathetic.

      Thank you nuclear physics … for paving the way to hell. I suppose there were some good intentions, at times …

      • poindexter

        nedli, I'm experiencing tinnitus, too! Does anyone else here have it?

        • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

          Yes, me too.

        • flatsville

          Tinnitus starts or increases with age. If you are an amateur musician and play amplified, this can increase the incidence. I started wearing 3M ear plugs. Old Rocker friends are already deaf.

          • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

            Former rocker, early 50s. My high-pitched ear noise is recent onset. Just paying close attention to the body. One cool thing about this type of forum is that you might spot a trend that is otherwise unknowable. I thought it might be orbs or angels trying to communicate with me but I am not vibrating at a high enough frequency, yet. :>)

            • flatsville

              I was surprised at the effect "electric" night had on me. Ringing in the ears on and off for the next few days…hence the 3M ear plugs.

              "Acoustic" night doesn't produce the same effect.

              Trying to convince "The Band" that loud does not equal good, just loud. When I start talking about this, they reply "Whud ya say? Eh? Can't hear ya." Yeah. No shit.

  • Pronukers are sad little boys playing with their big nuke toys

    • nedlifromvermont

      stock … isn't it about scale? I mean, small fission power packages for subs and space travel make sense … even a nuclear powered carrier … But the huge up-sizing to compete with coal fired electrical generation: was not this the great mistake? Civilian Nuclear Power was a con job, promotional suicide pact from the beginning.

      Smart people knew better but were steamrolled by their stupider, richer, more greedy neighbors on the other floor.

      What say you?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Nuclear is not going away anytime soon and this Nuclear Technology will eventually Exterminate the Earth… 🙁

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "Nuclear is not going away anytime soon and this Nuclear Technology will eventually Exterminate the Earth… :("

          Good day to ya, Obe.

          It may not Exterminate the Earth, as this has actually happened before and the earth survived. We are about full circle on Sodom and Gomorrah now.

          What will be Exterminated, UNLESS this nuklear terror is stopped RIGHT NOW, are all the biological life forms on the planet. There was no better depiction of the potential epilog for humanity that was ever given, than in the powerful warning that was built solidly into the movie "On The Beach". ANYONE who has not seen this movie, and not really felt it's direct message of what could happen by watching it, must be heartless and quite jammed by the technasty of evil. Most people are lost in the constant distractions being thrust out upon the unsuspecting irradiated world. This fukushima thing has really sped up the economic crash that will bring on the planned martial law of the UN banksters.




        size, nedli, is a matter of opinion; at least, that's what my girlfriend keeps telling me. Location is the issue. Humans happen to enjoy the largest nuclear 'plant', which is located at the center of this planet's orbiting trajectory. For the pro-nuclear crowd, it's called the "Sun". So yeah…nuclear powered systems are fine, if-and-when they're kept a safe distance away from a planet's biosphere…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          This is true except that we are now depleting the ozone and the geomagnetic field is weakening, and the cosmic rays are now penetrating the earth. Look at all the dead planets in our solar system. We still have to keep radiation from the sun out. But with nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, we are destroying all the planet's safeguards from the sun. And too far from the sun it will be too cold for life.

          Man in his hubris is destroying the earth, and the tipping point may have already been reached by 1945.

        • Right 93M miles away!

      • "Small" thorium reactors don't make sense either, its not just about size. Its about ego and greed.

        I am become death, destroyer of worlds

  • Sol Man

    The young and confused Professor Vetter should try professing the absolute truth instead of obfuscation. Lies and half-truths don't work for the world. People want a fair shot at a full life!

  • ftlt

    Giving up kelp has been harder than giving up fish for me. Bummer

  • SourDove

    Picture an army of Geiger Roombas on a search and destroy mission.

    Still nowhere to put the particles, but at least they could be isolated and moved away from schools and beaches. Specialized Roombas could till the top few inches of farmland, removing hot particles and sowing mushroom spores.

  • SourDove

    Whoever can simulate sea water and waves could grow kelp on land.
    Heavy water sinks, so settling tanks and time could provide clean water.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    • SourDove

      Or we could keep doing nothing. I do think that extra neutrons make tritium heavier by volume than clean water. I remember hearing that the Germans used time and gravity to isolate tritium. Allied soldiers drank it and got sick.

      And I still like the Geiger Roomba idea. No one wants to scoop of fuel fleas by hand.

  • or-well

    "My wife's concerned,
    so are my kids;
    at least they were
    'til I put them on meds!
    It's OK, I'm a 'Health Physicist'
    so I know it's not the rads –
    but worry and rumors that make people sick!
    We'll all be healthier if we forget
    everything said by the anti-nukes.
    I'm sure it was the 'burger I ate
    that made my nose bleed
    and my hair fall out."
    So join my campaign and contribute –
    it's called "Spread Psycho-Pharmaceutical Truth"!

    • bo bo

      Regarding the whole 'my wife is concerned…' rhetoric-
      I suspect they will try to do the same thing they did in Japan; place a sexist twist to this by depicting radiation 'worries' as 'womanly' and 'irrational'

      'Worrying' is a woman's job…
      Coming up next : depiction of 'hysterical moms' in the media.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I must be naive, since I talked to a guy recently who was doing meat cutting for awhile and he stated that as he was being taught the trade, he saw the trainers cutting out tumors from the beef and tossing them to the side.

    Cutting out tumors of the beef and then tossing them to the side.. 🙁

    So much has been hidden form the public that it's just staggering how deep all the rabbit holes go…

    Cows eat radioactive grass/hay.. 🙁

    • or-well

      Cut out the tumors,
      toss them aside –
      then glue them together
      with some pink slime
      and sell it to YOU
      as cuts stamped "Prime"!
      Straight to the bottom line!

      • john dpugh

        There is so much carcinogens in chicken that if they are not slaughtered they have a higher chance of having tumors than not having them .

  • demise demise

    There is only one way to eliminate Nuclear power. Create a clean power source with no by-products. The top contender it Nuclear Fusion. After the cycle is started, there is tremendous power available. We have worked on it for 30 years with only small steps forward. The oil, coal and nuclear consortiums through monkeys wrenches at them at every opportunity because it puts them out of business. Now we may get some momentum to move ahead more quickly. It would solve 1000's of problems, but nuclear plumes over the US and in the Pacific will linger for generations and it's only getting worse. Japan needs to step up with International help.

  • Nick

    Why are we testing Kelp again?

    Why not use the ACA and get millions of Americans tested with state of the art detecters for all radioactive goodies released from Fukushima?

    With a baseline we could then test, in say 3 years, and see how bioaccumulation works in humans.

    While we are at it, test all food.

    All water.

    Sample the air.

    Face it, if we don't get aggressive with testing we will never have the data to slow down nuclear power
    plant construction.

    The stuff released from Fukushima is in me, it's in you, but NO ONE wants to admit it.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Scientists Confirm Fukushima Radiation in California Kelp:


    Good morning everyone.

    The wave of the panic is picking up. We must all be careful not to push it any faster. Good information is paramount now, and these talking idiots that are almost three years too late may never really get it at this rate. All these clowns are doing is spreading more BS on top of more BS.

    Most of the people in california already have one leg in the grave after the first slamming of the plutonium plume that hit after the March 14th nuklear explosion. Two more years of this, if America survives as a free nation to share information still, many will fall to illnesses that they will never know why or how they got.

    It's a sad darn situation and at this time in history there seems to be NO ESCAPE. Not even going South will save those who seek safer waters. This is a WORLD-WIDE Extinction Level Event and we have probably passed the 'it's too late' time.

    Of course, the glass is half full and there are many possibilities that might mitigate this horrendous catastrophe but so far, no one is stepping up to the plate to spend the money to stop this. Not even those who are sworn to protect the America People.


    • gordon

      "… but so far, no one is stepping up to the plate to spend the money to stop this. Not even those who are sworn to protect the America People."

      Sure 'bout that?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        gordon, please share all the money and help being utilized by the Americans to protect the American people from this event and please go back 3 years and also project forward say 40 years. Budgets and expenditures would be nice in chart format along with the actual funding sources and equipment etc to be utilized. 🙂

        I will wait for a reply..thanks!

        • gordon

          Back three years, well, there's 10 thousand pages of NRC foia documents to sift through. The stuff I'm interested in varies from North Pacific Airforce activity to DOE/Navy stuff. I'm not really the guy to make charts for you. At some point, two months or so in, political forces on the civilian side of government put the breaks on it all.

          Looking forward much more than 40 years, I think what's about to happen is going to play in two theaters:

          1. War in the Asian theater, depending on how US/China relations work out. Given that China suspended their whole licensing process, much like happened initially in the NRC (before Jazcko was tosed) after the accident (license denial crica 2012), I'm thinking there will be minimal bloodshed with a big change in Japanese government.

          2. Something like the European ebrd will come about to finance long-term care of the Fukushima site.

          People like you will have little to offer, of course. Put that into a fucking chart.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Why would I want to put anything into a fucking chart/cart that I did not create? Did you help create this Nuclear chart/cart problem gordon?

            Lets be clear here, the last thing you should want/desire on the surface of this planet with Nuclear Weapons all over the place, is war, since that fucking chart/cart will turn/burn to black toast!

            Only Einstein new the true meaning of our insanity.. 🙂

            • gordon

              I did not help to create the nuclear problem. If my contribution to bad things gets loose, you won't be chatting about it on a blog for twenty years.

              War is going on constantly. A little war in Asia is exactly what we need to start real action on that plant. War organizes power structures, something Japan needs now.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Then why do we have 90 military bases on these islands?

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  "War organizes power structures, something Japan needs now."

                  We humans do not need anymore stinking wars!

                  • gordon

                    Why not?

                    I wouldn't go to Afghanistan because I don't think it's worth while.

                    But if they move the show from Afghanistan to Japan, hey, I'm back in baby!

                    It's all going on anyway, always has been. How old are you?

                • gordon

                  I don't know if it's 90, but they're there because we killed half their population and put them there. Then we deployed forces and kept them there, changing things variable until now. During that time, we sold them a bunch of reactors and had them duplicate our political system. Now one of those reactor sites has blown up and needs to be brought under control.

                  So, we're getting ready, I believe, to deal with that.

                  That what you're asking?

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Old enough to know there are no winners in any war except for those whose finance them..

                    The power structure is already in place and we here created that power structure so your comment about war makes no logical sense…

                    Well when you have a bat shit crazy religious ideology running wild, well yes, someone has to deal with it. The spoils then become the drugs and minerals in the ground and pipelines desired. Do not think these people could send any nukes are way so that was easy pickings, but what we did with the DU was disgusting no matter the reason for any war.

                    All this behavior by everybody/one is unacceptable for humans… 🙁

                    • gordon

                      The power structure I'm talking about changing is the one in Japan. The government there has left this situation to bleed on the rest of the world. They're obviously content to continue. The elections are all dominated by pro-nuke people and they are not going to invited the U.S. to deal with the plant.

                      So, the state department has to make some announcements, the case for military action made in the legislature, and then, if Japan behaves as if they're going to resist… war.

                      It'll be quick, depending on what goes on with China, like I said… but nothing indicates that they would mind all that much. The Japanese and Chinese hate each other, and China owns a lot of our debt, they would probably buy the debt created by the initial corrective actions at Fukushima.

                      So you go there, put out any fires that the JSDF starts, clear some realistic exclusion zones, and install a puppet government while constructions starts on the Fukushima One remediation effort.

                      Just out of curiosity… what else is there to do? Just chant "shut them all down" over and over while the source isotopes spread all over the world?

                      It's not ethical to trash the future.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Gordon, You for some reason think there is a remedy for this Radiation Contamination situation at Fukushima? I am pretty sure if there was a solution it would have been put in place by now. 🙁

                      We do not have the technology invented yet to fix what has been broken and that was/has always been the Big Joker in the dealt Nuclear Card Deck. 🙁

                      We played the Nuclear Card Game and Humanity lost! 🙁

                      We are on these islands in force and we can do what ever we the US military wants to do. War is not necessary, since we are the police state present in force. 🙂

                      Ethics with Nuclear, you have to be kidding me. Ethics was never part of any equation at any point in/down the line.

                      You have allowed a bunch of yahoos to trash your entire planet and the physics of the problem at hand states the exact same thing. 🙁

                      The Nuclear Storm still comith this way.. 🙁

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Sorry…it's not just you. 🙁
                      "We" have allowed a bunch of yahoos to trash your entire planet and the physics of the problem at hand states the exact same thing. 🙂

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "Sure 'bout that?"

        Hey, Gordon.

        Lets just go to the head of the class and pick one example, OK.

        Is the president of the USA sworn to serve and protect the people in some way or another, or not? Maybe he isn't. But say, if he were, WHAT EXACTLY HAS HE DONE TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE COUNTRY against radiation?

        Tell you this right away, we watched our garden go to hell with high rads here and so far, our conclusion to this question is, NOTHING! Our readings are getting higher and higher every day, and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

        Honestly, if you know of anyone that is sworn to helping to protect the American people from radiation contamination that is constantly getting worse every day, who might that be, and exactly what are they doing to do that? Is it working? We would all sure like to give them support and credence where deserved.

        Thanks for your answers in advance.


        • gordon

          "Is the president of the USA sworn to serve and protect…"

          This president is a politician and he doesn't know what's going on. Thinking of hiim as sworn to do this or that, that's like a little girl that looks to unicorn art for inspiration. The president does what he's told to do or he gets his brains blown out by the military.

          "Tell you this right away, we watched our garden go to hell with high rads here and so far…"

          I was in Monterey Bay August last year. I swept around in tide pools and was seeing .35 microsieverts over where life was crowded and .08 over the rock. No need to lecture me there. I value the Pacific more than all the children, if you know what I mean.

          "Honestly, if you know of anyone that is sworn to helping to protect the American people from radiation contamination that is constantly getting worse every day, who might that be…"

          Nobody thinks like this: sworn to protect. You see old people on tv say that shit, but it's not real. They say that, but that's not how they felt when they were doing it. Your best hope, if you want to call it hope, is to look for an opportunity for men to go to war, over whatever. It doesn't matter if it's all bullshit, it just has to be a war. Getting the reactor under control is all about giving the right type of guys the opportunity to have a good time. Fukushima, I'm looking at it… it makes me want to go there very badly. There's millions like me.

          What you need is military…

          • utahruss utahruss

            What people need to do is to read the TRUE LAW OF THE UNITED STATES AND EVERY OTHER SOCIETY/NATION ON THE PLANET.

            Law of Nations

            Lots of good stuff in there about DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS-BENEFITS AND RIGHTS.

            That is all there is. In fact, Failure of a known Duty is the only action that is prosecutable.

            Yeah yeah I know nobody is sworn to a duty and certainly do not have to honor it.

            WANNA BET! I could name more than a few Elected Officials who are not elected officials any longer, having made the choice "to retire to spend more time with the family" rather than face CRIMINAL CHARGES stemming from FAILURE OF A KNOWN DUTY.

            Law of Nations-Emmerich de Vattel

            Article 1Section 8 Clause 10 US Constitution
            To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;

            Oh yeah and the best part? Law of Nations is SUPERIOR TO the US Constitution (or of any other nation as well) Congressional Act Statute Statute At Large Code Regulation or any other act of a Governmental body. (Anywhere on the Planet)

            Guess what it says in there about YOU the natural man or woman and what Authority you have?

            READING IS FUNDAMENTAL as they say

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "What you need is military…"

            We really do not need a military in a world of peace loving people who are really all one people. It is the love of money that divides mankind and sadly, conquers many a nation.

            So then, let's get this straight. Are you saying the military needs to go to war against the horrors of fukushima? If so, nothing but agreement comes form here. Will you be part of this military, and will it be a US military that goes to war in japan against the fukushima monster, or some other foreign force?

            Thanks for your info Gordon. If you are active or former US military, thank you for your service to our country and her people.

            We as Firemen have a saying; Duty to Act. That includes protecting anyone from any danger if we need to. We don't have to swear to it, because it is a matter of honor. It is only between the Soul, and God. It is not an ego thing, nor a material gain.

            Maybe the terminology of sworn to protect is not quite right. Perhaps this is more in the Oath of Office that one takes in which service is not only the Law of Life, but the norm.

            And yes, you are right, the head puppet is just that. He is doing what he is told.

            Who profits in world wars, anyways?


    • Questionit

      If US money is tapped in a large amount, and it likely will later, I doubt it will be to do anything effective. I would expect lucrative no bid contracts to the usual suspects that only result in window dressing.

      • gordon

        Not true. Big projects are hard. Things take time. Behold:


        • Questionit

          Great project – done under the RUSSIANS direction. If the Russians took over Fuku there would be a chance, at least they would make the best effort.
          The US dollars will go to US companies with political connections and no accountability to accomplish nothing but a big show. But there will be endless PR lies that will take years to expose as lies.

          I do not believe this will happen until the "there are no serious effects or contamination to the US" lie no no longer works. When it's clear the Pacific is serious sick to the general public they will change the approach to throwing free money to the connected and putting on a show.

          • gordon

            No. The Russians have little to do with it. From what I understand, the primary contributor to management is out of San Francisco. Betchtel. Fabrication is Itally and France. On site, English is the language.

            Russia hasn't had much to do with the plant since the USSR. The Ukraine, they're have a little civil thing at the moment, so they're not doing much either.

            Point is, where the rubber meets the road, it's not all doom. Some are trying.

  • Nick

    "Today, people are recognizing nuclear power’s capabilities to ease our concerns about global warming. We in the nuclear industry are noticing the phrase: “Nuclear Renaissance” slipping into our everyday vocabulary to describe the sentiment that nuclear power is about to enjoy a major comeback. Here, we discuss issues pertinent to this expected revival of growth. "

    If anything good comes out of Fukushima it will be the death of the Nuclear Renaissance. But don't tell all those green freaks who believe carbon to be the enemy. Way too many folks have invested in nuclear for it to fade away. More of us have to die before that happens.

    • gordon

      "If anything good comes out of Fukushima it will be the death of the Nuclear Renaissance."

      That's a done deal, especially after the world looks at what becomes of the Fukushima One site, not to mention North Japan. But really, where was the renaissance happening in the first place? Four plants in the U.S., most others in Russia and China.

      The first two waves of plant construction produced over four hundred reactors around the world. I a renaissance was ever actually going on, there would have been hundreds of new projects.

      Now… Fukushima's just a baby and already nuclear projects are on pause. Imagine how it'll look after another ten years of watching the disaster site. Twenty years. A hundred years.

      Nuclear construction is dead. The new thing is remediation.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    blood farts coming to an anus near you

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Are not yours/my/ours under pants and toilets suppose to be splashed with and/or covered with blood every morning?

    I thought this was normal and are you now saying it isn't? 🙁

    Do I need a pill or chemo? 🙁

    Now I know that blood spurting from/out the eyes is Ok, so why not all the other orifices? 🙂

  • Socrates

    These professors always say that his wife believes that he is a bumbling idiot. It proves to be the case as often as not. The wife is around the guy enough to apply the powers of common observation and rightfully conclude that his theories run counter to both common sense and experience.