UK Newspaper: Japan facing cancer time bomb post-Fukushima? — Growing concerns about full scale of disaster

Published: March 27th, 2013 at 10:19 am ET


Title: Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster is Japan facing a cancer time bomb?
Source: Daily Express
Author: Adrian Lee
Date: March 27, 2013

Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster is Japan facing a cancer time bomb?

[...] there are growing concerns that the full scale of the disaster has yet to be seen. There are claims of complacency and a cover-up. [...]

It’s also feared that the food chain has been contaminated. [...]

Then there’s the daily risk of more radiation escaping from the smouldering plant [...]

[A rat] showed just how fragile the efforts to avert a further radiation leak are, and the new sea wall that has been built against future tidal waves hardly inspires confi-dence. Japan, it seems, could have a ticking time bomb on its hands. [...]

Dr Rianne Teule, a radiation expert with Greenpeace, says: “The potential effects of radiation from Fukushima have been shamelessly down played. [...]

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See also: Gundersen: "I've heard numbers as high as 2 million may die of cancer" because of Fukushima (VIDEO)

Published: March 27th, 2013 at 10:19 am ET


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16 comments to UK Newspaper: Japan facing cancer time bomb post-Fukushima? — Growing concerns about full scale of disaster

  • The major cancer deaths will probably start spiking the stats soon. Took 3 years for Chernobyl to get my mum in the Uk, a smoker, and with a bad thyroid from '62 after the Pacific 'Tests' that gave us the stupid winter of 63 (as Hiroshima & Nagasaki gave the winter of 47, when my dad drove across the Baltic with the British Army..)

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  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Some see that Japan will become a third world nation,
    With the merely sick attending to the dying.
    Soon. Too soon.
    The sudden collapse of the Pacific Ocean Seafood Industry will create Pacific Rim Depression.
    All too soon. All so unnecessary.

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  • Well written article. Covers a lot in a short space.

    "Fukushima has been described as a disaster triggered by nature but created by man and Japan [and the world] can only wait to discover the consequences." – from article

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    • People are often incredulous or sceptical when I mention that there really do exist completely rotten and inhuman members of our species who will stop at nothing to kill, maim and destroy the entire world just so they can get rich and look down on the rest of us.

      They often say: "They wouldn't do that (would they?)."

      Yep. They would. They did. They are.

      OP-ED: U.S. Warned Kodak, Not Steve O’Neil, About Bomb Test Fallout

      Wednesday, March 27, 2013 – 14:20

      "Back in the 1950s and ‘60s, the Atomic Energy Commission doused the entire United States with thyroid cancer-causing iodine-131 — and 300 other radio-isotopes — by exploding atomic and hydrogen bombs above ground. To protect the dirty, secretive, militarized bomb-building industry, the government chose to warn the photographic film industry about the radioactive fallout patterns, but not the general public."

      (We've seen another version of this story, but a new one appeared today).

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  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    shameless … really ? you think so ?
    Naaaah , impossible , humans and all life has this thing called empathy , forcing a minimum of consideration about what your doing .
    Oh wait , too much power corrupt's everything , including one's ability to have empathy and conscience, aah i see , so limiting the maximum amount of power concentrated in one pair of hands is the solution.
    So what are we waiting for i here you asking? Well …actually…For the psychopath's to miraculesly heal themselfes enough to see the treehuggers are right and allow us to regulate THEM . Could take awhile …like plutonium's half life…

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  • Sol Man

    Want to determine how incredibly toxic the Pu is? Interview some of the people that work with the stuff in PTFE-lined, SS glove boxes, under a constant negative pressure, so that if there is ever a microscopic pin hole in the box, at least the pathway is going in from the work area, instead of leaking out. That is one way they work to keep it away from the technicians.

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    • jec jec

      Talk to the spy people who have "removed" undesired political people in the UK by use of PU. Kills them fast, and hard to track. Now I can just picture the PU coming from Fukushima..we are all facing cancer and death with the contamination. And NO ONE in the governments seem to be worried….?? Do they have a secret deal with each other?

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  • weeman

    Is the media waking up and finally going to cover one of the stories of this coming century, right on what took you so long are the strings that are attached to you wearing thin and finally you have the backbone to defy your overlords, I remind you it is your duty to report the truth no matter the circumstances and the only overlords you have is your readers, we the people.
    You took a oath now enact that oath.

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Several types of radiation continually circles the globe from Fukushima, with United States in the direct path. It is bad.

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  • We Not They Finally

    It is so NOT JUST CANCER. For instance, by last summer, there were already 60% of the children in that area with DIABETES! The heart muscles get wrecked by the cesium, even for the young. (Look up "Chernobyl heart") Every kind of disease gets worse. It gives lethargy. It cuts down brain function. It messes up the digestive system. Hair falls out, skin and joint disorders. And so much more. And the most horrifying is the genetic defects, which get worse generation by generation to come. It's a WAY WORSE horror story than "just cancer." Not to even mention the devastated food chain, the mass animal die-offs, and less oxygen from the sea. Danger "downplayed"? That's putting it mildly. And the damage is escalating, permanent, multi-generational, and cannot be fixed.

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  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    That contaminated food and contaminated manufactured goods are being exported and sold around the globe. Donations of food to African nations are hugely contaminated also.

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  • yogda yogda

    Somethings not right with my lungs.
    This is affecting more than just Japan…

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  • pierre

    yeh, but as the article says, nobody has died yet.
    SshhhhhHzzzzz! <exasperation>

    "Bring out yer dead" … Monty Python

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