‘Unthinkable Twist’: Japan expert calls for immediate health exams outside Fukushima, must act urgently or damage will be worse — Gov’t Officials: “I don’t want to discuss the issue”… Discovery of cancer could cause excessive anxiety

Published: July 23rd, 2014 at 2:06 pm ET


Excerpts from Tokyo Shimbun, July 22, 2014 — Translated by Fukushima Voice (version 2e):

  • The Ministry of the Environment Expert Meeting Discussing Health Support After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident is taking an unthinkable twist. At the July 16th meeting, an outside researcher asked for the expansion of health checkups, but the committee chair [said] “I don’t want to discuss the issue.”
  • Invited guest speaker Toshihide Tsuda, an epidemiologist and Okayama University professor: “Radioactive materials [being disseminated due to the Fukushima nuclear accident] are not thought to remain within borders of Fukushima Prefecture. We need to urgently figure out if there are any cases in non-Fukushima residents. […] Fixating on dose assessments will delay countermeasures, worsening the damage […] health checkups should be immediately carried out within and out of Fukushima Prefecture, in order to identify cases of thyroid cancer and other illnesses.”
  • Shigenobu Nagataki, the committee chair […] pushed aside what Professor Tsuda pointed out […] Despite inviting Professor Tsuda to the meeting, Chairman Nagataki practically ignored his opinion.
  • Professor Tsuda retorted, “My opinions are based on a textbook published by Oxford University Press. Chairman, you are the one that is unique.”
  • Chairman Nagataki unilaterally cut off the conversation, stating, “I have no intention of arguing with you. We are going to carry on discussion based on exposure dose.”
  • Only about 1,000 had direct measurements of exposure from radioactive iodine taken, which is 0.3% of residents eligible for thyroid examination
  • A member of the expert meeting and a professor at Osaka University, Tomotaka Sobue, explained disadvantages of health checkups using the term, “overdiagnosis.” This means […] discovery of cancer during health checkups could cause excessive anxiety and a psychological and physical burden due to surgery.
  • Requests for expansion of health checkups are swelling from […] residents.

Hiromi Ishikawa, members of the expert meeting  and Executive Director of Japan Medical Association: “The present expert meeting does not reflect opinions of the residents. I don’t know why anybody would just one-sidedly tell worried people, ‘It’s okay.’ … We need to quickly consider whether there are any illnesses due to radiation.”

See also: [intlink id=”japan-doctor-tokyo-longer-be-inhabited-everyone-living-victim-fukushima-disaster-began-notice-childrens-blood-test-results-around-mid-2013-time-running-short-physicians-save-citizens-future-g” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 23rd, 2014 at 2:06 pm ET


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850 comments to ‘Unthinkable Twist’: Japan expert calls for immediate health exams outside Fukushima, must act urgently or damage will be worse — Gov’t Officials: “I don’t want to discuss the issue”… Discovery of cancer could cause excessive anxiety

  • WesternKyMan

    Time is on your side.

    That is what makes pro nukers nervous…. time.

    Time doesn't lie and Fukushima has a lot of time left on its hands… lots of time to keep the nuclear power discussion fresh in peoples mind.

    Time to remind people that nuclear waste doesn't go away for thousands of years.

    Time for the true horror of Fukushima to reveal itself in all its glory.

    Time is on your side.

    • WesternKyMan

      No point in arguing with people with pro-nuclear views..Time will do all the arguing for you. Time will make a point that no words will ever express.

      Right now, Pro-nuke gleefully claim "Hey it's been over 3 years and no body has died…nuclear power is safe!!!!

      3 years.

      Talk to me in 10 years…. I will still be around and so will the effects from Fukushima.

      I have time to wait… the truth will be revealed someday.

      • MT

        True that , time is on our side that sooner or later the truth will come out . One day the truth will be revealed , i am sure but the longer we wait the more nuke plants are being built and the radioactive insult in our environment is only increasing . Where / when do we reach the point of no return ? Are we already there ? I dont know that , but i know one thing for sure , if nothing is done , sooner or later we will reach the point of no return , if we have not reached it yet . With other words , when will they realize we have too much radiation in the environemnt ? When is it too much ? If we are going to leave the decision to pronuke s , with their "" have to have the proof ''' attitude , it will definitely be too late . We cannot afford that ,, we need to act and take precautionary measures BEFORE its too late ,, before they wait to see that it really DOES ruin our environement . Cause by the time they will be convinced , it will already be too late ,and we will be doomed ,
        Radiation is not compatible with life ,, it ruins , kills living cells ,, low dose kill , high dose kill more , we have known it for almost a century now , and still in this day and age , "you cant prove it , so you cant claim it " attitude is unaccceptable. Every proof is there ,, in all the cancers and mutations etc , but they cant see it cause they dont want to . I find that very stupid / ignorant to say the least .

        • MFX 1209

          usually someone has to have proof to make a claim. They cant just pull stuff out of their ass, Unless you think pulling something out of an ass is justified. Ask Richard Gere.

          • retali8 retali8

            Stfu with your twisted ways
            Troll be gone.
            Let's the truth shine.
            It's a wonder how these nuke shills sleep at night knowing what there doing and the lies they are covering over, utter scum.

            • We Not They Finally

              Not worth it. If he thinks it's all so safe, then let him just go irradiate himself. He has a marvelous choice between Hanford, WIPP, or Fukushima. Then he can have the floor, or the hospital bed, or whatever….

        • It's a false premise that it is our duty to endlessly and repetitiously play debate club and provide *proof* just because a known shill demands it. 🙂

          Neener neener…..LOL

      • We Not They Finally

        WesternK, OF COURSE people have died!! Don't buy that they haven't for a minute! The most high profile was the manager who stayed on to cool the plant. Dead of pancreatic cancer. And no one knows what happened to "the Fukushima Fifty." Plus all the kids already with thyroid cancer. Plus the kids diagnosed with nodules and cysts whose parents were told to not come back for TWO YEARS and prevented from any second opinion. Plus what happened to half the childhood population under the age of 12 diagnosed with diabetes? What about all the kids in Tokyo with sinking white cell counts? Does anyone seriously think that a mass epidemic of leukemia is NOT on the way or already here?

        Plus what about the throw-away workers brought in by the Yazuka, then fired after they reached dosimeter limits but not given any following up medical care?

        What about the so-called "doctors" (Dr. Mengeles is more like it) at Fukushima Medical University, who are forbidden to even mention radiation? Do you think that their written diagnoses and medical stats are anywhere near honest AT ALL? And what about abortions and miscarriages after the abnormal sonograms we'll never see? What about all the kids on the one-year-plus waiting list to have six fingers on one hand corrected surgically? That was ALL the deformities children there have been born with?

        So don't even think of buying the story about "no deaths"! That's just insulting lies that no one can even logic their way…

      • jec jec

        Those are the plasma 'webs' from 7/20/2014 from Fukushima TBS webcam 4 (south). Know those effects, as we who watch the ENENEWS webcams see them frequently. Is it fisson or/and going criticality? Hard to tell-but whatever its not good for the citizens in the area, Japan or the world….Everyone who is touched by this poison is affected in one way or another.

  • Do your part and get the rad word out. Thanks, People.
    Japanese citizens, now living under secrecy laws, thank you.

  • EKO KLAP$$ 2014

    Atomic scientists are out of control thinking they are masters of the universe, only to find out they are destroyers of civilisations.

    MFX if what you say is true why are the atomic corporations so utterly dropping a brick in silence on the issue? You would assume that they would be proudfully boasting of their perfect achievements in reactor design and safety!

    Is it true that General Electric Hitachi &Toshiba Westinghouse profit from the misery of their failed technology, by first creating the ionised chain reacted radiation that causes the cancers that their medical equipment detect?

    • MFX 1209

      GE makes aircraft turbines, and airliners drop out of the sky too. They dont believe its a failed technology so they keep building them too,

      • retali8 retali8

        Mfx puts in his two-bobs worth for ge and Westinghouse, why? Because they built and designed the failed/outdated reactors at Fukushima who the Japanese failed to repair and patch up time after time, duct tape could only work for so long before a massive quake.

      • EKO KLAP$$ 2014


        A turbine does not have the potential to destroy an entire world with an extinction level event. Spewing out ionized atomic radiation that lasts centuries. Your comparison is flawed.

        Is it true that General Electric knew before selling reactor one to the Japanese that the mark 1 reactor had potential flaws in it's design?


        Did General Electric Hitachi settle out of court (buying justice) in 2013 for fudging test results on new reactor component designs?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Every time someone gets on a plane he/she understands that this plane might crash and they might die. It is an understood risk.

        The huge difference is that flying in a plane is a choice and that plane could take out 1 to 300 passengers on any flight and unlike Nuclear Technology which is no choice and can kill millions with only one crash! 🙁 Pretty simple really…

        Let's see.. a couple hundred VS millions… and choice VS no choice!

        Do you see the difference now?

        • MFX 1209

          Thats a goofy projection from goofy antinuke science. No one but antinukes believes that Yablokov report anyway. Dead is dead. No one has died from radiation from Fukushima. And to project into the future is just goofy. Like your reply. Everyone understands risks and the risks of air travel outweigh nuclear by far.

          • Jebus Jebus

            I don't recall choosing to be have my world contaminated with manmade radionuclides.

            I can choose not to fly…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                MFX 1209….are you an expert in nuclear safety? Answer this; how many square kilometers will become uninhabitable with 200 tons of nuclear fallout?

                • MFX 1209

                  Yes as a matter of fact I am an expert in nuclear safety.

                  Depends on how much fallout actually leaves the plant site. Most of it would not unless you are talking about a full core fire like Chernobyl. Most calculations for light water reactors are ultra conservative and assume 100% MAR release which isnt accurate. You still have corium on site and thats not airborne

                  • We Not They Finally

                    Airborne, seaborne, who gives a crap? Not you. So do go to lovely Chernobyl, please. Go to the children's hospital. Have a good time sadistically gloating that radiation could not possibly have had anything to do with it. Go, go!

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Thanks MFX. If you look at unit 3 blowing up, and of course unit four and one also exploded, but you can see that a lot of fallout went into the environment. In fact several papers exist with an estimation and I can dig them out. I have it that potentially 2/5ths of the earths surface can become uninhabitable from Fukushima based on standard models. Now give us your estimate. I mean one in real square kilometers. You can be off by an order of magnitude, I wouldnt hold it against you given the uncertainties.

                  • blackbuddha blackbuddha

                    Welcome another nuclear safety expert on enenews. Did you get a phone call from fuku on 3-11

              • WW

                mfx1209 – seriously guy, you gotta find some new material and make it challenging. Yes, thanks for the lesson on the voluntary risks of cigs, booze, and AIDs. Hey, maybe that's why I don't smoke, drink, or have sex.

                Always with the unequal equations. How do you equate popularly known and understood risks with unknown and misunderstood risks? Unknown and misunderstood by the populace because someone wants it that way.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Now you are the one being goofy, since all the science collected so far including all the dead bodies, cancers, deformities and mutations says you are the one that is wrong… 🙂

            Do I need too post the human suffering and the damage your industry has done one more time. Do you need to see the photographic evidence once more time? 🙁

            When will you see the light and then the error of your ways?

            John Wayne and his dead crew members would not agree with you my friend.

            • We Not They Finally

              He's not a friend (well, I'm sure you know that) and no, he will not see the error of his ways. it's pointless nursing this. He needs to just go on-site to every place he thinks has NOT been destroying life on the planet: Fukushima, Hanford, WIPP, Chernobyl, many more.

            • MFX 1209

              Seriously. Your science is goofy

              Your photographs exploit.

              How can you be for the human race when you are pro choice and encourage abortions?


              • Sickputer

                Notice 3: User MFX 1209 is a hacker and has been banned from this blog. Do not respond to his postings other than to copy and paste this notice. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

          • WW

            @mfx1209 – and you pro-nukers operate under many assumptions one of which is that all risk is either obvious to the layman and if not, are fully disclosed and made understandable. We observe everyday, that in the case of the nuclear fuel cycle, neither is true. I've understood the ups and downs of air travel from elementary school. Nobody has taught me the pros and cons of the nuclear fuel cycle. And when I ask questions on the pro-nuke sites, so I may learn more, they block me? Why is this?

            • MFX 1209

              Greetings from Riga, Latvia!

              The layman is given 2 choices – be confused by antinuclear pseudoscience, or take experts projections for what they are. No one is telling you to do either. You realize that between the UNSCEAR and other projections, the truth lies. Because no one can nail it down.

              Im not saying radiation, pollution, chemical releases are not hazardous. Im saying you people seem to pin any cancer on low low radiation which really isnt proven since the science didnt connect the dots the way you want.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Your still babbling.

                But I do detect a bit of uncertainty there too.

                • MFX 1209

                  Its all about uncertainty. Welcome to the conversation.

                  • WW

                    mfx1209- and uncertainty provides for very profitable opportunities, for the Successful Psychopaths.

                    Welcome to the House of Butterflies.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Did ya watch the video?

                There will still be jobs for health physicists in the medical fields.

                Somebody's gotta cure all this cancer the industry has caused.

                Oh ya, not all of it…

              • Jebus Jebus

                See I just don't think that nuclear power can be forced upon any population at risk from it.

                It has to be a choice, to contaminate oneself like that. Like we are, without choice.

                It has to be a choice to contaminate our environment with manmade radionuclides.

                It has to be a choice to contaminate our children.

                It has to be a choice to contaminate the future.

                The risk is too great with alternatives already in use. More to come.

                We are well on our way, we just have to put out the fires of the past, first…

                • MFX 1209

                  Greetings from London England!

                  Nuclear power is a fact of life.

                  Nearly 400 reactors world wide and a new type has emerged as the preferred choice (AP1000)

                  However this is not stopping China and Russia from exporting their technology to countries that want to go nuclear.

                  Just heard that China and Canada signed a cooperative agreement.

                  Will the US be left out in the dust for world wide nuclear market?

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Well not all, but surely most of them cancers are from your Nuclear releases..

                This was not a plane crash but a Nuclear Crash and it will cost trillions before it is over. 🙁 Instead of boasting you should be crying like a baby..for the damage your industry has already done.

                • MFX 1209

                  pure goofy speculation when you say "most of them cancers" are from nuclear releases.

                  You havent proven that. So its wishful thinking on your part.

                  Wait! Are you wishing cancer on people? Monster.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    It would appear that way when your blind…

                  • Sickputer

                    Notice 5: User MFX 1209 is a hacker and has been banned from this blog. Do not respond to his postings other than to copy and paste this notice. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

                    • Sparky Sparky

                      Hi SP, thank you for your persistent but gentle reminder, which I'll try to take into advisement.

                      In looking over the threads, I note the creature's obvious hit-and-run tactic, with the word-of-the-day apparently "Monster". How creative. **sarc**

                      Maybe he's run out of his allotted minutes.

              • WW

                mfx1209- it's not about science the way I want. It's about the lies/half-truths, obfuscations, stupid errors, lack of preparedness, purposeful ignorance, careless attitude, etc. on the part of the nuke industry, is the problem.

                But for some of us, this is old news. We've seen it all before. Industry… gov't corrupt, irredeemable actions or inaction, indefensible excuses… blah… blah… blah…

                Same actors, same script, same outcome:

                Over and over and over… ad nauseum.

                Science is a religion.

        • +++++++++++++++++That's what it's about. Choice.

    • We Not They Finally

      EKO, encouraging this guy like he is some kind of resident expert is no way to do. Just tell him that if he really thinks it's safe, he has a choice of Hanford, Fukushima, or WIPP. Wish him Bon Voyage on his fields trip Really. This is a merchant of death. He doesn't deserve the time of day.

  • Pro nukers are serial killers, and they blame their victims.

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is worth reading again. From Oct 2012

    Risk from contamination of marine environment in Pacific after Fukushima


    Remember to include the economical minimization factor.

  • A country that makes it illegal to tell the truth can hardly be expected to be telling it any time soon?…

    Just to let you know Arto Lauri's latest NPP investigation…
    Really good translation and one of his very best,
    if it's possible to say one is better than another..

    Arto reveals the truth about the Hessdalen Light Phenomena,
    and shows us the endless tricks and lies,
    control of the media, publishing misinformation for years and years.
    They never tire of their own lies.
    What an odd form of vanity!
    The Mirror that Kills!

    Arto Lauri 62. Hessdalen

    This video discusses in detail never before seen video of the explosion at Unit4 Fukushima.
    Arto Lauri 26. Fukushima Lie

    This webpage is about Arto's analysis of Chernobyl events and how they are being used today.

    • EKO KLAP$$ 2014

      Arto's hypothesis of Russia refusing to manufacture new uranium rods forcing the west to retool weaponised fuel for atomic reactors is fascinating. He also speaks of overheating reactors in Finland, because of the MOX fuel. He is very interesting.

  • SadieDog

    Iodine tablets distributed around Sedai nuclear plant in Japan…

      • We Not They Finally

        Looked at the linked article. Did something ALREADY happen there? Or is this just an abundance of humanitarian concern? Not their style….

        • jec jec

          Salem was shut down because water cooling pumps..all of them had broken bolts inside the pump housings..the site has been down since APRIL. So..restarting is or interesting depending on what was the cause of the failure. Rust, age..or poor cheap parts..not made from the required metal??? Give me a break when I hear about an 80 extension for Reactors (VEPCO) its not just the reactor building and fuel pools ,it all the ancillary parts. What failed in Fukushima..was the cooling process. If the reactors had stayed cool..they probably would not have melted down into corium. BUT…..

          • jec jec

            sorry, eighty YEAR life of a nuclear reactor plant..VEPCO(Virginias TEPCO) is researching with YOUR tax dollars or utility fees…

    • name999 name999

      sadiedog, "preparations are underway to start the plant back up". WTF…this is their goal. Get those nuke plants started up again. What mofo's.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Meltdowns keep happening. It's not a matter of "if".

  • Sickputer

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