‘Unusual… Troubling News’: Only about 1% of sockeye salmon coming to US waters from Pacific, normally 50 times higher — Lowest rate ever recorded — Had expected best numbers ever — Scientist: ‘Warm blob’ off West Coast may be to blame — Chinook salmon numbers also low

Published: August 25th, 2014 at 6:21 pm ET


The Olympian (Washington), Aug 24, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • ‘Warm blob’ keeps possible record sockeye run away from U.S. waters
  • A development that has left local fishermen scratching their heads
  • Data from the Pacific Salmon Commission [shows] about 99 percent of the sockeye salmon has gone through the Johnstone Strait around the northern part of Vancouver Island
  • About 50 percent of the run [typically goes through] U.S. waters
  • Nearly 2.9 million sockeye salmon have been caught in Canadian waters, while the U.S. fishermen had caught around 98,000
  • This year’s diversion rate is unusual… it would be the highest diversion rate on record, with data dating back to 1953… That would be troubling news
  • Fishermen Pete Granger: “It could be one of the worst seasons we’ve had in a long time”
  • Nick Bond, a research scientist for the University of Washington [is looking at] a “warm blob” that developed last winter [off the coast and] believes the development of the warm blob is…  a fluke
  • The warm blob could be around… well into 2015
  • It is particularly frustrating [since] fishermen were gearing up for what was expected to be a record run [as it] consists of the offspring from the 2010 run, which was one of the largest ever recorded
  • The forecast run for this year is around 22.8 million fish
  • Granger’s… concerned about next year’s pink salmon run

Vancouver Sun, Aug 19, 2014: An estimated 99 per cent of sockeye are migrating… through Johnstone Strait instead of the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Issaquah Press (Washington), Aug 5, 2014: Shallow sockeye numbers may hint at light salmon return […] Sadly, at least for sockeye salmon, the number through the fish ladder has dipped very low. “Unfortunately, we aren’t getting the number we had hoped for in this sockeye run,” said Dani Kendall, program assistant to the Cedar River Salmon Journey… Department of Fish and Wildlife predicted 167,000… would make their way in from the Pacific… only 50,000 have come through… “It’s unfortunate, considering the high projection.” As for why the prediction fell so short of the mark, Kendall said… “I wish I had an answer, but I don’t”… chinook numbers are low as well… Department of Fish and Wildlife forecasted 4,703 of the species will show up… So far, that’s not the case.

See also: [intlink id=”tv-mysterious-die-young-salmon-pacific-northwest-healthy-hungry-die-heading-open-ocean-plankton-normal-many-questions-researchers-testing-plankton-fukushima-contamination-offshore-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 25th, 2014 at 6:21 pm ET


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122 comments to ‘Unusual… Troubling News’: Only about 1% of sockeye salmon coming to US waters from Pacific, normally 50 times higher — Lowest rate ever recorded — Had expected best numbers ever — Scientist: ‘Warm blob’ off West Coast may be to blame — Chinook salmon numbers also low

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    My friend,one of few left surviving who I can actually call "my friend" was living with other family members in the Aleutian Islands for many years came back to Chicago to bury his mother who it turned out was diagnosed & treated for cancer at the same hospital at the same time my wife was going through "round #1" of her cancer treatments and I didn't even recognize her after her age & illness changed her appearance from the way I remembered her. He went back a few months ago to AK to work on a fishing boat he'd made a decent living from only to turn up back here again & explained,"The ship's captain had died of an aggressive cancer in less than 4 months from the time of the onset of symptoms,diagnosis & had a heart attack during radiation "therapy"! The late-captain's son took over and all he'd caught was debris from the 311 tsunami??!! EVERYTHING was DEAD or sickly and they wound up losing the boat after missing too many payments & NO FISH could be found! Now my 45 yr. old friend is going for MRI's,etc. for a "growth" on his thyroid and liver!! He still can't sit through a 5-minute conversation with me about Fukushima,doesn't have a fucking clue what happened or what the "warm blob" just south of his former thriving fishing grounds & home is and doesn't want to hear anything about it even though the "answers" are staring him right in the face.He collected over 25 different colored glass buoys from the otherwise empty nets he decorated his living room…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      The people who used to say shit like,"oh yeah,if TSeverHTF I hope I'm hanging out with you",etc.,etc.,blah,blah,blah!!
      Yeah okay sure DH,but I try to tell you we got FUKUd-UP from the hands-down,absolute WORST (ongoing)event in the history of human FUKuPs and you ignore me or make me out to be nucking futs for setting out the truth of the matter??!! I still care about others and would give my own life to save another without hesitation but 99% of the a-holes who'd like to have me shield them from enemy bullets & provision safe food & water would probably also ignore my directive & explanation & pleas to NOT eat or drink certain crap and expect me to carry them on my effin' back anyways??!! Screw that noise! When there's no more TV & subliminal pro-nuke programming & no more "official"lies able to cut through their dumbed/numbed down damaged brains & common-sense & logic returns clarity/reality to their nuke-clouded minds & senses it will have been too late & it already is!! I'd rather die on MY terms in MY way than be around to see that day or be found to have been completely WRONG about what I & most of my 'newser pals have had eating away our hearts & killing our loved ones & vital,crucial living things like the species of fish & wildlife being lost with every blink of an eye!!The LAST thing I ever would want is to be able to say,"see?,I told you so"!!re;311!! I may have lost 80% of my hearing,but I see things very clearly & it hurts….

      • SadieDog

        Thank you.

      • Magda

        'I see things very clearly and it hurts'
        Amen to that Johnny Blade

        • We Not They Finally

          Facing the vicious foolish and greed ridden destruction of planet earth is like a long drawn out torture that never ends…The Reptilians how do we stop an astral entity that is clearly not Human but Demonic from the deepest hell imaginable. That makes a profit from destroying this once glorious planet and reduces it to rubble.My wife and I find it beyond anything we have ever seen before.Lying about it puts off world panic but it will come.The book and movie On The Beach is like a sweet movie compared to what is on the way…

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        Johnny Blade, if the anger and passion you show in your posts, cannot get through the thick skulls of those around you, we are truly doomed. The fact your friend still cannot make the connection, shows just how brainwashed by MSM society has become. It appears 2+2 does indeed equal 5. 🙁

      • "I see things very clearly & it hurts…."

        Doesn't it. So much. And has for so long.

        "Therefore the winds, piping to us in vain,
        As in revenge, have sucked up from the sea
        Contagious fogs, which falling in the land
        Have every pelting river made so proud
        That they have overborne their continents.
        The ox hath therefore stretched his yoke in vain,
        The ploughman lost his sweat, and the green corn
        Hath rotted ere his youth attained a beard.
        The fold stands empty in the drownèd field,
        And crows are fatted with the murrain flock.
        The nine-men’s-morris is filled up with mud,
        And the quaint mazes in the wanton green
        For lack of tread are undistinguishable.
        The human mortals want their winter here.
        No night is now with hymn or carol blessed.
        Therefore the moon, the governess of floods,
        Pale in her anger, washes all the air,
        That rheumatic diseases do abound.
        And thorough this distemperature we see
        The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts
        Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose,
        And on old Hiems' thin and icy crown
        An odorous chaplet of sweet summer buds
        Is, as in mockery, set. The spring, the summer,
        The childing autumn, angry winter change
        Their wonted liveries, and the mazèd world,
        By their increase, now knows not which is which.
        And this same progeny of evils comes
        From our debate, from our dissension.
        We are their parents and original."
        A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakseare
        Act 2,Scene 1 – Titania, Queen of the Fairies

    • 2014 Salmon Second Mass Die Off In Progress From Fukushima Radiation? First Mass Die Off From Dams, Running The Gauntlet; PBS Nature; via A Green Road

  • gzidzer

    A banner year for salmon: 1.5 million fall Chinook, 638,300 Coho anticipated


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Better read the entire article:

      "…The fall Chinook counts at Bonneville, which began Aug. 1, have dropped to below average levels Monday through Wednesday with daily adult Chinook passage averaging about 300. But typically less than 1 percent of the year’s overall fall Chinook run will have passed Bonneville by Aug 6, and on average the 50-percent passage point falls between Sept. 8 and 15…."

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Fishing report: Aug. 22, 2014
      “…Rogue River salmon
      Salmon fishing in the mouth of the Rogue River at Gold Beach has been fair at best this past week. Not everyone is hooking kings but some days private boaters and guides are bringing three to four salmon to the net. The run traditionally builds through August and into September. The upper Rogue River near Shady Cove was still fishing good with a couple of kings a day coming in for guide Randy Nelson. The steelhead fishing has remained good with two to three steelhead per outing side-drifting roe….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      August 25, 2014 at 5:23 pm

      More bad news out of Alaska. Mass fish dye offs. Fish covered with white spots.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Northwest Alaska villagers concerned about dead salmon washing up along Kobuk River
      August 18, 2014
      “For the last week, from Shungnak all the way down to Kotzebue, people are reporting dead fish washed up on the banks of Northwest Alaska's Kobuk River in astonishing numbers. The fish appear to have been healthy and unspawned. Some have mysterious white welts dotting their backs….
      “There are so many fish in the river, people can see fins near the banks, according to Kiana resident Thomas Jackson. That never happens, he said, since the fish usually move through the deep river channels.
      “Last week, Jackson went fishing for whitefish at the Coal Mine Camp on the Kobuk, 20 miles upriver from Kiana. When he got there, he said, elders warned him that all he was going to catch were dead chums. He suspected he had missed the run, since on his trip up the river he’d seen only a few dead fish.
      “But when he hauled in his seine net after only a few minutes of fishing, he was shocked to find 50 dead salmon in it.
      “’I’m 51 years old and I’ve never seen this in my whole life,’ Jackson said from Kiana Monday.
      “He said the fish have started to wash up in the village of Kiana, an Inupiat community of about 400 at the confluence of the Kobuk and Squirrel rivers. He wasn’t sure how many fish were on the shore, but it was starting to stink….

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Thousands of dead fish are blanketing the Belle River [Ontario]
      CBC News Posted: Aug 15, 2014

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Mass Animal Deaths for 2014

      The earth is hurting. Please shut down all nuclear reactors and weapons production plants. Please stop using DU, and all toxins and dioxins and herbicides and pesticides and all GMOs.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        This death of all these species…is very sad.. 🙁

        • 53rockwell 53rockwell

          Unfortunately, the demise of us Humans will be much more violent ,and ugly. Hungry folk will do anything.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            No! I don't think I'll do cannibalism like the Donner Party, because My, or Any Individual's, survival doesn't amount to anything in our irradiated future. At least the Donner Party saw a possible future ahead! I don't! Do you? So what is the point in doing …. anything! When you know it's over, just relax in mindfulness in the reality. This could be helpful to the next evolutionary experiment. Can you hear me yet?

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Starvation won't come in day .. production of a substitute protein ..soy ..perhaps ..would be a mindful thing to do.

              Learning the vegetarian concept of combined proteins ..as well.

              As a martial arts practitioner .. I'm conscious of "mindfulness in action".

              PS..Hi, dharmasyd..always good to see you here.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Typo.. "Starvation won't come in a day"

                Nor is it a game ..as Hollywood would like us all to believe.

                It is something to be strived against.
                At the moment ..it can be eased.. by growing something to eat.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  PS..OT. In areas that marijuana is being legalized ..grow farms are springing up..
                  They use a lot of water.
                  But marijuana can't be eaten .. and they don't raise so much ..as a carrot.
                  Very sad..

            • 52Rockwell

              Oh ,I agree. I would hope I can keep it together and help what Family I have.Im afraid though that when the food,and other systems begin to breakdown,civil unrest will break out and take many away. that is where my head was when I wrote my reply.

            • We Not They Finally

              I believe that once life ends on earth it will never come back especially if the few remaining humans whether 500 million or none will be forced deep underground after earth becomes a rogue planet some how detached from the Sun and wandering aimlessly through our galaxy until maybe thousands of yrs from now crashing into another galaxy and striking another planet…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yummy..yes, man will eat man. Still happens today. 🙁

      • Sol Man

        The growing silence may drive people mad(der.)

      • Sol Man

        Life is tenacious, but seems very likely that the force behind it may not be able to overcome all of the various poisons that the status quo has put in its way. The silence I speak of comes from the loss of the bird songs, the crickets, locusts, frogs & toads, coyotes in the night… we need these sounds in order to sense our place in nature and save our sanity.

        Our time is

  • Dick Shenary

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I have always heard that salmon are genetically programmed to return to the same stream or river where their parent fish spawned. Suddenly these salmon take a left turn and decide to visit Canadian waters because of 3 degrees warmer water. What gives?

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      I am quite sure that genetics are not part of the return.
      Their genetics are already in place before they hatch.

      What is known is that salmon have a very sensitive scent detection.
      They know what route to return based on chemical composition in the
      water coming from the spawning grounds they were raised in.
      Every river and stream has a unique chemical signature they use
      to decide which turn to take.

      Experiments (to the best of my memory) have confirmed the latter theory.

      A shift in water temperature can cause delays in when they decide to go "up river".

      That they veered off course a bit is not all that surprising.

      Also, with respect to their total path of 1000s of miles, a shift putting them on the north side of Vancouver Island vs the west side is not all that much "off course".

      Why? Who knows.
      Not a big surprise in the context that most eco-systems on the planet are on tilt and have been for decades now.

    • Cooter

      Your right DS, if you look at the map;


      There are only two entrances to the west coast of Canada. From Vancouver Island north is open water (Johnstone Strait) to the southern tip of Queen Charlotte Island. At the north end of Queen Charlotte is the beginning of the Dixon Entrance. The open water and Dixon entrance are the two main entrances to the spawning grounds to the BC coast and Southeast Alaska.

      In the 60's we gillnetted on the disputed waters between Canada and the US. We could tell when we caught BC salmon, mostly Pinks which are smaller than the fish migrating north towards Ketchikan. Canadian fish would move towards the Skeena River and drainage points south.

      The Dixon entrance is deep with cold water uplifts, swelling into the entrance on strong ocean currents and tides. This "blob" of warm water must be very big and deep for the salmon to divert south (250miles) and around the southern end of Queen Charlotte Island. These salmon need cold, nutrient rich water to fatten up before spawning and the Dixon Entrance is the place to do it. The open waters North of Vancouver Island would be warmer, holding less nutrients.

      I've never heard of sea waters warming West of the Prince of Wales. This is strange indeed.

  • brainheart

    Gzidzer, you posted a link about a banner salmon year at the Dalles which is about 150 miles inland from the ocean. I have been visiting the Hood River Fish run and the Fish Hatchery almost once a week for comfort because I know that the fish are faring much better further inland.

    I do not know if this was an intentional mis-direction or a sincere desire to see some positive in the grim reality in which we find ourselves.

    The fish are washing up dead on the shores. They are travelling along different routes being re-directed by some yet-to-be defined threat. The "warm blob" is killing marine life in the Pacific ocean on the western shore and even in Puget Sound. Salmon are travelling down stream healthy from the East. The Salmon are failing to return from the ocean to spawn. And this year many are dying when they enter Puget Sound and probably by now dying when they arrive at the ocean.

    All of this is now happening very rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with the daily stories of dead sea life washing up on the Western shores.

    I appreciate the healthy Salmon and Steelhead at the Hood River Fish run and the rainbow trout at the Fish Hatchery. I always feel like their time like ours is limited. You should likewise be very thankful for the salmon in the Dalles.

    • hbjon hbjon

      The dispersion of fuel particles from west to east is reaching a saturation point where the small sardines, anchovies, plankton, and other sea life have ingested a fatal dose of the shimmering artificial bait. Think about those decorative Christmas snow displays that when you shake them up, it takes a long time for it to settle back to the bottom. A microscopic speck of the shimmering fuel will be toxic.

    • brainheart

      Exactly, hbjon,well stated

      And VanneV, I actually meant the Bonneville Dam fish ladders and fish hatchery, not Hood River. The posting about the Dalles took my mind further up the Columbia. Incredibly beautiful terrain, but lots of plant and tree death and, early on, mutations. Early change in leaf coloring also.

      I know that it is a luxury to be able to see fish that are still thriving. Their number counts may be down. I have tried to find information like the information posted here to determine that, but the way the information is posted is very tricky. 10 year and 16 year averages that throw off the data because the comparison to just last year can be a major difference, yet the numbers can look better against long term averages.

      I can say without any doubt that the first time that I went to the fish hatchery in 1999, all of the pools were full of fish and practically every space that could contain fish was full. Now, only about 10% of the pools have any fish. And, the sturgeon do not appear to be thriving as strongly as in the past. Just personal observation.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Certainly we had/saw a big problem approaching when we had to farm fish in order to have any fish.. 🙁

        • I got a new rude awakening regarding some of the international Talapia fish farms quite a few years ago. Until a petition made the rounds, I had no idea of the common practice of using mainly pig manure for feed. Cheapest, plentiful to import and photos of the diseases and floating dead fish being routinely scooped out were ghastly.

          • Bay Area Guy 2

            Yeah, if you want to eat tilapia, make sure it's not from China or Vietnam. They feed all kinds of junk to them there. US is probably marginally better, but probably not much better.

  • Dick Shenary

    Fireguyjeff – Thanks for the info – I am trying to understand the subtlies of these issues.

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    A "warm Blob" ? Nice one!
    More like, a hot blob, as in… radioactive hot zone….
    And it's gonna be around for many thousands of years!

  • American Phoenix57

    Must watch video:

    Salmon Confidential is a new film on the government cover up of what is killing BC’s wild salmon. When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the findings. Tracking viruses, Morton moves from courtrooms, into British Columbia’s most remote rivers, Vancouver grocery stores and sushi restaurants. The film documents Morton’s journey as she attempts to overcome government and industry roadblocks thrown in her path and works to bring critical information to the public in time to save BC’s wild salmon.


  • tsfw tsfw

    Warm blob…is that a meteorological or oceanographic term? I suppose that's the terminology we'll have to get used to while they're getting over their befuddlement.

  • treehuger

    I have prefukushima canned Alaska salmon pink and red and mackerel canned in Japan I bought it 2 years after the accident it was hard to find. the salmon is embossed stamped canned in 2010 and best by 2016 I am down on my luck and need to sell. by can or case if you want it make offer christopoper@hotmail.com this would be great for labs as a comparison or to eat. I eat it from the can this is the very last….

  • As the stats roll in this year it's not going to get better. I keep thinking about all the hard work people had been doing to help mitigate some man made obstacles as eco awareness grew.

    Taking out the Elwah Dam to reestablish the old spawning grounds was one successful Washington state project. It was starting to look so beautiful as wildflowers, shrubs and trees were reclaiming the raw exposed slopes. Also many different tribes were busy funding and reclaiming other streams and wetlands to increase historical fish habitats.

    There will be a lot of extreme anger and sadness as those folks realize the part Fukushima plays and fish continue to diminish. No one back then could have expected in their wildest nightmares that nuclear radiation would be the final death blow.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Mighty Salmon ..
    Giver of life ..(and strength)..for endless generations of the Native American people in the area.

    Here's a bit of prophecy..

    Yale: Chief Arvol Looking Horse at U.N. to speak about Fukushima crisis and threat to future of humanity — 2001 Quote: “Contamination of our food and land now affecting way we think… disease of the mind has set in World Leaders… faced with chaos, disasters, diseases… end of life as we know it”?
    Nov 16 2013


    • Thanks Rose. 🙂 There are so many enews threads I've never seen. When I lived on the Oregon coast, many of my NA women friends traveled as local representatives to one of the large midwest intertribal meetings. Their biggest message when they reported back to us, was please save heirloom seeds, keep the time proven species and native varieties alive and protected even if you don't garden yourself. We were passing a lot of critical advise via the moccasin grapevine during those early internet days when hardly anyone had a computer at home.

  • curly

    There was an article on MSN about some official with the diablo canyon npp that filed a report (2013) advising that it be shut down because it might not withstand quakes from local faults. The nrc responded by saying everything wa hunky dory. The article even mentioned fuku but only that the plant had been damaged. No mention of ongoing multiple core melt downs. I went back to find the article a few minutes later and it had magically disappeared.


    people whom consume canned pink salmon or any type of salmon species canned are in danger of consuming strontium 90 in the bones and cesium 137 in the flesh, notwithstanding all the other atomic monsters released from General Electric Hitachi and Toshiba Westinghouse reactors; operated by Tokyo electric power ….

    Clipity clop lie, lie, lie, die, die, die!

    You can only warn people, such humanity never goes unrewarded, but those whom teach unarguably wrong paths shall be consumed in the great sulphur lake they created. Bootlicker naysayers included.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    All ENEnewsers and readers know by now not to eat any seafood that could have come from the Pacific Ocean. Right? 🙂

    • dunkilo

      Right you are Phil!
      on a side note,i have heard from one source that the US military(boots and drones etc) is being given the task of helping in the hot zone.from Chosunilbo English.com
      Has anyone else heard anything about this?Perhaps from another source?
      Love to all

    • We Not They Finally

      WE know not to consume west coast fish but what about east coast fish?How safe is any produce at this time?? Rain still carries radiation wherever it rains??Just the process of evaporation from sea waters to clouds is in itself a major worry?How long do we have before the whole world loses 70& 0f all its oxygen from the death of planckton? Is this the future we were never warned about? Oh yes Safe nuclear energy??? Safe for who?Reptilian evil entities? When we were young 70 yrs ago or so Cancer wasnt a common disease after yrs of bomb tests and depleted uranium and the nuclear plants all over the world have changed all that….

  • tsfw tsfw

    Frustrating- I'd like to show that to my kids but I'm not allowed to talk about Fukushima. On top of it I have to pretend to be happy for their surfing and fish eating experiences or I'm cut off. Knowledge is useless weight sometimes.

    • Angela_R

      tsfw, that would be hard to 'swallow'. One of mine, not long after arriving from a long flight, mentioned a metallic taste. Later she enquired whether I had any medication for digestive upsets. I held my tongue. Even when, a few days later I noticed a Level 5* alert for her home town. I'm not allowed to mention 'nuclear', but she is, after all an adult.

      * I now wonder whether the alert was occasioned by spiking during fuel change.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I hear you tsfw, love your cracker. I have a whole list of things I'm not allowed to talk about. Fukushima, falls under all things nuclear, privitization, zombie apocalypse, neocons,the nuclear military industrial complex, NDAA, warfare, Fascism, black ops, conspiracy theories, the corporate media, mind control….You see why I vent so much here to you poor people. Y'all are the only ones who understand. My boyfriend always says, the ones who play in the rain are the lucky ones. Maybe he's right. The future's so bright, I gotta buy a hazmat suit. And they are not even thinking about shutting them down, they are going to squeeze every penny out of those apocalypse machines that they can, the stupid sociopaths. And then charge us an arm and a leg for treatment for a disease they themselves created. It's diabolical. Sorry.. I don't mean to rant, but it makes me so damn mad. It's hard to be forgiving in the face of such absolute destruction. Nuclear anything is madness, has their money blinded them so completely? It's like being in a ship, with a mad captain and he's determined to drive that ship off the end of the world and everyone either supports the captain or doesn't believe there's an end of the world to fall off of and all you can do is look at that dark abyss and scream while people make fun of you and tell you, your just over reacting. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Mutiny would be an acceptable course of action..if being sent off a cliff by a madman. 🙂

      • Angela_R

        Its a bitter pill to swallow..well try having your daughter talk in all seriousness about the future with the human brain transferred into the robotic body. I hadn't mentioned it, but I guess she had seen this: http://www.2045.com. While the holograph body, to me, is just someone's way of describing the energy field, man's artificial apparatus is not my desire for a future world. Neither is the idea of struggling to repair this one.

        Through the clouds see Brigadoon.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Appears we will soon be the Borg..

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          Poor kids, what an insurmountable mess we've left them. I suppose robots and the Wigner effect is off the table for discussion. Poor kids. Radiation, the great hope eraser.

          • Angela_R

            "I suppose robots and the Wigner effect is off the table for discussion." Why? You might like coffee and I might like tea. They can both be available.

            I'm back with Oz and Dorothy and the tin man needed to oil his joints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-RHfXZkT1g

            be interested though in hearing about the Wigner effect, but right now, I must go to sleep

            I wonder if the OT Forum will come back on track…

        • tinfoiled tinfoiled

          Well, that would explain the Elite's disregard for the rest of us. Their money will allow them to become practically immortal.
          All hail, President 54… of 54!

          • Angela_R

            Oh, I apologize, tinfoiled, I didn't know you were behind me.
            Does it have to be machine oil, I have olive or avocado oil in the pantry…

            • tinfoiled tinfoiled

              Us "conspiracy nut-jobs" have a have a habit of sneaking up on people. Muwah haha!
              To answer your question, robots will have no need for foodstuffs (which is convenient as it will all be radioactive anyway)and the Elites really, really do like their petroleum based products.
              So throw away your vegetable based oils, they will surely be made illegal. As it's ingredients are grow-able and cut into corporate profits. 🙂

              • 53rockwell 53rockwell

                Bender was alcohol fueled 🙂

              • Angela_R

                tinfoil, remove your hat! robots are made of metal and it also becomes radioactive as no doubt does foil. The head is closest to the sky, stay out of the sun.

                The fact that they are attempting to even police a veggie patch, yet are impregnating certain seeds with round up and one of the ingredients of agent orange, then serving up gamma rays in their irradiated food, would make anyone reconsider being a stowaway on a spacecraft. Don't like the menu and there will be no laughter amongst the invited company.
                Instead I'm gonna fly.

        • We Not They Finally

          Yes Angela thats exactly what these psychopaths are preparing to do.By putting the seat of consciousness into robotic bodies they intend to live forever….Sounds like really bad Sci-fi you bet…

          • Angela_R

            WNTF, I was informed yesterday that a few statues, one showing a half man/half lion, have been positioned locally.
            Man is truly insane if he thinks he can just repeat the mistakes of the past. To me, what has happened in the past can be used to verify, via cause and effect, when the inner guide intuitively says 'this way is wrong'.
            We don't always have an example from the past, but in this history/mythology we do.
            This is one interpretation of what is happening:

            I find aspects of truth in many things, likewise there is much that I do not accept. But the seed of the idea sometimes is correct, and the fault lies with those who spread the word without understanding. Discernment has always been necessary, maybe now more than ever.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The United States Secretary of State signed a deal with Japan NOT TO TEST FOOD IMPORTS FROM JAPAN FOR FUKUSHIMA RADIATION.

    Now tell me just how eager the government will be to test US caught fish for contamination.

    Too busy protecting business as usual to protect the people.

    So protect yourself, and protect your family.
    No Pacific Seafood.

    Hell. I won't even buy cat food made with fish anymore. 😉

    The Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is collapsing.
    The Pacific Ocean seafood industry is unwinding.
    Big economic depression coming as a result of Fukushima.

    • Angela_R

      Philip, earlier this year, Australia stopped testing for radiation. Not long after, Australia signed a trade agreement with Japan.

    • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

      Between aware folks boycotting pacific seafood and the reduced catches the fishing industry will come under hard times. Just one of the first of many cascading economic effects from FD. One of the huge and horrible ones will be health care systems. Cancer is expensive…..

    • jimbob jimbob

      Unfortunately I must as my cats will only eat Salmon Pate, they are very fussy.

      One morning my magic cupboard was broken so I opened a can of pre fukushima Sockeye salmon from my earthquake kit and they wouldn't eat it.

      More on topic my Landlords son's family lives in Southern California and when the spent fuel was first being taken out I mentioned to him the possibility of it going horribly wrong and that he may need to consider evacuating his children to Argentina where his wife grew up.

      We had been working in our shared garden and I described what the consequences of another serious incident might be.

      He looked at me and asked what about South Africa is that an option? He still has family there.

      He did not question me even though he had not been following the ongoing disaster, he just told me to give him the word and he would get his children and grandchildren out of the Northern Hemisphere.

      My family will not even listen to me about Fukushima, they trust what the government tells them. They are all quite intelligent but also very stupid!

      I think part of it is they are trapped here and cannot afford to evacuate so do not want to hear it.

      Much like many of the people in Japan I suppose, I don't talk to my family about it anymore it just creates friction.

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        "They are all quite intelligent but also very stupid!"
        Not stupid jimbob… just brainwashed. Turning off the TV is a start to getting their brains functioning properly again.

    • Protect sheeple? Not going to happen.

      They are designed to be shorn and disappeared.

      Then eventually they can be made into Soylent Green, or artificial synthetic GMO cheese, if not enough profit can be squeezed out of them while they are alive.

      • Cross breeding between sheep and people via GMO techniques is happening in secret labs.. Soylent Sheeple cheese is next.

        Benefit? You can feed your human infant this milk and it is identical to human milk.

        The cheese tastes just like it came from a human breast.. How about that?

        Plus, sheeple are really intelligent, can be taught to speak, roll over, play dead, and fetch small objects.

        • Angela_R

          I thought nature had provided evidence of the dangers in breeding cross species centuries ago.

        • We Not They Finally

          What about breeding Gorillas and humans..That will really make monkeys of us all…Frankly whatever they do with our radioactive bodies wont matter much.But who truly are responsible for all this? Greed ridden evil creatures Greys, Reptilians and those who sold their souls to Satan..This officially makes earth a hell planet.

          If there is a way to go to some other possibly civilized Planet why not?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You see things clearly.. 🙂

  • bluetick

    WEll some good news 2.1 trillion for trans gender operations has been freed up along with 2.1 trillion for benefits in 2013..but only a couple of visits to fukushima and a few mill for some sick sailors will break us… hahhah hah hah ahha ha ah this world is a joke if you have not figured it out…who remembers the fixx red skies at night? needs to be remade pink skies at night no salmon in sight!

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      "trans gender operations"..certainly caused by our since 1900 Nuclear mutagenic contamination/operations transgressions. 🙁

      Who and what am I?

  • What's a Good Punishment For Killing Pacific Ocean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWQCFD-Qt3k

    I wonder how all the folks selling Alaskan salmon at farmers markets are going to feel next year when maybe the finally figure out what is going on.

    Help 'em out!

    Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

    These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
    Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally.

    Other easy resources

    Get the rad word out.


      @chemfood – Nice business cards but I noticed neither NETC.com or RadiationNetwork were listed as information sites. Are you unaware of these sites for real-time monitoring? If not and you do use them, why not list them over some of those other sites you mentioned that are NOT real-time monitoring sites.

      I am a member of both NETC.com and RadiationNetwork. I perfer NETC and even have an outside monitoring station setup that clearly detected the past weeks record rise in radiation. This was the highest detection in radiation that I have ever seen from my station and another station like mine in St. Charles Illinois detected the same pattern of high readings.

      It's a shame that people do not use these two free public maps more because knowing about the radiation after it passes your area does not protect your family. Knowing that it is on its way does protect your family. My station is setup for local alerts using audio speakers both in my house and outside. My family knows when the radiation is on the rise and our kids come inside. https://www.netc.com/bb/download/file.php?id=229

    • mt1000

      oh, the fishermen's response is to attack the messenger –

  • ftlt

    The impacts on wildlife and the general health of the oceans and wild species on land to often come from many different human created factors – not just nuclear more specifically FUFU.

    That many posting on this site refuse to accept that many other of man's activities are affecting our oceans, lands and climate – while are at the same time ready to blame everything on FUFU really points a lack of open mindedness and politically motivated induced thinking.IMO

    I have few doubts that FUFU will have massive effects on ocean life and beyond. But, I am not ready to accept it is as the only cause of all problems.

    The fact, this article speaks to one section of the ocean not having a particular salmon, points to little. It does not say they are permanently gone. It suggests, they are not there because of higher temperatures. Anyone, who has followed salmon and other economic fish, knows there can wild local fluctuations and even die-offs in fish populations over time.

    There are manifold possible reasons for low fish counts and young fish deaths – running the whole gamut from natural to man induced causes.

    To run with this as a FUFU influence/impact conformation is beyond silly and frantic. It speaks to a group of people wanting it and everything to be so. Like a group of FUFU bible beaters.

    This could be as simple as is being suggested, that warm waters are creating something as simple as trophic issues for the young fish.

    Tey checking the local…

    • ftlt

      Try checking local sport, commercial fishing and government reports for adjacent areas. You might find no problems.

      • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

        I think it is a matter of scale. The sheer volume of radioactive contamination from FD is unprecidented. And the deceit from agencies tasked with protecting human health not to mention human rights is creepy in a global facism kind of way.

      • It is all about the unusual patterns.. throughout history, some of these things have NEVER happened before..

        White spots on salmon, dying before they lay their eggs? bulging eyes, bulging swollen and spotted livers, skin falling off of the fish while still alive and eggs inside, etc…

        Fishermen and natives have never seen any of this, and now it seems common place.

        • Angela_R

          Well, not sure what Craig Venter is doing today but he may have spent some time 'at sea'…

          The following comes from a conversation in 2007;
          "To me the biggest issue, that's why we decide to put most effort there, is what we're doing to our own environment and atmosphere by taking billions of tons of oil and coal, burning it, and having the CO2 go into the atmosphere. Right now it's over four billion tons a year — and the estimation in 50 years is that it's going to be on the order of 12 billion tons a year of CO2. It's a big experiment that we are doing with our planet that hasn't happened during the existence of human life. It's happened to the ?planet before.'"

          Didn't they realize that the major problem was not CO2? or was it that the words 'nuclear radiation' were taboo..
          but he did admit: '"It's a dangerous experiment to do. We can only estimate outcomes from it. But we have to have some potential solutions."

          Didn't they realize that the major problem was not CO2? Or was it that the word radioisotopes was taboo…

    • jimbob jimbob

      I agree with this completely. We have been screwing up the Worlds oceans long before Fukushima blew.

      But I agree with many here that it may have been the tipping point for the Pacific Ocean which was already in dire straits.

      I remember reading reports from around 5 years ago about the collapse of shell fish farms in BC and Washington due to acidification of the water. The clams, muscles etc. could not form proper shells due to high CO2 levels in the water.

    • hbjon hbjon

      The fish are holding their breaths and hoping we humans can think of a way to unfuk the toxic environment we created for them. Bad news is we can't even save our own arses.

      • tinfoiled tinfoiled

        "The fish are holding their breaths…"

        That would explain the reports of their bulging eyes.

        I also believe crabs, lobsters and starfish are also holding their breaths, it would explain why they are all turning blue.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes..sheer volume of dispersion…spooky to say the least.

  • antipodes

    Something ironic about organic. Four out of five organic growers at our local farmers market said that they did use fish emulsion as a fertilizer. One said it was local from a trout farm. Guess it's wise to inquire now these day's. Kelp is also a question.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You would be correct as we eat organic and then get sick….they are methodically destroying everything.

      Can't eat, can't breath, can't drink, can't walk in the rain or play in the snow and the oceans, rivers and lands are fouled/poisoned/wormwood.. 🙁

  • Nick

    A special team of fish experts have assembled to examine the data from expected/projected salmon run totals up various rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

    Despite the white spots and dead fish, nothing seems to out of the ordinary.

    However, a child of one of the experts who was watching a run at a river mouth, asked "why are there no birds eating the fish?"

    To which all the assembled experts had no answer to.

    • Might be interesting to check the polar, brown and black bears hearts and internal radiation load. They REALLY load up on the salmon and lower food chain to lay on the fat for winter.

      IF problems show up, that may be one of the first places.

      Oh, yea, the seals, the bears and the top predators ARE having health issues and lots or dying.. tend to forget all that so FAST…

      The new normal. Who cares..

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    Nick That child has asked the best question these days? i have been watching birds and the local nature very hard for many years and have been asking people now what birds have they seen? so far people look at you stupid and then in deep thought as they walk away . big changes in bird numbers every where? i have been driving from Alaska to BC Canada. Seagulls , ravens and crows seem to be hiding? as well as many other little feathered friends! i was watching a report of crab fishing in our US and Canadian waters and how great the numbers were this year and was asked why? well easy answer is the dead sink to the bottom where the crabs are feeding. lots of food means , lots of growth? soon it will be all over in the ocean? as for our governments not testing food here , well by a geiger counter! one thing to test first is Rodgers sugar? yes it is very high and has been tested many times so much for being sweet!

  • ISeePinkClouds

    "Warm blob" Does that mean that water flowing across coria is heated above ocean temperature, and remains associated, compacted by cooler water around it, that it basically remains cohesive in ocean water. Would this cohesive "warm blob" be more radioactive than the cooler water around it is? It appears to me as it might, especially if it actually is warm water heated by the process of water flowing across melted reactor cores. Are the fish avoiding the warmer water? It is difficult to process. On so many levels. Onward, Through the Pink and Blue Fog! peace

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


  • Sickputer

    The research I read said the radiation in the Kushiro current was staying cohesive in a fifty mile wide band across to the Americas. And the Kushiro Current is a warm current even before adulterated with hot steaming runoff from Fukushima.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Kushiro Current.

  • Matties-Netherlands

    The following is new to me. How and where he gets his info ?

    On the ongoing enormous problems with the nuclear meltdown for Fukushima, Corbett says, “There are three to four hundred tons of radioactive water spilling out every day from the Fukushima plant. . . . There are some surprising results of where most of this radioactive water is going. Although most of the models say the main thrust of that plume was headed for the west coast of North America, they are finding now a lot of this radiation is going very deep under water and as much as 60% of this radiation is headed southward.”

    • ISeePinkClouds

      @ Matties-N; Yes. Those figures came from TEPCO. They are meaningless numbers aimed to quell muses of masses. Those numbers only refer to the amount of water TEPCO claims to be putting on the reactor cores, which subsequently "leaks" into the Pacific Ocean. The reality is that the reactor cores have sunk into the ground and settled on an ancient subsurface stream bed delivering fresh water from the mountains into the ocean. To determine the amount of water carried by the ancient streambed would only require a simple set of calculations. Those calculations have not been done, or if so, they have not been released to the public. Presumably, that figure could dwarf the 200,000 million gallon figure estimated for TEPCO's efforts. We would know more if TEPCO would find the coria; once they start looking for them, that is. Onward, through the sticky pink and blue fog! peace



    Soon the evil empire will fall, smiles will turn to grief as clearly the people will awaken. With renewed vision those armed with the ways forward shall take back their democracy.

    Smile dogs of Mars, your time has come.

    Rocked in shock the empire will bow.

    Have a nice day, NSA.

    GOD accepts no human offerings. Its not my job to take YOUR sins away

    PS. A day to GOD is like a thousand years to man, so killing me won't get you a quick and easy way out. Just thought I'd mention that. No I'm not GOD, I'm his husband. I'm not perfect like General Electric; that know everything about atomics. Your Ebola trickery will fail as well.

    Have a good laugh, throw a few stones. Watch earth bear witness.


  • mt1000

    Icelandic Fish Catch Declined in July

    Iceland is on the other side of the globe …

  • We Not They Finally

    It seems the salmon who are basically no longer coming to the west coast are much smarter than the US Citizens who havent figured its time to leave the west coast….Believing what you hear from the US govt with regards to radiation and fukeshima is a sure step to doom….