US Navy forecast shows super typhoon may hit Fukushima plant — TEPCO “still considering typhoon measures”

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 12:19 pm ET


Typhoon Songda strengthens; may hit Fukushima nuclear station, Bloomberg News, May 27, 2011:

Typhoon Songda strengthened to a supertyphoon after battering the Philippines and headed for Japan on a track that may pass over the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant by May 30, a U.S. monitoring center said.

Songda’s winds increased to 150 miles per hour, the U.S. Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center said on its website. […]

The center’s forecast graphic includes a possible path over Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant […]

“We are still considering typhoon measures and can’t announce detailed plans yet,” Takeo Iwamoto, a spokesman at Tokyo Electric Power Co., said by phone when asked about the storm. […]

Published: May 27th, 2011 at 12:19 pm ET


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45 comments to US Navy forecast shows super typhoon may hit Fukushima plant — TEPCO “still considering typhoon measures”

  • shoko_asahara

    This is great news.

  • charlie

    they’s till be “considering” typhonn measures as it passes over them, to judge from what these ass-clown fucktards have done so far.

  • Jean

    A couple months from now, TEPCO will tell us about their typhoon plans.

  • charlie

    they’ll tell us at “the appropriate time”, as they decide what that time is. I deeply resent their arrogant (in)actions.

  • Modern civilisation by its consumerism aims and succeeds in the use of final delivered goods and services at zero or negative efficiency! The result is a gargantuan demand for water met by the worlds huge and increasing swarm of dams like the Three Gorges, the Itiapu, the Supa and so on. The result is a persistent direct massive heating up of the earth by friction at faults, persistent seasonal hurricanes, climate change and rock melts to cause even great earthquakes like the 9.0 MM quake on March 11 2011. And now with the rains in China and the demand changes daily results in huge surges of pressure changes at the centres of gravity of heavily dammed regions of the world. And inexorably we have to expect an earthquaake perhaps a strong or a major one in the Fukushima region in the coming days.

    • charlie

      I like your very interesting website, Ramaswami.

      • I have been following your very deeply considered comments as well throughout this providence of a website ENENEWS. Thanks Charlie.
        By the way, your IDsake- a great man called Charlie Chaplin during World War II handled the Nazi problem (which was so formidable that the whole world ranged against them) in memorable films like I think The Dictator etc. This ENENEWS is shaping like that great provider of a forum for coming together for building very necessary awareness. Good luck to all.

  • Mike D

    No, in a couple of months TEPCO will finally CONFIRM that a Typhoon hit on May 28

  • charlie

    TEPCO will eventually grovellingly apologize for its deplorable failure to tell us about the typhoon, but they won’t change their misleading behavior in the future.

  • tony wilson

    need a pizza call 800-pizzanow
    need a typhoon to hit the spot call the pentagon and type in the code haarp.

  •“>Wunderground’s averaging of models for this storm track shows it veering well east after gnawing at southern Japan. That would be “nice” — though one wonders how much undecayed radiation it will stir up from Honshu and the ocean and carry toward the Aleutians. Will it precipitate more from the atmosphere or transport more from surface areas? I’m hazy on the physics here.

  • mothra

    Maybe they’ll stuff newspapers in it again?

  • Al in Hawaii

    It keeps on going from bad to worse and you wonder when it’s going to end. Then you come to the realization that the end might not be that pleasant either.

  • “Typhoon Measures” = Circus Tents?

    Send in the Tepco clowns for this upcoming “REALLY BIG SHOW”


  • ZP

    __/ __/ __/ EMERGENCY POST __/ __/ __/

    May, 27, 2011

    Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician expresses VERY DIRE situation.


    Read his EMERGENCY POST Here:

    Top Of The Page !

  • Darth

    I wonder if any of the other 54 suicide belts Japan has strapped on might mysteriously suffer a failure due to a typhoon. What are the odds?

    • Darth

      I wonder if a typhoon sucks up radioactivity from the sea and helps disperse it anew via the atmospheric transportation vector.

      • Yes it can. Eventually thrown back up into the jet stream…

        @Al in Hawaii – you could call it the neverending ending. Life is going to be different – but then, it always has been – moment to moment.

  • Bob Hardin

    A super-typhoon? I think it’s time for the Supreme Being, if there is one, to give the Japanese a break.

    • ocifferdave

      That’s what the Pharoh must have said at one point in Egypt back in the day. Or the Isrealites under Babylon. Christians under Nero, Dioclitian, etc.

    • tony wilson

      no disrespect fella.
      but barry obama is many things but he is not supreme.
      he is just a rockefella gangsta punk using military haarp technology to blackmail the world.
      in front of the cameras he is everyones friend a doctor feelgood.
      behind the scenes he os dr mengele.

  • DuckNCover

    My concern is, they have all of this Very radioactive water in basements, trenches, and sub-drains around this complex. With all the rain this this typhoon will bring, direct hit or not, where will all of this water go?

    There will surely be some overflow from already full areas within the plant.

    • Darth

      It will give them a fresh start.

      All the stored contaminated water may mysteriously leak – a strange failure. A reprieve. All kinds of helpful things may be in store.

  • Godzilla

    It doesn’t look too bad at this time, maybe very slightly worse than yesterday in that it might track closer to the Fukus coast. But so far it’s dying as expected, it looks to be just a weak tropical storm (if even that) by the time it goes by. The weather forecast for Fukus City is for winds of about 15-17 mph.

  • Can anyone give us a reactor update, otherwise I’ll make one up:

    Reactor 1: full meltdown
    Reactor 2: full meltdown
    Reactor 3: full meltdown

    Reactor 4: reactor: cold shutdown?
    spent pools: rods exposed, no water

    Reactor 5:
    Reactor 6:
    Shared pool:


    Fire in Unit 1 yesterday? Typoon, weakening, but may impact plant, especially if Unit 4 leaning.

    Low levels of radiation throughout N America and parts of Europe. Bio-accumulation will increase recorded cancers and other radiation-induced diseases.

    Outside chance of corium recriticality and resultant “geyser”.

  • AustralianCannonball

    Update on Super Typhoon headed for Fukushima Daiichi:

  • EBliss

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