UN: “Fukushima nuclear disaster poses no IMMEDIATE health risks” — Unknown if increase in thyroid cancer is due to radioactivity

Published: June 1st, 2013 at 11:16 am ET


Title: Fukushima nuclear disaster poses no immediate health risks: UN experts
Source: ANI
Date: Jun 1, 2013

Fukushima nuclear disaster poses no immediate health risks: UN experts

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has not caused any immediate health risks, UN experts reported in Vienna on Friday as part of their interim investigation results.

Whether a discovered increase in the instances of thyroid cancer amongst children could be due to radioactivity or more and improved studies could not be determined, said United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) Chair Wolfgang Weiss, according to UN Information Service Vienna.

It is however assumed that children are more susceptible to radiation and particularly to leukemia, thyroid, brain, and skin-related cancer types. […]

Weiss said further investigations would be necessary, with a final UNSCEAR report to be completed by summer.

See also: “When you hear ‘no immediate danger‘ [from nuclear radiation] then you should run away as far and as fast as you can.” –Alexey Yablokov, member of the Russian academy of sciences and adviser to President Gorbachev at the time of Chernobyl

Published: June 1st, 2013 at 11:16 am ET


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92 comments to UN: “Fukushima nuclear disaster poses no IMMEDIATE health risks” — Unknown if increase in thyroid cancer is due to radioactivity

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    By U.S. radioactivity guidelines, the entirety of Tokyo is radioactive hazardous waste. According to EPA standards, the entire city and surrounding environs should be scraped clean, dug down 30 feet, and everything buried in fully lined radioactive hazardous waste pits. Every living thing in Tokyo is dead man walking.

    I'm surprised the esteemed experts at the UN missed this. /sarc.

    There is no limit to the bullshit that will be fed to us by our governments until we and our families are all lying dead on the ground, from radioactivity and forced starvation.

    Radiation is only half the problem – the other half is our rulers beliefs in Forced Eugenics.

  • We Not They Finally

    They are going to complete their fraudulent REPORT by summer? Why don't they just complete their LIVES by summer? They've lived in luxury, lying about everything in sight. So if they cannot now do the honorable thing and jump head-first into the nuclear stew that they think is so "safe," at least disband their phony corrupt committee! They are going to "further study" whether nearly half the children having growths on their thyroids is caused by radiation? Let THEIR chances of survival be caused by radiation! Send them to Fukushima! Send them there now! Then they can speculate why THEY are getting so sick. Sorry. Usually the anger is under a bit better control, but they keep pushing and shoving and it's not "innocent scientific research." It's just evil.

  • bsgcic bsgcic

    Wow! The unbearable power and influence of the nuclear industry at work! That is the same rhetoric ("no IMMEDIATE health risks") that the Japanese government kept repeating on domestic Japanese news during March 2011 (when I an my family were living in Japan) as if even if that were true was suppose to make it ok. I had satellite tv with English stations and thus CNN and was able to get more realistic news at the time. After having lived there (for work) for 8 years, had my family back in my home state of Massachusetts departing on March 28 (delayed only because I needed an emergency visa for my youngest son who was only 2 months old at the time).
    Executives in the nuclear industry, especially Entergy which operates the old GE nuclear power plant Vermont Yankee after its operating license expired and against the will of the Vermont legislature and people, have no understanding of the meaning "responsible business". They trade safety and well-being for profit which should be criminal.

    • How can a company or let's say, the Nuclear Industry, dictate beyond the will of the legislature and the people?

      It IS criminal.

      What's it really going to take to stop this?

      • Toadmac

        IMO the answer to your question is: Modern day society is based around many ancient and passed societies the only difference is modern slaves think they are free because they cloth and feed themselves.

        • Toadmac

          Slave: A person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.

          • I think this applies.

            Maybe we should ask ourselves these questions too…

            “WHAT IF you lived in a time of crisis and no one around you seemed to know?” – Majia 2011

            Is this how Christians felt prior to entering the Coliseum in Rome?

            Is this how Native Americans felt when walking the “trail of tears”?

            Is this how Africans felt before “the boat ride” to America?

            Is this how the Jewish people felt prior to WWII in Europe?

            What does it feel like to be gagged and tied prior to being executed? I’d say that’s a similar feeling that most of us who are “aware” are likely encountering at this time.

            “AWARE” a blog article by Majia
            ( VERY well stated in my opinion! Thank you Majia )
            A look back… Dated: Friday, June 17, 2011

      • The legislature is owned by the corporations, and expressing their will perfectly. People and votes no longer matter for the most part. Money rules.

        Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1% http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/corporations-art-and-science-of.html

        30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via @AGreenRoad

  • We Not They Finally

    Yes, if they want to study what's happening in Fukushima (or Tokyo, for that matter), let them go live on site! Go! Go! Eat the fish! Wrap it in seaweed! Wash it down with the local water! Or are we all just nice goody-goodies who wish the poor, nice, well-meaning scientific committee well? Where ARE people? Why aren't they out in the streets en masse? No one from this quarter is suggesting anything other than peaceful protest, but people cannot even figure out how to do that much for their very LIVES? And the lives of their CHILDREN?

  • jec jec

    THYROID CANCER CELLS CAN FINGERPRINTED AND PROVEN TO BE FROM RADIATION CAUSES! So why don't they use THAT test. So the fact over 40% of Fukushima children tested (tested is the operative word) have those RARE nodules, that some children have cancer when its almost impossible for that age to have the illness..Where are these 'scientists' coming from? MARS? Let them LIVE in the fallout area, or wait..just live within 20KM of Fukushima..for a year. Bet they will not want to do that. Easy for these "elites" to sit far away, observe the victims of the radiation, like laboratory animals, running around..

    • patb2009

      historically you see 1% for thyroid nodules and 10% of them are cancerous.

      now we see 40% of kids and 4% of them will have cancer

    • We believe it will be worse than that.. but covered up as much as possible.

      After Chnernobyl, 95% of kids were not healthy at birth and had some kind of problem; genetic, health, disease, etc.. and that rate is still going UP, constantly increasing, not decreasing.

      Same thing will happen around FUKU.

      • We Not They Finally

        True. Some of the differences being (not that children are not children everywhere)that Japan is on the sea and the contamination will get to us all; and that Japan's ECONOMY will collapse with world-wide repercussions. It will be ugly. The Hopi's Red Road Prophecies probably nailed it pretty well. It's disturbing reading, but they also recorded that higher evolutionary strains ("our brothers from the Stars") might appear with solutions. We know that it all seems sci-fi, but rather have humane sci-fi than just a horror show….

  • Lion76 Lion76

    We need to get a lot more angry towards these criminal liars as a society. This kind of nonsense makes my blood boil. I hope this generation of kids grows up even more angry and defiant towards "authority" much more than the likes of which have been seen before. They have been compromised in ways that should make us all SHAMEFUL.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I was also upset and wrote to the NY times concerning what I consider to be false reporting by the nuclear priesthood. I'm sure it was a waste of time and effort and probably put me on the drone list.

    • We Not They Finally

      Lion76, that's totally on base. The culture SHOULD be more aware. I just fear that the culture is way too gun-happy to actually make things better. I'd be sure to specify teach-ins, not assault weapons. We have ZERO trust for the nuclear apologists; but unfortunately, we don't have much faith in the current population either….

  • "Weiss said further investigations would be necessary, with a final UNSCEAR report to be completed by summer."

    That's June 21st, 2013.
    (Official first day of summer)

    Final report..?
    It can't be final for decades.

    UNSCEAR Chair Wolfgang Weiss
    (snake oil salesman)
    "…SOLD their medicines with a fervent pitch …leaving quickly before the falseness of their medicine was discovered."
    Photo: http://www.unmultimedia.org/radio/kiswahili/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/wolfgang-weiss.jpg

    IMO – The reality!
    Photo: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/data?pid=avimage&iid=iT0y3qVh5Eic

  • Toadmac

    NO immediate health risks……It is assumed……..Experts cannot determine…….The increase is unknown…….Its unclear??????????
    Tobacco companies need to take there product to the UN and get a reassessment by those experts!!

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Right? And maybe we can lobby to get an image of the effects of radiation included in every electric bill like they wanted to do with the cancer lung pictures on cigarettes.

      How about an Obamacare tax on every kilowatt of nuclear electricity used to prepare for the onslaught of health complications we are facing.

      How about including a survivor tax in funeral costs so that everyone that has to stick around and bury society can afford to not work. Of course you will run into the problem of not being able to eat money but hey, you'll be able to wipe the feces off your blistered keister and start a fire.

      • We Not They Finally

        You probably didn't mean that last suggestion, Your posts are usually very good.

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          Right, it was a poor attempt at sarcasm meant to illustrate a core problem with current government and societies priorities. Thanks for the compliment!

          Seriously though, if or when we reach a point where the infirmed and recently dead grossly outnumber the survivors, the survivors will have to decide between caring for the infirmed and whatever cultural death rites they subscribe to and providing means their own survival. Not to worry, this is way out. No need to plan for it now. besides, it's Saturday and the weather is nice. (Sarcasm creeping back in)

  • Sickputer

    Be careful with anger…it brings us to the level of these fools who will beat you about with their experience.

    So young people aren't dropping dead in the tens of thousands so obviously they point to that and say everything is fine, no immediate danger. These bureaucrats are trained to lie to the public in a misguided belief of maintaining public order and averting panic.

    Internet dispersal of information counter to their opinions is a powerful response. The pixel is mightier than the sword in the long run. Disregard their lies, keep your family and friends as safe as possible. The old saying is people vote with their feet. People may begin to desert the central hot zones. Foreign companies may do the same.

    Advances in consumer radiation equipment has weakened their positions. Newer tech tools will accelerate the strength of the citizens to rebut the government positions. Most of those bureaucrats are lacking any technology training to understand how they are being perceived. It's an intellectual war they are losing and the funny thing is they don't even know it.

    Stay the course…

    • We Not They Finally

      Thank you for that sanity, Sickputer. We (two) are angry too, VERY angry, but anger and ignorance can be a bad mix. Educate, educate, educate.

  • Thank-you Sickputer. Best comment of the string so far. Its interesting that they admit an increase in thyroid cancer among children close to the meltdown but are unwilling to admit the meltdown caused it. Well its not even going to be heard in America.
    No immediate danger. Don't get mad at what happens in Japan. Get mad that they will deal the same crap to you if this happens in your country. America,Canada,Europe India Russia,China and anywhere else. Also get mad most people don't care.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    You live but in what condition..

  • These officials must not be interested in finding out how children are affected, because all of the research is out there and the deadly plus toxic results of low dose radiation exposure are easily and readily available to anyone who wants to know.

    Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

    The problem is; these pro nuclear apologists DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, and THEY DO NOT WANT ANYONE ELSE TO KNOW.

    Monkey see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.. yet evil exists.. Wnat a conundrum.


    • Just as there is disagreement about the origin of the phrase, there are differing explanations of the meaning of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."
      In Japan the proverb is simply regarded as a Japanese Golden Rule.[12][13]
      In Buddhist tradition, the tenets of the proverb are about not dwelling on evil thoughts.[3]
      In the Western world both the proverb and the image are often used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way or feigning ignorance.[3][13]
      It may also signify a code of silence in gangs, or organised crime.[3]


  • I am tired of fighting the propaganda assault

    I find this UNSCEAR report so outrageous.

    Here is my previous report on the UNSCEAR findings

    I am going to post a few more analyses of the Fukushima situation this week and then I am going to take a break from blogging.

    My book will out this year. It acknowledges all of you at Enenews. I'll post a link when it is published.

    Academics rarely profit much on books, but I plan on donating all profits I receive from it to organizations fighting for the evacuation of Fukushima children.

    Please any links of such organizations at my blog.

    Thank You

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Your contributions will be missed, your return will be eagerly awaited and I hope you enjoy the break, you deserve it so don't you dare feel guilty 🙂

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes majia please let us know when your book is available as I enjoy your writing skills. Thank you for all your hard work concerning this dire global event.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi majia

      Good luck with your book. That is generous of you to donate the profits, it's not surprising that you would do this.

      I hope this book reaches many people, so they can understand the dangers of what Nuclear Power has done.

      I also hope that when you can, you will poke your head in here, as you would be missed. Always like to hear from you.

      For now, enjoy your break and smell the roses. Better yet, take a trip South of the Equator, just pack us up in your suitcase.

      Three things cannot be long hidden:
      Sun, Moon, And The Truth

    • We Not They Finally

      Ditto. Good luck with the book!

    • andagi andagi

      Dearest Majia,
      Please enjoy your days. Huge congratulations on your book. You'll be soufully missed here, but will hold you in my heart. Take good care. Anticipating your return ;-D
      Enjoy beautiful slack key from renouned George Kahumoku Jr.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Take care Majia!

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      You are already missed , don't forget to give your "break" a break once in a while…
      Good luck Majia!

    • Sickputer

      Majia +311 My favorite plaudit for Enenewsers.

      You have fought the good fight and have kept your faith.

      Together all of us will finish the race.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      It won't be the same around here without you, thanks for your every post. Happy vacation. I can't wait for your book. 🙂

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Your book will help everyone, even more than your comments on this site and on your blog. God speed! 🙂

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      I want your book….to read and pass on…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    People are being lied to because diabetes, leukemia, stroke, heart-attack, and thyroid failure are caused by radiation. Nuclear is poison. That's all it is, pure poison.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Next thing you know UN is going to announce radiation is actually good and healthful for you. Go out and play in the radioactive cyanobacteria kids!

  • We Not They Finally

    We are guessing that any price is too large to pay to protect the worlds economy from collapsing….sadly sooner or later we must all pay the pipper.Of course a sensible elite could have avoided the doomsday scenario by banning nuclear reactors in the first place.

    Now as some of you said its a game of dominos.Japan first then North America then south america and finally the whole world.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    A company like G.E. makes cancer producing machines, then turns around and makes "life saving" cancer reducing machines. Seems like a win-win to me.

    Laughing all the way to the bank. (3 year chart tells you a lot) http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/Stock/GE

    • We Not They Finally

      That's way more true than people suspect. At the beginning of this death industry, cancer was RARE. Then it became "the new normal." Then the badge of honor became to FIGHT and be a SURVIVOR. Little or no reflection on what caused it in the first place, and that the same profiteers now benefited from others' misery.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Lion76,
      Bingo!! Check out medical billing/coding (ICD9, ICD10). Tough stuff, don't let it make you sick! It's a new day folks…
      Godfather says it best…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And what is this supposed to mean to the anti-nuclear activist.
    It's evident that plenty of money was spent on PR..here.
    It means what.?..someone put out a tilted report?
    Those believing that way..already doing so.
    Those believing so ..being spoonfed.

    How can this mean anything..when some of us are aware of the situation..down to the last pixel…24/7..365.

    5/14/ 2013

    recriticaly FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI 2013-05-14/edited


    At :41..in case..untrained eyes ..need to see an example of direct emissions.

    How is it so easy to deny Chernobyl?
    It can not be allowed to be pushed from history..
    Exposure..high dose and long term low dose…LOOKS like this.


    And like this.


    A report..a piece of paper..means nothing.
    I'm into physical science..what is real.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..Check it out..all you government/corporate shills ..peeking in.
    It means nothing.

  • mairs mairs

    My business is in dog care, and a friend of mine lost her dog last year to lung cancer. It's unbelievable to me that a dog living in a part of the country that's listed as having the cleanest air, would die of that. We do live about 30 miles from Los Alamos though, and the fires around it have been bad last year and the year before. We have a local veterinarian oncologist who said cancers kill half of all pets, and it's an epidemic. I've always thought it was the crappy poor quality supermarket pet food, not thinking they could be ingesting or breathing in cancer causing agents such as radiation, just as people do.

    • +1

      Really good point. Pets breathe too.

      "We have a local veterinarian oncologist who said cancers kill half of all pets, and it's an epidemic." – the vet

      "I've always thought it was the crappy poor quality supermarket pet food, not thinking they could be ingesting or breathing in cancer causing agents such as radiation, just as people do." – mairs

      Animals, pets, are a possible early warning system. They are closer to the ground and dust clings to hairy stuff. Pets don't use umbrellas, wear shoes or bath as often. And lets face it, they 'lick' pretty much everything.

      Transport vectors for radiation contamination will soon be staring us in the face from every place and every angle.

      Each day a little more… accumulating and spreading.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Don't forget the race horses (6 I think) in California that dropped dead with internal problems that could have been radiation induced through their respiratory system, during or shortly after practicing. Notice there has been no update on the sea lions or the horses? Those stories have been blacklisted.

        Also I recently picked up on a story about frogs and amphibians in general showing alarming population decline and linked to a 20 year old study which discussed the impacts of ionizing radiation on the ecosystem. Most amphibians are sentinel species as well due to the time they spend in the water in their early stages of life and due to the fact most of them are predatory and bio-accumulate radiation.

        • mairs mairs

          16Penny, I keep waiting to hear about the testing on the sea lions, but I'm not surprised that there isn't anything about them anymore.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Have you noticed that everything pertaining to nuclear, is to limit the cumulative dose, limit the exposure time, for those in nuclear. The total external dose. And god forbid if they get an internal dose. They are rushed off to the hospital to check the total dose they received over that time. Mr. Adams, you've received your lifetime dose. As if…
    But when it comes to environmental releases, no matter the amount, there is no immediate harm, it was a small spill, and the time based dose rate is thrown out the window. "It's over, nothing happened".

    How can it be over when the radionuclides released are not done yet.

    This UN report above is set up to finalize the UN's judgement on Fukushima, this summer. They want it to be over so bad. Unfortunately, it's not and the radionuclides released are spreading.

    'A2' (TRAILER予告編) thyroid cysts in Fukushima children


  • Cisco Cisco

    Published by Forbes, "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Will Kill No One – As I Told You"

    The psychopaths have taken control of the story. They are winning now; but in the end, sooner than they could ever imagine, they will get sick and die, too. Fu#k me…Fu#k you!

    "The actual worst case scenario for the Fukushima reactors was what actually happened to them. That there would be both hydrogen explosions damaging the outer casing and also a meltdown of the core. That was and is the limiting worst case for these types of reactor. A chain reaction of nuclear explosions is no more possible than it is that the local uranium mine is about to take out Hiroshima. Far from taking out Tokyo those plants would, in the worst case, be exactly what they are today. Very large and very expensive buildings which we can do nothing useful with and which are thus a very large economic loss. No one was killed by radiation and we’ll never actually know whether anyone ever will be. For given what we know about radiation, the amount and type of it released, the effect will simply be too small for us to ever know whether anyone has been killed by it.

  • "…Of the 360,000, around 38,000 were checked in fiscal 2011, and 10, including the three thyroid cancer cases, are believed to be suffering some form of cancer. The average age of the 10 is around 15, and seven are female.

    The remaining seven are undergoing medical examinations at the university….."


    • Jebus Jebus

      Only 38,000 were checked…
      So to estimate and extropolate that out further, and applying this to all 360,000 children, you can assume that the next nine groups, out of that 360,000, 90 more children will have developed cancer. Approximately 100 children out of 360,000 children.

      Is that acceptable for preventable cancers?

      Is that the price those parents have to pay?

      Then add in that, all of this is a conservative, best case scenario.

      Seems like we've lost the whole quality of life thing…

      • We Not They Finally

        It's actually worse. There have been articles all along on various websites about the enforced corruption of the MEDICAL community over there. Don't mention radiation to any patient. If their child has a growth on the thyroid that does not measure more than X centimeters, tell them that there will be no more exams for two years. Don't let them get second opinions. Plus that suddenly 20X as much radiation is "safe" as what was "safe" yesterday. Helen Caldicott (ant-nuclear activist pediatrician) says it is the most appalling criminal medical negligence she has ever seen.

  • ftlt

    By UN Charter all reports and releases of information must be approved by the IAEA…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Can we talk long term effects now?

    Fukushima pacific ocean cesium 10-year projection 5-28-2013 | Organic Slant


    • the video is great, but it does not go into the airborne emissions, and it does not get into the bio accumulation that will happen from now on… in many different sea creatures.

      We are at the top of this food chain, and what we do to the ocean, we do to ourselves.

  • Jason

    Dont forget NO IMMEDIATE health risks means it's wont hurt you right now at this moment in time, but next week or month or year is a diffrent matter. probly hurt you then.

    no immediate risk = not at this very moment but next hour or week we'll see.

    Cant quite remember how it goes but its something like that : )

    • We Not They Finally

      Jason, you may mean well, but take this from the top. They did not MEAN "no immediate health risks." They just SAID it. It's scripted. It has nothing to do with reality.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is audio of a lecture.

    Fukushima Radioactive Aerosol Dispersion Part 2/2
    March 23 2013


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    You're welcome..Jason.

  • DannieJ DannieJ

    Seems pretty damn immediate to me.

    I suppose if we found a comet hurdling towards earth and only a few years away we would agree that this also "poses no immediate danger..

    Every day 400 tonnes of radioactive waste is created just to prevent even bigger releases. It seems logical that Japan will decide it's legal to dump the water in the pacific, and no one will stop them.

    We're gonna end with a real shitty world after peak oil. Just when we need the salmon most they will be extinct, and when we need truth and unity the most we find … people.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    No IMMEDIATE health risks = classic weasel wording.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Being "pro nuke" is equivalent to drinking the Jim Jones Kool-aid (or Flavor-aid for the literalists) 😉

    • Anthony Anthony

      To me being Pro Nuke is being more like being the giver of the koolaid. IF they could do nuclear better and safer, as far to one side as I am environmentally, I would support the nuke effort. But I'm also talking an industry that was revamped top to bottom, whereby every deficiency had been sufficiently addressed and implemented and where people like you and me have inputs as citizens who pay for them.

      The picture I see where they are at in the present with Fuku spewing in the background. SONGS could irradiate Cali and destroy her. If they cannot see this for themselves we know that this story is the Emperors Clothes all over and in real life. Like Sicputer said, they don't even see it coming, their own death. I don't care that they don't value their own health and safety but I DO care that they affect our health and safety. I just aint drinking the koolaid no more.

      • Lion76 Lion76

        My whole premise as a human says that nothing is better than distributed generation of wind/solar. You can't beat "free" especially when you factor in "safety" and "availability" and also when you add in a Tesla car running off this same "free" energy well the old model of "middle management" just goes right out the window. 20th century business models die hard, but 21st century ideas have no time for going backwards.

        There is nothing Kool about nuclear. Only those who want an industry supported job (or have some inner hatred issues of progressive minded ideas/people) can be still supporting these dinosaurish ideas anymore. Those who rely on fallacy logic, those who are not visionary, those who rely on 2nd hand and outdated information are the only ones who still support these "dependent" ideas. The same groups that say they hate big government but want all their life sustaining resources big governed because they aren't responsible enough to be "conservative" to pardon the puns. 😉

  • But getting back to the article. I find the source being from Times of India with a tag Beijing frustrating as in why not seen on my beloved gov funded Canadian Broadcasting Co, or CBC news to be more exact. Second yes finally admit triple meltdown and yes admit higher rates of thyroid cancer among kids in area but no we can't say if the triple meltdown has anything to do with the additional victims (or any other increase in any other symptoms of other health issues we don't feel like discussing at this time). Is this a test to see how much they can get away with? I mean isn't this so much more subtle then a gas chamber line up?

    • Lion76 Lion76

      "Is this a test to see how much they can get away with?"

      Isn't that the same kind of test that children do to adult authority figures? Some people never grow above such tactics.

      Gasoline prices is another "test to see how much they can get away with" and that's why the price has remained steady for so long now after wildly fluctuating a few years back. Not a whimper from the masses.

  • stopnp stopnp


  • ShutItAllDown

    No immediately health risk. Just like eating lead or breathing asbestos.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • allmymarbles

    Absolute baloney of course. The guys at the UN are playing the same game our governments are. So who out there is not corrupt? Who was it who said that government should fear the people; the people should not fear government? It was Thomas Jefferson. Where is Thomas Jefferson when we need him?

  • bumpercrop

    United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) Chair Wolfgang Weiss should put his life where his mouth is. Why doesn't Mr. Wolfgang Weiss, move to Japan, near
    Fukushima? That way he could be closer to the situation unfolding and
    allow the rest of humanity to be aware of his latest expert scientific research.. We need a genetic DNA test as a result of the brain mapping research recently approved by congress. Psychopaths need to be removed from decision making in all areas of government, corporations, and religions.

  • Lion76 Lion76


    Dr. Peter Karamoskos – a nuclear radiologist and a public representative on the radiation health committee of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency – wrote in the Sydey Herald last year:

    "You have to hand it to the nuclear industry and its acolytes. In the middle of the second-worst [debatable] nuclear power disaster in history at Fukushima, and with still no end in sight, you would think they would respond with contrition, humility and profuse mea culpas. Not on your life. The industry representatives and its acolytes came out swinging in full denial attire.

    But more insidious and objectionable is the creeping misinformation that the nuclear industry has fed into the public sphere over the years. There seems to be a never-ending cabal of paid industry scientific ”consultants” who are more than willing to state the fringe view that low doses of ionising radiation do not cause cancer and, indeed, that low doses are actually good for you and lessen the incidence of cancer."

  • We Not They Finally

    The UN `says why worry be happy. No danger to the economy everything is a ok…Remind me to throwup.What you dont know cant hurt you. You betcha.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Lead article/top of the page at Google news…Search bar "Fukushima" More disinformation being piled on, and on, and on.

    "A New Report Shows Why The Fukushima Disaster May Argue In Favor Of More Nuclear Power"…Business Insider.

    The article concludes, "But it may be further proof for those like Brian Eno who believe the Fukushima situation actually shows why we should be using more nuclear power: the absolute level of mishaps are low, and even when something does go wrong, the lasting damage appears minimal."