Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected” at Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear plant — Radioactive Xenon up 75,000%

Published: May 2nd, 2011 at 8:14 am ET


URGENT: Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected at Tsuruga plant: local gov’t, Kyodo, May 2, 2011:

Leaks of radioactive materials from fuel rods have been suspected at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, the Fukui prefectural government said Monday, citing a rise in density of the toxic substances in coolant water. […]

According to Japan Atomic, 4.2 becquerels of iodine-133 and 3,900 becquerels of xenon gas were detected per cubic centimeter Monday, up from 2.1 and 5.2 becquerels, respectively, during previous measurements conducted last Tuesday.

Published: May 2nd, 2011 at 8:14 am ET


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39 comments to Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected” at Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear plant — Radioactive Xenon up 75,000%

  • Discordian

    75,000%. Let’s see if that number has been changed by the end of the day.

    • Comments

      Don’t JUST comment on stories on enenews…..

      Start commenting on the other articles on drudgereport, etc.

      Remind people what’s still going on in Japan. Everyone has a right to know the truth.

      You’d be surprised how a few comments here and there can snowball…you know, I told one person and she told all of her friends, etc., etc.

      For example, you might link Jeff McMahon from Forbes story about the radiation in water, milk, etc. That’s a real eye opener that most people have no idea about.


      Keep your comments factual and pithy and polite. Just tell the truth. Don’t veer off on tangencies.

      And thank you enenews for covering this still.

  • Blue

    Fukushima highest radiation readings to date made by robots in reactor 1

  • radegan

    Why isn’t the American press covering all this?

    “Rejoice, Osama Bin Ladin is dead!”

    But what about all the fallout in the grain belt?

    “Viagra! Khaddafi gave his rape troops Viagra!”

    But when can I eat a salad or a fish again?

    “Charlie Sheen has a new domestic goddess!”

    • Anthony

      I know what you mean….I am really feeling an eeriness about the near future too. I have a problem with this statement taken on topic on Kyodo News announcement of problem:
      ‘The local government denied that the levels of radioactive substances could threaten the nearby environment.’

      After Fukushima, it is my expectation as a global neighbor of Japan in Canada that there be much reverence now by Japan to the environment. I am getting the feeling being in Canada is a bad move in the Game of Risk.

      This also is a huge bad moment for the closer neighbors like China, the Koreas and Russia. There will be a huge need to replace the loss of the seafood but we can use even the cows because of the contamination on multiple continents potentially. Japan is putting the World at tremendous risk of failing. And I know another natural catastrophe is always on the horizon there. No one is gonna stay put either with the water hoses if Mt Fuji erupting is the event that all their earthquakes was trying to give warning about. It’s an eery feeling I have and Japan will be tragic enough but this has reaching impacts here in North America. Ironically, maybe there will be a silver lining in the new climates of the Far North in our near future. It may be one of the cleanest lands and waters left on the planet shortly.

      • xdrfox

        Lybia has lots of underground water, some of the purest in the world !

        Hummm !

        • surreal vista

          It’s pretty crazy how little respect they have for our troops or international law…There was no imminent threat and we already have an EMERGENCY budget crisis! The hypocrisy is staggering.

          The rationales for “war” with Libya are as weak & rehashed as what they floated for the illegal occupation of Iraq!
          Sadly, this “pre-emptive” BS is no more than what Hitler did in attacking and taking over Poland, Denmark, or any other country whenever he wanted to shore up his resources…! :/

          The U.S. citizen taxpayer has been dragged along for the ride and we have gone down the wrong road. Now we have to reap what they sowed.

          • surreal vista

            sorry, xdrfox–I forgot that you have a relative who served/is serving in the conflicts. I just get so angry that they are being used…in my view, inappropriately. Everything is getting very sketchy these days! 馃檨

          • xdrfox

            Just turned 18 and ready to go with Army HS recruters, I gave him heads up, about my time in Nam, what really took place, 1st GW and he didn’t believe me… sooooo !

          • xdrfox

            Funny how we go to war in Libia in a week after Japan BLOWS and other country’s with same things happening, no response !

            New Banking system in days, new oil deals in days with rebels !

          • xdrfox

            I posted some good links on this site days after it opened about the water in Libia !

  • Oh Yeah,…and OBL’s body was burried at sea?
    Yeah,….and I’m Dolly Parton,….if you knew me,…you’d wet your pants on THAT one!

    I’m BEYOND feeling like a mushroom,…..kept in the dark,…and fed BS!

    My intelligence is so insulted by this whole thing that I may just throw out my TV today,….just to make myself feel better that I’ll never HAVE to be spoon fed their,….I just won’t participate!

    There, rant over,…for now!

    • surreal vista

      It just maxed out on the weird meter. Who needs a dosimeter? The weird meter is on fire!!

  • One little, two little, three little reactors, four little, five little, six nuclear poisoners, seven little…

    Just a little ditty my grand children won’t be singing to their children.

    Friggin nuclear industry or Agent Orange. What you want on your cereal this morning…?

  • Decker


    Reactor 2 at the Tsuruga plant in Fukui Prefecture.

    Detected elements Iodine-133 and noble gases (choose your poison) in the cooling water. It went up from 2.1 Bq/cc (I-133) and 5.2 Bq/cc (NG) on the 26th to 4.2 Bq/cc (I-131) and 3,900 Bq/cc (NG) on May 2nd.

    A small damage in the coating of some fuel rod(s) is suspected, reason why they initiated the shutdown.

    What is interesting is that this levels wouldn’t have prompted a shutdown before Fukushima, since it seems the levels of I-131 had to go to over 40,000 Bq before initiating the shutdown. Reassuring, isn’t it?

  • Jay

    So they finally got Obama bin Laden after all these years huh. Story I heard was he died years ago because his kidneys failed while he was on dialysis down in the United Arab Emirates. But considering that Xenon 133 is an asphyxiant by itself and an anesthetic when mixed with oxygen, it seems likely that the whole world could be deceived into believing that we just now nabbed him, even though we’ve had satellites and super drones that could have taken him out long ago.

  • Anna

    This dirty bomb in Japan is doing massive harm and all the press wants to cover is OBL.

  • Jay

    Just goes to show you, Americans will believe anything except the truth. Actually it’s the whole world, but especially Americans. Just wait until Obama miraculously gets gasoline down to 50 cents a gallon after it shoots up to 8 or 10 dollars for a while. That alone will elevate him to savior status with most Americans. But then if Obama, or whatever anti-Christ comes along and uses the barium and radiation clouds from chemtrails as a back drop for a laser light show in the sky that says “Obama is the Messiah,” the next election would be sealed forever.

  • Jay

    huh what Decker? Aren’t you keeping up with the news. North Dakota oil boom. More oil in America than all the rest of the world put together? Check out Lindsey Williams on the oil issue.

    You’ll have to do a little more research to find out about the chemtrails and barium oxide clouds in this Xenon charged atmosphere.

    By the time all this hits, the world is not going to have any idea what they have been deceived into.

    But I can tell you this. The Bible says that the anti-Christ is going deceive the world with great signs in the sky and lying wonders that will cause the whole world to worship him.

    • Decker

      The mention to the bible is kind of overdoing it, don’t you think?

      • Deetu 3

        Translation: Project Bluebeam. better now?

      • Jay

        Nah Decker. I know that Americans have been trained in school to ignore the Bible as if it were irrelevant, but even the devil himself eventually comes to justice. Not excessive at all. In very short order, you will find that I have greatly understated the facts.

  • Jack

    …and of course, the BIG Announcement came just in time to
    pre-empt the last hour of the Trump Celebrity Apprentice show!
    Take That, Trumpy-wumpy!

  • Jack

    And Jay, and everybody….
    This “Bin Laden” great announcement has been kept as a wild-card
    in their back pocket for years…yes he died from kidney disease
    long ago, and Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, obviously.
    The scary part of this is now all the Talking Head news people
    are chirping up about “attacks on America now expected”.
    All according to plan…it’s gotten pretty transparent now hasn’t it?

    • Bluetek 25

      Yes, Jack and Jay. Something is happening, the set up has been accomplished. Will there be some kind of relatiation and that will be THE JUSTIFICATION? Remember how we all fell for the 9/11 and WMD justification that led to the invasion of Iraq?
      Something is not right here.

  • Jay

    Yes Jack,
    What a load! 12 o’clock midnight announcement of the Osama kill and millions of people getting out of bed at midnight for a flag waving photo op on the White house lawn and in times square? Then a burial at sea for Osama before morning? Before most people even hear the news of his death? Oh yow, right. Sure. Americans will buy that too.

  • It makes me feel sick just to hear about it… my goodness what have we done? The Sandman Project offers solutions to this crisis, just click on my name! 馃檪

  • Zwargonetofar

    OBL is just a ploy to keep the people off what really matters! Things are changing very quickly, not only are we in a deep depression with lot’s of job losses, but the air, water, food supplies are dead and we are heading right into WWIII.

    We the people of the United States of America are just taking all this by staying home and not doing anything about it! There are many states that are going into bankruptcy – police, fire, nurses, government workers will be losing their jobs – yet the people of this nation are asleep!

  • Novamind

    Japanese to English Translation:

    30% = at least 70-100%
    May Have = Has Happened
    Yesterday = 10 Days Ago
    9 Months = Years
    Safe Levels = Gross Contamination
    Small Amount = Unmeasureable Volume
    Level 5 Today = Level 7 Weeks Ago
    Containment = Compromised Holding
    Sea Water Cooling = Salt Rendering
    Fireman = Nuclear Thermal Specialist
    Hydrogen Explosion = Nuclear Eruption
    Bowing Apologizies = Caught Lieing

    • Concerned

      Thank you, Novamind, that was brilliant! At least we can see each other, in our small bewildered tribe, as the ship goes down. Thank god for the Internet.

  • Distractions as usual, whether it’s the royal wedding, ho hum, Charlie Sheen etc. Are the majority of North Americans so nutritionally depleted and fluorided that they are no longer capable of rational thought?

    Have they lost their most basic instinct of self survival?

    Chernobyl burned 10 days and killed one million and counting. No end in sight for TEPCO. The US powers that be strangely silent and indifferent to effects of radioactivity.

    In times such as these, isn’t it important to turn off the mind numbing TV and turn to ourselves for research, support & solutions?

    There is much that can be done to minimize and avoid healthy problems that are associated with Fukushima.

    Protect the thyroid
    detox yourself, animals, food, soils
    protect other organs with minerals

    Stay healthy


  • Novamind

    The Monster in Japan is Growing. The Lack of Action seems Intentional at This Point.
    Japans Military Might is appox. 300,000 personal.
    More than 600,000 was needed to put some control on Chernobyl in 9 Months.
    This is many times worse than Chernobyl. The Math speeks for itself.
    Japan has not the means to control this on thier own, and the time is now for this issue.
    The World must act soon, and not wait for the Writen Invatation.

  • Athila

    Bueno. La situaci贸n derivada de la cat谩strofe nuclear de Fukushima es verdaderamente dramatica para el pueblo japones, canadiense, estadounidense, brit谩nico……. y de forma inexorable para el resto de territorios pr贸ximos y lejanos a la CN siniestrada. No debemos confundirnos. La cat谩strofe nuclear no tiene nada que ver con terremotos, maremotos, ni ningun otro fen贸meno natural, por muy devastador que sea. La catastrofe nuclear de Fukushima y todos los dem谩s accidentes, incidentes o problemas, solo tienen un origen. La trasmutaci贸n del 谩tomo, la esencia m铆sma de la industria nuclear-energ茅tica y nuclear-disuasoria es la causa 煤nica de la envenenada herencia que estamos dejando a nuestros descendientes inmediatos y futuros. Somos la peor generaci贸n (unos por acci贸n y otros por omisi贸n), que ha pisado la faz de la tierra desde el primer h谩lito de vida sobre ella.