Blast Update: One of top restaurants in Midwest “just completely gone” — Firefighters searching rubble for victims (VIDEO)

Published: February 19th, 2013 at 11:01 pm ET


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KMBC at 10:40p ET:

At 1:20 in

When you look at this and you see what is left, which is nothing of the restaurant, it goes beyond rubble, it’s just completely gone.

And that is what they’re having to sift through right now and we are certainly thinking that this is to see if in fact anyone was left inside. As I believe still the official count is 3 missing, or at least unaccounted for and we do know that staffers until at least shortly before the explosion were still inside.

FOX 4, 11:12p ET:  One man FOX 4′s Gia Vang talked to said he was planning to go to JJ’s Tuesday evening. “[…] There were some workers in the restaurant when it exploded. We don’t know if anyone got out. I’m trying to call Jimmy, the owner,” he said.

KSHB: […] JJs Restaurant, owned by Jimmy Frantzè, is one of the longest independently operated restaurants in Kansas City. It opened in February of 1985. Zagat has rated it “one of the top restaurants” in the Midwest, and Wine Spectator named it “one of the best wine lists in the world.” […]

Watch live coverage here

Published: February 19th, 2013 at 11:01 pm ET


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13 comments to Blast Update: One of top restaurants in Midwest “just completely gone” — Firefighters searching rubble for victims (VIDEO)

  • A gas explosion started the fire just before 6 p.m. at J.J.'s Restaurant near 48th Street and Belleview Avenue. Missouri Gas Energy said the early indications are that a contractor doing underground work struck a natural gas line.

    My thoughts for the victims and their families! what a tragedy!

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I am beginning to wonder why all these building explosions are happening all over the central US. Methane is coming up at alarming rates all over. Way toooo many gas blow ups going on in homes and businesses all over the US What are we not being told. Has this anything to do with all the millions of caskets Obama has placed all over the major cities of the USA? This is NOT NORMAL. We are in trouble. Bayou Corne is looking like a diversion at this point. Doomsday preppers are looking pretty smart these days to me. How much water do you have saved and put away???????? I'm going to get as many MREs as I can get my hands on come tomorrow morning…… Gonna get worse quickly. Start planning for bad times. If I'm wrong then so be it. If i'm right you can thank me later. More to come soon.

  • markww markww

    There was a gas line leaking from about 1 PM by a doctor who had a office near he Building. People did not call anyone till about 5 Pm when the gas people were doing gas checks and then people still in the bar if the gas was so strong why didn't someone evacuate that part of town at 1Pm when the leak was smelled.


    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      HI ya Markww – Good to see your posts my friend. I was at that restaurant about a year and 1/2 ago. Small world we live in ain't it bro.

  • irhologram

    I posted this before, with the WV neighborhood explosion in Dec., but no feedback. Is it possible…I'm saying merely just "possible," that with fracking as the extraction method (or other procedural changes that may affect composition) that the pipes are being corroded from the inside out by the gas cocktail, itself? I.e. H2S eats metal.

  • ftlt

    Gas transport is dangerous…

    This is all about the filure to reinvest in infrastructure and it management as America has been raped by the Globalist and Profit-takers since Reagan arrived… Both parties are quity of this…

    When you here the phrases "FREE TRADE" or "Global Economy" fight back… Because, these guys are stealing what is yours and endangering you and yours…

  • irhologram

    But doesn't it strike you as odd that this proliferation has all been within the past 8 or nine months? Do you really think that all these sites should SUDdENLY all go at once unless there's some unifying aspect. An upscale suburb in WV was built at a different time than an historic restaurant in Kansas or a bar in MA…compared to a ritzy newish neighborhood in Ohio… Age is not a unifying factor. Do you think?

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Yup. And if it was an infrastructure problem they would be on top of it by now. At first I thought the New England explosions might be related to hurricane damage / flooding. Now I think it is more likely related to unstable natural methane deposits along the coast and in areas which used to be underwater (low lying coastal plains).

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Age of pipes, quality of construction, earthquake damage, a variety of problems, but the vast majority of it needs to be replaced. Imagine numerous gas explosions, with no water at the hydrants.

        It's a serious infrastructure problem throughout the country, 16Penny, and the municipalities don't want to deal with it. It's another one of those problems where the burden will be shifted from the companies to the taxpayers, and the politicians won't do anything to upset their campaign contributors, until it's all too late.

        As far as unstable methane deposits, they're all over:

        'Methane Deposits Along East Coast Seafloor Becoming Unstable'

  • irhologram

    It would not have happened all at once unless its an AMAZING coincidence that new structures and old structures alike are failed infrastructure…and methane DOES NOT have an odor, as has preceded each of these explosions. (Of course the odor is added to gas lines so leaks can be detected.). Doesn't have a logical unifying factor.

  • markww markww

    Breaking News Contractor laying a cable hit the Gas line in downtown KCMO