Magazine shows angler who died from Leukemia fishing in Fukushima during May, two months after meltdowns (PHOTOS)

Published: December 5th, 2011 at 3:52 pm ET


Another acute lymphocytic leukemia man ate fish and camped out, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, December 4, 2011:

Following up this article Another man died of acute leukemia on 11/17/11. Just after this post was published, the editors of the magazine stated he did not eat fish and camped out. For that denial, you can refer to this article. Angler Who Died of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Didn’t Live Inside 30 Km Radius of Fuku-I

However, in his memorial article on Rod & Reel, it’s clearly written:

“Trying to save up money for hotel and food. better spend on transporting. I want to stay here as long as possible. Of course I don’t have a bath. just jump in the river / pond. go wherever I want to go. Fish until I can fish. Camping. When I’m hungry, I fish and eat it.”

[…] There is no clue to tell he did or did not camp in the 30km evacuation zone but as we see in these pictures above, he was in Fukushima and fished. […]

Location A

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

Location B

SOURCE: Fukushima Diary

Recent Leukemia Data for Japan

Also, according to the JP gov’s data, leukemia increased by 6.6% in men since last year.

  • Male: + 13.3%
  • Female: – 1.8%

This data was taken in June, so now it might be worse by now.

In the nuclear accident at JCO, victims got leukemia immediately after the accident.

Leukemia may show its symptom quicker than we were taught.

After the original Nov. 27 report, Mochizuki noted:

Some blogs revised the article about the man who died of acute leukemia but I’m kind of suspicious, so didn’t revise the article.

I think bloggers need to be more confident in your own sense of judgement.

You are most likely to be right.

The first thought that came into your mind is most likely to be correct. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Give it a little time so sometimes it’s proved to be true.

At, we post the latest nuclear-related news and information and let the readers decide what is true and what is not.

Apologies to Fukushima Diary for quoting so extensively from the Dec. 4 article, but there’s a lot to discuss

Published: December 5th, 2011 at 3:52 pm ET


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43 comments to Magazine shows angler who died from Leukemia fishing in Fukushima during May, two months after meltdowns (PHOTOS)

  • “We report, you decide!” ^_^ True for once, and we are grateful.

  • bmurr bmurr

    is this news? I don’t even know how to read into this. are we suggesting this man developed and died from leukimia due to exposure related to fukushima daiichi plant releases ?

    I would love to see some evidence before I assume one way or the other.

    also, that fish looks tasty. what a shame…

  • thelili

    Hmm which nutjob in the media is going to counter with something completely ridiculous?

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Honestly people…if you are within 50km of a nuclear melt down staying out of the water should be common sense for anyone who paid attention in science class. Would you take a swim in a river 30km from Chernobyl or eat fish from Bikini Island? So we can call this a Reverse Darwin award. Gene warping won’t turn you into Bear Grillz it just kills you.

    • Clocka

      Yes, it’s definitely a Darwin award material. Apparently that angler didn’t reproduce, so there was an improvement on human gene pool.

      However, I don’t know how all the best and brightest at Tepco will ‘improve’ the human gene pool, since they proved to be completely incompetent on anything.

      • americancommntr

        If Darwin had access to the DNA science we have today, the world would be a gigantically different place. For one thing, it would not be so filled with people who believe that the tragic death of a young man was an improvement in the ‘human gene pool’. Your comment shows you have faith in evolution. How is one man’s death contributing toward evolution? And to what are humans evolving? Humans are if anything devolving, and this shower of radiation is speeding it. It’s death and decay, no progress. It is the original lie, Darwinism, “Ye shall be as god.”

  • pg

    If he died, and the mayor just died, its safe to say that ALL the original workers are dead too. I mean common, all running around like it was a drill. Makes me wonder, didn’t any of those workers have ‘any’ type of radiation disaster training?? at all??

  • dpl dpl

    maybe if he had just listened to all those government warnings and saw the posted signs to stay out of the waters. the role of government to protect the people is not supplanted by a persons lack of common sense.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Word I’ve been reading recently is that in the last few months, reported cases of acute leukemia in Japan has escalated tenfold. That doesn’t account for the unreported cases. Most of this data comes from anonymous workers in the medical field.

  • Ras Bumboclat

    As a lifelong fisherman this is a very sad story for me.

    If your life, and your ancestor’s lives revolved around the local waterways, and suddenly the whole place is ruined (essentially forever). You will die inside.

    I don’t see this kid as a darwin award candidate. I admire him. He followed his love of fishing Japanese waters right up to the end.

    What if he was tucked away in some slum apartment in Hong Kong or Singapore instead? Maybe he’d just start drinking his liver away?

    Who knows…but what I do know is that this kid is a canary in the coalmine. Along with thousands of other fisherman throughout Japan, the Gulf of Mexico and other places who are or will be dropping dead from poisoned waters.

    The ecological collapse is picking up speed at an alarming rate.

  • tony wilson

    very few countries are as insular inward looking as mysterious as unfathomable and just down right racist as the japanese.
    these sick notions are fine kept on the island but when the psychopaths start burning and spreading death around the world that is the point when you have to say yes people like this idiot fisherman deserve nothing but a shake of the head and a curse.
    why because after all that has happened demonstrations are still only getting 15 thousand people at saying that this nation does not deserve to live means a quicker death for us all as nobody will be around to man the water we have a bit of a catch 22.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Sorry, but I beg to differ…you can never blame the people for what their governments, leaders and corporation heads do. And they are all the same. The U.S. government would do the same things, I am sure, maybe even worse. It’s all about money and power, and covering up the ugly truth to the public.

      From what I see, the average Japanese citizen is intelligent and decent, and the children are absolutely charming. Just the way we have great U.S. citizens who are also victims of the corrupt leaders here who have no regard for the lives and health of the people.

      To blame the Japanese is simply racist.

      • Ras Bumboclat

        US government, corporations and banks are part of and complicit with the Fukushima cover up. They know this is much, much bigger than most are being led to believe…yet their lips are sealed.

        That is why we are in such deep doo doo. Not only do we have a historic disaster on our hands, we have governments that are functionally incapable of even making basic efforts at addressing it.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Hello WCG,

        You said:

        “And they are all the same.”

        And this is true for most of the babylonians.

        But they are not all exactly the same.

        You made me think about this video.

        If, that is a big IF we get to the election and Ron Paul wins, there is a chance things might change. That is also if they don’t let isreal start WW III as the rothschilds created them to do for the final solution to the supposedly overcrowded planet and their centuries old NWO domination plans.

        If Ron Paul wins, he has said he would get rid of the epa and that is a nice start. Let the states do the real measuring and recording with a lot less money and less blockage of the truth and the truth is, more and more people are going to be dying because of fukushima.

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I don’t know enough about Ron Paul to know how I feel about him…but I am not a conservative, a Republican or a Tea partier, so I am skeptical.

          I’m not thrilled with the Democrats either, but there are major moral issue, like gay rights, abortion rights and environmental issues that most Republicans oppose, so I can’t support them.

          • DNA

            I really hope you guys will vote Ron Paul cause your country is really becoming a threat to this world both on military and economic sides, and I’m saying this as a French leftie who never liked the Republicans at all and who recently got very upset about the Democrats.

            When Fukushima crisis began, I remember how Obama was on the news to talk about gays in the army with no words for Fukushima, and I thought that we were living in crazy times where gay mariage was seen as a more important issue than a nuclear catastrophe or banks robbing people’s money and corporations outsourcing jobs !

            • Replacant Replacant

              You know that Ron Paul wants to end the EPA and thinks companies like Tepco will police themselves. So in a case like Fukushima Ron Paul would expect Tepco to ‘handle’ the disaster and without a health care plan average people would be expected to be responsible for planning for disastrers. Google his attitude toward hurricane recovery. I like some of his views but on the EPA he would not be a good choice. I think it can be argued that the Japanese government has taken that view, and the whole country is a hydro volcanic time bomb

        • jimbojamesiv

          Please stop spewing nonsense about Ron Paul.

    • bmurr bmurr

      I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you…

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    I have to add more to this…after seeing Busby’s videos about the weapons the US is using in Iraq, and what it’s doing to the civilians there, I am simply disgusted with our own government and leaders. And they are not admitting any of it or taking any responsibility.

    And they are doing this stuff DELIBERATELY; it’s not even an accident they are trying to cover up. At least TEPCO didn’t deliberately contaminate the area with deadly radiation. But the U.S. did!

    I hate to say this, but I would hardly blame some terrorist for attacking our country for the things we’ve done to innocent people in other countries. No wonder the government is so paranoid about it; they know they deserve it!

    • bmurr bmurr

      The terrorist comment gets a -1 in my book. I agree that we are making some pretty big mistakes in judgement with policy around the world, but that never excuses deliberate attacks on anyone by anyone.

      I saw a YouTube video, can’t remember the guys name, but search Finland nuclear lecture, anyway he said that a nuclear scientist said that if the nuclear industry achived true success, that would mean about 5 to 6 thousand plants world wide. with that the industry would have to face the statistical probability of one plant melt down every 4 years. this is where anger should be directed.

      • arclight arclight

        The terrorist comment gets a -1 in my book…

        see your point but every action gets a reaction! so its a valid argument in my opinion.. as a member of the london irish community i feel safe to say that the british government had to accept this truth before the peace process could move forward.. 700 years of “terrorism” stopped overnight.. good eh! oh and a paranoid georgie boy bush looking for things to du blow up probaly helped too! 🙂

        just my take on it bmurr!

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I guess I should say it differently…I am not a vengeful person and don’t agree with the idea of attacking people, especially innocent ones, even in revenge.

          But I can see how some people could get pretty pissed off to have their lives, health and happines ruined by some warlike country that comes in and starts using dangerous new weapons on their soil. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if someone were to take revenge. Especially because they know that no one is ever going to apologize, give them any restitution or even acknowledge what they’ve done.

          • arclight arclight

            hi wcg! like the iranian special forces if their reactor sites spew and they have some righteous indignation?? fair or unfair? right or wrong?? predictable or shocking?

            tis a mad mad world!
            peace! hopefully!

            • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

              You’re right, it is mad…I just wish everyone could see how dangerous and destructive nuclear power and weapons are, and run from it. I don’t see how anyone could want it or support it.

  • tony wilson

    sticking ones head in the ground rather than raging against cesium levels in the urine of sons and daughters..keeping fatalistically quite and not rocking the boat that is complicity to murder.
    getting children to clean schools,power washing leaves with tainted water.
    is it racist to say how did this island become a super power.
    talking of racism…

    • bmurr bmurr

      you must live in a glass house…

      • Fall out man!

        There are huge differences in people’s behavior and attitudes as a result of their beliefs. Eastern culture in general is radically different to western culture. I’m not American, but it is very fashionable to slam Americans and their culture at every opportunity. Americans do it as well.

        With regard to the racism angle, if western governments were really against it, they wouldn’t teach the basis of it in school – evolution as a theory of origins. Its a state funded religion and the pseudo scientific basis of racism. We really are all of one blood and the genetic differences between different races are small.

        I feel sorry for so many Americans hating their country and their own culture so much. You have so much to offer. I know you’ve got your problems, but compared to the rest of the world your typical American is courteous and accommodating to a fault.

        Throughout Aisa people of a darker skin are looked down upon. The double think in that regard is amazing. People from all over the world will happily cry racism when they struggle to find a job in the USA, but forget how they treat people of other races or religions in their own countries.

        Sadly, it is a taboo subject to consider the bad behavior of other cultures in the USA, so the average American has some kind of guilt complex.

        I can tell you that certainly in China and Taiwan anyone with a darker skin is looked down upon. I can also tell you that in many cultures lying is considered a good thing, and fessing up to doing the wrong thing and moving on is considered bad.

        There is a lot to like about American culture, and while there may be racism problems there, compared to the east, middle east, eastern europe, basically anywhere, there is a lot less racism in the States. Lighten up!

        The US government has its problems for sure, but the people are a restraint on the government. It would be much worse but for public opinion on the street.

        • Fall out man!

          One more point. Japanese beliefs are such that they behave and react to events differently to westerners. For those who’ve followed this Nuclear nightmare from 3/11 onwards it should be obvious and some of the news articles, especially those from Japan have looked at some of that.

          If you don’t understand the basic religious beliefs and cultural mores of Japan then much of the response to this disaster will seem incomprehensible.

          Here is one link gives you at least some small idea of that.

          Or consider the fact that most people commenting at Enenews on the head of Japanese medicine saying only negative people were affected by radiation could not understand how the Japanese people could accept that. Eastern culture is steeped “mind over matter” style “positive thinking” will magically change the world. That lie dished out by the Japanese government would be laughed at in any western nation. But it was actually well considered propaganda in Japan. It targeted eastern religious belief.

          Japanese culture is not perfect, and Americans are not the “great satan” so many like to think they are. People can see the world in a new light if they open their eyes to the fact that there are vast differences between cultures. Cultural differences are not just exotic food and funny costumes. They are fundamental differences on basic moral issues, the treatment of others, the treatment of women and yes even about the treatment of other races and religions.

  • And of course, this death and all other deaths from cancer, heart disease, leukemia, genetic diseases, birth defects, mutations, tumors, etc, are all due to;

    stress, drinking alcohol, smoking, worry, fear and depression…terminal zombiism, etc. In other words, it is ALL YOUR FAULT…


    And none of these deaths are the fault of any nuclear plant, nuclear promoters, nuclear scientists, nuclear experts, or nuclear corporations. NOPE… NEVER, NEVER, NEVER..not even if they all leak and ooozeee, and gas, and burp and explode and melt down, and melt through, and weird colored fires coming out of the ground, and animals, insects and plants die all around you. Ignore all of the animal, plant and insect mutations.. They are all illusions

    Keep repeating this until you can parrot it and tell everyone else… No one ever dies from radiation… yahoo…

    Not even those vaporized in Hiroshima or Nagasaki.. they died from something other than radiation too… Who knows what, but certainly NOT radiation.

    Join the No deaths from radiation campaign.. Let’s all drink more basement water from Fukushima.. especially people like Ann Colter, who says more radiation is HEALTHY for you, with no limits.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    If fly fishing isn’t your turn on, maybe you should try skiing. The slopes aren’t crowded. Fukusjhima ski resorts repot only 70% booking re 3/11: Just remember not to eat the snow…

    Number of the day


    That’s the level of bookings for ski resorts in Fukushima, Japan, compared with pre-earthquake levels. While bookings aren’t back to 100 percent, business is surprisingly good – especially considering the resorts were used as refugee camps for quake victims just eight months ago. The earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear reactor leak devastated the area and caused 230,000 people to flee the country. So what’s prompting the revival? Chinese tourists.

    Read more: here

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Anything more to say? Life goes on.
      Two typos:
      1) report (not repot{or maybe not})
      2) report only 70% bookings after (since) 3/11.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Anyway, still don’t eat the snow!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Wait. I thought the Chinese were supposed to be the greatest threat to continued US domination of the globe! So go ahead. Eat the snow, By order of the US State Department.

      • bmurr bmurr

        it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if hilary and the us state dept was behind promoting fuku tourism in China …

  • Hogweed

    Checking the source data provided by Fukushima Diary,I see that not only are June Leukemia deaths up but so is “All Causes” which is up 6.2% on June 2010. Or 5,576 extra deaths in June 2011 compared to June 2010.

    Source although I had to play heavily with google translate then convert the downloaded PDFs to HTML before I got a readable translation.