Unit 2 water 10 times more radioactive than Unit 1 — 47,000,000 becquerels per liter in turbine room basement

Published: July 25th, 2012 at 7:40 pm ET


Nuclides Analysis Result of the Accumulated Water in the Turbine BuildingBasement at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Published July 23, 2012
Sample Taken: July 10, 2012


  • 4,300,000 becquerels per liter (Bq/l) in water inside Unit 1 Turbine Building basement
  • 47,000,000 Bq/l in water inside Unit 2 Turbine Building basement


  • 2,700,000 Bq/l in water inside Unit 1 Turbine Building basement
  • 29,000,000 Bq/l in water inside Unit 2 Turbine Building basement

1 cm³ = 1 milliliter

Published: July 25th, 2012 at 7:40 pm ET


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26 comments to Unit 2 water 10 times more radioactive than Unit 1 — 47,000,000 becquerels per liter in turbine room basement

  • Cindy

    These are TEPCO's numbers, what is it really ?

    Also we must remember that much of this water is seeping out into the ocean, the Japanese will not allow any testing of sea water or sediment within 20 NM of the plant .

    My bet is that the numbers would be shocking !!

    • richard richard

      no workers.
      no government.
      no international involvement.
      no greenpeace protests.
      no media coverage.
      zero. that's a shocking number right there.

      you're right Cindy, who knows what the numbers really are.
      and any number has to be bad for our oceans.

      What's with these people, seriously soemthing's got to be done.
      We're all toast.

  • arclight arclight

    from this link


    mo Mn54
    no Sr90
    no Ag 110m


    no uranium
    no radon

    • chrisk9

      Thanks for the data sheet Arc. But there is no mention at all of the heavier elements. Which means….1. They were detected and Tepco does not want to admit it. Or 2. They didn't even want to find out themselves so they did not even check. So they are either dishonest or stupid. They have proven to be both, but I'll go with #1.

      Radon should not be detectable unless there is still fission happening. But with the fuel destroyed there is of course plenty of SR 90 and PU and Uranium. Maybe Tepco does't want to admit there will be toxic and deadly elements for hundreds of thousands of years contaminating the country.

  • rambojim

    Maybe the Mayans knew more than we thought. That could explain why their calender ends at December 31,2012…..

    • richard richard

      i'll be glad when next comes and we can put this mayan thing to rest.

      what's the next predictive year people, any one ?

      not disrepsect rambojim, but I avoid this topic when trying to get people to understand the fuku situation.

      in fact, some co-workers raise 2012 whenever I try to discuss fukukuku. i see it as an attempt to put my comments on the fringe, beyond scope of the 'conventionals'.

      i emphasis to them that my concern is with a real tangible meltdown, not a mythical prophecy – which has probably been corrupted anyway.

      we have to clearly distance ourselves from any questionable myths. we need to deal with the facts and the truth, information that can be held up to the light of day and found to be rock solid.

      because the nukers will use any minor leverage to discredit us.

      bring on 2013, let's put the mayans to bed.

      • The Challenge

        It is very hard to make a data-driven argument to wake people up about the scope of the disaster because so little information is in the press about:

        a. the true scope of the disaster

        b. the total amount of atmospheric releases and the expectations for continuance

        c. the same for ocean releases

        Then you have to duel over the predictions of the ICRP, using the ECRP.

        And I don't think the ECRP is broad enough…

        Only the Chernobyl data will do and that data set has been made taboo.

        So, the @$%#%^ responsible for this crime against humanity are able to hide the disaster from the sleeping public and complicate independent experts efforts to awaken them.

        • richard richard

          thanks majia. i never said it was easy 😉 hence the avoidance of unrelated and even harder to prove side issues.

          some hard facts are – the reactors are still in an unknown state, not the cold shutdown state.

          fuel rods are being 'stored' in a manner inverse to conventional nuke 'wisdowm' of the last several decades. another major quake could place that in serious jeopardy.

          the huge protests by the japanese people that are totally ignored. (this is a major one. People do raise eyebrows when they realise it's japanese that are protesting).
          Now I know this may not be a 'science' fact, but it's a 'social' fact – people don't want nukes. Doesn't the people's opinion matter?

          i know there are more. I'm at work at the moment so it gets difficult to shift my attention.

          i know there is also a summary pdf getting around. by finding each provable factoid and highlighting those, we shouldn't get sidetracked into using any fluffy logic or story lines.

          • Please send the factoid sheet if you have one

            I'll add to it and I'll also use it

            I have a pretty well developed argument about what is going on. It is rather academic but it explicates the scale of the disaster.

            One would hope such arguments would awaken people to the risks.

            However, a lot of very smart people have written about the fatal dangers of radiation for 80 years and yet the pro-nuclear sociopaths are still in power

            • richard richard

              hi majia. yes, it would be good to have a short quick hit list.

              i know from my own experience that the numbers can be mind numbing to a newbie. (the nukers play on this, they like to overwhelm the novice).

              my thought is to stay away from numbers as much as possible. people's eyes glaze over when you hit them like an acoountant.

              just so long as it's based on truth.

              "polluted oceans. unstoppable meltdown. people don't want it. corporates do want it."

              anyway, they are simple points without numbers. numbers can be given to those that ask for more later.

              i'm not trying to be the writer here. i'm just trying to help shape the message to an understandable and accessible form.

              oh.. yeah.. the big deal for me – affects the environment for generations to come.

              i'd like to highlight that I suspect organised crime involvement, but I know that I'll lose audience by taking that line. it just get's to be too much for some people.

              anyway, i think you've helped me distill my thoughts further on this one. thanks for the prodding.

        • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

          Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/total-fukushima-radiation-released-into.html

          Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Ocean Radiation Released; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/comparing-contaminated-zones-around.html

      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        I turn 52 the day before on 12/20 and pardon the expression, but I am going to party like it is the end of the world. Then I will have to go to work with a hangover, when the world keeps turning.

    • saltyfishlvr

      Starting to wonder the same thing myself!

  • nedlifromvermont

    Go enenewsers!!! You're on to them …. It's really quite simple: just stick to the truth … these numbers out of Tokyo etc are quite shocking … the strontium … the cover up …

    The radiation induced teratogenic events are going to begin soon enough, if they haven't already …

    The shocking story about the retired Fuku engineers offering to take on the radiation risk … and who are being rebuffed by Tepco!!! What a shame … is any more proof of mob-backed criminal activities running and ruining the show required?

    Go Admin. Go enenews and newsers! Saikato hantei!!!

    Death to nuclear power!!!

    peace …

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Things could swing in a lot of different directions… criminal cover-ups, reckless endangerment of workers and citizens, faked reports, pay-offs … these are serious crimes on a large scale.

    Will the perps continue to be protected by their 'friends in high places'… or not?

    Crimes causing thousands/millions of deaths, illnesses, and permanent damage to the environment in many areas of the globe are obviously capital crimes, and treasonous when it is one's own country and countrymen who are being harmed/killed.

    If justice were done – late though it is, given the irreparable damage done – heads would roll. And it still could – and should – happen.

    The 'duhsville' public just has to be educated to be able to comprehend that big business/big govt. are NOT ABOVE THE LAW. In fact, they should be held to a higher standard. No one forced them to seek and accept these positions of power and responsibility.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    If Einstein were alive today, there'd be absolutely nothing he could do about the spewing radiation from this disaster, as well as whats spewing (continually) from Chernobyl. Shows how utterly ridiculous this failed technology is. Outlaw it. Now.

  • jec jec

    So when do the other governments of the world start to worry? The actual testing of ocean waters near (inside 20NM) and in the ocean currents swirling the radiation around the Pacific — has any been done? Probably a big ZERO! And since no one is testing seafood from the Pacific – it is like Japan burning the radioactive debris. SHARE the radiation all over the world!

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Reactor 2 venting..March 14th/2011 21:37 JST, radiation levels at the front gate had reached levels where annual limits would be exceeded in ..*20 minutes.

    Another release just minutes later "Around 22:50 JST, pressure levels in the Dry-Well exceeded the maximum usage pressure, and within 40 minutes workers were forced to attempt to vent the pressure out of the system by opening a small valve in the D/W vent. This drywell vent may be attributed to a large radiological release from Reactor 2.

    March 15th/2011 After the explosion & another pressure increase "radiation levels outside the Unit 2 reactor were reported to have risen sharply to over ..400 millisieverts an hour. Even at that rate, a mere …*7 minutes.. of exposure would effectively cause a worker to exceed the maximum annual dose allowed, and 75 minutes of exposure would likely lead to the subject exhibiting symptoms of acute radiation sickness.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..The radiation level in unit 2..is higher..than unit 1..because..
    unit 1 had an explosion..and some portion blew to the four directions.
    Unit 2 was vented…and meltdown was achieved without explosion..
    Meaning…. more material ..corium..remained in unit 2.
    Well..now..below unit 2.

    • Max1 Max1

      Why science can't piece the cause together…
      … Instead the paid shills just scratch their heads and point at their asses.

      Excellent summation and closer to the truth than any paid shill will even entertain.

  • Sickputer

    So why is Unit 2 so radioactive compared to Unit 1? Remember that Units 1,3, and 4 had explosions damaging their buildings. Radioactive fissile fuel in the reactor vessels in 1 and 3 was scattered much farther than 2 which has an intact building. The torus at Unit 2 ruptured and reports came out there was an internal explosion (denied by Tepco).

    Fissole fuel in the torus and the lower control rod substructure is much more concentrated and possibly the corium is larger and may have reacted differently than the other units.

    Tepco has constantly argued about the integrity of thermometers since early January in their dogged determination to make their square peg "Cold Condition Shutdown" fit a round hole of their propaganda. Most observers feel arguing over cold shutdown is worthless considering the immense danger from hot coriums probably still fissioning and the massive amounts of waste water that is so dangerous with radiation values that are utterly inconceivable for any current cleanup technology.

    They have a tiger by the tale in each of the four units, but Unit 2 is an absolute beast among the others. So hit that it has "killed" two highly shielded exploratory robots, the prospects of containing unit 2 in this decade may be impossible. That would be bad news indeed if it continues to emit tremendous radiation until 2020 and beyond. Japan will become a toxic and very dangerous place to live anywhere on the island. Bioaccumulation will ravage the country.

    • weeman

      Is it because they had different fuel in 2 MOX?
      I can not for the life of me understand why the Japanese are not throwing everything they have at Fukushima, if they do not mitigate accident the land will be uninhabitable any way, so why not go bankrupt trying, I have heard of no grand plan, at the rate they are going hell will freeze over first, except all the disintegration of fissionable material will prevent hell from freezing over.

      • richard richard

        they are already bankrupt, they have nothing to throw, they own nothing.

        there is no grand plan. they are a bunch of yakuza baboons, each passing the blame to the next guy in a round-robbin.

        they are below pathetic. they are not even deemable as human. soulless, brainless sods. worthless, nothing but debt. brainless, no free thnking in this group.

        the fate of the world is in the hands of less-then monkeys.

        for all the great and heroic efforts of the world over thousands of years, we are to be terminate by idiots. what was the friggin point!

        every single one of the historic greats must be swimming in their graves right now.

  • patb2009

    these differences are to be expected.

    In reactor 1 the core burned it's way out the bottom, while in reactor 2, it went all over the basement,