University researchers assess impact of Fukushima plume on U.S.; Some models show near straight line to West Coast — Experts: Radionuclides didn’t dilute offshore as officials had claimed, “cause for serious alarm” (VIDEOS)

Published: December 10th, 2013 at 8:03 pm ET


University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, FVCOM Modeling Assessment of Japan’s Tsunami Event and Impacts of Radionuclides on the Pacific Ocean:

Top: 200 meters; Bottom: 50 meters, variable depth (Z. Lai et al.)

[…] The amount of radiation released in the nuclear accident has threatened the coastal environment with potential impacts on the Pacific Ocean. An international research team was established with the aim of […] assessing the impact of radionuclides on the surrounding countries around the Pacific. […] The ocean model used for this activity is the global-coastal nested FVCOM model system. FVCOM is an unstructured grid Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) […] At 50 m, particles spread over a large region and reach the western US coast after 5 years. […] At 200 m, particles stay in the narrow region and move eastward. >> Watch all 16 forecast models on the university’s website here (Bottom of page)

ASR Limited: Marine Consulting (No longer updating plume model):

ASR Limited

Radioactivity levels in the seawater outside of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant continue to ignite concerns over the spread of highly radioactive material […] The unusually high rates of radiation found in the turbine rooms — and now in the ocean — have fueled concerns that water may be seeping from at least one of the reactor cores, leaks that could release longer-lasting and much riskier forms of contamination.” Government officials have stated that they are not sure whether the primary containment vessels have been breached. […] Officials continue to stress that contaminants will become diluted as currents carry them farther offshore. […] ASR modeling of the radioactive seawater tells a different story, cause for serious alarm. While these models do not estimate levels of radioactivity in the surrounding waters, the assumption that nearby currents will quickly dilute the radioactive material does not appear to be accurate. […] >> Watch the ASR model here

See also: [intlink id=”study-high-concentrations-fukushima-radioactive-material-will-reach-west-coast-north-america-entire-coastline-be-affected-alaska-mexico-negatively-affect-human-life-decades-raise-concern-model” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 10th, 2013 at 8:03 pm ET


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148 comments to University researchers assess impact of Fukushima plume on U.S.; Some models show near straight line to West Coast — Experts: Radionuclides didn’t dilute offshore as officials had claimed, “cause for serious alarm” (VIDEOS)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      lostworld, thank you. I'll now be reading all the posts with a much more critical eye. And working to keep the discussion relevant and on topic. Including my own comments.

      Had wondered how all of this works.

      Interesting, espcecially in light of some very inflammatory comments made here lately. Someone (or multiple someones) appear to putting in a lot of O/T.

      Ah, I see, said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw.

    • Kassandra

      This is a fantastic resource Lostworld

    • bo bo

      Lostworld, great find. Shoud be reposted every now and then as a reminder, and to educate people on the existence of trolls.
      I would love to have this article posted as the top of first comment to each thread, especially to those topics that regard california coast – perhaps I am paranoid but I sometimes notice that those california threads activate a lot of trolls (I think the government really wants to put a lid on california to avoid mass panic). Some posters indeed claim they are on 'our side' and claim 'they sympathize'..beware

      Usually something doesn't sit right, and the poster lacks focus, or real anger, sounds generic, and always digressive. Others are more obvious, like robz.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thanks for this..lostworld.

    Small OT..Someone I believe someone above said something about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    How is it that anger.. resentment..sense of betrayal.. are not appropriate responses?..yet people allow it to be labeled a syndrome..and this syndrome is easily understood by the masses?
    Had people understood from the beginning.. that these responses were natural..people so afflicted may have never suffered as they do.

    But more the first word.
    We aren't post..we are on-going..
    Aren't some of these responses appropriate due to conditions?
    I think we have a long long ways to go before we get to

  • Seeker


    I can't even imagine the time and energy that went into your work. There simply isn't a way to thank you.

    Please understand I laud your goal of broad appeal in suggesting you seek alternative words for "sage;" the product shouts your merits and calling oneself a sage might well raise eyebrows among those whose focus is humility.

    Philosopher comes to mind as an alternative.

    Your work is a service of unsayable service.

    • Ourself Ourself

      A sage is not just a mystic or philosopher, it also means a poet. I am, besides a researcher and an activist, a visual artist and poet. If you click the title, you can see me work. I may change the wording, as you've suggested, I'll think about it. Thanks for the kind words and criticism, my friend.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        Ourself-I think you are making good progress. I have deep appreciation for those who are maintaining blogs with meaningful information and critical thinking supported by cited facts and clearly you have a passion to make a difference. Its important to remember that not all people have the time or resources to methodically research the facts, so any effort to organize information which can be easily comprehended is to be applauded.

        Specific feedback-Your site is well organized by category. You may want to consider including two categories, which Fukushima can be used to illustrate: 1)debunking the myths of nuclear energy-not all understand or agree with its destructiveness (E.g. cost, carbon neutrality, genetic impact, long term trash storage, etc.); 2)The economics of nuclear politics, who benefits and how, and why this has prevented meaningful action by the international community at Fukushima.

        Lastly,in doing some of my own retro research I have been discovering a number of dead links at Enenews in the older articles(links referencing the source from which the quote was sourced from). No fault of ENE given the volume and breath of coverage over the last 3 years. My apologies, I ran across one last night in your list of links, but did not make note which one it was. If you reference ENE links it is important to make sure that the source link is active.

        Other than this keep up the good work. You are moving in the right direction. Peace.

  • pkjn

    What Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?
    December 10th, 2013

    Why are huge numbers of dead birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska? Something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores”.

    Clearly something very unusual is happening, and it should not be unreasonable to ask if Fukushima is at least partially responsible for all of this. Without a doubt, the Pacific Ocean appears to be a much different place than it was before the Fukushima disaster. Radiation levels around Fukushima just continue to increase. And every single day, another 400 tons of very highly radioactive water gets released into the Pacific Ocean.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Thanks so much Anne. These models make me think of just how kindergarten the slapdash -everything will be just fine- government models with no variables have been. They didn't mention what sort of particles were used in the experiment though so how does that work? Different isotopes have different weights etc so they wouldn't all travel at the same rates, depths and directions it seems to me. Unless I'm missing something which is often the case.

    Well, even if I only understand half of the info, it's nice to see actual info not just pablum for the masses! What do you guys think of their projections?

  • kingcubfan1

    I am going to Santa Cruz California and Monterey Bay this weekend and will be bringing my geiger counter. I will report on anything that I find there.

    • pattersonp

      PLEASE DO.

      Put it inside a ziplock bag please, do not carry it around. Open air carry can lead to false readings.

      Try to take samples of ditches, drainpipes, leaf piles, etc. Things that will have been sitting around. For citizen sampling in Fuku and around there, those areas were the highest reported and noticably so. Sides of roads would be randomly 100 mSv/hr, You may get some stupidly high dosages in accumulated places. Pools are good places too.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Yes kingcubfan1 +10000

  • Sol Man

    No deceptions will change the truth.
    Has the Global Ocean become the breeding ground for bucky balls everywhere?

  • pattersonp

    Was just watching a television program:


    They mention the Japan earthquake, and Fukushima. They said 1 reactor might have melted, and because of the fukushima 50 (whom they didnt even name directly) the crisis has been adverted… And then they move on. They even show video of reactors 1-3 and they are all smoking, but apparently none of them melted down. What a sick joke.

    this show was created in 2013.

    ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWN. I'm sure you can find this on youtube, etc.

    Had to share this with you people because it was so ridiculous.

    • ftlt

      Patter: Nat Geo TV is a reactionary Cable TV rag… And has been so for years… That it is owned by FOX Cable might be a clue.

  • Nick


    Ever seen NG's World's Toughest Fixes? There's an episode on a nuclear steam turbine switch out. Bet
    the show doesn't do a Fukushima "fix" show.

    And consider this….There are currently 435 operating NPPs worldwide, with another 72 under construction.

    The industry is shrugging off Fukushima and no let up in sight from mining of uranium to storing
    spent fuel.

    Plume? What plume? I don't see anything. Move along folks.

    • Jebus Jebus

      If you were a logger and they stopped cutting trees because they say there is not enough trees, wouldn't you say, "bullshit, there's plenty of trees"?

      It is a matter of where your investment is, your lively hood.
      It wouldn't matter if it was true or false, you would still want to cut trees, until the last one…

      Same goes for a nuclear physicist when faced with the eventual dismantling of all nuclear infrastructure. It's about human greed for wealth at all costs.

      I say, "It's time for retraining, he can go flip burgers, for all his nuclear science is worth"…

      He is nothing more than Pluto Con. A cartoon character…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is pretty alarming..

    Tepco lost the layout drawing of pipes and drains in Fukushima plant / Office ruined and entirely contaminated
    Dec 11 2013

  • Cisco Cisco

    Field Construction 101
    They probably would have been inaccurate, anyway. Many, in fact most, portions of these plants were built outside of the original planned or submitted drawings. What usually exists within their files corporately and with the appropriate inspecting agencies/organizations are the proposed plans versus an "as built" set of of drawings.

    Because approvals for variances/changes take so long to get, numerous parts of the construction are built to what gets re-engineered in the field. Frequently, rather than update the drawing to represent the as built condition which would call attention to a change, they just represent their work as completed to the original approved design.

    i.e…If I remember correctly, a critical pumping/drying device was installed in the opposite direction of its flow. This wasn't discovered until a year ago, but existed for about 30 years.

    • Cisco Cisco

      TEPCO may have trashed the drawings purposely so that other fu#kups like the backwards installation of the pumping/dryer device, because there would be many variations of what was approved versus what was built. Like what was discovered at SONGS with the NRC approved system versus what Hitachi actually supplied.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Either way..particularly ..units 1 and 3..(also 4)..I suspect severe..sublevel damage..and of what is there.. it is no where near the same as it was anyway..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @ Cisco..
    Field Construction 101.. indeed.
    These guys couldn't install a cesspool.

  • It has been revealed that the collapse of a leach tank at the Ranger uranium mine in the Northern Territory was the second such incident at a Rio Tinto mine in less than a week.

    Rio is a majority shareholder of Ranger operator, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA).

    An investigation is under way at the Ranger site, inside Kakadu National Park, after a 1,400 cubic metre tank holding uranium oxide slurry and acid collapsed at the weekend.

    But the local regulator assures us that no radiation has been released to the environment. Excuse me? 1400 Cubic Meters? Thats huge….I guess they caught it with a napkin.

  • w

    Let me introduce a new term. Nuked Numb Nut(s) and soon to be known as the Notorious Nuked Numb Nuts.

  • w

    The biggest and most lethal of the Nuked Numb Nut presently is the prime minister of Japan Abe n Obama, and TEPCO management team.

  • w

    Have you heard of the Nuke Numbed Nuts, n soon to be known as the Notorious Nuke Numbed Nuts? The biggest Nuke Numbed Nuts are Japanese Prime Minister Abe, Obama n the TEPCo. Management team. Didn't say it right the first time…

  • Nick

    Plutonium-239 seeks testicles.

    Not sure if it numbs 'em tho.

  • firetorah firetorah

    Hello all! I've been lurking here for a week or two trying to learn as much as I can. I'm quite worried. I live in Ketchikan, Alaska on the coast and seem to be directly in the path of some very bad news. Thank you for helping me to better understand.

  • robz

    the best way ene news inmdded

  • Seeker

    I was referring not to vocation but to the connotation of being wise.

    Sage (sophos), a Stoic wise person and/or figure
    Chazal (from Hebrew "Our Sages, may their memory be blessed"), a term that refers to all sages of rabbinic literature from the Second Temple period to the sixth century CE
    Rishi or Sage, a Hindu seer of Vedic hymns or divine human being
    Wise old man, a kind, wise, paternal figure, often archetypal or stereotypical

    I VALUE your enormous effort but I know the word sage would affect its reception in my audiences.

    Every blessing,Seeker

  • mushroom

    Come to think about it. In high school I remember learning about the half-life of nuclear particles and how shockinly long they last but that if you just add a saline solution the particle is totally diluted. Just completely neutralized – does not even end up in the atmosphere and rain back down on us.

    WHY AM I STILL READING STORIES ABOUT "EXPERTS" THINKING THE RADIATION IN THE PO WILL BE DILUTED?! Denial, wishful-thinking, rose-colored glasses immature idiots who can't handle the truth so they make stuff up!

    I gotta go get my alcohol on because I was told that if I stay a little drunk and be happy the radiation can't hurt me. Yay!

  • Tiza Tiza

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, and this stuff certainly does sound scary. I found an article at WND about radiation levels rising in the US. I have a friend in Reno, NV, and it looks very high there. According to the NETC, it's at RadCon4, I think it was. Well, it was earlier, but I think it's down a little now.

    So what is the deal with all of this? It will take me a while to play catch-up. Can someone tell me a little bit about what is going on, please?


  • Tiza Tiza

    Thanks for your welcoming me.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Well, I don't mean to sound flip, but guess we shouldn't be eating any fish, right?

  • SadieDog

    From the Pacific. No. From the Gulf of Mexico. No. From Japan. No. I don't know what to say to ya Tiza, except you will be more informed than most if you hang out here. You may not like what you learn. But if you want to know what is really going onaweigh Fukushima and want to talk about it, you're in the right place.

    • Tiza Tiza

      I'm not eating any at this time, but I do take my cod liver oil that is Carlson's from Norway. Hope it's okay. Don't know.

      Let me ask, I take an iodine supplement from Solaray. I think that's the name of it, and I take one a day on that. Will that help? Or should we all get something else in the way of iodine? I started taking it about two months or so ago, and it was just that I don't eat fish now. I have gout, so truly can't eat fish right now. Even though I love it! Well, some of it, anyway.

      So will taking iodine help us? Does anyone know about that?


  • Tiza Tiza

    Don't know where to say this yet, but I looked here:

    Today Grand Junction, CO, is at the highest Radcon level, which is 5 for Alert. I think that's serious, right?

    Radcon5. At least it was at my time of 11:16 a.m.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt


      Radiation levels vary alot, depending on many things that are not related to the actual Fukishima or various other "man-made" sources.

      1. Distance above sea-level…typically, the higher up you go the higher the radiation level will be…Colorado being one of them.

      2. The type of radiation detector used…it's sensitivity.

      3. The amount of air run thru the detector…more air/higher readings.

      4. The fact that RADNET readings "clip off" at off scale high events, leading one to believe (or so they want you to) that the detector is down "for maintenance or calibration".

      5. Local radon gas issues giving high readings.

      I also saw the high alerts in that area. I have seen that when we have air stagnation days, the radiation levels sometimes increase to wicked high readings.