US Diplomat: It’s not stable — Fukushima Daiichi is in really bad shape — US gov’t was “privately terrified” over crisis

Published: January 26th, 2012 at 10:20 am ET


Title: US ex-diplomat pulls no punches on Japan
Source: AFP
Date: Jan 26, 2012

[…] Since [Kevin Maher] was unceremoniously removed from his position last year, the veteran US diplomat on Japan has gone on the offensive with biting criticism on issues from Tokyo’s political paralysis to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. […]

Maher […] dismissed the government’s declaration last month that it had stabilized the leaking reactors. […]

Maher said that the US government was privately terrified over the unfolding crisis. […]

Maher said that he watched in horror as he saw television footage of a sole helicopter dropping water on the stricken plant.

Maher said that the United States was even looking at whether it would have to evacuate some 100,000 Americans […]

Statements by US Diplomat Kevin Maher

  • “It’s not stable […] Tokyo is safe, but Fukushima Daiichi is in really bad shape.” (recently said at the Heritage Foundation)
  • “I remember sitting on a task force many a time thinking, ‘Who the hell is in control in Japan?’ The government’s not doing anything”
  • “Is that the best Japan can do? Frankly what happened is the US government called in the Japanese ambassador and said, look, you have to take this stuff seriously. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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Published: January 26th, 2012 at 10:20 am ET


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97 comments to US Diplomat: It’s not stable — Fukushima Daiichi is in really bad shape — US gov’t was “privately terrified” over crisis

  • James2

    And yet the US government has done nothing either.

    The US government is terrified and hiding it’s head in the sand hoping this thing will go away?


      @Jame2: other than aid and assistance, there’s next-to-nothing that can be done, to stop this…

      • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

        With all due respect, nothing can be done with that attitude.
        Humans are capable of accomplishing anything that we put our hearts and minds to.
        People struggle with this concept their whole life.
        The obvious answer, in my opinion, is that a Death Machine was created and is now being operated and maintained by TEPCO.
        Nothing else can explain the apathy and lack of a solution.

        • entropy

          There is little that can be done at this point. Unless you can travel back in time and stop Einstein and Oppenheimer. Or travel to the future and find an agent that clears up radiation. Perhaps someone is on the brink of that discovery. That gives me optimism. Your conclusion is something I have pondered watching this made for tv movie. The US is complacent yes. It can’t very well barge in uninvited though. Well, unless it’s to conquer.

          • James2

            The US already occupies Japan.

            The conquering happened 70 year ago. There’s no need to ask. Just tell all the other countries of the world that this is necessary and go do it.

            Yeah the Japanese will squawk – let them. They have a problem that they are not fixing and needs to be fixed.

            • moonshellblue moonshellblue

              As others have stated “Nothing can be done” I hope someone is working on technology to perhaps fix the current condition but for now it’s beyond our control hmm sounds like Dangerous Liaisons. Hang on to hope as that is all we can do. IMHO

          • Alice Alice

            That’s the way I’m seeing it and hoping against hope that something will happen to ‘fix’ this quickly deteriorating situation.

            As much as I’d like to lash out at Tepco or the U.S. govt. or some other seemingly ‘evil’ entity for ‘causing’ this, deep down I can’t help but feel that it’s better to ‘never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity’.

            Time to have a Think Tank! It’s sink or swim for all of us.

        • That mistaken – and pitifully arrogant – attitude is what gifted us with nukes in the first place. It’s time humanity went ahead and admitted there are things we cannot accomplish or control, and do something about getting out of the business of trying.

          • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

            With all due respect JoyB,
            I consider the source of all criticism and clowns aren’t who I turn to for solutions to complex problems nor do I give any credibility outside the realm of a circus.
            You have been conditioned to be helpless and powerless and your attitude doesn’t help anyone with anything.
            You confuse truth with arrogance.
            Humanity can accomplish anything we put our minds to, including ending this nuclear crisis and preventing future disasters.
            This problem can be solved given the proper knowledge, effort, and resources.
            Think outside the realm of perceived possibility.
            Once you free your mind, I’m sure you can use your talents to help with this crisis.
            No Nukes!

            • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

              uh..Joy is the reason you even know half of what you know right now regarding TMI due to her work and RELEASE of that work, and remarks like yours come no where near “due” respect. I suggest you reread or place your reply elsewhere. You’re contradicting yourself too.

              • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

                Yellow Cake,
                You seem “Privately Terrified” of truth also.
                If you and others take it wrong, loosen your thong.

                • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

                  and you seem a “public idiot”. Who’s the clown?


                  @Dr. Awesome: sorry to have inadvertently embroiled you within a firestorm, with what was a nonproductive assertion on my part.

                  You are right in suggesting that there are things that we can – and should – attempt to do, to put this nightmare behind us. My response was James2 was not in keeping with what I believe is possible, when we – all – put our collective will to work.

                  I appreciate a good smack at any (including myself), should we be tempted to carry the banner of negativity. For all our faults, humans are equally known for pulling the rabbit out of the hat…when it counts. And does it ever count now!

                  We do need to keep thinking what can be done; not that we’re done. We need more than ever to raise expectations of each other and of those who were responsible for this horrific nightmare…

            • getoutwhileyoustillcan

              The current consensus seems to be there is no existing technological solution. But then the earth used to be flat. Our narrow-minded “technological thought processes” are part of what got us into this mess. And we may need to use a different type of thinking to get us out of it.

            • StillJill StillJill

              That’s crappy talk Sir. Joy is closer to the truth than you. There is no human solution,…not even for awesome Doctors! 🙁


            @JoyB: regarding your response to me about cellphones:

            see “Genotoxic effects” at the following URL:[ ].

            Much of this is based on early research, some-of-which supports your fears. It’s a good read…en…Joy!

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Dr. Awesome: You are correct that there is an intentionality (not your words, forgive me) on the part of the status quo nuke/military/covert/corporatist/government idiots in not allowing the public/people to have full transparency because this inevitably would lead to full public oversight and much more timely implementation and experimentation/invention of solutions. This would represent the beginnings of an EQUALIZING revolution among humans that would fully, and necessarily, eliminate all hierarchies of exploitation and hoarding. No elimination of such = sure and quite quick extinction–“quick” in geologic terms (decades or less if other similar things start to happen with the same hyper lame non-response)

          There is an axiom, I know I’m not original in stating, that states that the wealthier, the more insane and eventually the wealth is all that matters. Most take that as a matter of opinion. It isn’t. It is axiomatic fact for humans. It is immutable. The wealthiest are the most parasitic, the least fit in a social species utterly dependent upon mutualism for survival. They must go.

          Ultimately, no one benefits from the level of action on this and other nuclear crises. Unfortunately, due to the insanity of the wealthy, they do not look at you and I as equals and somehow imagine that they will survive without the creativity of the others, the 99.99%, that they fervently and without a bit of conscience, parasitize.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Please watch this analysis of the power of inequality to create all problems in human society, it is long at 1.5 hours; but is real science, not science tainted by politics as increasingly amounts of publicized science is becoming as the billionaires continue to gain control and lose their minds: There is an urgent need to make the high low in REAL pragmatic (as opposed to selfish pragmatic) terms.

        • getoutwhileyoustillcan

          I completely agree with this. We _can_ and we _must_ fix this mess. This is a do or die situation for nearly every living thing on this planet. And we don’t have any time to waste.

          • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

            Dear “getoutwhile”: your point is exactly the point I am trying to make. The level of urgency and torque in discussion of the Fukushima Cataclysm is not particularly appropriate, which demonstrates that the lulling and desensitization that those who own the English language and Japanese language news have sought to create has occurred. Most people don’t “get it” as you do that this is DO OR DIE, NOW! Part of this is cultural both in the U.S. and in Japan where both cultures have particular difficulties questioning authority figures. In Japan there’s some sort of vaunted respect for the remote paradigm and here in the U.S., most citizens suffer from a certain cupidity about power dynamics, those in power AND we here also usually also worship enemies at the top as “success” icons or “upstanding” citizens really not at all realizing that it is the level in a hierarchy of exploitation and hoarding that makes the person, always, not the other way around. Unequal wealth is always aberrant for huamns. That’s another bottom line not grasp for probably 95% of U.S. citizens even where they suffer at the daily and increasingly at the hands of he wealthy. This concept of who are our enemies is much more easily grasped by regular citizens of what used to be called non-alligned nations during the cold war. For others, think about this, “The billionaires are successful at what?”

            • getoutwhileyoustillcan

              Fortunately a lot of people are waking up. And each person needs to do it in their own way. And I think everyone has the ability to do something that will help. Right now I think educating people that aren’t aware is really important.

              Most people I talk to who have some clue about what’s happening (most don’t yet), think there’s nothing they can do about it. So they don’t do anything. But if all those people just put a little effort toward solving this thing, it could make a significant difference.

      • many moons

        Gee couldn’t we LEARN from this. Couldn’t the US put 2 and 2 together and say…my, there but for the grace of God go I.
        Couldn’t we at leasst acknowledge that Nuclear energy is not a good idea…that is at least something we could do. Arnie Gunderson predicted the chance of the US having a nuclear disaster is 300 percent….We could get a clue, before the whole planet is inside the evacuation zone!!!!

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Many, The greed of the status quo system leadership (billionaires) knows no limits that we, as regular people, do not set through intimidation and confrontation for them. They do not consider any of us to be human, any more than most humans consider an insect that gives them a good bight to be human. We must all remember that there is NO negotiation with fascists or with fascism.

          • getoutwhileyoustillcan

            If you think of TPTB as a bunch of heroine addicts (but addicted to power, money, control, etc. instead of heroine… or maybe both for that matter) it helps to understand the situation a little better.

      • vivvi

        Well, actually, they could start telling people the truth, and allow them to make informed decisions. Can’t fix the spewing nuke mess, but one could always move to safety, if only one knew the facts …. That would be something they could do, but I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for that.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      @James2..the government is not is complicit in the production of nuclear material/weapons at Fukushima…
      …and complicit in the cover up….
      And it will do anything..anything.. to get out of the liability..
      The State Dept…CIA…fulling engaged…private contractors…wait like vultures on carrion.

      • Ruffcut

        I think that most of the government employees, near majority, are clueless as most americans.
        I agree there are factions of gov that use the “national security” cloak of information flow truths.
        My fatherin law, a pollyanna sort, said the EPA would want to protect us and tell the truth, thinking that most people are honest, like he is.
        I wrote back in dec about my 3 year old dog, dying of lymphoma. Since then, My aunts dog of a weird illness, my mum’s 2 year old cat died (Of ????), my wifes good work friend miscarried her boy 5 months into pregnancy. Stillborns are on the rise.
        Trying to deduce this situation is that the PTB want to cull the earth or don’t give two shits, because something else is coming.
        I got a new puppy, named Coco. I refuse to fall victim to fear. I will drink beer and spoil the ever living shit out of this new dog.
        Grow your spirit and enjoy what you have, til you number comes up.
        Be well, all.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          It’s not the rank and file who are the problem except where they don’t reign in the insanity of those at the top, who, I guarantee you, understand what it is they’re doing and not doing.

    • Plan Nine

      I am trying to recall if the US has ever acted decisively toward Japan… OH, YES – so then, all we have to do is declare the Fukushima fallout an Act of War…

    • Anthony Anthony

      Japan specifically declined and refused ANY outside assistance from the start remember? I think the only big exception to this has been allowing France with Areva decon systems….

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Anthony: Do you really believe a nation like Japan, absolutely still occupied physically by the U.S. military and covert orgs, in any way makes it’s own decisions at the highest levels? It’s a wealthy nation; but it effectively has no military and is still dominated by treaties with the U.S. Decision making power in a world dominated by capitalism/globalization (no borders for billionaires, increasing race to the bottom for the rest of us) is in the hands of those who are the wealthiest with the most active and applied firepower at their disposal.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          until, we the people, finally put our foot down and take out (or hold down if you prefer not to kill them off) anyone who is psychotic enough to re-create the same capitalist system over and over again. It is NOT inevitable or natural, except as cancer is natural and inevitable.

  • Top man left the country to Island’s with his daughter then on to Brazil when the first clouds came !

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “the US government was privately terrified”. Does any government have a right to that kind of privacy?


      @aigeezer: this is a revealing statement on his part; that they are masking a cringing look with a smiley-face. In truth, I wouldn’t expect anything else from them. They’re only interest is in feathering their own beds. Now, none of them is safe (and they aren’t) from the effects of this catastrophe.

      Hope they have lots of masks to pass around…

    • James2

      I’m sure that there are many times that a government is “terrified”.

      Perhaps our governments are so terrified on so many fronts that they simply cannot act.

      This could easily be true of Japan – they had suffered a devastating earthquake and Tsunami. They had this huge nuclear crisis. Additionally they knew they would face a devastating economic downturn.

      This is exactly why the United States should have stepped in and taken over. The Japanese simply did not have the capacity to fight this battle.

      And with each passing day the danger increases and Japan’s capacity decreases and the window of opportunity closes.

      So it’s not going to get better – it’s getting worse and worse. The US should have acted 10 months ago – indeed did initially start on a course of action – but didn’t follow through.

      It’s time to follow through.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      There are so many dire implications when dealing with the public concerning this tremendous nuclear disaster. I’m not condoning the lack of info and could unleash a plethora of reasons our government and others should tell us the truth, simply stated, but I certainly understand the complexity of the situation from a government, global economic stance, not only that but preventing mass public panic, etc. over something which cannot be contained at this juncture. I also don’t understand why Japan is decontaminating or rather trying, as this spring will unleash the tainted pollen while the plant continues fissioning and spewing out a devils brew daily thus recontaminating the decontaminated land. Instead of removing land they should cut down the cedar trees, but then it is just not just cedar trees and what would they do with the wood? Incinerate? It’s a never-ending merry-go-round. JMHO

      • americancommntr

        If radioactive pollen is truly a threat, they should cut down all the trees, or kill them chemically, according to grid mapping indication of the areas with highest contamination. They should then aerial seed something which produces little or no pollen, grows fast, and protects the ground from erosion. Kudzu might work, though I don’t know about the pollen amounts. Maybe there is something which grows by rhizomes only, but can be seeded.

        • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

          That is a great idea.

          NOW HERE THIS!



    • lam335 lam335

      The only thing the US government (and probably Japan’s as well) was terrified about was that Fuku would turn public opinion powerfully against nuclear power and derail the nuclear renaissance that the DOE, NRC, president, and many members of Congress were hoping for. The same was true in Britain–that was why British government ministers were in such close contact with the nuke industry regarding how to spin (and downplay) the event in statements to the media (as the Guardian newspaper documented).

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Aig: That’s an extremely appropriate question, “Does any government have the right to privacy” meaning to maintain non-transparency to the people who create all value and always, when we wake up, have the right and easily, no matter what, have the power to remove all who presume toxic parasitic positions over the rest of us. Get it right Americans, and the Japanese, that your enemy is NOT your fellow worker, immigrants, whatever; it’s billionaires poisoning us all with nuclear power profiteering, which has never, not once, been even slightly necessary! Why are we allowing research, in a slightly related topic (forgive me) at Lawrence Livermore Labs, CERN and at the Hadron Collider that could create a black whole or blow up the world with anti-matter or other substances??? We need to control other humans who are actually demonstrably in power and are not using it properly, particularly those with direct consequences or realistically predictable consequences given that humans are stoopid monkeys who have forgotten our ecological niche. We have to uncover the whole iceberg or the totality of all the elephants in the living room that we cowardly modern Americans and Japanese have taken a holiday from discussing.

  • < Not related to nuclear energy, but related to the bad things we're doing to our planet and ourselves 🙁

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..oh ya ..the US will toss a bit of aid that way…the price paid tied in with the diplomatic handshake..
    Look..look..the US is aiding Japan…nice PR…photo-op moment..
    ..all the while waiting on the fall of Japan.

  • jec jec

    Guess USA doesnt want to be the first to “throw a rock”..because we have our own nuclear site issues, such as Hanford in Washington State. “let he who is without sin throw the first rock…” USA is in a difficult position–its likely to get worse..from radiation, and from nuclear coverups..

    The mis-statement of “radiation is good for you” — or a small amount of low level radiation is ok, is getting challenged. Must scare the Pro-nukes to death. Someone is going to find out all the releases into the atmosphere from our nuclear plants cause cancer. Plus radioactive gas releases from plants have been approved by EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Agency without alerting the public as its “safe”. The cancer clusters have been discovered and revealed in a new French study of children around French nuclear plants. Expect this is one in the first of reports which will redefine the faux “safety” of our nuclear plants.

    • James2

      I guess you are saying Jec that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but I don’t think this is a matter of “throwing rocks”.

      This is a matter of survival. We have no choice but to act.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    No..those that live in glass houses send Hillary..tougher than rocks..!!

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Maher said that the United States was even looking at whether it would have to evacuate some 100,000 Americans […]. 100,000? Where? Boise alone has 3 or 4 times that many people. Maybe its a typo and should be 100 million.

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      I’m thinking it was the 90+ thousand americans that live in Japan not anyone here in America. No they can’t go that far. Evacuate Japan first!

      Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

      • Dogleg Dogleg

        Oh what an idot I am. In my defence I had just gotten up. Peace

        • StillJill StillJill

          You are no idiot,….reasonable of you or anyone to THINK that maybe they will evacuate some in the US worst hit. We grew up being told that no one is left behind. Maybe your assumption will come true friend,…let’s keep hope alive.

          • Dogleg Dogleg

            Hi Jill. Good to hear from you my friend. I dont know if you caught my last few posts, but We are leaving the NW. I finally convinced my wife we should leave Boise. Going to North Dakota. I will be leaving this weekend and the rest of the family by Apr. Kindness towards all, always

            • StillJill StillJill

              BOOYAAA! Made my day Dogleg!!!! Love on that little lady, eh? 🙂

              Family FIRST! Way to go my friend! 🙂

              Safe traveling mercies to you as well!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Usually I agree with most comments here but so far in this thread, I think ‘the big obvious’ is being over-looked.

    THIS IS TOO BIG. It is too big to ‘fix.’ Too many people are at risk to be ‘saved.’ Too many other countries are being polluted, and have a right to raise an uproar about it, for it to make any kind of sense, practically, realistically, to face the facts and try to remedy the situation ON ANY LEVEL. But also, too many other countries – and the powerful big money interests that control them (and the banking etc. powers behind those big businesses and governments) ALSO HAVE DIRTY HANDS.

    ALL of this was EVIDENT – at least implicit within the global context – from day one.

    The only possible course of action open to governments and their ‘owners’ worldwide was to LIE, LIE, LIE and COVER-UP and CONCEAL.

    I don’t fully understand the physics of what is going on right now or day-to-day at that nightmare place, Daiichi, but I do understand the above, which, it seems to me, is obvious.

    Do the Rothschilds, the international bankers, want to throw money at this problem to actually ‘help’ or ‘save’ people? Do you really expect that to happen? Does’t the record of history speak pretty plainly on the subject of how the elites really feel about the ‘human cattle’?

    Nuclear has long been a mega-accident waiting to happen. It has happened. They, the PTB, aren’t going to throw a dime (that they don’t absolutely have to) at helping ANYONE.

    There’s a big lesson writ large here re the cold hard truth about those who run the world, for those who can face the truth:

    They’re NUTS (‘judge only by results’), regardless of how they might or might not be diagnosed, and they care about us as much as you care about that chicken you just ate last night for dinner.

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      I have long thought the “Too big to do anything about” concept seems to be the only answer that fits time after time.

    • James2

      There is no they!!!

      There is no PTB!!!

      That’s a psyops trick to get you to surrender your power. It’s all just people. People who are just like you and I. They have fears. They have families, they have friends. By and large they do care about others.

      Yeah the wealthy care about their money, but they also saw Steve Jobs – probably one of the most creative men alive, fabulously successful, fabulously wealthy – they saw him struck down by cancer and reduced to a frail old man, right before our eyes.

      There is no immunity from this situation if it is not controlled. There’s no cave to hide in. There’s no space ship to another planet. There’s no “Biosphere III” to go to.

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        Six Wal-Mart heirs are wealthier than U.S.’ entire bottom 30%. Do you think their bunkers can keep them safe???

        Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

        • James2

          There are no bunkers against this. No safe place. You can go to the Southern Hemisphere and delay the inevitable for awhile – but it will still come to roost.

          What is wealth?

          Those wealthy Wal-Mart heirs only have wealth that someone else holds for them. Other than that, they have what’s in their pocket. Do you think others will still hold it for them when things start to crumble? Of course not.

          The only real wealth is in your mind, and your body and your love…

      • Ruffcut

        Yes there is TPTB. You don’t know enuff people who are drivin towards money and how it affects all of us.
        The learned behavior has become positioning. Every job, every company, every county, every country.
        Using cash, they were able to corrupt and put into debt any individual and organization that had any value.
        If you are at the top and have been for many years, you are sorely mistaken thinking that these people give a shit and have no use for you and start wars, killing anyone, for what they want. History is the proof in the pudding.
        This nuke accident, is also a completed proof. IT’s done, stick a fork in it, and us.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear bleep: This is NOT too big to deal with for 7B empowered humans. Currently, only 1% of the planet’s humans ever have ANY access at all in their lives to higher education. Even when things were economy wise better in the U.S. before 1980 folks, only 64% of Americans ever even tried to go to college and only 28% of those graduated with a bachelors. That’s unacceptable. Everyone, barring certain developmental issues, is very much educable and has a wealth of solutions within them. FukuDai might be too big to sweep under the carpet and FukuDai is definitely to big to deal with without radical playing field leveling with immediate or sooner, revolution against the scumbag billionaires and military/corporate/covert lackeys. No American likes the word, “revolution” because we’ve never had one. A revolution replacing one exploitation/hoarding hierarchy with another is not revolution, but is what happened when slave owning rich landed people deposed the British as their direct obligate liege. Please read “Lies My Teacher Told Me” James Loewen, or analyses of U.S. culture by Alexi de Toqueville to get some comparative and clearer understanding of where we really are coming from when we squirm away from the concept of doing our duty as citizens to overthrow despots. Also, there’s a funny video at, “Mad TV Eat Less; Move More” to see how ridiculously stubborn most Americans are about dealing with reality. I’m using this Mad TV skit as allegory, not at all as a condemnation of heavy people and I have a few extra pounds, too. Americans of the U.S. are going to have to evolve whether or not they want to and they have to do it very soon. And, yes, I’m completely aware they do NOT want to evolve under any circumstances–even due to FukuDai and the definitely coming meltdowns with nuclear explosions as a known consequence of aging nuclear power plants plus natural disasters whatever the NRC and IAEA would have us otherwise delude ourselves to think.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan specifically declined and refused ANY outside assistance from the start remember? I think the only big exception to this has been allowing France with Areva decon systems…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Indeed there is a PTB, my friend. You want a reading list, just ask.

    What does Steve Jobs have to do with anything? These guys are not humanitarians. They SUPPRESS natural holistic health care treatments. Their chemicals and radionuclides are CAUSING the epidemic of cancer and other degenerative illnesses. Their response is to get rich(er) by ‘treating’ them with toxic symptom-suppressing drugs and poisonous chemo-therapy as the victims – from whom info on non-toxic, non-invasive holistic treatments has been withheld – painfully (but profitably) expire.

    • James2

      I don’t need a reading list.

      They – are us.

      Steve Jobs dying of cancer – despite the finest treatment in the world, is a warning shot. Nobody gets out alive… Ever.

      And with this nuclear disaster the danger is to everyone. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the danger is immediate, real. Money and power, means nothing in the face of it.

      If you are Bill Gates – your children will get cancer and die if you don’t do something. If you are a Senator, a Banker – whatever.

  • I think there is a greater truth here…

    We can pay attention to our own bottoms up, feminine, intuitive, direct connection to truth, operating in harmony with Mother Earth, feeling things, and not caring about knowing things logically. There is much less reliance on blind belief systems or adherence to a top down control structure. The feminine aspect also represents an organic, self empowered, self regulating, self aware and conscious connection with the Oneness of all life. The feminine aspect is ruled by an awareness of what is happening in the present moment, combining gut feelings, and watching what is REALLY going on as opposed to what is on the news. there is much room for grey zone ‘truth’, where things are not known for sure, but actions are taken in the chaos and uncertainty of the moment.

    Or we can focus on the logical, mind based, scientific analysis and top down authority structure within us. It is not interested in intuition, spirituality, connection to life processes, harmony with Nature or the Oneness of all life. It is not conscious other than of ego, and has no interest in inner growth or self awareness other than scientifically provable facts. Just the facts mam, and NOTHING else. Of course the facts have to be proven by someone acceptable to the power structure or those facts do not work either. Usually this male aspect is enmeshed in addictions to power, control, money, gambling, sex, booze, drugs, authority figures, certain ‘facts’ even if they are not true, science but only from certain sources, and a political system that is based on a black and white view of the world. If you are not with us, you are against us and must be a terrorist; to be ‘droned’.

    We each have these two aspects within us. How much we feed one or the other determines our destiny as well as actions.

    Consequences flow from this.

    The nuclear power industry is evidence of imbalance of these two aspects of self, expressed outwardly. Any guesses on which…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re Japan refusing aid – we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, do we? Remember these guys are gangstas. They collude. Obviously the govts. of the world are colluding right now to try to keep the truth from the people of the world re what they, collectively, together, have done to us and our planet. They play a deep and devious game and have their reasons for their moves and we can’t always and immediately understand every move they make.

    Also they are winging it. They are ‘making it up as they go along’. That is what you do – what you have to do – when you are ‘riding the ragged edge of disaster’ – especially a disaster you, motivated purely by greed, have created.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    A green road – no disrespect intended, but try going to the Mafia (or the CIA, since they are two sides of the same coin) and talking to them about their feminine, intuitive sides… actually that would make a great scene in a movie.

    What is going on in the world and had been from day one is more about ‘might makes right’ and ‘he who has the gold, makes the rules’.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    James 2 – there is a ruling elite. They do suppress effective holistic therapies, for reasons of profit, empire, and population control. (one such effective non-toxic non-invasive therapy is the Gerson Therapy, which I was on and which healed me years ago – and which is being suppressed.)

    The history of the world is the history of the masses – whose labor produces all the actual wealth of the world – being controlled and financially exploited by ruthless elites who struggle long and hard to get control of society’s ‘centers of power’ – chief of which is government, with its so-useful momnopoly on the powers legally to TAX and to USE FORCE. (I have previously pointed out that PLUNDER is easier than working for a living; and control of govt. enables plunder of the working masses, under the guise of legitimate taxation.)

    I am not happy about these facts. But until we understand what is going on, we have no hope of fixing it. We the sheeple fit into the picture by NOT understanding it and by being bled (using govts. taxing powers and right to use force against us if we do not comply) of the profits of our labor.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      I believe you are right on, bleep.
      I googled Rothschild Timeline last night…..then followed a few links. It is hard to believe in “co-incidence” that is connected for 400+ years….a distinct pattern emerges and certainly fits in with what our eyes tell us…if we bother to use our eyes.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Also re – there is no place to run, to hide… Yes it does look that way.

    But that does not refute my analysis. These power and money mad Big Boys – the corporate/banking elites – play a reckless game. They are not exactly known for their prudence and caution. (Remember I did express the opinion that they are functionally ‘nuts’ – ‘judge only by results’.)

    So right now they might be ‘hoist on their own pitard.’

    It is looking that way. Which brings to mind those many well-equipped and stocked underground ‘complexes’ prudently build all around the globe.

    They weren’t built for the likes of you and me…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re Japan saying they did not want any aid from other countries – well that’s pretty damn convienient for those other countries, isn’t it? Lets them off the hook. if YOU were ‘in extremis’ would YOU say you ‘didn’t want any help’?

    I have not extensively researched it, but from what I have read, these ug bunkers or complexes are really ‘something else’ – there are a lot of them, very well equipped, stocked, planned – huge, many floors, in many countries — they are built for the ‘long haul’. Whether it will/would be ‘long enough’ and what the world would be like in 20, 60, 100 years, who knows.

    I mean if these guys were REALLY smart (and sane), they wouldn’t have gotten themselves and us into this predicament, would they?

  • many moons

    I feel like a bug in a room where someone has placed a pesticide fogger…just a question of time before the small room is filled with the toxic plume

  • bleep_hits_blades

    PoorDaddy & Ruffcut -thanks for positive comments.

    This isn’t about egos or ‘being right’, winning debates; it’s about getting to the truth. We’ve all ‘been had’. I’ve ‘been had.’ I used to believe a lot of their lies. For a long time, I believed that Congress and the USG just ‘didn’t know’ about the Gerson Therapy and all the harmful things being done to our food, our world.

    So we need to set aside ego (not easy for any of us) and try to be open to considering if other views than our current views and understanding might have some truth to them.

    I come on strong, that is my personality (in print at any rate) and as regards these issues. But really I wish no one any ill, and I myself have been on a long road of learning and have had to eat a lot of ‘humble pie’.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Sadly moons,…that’s a realistic analogy.

    So now I guess we need to re-watch that little cute movie of that British couple trying to live through fallout.

    In the fogger room,…there could be gas masks, decon things, and maybe an inner room that can be quickly built? It’s the best we can do.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    It has always been the haves vs. the have nots. The amazing thing is how the really BIG, I mean SUPER-BIG haves have convinced all the top-end have nots that they are the haves as well. This concept is glaringly easy to see in the republican party particularly. Wedge issues rule there…abortion, gay marriage, “Christian” values. The concept is a little more obscure in the dem party, but just follow the money…it is there.
    Every possible division has been exploited for the haves advantage….gender, race, religion, etc. The truth is….we are all the 99%.
    Occupy has it right it really is 1% vs. 99%.
    I, and American, have more in common with a demonstrator in Tahrir Square in Egypt today than I do with my own government, by a long shot.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes PoorDaddy,….The covers have all gotten pulled lately it seems,….the coldness of some ubber-rich repubs, has opened my eyes to a horrific view!

  • jackassrig

    I had a friend of mine tell me “with enough time and money anything is possible.” That’s wrong. There’s not an answer for every problem. There are no models for what is happening at Fukulongone. We should never built these damn things in the first place. I guess that is the answer to this problem. There is no one out there developing technology to solve this.

  • Alice Alice

    Unfortunately, it’s abundantly clear that this is the ‘best’ Japan can do.

    Like trying to stop a bullet train with a cotton swab.

    Perhaps behind the curtain, brilliant minds are working overtime on this.

    There also has to be a way to safely dismantle aging reactors suffering from metal fatigue and finding a solution to decontaminate the infinite pile of radioactive waste before every square inch of this beautiful planet is covered with it instead of inventing another fancy time-wasting gadget.

    One can hope.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    What I think “they” think…

    “Nothing personal, it’s just business.”
    — U.S. Government, NRC & Nuclear Industry

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I appreciate having this forum of thoughtful and concerned people. It is kind of a lifeline for me at this point. So thank you one and all, even if we don’t always agree, and realistically, how could we all always agree. We all care, and are open to learning, or we would not be here.

    Yes, the haves and have-nots are indeed pitted against each other and that is what COLLECTIVISM is all about (socialism, communism). Very cleverly, it exploits class tensions, class warfare. Gets the lower classes thinking the middle classes are the problem and vice versa. (Takes the spotlight of blame OFF of the super-elites at the top, the bankster puppet masters.)

    And collectivism does more for ‘out corporate masters’ – it provides a PLAUSIBLE RATIONALE for taking our money via direct taxation.(against the Constitution). Also, it provides a plausible rationale to VIOLATE OUR FINANCIAL PRIVACY (against the Constitution).

    Collectivism also inevitably leads to BIGGER government. History shows/proves that big government is ALWAYS less populist, more oligarch, more oppressive, more police-state. (Bigger govt. is needed to do all the collecting and disbursing of monies, and enforce the unpopular collecting end of the deal.)

    And finally, collectivism ALWAYS eventuates in what we are seeing so much of recently – CORPORATE WELFARE. Here is where the Obama admin. paid back Wall Street (they were his biggest backers financially, as I recall).

    Sweet deal for them, raw deal for us.

    Interesting that both FDR and Obama were ‘marketed’ as ‘populist heroes,’ when both were Wall Street bought and paid for all the way. (FDR came from an old insider big money/Wall Street family. The socialist New Deal agenda was what the big money men wanted all along. )

  • bleep_hits_blades

    enough already 45:

    It IS personal in one sense – they DO want a lot of us to die. They think the world is over-populated. Leuren Moret is right in my opinion that this is a population control op among other things. Nuke poisoning is the perfect ‘weapon of choice’ in one way because people don’t die right away, they get various diseases, and the link of course is covered up, obscured to the very best of the elites’ ability.

    RE the 3rd world’s over-population, I’ve read that if the 3rd world workers were not being financially RAPED, they would be earning more – a fairer share of the profits of producion – and they would get better educated and learn about birth control and automatically reduce the size of their families, as the more prosperous populations of the USA and Europe have naturally done of their own accord.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Agreed, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen has famously argued that there are few policies better placed to improve individual, family, and community lives (and lower fertility rates) than education — particularly the education of women and girls.

  • iso-tope iso-tope

    Well duh. Yeah something can be done about it.. Not only have the Japanese government lied about the severity and melt down but they brought a pocket knife to a gun fight. The water cannons from a fire truck.. the response has been inefficient and inept and incompetent at best… It’s called CONTAINMENT and DECONTAMINATION and it can be done, and it will take time and the proper tools sand and boron, and robots, UAV’s. and finding where it is melted thru the stupid endoscopes are not equipped to handle or look at that much radiation..dig trenches or a moat isolate leakage from groundwater, and once the corium is found and the first steps are taken. the rest of the buildings are in danger of collapse and need to be rebuilt and then sealed for the next 100 years or more… and all of the materials disposed of and sealed and removed.. long process but doing “band aid” water injection and not much, and keeping those buildings “open” in the air like that and the corium burning thru the concrete threatens a far worse explosion and danger if it hits the water.. Fairwinds is absolutely right and Arnie Gunderson. It needs to be done and quickly and with many more THOUSANDS of people working at once then who they have today working in small teams… TEPCO are not treating this with the urgency or seriousness required and I think are unmanned, understaffed, incompetent, and do not have the tools they need.

  • W8R W8R

    Certainly something can be done..
    But not till the fuel pools are cleared..
    The cores cannot get any worse..
    They can be buried. It will do nothing to mitigate the underground damage and contamination, but will stop the aerosolization of isotopes into our atmosphere.. But until the sfp`s are empty.. Much different than Chernoybl, which was “entombed” almost, by Fukushima standards, immediately…

    Earlier someone posted that if it happened here, in the US, our Gov would have acted differently.. Really?..
    Look at the track record, big and small..
    Was the public warned??

    What makes you think that one hasnt already “melted down, was filled with boron-carbide concrete, and publicly closed down at the ‘end of its safe service’ lifetime”

    • W8R W8R

      I grew up in Washington State, where there were over 50 experimental reactors, numerous accidents, leaks, and waste releases.
      Never even once, was the public aware of anything..
      The local people were never warned, alerted, or protected from anything.. For Gods sake, they used Colombia River water as coolant in the earlier reactors, cooled it in open pits, and then returned it to the river…
      Why dont Goverments tell us the truth about Fukushima???
      Why would they?

      Then consider this list..
      Kinda gives ya a chill down your spine, huh?

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I see this article & the biting sarcasm as a way to defer attention from those truly in power of what actions are permitted in Japan. As stated as an occupied country they take direction & orders from the occupiers. The Japanese are not in control of their destiny.

    They refused help? No a statement was made in order to prevent other countries & Aid groups from seeing behind the *curtain & to keep the U.S. as the only ones calling the shots.

    I also agree with W8R that we would not be any more informed if the same were to happen in the Northern Hemisphere. Not unless there is a leak of information that gets out to an extremely large audience. And if that happens, Main Stream Media will swamp the news with (it’s contained, minimal damage, no leaks & no long term damage) whitewash. With the intent to make you forget about what you learned. There would then be *major news stories on celebrity & entertainment news to put citizens back to sleep.

  • W8R W8R

    Yep, they went in, took some readings, and went back to the Aircraft Carrier, and hauled ass…
    Gee, kinda obvious…

  • howardtlewisiii