Uranium-234 detected in Hawaii, Southern California, and Seattle

Published: April 9th, 2011 at 12:12 pm ET


EPA RadNet Air Concentration Measurement Data – Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium, Released April 6, 2011:

Read the report here.

Published: April 9th, 2011 at 12:12 pm ET


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36 comments to Uranium-234 detected in Hawaii, Southern California, and Seattle

  • Don'tWanttoGlowintheDark!

    GOOD TO KNOW…but not good, at all.

  • We should make the people who love nukes be responsible and clean it up. And also for the medical bills of all those whose lives are harmed or destroyed by radiation exposure. I’m going to make sure my and my family’s food and water are as safe as possible.


  • radegan

    Check out the full report.
    Orlando on 3/24 –
    Cs 137 @0.019
    Io 131 @0.20
    Te 132 @.016

    These are not high numbers, but prove that Cesium and heavier elements can be lofted to Florida in days. Te 132 is a short lived product of fission with a half life of 3.2 days, meaning it is likely a reactor cracked or melted down on or before March 18th to give it time to cross the Pacific and the US and reach Orlando. March 18th coincides with information on this website from Fairewinds.

  • xdrfox

    They went without water for over a day.

  • xdrfox

    If it is there it is about everywhere or will be soon and accumulating !

  • Slick Vick

    Why are there pages of data in the report, yet only the very first page contains any numbers for Uranium and plutonium?? Additionally, the uranium is reported around the 21-24th of March, but there are no numbers for Uranium after that, even though the numbers for Iodine and Cesium continue up untill last week…

    I’m guessing they’re supressing the info because the numbers are too high.. Fucking asshole EPA. We have a right to know EXACTLY what’s going on here.

    • xdrfox

      Uraniumand and plutonium, Those Items are PERMANENT ! SHHHHH !

      The testing is at least 5 days behind and I am sure they are going to lose ground, not gain.
      Past behavior is best predictor of future behavior ! Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher, 911, the air is clean they said !

  • xdrfox

    Event at Hanford Nuclear Plant Washington state.
    RICHLAND, Wash. — A spokesman for a Washington nuclear power plant says a small amount of hydrogen gas trapped in a pipe ignited in a brief, six-inch flame Thursday when workers cut into the pipe.

    ‘Unusual Event’ Declared At Hanford Nuclear Plant

    POSTED: 10:40 pm PDT April 7, 2011

    facebookdel.icio.usbuzzdiggreddit›› Email›› PrintRICHLAND, Wash. — A spokesman for a Washington nuclear power plant says a small amount of hydrogen gas trapped in a pipe ignited in a brief, six-inch flame Thursday when workers cut into the pipe.

    Energy Northwest spokesman Mike Paoli says no one was injured and no equipment was damaged in the “puff,” which he says lasted less than a second. Still, the Columbia Generating Station declared an “unusual event” and temporarily evacuated the immediate area. Plant officials also notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Paoli says the pipe is located in the plant’s main turbine building, which is a non-nuclear area. The plant is located on the Hanford nuclear reservation in …..READ MORE…

  • xdrfox

    Nearly 28,000 dead or missing in quakes, tsunami

    The number of dead or missing in the March 11th disaster and aftershocks that hit northeastern Japan has reached nearly 28,000.

  • stockdude

    I live Hawaii, time for more research to determine the actual risks. We are ready for a shelter in place for a while, but not sure about this news. I will post on my blog and link if I develop meaningful understanding.

    • Angelica Friedmann

      @stockdude what is your blog address please? I’m in Hawaii and trying to stay on top of things as well. Mahalo.

      • SIS/ Dr. Million on Big Island Hawaii
        Angelica Friedman and Stockdude please call Sage million at home office 808-965-1855
        in the matter of building an internet think tank to facilitate information to deal with remedies in the herbal realm,and life support systems for this problem

  • I keep a daily radiation count in Aiea you can see at http://tinyurl.com/3nx6vv4.

    There are clearly days when the count goes up. bu we are still within the safe limits.

    I agree the EPA is not to be trusted after what happened at Ground Zero and the Gulf Oil Spill. After the lies about Saddam’s “nookular” bombs, are you willing to bet your life the government has suddenly decided to be truthful?

    • THOMAS

      ARE THE ELITE GETTING THIS PLANET READY TO GO THROUGH THE SUN…Maybe the earth is about to go through the sun, and 3600 years ago we had the flood, 3600 years before the flood we had the ice age, 3600 years before the ice age the winds started getting ready for the ice age and 3600 years before that we were going through the sun again. Maybe we never go around the sun but go through it every 14,400 years. Just a thought. One big circular motion that takes the earth throught the sun and then away from it. Nuclear Shit does keep the planet cool!!!!

  • thad p

    no radeation ubove back ground radeation is good for you, some is worse then others, i live in oregon were the blunt of it has come in as the forcast has shown and my state says it has none isnt that stange? all the west cost has it but it just skipped right over my state. so do you still beleive their lies its around the globe but its not here what a pathetic bunch of elected ones we have here all zionist inablers. what will the world bank have after they poison it all? hope its a big liability paying our medical and clean up

    • xdrfox

      Be willing to bet that Medicaid and Medicare will be cut drastically very soon, especially for the retiring and elders !

  • Sovereignty Intelligence service.
    we are seeking research on inexpensive test equipment for radiation detection, and research on herbs for cleansing.

  • Sovereignty Intelligence service is preparing a Biochem/Electrostatics R&D page for Radiation research and treatment at
    http://sovereignintellservice.com please contact the CEO at 808-854-1201, leave message and the SIS will return your call ASAP. skype name: sage.million. we will publish world wide free of charge

  • MelissaLawrence

    If any of you are looking for something to help understand things, check this article out!! A very informative piece on radiation here in the U.S.


  • strangelove

    es gibt keine kräuter gegen ionisierende strahlung ihr affen.

  • xdrfox

    There is no herb against ionising radiation you ape.

  • Baboo

    Hey xdrsmimian…er hey xdrfox, what about bicarbonat soda

    • xdrfox

      I use it, After the Gulf Gusher, It gets your body’s PH in order, The Japanese used it after the Bombing there also.

  • actual cloud movement – day by day number is on top of the map.


  • Buck Rodgers

    any one have sore throats??? in our area N. Calif. alot of people have sore throats… I thought I would go around and ask a few people… hey are you getting that bug that is going around, the one that gives you a sore throat… you will be suprized..

    • greg

      No sore throats, Buck, but a lot of gas. Everyone I know is walking around farting. No Joke. I do believe digestive problems are one of the first and most prevailant symptoms of radiation sickness. My opinion…get used to it. This won’t get fixed in our lifetime.

    • xdrfox

      Both you guy’s are observant, keep looking and smelling. LOL !

      Sorry I couldn’t resist ! LOL
      Saw it as I type it.
      Keep us informed really !
      A Dictator in Africa was going to pass a law about farting, Anyone want to be the legal inspector/enforcer in a crowed room, bus, train ?

  • Do not be comforted by this false sense of security. The first part of the statement is true, but the remainder is false.

    It’s not the loud noise that break glass molecules, it’s the frequency.
    It’s not the strong microwave levels that cause cellular damage, it’s the frequency
    It’s not the strong wireless signal that causes cellular damage, it’s the vibrational frequency.
    It’s not just high levels of radiation that cause damage, extreme low levels of radiation do too.

    These extreme low levels of biologically significant radiation hit North America Mid March 2011. Low levels of radiation were found in Washington and California milk by the end of March.

    North American Radiation
    * Cesium 137 accumulates in fatty tissues, liver, spleen and muscles
    * Iodide-131 accumulates in Thyroid, breast and ovaries
    * Strontium-90 concentrates in your bones and liver
    * Barium-140 causes bone tumors up to 30 years later
    * Tellurium-132 causes cell mutations, repeatedly via replication
    * Yttrium-0 damage to liver and respiration
    * Plutonium-244 concentrates in your liver
    * Uranium 235 accumulates in your bones and liver

    In 1972 Dr Abram Petkau discovered that low levels of radiation, over a longer period of time, were more damaging than higher doses over a short period of time.

    Once you ingest or inhale even very low levels of radioactive particles the Petkau Effect immediately starts potentially lethal tissue ionization.

    The phenomenon of the Petkau Effect basically means that you are ionizing or irradiating yourself continuously from the inside out. This insidious burning at your molecular level will impair your body long before there is a diagnosable disease.

    Free radicals are generated during long term exposure to extremely low levels of radiation. which will exhaust our defenses unless our body has an abundant reserve of antioxidants.

    There are many simple, inexpensive things that we can do.


  • Buck Rodgers

    wow Right on!! Toni, I know and understand that there isn’t much we can do abouth the exposure that we are getting but Dam I wish our gov… would lie to us… just be up front with everything!! but they have been lieing to us for so long they don’t know how to stop…