“Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)

Published: September 21st, 2012 at 10:51 pm ET


CBS: “Anytime a plant shuts down on short notice it normally releases radiation. This is not good radiation is cumulative in nature it’s going to take some time to reconstruct the event and see how much was actually released. The way to prevent this from occurring again is to make sure all the parts in the plant are operating as they should.” Says Eric Epstein, TMI Alert.

York Dispatch: TMI [cooling] pump fails, sends plant into shutdown […] Plants don’t typically shut down automatically very often, and TMI has gone as long as 10 years between automatic shutdowns. […] “It’s certainly not a common occurrence, but automatic shutdowns do happen in the nuclear industry,” [a TMI spokesman] said.

ABC: The plant is not releasing a timetable for repairs. Nearby residents heard the loud noise caused by the shutdown and subsequent release of steam. This is the first time I ever got scared when something like this happened,” neighbor Sondra Myers said. Myers, who has been a Middletown resident for nearly 40 years, said this was unprecedented. “This was the loudest one,” Myers said.

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Published: September 21st, 2012 at 10:51 pm ET


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24 comments to “Unprecented”: Loudest noise from Three Mile Island in 40 years says neighbor, “First time I ever got scared” — It’s going to take “some time” to see how much radioactivity was actually released (VIDEOS)

  • "A TMI spokesman said there was a problem with a reactor coolant pump.The pump helps to circulate water through the reactor coolant system.When the pump shut down, that triggered the plant to automatically shut down."


    Coolant pump…now where have I heard of those failing…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Too dangerous, and not needed. The nuclear power plants should be decommissioned.

  • Mack Mack

    "A failed electrical relay appears to be why a reactor coolant pump stopped working Thursday afternoon, leading to the automatic shutdown of Three Mile Island."



    If you live around TMI, or downwind of it, you want all the information you can get on this.

    Check this link every day (roundup of daily nuclear news)—->


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes I live 30 miles away but northwest still I'm on alert and will keep checking the air with my geiger counter and of course post any concerning readings for anyone else nearby.

      • Cindy Cindy

        Hi Moonshellblue!
        Do you live near Pittsburgh? I have a sister who lives 20 miles SE of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately she believes most of the Lame Stream Media, but I feel it is my responsibility to warn her if there's radiation in her area. I live clear across the country in Oregon. Thanks in advance, MSB!

  • many moons

    The official nuclear plant worker sounded so smug and matter of fact about the noise made from radioactive steam being forced through exit pipes. "that's what happens" you know what else happens….hydrogen explosions, nuclear explosions, steam explosions!
    ANd you know what ALWAYS happens- someone says that although not much is known or studied about the incident-there is no threat, there has been no release of radiation, everything is fine—-that always gets said no matter what the truth is.

  • timebomb

    louder than '79?

  • richard richard

    Is there no one in the area with a dosimeter from here on enenews ?

    Please, if you live there, spend $500 and get some real numbers recorded for everyone.

    Everyone, please go and get a dosimeter now, get used to understanding it. Your area may be next.

  • Bones Bones

    I live very close to TMI. I've heard absolutely zero information on our local news about what exactly went wrong and what isotopes or how much was released. I was actually working near there when it happened. I travel for my new job, went by Peach Bottom Monday, and heard lots of fire alarms, but saw no fire. (Could or couldn't be related, but that is why I checked Enenews.) God, I'm not scared, but very concerned since my brother is coming home from VA WITH HIS LITTLE KIDS. If only the secondary was affected and the releases over, I might not go down to him, but anything worse and I am bookin' it straight to VA. I at least have an escape plan, but it's worthless without data.

    I would go right to that damn plant with one of those portable scintillation counters, hell even a gc, but I can't afford it yet. I would gladly meet with some local Enenewsers to help them or next Fri throw in some money to get some data. Shame it will be somewhat late, but it's worth a shot. (I think a scintillation counter is a MUCH better choice than a simple Geiger counter.)

    P.S. My home is 75 miles from TMI, and my cousin is working and living right in Harrisburg. She came home for the weekend thank god. I'm scared to drink my water that's from the Skook, but she gets the Susquehanna, which I believe is directly used by TMI. The Schuylkill River and the Susquehanna need to be monitored and their data posted. I've read, in the past, of high levels of tritium in the…

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Bones I'm in Cumberland County and I will post any findings as I have an Alert Inspector geiger counter no worries and take care.

      • Cindy Cindy

        Oh.. I just saw this post from you right after I posted above. Could you let me know about the Pittsburgh area, if possible? It's ok if it's too much for one person to do… I totally understand.
        Take Care MoonShellBlue!

    • Wreedles Wreedles

      Fwiw, I'm just under 100 miles SW of TMI, and my readings are about what they usually are.

    • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

      I'm little more than an hour away, myself – and, now (Monday night)? All of the monitoring stations on RadNet are down. Really don't like this.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    "…it’s going to take some time to reconstruct the even[t] and see how much was actually released…"

    Reconstruct? Really, Eric? 30 Years since the TMI accident, and the public STILL can't get an on-line radiation reading from TMI's monitoring stations?


    We have to wait, what – three years for someone to fund a 'reconstruction'?


    You just got TEPCO'ed.

    And I'm probably going over the top here. Heck, EPA's RadNet is actually showing DECREASED radiation in Harrisburg. Same thing right after Fukushima – a DECREASE. Now how can that be? A crack team from Environmental Dimensions Inc. maintains those useless monitors. Check out the luxurious corporate headquarters in Albuquerque:


    I would love to see Bush lackey and EDI's president, Barbara Bradshaw, indicted by the ICC in The Hague for Crimes against Humanity. This is America, though. Corporate leeches like EDI will always ride the taxpayer gravy train forever (courtesy of me).


    • very well said,

      night all

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @PavewayIII; Environmental Dimensions-what a joke?!!~I remember when everyone was TRYING to get a sense of the status of local/national rad levels for MANY months by following RADNET (SADNET)-the company owned by a former Bush cronie "rewarded" for her allegiance to "the machine" and much,much later it was admitted that most,if not ALL monitoring stations & equipment that hokie little crap company that shared space with a veterinary clinic was SUPPOSED to keep up to date and functioning per a six-figure contract agreement-but they did not?!! The figures and data was(is) frequently changed/altered or "removed" via "?" orders and I wouldn't trust them or their sponsor-"Uncle Samuel" as far as I can throw them-especially when it comes to runaway nuclear plants & their scuzzy,immoral operators!! I'm gonna be "nice" right now and NOT tell them where they can stick their fuel rods,but I hope "Barbie" woke up today and had a hot,steaming cup of "Chock Full O' Cesium" coffee and gets the same aggressive,deadly cancer my wife suddenly developed and/or gets the same news I got when my daughters baby was spontaneously aborted immediately following one of many "spikes" in rad levels last year!!~For the record;"I wouldn't wish such horror on ANYONE with few "notable" exceptions!!! Had a crazy dream about fashioning .177 caliber pellets out of their nuclear crap for an air rifle/BB gun and "giving back" to the foul industry and their warped management level…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        with my luck it'd ricochet back and put my own eye out!!~lol

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        I'm not the least bit surprised by the Japanese government / TEPCO's actions related to informing the public. Why? Because I expect the exact same lies and censorship here in the U.S. Why? Because that's how the U.S. has always conducted itself.

        How many people here HONESTLY knew that the TMI #2 'accident' was a partial core meltdown? Even if you did, any idea of much of which radioisotopes were released? Of course not – and that's by design. They had plume maps and monitoring back then. They just didn't bother letting people know what they showed. The entire episode was covered up and denied for years.

        Warmongers in Israel will be bombing about half a dozen nuclear facilities in Iran pretty soon. Bushehr is about 900MW – that meltdown should be pretty spectacular and will surely send a few tons of radionuclides around the world. Do you thing Israeli or U.S. leaders care? They will kill half of the world's population if they have to so Iran doesn't sell non-existant nuclear weapons to as-yet-unidentified 'terrorists'.

        And that's best-case. Worst-case is either Russia or China see a radioactive cloud as an act of war and retaliate in-kind. Forget about your pellet gun, Johnny Blade. The 'foul industry' has already sewn the seeds of it's own destruction.