UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF

Published: December 30th, 2011 at 6:19 pm ET


EX-SKF has followed up on a report which first appeared on this site Dec. 28, UN Agency: Reactor 3 exploded a second time 24 hours later

World Meteorological Organization Report Says 2nd Explosion of Reactor 3 on March 15, EX-SKF, December 29, 2011:

  • The report was written by RSMC Beijing
  • RSMC stands for “Regional Specialized Meteorological Center”
  • There are 8 of them around the globe
  • RSMCs operate under the World Meteorological Organization
  • [RSMCs] are “prepared at all times to provide highly specialized computer-based simulations that predict the long-range movement of air-borne radioactivity”

Summary Report of RSMC Beijing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emergency Response” […] was presented at CBS Expert Team on Nuclear Emergency Response Activities in Vienna, Austria, held from October 31 to November 4, 2011

On 15 March, an explosion was heard in Unit 2 and damaged the pressure-suppression system, causing the leaks of radioactive cooling water. Shortly afterward, Unit 4 was damaged by an explosion and a large amount of radioactive materials was released into the atmosphere. At 11:00 (Japan Standard Time) JST on 15 March, Unit 3 explored [‘”explored” is clearly “exploded”‘] again. At that time, due to the easterly winds and precipitation in and around Fukushima, the surrounding areas including Tokyo, Nagano, Sendai and other places detected high radiation, which matched well with the simulation results.

EX-SKF Analysis

  • From Page 2: In 2011, RSMC Beijing for EER [Environmental Emergency Response] is the chief RSMC in RAII [RAII = Asia], which is in charge of organizing the emergency response activities among RSMC Beijing, RSMC Tokyo and RSMC Obninsk and composition of the joint statements of RAII
  • In other words, the mention of the 2nd explosion in Reactor 3 on March 15 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo
  • It sure looks there are a whole lot of things that the Japanese government and TEPCO haven’t been telling the rest of us lesser folks
  • H/T enenews

Hopefully we’ll see more follow-ups on the recent information highlighted by enenews.com, such as:

  • [intlink id=”top-japan-official-very-strong-possibility-nuclear-fuel-containment-vessel-reactors-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”alert-nrc-reactor-2-burned-continuously-several-days-after-meltdown-hydrogen-ignited-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”just-in-japan-govt-evacuated-out-to-60km-after-reactor-explosions-public-told-only-20km” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”govt-projections-assumed-one-becquerel-per-hour-was-leaking-from-fukushima-actual-rate-reached-at-least-10-quadrillion-times-higher” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”new-japan-govt-report-discusses-critical-conditions-of-unit-3-explosions-at-reactors-were-presumably-caused-by-hydrogen” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”just-in-study-iodine-131-on-us-east-coast-may-have-exceeded-epa-limits” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
Published: December 30th, 2011 at 6:19 pm ET


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57 comments to UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF

  • arclight arclight

    i always come to enenews for breaking stories… i find the truth so refreshing!! and it is important that information gets around to counter the censorship stories… well done enenews!! and nice one exskf and all you other blog/website guys and gals..


    • arclight arclight

      reading from one of our posters on the post your radiation monitoring forum listed below the comments on the right of the screen..

      john lh
      December 23, 2011 at 8:33 pm · Reply
      South Guagzhou, 21st,Dec. 0.12 -0.19uSv/hr, inside room.

      Shenzhen West: 0.12 -0.25 uSv/hr. almost every day ,some time below as 0.08, but some times the device beeping. over 0.50.

      They sea food are get cheap in-compared with meat in China, I wish it is not come from Fukushima directly.

      he posts rarely, but he is appreciated!!

      thank you john ih

      • arclight arclight

        sure thats spelt wrong!! apprec… ah ! never mind

        well done john ih.. doesnt match the official figures that are posted! but all these official monitors globaly do not take into account small particle/gas clouds… how convenient!! 🙁

        well except for latvia on the EURDEP mapping system.. best graphs around!! shows the peaks and troughs nicely.. bit lower possibly than a gieger reading? any latvians in the house??

  • Dr. McCoy

    Get Japanese children out to safety! Jeez, what will it take for people to actually care about the children?

    • Toadmac

      I totally agree! But there is still the under lying factor of which medicine is the one for you? Option #1 A overdosed child that destroys his/her immune system with relative speed and quick death? #2 A slow but accumulating radio therapy with excellent results in a miserable and more than likely painful existence over a much longer period with the same end result?
      Where is safe? 🙁

      • Dr. McCoy

        I have a nice timeshare on Mars if you’re interested… : )

        • Toadmac

          If you could promise me that my darling little daughters a positive and corrupt free education…….I’m in! Whats the address again?
          Peace my friend.

        • I check it out with my super telescope, looks like swamp land to me….LOL!


          • arclight arclight

            ive just watched apollo 18!! and david ickes got some research too!! not too sure about the costa del luna im afraid! 🙂 LOL!

        • CB CB

          Dr. McCoy, its that water front property next to the pyramids in Cydonia?

        • Alice Alice

          I wonder if Earth will become another Martian landscape at the rate we’re going.

          Was there ever a civilization there that became too arrogant and sent that whole planet into nuclear free-fall?

          Okay, I think weird thoughts only because there is no one in real life who is willing to discuss the taboo topic of Fukushima with me.

          • jimbojamesiv

            That’s an excellent comment, Alice.

            If there’s no one willing to talk about Fuku, then perhaps you might have time to read? I’d recommend Ishmael, the gorilla. It’s about a man (sorry) who’s looking for a teacher and he finds a gorilla. I’ll bet it answers a lot of your questions, although not about alien life per se, but about us and our malevolence.

            Happy New Year.

          • Kevin Kevin

            Not a weird thouhgt at all Alice. Precisely what, I am sure, is the thrust of most peoples presence here.

            We have all had the experience of raising the topic in real life with so called “real people” and in turn received the blank stares while they slowly back out of the room.

            Your observation or more aptly, your parallel with Mars is not an off the wall assertion. Some theories hold essentially what you suggest. Also other theories such as the now infamous work of Zacharia Stitchen also embody precisely this sentiment as an ancient occurence on our own planet. Some suggest this type of catasrophe is burnt into the human DNA and buried in our collective psyche which would explain, in part, the denial that dominates contemporary reactions to such inconceivable disaster.

      • Toadmac

        By the way, background readings here in Melbourne Australia have gone up by 0.03-0.05 uSv/hr over the last couple of weeks? I have confirmed this with 2 contacts with counters around Victoria Australia! I believe something else may have happened around the world or Japan? Enjoy your isotopes while you can…..because you will soon have to pay a very high price for what you didn’t want!

        • Spectrometising

          Thanks Toadmac.
          I agree with you that there is more that is happening we are not even hearing about. Everyone except most people here have been conditioned to think nuclear Armageddon involves a big bang. A fizzer is actually worse i think..

          I am concentrating on food testing and it is starting to reveal results also. I am glad you are continuing with this. Thanks and i will try to keep you up to date with this. The canned salmon was my last test and it came from Canada but i refuse to to speak out until i am completely satisfied i am performing this correctly.

          For instance, i was carrying out a food test and there was an invisible particle of thorium gas mantle used in camping lights that run on gas. It had me pretty worried. I am using 3 inches of Lead shield and 3 mm of Copper to remove the Lead Xrays and that also was a problem with some of the testing being done in Japan by others using similar equipment.

          We have since sorted it out. 3-7 mms of Copper removes this interaction but at least it is accounted for. Trouble is that the more sheilding which is used, the more crucial it is to have a clean test chamber. .. What a learning curve this year has been..and best of luck in the new year. I think we are going to need some.

          May the cosmic stuff protect us all and our families.

    • Spectrometising

      Dr Mc Coy..From Source:
      “First of all it must be realized that the sleep in which man exists is not normal but hypnotic sleep. Man is hypnotized and this hypnotic state is continually maintained and strengthened in him. One would think that there are forces for whom it is useful and profitable to keep man in a hypnotic state and prevent him from seeing the truth and understanding his position.

      “There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

      “At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned, that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it.

      Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

      “And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins. “This tale is a very good illustration of man’s position.

      Source – from Ouspensky Book “In…

      • Spectrometising

        The particle of Thorium was a sample from the camping gas mantle i was using to test my equipment which had strayed out of its plastic envelope in the shielding. It was fine after washed it thoroughly.

  • Kevin Kevin

    Yes, lets hope there is more follow up across all media platforms with respect to the material ENENEWS posts.

    I find this one remarkable. It should be at the centre of considerable inquiry and the onus is on TEPCO and regulatory agencies to provide clarity on these very important issues.

    My primary interest has revolved around this, clearly explosions have the capacity to send the most horrible substance known to man to far corners of the earth and to me it is obvious that it is of the highest priority.

    Good work ENENEWS.

    • jimbojamesiv

      But, Kevin, don’t you have your answer?

      Don’t you know (or have a pretty good inclination) that the plutonium left the building in smithereens precisely because they refuse to provide clarity on the issue, or I should say because they have lied for the past 9 months about the situation?

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        The lack of clarity is tantalizing, jimbojamesiv, but I don’t see it as conclusive. My experience is that corporate and government entities tend to lie and cover up by instinct. They don’t want fuss, they don’t want trouble, they don’t want lawsuits, they are used to being badgered, hounded, misrepresented, and so forth by members of the public and the media.

        Nobody ever drops in to City Hall to tell them they are doing a good job, for example. People only show up when they are really angry about something. As a result, the “officials” tend to have a bunker mentality at the best of times, and this of course is not the best of times.

        Therefore, I’m certain some percentage of the lies and misdirection just comes from routine bureaucratic/political habit and instinct.

        The big question is “how much”. Is the situation “cold shutdown” (Hahaha), “bad”, “terrible”, “doom for Japan”, “doom for mankind”, “doom for the planet”, and so forth?

        Like you, I am very mistrustful, but I retain some slight optimism in the absence of hard news.

        I also have some slight optimism that our species would handle a “doom for the planet” event in some way other than just pretending it isn’t happening. Hollywood would suggest heroic attempts to save things. A cynic might suggest vengeful behaviors “At least I’ll get my old enemy before I go down”. One might expect religious people to see an opportunity for last-minute proselytizing, and so forth. I don’t think I ever saw a prediction that said “oh, we’ll all just watch American Idol while the world ends, yet that seems to be the overall pattern at this point”.

        We live in interesting times.

      • Kevin Kevin

        Well I am inclined to think so, it is not an absolute but rather an assumption.

        Regardless, given that so little of this stuff is required for fatal results, the one thing that is clear to me, despite the shenanigans enough of this stuff has been released at the time of the explosions to kill all living life. It has a half life of forever in human life span terms, a truly ominous and absolutely horriyfing prospect that leaves a thud in the botton of the stomach and a tear in the eye.

  • arclight arclight

    You could imagine somewhere in Norway (out of the rain) sits “the man from nilu”, he sits quietly staring into a monitor screen, the sweat dripping down his forehead! Suddenly! With a yelp (in Norwegian)! He jumps up and screams ….
    NOOooo!! Or NEIIIiii ! in fact! What was it he was looking at? I hear you ask? This post!!

    Vi vil ikke tilgi og vi ikke glemme! 🙂



    and if you are in a hurry just check the comments section out for the recent “dirt” on NILU

    Now the proper info is coming out they might look a little stupid!!


    we shall be returning to the NILU story in a little while 😉

  • arclight arclight

    and while we are on the “shame and blame” game.. don’t forget these are all connected to the IAEA in a straight line!! Nice!!/sarc
    Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers (RSMC) with the specialization to provide atmospheric transport model products for environmental emergency response

    Since then, other RSMCs have been accepted by WMO including, Melbourne, Australia (RA V); Beijing, China (RA II); Obninsk, Russian Federation (RA II); and Tokyo, Japan (RA II). RSMC Melbourne has been initiated using some of the Washington (i.e. ARL) procedures and dispersion models. The RSMCs in Washington and Montreal will provide backup to Melbourne until another RSMC is specified for RA V. RSMC Toulouse and Bracknell are now responsible for RA I and VI.

    RSMC Washington is a joint venture between the NOAA NWS National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, merging the forecast skills and operational capabilities at NCEP with the pollutant dispersion modeling and analysis capabilities of ARL. In essence, NCEP provides the 24 hour per day initial contact point for assistance requests. In the event of an accident, the NCEP operational staff run the initial response model on their powerful supercomputer and distribute the products via facsimile and through the use of a password-protected web site. Subsequently, ARL emergency responders would be notified of the response and begin to work with NCEP and Montreal to develop a joint statement of model differences. Model outputs would be distributed automatically to predesignated country representatives.

    After the initial response by NCEP, ARL will work jointly with NCEP and possibly update the dispersion model products to more accurately reflect the current conditions of the accident.


  • arclight arclight

    Elected members of the Executive Council

    M.A. Abbas (Egypt)
    G. Adrian (Germany)*
    A.C. Anuforom (Nigeria)*
    G.P. Ayers (Australia)*
    O.M.L. Bechir (Mauritania)
    B.-S. Chun (Republic of Korea)*
    H.H. Ciappesoni (Argentina)
    C. De Simone (Italy)*
    J.C. Fallas Sojo (Costa Rica)*
    W. Gamarra Molina (Peru)
    R. García Herrera (Spain)*
    N.D. Gordon (New Zealand)*
    D. Grimes (Canada)
    J.L Hayes (USA)*
    J. Hirst (United Kingdom)*
    F. Jacq (France)*
    L. Makuleni (Ms) (South Africa)
    J.R. Mukabana (Kenya)
    M. Ostojski (Poland)
    K. Sakurai (Japan)*
    P. Taalas (Finland)*
    A. Tyagi (India)*
    F. Uirab (Namibia)
    K.S. Yap (Malaysia)
    G. Zheng (China)
    * acting

    Presidents of technical commissions

    Aeronautical Meteorology
    C.M. Shun

    Agricultural Meteorology
    B. Lee

    Atmospheric Sciences
    M. Béland

    Basic Systems
    F.R. Branski

    T.C. Petersen

    J. Wellens-Mensah

    Instruments and Methods of Observation
    B. Calpini

    Oceanography and Marine Meteorology
    P. Dexter and A.V. Frolov

    International exchange of data and products
    WMO facilitates the free and unrestricted exchange of data and information, products and services in real- or near-real time on matters relating to safety and security of society, economic welfare and the protection of the environment.

    Resolution 40 (Cg-XII) — WMO policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products including guidelines on the relationships in commercial meteorological activities.

    Resolution 25 (Cg XIII) — Exchange of Hydrological Data and Products


  • arclight arclight

    liked this from the article
    “Long-period simulations have been improved. Since Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has been leaking continuously, it is important to access the influence of released nuclear radioactive materials in the early times. RSMC Beijing did many long-period simulations with the improved long-time global diffusion model on Fukushima Nuclear Accident (the longest one is 33 days).”

    and this gem

    ““…The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) maintains a system of Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres (RSMCs) which, when requested, run their dispersion models in accordance with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and WMO Procedures. Under this system the IAEA http://www.iaea.org/ is the lead authority in declaring the current activity as a radioactive release incident. Tokyo RSMC (Japan Meteorological Agency http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/indexe.html), Beijing RSMC (China) and Obninsk RSMC (Russia) are the joint leads and authoritative sources for this event.”


    back to the IAEA ignoring the chinese and russian elements of the report! huh? naughty IAEA!! the WHO should rip up its agreement with the IAEA and get together with UNICEF…. UNICEF could do with a bit of support right now!!

    • arclight arclight

      Health: Fukushima, Chernobyl Raise Questions about WHO’s Role
      by Gustavo Capdevila (geneva)Tuesday, April 26, 2011
      Inter Press Service

      “The nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan and the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine have thrown into relief contradictions in the role played by the World Health Organisation, which civil society organisations have spent years pointing out.

      An international coalition of NGOs, IndependentWHO, says the multilateral agency has never shown independence in its decisions or actions, in terms of living up to its mandate of protecting the victims of radioactive contamination.

      The groups blame the WHO’s alleged inactivity in this area on an agreement it signed in 1959 with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an independent United Nations organisation founded to promote ‘safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies.'”


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      EX (Or rather, for workers who have to tend to the cooling system.)

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Tomorrow is another day…in the life…of what’s going on there.
        LOVE YOU!

      • arclight arclight

        nice post
        “TEPCO announced on December 30 that the cooling of the Spent Fuel Pool in Reactor 3 will stop until January 4 because of the clogged filter. According to TEPCO, the temperature of the pool is about 13 degrees Celsius, and there is no immediate need to call in workers [to clean the filter]. The cleaning of the filter will be carried out after January 4.”

        leaving a little less room for error/problems leaving it till january 4th?

        is the filter a bit too hot to handle straight away??

  • arclight arclight

    and concerning P. Dexter, heres a bit from a little interview he did saying how great and effisient his tracking network and systems are..

    Do you think that the job of monitoring oceanographic and marine meteorological data is becoming increasingly difficult for bodies like WMO and IOC?

    On the contrary, I would say rather that monitoring metocean data flow is becoming easier and more effective as time progresses. Satellite-based telecommunication systems allow us to download observational data from even remote, autonomous ocean platforms in quasi-real-time. After a first-level quality control process, these datasets are then distributed globally to users through facilities such as the GTS, again in effectively real-time. At the same time, access to the GTS allows WMO and National Meteorological Hydrological Services to continuously monitor the flow of these datasets, assess their quality, and provide feedback on the results of this monitoring to platform owners and deployers on very short timescales. JCOMM itself maintains such a monitoring centre for real-time metocean data, based in Toulouse, France, and funded entirely through extra-budgetary resources. From the website of the centre, the JCOMM Observing Programme Support Centre, JCOMMOPS, you can obtain global monthly monitoring statistics on all types of ocean platforms and data distributed on the GTS”


  • Spent fuel pools have filters?

    What kind of filters?

    What are they filtering out?

    How much per unit of time?

    This is another one of those ignored radiation release points in this whole sad spectacle of bungling, coverups, denials and minimizing.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi AGreenRoad, I imagine these filters to filter out all the debris particles floating in the pools. It makes sense to me to hear they’re clogged from time to time. Imagine all the stuff in the water after those explosions!

  • jimbojamesiv

    I don’t know if someone has already said it, but one of the comments at EX-SKF indicates the mistranslated word “explosion” was excursion, which makes sense that they tried to cover up the explosion by using a prettier word such as excursion and not exploring.